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Mackenzie Douthit

Happy hump day, TMJers! It's the middle of the week and, boy, do we have some news for you!

Adam Lind's friend is a registered sex offender

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It doesn't take long for your dirty laundry to be aired when you are featured on television. Starcasm is reporting that one of Adam Lind's friend is a registered sex offender. Bruce Crawford was shown going to SkyZone with Adam, Aubree, Paislee and another kisses_yellofriend on Monday nights episode. In 2008, Bruce was added to the registry for flashing a 40-year-old woman in Colorado. Just last month, he was arrested for showing a 17-year-old female store worker a picture of a man's penis. The police suspect that there are other victims as well.

Check it out here: Keoland. The shocking thing is this isn't first sex offender that Aubree has been introduced. Does anyone remember Chelsea's friend, Ashley (right)? Her husband, Slade, is registered sex offender.

He was convicted of 3rd degree rape in 2007. Basically, he had a relationship with a 15 year old when he was 18 and the age of consent in South Dakota is 16. Ashley and Slade would babysit Aubree on occasion.

Adam is also in hot water (pun intended) for posting pictures of Paislee sitting in a hot tub without a life vest.
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Mackenzie McKee Pregnant with #3 *Update*

0412-mackenzie-mckee-pregnant-sub-1 Note: The name is cut off the picture.

Well, I guess her uterus wasn't set on self destruct. TMZ reported that Mackenzie is 18 weeks pregnant and expecting another boy. Her and her husband are no longer together but the child is Josh's. It's like an 16&P episode! This will be Mack's fifth pregnancy. She was pregnant before Gannon with a boy, which resulted in a late-term miscarriage.

She was pregnant after she had Jaxie in 2014 but it ended in miscarriage. Since Mackenzie is Type 1 diabetic, her pregnancies are considered high risk. With both Gannon and Jaxie, she had suffered complications because she wasn't keeping her blood sugar levels in check.

Back in January, she was rushed to hospital because her blood sugar was extremely high and doctors had to fight to stabilize them. Despite this news, Mackenzie hasn't posted anything indicating a split. This IG picture was taken 5 days ago.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.38.35 AM

And she sent out this Tweet just 12 hours ago:


Update: While TMZ reported that Mackenzie and Josh have split, US Weekly says that a source very close tells them the couple are still together. And Mack is indeed pregnant.

Questions for Discussion:

What do you think of the company that Chelsea and Adam keep?

What are your thoughts of the life vest?

Do you think Mackenzie is knocked up and single?


Maybe Adam didn't know....? I'm not a parent so it wouldn't occur to me to screen someone for that. Idk man.

Maybe Adam did know and didn't think it was a big deal because his crime didn't involve rape or violating children?

I think the person most at fault is Bruce because he knows he shouldn't be around children.

The second guy, becoming a registered sex offender for life for being in a relationship with someone three years younger....seems so harsh.

I'm just glad that neither individual has an offense related to children.

I wouldn't think to screen friends for that kind of stuff either. I feel like Adam is getting extra flamed for this because he's Adam, whereas I don't remember hearing about this at all with Chelsea's situation... though her friend's husband's situation is a little different and it does seem harsh to me that he'd end up on the sex offender registry for life because of that.

People on the interwebs are straight up trying to deny the shit about Chelsea's friend. Saying The Dirty is an unreliable source, when people live and die by the blind items on CDAN *eye roll*

Well since it IS Adam we should probably assume his friends aren't angels. The revolving door of skanks he brings around Aubree aren't the only concern Chelsea has I guess :/ Just another reason why we need to really make sure we're having kids with good people.

Adam does get extra flamed. He screwed up a lot in the past. But he does seem to honestly be getting his life together. And not Jenelle getting his life together but actually getting it together. He has a job now doing something he loves. He got his license back. He bought a house. He's not getting arrested every 5 minutes. Those are all huge improvements. I'm not saying he's dad of the year at all. But those are all positive things I just named AND he's fighting for his kids without someone making me. That's all good stuff. Please do actually change. It happens. Hopefully he can continue positive changes and not revert back to old ways. Chelsea and her family love putting him down at every chance they get and comparing him to Cole. But Chelsea is the one who went back to him 50000 times. Last reunion was the first one she didn't admit they were still sleeping together. If her and Cole were ever to break up she'd probably hook up with him again. Adam could go to law school and become a lawyer and they'd still find reasons to put him down.
Again I'm not saying he's some great guy and deserves full custody. Baby steps and all that but maybe they can lay off just a little. Right now she stays with his parents and not him. He definitely needs to go over there and see her more. If he started doing that instead of just complaining he can't take her then he might find himself having more leeway with Chelsea... Maybe.

