This Week in Teen Mom News: Accidents, Favorites, Birthdays, and Hospital Visits

This Week in Teen Mom News

1. Maci Bookout is in a bad accident


Teen Mom's Maci Bookout was involved in a pretty serious car accident this weekend. Earlier this morning she took to Instagram to share the collage of pictures of her Jeep Wrangler after the incident. Maci's son, Bentley, was in the vehicle with her when this all happened, and Maci is also around 20 weeks pregnant, so there were obvious concerns about everyone's safety during the accident.

Maci shared online that she and Bentley were lucky to walk away from the accident with only a few bruises, and that her unborn daughter is perfectly healthy as well.

Maci pointed out that the Jeep rolled 3 times and that she was not responsible for the accident. Other vehicles were also involved, and we're hoping that everyone involved is able to make a full recovery.

2. Jeremy's back on Twitter

Jeremy took a social media hiatus for about 6 weeks after the cheating incident went down, but he's back and it seems like he might be up to his same old antics.

Jeremy had an alleged fling with a girl named Brittany Musick, and he reportedly shared naked pictures with her via text message while still married to Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer-Calvert.

Jeremy's been back on Twitter for less than 24 hours, and he's only done one thing: favorited one of Brittany's tweets about having a talent agent.

brittany jeremy 1

Normally, I wouldn't be concerned about Jeremy favoriting things, because it really doesn't matter, but a couple things struck me as strange. The first is that the initial Tweet is from Christmas day, which means that Jeremy would have gone through 3 and a half weeks of Brittany's Tweets simply to favorite this one.

The second issue is that Jeremy's caused social media uproar by flirting with this girl, and the instant he's back online, she's the first person he goes for. Is there more to this story than we know?

3. Isaac has a 5th birthday party


It really doesn't seem possible that Isaac (or any of the Teen Mom kids) could be 5 years old yet, but I guess they've grown up before our eyes. Isaac celebrated his 5th birthday this weekend with a Ninja Turtle party, and it looks like he had a blast.

Kailyn took to Instagram to share a few photos of his birthday celebration, and to thank people for all of the birthday wishes for Isaac.

We're not sure if MTV was around to film this event, but they normally don't miss birthdays. Hopefully we see more of his party on season 6 of Teen Mom 2.

4. Briana makes a trip to the hospital


Teen Mom 3 star, Briana Dejesus, has been pretty sick lately. She's posted about her health on Twitter, and yesterday, her boyfriend Shoc shared the news that she was in the hospital due to the health issues.

While we don't know any official diagnosis, it seems like things are pretty rough for Briana. This morning she shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram thanking Shoc for being there for her while she's in the hospital.

Just wanted to say thank you for these last few days, even if it was for the smallest surprising me at the helping me put my hair up bc I can't use both of my hands, helping me walk to the bathroom every 5 seconds, helping me put my shirt on so it doesn't get stuck to my iv, helping me take a shower, or buying me food from outside cause the meals here stink, tucking me into bed, staying up with me all night even tho I knew u were tired, holding my hand when I was receiving antibiotics thru my veins bc it hurt/burned so bad. Just thank you for putting all the nonsense aside and being here for me. Thank u @krownshoc

Here's to hoping that Briana makes a full recovery and feels better soon!


Is it awful that I don't believe her claims that this accident wasn't her fault, I mean I'm glad Bintlee and her baby are OK but we've seen the way she drives I'm honestly surprised this hasn't happened sooner.
Was it intentional getting the Jenelle Evans parody/hate account in that screenshot, it made me laugh. Jeremy and Leah deserve each other they're obviously over this marriage thing and putting on a show.
So is Briana pregnant or just an attention whore, I'm hoping its the latter she doesn't need to be having any more babies for Brittany to look after

I wonder if she was texting at the time. I'm actually surprised Chelsea hasn't been in an accident since she seems to think the best place to call her dad and whine/cry is in the car, when she's driving.

I don't think anyone is trying to blame her, but we've all seen these girls talk/text and drive before so it does occur that this might have been a factor in the accident. Who knows, perhaps the other driver was texting! I'm certainly glad that Maci, Bentley and the baby are okay.

No one in Tennessee knows how to drive, also. So it very well might have been completely not her fault. I almost die like...three times a week minimum because people here are dipshits.

Same with San Diego. If it rains here everyone basically dies.. Game over.

Aren't the laws about talking/texting etc on phones in cars really lax in the states?

Here it is illegal to hold your mobile, if you have to use the phone when driving it must be a hands free system that requires you to press just one button with your fingertip in order to answer and hangup, you can still use two way radios (huge lorries/trucks) or sat nav devices BUT if seen using them while driving the police may still think you are distracted and can still penalize you for it. If caught holding your phone you automatically get a fine of £100 and 3 points on your license (points are infections, if you get 12 you lose your license) and further action may be taken depending on the situation.

The only time its ok to hold your phone while driving is if you have to call the emergency services and for whatever reason it is not safe for you to stop and pull over.

Wow, I'm asking a question and stating what the law is in the UK why the thumbs down? Whats with that? I'm curious, that's all!

It varies from state to state and the legislation really hasn't caught up with the technology, even though it's been around for awhile now. In Tennessee, you're allowed to talk on the phone while holding the phone to your ear, in your hand, etc, but texting while driving is illegal. If you get into an accident and they determine it's your fault, I'm 95% sure they can check your phone records to see if you were sending text messages around the time of the accident. I don't know anyone personally who's gotten any sort of citation for this but there's big message boards all over the main interstate here telling people not to text while driving. 44 states total have made texting while driving illegal whereas only 14 states have made using a handheld device while driving illegal.

When my husband was a truck driver, he wasn't allowed to use his phone at all while driving no matter where he was. That's a HUGE no-no. He could use a handless device like a bluetooth headset but anything else was prohibited and for good reason.

Where I am (West-central Texas) it's only illegal to be on your phone in a school zone when the light is flashing (I think it's 7:30a-8:30a, 11a-12:30p, and 2:45p-4p Monday-Friday). I really should know this, but I am not sure if it is illegal to text and drive. I assume it is, but never cared enough to find out for sure. I don't care to know because I don't do it. Rarely do I ever drive for more than 2 minutes (small town) so calls and texts just wait until I get to where I am going. My husband works for TXDoT (Texas Department of Transportation) and he gets called out for car accidents a lot and half the time it is alcohol related and the other half is phone distracts (with the exception of one lady doing her makeup and eating while seriously?!)

Wait, Briana’s boyfriends name is Shoc, short for Shocker? His name represents the old two in the pink and one in the stink. That is awesome.

No it's short for Shocfukherface

Um, we don't know any details about the accident, we can't really blame her for something we don't know for sure...

Oops, I meant to reply to you Nawww :) Oh well!

I didn't blame her but when all we see is her texting, taking pictures and posting to social media while driving then no I don't believe she was blameless.

It was probably a situation where someone else did something really dangerous and stupid, and she could have done something to avoid getting hit, had she been paying attention, which she probably wasn't.

Williambo .... so someone else did something stupid... it's equally as likely that maci did something stupid lol, kinda weird to to say #notmyfault ... what even is that?... reminds me of a kid that hit someone and when the other kid starts crying they say "it wasn't me" or "i didn't do it"

This is America -- you can blame anyone for everything. Thanks, Obama!

Just because pictures haven't gotten posted online doesn't mean that maci and or any other person hasn't gotten in an accident.

I could be alone on this one but I've been in two finder benders that were " my falut" & I was absloutly shaken up.

Didn't drive for like a week on both accisons.

Anytime I see an accident of any kind I hope everyone is okay!

Different States have different laws.

Here the person at the back is blamed for all the cars involved in most causes.

I don't believe in texting or driving but also I dong believe in taking pictures like this for social Media.

( I think its very awkward)

She could have just asked for prayers or something to that regards ...

I saw a ' smart car" parked in a cart return the other day, should I have taken a picture?

I don't think so, I can just tell you.

( yes I understand sometimes pictures are taken with accidents but don't make a collage out of it! Instead make sure your son is truly okay, not just physically but emaionally. )

Kail got in an accident a few years ago, she either rear-ended someone or someone rear-ended her I cant remember which way it happened and Maci drove her jeep into someones car in the parking lot at her college then just drove away, I don't know if you would count that as an accident

I think you should.

Insurance primums go up... You ran in to somones car / someone ran into yours.

All I'm saying is things happen I don't think the first thing on my mind would be to post pictures.

My kid others and myself would be on my mind.

I mean her car rolled over! She is posting on social Media, I wouldn't I'd be checking on my kid.

Someone hit my car at Walmart and drove off while I was inside the store, I shouldn't have cared?

No, I cared. A sorry not with no insurance information would have been fine.

I guess for me its about always trying to do right.

We all make mistakes but texting and driving isn't a mistake. ( not saying she was)

But you can try to do right, and in my personal option posting these wasn't right. Idk I guess I'm just more onto making sure my kid is okay.


Haha sorry I get super excited sometimes.

@robbies, I agree! Last summer I was turning left at a stop sign very slowly and hit the car going straight. It was my fault, and the last thing I did was post pictures! It was very little damage, no airbags went off, and my son and I were fine, but I was extremely embarrassed! I was not posting about it online. In fact, I only told my immediate family and was too embarrassed to tell anyone else. I was to busy balling my eyes to take pictures. (Lol! First accident ever in the 7 years I've been driving) It's like Maci is trying to get attention right now. She was In a serious car accident, and the last thing she needs to be doing is posting pictures and asking for attention.

I remember that with kail. I remember watching her driving and thinking Jesus fucking Christ she's going too fast. Remember in 16p Leah getting pissed about Corey talking to girls and her speeding down the road with the newborn twins in the back seat? Classy.

My mom got into a really bad wreck about a month ago. She was at an intersection and some jackass went straight when he was in the turn lane. She went to turn and they hit each other head on. Her front bumper came completely off and she was burned when the airbag deployed. She swears up and down it wasn't her fault but she has a habit of speeding through that interaction while she turns. The thing that pissed me off more though was that she had to plead guilty to making an illegal turn (they said she turned in front of him even though they have a yield sign) while he got away with not having up to date insurance (expired in 2008) and he wasn't in the correct lane.

