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I'm going to use this post as a quick update on some things that probably don't deserve an entire article to be written about them.

1. Kailyn gets birth control


Mirena is an IUD form of birth control that can help prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years.

It's been a couple months since Lincoln was born, and she had asked her followers what kind of birth control to get a few weeks ago, so it's good to know that she's following through and actually putting herself on something.

2. Maci is writing a book


We've heard rumors about a book from Maci, but we hadn't heard much directly from the source.

At one point, the book was supposed to be titled "Bulletproof" although that was a while ago, and plans may have changed.

One thing's for sure: Maci's background with Teen Mom and the insane number of people following her on social media accounts will be sure to gain her book some great publicity when it does get released.

3. Alex and Matt's court documents get published

According to Teen Mom Truth, Matt hasn't been paying his child support, so he's headed back to court with Alex in order to get things figured out.

I'm not sure who gave the documents to this website, but I think it's seriously wrong, and something that should be kept private.

Alex and Matt are not opposed to bashing each other on twitter, but I don't think they really realize the repercussions that this might have on their daughter later on in life.

4. Mackenzie's mom posts pregnancy details


Mackenzie is due to deliver a baby girl in just a few weeks. She is currently 34 weeks pregnant, and the doctors are hoping that she makes it to 37 weeks.

Mackenzie's pregnancy is high risk due to her Type 1 Diabetes. We saw her deliver Gannon 4 weeks early on 16 & Pregnant, and he weighed almost 10 pounds. The name of Mackenzie's unborn child is remaining a secret until after she is born.

5. Catelynn posts about being pro-life


Catelynn uploaded the picture above to her Instagram account with the caption "#truedat" and as expected, it started some controversy in the comment section.

Catelynn is known for supporting some controversial issues, but she seems to do it in a way that doesn't make most people angry most of the time, so I will respect her for that.

Everyone has their own opinions on abortion, homosexuality, and politics, and that's probably never going to change.

6. Teen Mom 2's new season starts tomorrow

Be sure to tune in to watch the premier of the season starting at 10:00 p.m.

Eastern time. I'll be doing recaps of every episode as well, so be sure to share your thoughts and feelings as the season goes on.


I actually cannot comprehend why anyone would want to read Maci's book. Unless it was her mother, or something.

I know that I won't be reading Maci's or Kail's book. I'm sure they will still somehow end up on the best sellers list, which I'm sure is frustrating for REAL authors.

I agree, I won't be reading either of them. But I'm curious- what is Maci going to write about? The struggles of a teen mother are copious but 1) All her fans know her "struggle" in detail because of 16&P and Teen Mom (as well as twitter) and 2) Maci didn't seem to "struggle" a lot because of the priveledge given to her by MTV.

So... What is she going to write about? Weekends in Miami?

Learning how to properly pronounce her son's name, perhaps? "Bentley" instead of "Beeeent-leeee."

Kail has one too?! ::facepalm::

Something tells me that Kail's Mirena is going to "unexpectedly" fall out in a year or two and another little one will be on the way. Or maybe not now that the MTV gravy-train might be stopping for good.

Who needs Mtv's gravy train? She's got those BENEFITS now. Girl is set.

I've never used Mirena or had a baby turn my cervix into a potato gun. Doesn't the Mirena go IN the uterus? It's the cervix pretty tightly closed as to only allow sperm in when they're not dilated for labor? Does your cervix not go back to normal or something? How does something the size of an IUD just freaking *whoopsie daisy!* fall out!!?

I'm pretty sure one of the girls said that happened once- not sure if it was true or not! I believe it was Chelsea when she had that pregnancy scare with Adumb back around season 2 or 3. If I'm not mistaken, she was questioned because she had the Mirena and she stated that it "just fell out!"

Mackenzie took hers out herself since the doctor refused to do it due to her diabetes. She said she was in the bathtub and somehow got it out and then went and showed her mom and Josh. Gross!! She said this on one of those "after shows" after an episode of TM3. After googling pictures of it I don't see how it just "comes/falls out" let alone taking it out yourself. **Whoopsie daisy**

Oh wow. She really wanted that second trap baby, didn't she?