I know this is just a typo but I laughed hard at this:

" But those are all positive things I just named AND he’s fighting for his kids without someone making me."

emphasis on making me.

I love the idea that trashtvismyguiltypleasure is actually Adam right now. I know it's not, but I'm still laughing.

Hahah! I didn't even notice! I'm not Adam. But he just seems to actually be making positive changes in his life. It's refreshing. I really want someone on this show to actually make a positive change. I know Adam has made a lot of mistakes, but it kinda shows this season that they have to make fun of his nude pictures to get a story line going. They don't seem to have much on him anymore which is good. I think he needs to realize that no one is going to trust him right away. He needs to earn their trust. If he could keep up the good work he's been doing for the next few years then maybe people will start to take him seriously and start forgiving him for his past.

@TrashTV, I agree to a point, but still! He does stuff like just staring at his phone when he's with his kids. He skipped out on the father-daughter dance with Aubree. He skipped out on father's day, and wouldn't answer his phone.

Yes, he's made a lot of improvements, but if he really wants more time with his kids, he's got to show it with his actions. Lip service only goes so far.

Exactly @longhair. I'm not trying to diminish the situation by all means, but I'm a little surprised at what actions people get registered "sex offenders" for. Flashing someone? Sounds like a stupid prank by an immature brainless adolescent drop out moron. I don't know the circumstances of course but to me it taking things a bit far calling the flashee a victim. And I agree, it seems harsh to have someone registered as a sex offender for having a relationship with someone young. Wouldn't she have to consent to it before you can even call it a relationship? Then how does someone become registered at all? The girl's parents call the police or something?! Way to alienate your daughter. My dad absolutely despised my first boyfriend at 17 but my mum was clever enough not to forbid me to date him. She knew I'd figure it/him out by myself. Took me two years but then I dumped his stupid ass.

Chelsea's friend's husband however is a whole other story. Even if it isn't true, it's a huge red flag.

Mackenzie... What the hell kind of mother are you if you keep putting your life in danger by becoming pregnant? Are you really too dense to use protection? By becoming pregnant again you risk your children losing their mother. Dumb twat.

flashing is not a prank...especially when done more than once. it's a sexual fetish and subjects innocent people to being forced to see something they dont want to (that could be extra upsetting because you dont know anyone's history) it's forcing other people unwillingly into your sex life

Yeah, I was just gonna say. Flashing and peeping and stuff like that seem relatively harmless but they can escalate. Just tune into the ID Channel for a couple of hours - people can start with flashing and a few years later, someone is raped or worse. It should be nipped in the bud early. That guy needs some serious therapy. Just imagine if that had been your little sister he showed a dick picture to in a store. No, it's not just a prank.

I don't know the context here so I am just speaking generically. But if a woman were to flash her breasts would she be placed on the sexual predators list? I don't know the context of this at all but his flashing could have been as much of a joke as a woman flashing her breasts.

@Jay in most states, it is legal for a woman to walk around topless, so flashing someone wouldn't be considered a crime, much less a sex crime. Now if she showed her vagina, she could be prosecuted for it if the person or persons she exposed herself to wanted to pursue the case

That is pretty interesting @reality. But I in my eyes flashing is flashing and although innapropriate it MAY not have been done in a perverse way.

7I think she is taking a couple of pages out of Mackenzie's book by trying to trap baby Josh again and again.. I don't see another reason for a very young girl to keep getting preggers. There is nothing wrong with being a mom at 22 but this girl started when she was 16!! I understand that her disease is a factor but as you say, why risk your life over and over again? Doesn't she want to see her kids grow up?

Writing this post made me think of the tiime she woke up a sleeping baby Gannon at 10.00 pm so she and Josh could 'spend time as a family' and she was talking back to her parents ...

Honestly, I feel sorry for Mackenzie's folks eventhough her mom was a bit weird regarding birth control.

I think it is more a reflection on mtv..ok, adum does not do background checks on his gross friends..but shouldn't mtv make sure sex offenders do not appear on a show about babies?????

Are there like no decent people in South Dakota?

Here's my hope: I hope that Chelsea and Adam did not know about this information before it was exposed by the media. There are a ton of registered sex offenders in this country and it would honestly be easy for people to never know if they are not the neighbors that they're required to inform. Thank God none of these people's crimes were directly related to child abuse!

Let's hope that Adam is going to drop Bruce like a hot potato now that this has come out.

Also, is it really a big deal for a kid to not have a life vest on in a jacuzzi/pool? Is that a thing now?

with a parent literally sitting next to a child, I totally wouldn't give a second thought to not using a life vest in that situation. And I'm a paranoid first-time mom. ?