Three weeks later, some old lady in a shopping center (right next to the first accident scene) wasn't paying attention as she turned and once again hit my mom and I (and my mom's new car) head on. Luckily it wasn't nearly as bad as the first. But the old lady had the nerve to ask my mom to not call the cops!

i agree it is a lil awk to post the pics, but to be fair it may have been after everything was checked out and bentley is with her, already determined to be ok, and they're waiting for the police, for people to get their insurance all exchanged, for the police to take the reports and do paperwork or some stuff they do in their cars then come back...etc.

I understand taking pictures of your car accident to help with insurance claims, etc. but setting it up in the format of a sentimental photo montage is just weird. This is the sort of montage you would expect to see when child turns four or on your wedding anniversary or something. It looks like some sort of instagram editing.
Just an extremely strange edit.

Leah and Jeremy seem like the type of couple that will constantly cheat on each other in a cycle because one has to cheat on the other one to "make it even" after the first one cheats. This is going to go on forever.


Has Jeremy officially been cheating on Leah yet? well if sexting counts then yeah it's a vicious cycle. The only thing that bothers me is that some nobody is getting a manager and might be on the show just because she's an attention whore.

Well, if I found out my husband had sent a dick pic to someone, I'd consider that cheating. Even if I found out he had invited a girl to stay over. There's no damn reason for that to be happening, especially if there are kids involved in a marriage. Selfish. And that goes to Leah MASSIVELY because apparently she cheated first. But, then again, I'm a prude/pretty strict when it comes to my marriage promises and commitments and obviously Leah is not.

After reading the entire new posting the only thing I'm concerned about is Jo's music career.

Aren't we all? He needs to make a come back. I'm the only person to ever say that.

Just saying what we are all thinking!

He should collaborate with Maurice, the band can be called the teen dads, or my ex is a bitch.

Oh God I miss Maurice so much

My friend was just saying how I should get a jeep. I'm going to show him these pictures.

I have wanted a jeep wrangler for awhile now, despite the reports that they roll easily...I want one like Chelsea's but just a 2 door cause I don't need a 4 door anymore. It's my dream to have one that's blacked out, big tires and a little lift, I just can't afford it, my son has a pick up already so I'll have to settle with my paid off impala for awhile :P

Word. I want one to take out to the desert. I liked Chelsea's orange one haha but I'd probably get white like macis.

I have 2014 4 door. It's all stock right now and I have never felt it wobble. They are a lot more stable than they were in the past. But once you start adding new wheels, bigger tires, that's when you need to be more careful.

@ Trap, mine is almost the same orange as Chelseas. It's beautiful:) But it shows scratches so easily, and since it's a Jeep, it gets VERY scratched up. White is the smarter choice.

Aaahhh....I want one even more just talking about it! I love them so much, someday! My son randomly found one on facebook the other day and was trying to get the guy to do an even trade for my impala, pretty sure that didn't go very far :P

@JT I highly recommend them! Mine was an impulse buy. I had already picked out a big cushy "Mom" SUV and was set on buying it when I saw this Jeep at the dealership, test drove it and took it home with me. No regrets, it's super fun to drive!

I truly hope that everyone involved in the accident is okay.

Accidents are no joke. And I hope that Bentley isn't too shaken up about it....

What the heck are Jeremy and Leah doing? In all freaking honestly! Do neither of them have stable role models??

I mean, I would say something even if I just bearly knew them....

I'm all for people moving on but file the damn papers!

Like, I'm surprised the sims haven't said anything to Leah!
( can't be healthy for the girls!!)

Lincon is realllly looking like javi...

I've always thought issic was cutest though... Haha

Happy birthday little man!!!

Are v and Joe still together?

I kinda hope he's moved on from her...
( haven't liked her since she was drinking from a sippy cup)

If Joe is happy though that's good!
( always loved his sarcastic mood & honesty)

Ok, my undergrad degree is in biochemistry, so I know genetics can do crazy things... but Lincoln still blows my mind. That child looks nothing like his parents. He's also the cutest baby to come out of Teen Mom, in my humble opinion. Just had to say i!

He looks a lot like Javi to me. Besides have we even seen any pics of Javi as a baby? or kail for that matter? Its really amazing how much kids do look like their parents though, considering the many possible combinations there are for like millions of genes.

I have. Javi was an ugly baby tbh

Oh ... I saw kail as a kid. it's um...i'll let you look. I really hope Lincoln stays looking like Lincoln.

She is a very unfortunate looking beaver.

I don't like Kail at all but, as a person who had an intensely unfortunate awkward phase from like...age 8 can't judge. She looks to be about 3rd or 4th grade here (she's tall so I'm assuming she looks older than she is, because I did) and I was a fucking mess in my yearbook pictures.

To be fair she looks like she could whoop some ass. Or headshake mean kids to no avail. I was always the shortest so I'd totally buddy up with her.

Well that's unfortunate. I was beyond akward when I was that age.

I'm not going to lie, I hate to love the pictures online about preteens nowadays versus preteens when I was growing up (with all of our awkward stages). We were all about that blue mascara, terrible ear piercings. People who had orthodontics had the really obvious, awkward ones. I was really short, but definitely still had a huge awkward stage. We had a cat at my dad's, and I was really allergic, so I was a total mouth-breather.
Long story short, it was bad.

I think you can see that he and Javi are related, but I can't see Kailyn's features in the softened resemblance. Lincoln looks like he could be the child of Javi or Kail, not both. I'm not calling conspiracy; I'm one of five children and two of my siblings look nothing like me or my parents but are spitting images of two of my grandparents. I can see the resemblance between Kail's sons, so maybe it's the case of a (very cute) grandparent with dominant genes?

Tyler's Trap Baby, I thought I had some awkward years... Kail definitely looks better with age.

Me too I think we all have an awkward stage. Happens to the best of us.

First thing I thought about Maci's accident: she was texting or talking on the phone and not paying attention. I mean, I'm glad everybody is okay, but we've seen Maci's driving---or lack thereof---and the fact that she never paid attention while doing so. Oh, well. At least Bentley and the baby are okay.

Jeremy and Leah both suck. Either get divorced or get off the pot.

Lol. It's just like Briana to make people think she's pregnant, then end up in the hospital but give no clue as to whether or not she's actually expecting. I really hope she's not pregnant. Her message about Shoc "fuckherface" is terrible. They both suck, too.

Seriously...what the hell is up with Briana that she needs antibiotics AND she can't use both her hands?! Or is that an "I have an IV in one hand and so now I'm a helpless child" act?

She's always been a helpless child - couldn't even go to the gynecologist or her first day of community college without Mommy there to hold her hand. She's pathetic, and that's not including her disgusting sexual attention-whoring antics.

Syphilis is a bitch I guess

Yes, this! ^
When I thought it was a normal person, I thought they might have had the flu, which seems to cause a lot of bad bronchitis/pneumonia this year. Then I saw it was Briana and thought: definitely an STD.

I find the collage of crash pictures a little strange... I was in an accident last week (totaled my car) and all I cared about was getting to the hospital to make sure my baby was ok. I can't even imagine having a child in the car with me as well! My husband did take pictures for insurance, but I definitely didn't make a little photo collection and post it online. The pictures make me sick to look at, all I can think of was I could have been killed, or lost my baby. It's very strange to me, but I guess to each their own...
As for whether it was her fault or not, we'll see if any charges are laid, but otherwise we probably won't really know the full story. I'm glad the kiddos are ok, hope everyone else involved is ok too!

I know a girl that got in a semi-bad accident and broke a bone in the process. She's been doing daily updates for a month now - like... Just stop.

Agree! I came across the pictures of me and the vehicle I was in after being hit by a drunk driver when I moved a few years ago and I tossed them in the trash. It made my head spin and my stomach churn to see them, even years later. I couldn't imagine posting them on social media!

I think it's even stranger that she hash tagged that it wasn't her fault. Like she could have died, her baby could have died or had other serious issues, and the same goes fir Bentley ute she's most concerned with people knowing she isn't the cause? That's totally weird to me. I'm glad they're all okay though. I can't imagine how scary it would be to experience that.

Jesus god, iPod autocorrect is the worst.

Lol all autocorrect sucks


its funny because our reaction to how inappropriate or weird it is for her to post this on social media makes me picture us as grandparents with our grandchildren, who I will guess to be living their whole lives on social media with very blurred lines between online and offline life, talk about the old days with us like when "it was considered improper or i bad taste to post this or this on social media" then kind of shake their heads kind of like we do about some of the conservative conventions that our grandparents may have that seem dated.

Just a little guess there - I hope that isn't the future though. Hopefully it'll get better, but it'll probably get worse before it gets better.

I actually think about this a lot. And, when I read band names, I like to try and pretend I'm an old curmudgeon reading about the young people and their crazy musical groups.

I was in a fairly serious accident last October and I was so shaken up, the last thing I thought about was taking pictures, though I wish I had so I could send them to our insurance company/show my husband what had happened. I hope she and Bentley are indeed okay, I know sometimes injuries can appear at a later time.

I was in a serious accident 2 years ago. It basically ruined my life at the time. I have pictures but that's just because some douche from the local news decided it would make a great story. I now only have to type it into Google to see the footage and that makes me sick to my stomach. That night as I lay in the hospital bed all I could do was count my lucky stars and thank god that I was alive and that everyone else involved was alive. I didn't even tell friends about it never mind tell everyone on social media. I was horrified how the media jumped onto it. Most of my family found out by watching the news. Sickening.

I totally agree that making a collage of the crash pictures is stupid. Also the hashtags were stupid. Hashtag rolled three times? Hashtag not my fault? Why couldn't you just say "the car rolled three times" but #rolledthreetimes? With a pic collage she made on Instagram? This is a strange time period we live in with social media...

It seriously 20% amuses me, 80% repulses me when someone will post a picture (Facebook, IG, etc.) where they write maybe two words or something, and then just put about 10 choppy run together phrases or terms in hashtags to explain the contents of the picture. That is something I hope our grandchildren make fun of, because it deserves to be.

Really awkward and weird for Maci to put hashtags like that. Hashtags are seriously one of the stupidest things, the way people use them. Who's going to type in #rolledthreetimes to see all the pics someone posted with that hashtag? That's kinda sick.

Ok end rant.