I've had the mirena for almost 5 years and they do not just fall out. I'm not even sure how to remove mine, nor would I want to. It's placed in your uterus. I'd be worried about tearing/damaging something. These girls are a trip!

I wouldn't mind Catelynn sharing her beliefs if she weren't so obviously a brainwashed pawn of an adoption agency that works for money. Can't she tell they are using her to spread their pro-life/pro-adoption propaganda? Not that there's anything wrong with believing those things, but it's wrong that Bethany "Christian" Services only spreads those beliefs so they can make money. Catelynn should be using her platform to expose them, not be a pawn for them.

Thankyou! I agree! I've always felt uncomfortable seeing Cate help pregnant fans hook up with Bethany- It's so sinister. Also that Dawn lady is so fake, pretending she cares for the mother's welfare when she is basically a baby salesperson.

I really disliked the pressure she put on C&T when the baby was born to let B&T see her so soon. They get to be her parents for the rest of their lives, at least let the poor neglected teens have a little uninterrupted time with the life they created.

I heard that the agency is apparently notorious for not letting birth parents see their child and rarely accept open adoptions between teen parents and adult adoptive parents. Apparently Cate and Ty are really the only "good" case that this agency has and that's why they exploit them so much.

I know!! I worked in the maternity wing of a local hospital doing newborn photography (which was also a sales job but I suck at commission based jobs and I'm not going to tell a new mom she should buy a cd with 8 pictures on it for $100! That's ridiculous. But the photo sessions are free and the parents can see the pictures online with a private passcode at least.) Anyway, there was a woman there who was entering into an open adoption and I did the photos with her the first day and then the next day, the adoptive parents would be there. They got there the next day and waited patiently in one of the hospital rooms on the same wing. The woman ultimately decided she couldn't do an open adoption and wanted a closed adoption. But she spent all day saying goodbye to the baby. Like the whole day. Which is awesome because that's a special time she'll never forget and never have again. So when the adoptive parents finally got the baby, I did photos with them, too. It was heartbreaking to see the bio mom try all day to say goodbye sufficiently enough to try and make sure her little girl knew she was loved but was going to a family who could provide more for her. I actually ended up ordering one of the lockets the company I worked for sells with one of the pictures of the bio mom and the baby because it seemed pretty obvious she wouldn't be able to order any of the insanely overpriced prints and whatnot. Then I just slipped her the confirmation receipt so she could call the company if it didn't get delivered to her on time. I can't imagine some person rushing into her hospital room every five minutes trying to get the baby from her while she's trying to say an impossible goodbye to the baby she just grew for 9 months. Ugh. Sorry for the rant. I just think the bio parents should be allowed as much time as they want or need to say goodbye.

Bethanny Christian Services got bad rep for coercing young mother to give their child up and for not following trough with the terms agreed in the adoption, going back as far as the 70's & 80's.

There is a whole site filled with discontent story coming from various office of the agency, it's so sad.

Ugh B&T are so entitled and awkward when it comes to their adoption. I heard an audio recording of them doing an "adoption seminar" on their church's website and they just said some really rude things. There's some borderline racist comments from Theresa about how she only wanted a baby that was white and looked like her, and that she was nervous to adopt her second child because she knew he would be half Mexican, but she was relieved when she first saw him because he "looked white". Then they talk about how they feel like their lives feel intruded on doing an open adoption because they can't act like they are the only parents. This isn't even half of the ignorant things they say in that recording but it really made my blood boil and showed that they are NOT as nice as they try to seem on TV. It's pretty obvious that Cate & Ty act like they are walking on egg shells when it comes to them, and after hearing B&T in that recording I can see why.