Life vests in pools kind of bother me in general. I was a lifeguard for a long time and tons of people put life jackets on their kids so the parents can do their own thing. Instead of ya know, playing with and teaching the kid how to swim. Or they send the kid to swim lessons with a full life jacket -__-

I thought that was funny too. I can see being concerned about all those good old hot tub bacteria, or about the high heat - for both these reasons, I wouldn't put my toddler in a public hot tub like this - but a life vest? As long as Adam's right there, why would that be necessary? What, is she going to catch a riptide or something?

You're right - the main concern with kids in a hot tub is the heat. Their little bodies have a much lower surface area to volume ratio than adults which is why hot tubs aren't recommended for them. They can't regulate their own body temperature as well. Even if the hot tub is say, 100 degrees. People might think, well a bathtub is hotter than that. But the thing is, the hot tub is constantly pumping heat into it to maintain the temp, while a bath is constantly cooling and equilibrating with the child's body temp. That's the main danger in children in hot tubs. A neighbor put her 4 year-old in a hot tub. The heat relaxed her muscles a little TOO much and she evacuated her bowels about 5 minutes after getting in, so sanitation can also be a concern!

There's a few of us at least half way decent people here in SD :P I remember the dick pic thing being all over facebook and the news stations blasting this guy's pic to find people to identify him but I didn't even pay attention close enough to the show to notice it was the same guy....crazy!

idk on one hand, how can you possibly know everything about your friends? maybe they're not even that close of friends? its not like the guy was taking care of aubree or even talking to her. but in their small town its hard to see that he didnt know, given how apparently everyone knows each others business in a small town. but adam should know he needs to pick better people to be around, and have his daughter around. he really is a moron, hes already in hot water and just continues to make his custody situation worse. everytime he takes one step forward, he takes two back.
but if chelsea did actually let a rapist babysit her child, thats way worse imo. at least adam is supervised with aubree (as it should be) so he didn't leave aubree alone with him at any time.

i really think all these parents are shitty as can be in every possible way (between them). i know people say chelsea has a good head on her shoulders etc but i completely disagree. she let cole move in and was forcing the daddy name on him pretty quickly. how well did she even know cole before this especially if she was letting a rapist babysit aubree in the past? you shouldnt have your kids call another man dad until youre AT LEAST engaged. it just rubs me the wrong way. not defending adam in the slightest. hes a piece of shit and everybody knows that already.

I doubt that Adam or chelsea know which friends are associated with sex offenders or is a sex offender. Not alot of people would just bring that up in a conversation. At least their offenses arnt that bad. I'm sure the minor was with consent. And that guy being a young guy was being a tool I'm sure. But it doesn't make any of it not disgusting. You feel bad for these guys and girls that are put on the list when they had a relationship like that though. Something goes wrong in the relationship then they tattle on them. It must be hard. Everyone with access to the Internet should look up their local sex offender list. You should want to know who lives around you that are dangerous. Just scroll through the pics and see if you notice anyone you are familiar with. Especially if you have a young child. It doesn't hurt to know

I really hope they didn't know. In their defense, there was a man that I worked with for 3 years and I never knew he was a registered sex offender until one day a supervisor told me. It's not like I had ever thought of running a check, I'm not going to to Google every person I meet. It just goes to show how little you can know, and how easily things can be concealed.

I do believe everybody on this show lets random men and women into their children's lives without a second thought and its a little scary!

Mackenzie is stuck in the mindset of a 15 year old girl. Who knows with her.

Also, Skyzone is aimed for children so why would Bruce even let himself be in that situation? Surely he can't be around children no matter what the charges are. Not sure how that works in every state.

From my understanding, there are levels of sex offenders. The first level is non violent offenders who commit sex crimes against legal adults (Adams friend flashing the 40 year old woman), Level 2 is non violent sex crimes involving minors (Chelsea's friend's husband being involved with a minor while he was an adult and Adam's friend showing a minor d*ck pics). Level 3 is for violent sex crimes (forcible rape) and some not violent sex crimes (depending on the details of the case, Chelsea's friend's husband could be listed here...in some cases statutory rape could get you classified as level 3).
Depending on the level and the judgement handed down at trial, sex offenders can be around children. Some (all level 3 and some level 2) are not permitted within so many feet of a school or park. Others are permitted around children with supervision (they can go to Skyzone with their friend and his kid) and some have no restrictions on child interaction.
Anyone with a brain that was recently charged with inappropriate behavior with a minor would avoid a place like SkyZone. If you are never there, no one can claim you did something wrong. Then again, anyone with a brain wouldn't do stupid sh*t to land themselves on the registry.

