This Week In Teen Mom News

This Week in Teen Mom News

Alright, so it hasn't been a week since I posted one of these, but there's been a few smaller things that happened, and I'm putting them into one post.

1. Leah cuts her hair


Leah enrolled in cosmetology school, and sometimes when people join, they go all crazy with their hair. I'm not one to judge, and it's hair so whatever works for them.

Leah seems to have fallen into this category, as she just chopped a ton of her hair off.

We've always seen her on Teen Mom 2 with longer blonde hair, so this short hair style seems a little out of the ordinary.

I personally like it (well what I can see of it) and I think it makes her look more mature.

2. Jenelle is finally divorced


Jenelle filed for divorce from Courtland Rogers last month, and now she's finally divorced. She posted an article to her website, Teen Mom Truth, and shared some pictures of some legal documents.

The article stated that Courtland currently has a warrant out for his arrest, so he didn't show up for court.

He apparently also didn't get any of Jenelle's assets during the divorce. Now that things are final, Jenelle can proceed to pop out a baby sometime in the next couple of weeks, and be on her merry way with Nathan.

3. Nikkole Paulun is engaged


Nikkole and boyfriend, Ryan Rice, haven't even been together for a year yet, but they're engaged and planning on getting married in some sort of a destination wedding in four months.

Since the former 16 & Pregnant star announced the news, she's been spamming Sulia and Facebook with pictures of centerpieces for weddings, and other various wedding related things. Nikkole was previously engaged to Lyle's father, Josh Drummonds, who is currently incarcerated.

4. Mackenzie doesn't like 16 & Pregnant


Starcasm has been doing interviews with the girls of Teen Mom 3, and this week they focused in on Mackenzie.

She had some interesting comments during her interview, but the one that struck me was her response to, "What do you think about MTV's decision to continue with their 16 & Pregnant docuseries?" Mackenzie's answer was short, but you can tell it holds a lot of resentment.

She said, "I'd be lying if I said I agree on them continuing to do 16 & Pregnant." Mackenzie also said that she does not regret her time with MTV and hopes that in the near future she can make something of herself in the near future.


Good thing hair grows because that haircut looks dumb on pretty much everyone. But she'll learn that for herself in 'hair school' I'm sure. Pffft.

The style is slightly outdated but she's in West Virginia so I can't really hold it against her. Maybe I just feel this way because I live in New York, but a lot of the times I think these girls are years behind the style trends. Also, it's a huge upgrade from what she had... especially since the color is so much better.

Well, I will definitely give you that!! I guess I just have seen it too much on chubby soccer mom types over the past 10 years.

Yes, it's very Kate Gosselin.

Which makes sense because Leah pretty much will be Kate Gosselin in a couple of years if she keeps popping out kids every other day.

LOL, Amen to that.

Speaking of which, I saw an ad for the Sextuplets Turn 10 two part special coming up on the 19th and Kate looks good!

With a mom like Kate Gosselin, it won't be long before her teens are on teen mom. She will do anything to pimp out her kids to get herself on TV. She is just a younger Kris Jenner and aspires to her. Cannot stand Kate. Controlling, moody, control freak who has her ex-husband's balls in a preservative jar in her kitchen. She keeps them because she loves knowing she has him by his balls and if the TV world dries up, she will take her jar of balls and get the spermies removed from them and injected into her. Book TLC Kate Plus Ballgate...sorry I got carried away by Leah's hair, one of Kate's kids is also Leah.

I'm surprised by your comments because I was unaware that Jon Gosslin ever had balls?

Dying at these comments

Cosmology school where the schools aren't well here and she can't bath her kids

She can bath the girlses now because Germy makes enough money to have a real tub.

A REAL TUB???????? YEEE HAWWWWWWWW *rubs cheetos all over Germy*

We laugh about the accent but everyone in her family talks like that. It makes me wonder does everyone in West Virginia talk like that? They use really bad grammar. You can have a thick accent and still use good grammar but even Corey uses bad grammar like that. It bothers me. Is that how they teach kids to talk in their schools. Well I guess since there school are so not well they don't know how to teach them to talk.