I'm so happy that I am not the only one who sees the problem here! Usually people don't get it when I say that Bethany "Christian" Services is no where NEAR as wholesome as they try to seem. "Baby salesperson" is right. This isn't just a problem of only Bethany, but most adoption agencies that operate out there. There needs to be better government laws that regulate the costs and procedures of private adoption agencies!

Catelynn's entitled to her opinion on abortion, but she always comes across as holier-than-thou and terribly uneducated on every single subject that she takes a stance on (adoption, abortion, politics, etc.). I'm not saying that she has to be a Mensa member in order to have an opinion, but when her pearls of wisdom include referring to rape as a "mistake" and claiming to have voted for Obama in 2008 despite only being sixteen years old and therefore not of legal voting age, it makes it kinda hard to take anything she says seriously.

I don't know why all these TM girls are writing books when most of them can barely string together a coherent Twitter post. The only one who strikes me as interesting enough to warrant an autobiography is Amber, and that's solely because she led a much more dramatic life than the majority of the other Teen Moms. I don't know how Maci's boring, over-privileged, drunk ass is going to manage to make herself sound exciting enough to fill a book, but I'm sure she won't portray herself as anything less than a hard-working Super Mom.

Lmao at everything you said.

I'm really irritated at Kail telling people about getting her birth control put in because, one, I don't think talking about birth control is something you're supposed to just throw out there to random strangers and, two, who is she to talk about birth control when she purposely got pregnant again?

I'm not really bothered by her posting about it if Javi doesn't care, because I think she is trying to at least be the "safe sex" advocate a lot of people hoped these young moms would be. Like, they know the real lifelong consequences of becoming young parents, so they can legitimately try to use their experiences in life to help others make better decisions. Her planning her pregnancy at about 20 years old doesn't mean she can't advocate the use of BC to avoid any "surprises" in the future. Idk, I don't think it makes her hypocritical.

Yes, that's true.

for me, however, the message feels a little weak. i honestly feel like the message of safe sex coming from a woman who got pregnant in her teens is weak, period. That's just my opinion. The message becomes even weaker when you have a baby just a few short years later (planned or not), at a still really young age. Kail is giving off two different messages and the message of "it's ok to have two kids at a young age because everything will work out in the end," speaks far louder, to me, than "practice safe sex."

The whole point of the show is to get teens talking about birth control. Keeping it a big secret is half the reason teens get pregnant, because they don't know their options. Good on Kail for opening a discussion on BC. You may be in your 20s and know what a mirena is, but I bet you any money some 14/15/16 year old girl read that tweet and found out what it was today.

I would Never buy maci's book..probably all lies like Being Maci was! Pass !! And Kail 's too..Why do they think there old enough to write a book?? They are kids having kids...the End!

I agree with everyone above about Maci's book it just sounds boring. Kailyn's book 'may' be interesting (using the word loosely, of course). Although Kailyn seems like a raging b*tch, she did have a very tough childhood: an absent parent and a mother who could not care less about the whereabouts of her daughter. Kailyn's mother did not provide with any kind of support.. I mean come on her mom lived in a hotel! Sure Kailyn is a b*tch and her only interests are benefits, but she did have have it tough and I can only assume that all her issues were caused by the fact that her mother did not do anything for her. I know I'll get a lot of thumbs down but I did take a class and childhood development and how adults influence their future emotionally. It's sad.

I always felt for Kailyn. Her 16&P episode was really hard to watch. Her hiding her pregnancy was bizarre - I can only imagine how screwed she must have been emotionally dealing with impending motherhood when her mom was such a neglectful bitch. Watching TM, it made me disappointed to see all the stupid, immature ways she dealt with Jo and his family, regardless of the fact that I think Jo was an asshole who lorded his family's support over Kailyn every time they argued about something.

I think she really wants to be a good person but her upbringing instilled her with lots of issues. Lying, rage, emotional manipulation, hypocrisy. I hope has grown up and dealt with these maladaptive tendencies because I don't think she deserves to be called a bitch.. At least not yet. If she never changes then yeah she's a bitch, but in my book she still has a lot of opportunities to show she has become healthier and more mature.