I fucking hate it. 100%. I had to hide this girl from high school on my facebook newsfeed because she's a bit batshit and a new age works-at-a-renaissance-fair hippie kindred-spirit type person. As a group, they just get on my nerves to the nth degree. She kept posting stuff about crystal healing and homeopathic EVERYTHING. That I can handle, for the most part. But then she went to Earthfare and bought groceries and decided to post a picture of all the groceries she bought set up on her kitchen counter with EVERY GODDAMN ITEM HASHTAGGED. And added in "organic" on everything that was organic which was everything because it's Earthfare. It was just too fucking ridiculous to handle. The only reason I keep her on my friends list is because her son is friggin adorable and has Down Syndrome and I like to see how he's doing from time to time. (That sounds creepy...I don't mean it in a creepy way. He had to have several surgeries and whatnot and it's awesome to see that he's doing well.)

Hey now, my daughter wants to be a falconer because we have taken her to so many Ren Faires. Which was obviously not smart on my part, because I have picked out my assisted living facility and carney wages will not cover that bill.

Bright side is you'll have all the beer and "turkey" legs you can eat! ;)

Glad Maci's accident wasn't tragic. Seatbelts, my friends. If it had been Leah, well, yeah. We all know she doesn't wear a seatbelt.

Jeremy and Leah still aren't really together, as I suspected.

Isaac's Ninja Turtle cake looks cute and yummy. Kail does seem to throw fun parties for her kids.

Don't know about Briana. Why wouldn't she say what's wrong with her if she's going to list all her symptoms and ask for sympathy?

Because Briana is a master of suspense...

Briana's a bitch. Her illness is not being relevant and the docs prognosis is attention seeker at its finest.

That accident looks brutal. Glad to hear everyone's Ok. I wonder if it will serve as a wake-up call to any of the other teen moms we've seen taking a lax attitude to strapping their kids in properly. Probably not, but one can hope. This accident could have been so much worse.

I really hope Maci didn't take these pictures. After an accident like this, she should have been kept in the hospital at least over night just to make sure her baby was okay. Ryan could have been at the hospital with Bentely. Who knows. I just hope she wasn't just standing around pregnant after an accident like this.

Thank goodness Maci, Bentley, and her unborn daughter are all alright. Car accidents are scary enough as it is, but to be pregnant and in one is a totally different story. I hope she went in for monitoring.

I just missed this obsession with Twitter as a social media platform, and I'm glad I did. Ridiculous. Bring back MySpace, or better yet, Xanga!

Aww happy birthday Isaac! He is my favorite by far of the teen mom kids. He just has such a jovial and caring personality. I hope Kail nurtures that in him and doesnt manipulate his caring nature to suit her own needs (IE when he gets older becoming overly emotional at the prospect of him spending more time with his dad, scarring and scaring him into "choosing" her so that she doesn't become sad). Who am I kidding though, its Kail the Cowardly Lion we're talking about. Shes already starting to. Lincoln inherited the BEST features of Javi and Kail lol. Adorable bambino. My heart goes out to her sister Brittany. She may be a she-woman man-hater, but to raise her sister's child, especially after her own emotionally painful abortion is a commendable thing to do.

Kail scares me. She's so co-dependent when it comes to Isaac. He's going to have bad anxietyif she doesn't stop the "you make me sad when you go to daddy's house." Shenanigans.

I tell my son that I'm going to cry and cry forever anytime he stays at his grandmothers or aunts house. He's 5 and gets that it's a term of endearment. I don't think it needs to be read into that much. Being emotionally open with your child isn't a bad thing. So isaac knows his mom gets sad when she misses him, how is that bad?

I think it's not emotionally damaging to a child to know their parent misses them when they're gone, it's actually kinda refreshing to see a teen mom not wanting to get rid of their kid at weekends. The teen moms on my facebook, every weekend "YES, kids at their dads, time to party" ... I think a kid knowing their parent misses them is better than a kid that sees their parent looks forward to getting rid of them.

There's just a certain way you go about it. You're not supposed to tell them that you're sad/mad/disappointed because it give them feeling of guilt. (I'm very involved with family law so I've done tons of research on this topic.) you're supposed to use words like "I love you" in lieu of "I miss you" especially for young children. While it is refreshing that she actuAlly misses her son - I alwAys see pictures of her out with friends. Whether or not she does that when Isaac is with his dad or not I don't know, but Even on the show she will send Isaac to Javis grandparents before she will call Jo and offer extra time with his son.

Its different for every kid and every parent.
I've got one who is stoic and unemotional. I've got one extremely sensitive. "The heartbreaker and the heartbroken".
Isaac will tell her "Get a grip mom". He'll be okay.
Get a grip Kail.

Exactly which is why I'll always call BS on Kail being a good mom. Good moms value the relationships their kids have with their fathers. Good moms put their kids first (and trying to keep Isaac from Jo as much as she can is putting herself first, that's not real love). I think saying you'll miss your kid is appropriate when you're going out of town or something, but there should be no negativity associated with your kid going to be with his other parent. Plus it's pretty obvious she wants to manipulate Isaac to want to stay with her rather than Jo.

Farrahs Autotune! Yes! She is a manipulative bitch and will always try and make Isaac feel guilty about enjoying time with his dad.

I just worry what will happen when Isaac grows up and forms his own social ties... Like say he has a couple of good friends he wants to hang out with on the weekend - what will prevail, the legal custody agreement or his own social needs? What happens when he gets a girlfriend, whether it's in Pennsylvania or Delaware?
This sounds terrible, but after 5+ years of having a terrible relationship, I was sort of thankful my dad cheated, because it meant my mum, sister and I would be left alone to be a family. He was already an emotionally abusive asshole in secret, but moving three hours north with his 22-year younger girlfriend solidified that on paper. He's kind of a vindictive asshole, so if he hadn't done something to defile the marriage, we probably would have had to go back and forth every week. Which is just not what you want when you're 13-10 years of age. You want to be able to hang out with friends on weekends without hurting someone's feelings. You want a town/place you can call your home.

Despite there being no legal custody agreement, I remember getting a huge guilt trip because I started babysitting at twelve, which meant I couldn't fulfill "my time" at my dad's. Same with when I started working part-time. Young adults deserve the right to establish themselves with jobs, friends, etc. When parents prioritize the "time they are owed", it seriously jeopardizes that.

I remember booking time with my dad as an "appointment" in my journal, because I would always get more shit if something came up and I missed a stupid staged dinner with him and his new family, than if I tried to get someone to cover for me at work. And I almost never missed work, just if my dad scheduled some "important" thing with his "family". Because if I missed that, all hell would break lose, but the worst that could happen at work would be that I was fired (and I think I only missed four days in two years, and I always called someone in to cover for me).

Split parents are hell, not because your family isn't this perfectly nuclear, lovey-dovey thing, but when someone starts getting possessive, it makes it really hard to live a normal life. My dad would get pissed we wouldn't spend the night at his place during the week when he offered to drive my sister and I in the next day, but it was a three hour drive to school in the morning. Surprise, surprise, we weren't loving that.

Love Shack - I wonder the same thing too. Both Jo and Kail are super possesive. I know in some rates kids can "choose" the possessory parent. Legally, if the child does not go tithe designated conservators home during that conservators time then the non possessory parent can file contempt charges. I can see that happening in Jo and Kail's case. We had a kid in HS band who's mom would have a shit fit if the game went past 10pm or the band director kept us because it was cutting into "her time". That's not fair to the kids, you know?

It's in the way you do it..
My son goes to his bio moms EOW and when he leaves I tell him I love him and hope he has lots of fun. When he comes home I tell him I missed him and his baby brother missed him and we are happy he is home!
His bio mom gets him all worked up and upset when he leaves her because it makes her feel good to think he hates to be away from her. That is not putting the child's emotional well being first and I see that kind of behaviour from Kail which bothers me

I agree Childsupportformakeup, I was just speaking from the experience of both parents getting possessive. And my mum wasn't even that possessive, it was just she also lived in the town we grew up in, with friends, work and everything. Being expected to travel three hours away at the drop of a hat because custody arrangements have been rearranged sucks. I know that's not a very mature way of putting it, but it really does. It's really difficult to be torn between commitments you make - with your part-time job, with friends, relationships - and a parent who comes in at the last minute and tries to play the trump card of "you never have time for me". Especially when that parent cancels last minute lots of times. It's hard to call out a parents as being a hypocrite, so mostly you just end up sucking it up until you can grow up and try to do it differently.
I am not at all criticizing separated parents, just ones who are possessive to the extent that everyone suffers.

It wasn't ever a legal custody agreement, but we also worried that if we stayed away, it would be enforced that we did 50/50, which would have been almost impossible given the distance, never mind unpleasant.
My dad has a silver tongue, he missed his calling as a lawyer or something. Whereas my sister and I grew up trying to keep the peace. My mom too, for the most part.

Isaac is a good little listener!
Also, Kail alleges he's in bed 7:30- what time is he getting up in the morning? How does she do it?!

I put my kids to bed at 7:30 every weeknight. I have to wake them up at 6 every morning to get them ready for school and preschool. I usualy leave their TV's on until 8, then it is lights out. They never really fight me about their bed time and it is really helpful to me to have 3 or 4 hours at the end of the day with no kids running around. It allows time for me to try to get some school work done or just relax after a long day with 3 little ones. My kids also know that on the weekends they get to stay up later, so that is their reward for going to bed at 7:30 during the week.

My son is 2 and he goes to bed every night between 7 and 8 then he sleeps until about 8:30 the next morning. He also takes about a two hour nap during the day. Some kids can go to sleep early and still sleep pretty late.

Our 6 year old and our 18 month old both go to bed between 7:30-8pm and wake up between 6-6:30am. It seemed early while I was a stay at home mom but now that I need to get ready for work if they were to sleep in past 7am we would never get ready/be at bus stop/ be at daycare / be at work on time!

Thanks ladies. I have a late sleeper, regardless of bedtime, and I don't get up at 6 anymore. Well, I think we've solved the problem!
Dislike her as we may, but Kail is one of the better mothers.

My 6 year old goes to bed at 730pm every night. He wakes up at 620am to get ready for school.

Mine sleeps more the earlier he goes to bed. He's in bed between 7-7:30 and when he can sleep in he's up around 9 usually. But If put him to bed at 10 or so (cause we're out somewhere) he's up at 7 lol. He's 5 and needs his sleep!!