The schools definitely must not be well. Yeah being raised by Mama Dawn probably didn't help much. Jeff (Coreys dad) seems to talk like a normal human being. God i love Corey and Jeff <3

Yep. Jeff is a bundle of good daddy hotness! Wonder if Corey needs a new step mom..we haven't seen her in awhile! LOL! JOKING..JOKING! (hmm..or am I?!)

OK thumb downer! LOL! I was simply saying that Corey's dad is a looker! C' cant argue with that!

@binkie I totally agree that Jeff is a great guy and an awesome dad. However, I've always seen an uncanny physical resemblance between him and Mama Dawn (she's like the disheveled, fat, female version). I'll prob get a ton of thumbs down for that but I really do feel that way!

@Tylers Trap Baby I nearly choked on my Cup of Noodles (high class cuisine for the broke college student that I am) at your rubbing cheetos on Germy comment. I give you an internet high five!

Hey now @Kailyn, don't you be stealing my internet husband/wife :P ;]

I'm a "wife" but the image of a guy pining over Corey's dad makes me smile. Maybe it's coreys stepmom thumbing us down. Sorry but your husband is hawt! Or Miranda. Sorry but your husband is also hot! We love you more than Leah! don't be mad at us!

Jurmyyyy got the girlses to walk for cheetos so they could do a bathing.

That reminds me: Hot cheetos are REALLY good in ramen. I always had that when I had a hangover LOL.

Good Lord Trap Baby!! Hot cheetos IN ramen??!! I can eat regular Cheetos, but the hot ones make my asshole burn! LOL! I can't imagine them in ramen, I love ramen, but with the hot Cheetos in in it? You're a brave girl! Especially while hung over. Oh Lawd..I could barely eat bread when I was hung over! LOL!

OMG you guys are hilarious!!!! :D

Yesss Binkie and they are good for colds too!!! I know it sounds nuts

She and Jurmee bath in a bath full of Cheetos so they don't need spray tans to look orange. It's a 2 for 1 bathe expeerince. After they git ouda the tub they put the 3 girlses in and they have their cheeto dinner in there. It's a good ole 3 uses-is in 1.

I can't tell if you are making fun of the way Leah talks or if you actually don't know how to use the word well. Sometimes good is the better choice. A school can not be "well".

Reminds me of some people I know who think they are so smart and use I all the time instead of ever using me. In a sentence like "Give the tickets to Alice and I". Just No. No, no, no.

... irritating and ironic.

leah is the one who said that the school were not "well", on the show


Haha are you serious right now? Go watch the reunion special with Dr. Drew for TM2. Dr. Drew is asking Leah about school for the "girlses" (that's how she pronounces girls), and she says she wants to move or something because QUOTE "The schools aren't well there."

No, in real life I don't talk like that because I passed 1st grade. Lol.

Are you new?

"Leah cuts her hair," should really say "Leah takes her extensions out," but whatever. I dig the new style. Much better than that horrible, ratty, glue-on hair.

Leah takes her rats nest out

Haha these comments are so true!!

She looks kinda like HC...

Heather just shit herself and cried for joy at this comment

I just choked on a corn chip TB! Hahahaha

I really want to see leah's hair from the front. I do think short hair would suit her though.
Jenelle has managed yo stay out of the spotlight lately. I've been impressed. The most we've heard from her is her bump keeps getting bigger and now she's divorced which is a good thing. Hopefully she keeps it up.
Nicole blah I don't really care for her or her news. I bet they break up before then.
I have no clue what Mack's problem is with the show except maybe she's jealous they dumped her show. I mean its what made her "famous" and gave her all that money and now she thinks its a bad idea. I'm smelling jealously.

Yeah, Jenelle has been on the DL lately... except when she's arguing with Snaggletooth Danielle on social media about which ones a bigger drug addict.

Yeah but for jenelle that's a major improvement. Her and Nathan do seem a lot more stable then previous relationships. They haven't had blow out twitter fights and broken up and gotten back together a thousand times. She hasn't even run back to any old boyfriends. I'm just saying for her this is better. I really hope for the sake of this new kid she keeps going this route and stays out of the drama. I wonder what kind of stuff they're filming though. Normally we hear about how she's changed and blah blah blah ans then she gets arrested a few days later. That hasn't happened in a really long time. Makes me wonder what kind of material MTV is getting off her.