I agree. But I also feel as though Kail has more of an opportunity to recognize and change certain bad behaviors because she has been on 16&P and Teen Mom.

Not many people get to see themselves over the course of a few years recorded on the television screen. Not that I think Kail is watching all of her episodes, she must recognize her bad behavior on some of them. Now she's looking from the outside-in. I would hope (which usually she half-asses over her twitter) that she could recognize and apologize for these behaviors. But it always feels like a half-heart response. She could really use this evidence and take it to a great therapist (I'm lookin' at you, Benefits) and really get to the core of her problems.

That thumbs down was an accident lol.

I agree though. If I recall she had said she got therapy after "Javi's shaken head" incident. I hope she's stuck with it and has learned some healthier ways to interact with her husband, Jo and others in her life.

I cannot possibly put myself in her shoes but I hated that she and Janet had a falling out. That woman was basically her mother. She advocated for her every chance she got and defended her when Jo said asshole things to and about her. She seemed like a great mom and Kail just kind of crapped all over her.

I think they both treated eachother badly. Janet always told Kail "it doesn't matter if you and Jo aren't together, I am still going to be there for you. Our relationship won't change". But as soon as Kail started dating someone else, Janet changed her colours. But Kail was rude to lie about who she was dating too. They both did things wrong.

I feel the same way! I loved Janet.

I get the feeling Mirena pays these girls for advertising. I wonder if the company regrets it because almost all of them that advertised it got pregnant a second time.

Maybe, but it could also be that its pretty popular amongst women who have kids. Its the first thing they recommend after you give birth, so they can insert it at your 6 week check up. it has low hormones so its supposedly safe while breastfeeding. The copper, non-Mirena, IUD has no hormones. Most of your other options contain hormones that decrease your milk supply.

Hey everyone! I'm just checking in to see how you all feel about this article! There are so many things that happen that just don't have enough details to turn them into an entire article. I would love to post once a week about the smaller details of the Teen Mom girls' lives. I'm always looking for feedback, so if you like the short updates, let me know, and if you don't, feel free to share that opinion as well.

I like the idea especially for people who don't follow them on twitter or get can't get online alot but still want updates(Im both lol). Thank you! :) Your work is very appreciated.

Ferris Megan Bueller, you're my hero. Seriously. You rock. Way to churn out interesting, informed articles like a hoss. And I like this like bullet point update on the smaller things. Rock on, woman!

I like this article format a lot for little stories! You've done a wonderful job with all of the articles you've written. Thank you!

Everyone pretty much said what I was thinking. But seriously you brought life back to this blog and im glad to see people returning and commenting. :D

Also agree with Allie! Im busy and cant get online as often as I used to.

Megan, I love the short updates, and the long articles you do. You rock! Keep it up! And thank you.

Hey I think a little "roundup" of small news bits like this is totally cool! I think you are right, on your own they may not be worthy of an article but all together it makes for an interesting article :)

I like the short updates as well Megan, sounds like a good idea. Short update to let everyone know what's going on and full article for big stories

Megan, you are my hero. This site should be yours, as you have lit back the flame it had a while back. Please don't abandon us, we all love you! Also, that article was a great idea :)

I hate teen mom franchise, i love 16 and pregnant and i like watching teen mom but i know it really is acting, they don't struggle financially and finance is one of the biggest struggles of teen parenting because you cant afford childcare for college, or to go out or get BOOB JOBS, NEW CARS, HOUSE, IPHONES AND LAPTOPS, EXPENSIVE DOGS etc etc. Honestly you would think mtv would maybe want to show real struggles because the teen mom show is not real reality, catelynn was upset she was broke all the time, while sitting in her flat, on her new ipad while tyler was on his iphone. Seriously? And now they are on social media we see how much they buy beause they show it off, how they go on holiday, get surgery, buy property and leak how much they get paid. Argh really annoys me although i love the entertainment would rather it be real x

Yes! Finally something about exploration urbaine.