Does Brittany actually have custody of Briannas daughter or does she just watch her a lot? I never watched TM3 because frankly it sucked

Nova (I) is the property of the DeJesus Coven as a unit, I think.

Hope Maci and Brianna turn out OK. it's prolly bad but my first thought was I hope Maci was sober (because I don't put it past her to get smashed while pregnant). Leah and Jeremy deserve each other.

I was JUST about to come here to talk about this car crash

I'm so glad I just about missed the boat on all this twitter/instagram shit (although I am only slightly older than the TM girls). I get that they're in the public eye but all this bullshit about their other halves etc on social media...damn, what's wrong with just telling that person to their face?! Why does everyone else have to know? I really thought Briana was fairly normal from TM3, albeit a bit pathetic, but she just comes across as a moronic, attention seeking brat. If you're gonna write paragraphs about being sick, you might as well say what you're sick with. If you're gonna hint that you're pregnant, you might as well say that you're pregnant.

It's the same with Jenelle and Leah constantly waxing lyrical about their other halves. You can write whatever you want on the internet, we've all seen the fights and the bacon slaps. And the gay bath house snaps.

My best friend's and husband's birthday are two days apart from each other and they both happened recently. My best friend lives in another country so I wished him a happy birthday on Facebook and then, on my husband's birthday, facebook reminded me at like 11 pm that day that it was his birthday (I was aware, I'm not a monster) and I was like "Oh shit I should have said something nice about my husband..." but then I remembered he was in the kitchen and I don't have to wax nostalgic about him on facebook when I can just go hang out with him IN PERSON and I got over it.

I do not understand the CONSTANT updates. I'm pretty sure I could easily figure out Jenelle's dietary habits and class schedule with how often she posts bathroom selfies and recycled pictures of her offspring.

UGHHH yessss!!!!! The more I look at facebook status' the more it makes me wanna shut down my facebook. The other day I read some guy's status saying: If you have something to say, sait it. From man to man. But don't talk behind my back.
And i was like wut??? First, you are asking someone to tell you things straight to your face but you don't even tag him so basically you are subtweeting (I don't know the proper slang for facebook :P ) him. He was doing exactly the same thing he was complaining about on his status.
And Rae, I know it's not the same thing with your bestfriend & husband's birthdays but I hate people who are always updating their life, I'm not interested whatsoever.
In my eyes, that makes a man go from 10 to 2 real quick.

I've heard it called vaguebooking lol

It's seriously annoying and I don't know how everyone on Earth doesn't know it. I also hate how people take the bait and start commenting asking what's going on? Like you know they want the attention so if they're not going to be up front in the status... Don't give it to them.

lol... love that story rae

I don't even do the whole bday on facebook thing. it feels so impersonal and insignificant to "write on someone's wall " for their birthday, adding to the freaking 50-400 others just like it from their friends. I don't have my bday shown on fb because I don't want my timeline filled up with all of the wishes. Humbug? I don't know. I appreciate it, but, still its not that special to me, and I'd rather someone say t in person so I can look in their eyes and properly thank them. Bdays outside of fb aren't that big of a deal to me.

Last year I befriended some people that were new in town and didn't know anyone. I made one a birthday cake and invited them over to eat on her bday. When she came over she seriously asked me why I hadn't wished her a happy birthday on facebook.

I had cooked a meal from scratch, and made a cake that I would normally charge someone over $100 for, and she had the gall to ask me why I didn't post on her facebook. WTF!! I am no longer friends with them.

Willambo: Yeah I usually do it for very close friends that live in other parts of the country/world because a) my best friend is a goober when it comes to returning text messages, b) I'm too poor for international calling rates and c) it takes us at least a week to actually communicate properly to set up a skype call, haha. We're horrible at it.

Jeremy's Blank Look: WOW. What a trashbucket.

I've also stopped wishing people a Happy Birthday on Facebook. I see the notices pop up in the upper right corner and I just ignore, ignore, ignore. The jig is up: I've already written it every year for the last six that I've actively been on Facebook and you know I wouldn't have remembered if Facebook hadn't told me. Not to be a total asshole, I, too, deleted my birthday, so not to receive any messages from others, either. It feels like a weight has been lifted! Ha!

twitter drives me nuts. its never led to anything good except for that one time i think it helped some people trapped in the middle east get saved?? I can't remember the details, but its basically the worst parts about facebook without the good parts.

1. Glad Maci and both kids are okay. Thank God for roll cages. Love me some Jeep Wranglers.

2. Jesus God Jeremy... File already. I think Somebody just doesn't want to pay child support because he sees how it's spent already. I have to wonder if they nullified Corey's CS because they have semi 50/50 custody now. Probably not because fathers rights suck in the US but *shrug*

3. Happy Birthday! Kail makes cute babies.

4. Meh. Get well soon?

Kail really does make beautiful kids. It will be interesting to see what her daughter would look like if she ever had one!

Too bad Kail sucks. Lol.

I think Kail would be someone I would hang it with if she got some serious counseling. She has the potential to be a polished turd if she stopped being so angry and started being a better wife and co-parent.

I know! There were several moments this last season where I thought Kail was actually pretty cool and level headed but then she always does something completely selfish or crazy. You are right, she has potential if she would just get help with her issues. But I think in her mind she has no issues, so who knows if she will ever seek the help she needs. Suzie really did a number on her.

I also wonder how much of the drama she causes now is instigated by MTV for ratings. I would love to have a coffee with her. She's annoying but I don't think she genuinely is trying to be a horrible person.

I don't think she really understands the issue. She's definitly a person with an anxiety disorder. One of my best friends is soooo angry when she's not taking her meds. Everything makes her cry, she is irrational, and I wouldn't put it past her to be a little shove-y to her boyfriend when she can't cope with her own emotions. Kail seems like she's the same way. I hope that she gets some kind of counseling and anti-anxiety meds before her marriage goes down the pooper. Or worse her kids pick up the anxiety.

I agree, Leah's Facebook Storyin'. Part of the reason I kind of go easy on Kail is that she reminds me a lot of how I used to be before I got diagnosed with my anxiety disorders. I was a pretty angry person and did not handle it with the grace I should have, mostly because it was so pent up, plus I was (and still am) stuck at home a lot. I was pretty crazy at times.

I'm not saying this excuses Kail at all, nor do I condone her abusing Javi. I do think she needs to get help for whatever is going on with her before her kids get affected more. I don't think she will, with her pride, plus with Javi actively discouraging her from therapy. And that makes me said.

I can't stand when "men" are like lIM NOT GOING TO MARRIAGE COUNSELING" *raaaaaaage*. Like.... What?! Are you scared you're going to have something wrong with you and that some marital problems might be your fault too?! They would address Kail's anxiety/depression in marriage counseling and Javi would be able to learn how to support her. I like Papi and all but damn bro, all it takes is some Googleing of Kail's behaviours to see that she has an issue. Be supportive!

@ Leah's Facebook storyin - I bet the only reason he is still married to Leah, is he fact that he doesn't want to pay child support and alimony. For someone who has a great paying job, he will get killed in that aspect. He will be paying her a boat load of money.

Exactly. Child support in my state is %20 of income (before taxes) for 1 child. So If he makes 263,000 annually (idk why that number sticks out to me. It seems familiar) he would be paying 4300 a month in child support. That doesn't even TOUCH alimony. I mean, Leah would never have to work a day in her life after TM ends just because of CS earnings.

Am I a horrible person for dreaming that a judge would order "decent" child support for Addamouth and then tell Leah that alimony would be paid ONLY under these conditions:

- Alimony would only continue until she's married to the next dick OR for 36 months, whichever comes first AND that she is required to attend twice weekly therapy sessions to deal with her man issues AND seek and complete comprehensive job training so she can get a job and be independent of a dick

Am I asking too much? Of course I am - but that would be so awesome for her...

It's usually 20% of your income after taxes..

I love how these days women complain that their child support isn't even enough to support their kids.. It's meant to be HALF the amount to support your child. The child is still half yours!!! If you lived together you would only have that money to support your whole family!

I doubt Leah would get alimony because of her mtv income.. Plus you have to disclose the other child support you are receiving. Her "income" would be too high!

They did my husbands before taxes :/ our judge sucked. Child support sucks to an extent too. I absolutely agree %100 that child support is supposed to only be half of the support for the child. I vould go on for days about my opinions on this kind of stuff.

I only recently found out that alimony is still a thing. It shouldn't be, in my opinion. Its not relevant anymore in this society if women want to be treated as equals, who are capable of providing for themselves. Child support makes sense for the parents who have kids to take care of (male or female) but that's it. Men don't get alimony do they?

I think men can get it too if the woman made a lot more and they can prove that they got used to a certain lifestyle being married to the woman? I dunno but I agree, the idea that you can leave someone and just keep taking their money... Doesn't sit well with me.

Men can absolutely get alimony. A more modern term for it is spousal support. The point of alimony is really to protect those spouses who agree to stay at home and raise the family (be it man or woman) and forsake career building or schooling. In the eyes of the law, it makes the person who stayed at home run into trouble being able to support themselves. It's not intended to extinguish the need to work for the rest of their lives, it's just intended to help them get back on their feet. It's not really a feminist issue. It's just to provide protection for spouses who have agreed to put their career on hold to raise the family.

I'm not sure about the laws in West Virginia (because alimony is determined state to state), but in NC, when you can prove a supporting spouse and a dependent spouse (which would be tricky here with Leah's MTV income), if there is marital misconduct, Leah's right to petition for any alimony could be completely extinguished.

Did she ever complete any kind of school? I know she started a business, went to Cosmo school, and something else I think. Something about nursing? Either way if she ever finished any of that she wouldn't qualify for Alimony because she will be able to get a big girl job. Plus I think that Robbie's story about the cheating would disqualify her.