They may not be fighting on social media ad of late (because they definitely were a few months ago) but I doubt they have any kid of stable relationship. I have no doubt Nathan is abusive- do you remember the video of him screaming at her? Or all the other times he's said totally fucked up awful things to her? Sometimes the most hideously abusive relationships look picture perfect to the outside world. I don't have a lot of pity for Jenelle but I am sick for Jace and baby baked goods.

There's an article on starcasm which has texts between Keiffer and Jenelle in which Jenelle admitted to Keiffer that Nathan doesn't treat her as nicely as Keiffer did. If your current boyfriend doesn't treat you as well as the felon who got you hooked on heroin, you're not in a stable relationship.

HA! True. Good point, Sammy.

Wow, I guess I don't keep up with Jenelle's life enough. I really only come on here to read about the girls and it's mostly for the comments because they're always the best! If that's true then that's really sad. I feel so bad for her children.

I wanna see it from the front too! Mack is just jealous for sure...

I'm surprised Leah hasn't gone picture crazy and posted a ton of selfies yet. Unless she has and I just haven't noticed... It's possible.

I really want to see more pics of her hair too. She always seemed like someone who used her hair as a security blanket so I think she probably doesn't like it but her instructor probably called her out on her gross hair (I hope :P)

I agree with you there. She's always playing with it especially when she's stressed out or nervous about something. I've heard from a lot of bigger girls (and I really don't mean to offend anyone with this comment I've really just had a lot of girls who are bigger tell me this) that their hair is their security blanket because they feel like it helps hide their fat... Not sure how that works but ok. Leah obviously is on the thin side so I wonder why she hides behind it.

Trash TV- as a lifelong yo-yo dieter, I can definitely confirm that hair can be a security blanket. :) But like you said, Leah has always been in good shape (can anyone else not stand how she eats cheetos nonstop and be so thin? hahaha). Haha, I have to admit, I'm a little bit obsessed with hair, but I do think it's a major form of self expression for women.

I am bigger and it was my security blanket too for 20 some yrs, so no offense taken :P Then I decided it's just hair and long doesn't suit me so I chopped it off and dyed it brown. And now I'm red with almost a pixie :) I think she is just very insecure, well obviously she is :P

Just because she doesn't like that they are necessarily continuing it doesn't mean she has a selfish reason for doing so. I mean, all of us have named many reasons why they shouldn't continue it. I know she isn't the brightest crayon in the box, but....

*selfish reason for thinking so

I think it's pretty ungrateful to bash a show that gave you the platform to sell bits of yarn that wrap around babies feet for a living.

LOLLLLL bits of yarn. With giant crosses on them don't forget!

Nikkole wants a destination wedding. I vote she does just that as long as her flight is a one-way ticket.

She'd get kicked out I'm sure. No country is going to want her. I haven't heard much about this boyfriend (mostly because I don't care) but he looks like he's in and out of jail all the time. Any record?

To hell

Destination to Vegas for a $50 wedding! Same same, right?

The girls from 16 and pregnant are usually from 15-19 years old. Mackenzie could of featured every one of her 3 pregnancies on it. Pathetic lol. I can't believe her uterus hasn't destroyed itself yet. For fear of a future pregnancy. Also if you read her interview, she is one of those girls who try to make it seem like her relationship is the best one on the planet. When really, we all know how those 2 are and act.

Oh she always tries to make her relationship look perfect.. then a few months from now we will be hearing about how they "almost called it quits in June until Jesus healed our relationship"

Uh-oh Mackenzie is back downvoting all the comments about her again

Yeah I love that JUST the Mackenzie comments are thumbed down lmfao. Fuck off Grangie.

Lol, seriously. At least be a little more discreet, its so obviously you voting us down

and I'm looking at you Mackenzie/ Grangie/ Heathet

Surprised Heather's hands still work from all the jacking off she must to do Mackenzie's pictures

Then again she probably just shoves the 150 headbands she bought from Mackenzie (Heather being her only customer), up her gaping vagina where MACK RULES is tattooed.

Someone has been going around voting all negative comments about the girls. It must be some crazy super fan!! lol

AKA one of the "girlses" or Heather

doesn't all the girls on teen mom and 15 and pregnant do that? Junelle, Leah, Farrah, they ALL say, i'm doing better now...