I also believe these are national guidelines, not state specific. I have NO background in criminal law, but we did a research project in high school about sex offenders (12 or so years ago) because 3 sex offenders moved into our small community. A lot of us had a ton of questions, so our teacher turned it into an assignment. This is what I remember of it.

Yes that's why I just Google sex offender near me. Mine is called familywatchdog. I'm sure every state has one where you just put in your zip and look within how many miles. I go to it once every few months and take a look. I work at a coffee shop and so many people walk in, and as a female it's good to know just in case. Most are probably sex with a minor or small offenses but again still. Safety is important. You never know what can happen. I feel I need to do it also because I have had bad experiences with strangers and it messes you up. I'm cautious but not overly cautious where I question every single person

Yes, family watchdog should work for everyone in the US, I am not sure about other countries though.

My town's police department has a list on their website. I don't know if that's the norm, but it's extremely helpful.

It might just be me but i find it really strange when parents don't get there backs up about their kids being around sex offenders ESPECIALLY a father with 2 little girls. My dad constantly reassured us that we would never be harmed and if someone ever did he would kill them, and i believed him.

The life jacket i think is a stretch. She is sitting in a hot tub beside her dad, not doing laps in the pool BUT it is adum so yeah get that kid some water wings and a donut for her waist.

Mackenzie is pretty much copying the Megan Fox story

I'm sure Chelsea will freak, about this but he was supervised. Not like he's snatchen the girls up. I don't care about the life vest. He's LITERALLY right there.

Idk who this girl is but congrats? I guess.

Adam: I'm sure Bruce is just some rando Adam met at the gym. Probably doesn't know him that well at all especially since we haven't seen Bruce before. "Hey, want to join me on camera so I can talk shit about my ex's?" Bruce should also be accountable for knowing where he's not supposed to be given his sex offender status.

The life vest in a hot tub doesn't bother me since clearly he's RIGHT there. Whether or not he let them play alone in the hot tub is something we don't know. If he did than of course he deserves some shit for that but who knows what really happened. However, hopefully he didn't let them play too long in there. Sometimes those suckers get friggin hot...too hot for little ones IMHO.

Mack: this chick is a legit moron. Seriously her IQ has got to be below 75. Basically a white trash stereotype at this point. I feel bad for their kids honestly. They don't have much of a chance at all.

And about Mackenzie, I'm assuming she sold her own story to TMZ like she did about the sex tape? Her twitter says they're together as of like 14 hours ago, but TMZ says they aren't so I'm a little confused.

I wonder if Bruce is one of those friends that MTV encourages people to have around? Like they knew Adam was going to film and basically said hey, come with him so Adam has someone to talk to. In that case, I'd think MTV would want to run a check on people. Don't the friends get paid or at least get perks from MTV for being on camera? Bruce's charges were initially filed in Colorado so many Adam didn't know. I mean, that's not a question you ask someone and it probably wouldn't have been covered by news stations around Adam. I wouldn't want my daughter around Bruce, or any registered sex offender, but at least Adam didn't leave the girls with him alone or something. Hopefully now that he knows, if he didn't before, he'll reconsider having his kids around that dude.

I mean I don't like Adam, but I'm assuming he didn't know or only knew about the first thing where he was 17 and flashed someone. On the other hand, Amber should be under much more scrutiny than Adam for bringing a real sex offender around her daughter (the guy who she met at Walmart I believe and changed poor Leah's diaper) and gave him access to Leah.

I'm not saying Adam's friend is in the right here, but I'm glad it wasn't a charge including a child.

I read that was a case of mistaken identity with Amber's ex. He isn't a registered sex offender. She's still terrible, though.

I'm just curious, how is it known if josh and mckenzie are no longer together if she never confirmed? Did he? I hope this pregnancy delivers a happy healthy baby regardless.

I don't think that part is true. That's the rumor, but they've been posting pics together and stuff. I guess she could always be lying to cover it up though.

Yeah, where did the info about her being single come from? She's always posting/tweeting things about Josh.

The TMZ article apparently reported she is single and pregnant. I think it went so far as to say they were estranged.

I think there should be two separate sex offender lists: one for actual pervs (rapists, pedophiles, etc.) and one for dumbasses (statutory rape, peeing in public, general teenage stupidity, etc.). That being said, I'll let the guy's first offense slide, since it probably falls under teenage stupidity, but the second offense makes him seem like more of a perv. He should have learned his lesson about randomly showing penises to people, especially young girls. Still, though, how many people background check all of their friends? If it wasn't Adam, people probably wouldn't be as mad about it.