My mom worked full time to put my dad through college to get his bachelor's and master's (special program, he got both in a shortened amount of time) at the beginning of their marriage. And she worked full time for the first 10 years or so of my childhood, then she worked part time. She also raised us almost exclusively. My dad worked hard and provided for us, but my mom was the parent for the most part. If we really fucked up, dad would step in but mom handled almost all day-to-day stuff. The plan was always that she would go back to school to finish her degree when we (the kids) were older. Eventually, that got pushed to when I left for college (I'm the youngest) because she was doing all the parenting and that didn't leave time for school at all and my dad "needed [her] to pitch in until things eased up a bit." Sometime during my high school career (at least that's as far back as I'm aware, could have been longer) my dad became a serial philanderer/escort customer/cheating-on-your-wife-across-hemispheres dude. I turned 18, left for college and my dad moved out of the house that week. We're also in NC so you have to be legally separated for a full year before you can divorce. The initial separation was in 2006 so right around the time the economy had started to really tank and the idea of my mom being able to support herself, in her late 40s/early 50s, on her own with no college degree and sporadic work history of working part time and/or doing independent computer repair for the past 10 years or so was just laughable. In situations like that, I don't think spousal support should be long term, extravagant or permanent by any means but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect some sort of help until the fucked-over spouse can get back on his/her feet. For instance, they owned a home together and my dad bailing like he did left her with quite a hefty mortgage payment every month and zero income with which to pay it. It takes time to sell a house no matter what situation you're in and mortgage companies don't take "my husband bailed and won't contribute to the mortgage payment because he has to be able to afford his swanky new bachelor pad" as a very valid excuse and will foreclose on your ass in a heartbeat. And, if the situation were reversed, I'd expect my mom to pay spousal support to my dad, as well.

Dear Rae,
Your Dad sounds very similar to mine. Each time he has left a wife he got a nice big cheque because each ex wanted to keep the house/apartment to try to maintain stability for her family (this is not totally unsurprising, given that each time he cheated, he completely surprised his partner, who obviously wasn't prepared to suddenly pack up and move) - unfortunately, in two of the cases, the house was really run down and not hugely marketable from lack of repair and a shitty economy, but he left with 50% of its worth at the maximum appraisal. Took years to sell the houses later when it was necessary, and at quite a bit lower than the original value.
Sorry, just wanted to share that. Also, this is probably random, but your TMJ name was the name of my favourite grandmother (my Nana Rachel, ie. Rae), so seeing your name tends to put a smile on my face. She was smart and fiery like you seem to be, and also had a huge heart.
Sorry if that's random, but those are the positive associations I have with "Rae". :)

Ah see I don't know much about alimony, honestly. So its supposed to be temporary?

I recently heard about it because an elderly couple that were married 50+ years got a divorce in like....ten years ago give or take a few. I recetnly heard that the wife is taking the man to court to try and extend her alimony from him. According to my knowledge, she was a stay at home fifties wife and never held a job. That's when I was like "Oh, what alimony?" I'm pretty sure the man is retired now... I think - so, they take some of his retirement? hahah

I can't blame him though, we've all seen her attitude about cs and working...

Which is ironic because we've also seen HIS attitude about child support when it's coming from someone else. I'm sure that will go well.

I'm sure Jeremy isn't contractually allowed to file because MTV is going to choreograph the ever-loving fuck out of this storyline.

I hate seeing car accidents like that! I have been in 2 very bad accidents (passenger both times) and was injured in both, broken bones and lots of stitches. In the first I was I hit by drunk driver after my junior prom. The second one was 2 weeks before my oldest sons first birthday. I was also 9 weeks pregnant with my daughter. My son had a brain hemmorhage and was in the hospital for over a week, and I thank my lucky stars everyday that he was still rear facing or it would have been much worse. Most traumatizing experience of my life. Seeing accidents like that gives me severe anxiety now. Not a Maci fan and I do not really care who was at fault, but I wish them all a speedy recovery. After accidents like that even if you aren't "injured" your whole body feels as if it were hit by a Mac truck. And poor Bentley! How scary?!

Jeremy is a dick. Him and Leah deserve eachother...

Holy hell. My worst accident experiences are being rear ended and that's awful enough. Once, in a multi-car accident where I stopped just in time not to hit the car in front of me and so did my friend who was driving behind me but the dipshit plowing through behind HIM was distracted and slammed his big ass Tahoe straight into my friend without braking and then my friend, even though his car was completely stopped and his brake was on, slammed into me. Another time, a friend took her mom's new car without permission and I wasn't supposed to be with her (I found all this out after the fact, of course) and she freaked out trying to merge onto the highway in a construction zone where they had a concrete barrier at the end of the on ramp so you HAD to merge. Bless her heart, that stupid moron just hit the brakes and completely stopped the car. Of course, we got rear ended but the truck that hit us just kept on going full speed and merged onto the interstate and left (because there was plenty of space to merge and he was a dick.) So we're blocking the on ramp at like 6 pm on a Friday on a busy interstate/exit and I tell my friend she needs to merge, drive to where the barrier ended in about 100 feet and pull over into the emergency lane. She finally gets the courage up to do so and floors it but we didn't know that this car had a feature that shut the engine down after it detected a massive impact like we had just had. She merged, the car shut down, and we got rear ended again. That car tried to miss us so it moved into the fast lane but hit us just before that, and ended up pulled over in front of us in the emergency lane. That was really fucking complicated to explain to the cops.

Those are the two worst ones. And that's nothing compared to what you went through and I still had issues BEING in a car that was braking for several weeks after each of those incidents, let alone actually driving myself. I'm glad you guys were (relatively) okay and I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Holy shit.

I think you're not supposed to assign blame or admit fault after an accident. Glad everyone is ok.
These kids are getting old and growing up. Why can't the mothers?
Jeremy is still trying to screw Britney. Good luck.
If Briana were pregnant, she would say "my babys ok", or something like that. Its probably just syphilis.

Probably just syphillis! Hahahahah you win this thread!! Best comment on here :)

I read the syphilis comment out loud to my husband. He never even watched TM3 and we both burst out laughing!


lol jk

I totally thought to myself wonder what STD briana caught from our wholesome fucherface

Oooh I never thought it might be an STD lol!

I love how that gives you genuine delight, haha

I'm home with a 4 month old.... Girl needs her gossip so that she doesn't lose her mind with the 500th rendition of the wheels of the bus haha!

Oh my god. Thank you! I needed that laugh!
My poor kiddo is coming down with a cold and won't sleep/eat but still enjoys the wheels on the goddamned bus...

Thank god for Coffee.

Oh yes Maci I'm sure you weren't responsible at all... I mean it's not like we didn't watch you constantly talk on the phone while driving throughout Teen mom or anything. I'm sorry but this should be a wake up call even if she wasn't responsible, say she was on the phone when this happened and she couldn't try keep control because she was on her phone - if this can happen when you are paying 100% attention what will happen when your attention is split.
Jeremy is just an attention whore, and stalker by the sounds of it. We have all done it right... looked through photos and then see one and accidentally like it and then horrified when you realise it was from like 2009 lol.
Issac is precious, he is just too cute.
Briana how about you focus on getting better instead of posting to public media and posting pics of your possible baby daddy no.2.

It's never been a secret that I am no maci fan but I'm happy that her and Bentley and the unborn child are okay. An accident where your car rolls over 3 times and looks like that is no joke. And yes I know Jeeps have a high roll over rate but it's still scary.As 2 innocent children were involved, I think its a little early to assign blame. I know Maci has a history of distracted driving but even if she were at fault (we don't know) hopefully this will ensure everyone involved learns from this and are all okay. I'm guessing Taylor wasn't with them?

I know Ryan had a serious accident, but it was reported that it was his fault which is why I had no issues assigning blame to him.

They both had brand new cars for their accidents though. I wonder if they both will get brand new cars again or spend their money more wisely this time.

I wondered if she tagged Jeep and thanked them as a "please give me a freebie" That's Macis style...

That is the first thing that came to my mind when I read @jeep!!

Go buy your own new Jeep with the tax money you still owe....

I'm curious about that. Is she the one person in the universe the government is gonna sweep that debt under the rug for? How long does she have to pay it all off? I know nothing about taxes LOL

I have no clue, but she owed something like 80k. She has no job, she was flying all over the country with Taylor, I highly doubt she paid it off. She might have if mtv paid her up front for the new season. Which in that case, she is still going to owe taxes this year. Hopefully she learnt something, doubt it

What I find amazing is that she wracked up an 80K tax lien during the years she wasn't even ON TV. How the fuck do you just NOT pay your taxes for years and years and years at a time?!

We don't even have state income tax in Tennessee!! what the fuck was she doing with her life?

They'll start taking your stuff and it goes on your credit score I believe. But they hang out until you pay them off, so I don't know if she'll be able to buy a new car or a house or anything until she pays it.

I don't think not paying your taxes goes against your credit. They can garnish your bank accounts and seize your assets if you don't pay. They are usually super slow about doing that stuff though and are normally pretty lenient about repayment plans.

We got a notice last year that we owed about $800 dollars from 2009. They gave us all of our options and one of them was to set up a payment plan of like $20 a month until it's paid. Of course we just paid it all at once.

It would be pretty easy for Maci to keep her wages from getting garnished, like by having it deposited into a trust, or an account in Bentleys name that she has access too.

My thought when I read about her taxes was that she probably didn't file for a few years. So if the last time she did it (her parents did it for her) she was making big $$ for MTV they probably assumed that income for the years she didn't file.. So when she did file them with zero income the number would be lower..? Not sure if that would be true as I file my taxes every year..
Her MTV wages could be garnished for the new season and I'm sure she could make a big dent in what she owed

Was Taylor with her? Shortly before the accident maci posted a picture of Bentley sleeping in the back seat with this whole "why is my baby all grown up" paragraph. By the sounds of it, maci was the driver and posted all this via her phone while driving. I just hope this also means Bentley slept through at least the beginning of the accident and isn't too traumatized by it.

She uses her phone all the time driving. Every single car scene she was doing something with her phone, makes me so sad to think that those children could have been seriously injured or worse, hopefully that is enough guilt so that if she was using her phone it will make her realise how selfish it is to risk others just so she can text, take pictures or go on the phone. Nothing is THAT important that it can't wait until you stop driving.

Wasn't she recently promoting that red thumb thing? Where you paint your nail red to remind you not to text and drive? In Macis defence (who though I would ever say THAT!), we haven't seen her on TV for years, she may not be in the wrong. And she wrote the hashtag cos she knew with her past record on TV she may be blamed.