Well if Mack disagrees so much with 16 & Pregnant she could always send back the money she's earned... oh wait

Did her first pregnancy ever get mentioned on Teen Mom 3? I didn't watch it but I thought I had read they planned to discuss it on the show. I don't remember it coming up in the recaps here.

No it was not.

I liked Leah's hair when it was a big mess of natural curls! She was so pretty.
How has Nikkole got a fiance? I seriously thought that after what she did, she would have no-one. Yet she seems to have plenty of friends and is now engaged. I don't get it...

Eh I think it would've been prettier if she didn't straighten those bangs. That bothered me. She looked like she was twelve when she did her hair like that. I think she should've kept everything natural and it would've been a lot bette.r

Absolutely. My personal opinion is that I don't like straightened bangs with curled hair, esp. natural curls. She had crunchy curls. It could have looked better if it was more natural, and even without any bangs. Oh well, though. The short haircut looks fine enough I guess. Not one of my personal favorites, but better than those extensions and stuff.

I hate that haircut. I think she would look really cute with a regular shoulder-length cut with the bright blonde color she had at one point. I just don't like the asymmetrical stuff.

I agree. I liked when she had just honey blondish straight shoulder length hair without the horrible crunchy curls or purple hair or black and white hair.

I agree. My favorite hair of hers was that episode where her and Corey went bowling together right when they got back together. Her hair during her wedding was gorgeous too.

Side note - this is what happens when you watch Teen Mom 2 of repeat in the hospital, you get hung up on details like this :P I promise I'm not a stalker!!

I have no excuse I just have no life

Me too Trap Baby! I make NO excuses..I am just addicted to this shit. AND not much of a life..LOL!

I thought her hair looked amazing for her wedding to Corey... when she married Jeremy she looked like a drowned rat with braces.

Yes she kept talking about how she wanted her wedding with Jeremy to be so much different than the one with Corey, yet I thought she looked her best during her wedding to Corey. The one tone blond hair. That's my favorite hairstyle on her by far. Someone could have the most gorgeous wedding, dress, etc but if they walk down the aisle with that black and bleached blond hair I'm going to look at the pictures and go "eh"

Lol she looked like shit at Jermy's wedding. Agreed she was gorgeous at Coreys wedding. I had a REALLY similar dress, flowers, hair, everything (with Coreys) so I might be a little biased :)

I had the white hair with black underneath when I was in 8th grade (2009-2010). I'm trying to do it again but vise versa but only because I need to have blonde to do what I really want with it. However, I agree. I like her new do though.

1) I actually really really like Leah's hair. I think it's cute, mature and much classier than "that purple crap," so it's a definite step up.
2) Can we take guesses at when Nathan is going to propose? I'm betting there will be some sort of ring as a "push present."
3) I'm really just sidetracked by all of these guys who are under 25 that are willing to get married so young! Who are these people?! I know part of it must be regional, because I don't personally know of any man who has gotten married under 25. And it's not like these are young kids waiting for marriage or anything ;)
4) Oh Mackenzie, those grapes are so sour. I can practically hear her whining to her mother "My life is so unfaaaaaair!" While thst poor woman is up to her eyeballs in felt headbands and Elmer's glue. She would rather MTV just go out of business entirely than for them to go on without her.

From that angle, I agree. I think Leah's new 'do is great.

1. As long as Leah gets rid of the purple and ratty extensions, I'll be good. She is so much prettier without them. She has the body and face to pull off an edgy haircut...I just think it's out of place in WV. I'm living there this summer and the girlses around town don't often sport such stylish do's.

2. Woohoo.

3. I give it three months.

4. Of course she doesn't agree with it. She wanted MTV keep paying her, not a new crop of girls.

So Jenelle just posted a video on instagram and it has Jase with this toy gun and he's shooting it right at her baby belly.....

I understand it's just a toy and maybe I'm being a little critical, but growing up my parents never let us shoot any sort of gun, even "finger guns", at another person or living thing. We always just had to shoot anything, guns/arrows/etc. at imaginary or inanimate object targets. I just find it a little disturbing that he's holding it right up to her belly and shooting it there. He's 5 years old now. He knows that's where the baby is, and he's old enough to know the purpose of a gun is to hurt or kill something. Even if it's just pretend I just find that to be a small but telling detail of violent tendencies he will probably end up with.