I wasn't aware life jackets were expected in a hot tub. Then again, I haven't seen many children play in hot tubs to begin with.

Mackenzie really needs to take better care of herself! Eat right and stop getting pregnant. It is so irresponsible to keep getting pregnant when you know that you are extremely high risk and will be during every pregnancy, not to mention when your marriage is falling apart and your mother is already basically raising your other two children. After this baby is born, she definitely needs her tubes tied.

But but but her uterus is about to explode. She's gotta have as many kids as possible before it explodes. That way her and Josh and their 10 kids can be a fammmmmmmmmilyyyyyyyyyy. Maybe then they can be on their own show. Big fammmmmmmmmmilyyyyyyy and counting...

Dammit! Of course she gets pregnant as soon as I change my name. I am formerly known as 'Mackenzies Exploding Uterus.'

This child really needs to invest in some birth control. At 21 years, you should not be pregnant 5 times. Especially when she could barely take care of Gannon on teen mom 3. I love how NO ONE on here believed her 'I can't have kids past the magical age of 19.'

I absolutely agree. It's one thing to have consensual sex with someone 3 years younger, verses inappropriate touching or rape. My old neighbor was a registered sex offender and I didn't know until after having known him for 2 years. Nicest guy ever. He got drunk and peed behind a tree. No one was around. There is a big difference between him and a rapist!

Exactly @lunchables! It's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous to have someone who drunkenly peed against a tree on the same list as someone who rapes. Period.

Wow, yea that's straight up ridiculous. I think it's a bit crazy that an 18 year old sleeping with a 15 year old he's in relationship with causes him to be on a sex offenders list too. BUT I guess they have to draw the line somewhere, don't they? Otherwise you could say oh 14 and 18 is ok too, or 19 and 15 etc. Also, doesn't something in the states exist so that if it's 2 years or less in age difference they don't get charged?

I agree with you, MCM, the sex offender registry is seriously flawed. I have a friend who as arrested at 2:00 am on his birthday for having sex in his car with his girlfriend of over a year. She was 17 and he just turned 18 a few hours before. Was it stupid for these teenagers to have sex in a parked car? Absolutely. But he's not an abuser. He is INCREDIBLY lucky the charges were dropped. It's interesting to think his whole life could have been essentially ruined by this incident.

@Nathans, that's absolutely moronic. Not trying to say life is perfect here (the Netherlands) but in your friend's case a police officer here would ask the girl if she was all right and if the sex was consensual. If yes, they'd probably tell them to enjoy their evening and be on their merry way. Seriously not trying to offend because I love this site but this is when I roll my eyes hard at American uptight standards.

@ barbara, I think as americans, a lot of us roll our eyes lol

The difference is that Chelsea actually watches Aubree. Adam didn't look up from this phone ONCE at that trampoline place. His friend could have molested either daughter and Adam wouldn't have even known.

Ok I'm sure Adam would've noticed if someone was molesting his daughter. Come on. That's just reaching. I think even drugged out Leah or Jenelle would've noticed. They were both in site of Adam. I'm sure it was one of those things were MTV asked them to sit down and have a conversation about Chelsea.

Yeah well what if he took her to the bathroom? And then threatened her if she told. Adam is irresponsible. I can see him having his friends take his kid to the bathroom so he doesn't have to put his phone down.


He's losing custody per LWOTM


LWOTM also thinks jenelle will 100% lose custody and serve major time behind bars

Also that she's trying to (or is currently, depending on the photo, lol) get pregnant to get out of a possible jail sentence (the max is 30 days, no judge would care if she was pregnant or not). I read it for the LOLs!!


LWOTM lost me when she gleefully predicted that Jenelle would be dead within a year.

What is LWOTM?

It's a tumblr blog, Last Week on Teen Mom. The girl is nutty.

Thank you

Teen Mom Central is becoming just as bad. I logged onto there just to see what she had to say on the topic, and she's chastizing someone for saying that sometimes people don't know if their friends are sex offenders. Despite the fact that this dude is someone we've never seen before so he and Adam can't be all that close....