And also, I'm not sure if any of you have noticed, there are entire forums dedicated to making fun of these girls and delight in their poor decision making. ;) So it may have been an anticipatory "get off my ass, it wasn't my fault" thing. The hashtagging of it is still a poor decision, though, as per usual.

Not to defend her, but the picture of Bentley is posted 5 days before the accident and it looks like she was on the passengers seat (looks like she turned left from the passengers seat and took the picture between her seat and the door).
I'm not from the US but don't you have a system where your drivers license can be taken away? In Germany there is this "Flensburger Kartei" which means there are certain laws and you get points depending on how worse you did violate the law e.g crossing a red light over 6 seconds or speeding. Because here you get point for driving and texting/using your phone without a hands-free device. And depending on how many points and how bad you crossed the law your drivers license is away for a month or more. Sometimes you even get it automatically removed for a certain time.

Sorry, my keyboard is not working properly sometimes

The UK works something similar speeding = 3 points and a £90 fine (don't quote me on the price of the fine I'm not 100% sure) the points stay on your license for 3 years and 5 years for insurance purposes. You also get points for using phone ect. If you have 12 or more points on your license it gets took away. You then have to retake your driving test again. If you done something serious or had too many points you may be banned from driving for however much the judge deems acceptable. For example: 1 year - you then have to wait a year before you can take the test again. If you do something like drive with no license or insurance then you automatically get a ban and a fine. I think in America however you just get fines? In the UK the points affect jobs aswell... Most employers look for someone who has clean licenses.

There's also been cases where people have been banned from driving for life.
If anyone from the UK wants to correct me on this then feel free I'm from NI and I'm assuming we all have the same laws regarding this?

Yeah, we do that here unless you're in South Dakota, apparently.

Texas does not have a point system, but they will suspended your license for driving without insurance and of course DUI. They will fine the shit out of you to get your license back. I had a friend who was ticketed for driving without a license and she had to pay $100 every month for 3 years. With a speed limits of 80 mph it may take a lot to get points for speeding. I am not sure about Georgia since I have not surrendered my TX license for a GA one.

"Flensburger Kartei." God I love the German language. I don't even know that that means and it just sounds so expressive and pumped up. FLENSBURGER KARTEI!!!

I love Germany and the German language. I took 2-1/2 years of German in college and got pretty good at it. Now it's pretty much lost to me after 2 years of not speaking or hearing it.

Flensburg is a town in the north of Germany and "kartei" means file. Actually its name is different but you just saying "Oh you will get points in Flensburg". Here you don't have different laws regarding to the federal state but Germany is hell a lot smaller than the US - this would only cause more confusion as it already is here ^^

That's why I always have to laugh so much about Kaiser. Nobody would name a child like that. First it's a title, second it used to be a supermarket chain and thrid you can buz baking forms from a firm called Kaiser. To me it always sounds like you would name a child "president"

@Leahs Facebook Storyin: Same for me with French and Spanish - Learned it in school, hardly using it. Gosh French teacher was so awful.

@Blotched my German teacher was fantastic. She would always tell stories about how much better Deutschland was compared to the States. She said there's lots of structure and rules, but it's a very Eco friendly country and everybody loves to celebrate. Soccer is like God and beer and wine are almost cheaper than water.

She also said you have to pay to use the toilet in public but they're super clean? Either way I still want to visit Germany sooo bad.

@Leah: Oh public toilets - it depends. They are sometime for free, like when the city builds them. In areas like railwaystation you have to pay a small amount. When you're in a mall there is a cleaning woman/man who has a little dinner plate and you can tip them, if you're think they did a nice job/the toilets are clean.
I mean we have crazy laws, but I always thought America has very crazy laws. But I think that's because we have total different law systems.
Beer is sometime cheaper in a pub than water (mostly the cheapest non-alcoholic drink is milk, because they have to put one non-alcoholic drink on the menu that's cheaper than the cheapest alcoholic drink)- and I think the beer is also stronger? We're very crazy about beer here and the Reinheitsgebot ^^ something like light beer doesn't exist (I always thought light beer is strange) and you can drink beer and wine when you're 16.
Yeah, we're recycling like crazy. We have 4 different trash cans (plastic, paper, compost and residual waste) and seperate glass. Personally we use electricity made out of wind/solar panels and use car sharing. That's I think a main difference. Here the public transport system is so good, that you don't need a car, except if you live on a village. For me it would be crazy to drive 1-2h to work/ to go to lunch in my car.
And the main difference is the public health system. Everybody has an insurance. It's also government related but you don't have to pay as much as you do. Like, when I'm in hospital, I would have to pay for the stay, probably around 20$ per day. But not for the treatment.
Also the universities have no tuition fee. You have to pay a fee for your semesterticket which includes public transportation - and depending where you are you have a really wide range and where I study it's not limited to the bus, you can also use the train- and the administration charge - for me it's expensive but I think you would laugh about my charge: 300€ which would be about 350$ for 6 months.
Ha, Soccer - my secret passion - I am a big, big soccer fan :)
But I would really, really like to visit America!

1. That sucks, my first thought was yikes hope the baby is ok. These TM people are pretty lucky to walk away fairly unharmed with all their awful accidents. I've never been in an accident thank God. We can't say if it's Maci's fault but DAMn that jeep rolled 3 times...crazy.

2. Jermy just get divorced already

3. THat kinda looks like the cfrew in the background but it's hard to tell. Can't believe the kids are turning 5 wtf.

4. Aw Fuckherface has a romantic side

Just who I want at my 5th birthday- a bunch of adults whose jobs are to document my life and broadcast it for the snarky commenters!

I think it was jenelle who said Jace would have two parties, one for family and friends, and one for the cameras. Not I'm not one to believe ANYTHING that comes from jenelles's mouth, but I'd like to think it works something like that. That way the kids can have their friends at a party without being on TV, and there's still an obligatory teen mom party.

Isaac probably has two parties anyway, one with Kail and one with Jo. I think Aubree and the twins would probably have two parties as well, I'm not sure I would believe that Jenelle would put the time in to organise a party that wasn't for her

Wait a party WITHOUT crew? Shit Jenelle *cough* MTV *cough* would have to start paying people to show up to it.

I can see Juhnelle going all out for Jace just so she can post on social media about how she's vhanged and what a great mother she is *groans*.

Can't wait to see Kaisers 1st birthday.

Goodness knows Karl would not have Jo at the party. Karl can never take the high road and allow Isaac time with Jo for important events.

When my ex still lived in the same state (his 2nd wife hated our children and made him move 600 miles and 3 states away), I always had him and his 2nd wife at the birthday parties (which, was probably only 1 for our daughter and 1 for my son before they moved out of state).

Her aand her grape kabobs...

Fame whores, Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Kail invite Jo and Vee to Isaac's 4th birthday party? If I'm not mistaken, they refused to come.

@Livvy - you are probably right. I don't remember.

Whenever Karl and Jo are together, it is so negative and volatile that it is likely for the best that they don't share any time together. It is a shame that they can not put their personal feelings aside for the best interest of their child.

I saw a picture of Jo opening presents with Issac at the party on The Girls of 16&Pregnant Facebook page. And I know Vee did an Instagram post saying happy birthday and I love you to Isaac.

I can't believe she she was in a flip over accident on the freeway, and her first thought was to take out her phone. I can totally see taking the second 2 pics, it looks like the tow yard, I have a few of my car from a bad head on 16 years ago, still makes me shaky to look at them. Then you have records of it for the insurance.
I am just picturing Bentley with her, on the freeway, and her paying more attention to taking snapshots and posting these. Weird.
I hate how Briana has a vague "I am in the hospital" post.
My aunt just did this (in her fifties) about being released from surgery and thanking her kids for helping her, then when people asked "surgery?" she just ignores all of them. So annoying, it is obviously for attention.

More like the phone was already in her hand, she probably didn't even need to take it out!

Maybe someone took them for her. Because if she was checked over by paramedics or taken to hospital, I doubt she would've been available too. And it's always advisable to take photos if you can. For insurance and police records. Cover your own ass I say!

I understand taking pictures for insurance purposes of course. But making them into an instagram collage with hashtags is called begging for attention.

It would be stupid not to take pictures for insurance. It's what Maci does after everything that screams attention lol

Wasn't someone just saying on another thread tbag they were surprised that none of the moms have been in car accidents yet when we were talking about baby car seats? I'm glad Bentley was buckled correctly (at least I'm assuming he was) and it wasn't leah and her girls because not to sound morbid but I don't think they all would have survived rolling over three times being barely buckled

I always say about their seats, it drives me mad that
1. they don't pay attention when driving (crying, texting, facebooking, taking pictures)
2. They don't use the correct car seat or don't bother buckling them.

People say I'm a stickler but even if you pay 100% when driving some idiot could crash into you, just because you drive responsibly still buckle kids in properly i mean they could still have an accident! Not to mention if your not paying attention (maci, chelsea, leah, jenelle) are the main offenders for distracted drivers out the moms, fair enough chelsea buckles her kids in properly every time i've seen but the other girls i've seen do at least one of the bad things you shouldn't, not having the seat properly installed, not buckling, not having the right facing, or having their kids in massive puffy jackets.

I agree with everything you said. They're awful with how they use car seats. I would never wish harm in any of the kids but the moms need to get their heads out of their butts and learn a little something. Thank goodness Bentley is okay. I don't know if Mack still has him in a booster or anything, but at least it seems like he had a normal seatbelt on correctly. Like kails anger said there's no way he'd be unharmed if he wasn't buckled at all. I hope maci sees that accidents are always a possibility and practices proper car seat usage with her daughter and Bentley in the future.

Remember that episode where Gracie unbuckled her seatbelt/car seat thing and Leah saw it in the rearview mirror and went full on Mama Bear telling her to put it back on IMMEDIATELY. I don't have kids so I'm not super well versed on car seat rules/proper bucklage so I was like "damn, Leah! Way to go! Teach those kids about personal safety!" and then, come to find out, I don't know why the fuck she was pissed because I guess her kids are essentially riding around in an expensive plastic hammock in the back seat of a car with how little attention she pays to actually safely securing them.

According to the Daily Mail Farrah's lips have been deflated, and are now back to what counts as normal size for her.

Nevertheless, they still look like they'll be big enough to come in handy for her *ahem* research...

I just got your name and it is brilliant.