It makes me so sad that he is growing up this way, this little boy clearly has a lot of issues and he is not receiving any kind of help or attention for them. What perplexes me even more is that Jenelle publicizes things like this. She can't be entirely unaware of the public's opinion on her, how can she think this won't receive a huge amount of backlash?

I can already predict her comeback to anything anyone says about it: "hes just a lil kid and he doesnt know what guns do. jace is so excited 2 be a big bro to kaiser"

Technically a big brother to kaiser would have to be like a loaf of Sour-Dough bread, right?

He's going to be a serial killer. We're all thinking it.

Trap Baby you're the bestest! LOL..remember the other post about Jenelle and we said that if they did a catch up show when these kids are 20 that Jace would be in jail? LOL..probably for hurting/killing Kaiser roll. God, I hope not!
I do worry about that little fart though. He doesn't really stand a chance in my opinion. :(

I'm sure Kaiser will be in jail, too. Let's be real.

It's so sad to think that we're all joking about it and yet it's probably all true :( I feel so awful for her kids. They deserve sooooooooo much better then hre!!

Oh I'm definitely not joking, those boys are going to have major problems. It is really sad :( Hopefully they can overcome it but if I were being raised by screaming babs and jenelle part time and had crazy men in and out of my life I'd be fucked up too. It's not their fault at all. It's bad when the best male role model is the karate instructor. He was GREAT I hope someone like that has a good influence on their lives.

Yeah, it is pretty damn disturbing that he's aiming at her stomach. I have no problem with toy guns at all, and my brother and I grew up "shooting" each other during games of cops and robbers... but that's a lot different than shooting at your unborn brother. I wonder how he'll treat the roll when he's actually born.

I actually get pretty sad when I think about what Jaces future may be like. Its sad that he, and other kids in similar situations, could have be something amazing but had to get fucked over by their irresponsible 'parents'

Also depends on how much he is really going to be around the new baby and Jenelle once Kaiser is born... I dont see Jenelle being too excited about Jace sleep overs once she has another kid. He will probably just visit with Babs here and there and hardly see them cause she hardly ever makes the effort to go see him.

I can definitely see that happening. Kaiser her replacement baby.

I hope that both Jace and Kaiser break the cycle of stupidity that seems to run strong in that family, and become outstanding men.

Leave me aloooone I need to make time for myself!

LOL @ Snow - I totally read that in Junelle's whiney, sobbing, ugly-cry face, voice. haha!!

I'm with you, I didn't let my son play with guns until he could somewhat understand what they were capable of. Then when he was old enough he went through a hunter's safety course and everything too.

1. hahahaaaaaaaaa it looks like shit

2. Hope she falls off the face of the earth

3. Nikkole is a whore

4. Mackenzie REALLY? Lol you're just mad you're not on TV anymore stfu

Jenelle will never fall off the face of the earth. She's like a cockroach; disgusting and useless yet has the uncanny ability to live through an armageddon.

Leah, Junelle, Nikkole, Mackenzie and her uterus all thumbed me down omgggg no! I'm crying. Omg she really is like a roach...

Puked @ number three because Nikkole.

Leah's new hair is definitely better than that purple crap, now Leah and Jenelle can compete against each other to see who gets more divorces in the future.

I vote Leah! It might be 50/50 though

Eh I don't know. Leah and Jenelle are similar in different ways. They both need a man to feel secure. Leah is better then Jenelle in that she actually takes care of her kids and she's not on drugs and a total waist of space. However, if Jeremy were to ever leave her she'd find a new guy in a heartbeat or she'd go running back to Corey and when he won't take her back she'll go running back to Robbie. Jenelle goes running back to her exes everytime a boyfriend leaves her too. Then she finds a new guy and moves in with him as fast as humanly possible. I don't think she'll pop out more kids though. One she sees how hard it is to actually raise Kaiser I bet she'll be quicker to get on some sort of birth control.