I also have a son who is 5 and I don't screen my friends, I don't think about it. I've had the same friends for years, and my boyfriend has as well. I'm not too worried, but Bruce is at fault here, he should NOT be going to a place full of children if that's not allowed per his probation or whatever tf he's on.

how old is paislee? pretty sure i was swimming without a life vest safely at her age (although i know times are different) i'm actually very surprised to see aubree still needs one

Paislee will be 3 in September.

oh okay- she is a little younger than i thought but if adam is there and paying attention i see no big deal with it. i cant remember ever wearing a life jacket in the pool? we were either in the shallow/baby end or swimming on our own

Personally, I don't think a kid that little should be in a hot tub. It's not about the life vest or floaties or whatever, but aren't hot tubs not recommended for kids? I wouldn't let my 4-yr-old into a hot tub a couple of weeks ago (by the hardest, there were lots of parents letting their kids in.) As for life vests, my daughter uses floaties in the pool, but - yes - she just started whining about putting them on and telling us they "weren't cool." So, she's starting swimming lessons today!

The local swimming pools here don't allow children under 12 in the hot tubs. Kids are at much higher risk for heat stroke. Life vest seems like overkill to me... as long as you are supervising closely.

How is it any different to a bath as far as the heat goes? I get that the warm water is a breeding ground for bacteria and that is why you should put your head under, but I didn't think heat stroke would be an issue as long as the tub isn't super hot. In saying that, personal hot tubs can have their temperatures easily modified so it might not have been that hot.

If Adam has Aubree, there's a good chance his parents are also there at the same time, so I'm willing to cut him some slack. There a good chance there is more than one adult on hand at the pool.

I wouldn't worry about the lack of life vest on Aubrey until Adam gets a phone that's waterproof.

You win the Internet

I'm kinda surprised MTV doesn't have a screening process for people they film. I mean I know Jenelle has some losers but you'd think they wouldn't want a pedo on their show if they can help it.

Not shocked about Mackenzie in the slightest. I didn't know she had gotten pregnant after Jaxie, but again, not surprising. Let's all pray her uterus explodes after this one. (Kidding, kind of. I really hope she keeps her health in check this time around.)

Paislee in a hot tub without a life jacket is a non-issue for me. Is this what we've come too? Adam may be a shitty parent, but he's right there. I'm sure she's fine.

I'd like to give Adam the benefit of the doubt, maybe Bruce the sex offender is a rent-a-friend? I certainly don't screen every person who interacts with my children. That said, dude should definitely not be in Skyzone, a business aimed at children, as a registered sex offender. That's completely out of line, and I hope he gets in trouble for it.

I don't really know where to stand on the Chelsea situation, I feel like she would have never allowed her friend to watch Aubree if she felt there was real danger. Getting put on the sex offender list because you had a sexual relationship with someone 3 years younger than you is considerably different then repeatedly showing strangers your penis.

Im no Adam fan, but the life jacket thing is a over reaction since he is..ya know..sitting RIGHT next to her in the hot tub.

Adam isn't my favorite person but he does seem to be doing better and that's good. I hope he is doing better. His girls need him. Adam may not be a ray of sunshine but he isn't that dumb.... I dont think he knew.

So Josh also commented on Insta that he's still with Mackenzie and that TMZ "just likes to make up stories." So I guess they really are still together. Hmm.

Or Mackenzie "just likes to sell fake stories to the tabloids to get people talking about her again". Whichever.

lol exactly. tmz isnt making up SHIT about mckenzie of all fucking people. her manager obviously leaked them that story

Re: Mackenzie - she's like a caricature of white trash at this point. Someone on the ashley said something along these lines - 'if you have to crowdfund new tits, you probably can't afford (another) kid'.

Don't have a whole lot to add to that.

Whoever said that about Mackenzie deserves a damn medal.

Forgot to add - did anyone else read the headline 'Adam Lind’s friend is a registered sex offender' and immediately think the friend in question was the old meth head-looking dude? I had completely forgotten about these two new dipshits from the other night's episode until I saw the picture.

Yes I did!

Seriously not wearing a life jacket in a spa? That would have to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard... It isn't as though they are unsupervised or in the ocean!

The whole sex offender thing, I think it is total bs that you are considered a rapist because you had sex with someone 3 years younger than you. If I knew someone who was 18 dating a 15 year old I certainly would consider them to be a rapist. So I don't really think Chelsea did the wrong thing here.

That Bruce guy seems a bit dodgier though. From what I read he was put on the list in 2008 for indecent exposure and then he also showed an innapropriate photo to a teenage girl in a store. I mean that all sounds pretty bad, but I could also see it as a young idiot just being a jerk, rather than intentionally making sexual advances at someone. If Adam knew about this then yea, that is pretty dam shitty but there is a chance he honestly didn't know. Bruce was also arrested for driving without a licence or something. Unfortunately when you look at Adams past, he probably won't attract the best friends, so I can absolutely understand the concern that Chelsea has.

And finally Mackenzie. I hope she has a healthy baby boy. And are her and Josh together or not because there have been plenty of pictures of them together, but that could easily be damage control.

