Update: Did Jenelle Sign On for Another Season of Teen Mom 2?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is one to make mistakes. Yep, mistake, after mistake, after mistake. You only have to read her book "Between the Lines" to know that this is someone who will ALWAYS be fooled more than once. The first piece of evidence for this is Kiefer.

The second piece of evidence is Nathan. And rounding out our third piece of best evidence is Jenelle's relationship with David.

So, given her foolish decision-making of the past, it didn't surprise us to hear that Jenelle might be quitting Teen Mom 2.

Now what's behind this? The rumor has been circulating that ever since David got fired, he's been pressuring Jenelle to quit Teen Mom 2. Of course, that would be career suicide considering the world will definitely stop paying attention to these two once they're off TV. Just look at the Teen Mom OG moms. Is anyone really talking about Amber right now? And that's someone who's slated to appear on the next season of Teen Mom OG!

But of course, David is the sort of person with serious anger issues who wants to encourage Jenelle to be just as entitled as he is. Theses two think that all of their endorsements are based on a fan following that Jenelle has accumulated by way of being Jenelle.

No, that fan following exists based on Jenelle being on TV and keeping herself in the headlines.

Those headlines will cease as soon as Jenelle is off TV, and so will the endorsements. Does anyone remember Guiliana Rancic? She had a reality show too, remember, not long ago?

Either way, Jenelle has apparently been giving MTV a hard time about David not being on the show, even consulting a lawyer about getting him hired back. On the other hand, we wouldn't be surprised to see MTV firing Jenelle - though she does create sufficient drama to draw in viewers.

But somehow ever since Farrah got fired, we suspect MTV has a lower and lower threshold to fire these ridiculous divas. Honey, you're no Mariah Carey which means you have no real talent, so watch your back!!!


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