They both have major daddy/men issues lol

1) I don't totally HATE Leah's hair, but I don't totally LOVE it either. I think its funny she's finally gone to the "mom haircut" side, God knows she's got enough young-uns running around to qualify for one. Hurray to no more purple/pink/icky ugly ass hair extensions and 24/7 bedhead.

2)Good for Jenelle? I mean, its great her divorce was finalized before she gives birth to someone else's baby and all. How much you guys wanna bet that this month will be a big one for Jenelle? I am guessing divorce, marriage, and baby all in one month!

3) Nikkole, nothing you do will make you relevant. The only reason anyone mentions your name anymore is to talk shit about you. Get married, have another "still birth", have a real LIVE baby, get divorced, get "idiot" tattooed across your forehead. You'll always just be that "pathetic whore Nikkole" to us.

4) Mack, really? Look your season of Teen Mom sucked. It's over, give it up. No one really cares what you're doing now, and we hate your headbands. I honestly believe you got married and had Jaxie in hopes to breathe air into a dead season of Teen Mom. It's over girl, give it up. Tumble away and raise your family.

"... and we hate your headbands."

Haha! :)

LOL that made me laugh too. Oh c'mon Binkie aren't you excited for Bahbra to have her baby soon?

Yeah..I suppose I am happy for Babs. *rolls eyes* Question she? They should have had the baby shower for her!

Part of me really hopes Babs sticks to her word and doesn't take in any more of Jenelle's kids. She's like sixty years old, and there is a reason women her age don't have babies. But then I think about the crap that poor baby will have to go through living with Jenelle and Nathan, and the sorry assortment of babysitters they might have (i.e. dead behind the eyes Tori) so overall, I hope Barb kept all of "the baby's" stuff.

There were a few Mack interviews in the last week, and in one of them she talked about all the tough stuff she was going through during TM3 that people didn't know about. Did anyone else see that? I assumed that she was talking about Josh being strung out on drugs.

Yeah, I didn't see it but I read about it. I guess it was Josh's drug issues too. I mean, yeah, its a rough thing to go through, I have before and IT SUCKS. However, she decided to tough it out with him, so she should just drop it. With all the interviews she's been doing lately, there's probably something up with her. Maybe she got offered a show (shudder) or she's pregnant again. I don't know...she's doing something cause she sure is wanting the attention again.

The damn devil put drugs in Josh's mouth again :(

I'm really surprised MTV didn't cover this during her segments. Did they just never find out until the reunion or what happened there? I guess she was able to hide it when she had cheated on Josh. That never even came up in the reunion. Just in the aftershow clips really. It could also be like she said dealing with the death of her brother and stuff. None of Mackenzie's big drama really showed up in her segments though. I'm surprised she got away with it.

Grangie and Mack (who are having a field day hitting the thumbs down button!) probably wouldn't allowed MTV to cover it. They wanted her to have the wholesome good girl
Church goer image.

Seriously. I wonder when they will realize that hitting the thumbs down constantly ( and doing it so obviously at all the ones about Mack) won't change opinions. They could always give us their opinions too but yeah they won't

The devil thumbed me down ;(

OK..this is off topic..why does anyone know why you can't make comments on
Is it because Trash Salazar doesn't want bad comments? They always ask you what you think at the end of a topic post, but you can't tell them! That irritates me! Don't ask me if I cant answer!

There are a lot of sites that are like that. I never see anyplace to comment. I wonder if it an error with the sites or maybe you have to have an account or something to log in. I've noticed that on lots of gossip site though, not just Teen Mom ones. I don't really pay attention to any except this one. lol

Leah will have more extensions within a few months. Her hair is WAY too curly to manage that style. It is going to be a complete nightmare. And the way she over processes her hair, it is going to grow incredibly slowly. Very bad decision!

But it does look more mature although really outdated. I have friends who live out in the country and all the "stylish" moms have this haircut. The angled stacked bob, with tons of overdone highlights. Not a fan personally. But if you have thin, healthy, straight hair it can look really great and be easy to fix.

Hehe she's gonna look like the Long Island Medium

1)Damn, now I can't ever change my user name to " Leah's ramen noodle hair."
2)Damn, I was hoping Courtland would gain a few bindles out of the divorce.
3)Damn, looks like Nikkole found herself a real winner, just like herself. Seriously, what is the deal with rushing to marry with these girls?
4)Meh, go away Mckenzie, your 15 minutes are up.