Random question but are all these girls super fertile or they just don't use protection? I am always curious if I used their birth control methods or lack of, would I be pregnant by now as well?


Do they not have birth control in...where ever she's from?

Seriously they must be super fertile! In my teenage years I definitely wasn't careful and I never got pregnant! They either use no birth control methods at all, or they are super fertile!

It's almost scary that she isn't preventing pregnancies. She's seriously dumb as a box of rocks, and Josh is cut from the same cloth. I don't see how those two could care for a child. But previous comments state it's her mom who takes care of them so in a way that's good.

Isn't she the same girl who said she can't take bc pills cuz of her diabetes? As if that's a legit excuse not to use bc when you can buy condoms like anywhere and even friggin online if you're so uptight about discretion. Just a couple of REALLY stupid people having kids y'all.

I think her excuse was that she didn't want to take birth control because she didn't want to get fat, and her mom didn't want her to take birth control because, ya know, Jesus and all that. So now she's stuck raising Mackenzie's soon-to-be 3 kids (could've been 5, though!)...and I bet she still thinks she made the right decision.

I have been following Mackenzie on snapchat and my God that girl is dumb

I would love to know how Mackenzie and Josh's relationship actually is now.. I mean they were a freaking train wreck when their episodes were on, he didn't seem into her at all. Not surprised she's pregnant again though!

That dude has had so much brain trauma from rodeo that I don't think he knows where he is half the time. Let alone WHO he's with!
Didn't he admit to being hooked on pills too?

plus wasnt he addicted to pills at one point?

Ohh and did you guys see on the lastweekonteenmom tumblr, someone posted a photo of T.R and it shows him in Leah's bathroom, so yep they appear to still be living together.

I honestly am starting to feel for Adam. (Begin te dislikes)
Btw first post in like a year!
Anyway I really am, we all know if chelsea didn't get caught for letting a more serious sex offender babysit aubree she would use that against him so bad!
Baby voice "I mean he let a sex offender around her, she isn't safe there. He had driving offences and a problem with drinking" ... I mean if the driving people think he learned his lesson then clearly he has, and with him now being a fitness freak I can't see him drinking and even if he did drink when he doesn't have aubree big deal, chelsea does? And he may pay the minimum in child support (I'm from U.K. So what he's paying is so much to me because child support here can be as little as a pound a week) but maybe because he sees her minimum because chelsea doesn't want him around then no wonder he wants to pay minimum. I mean you can say "but that money is for aubree" well Adam is also her dad. Aubrees needs are met, she won't care about money in five years time she will care about how she barely knows her dad. And anyone can say he doesn't care but if he didn't care why is he spending so much money to continually fight for some form of custody.
I do think people change and when you see who he was to who he is now he has changed but he will forever be punished.

I don't feel bad for him at all. I'm glad he's changed but it's seirously how Jenelle has changed. Like he's slightly less shitty. He's now not a runny dog turd all over the carpet he just shits on the hard wood floor. I mean he's always shown on his phone around his kid, and that's with the cameras so you k now it's probably worse wheen they're not around. and you hear it from aubree herself, my dad doesn't play with me, I wish my dad would be like him, I tried to call my dad on Father's day and he didn't answer. Chelsea might come off self righteous but it's because she's been the only real parent in that kids life.

Mackenzies uterus lived to see another day.. She is younger than me and has five pregnancies under her belt?!
I don't see her and josh being done she won't let him leave her with three kids.
I hope she is keeping fit still but doing it safely but I doubt she has te sense I mean she can't even control her diabeties so I doubt she thinks about "maybe I shouldn't pick up weights above my head because that can be dangerous" etc.
The life vest get a bloody grip he is right beside her! I think more importantly did he keep her hydrated as jacuzzis aren't recommended for younger children because it raises there body temp.
I already posted about Adam above and I still can't help but feel for him. He has made a lot of progress but no one cares I mean he owns his house, has a job, is more respectful on camera than chelsea, he has his license back and he really has made leaps of progress. You can tell he loves his kids and really wants to have time with them and if I'm honest chelsea looks more and more of a bitch by trying to keep aubree as a punishment and because she doesn't want him anymore aubree can't either. She constantly bad mouths him still and even makes fun of his appearance.. How the hell is it okay for her to make fun of him but him calling her a fat bitch six years ago still gets brought up!

Man, I'm not a fan of 18 year olds sleeping with 15 year olds, but becoming a sex offender for life for that seems kinda harsh to me. It'd be a different thing if he were in his twenties, but eighteen year old is basically still a child himself and three years is not that much of a difference, even at this age. It probably means he wasn't much risk to Aubree, but still, Chelsea could have chosen somebody who doesn't have any sex offender charges on him...