LOL Jenelle posted on Twiter that she hasn't smoked pot in 8 months... The roll is only 6 months old. This girl is dumb beyond words.

What an idiot. I thought she was 'sober.' She always is claiming to be sober yet drinks and smokes pot still. It's a slap in the face for actual recovering addicts. Being sober means no social drinking or smoking.

Exactly, not to mention she basically admitted smoking while pregnant...

She not only admitted to smoking pot every day when she was pregnant with Jace but she tried to say her doctor RECOMMENDED it. Fuck that, Jenelle, you're full of it.

Okay pardon my question because I've never gone through this with someone close to me. Why recovering addicts can't social drink or smoke?
I mean, If I am recovering from heroin addiction, why can't I drink a beer or order a mojito?
In my eyes that doesn't add up. NOT defending jenelle, I just have no idea because I've never experienced something like that with someone before.

It's not that they can't do those things, it's that doing those things don't make you "sober". Most of society is not "sober". To be sober means to never use mind-altering drugs. She may be clean from heroin and I'm not sure what the word is for being sober from whatever drug you got clean from, but she's still doing other drugs.

It's also VERY important to stay away from those types of things when you're newly clean (like Jenelle is) because you can very easily trade one addiction for another.

exactly - trade one highly addictive damaging substance for another, and alcohol is up there as one of the worst

LOL didn't Jenelle say the bong was a flower vase or something? My point was that she's dumb, not that we didn't know she was smoking while pregnant. She's just the worst person at hiding it.

It's like a dominos affect, my bio dad had the same view as you mention and although I have heard he is finally sober and recovered, he use to have that standpoint, it's heroin and cocaine (the hard stuff) he was addicted too, he didn't see drinking or weed as the same thing, but by replacing them he ended up addicted to alcohol on top of everything else, whenever he got very drunk it made him lose self control of his addiction to the harder stuff so he would progress onto his original addictions. It wasn't until he was completely sober that he could actually successfully manage his addiction, whenever he went to alcohol it would result in him regressing back.

Mostly because the point of sobriety is to learn how to cope with the things that drove you to drug use in the first place in healthier ways than with any type of illegal or not-taken-properly substance or any other bad habit. (In my experience with addicts, so I'm sorry if I offend anyone) most people become addicted to drugs due to having highly addictive personalities in the first place. So they need to avoid finding another crutch to survive losing the "problem" one.

For instance, Jenelle. She has a HIGHLY addictive personality. Smoking weed every day to "calm down" and "relax." Then, she gets pregnant and continues to smoke weed every day, by her own admission. Then, she has the baby and goes out partying regularly. Every man she's ever been with, she's moved at LIGHTNING speeds. The first night she met Kieffah, she came home with "hickeys all over her gawddaym neck!" She keeps going back to Keiffah over and over and over again. She was addicted to him and the attention he paid her. Then, she finds Gary, gets really intense with him, dumps him for a transgression he made against their relationship before they were even dating because she wanted an excuse to jump Keiffah's bones again, gets back with Gary, gets allegedly "abused" by Gary, and goes straight back to Keiffah. Then, she meets Courtland, starts doing heroin, gets married and possibly pregnant within only a few months. Ditches Courtland for who knows who (Dolph from what I hear) and is already surfing a dating website looking for new strange before her (possibly) 2nd fetus from dear-old-hubby is finished flushing out of her uterus. Meets Nathan, moves in (out of state from her son, remember him? Jenelle doesn't) and gets pregnant so fast and with so little knowledge about reproduction considering she had Kaiser in JUNE of the next year that she doesn't know if she's pregnant with her husband's baby she perhaps failed to abort properly (because who gives a shit about follow up appointments after your at-home abortion pill? No one has time for that when you have so many abortions and so little time!) or her new dude. She's a trainwreck and should avoid all substances except for her bi-polah meds in the future, but she won't because no one ever ever ever makes her accountable for her own actions. Ever. And, throughout ALL of that mess, she was on Twitter 24/7/365 because that is an addiction in and of itself that she'll never give up until North Korea bombs the entire internet and Twitter can't be accessed.

If a person actually goes through a Narcotics Anonymous program instead of just buying the keychains and putting them on Twitter, they would know that they should be avoiding weed, alcohol, over-using anxiety medications (not our Jenelle, NO!) and, honestly in extreme cases like Jenelle, risky behaviors entirely such as...I dunno...casual sex, impulsive marriages and/or on-the-spot replacement babies.

My sister was a really bad oxy addict for awhile (not her first rodeo with drugs by any means) and got clean from painkillers but still drank and smoked pot. She was clean her entire pregnancy from what she tells me but she and her boyfriend still smoke pot like Cheech and Chong now that she's no longer pregnant. I've been around them when they're taking care of my nephew and they go into the bathroom or outside to smoke weed. They're some level of stoned all day, every day, unless they're low on funds. And then they're just grumpy. My nephew is happy and I don't think weed is anywhere on the same level as oxy or the other things she was doing before she had him, but it's still illegal where she lives and she could easily lose her kid if she got busted with the amount of pot they buy each purchase. She detoxed from painkillers without any sort of counseling or rehab so she never went through those programs. She knows what "sobriety" means but she has very, very little interest in stepping away from the bong and her boyfriend seems to show even less interest than she does. She seems like a good mom, don't get me wrong, but I don't like the fact that they're constantly impaired even if they're so used to being stoned constantly that it's their version of "normal" ya know?

Basically, it's way, way easier to slip up and go back to bad habits when you're still allowing half-way habits to exist and get you through the day.

I mostly agree with you, but I just think once you become a parent you (should) lose the right to be impaired. You owe it to your kids to be clear-minded all the time. If you know your limits with alcohol and go out and have a drink or whatever, cool. But the whole purpose behind using weed is to get high.

I fully agree that you shouldn't be doing drugs once you've had children. It's one thing to fuck around when it's just your life you're affecting but your kids should be able to depend on you and not have to know what weed smells like before they're 1, ya know? I'm just saying I'm glad she's not on "hard drugs" anymore and I'm proud of her for getting off painkillers. If I had to choose one or the other, I'd choose neither, but I'm glad SHE chose weed instead of oxy. I would have expected her to be a much bigger disaster as a parent than she has been so far so I'm trying to give her a little credit, haha.

If you have an addictive personality then ordering that mojito could very well lead to more problems.

My cousin for example. He was the black sheep in his family and it really fucked him up emotionally. He coped by drinking and smoking weed (A LOT of it). He eventually got into pills and didn't have a wake up call until he fell asleep at the wheel and wrapped his truck around a pole. He was doing good for a while after that. He moved into my uncle's barn, enrolled in school, got a new job, was sober. He also had a beautiful girlfriend.
Well I was scrolling through my news feed the other day and saw my cousins girlfriend was in a relationship with a different guy. After freaking out and messaging my uncle, he tells me that my cousin is using again and got kicked out. According to him, my cousin told his girlfriend he was going to kill himself and disappeared for four hours. They still have no idea where he was. He also fucked up two of my uncle's ribs.

I'll be honest. I've smoked weed and yeah while it's good and fun, it can be a gateway drug. Not for everyone but for others. My cousin was fucked from the beginning. Not sure what's going to happen with him and don't really know if I care. We used to be really close until he started using heavily again.
Him and Jenelle have the same characteristics and I've lost hope for both of them.

Damn that little minx must have deleted it! I hope people were on her shit about it.

I hope someone got a screen shot. She's a special kind of stupid.

Well we kind of already knew she smoked pot when she was pregnant with Kaiser. Remember the bong in her bathroom?

You mean the decorative flower vase to make her super-duper-relaxing-for-no-particular-herbal-reason bubble baths more beautiful?

Watching the un-seen moments of teen mom 2..

Janelle is preggers and when the cop stops her for speeding she tells them she's on her way to a Miley concert.. Should have def just said I'm pregnant and I need to pee!!

Got me out of every ticket when I was hugely pregnant.. Although most of the time I was telling the truth.. Downtown Toronto in rush hour is no joke when you are 9 months pregnant and your bladders about to burst

So Briana will go out of her way to tweet rhapsodic about Shoc visiting her in the hospital and being there for her when she's sick, but she makes no mention of her daughter whatsoever. Yeah, because when you're stuck in the hospital for God knows how long, the most important thing is to let everybody know how perfect your relationship is, not how you're getting on without your child or how she's getting on without you. And I don't think it's Briana wanting to respect Nova's privacy because Roxane posts Nova's photos on IG all the time. I think Briana just truly does no care about being a good mom or even being majorly involved in her daughter's life. She's basically a less-destructive, less-mentally ill version of Jenelle. In fact, I don't think Briana has a mental illness--she's just selfish. It's still baffling that she got such a good girl edit on "Teen Mom 3".

Also, take it from me: as someone who's in the emergency room a lot for migraines and pelvic problems, she's not in a hospital room in that picture. She's in an ER room. Obviously she was just positively dying if she could have her dude laying all over her taking selfies in the ER.

I don't like Maci. I personally am over the original TM girls, BUT I will say I am glad she and her kid are alright. I was also in an accident where the car rolled 3 times over and I thought I was going to die. It was terrifying. I don't wish that experience on anyone. If it was her fault, that's shitty but at least her kid was ok.

Days of Our Trailer Parks is pretty boring right now.

Issac is adorable and seems so well behaved. I agree Kali seems to guilt-him a lot and I'm sure he's gonna have issues when he is older between parents.

Brianna Who? (No seriously.. I didn't see her 16&Preggers episode or watch TM3). I pretty much skipped almost all of season 3 and all of season 4 of 16 & preggers.

The gist of Briana's ep was that her and her older sister Brittany got pregnant around the same time, I think her sister was first, and Brittany chose to have an abortion whereas Briana kept her baby (Nova Star, not to be confused with Nova Reign). They live with their man-hating mother Roxanne in south Florida but I think they're from NY IIRC. I didn't watch TM3 so anyone feel free to fill in where I missed.

Another words you didn't miss anything Bob

Kind of off topic but I've thought this for a while. People always give Ryan shit for still living at home and whatnot but I will give him credit that he at least isn't a total famewhore like the rest of them. If anything, he seems like he kind of hates the cameras while the other parents kill themselves for any type of publicity. Tyler tried to become an actor (lmao as if), Gary designs T-shirts or whatever, Nathan and Javi speak for themselves.