1. Personally I LOVE long hair, I always wanted long hair as a kid but my mum liked it short!
2. Well she is due so I would hope she would be read to pop by now!
3. She is a manipulative vile human being, the only news I want to hear about her is she gets arrested for profiting from a fake pregnancy and still born.
4. Mackenzie is just extremely bitter over being dropped, she wanted to get rich and famous from another 4 seasons of teen mom and hates that they dropped her. This is a girl who is 19? Who has been pregnant 3 times already and she tried to act as someone to PREVENT teen pregnancy? Does she not see how ridiculous that is?

Leah literally used to look like she had a dead raccoon on her head. After that, ANYTHING is an upgrade.

i almost made this my name too! good thing i saw this first hehe

Her boyfriend is named ryan rice? That's hilarious considering on Nikkole's twitter she has photos of a guy calling her named ryan rice with her complaining she can't go 20 seconds without her phone ringing from him and how annoying he was. Also she posted a photo of texts from him. So she ended up getting with her stalker huh. Funny. Lol Mackenzie is just mad because she wanted the entire franchise to be over when teen mom 3 was cancelled

I think that now that Nikkole's ex fake baby- daddy is having a real baby with his real girlfriend, the race is on for Nikkole to get married / pregnant. Stalker was probably the first/ only willing man available

Let's be honest... it was probably Nikkole stalking him trying to find a new victim and making it sound like she's the victim.. because poor Nikkole and her fake dead baby /barf

I'm finally getting to watch Teen Mom 3 and Mackenzie is a sweet girl but she's s dumb as a bag of rocks and hasn't a clue about parenting Gannon. Her parents were doing the bulk of the parenting, She just seemed to think she could chime in while he was cute. Sweet girl rubbish mum!

Oh gosh yea it just gets worse. Even her own sister says how she doesn't parent Gannon but Grangie does.

Oh yeah I've seen that, that along with waking Gannon up at 10pm to go stay at Josh's was SO selfish I could have died. And all of this for a guy who literally has no personality. He couldn't talk himself out of a paper bag let alone a wedding and second baby!

Watching Mackenzie try and baby proof was both hilarious and terrifying.

First time ever posting here as I am a dedicated lurker and avid reader of the posts and comments haha.

Being Farrah has just been aired in the UK. I am disgusted. She talks horribly to that little girl.I don't blame the wee one slapping her, I have a toddler and she has slapped me before when I've been crabbit. If I spoke to my daughter the way Farrah speaks to Sophia, I think she would be out of control, she's totally disrespectful. I get she's a child. But every child needs respect if you want them to respect you. Beyond a joke.

I actually wanted to cry at times. What is wrong with her. I'm genuinely distraught.reading about it is one thing, watching it play out on film is another. The poor doll is being talked to about her dead father and she clearly has some issues, her lost expression and she looks so down for being so young. she shouldn't have to experience such confusing emotions.

I know same here :( It's actually so heartbreaking to watch and gives me anxiety.

It aired in the UK? I missed it! Possibly a good thing. Farrah makes me ragey...

I am a long time lurker too. I just saw Being Farrah as well. It was very hard to watch and I had to turn it off half way through. The parent dynamic with Farrah and her mom and dad is very off to me.

Actually her whole family is very off to me.

I watched being Farrah this morning, I was really shocked at the amount Farrah discusses Daddy Derek with Sophia. She is just too young for it and Farrah is relentless about it, you can tell the poor kid has no clue what to think/do/process all that stuff! Way too much too young!

When Sophia threw her temper tantrum I wasn't surprised. Farrah literally demanded she drop what she was doing to take a stupid selfie with her and you can tell this is an ongoing cycle and Sophia doesn't like it. I mean if someone had demanded I drop what I do to be in a selfie the way Farrah did I'd throw a bloody tantrum about it too.

Therefore it didn't shock me when Sophia was rude/disrespectful either... Look at her primary examples. Poor kid was screwed from the day dot.

"But if she breast feeds won't her boobs sag?"
*bemused doctor* "no... Pregnancy does that" (Farrah's 16 and pregnant)

Leah's purple crap is gone! Yay! That is all.