Did anybody watch 'Steve Wilkos' yesterday? There was a guy on there who was a registered sex offender and his girlfriend's family had the pitchforks and torches out for him. Apparently, he was actually 17 when he let a 15 year old perform oral sex on him and he did time for it. He said he had no idea she was 15 and he passed the lie detector test. Still, I don't think 15 and 17 is that big a deal but his life is basically ruined now. And he wasn't even a legal adult!
We have a friend who is a registered sex offender and we know exactly why; He's still welcome in our house.

Wow this article makes me glad I live in NZ rather than the USA! We don't even have a sex offender database, I guess as a country we tend to believe in the principle that people can reform, and therefore don't deserve to be judged forever based on their past, particularly for stuff like indecent exposure. If someone is that much of a risk to the community that everyone should be warned who they are, they aren't released from prison, otherwise they're released and monitored conditions put in place to make sure they behave safely. For first-time offenders, most minor charges like peeing behind a tree don't even stay on their records, you get a diversion.

Also, lifejackets for being in the pool? I don't think I've ever seen that in NZ! If your kids are little, you stay within arms reach, which Adam clearly is. I'd also give him benefit of the doubt about the temperature, given its full of bubbles its probably someone's private pool, rather than a public one, and therefore they could actually have it set to a lower temperature than public ones are no? My friends do that all the time, have the temperature set to really low so the kids can hang out in it.

Jesus Christ, Mackenzie!

Adam is such an Idiot and I am glad I don't know him. It sucks for those girls that he is their dad. TOTALLY CLUELESS. I am not sure what else we were supposed to comment about. I hate Adam so much.

Not surprised about Mackenzie. On one hand she is a married adult so she is allowed to have more children if she would like. One the other hand if you cannot be adult enough to take responsibility for your reproductive actions instead of inventing a pretend timeline for your exploding uterus or you cannot afford more children (asking for $ for plastic surgery) then do not have them.
Adam is an idiot but he was right there in the hot tub with her.
In regards to the sex offender incident, I doubt Adam knew and if he did he is an idiot does anyone really expect more of the man who called his infant daughter a mistake, the guy is an idiot and a douche.
Everyone making a big deal about Chelsea`situation is kind of silly. From what I understand it was a case of statutory. Yes it was wrong but if you look at the age differences between every couple from 16&pregnant the majority could at some point have gotten in trouble for the same thing it's just that noone pursued it.
Chelsea may have have quite a few faults and is by no means perfect but has always showed absolute love ans care for her daughter. While I may not agree with many of her actions I believe that she always does what she `thinks` is best for Aubree even if it really is silly or stupid so I do not believe she would ever put Aubree in a situation she believed dangerous in any way shape or form.

New poster, long time lurker! Does anyone keep up on Matt from TM3? I have a feeling there might be trouble in paradise between him and Lekota. Anyone else notice that or am I the only one who somewhat follows their irrelevance?

I think Lekota is another one who plants stories. She wasn't active on Tumblr for MONTHS and then the second one of the blogs starts talking about her she pops up to "prove them wrong".

theyve split

Neither Adam or Chelsea is a perfect person, but the thing that pisses me off about Adam is his arrogant attitude about the whole custody situation. He acts like that since he started getting his life together in the past year, he should automatically be entitled to 50/50 custody. Aubree is how old, 6? So great job being a "good dad" for one year of her life, but let's not forget about the other 5. And just because you have a job and a house doesn't mean you're a responsible parent. If I were Chelsea, it would take a LONG time for that trust to be built up, it doesn't just happen the second you decide to act like an adult.

Holy shit, who cares. People will bitch about anything. Both Slade and Bruce have pretty minor offences. Sure they're sexual offender related charges, but seriously flashing a PICTURE of a man's junk to a 17 year old and an 18 year old dating a 15 year old (because that never happens.. yeah right) is that big of a deal? Honestly Adam probably didn't know. Maybe Chelsea didn't either. Neither charge has ANYTHING to do with children or even close to it. Give me a break. Also, Mackenzie will do anything to stay relevant .. she needs to realize her 15 minutes of fame were up a long time ago.

Honestly with the way Mackenzie and Josh's marriage is I can see them being split up at the time she sold the story to TMZ and back together by the time her 'friend' talked to US Weekly. 'Not living together' probably means he slept on someone else's couch for the night. I kinda wish they were still on tv, toilet ring shenanigans and faux fitness modeling are a hell of a lot more interesting than whatever Kailyn is doing.