A good looking guy like Ryan could have cashed in on his TM notoriety and attempted to be a model or actor or whatever the fuck else but he chooses to keep to himself instead. He may be lazy, an asshole and a mamas boy but I'll give him that much.

I'm almost surprised that Ryan didn't join the military after Maci selfishly moved off with Bently. He just struck me as military-y. But he's a looker IMO and I agree that he's not as fame hungry like the other TM dudes. Him, Jo, and Corey are pretty low key compared to Tyler, Adam, Nathan, and Javi. Javi never struck me as fame hungry until I saw his social media accounts. Gary - Meh. I don't particularly care for him so I guess I just haven't noticed his efforts. Adam is always in trouble, Tyler is... Tyler

LOL at Ryan in the military. He doesn't even do his own laundry or make himself a sandwich. I can't see him taking orders from
Someone in the military.

I also can't imagine nathan being in the military. Javi I can because at home there's a dictator who has so many orders, but Nathan...imagine his officer saying"give me 50".

Well according to people he was in boot camp and deployed with, he was pretty insufferable so obviously the military didn't suit him, either. He just thinks it makes him look better to tell people he's a Marine.

Tyler trying to be an actor was just the worst. Like who the hell does he think he is...?
As mean as this sounds I hope when he went for auditions he got laughed at by quite a few casting directors.

I would have LOVED to see that on TV though

Same. I can just imagine him and his inflated ego being like "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!"
Apparently the rejection didn't do anything about that ego though....

Tyler always gave me the justin bieber vibe...I dunno why.

That's why his hair spikes are so tall. They're full of ego.

he's too busy getting high

LOL@ Gary designs T-shirts. When did this happen? Did he try to design because he couldn't find shirts that fit him?

Perhaps because Aeropostle told him to stop trying to squeeze into their shirts. I don't know if he still does the shirts, it's been a few years since I last heard he was. Last I saw he fancied himself as a baker and sold cookies.

God that was so embarrassing. I imagine that letter went something like, "MTV, please blur out our brand name because that fat guy who can't fit in his car looks like he's buying shirts in the toddler section and squeezing himself into them but the reality is much, much worse and it's damaging our brand."

I guess Farrah got fixed, which is top bad. But she'll probably end up doing other stuff to her face so there's that to look forward to.

I got really excited for a second but then realized you're probably talking about her lips.

I want to make another account to like your comment twice.

You win. You win the internet.

I thought the same thing and then was truly disappointed.

Oh god. I just went to look at her twitter to see if they improved her at all and it's just PELVIS PELVIS PELVIS all over the fucking place. Oh my poor eyes.

I don't know why, I think I must be a glutton for punishment, but I went to Farrah's twitter.

Sadly I think the only way back from that is to blind ourselves...


I'm usually all aboard the TMJ train, but I have to say this thread really annoys me. I don't care how or why Maci got into the accident (maybe the icy conditions, anyone?), but lets stop assuming she did something wrong (i.e. texting and driving) and thank god that bentley and maci (and baby) walked away. As for Leah, continue...

Yeah....I mean I get why people think it because they just show the girlses constantly texting while driving but in all reality we have no clue whose fault it was. With someone like Adumb you know it was his fault from how they described the accident and his shitty driving history. I'm no fan of Maci but it's a good thing she's aright especially since she' pregnant.

Yeah I was kinda thinking the same. And aren't the texting/talking while driving laws different from state to state? Is it legal in her state? It doesn't make it OK. But if it's legal.....technically she's not doing anything wrong. And it was a highway/freeway.
Judge me all you like, but I've been known to take a call when on local roads, but not on the highway.

Honestly, I talk to my mom my whole drive home every day... I call her on my bluetooth while still parked and we chat casually my whole drive. I drive on the highway, but it's rural and very quiet. I don't see the difference between that and talking to a passenger! It's completely hands free and if THAT is bad, so is talking to a passenger, or singing to music. If the road is bad and snowy, I'll get off the phone, just like I'd stop talking to a passenger. Judge away... Texting is a different story of course.

Texting while driving is illegal in TN but holding your phone and talking on it is legal.

Personally I don't buy she wasn't to blame, seen her distracted while driving too many times, she has crashed into a parked car before and drove away so that just shows her ethics and morality to me i.e. if she can get away with it even if it punishes someone else she will. Although im glad the kids were okay.
Also honestly the fact it is still legal in some US states to use your phone and drive baffles me! How can you even use a phone when paying 100% attention to the road, changing gears all the time, making turns and keeping control? I mean reading a text, replying to a text, all while one handed or no handed and driving. how? It isn't safe, that is proven and totally agree with above poster that said it still isn't ok even if it is legal .. i mean how can you sleep knowing you are putting people, your kids, at risk because you couldn't wait twenty minutes to text someone back? It isn't worth it .... As for the icy roads we have seen her driving in shit weather and still using her phone... she clearly lacks a bit of common sense and that's while her kid is in the car.
I have no sympathy for people that drive distracted and will always doubt someone that drives distracted when they say it was not their fault, of course they would say that.

I doubt that Maci drives a standard. Not very many people do anymore. Not agreeing or disagreeing with you, just saying that she probably doesn't need to shift gears or anything.

Most people, especially young women (not trying to be sexist, it's just the case) in the States drive automatics, actually. I 100% agree with you. I just didn't know until we recently got a manual vehicle that the US has a disproportionately high rate of automatic transmissions and I thought that was kind of of a nifty fact. Apparently in some countries, you even have a restricted driver's license that only approves you to drive an automatic if you pass your driving test using an automatic.

I will only drive a manual. I'm tough that way. I feel like an idiot when driving an automatic because I am always looking for the clutch or reaching over for the stick.

We have two cars, one automatic, one manual. When I switch to the automatic my foot is constantly looking for the clutch, haha. Or I'll drive my mom's van, and my hand is just floating over the center console looking for something to do. Crazy.

I know a lot of people who can't drive stick. When I drive it to doctor's appointments and drop it off for valet parking, the guys always comment that they're impressed that I am driving a manual....smoothly! That always makes my day hahahaha

Agreed. I'm not really a fan of Maci but I don't really remember her being that careless of a driver on the show. I also kind of remember that the story of her hitting a parked car in a parking lot was proven to be untrue. Hopefully, if she is as careless of a driver as people claim, this opened up her eyes and she will be more careful in the future.

Time to rant- How on earth can people text and drive with smartphones?! I don't get it!!! Back in the good old days I could text on my Motorola Rzr without even looking at it, and I will admit that I often did it without driving. But I cannot figure out how people text on their smartphones without getting into a wreck every time.

I wasn't trying to place blame anywhere. I wasn't there and have no idea what happened besides you know, her vehicle rolling three times. I just found it strange that she used the hashtags that she did, like letting people know she wasn't the cause was just as important as letting them know the three of them were okay. I'm glad none of them were hurt, I just think Maci made odd decisions regarding the accident and social media.

I could have sworn I commented on this but can't see my comment. These days it's likely I just partially imagined doing it... motherhood wrecks your brain!

Firstly, I'm glad that Maci, little baby and Bentley were all ok! Thank goodness! I don't think fault can really come into it when we don't know what happened and weren't there. She could have swerved to avoid someone else doing something dickish for all we know.

Happy birthday Isaac! He's such a cutie!

I hope Briana recovers soon, don't like the girl but I wouldn't wish being in hospital on anyone. I wonder whats wrong with her, has she dropped any hints?

Herpaghanasyphillus from the gentlemanly scholar shoc aka FUCKHERFACE.

It's "fuk" he can't even spell the cus word properly *groan*

Well, if his twitter handle was "FUCKherface" that would just be inappropriate and lewd. C'mon. ;)

Wow hello mr troll! Go hide back under your bridge please!

I upvoted you. I hate seeing perfectly good comments with one down vote and nothing else! Even though it's just online, it can be demoralizing. But I'm overly sensitive anyway.

Thumbs down for being perfectly nice!

Usually it doesn't bug me, I just get a bit bored because whoever it is does their rounds. They pick the regular posters and down vote them for no reason. Most here up-vote even when they disagree but debate you in the comments below. Down voting without saying anything is just a tad sad.

There is a comment very similar to this from you on the article below this one, so you've not imagined it just posted in the wrong place

LMAO well. Thanks for solving that mystery for me! I need more sleep...

1. I hope Bintee is ok
2.Jeremy is an attention whore just like brittany, they deserve each other.
3. Happy birthday Isaac, you look just like Kail.
4. Briana, we don't care, we know you only date douches.

Hmmm...they all kind of deserve each other...are we about to have Teen Mom's first polyamorous marriage situation between Leah, Jurmy and the One RV Wonder?!

GUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYSSSSSSS not related but Dalis just followed me on Twitter! I loved that girl on the show and I think she's gorgeous!!! :):):)

Aw I like her. Although she makes me feel fat. She has great work out tips.

Someone commented on Starcasm that her husband witnessed the accident. She said the vehicle in front of Maci blew a tire, which caused an 18 wheeler to swerve and clip Macis Jeep which caused it to roll over.

Oh, jesus that's terrifying. My sister got a new car this past year and fell asleep while driving in the fast lane on the interstate (I don't...even...ugh) and sideswiped an 18 wheeler. Thank god her kid wasn't in the car, she was okay, and so was the truck driver but it totaled her car about a week after she got it.

How so you fall asleep in the fast lane? O_o

No friggin clue.

See? That's what I said above! Not saying maci was not to blame but we didn't know the details and yet almost all of you were trash talking her. At least, wait till the details emerge. Thank you @jeremys

Oh my god that would be terrifying. I hate 18 wheelers so much. I can't even count how many times I've almost been hit/run off the road by them getting in my lane when I'm right fucking there. Now if one is ever next to me, I'll floor it just to get away from them as fast as possible.

I was at a red light and rear ended/hit in the side by an 18 wheeler. Luckily the 18 wheeler wasn't going very fast and I have a pretty new expedition, so me, my husband, son and brother were all fine. But ya accidents are scary

holy shit. kail was chunk from the Goonies n nobody told me??? rude.

My God...your name!!!

Javi looks way too into that cake.

Maybe Miley was in it somewhere