Premiere Dates, More Lip Injections, Influenza, and GoFundMe

16 & pregnant

Hey friends. It's been a few days since I posted. I'm adjusting to this new job and trying to manage time, so I really do appreciate you all sticking with me throughout these last couple of weeks.

1. Teen Mom's air date is pushed back.

teen mom logo

Earlier we had exclusively revealed information about the Teen Mom season 5 premiere date, but we are sad to inform you that the premiere date has been pushed back at least 2 weeks. Up until this last week, MTV was still filming for the season in order to ensure that information on Catelynn and Tyler's first few weeks with Novalee and Maci's second pregnancy were featured on the season.

The trailer for the new season should be out by February 2nd, which is only a week away.

The actual episodes should start happening one week after the trailer comes out.

Rumor has it that pictures of Novalee will surface around the time that the trailer comes out, and that she has a striking resemblance to Carly but with dark hair.

2. Jenelle gets lip injections


Jenelle isn't exactly a newbie when it comes to body modifications. She has tattoos, piercings, and has had breast enhancement in the past, so when the rumor mill started turning about her potential lip injections, I wasn't exactly surprised. Jenelle frequently gets made fun of during Teen Mom 2 episodes for her thin lips. If you follow any of the Teen Mom 2 threads online during the episodes, people mention it during every one of her segments.

Anyway, Jenelle decided to do something about it and had some lip injections. She might have also landed herself a new job in the process because the plastic surgeon's office apparently told her that she could work there after she graduates as an externship.

She would also be guaranteed one free surgery each year that she works there. The picture up above shows Jenelle's lips after the injections.

3. Gannon has the flu


Mackenzie McKee posted on her Facebook page today that her family has had a rough week. Her brother had his tonsils out, and both Josh and her father have been sick. Sadly, this isn't all the sickness that happened at the McKee household because Gannon tested positive for the flu.

The flu going around in the Midwest this year is no joke, and there have been several reported cases where children who were vaccinated have actually died after coming down with influenza in the last couple of months. Here's to hoping that everyone in their family makes a speedy recovery and is able to be back to normal as quickly as possible.

(P.s. if you remember Mackenzie's friend Cayla, she is currently pregnant with a baby boy that she's naming read that correctly)

4. Autumn asks for help


So GoFundMe has been pretty popular lately for a crowd funding website and it actually works really well. (I mean, I got a Keurig and I really wasn't expecting it. Seriously the best present ever and I wouldn't make it through teaching without my daily dose of coffee before I walk out the door.) Several of the 16 & Pregnant ladies have taken to the website in order to get out stories and attempt to receive financial help in order to better address the needs of their families. Taylor Lumas asked for help regarding money after a surgery.

Allie Mendoza asked for help buying a home. Cleondra Carter raised thousands in an attempt to gain back custody of her daughter.

Now, season 5's Autumn Crittendon is using GoFundMe to help raise money for heating and cooling for her family. Autumn's post reads:

Hello my name is Autumn. You may have noticed me and my son on the Mtv show 16 andpregnant . I'm trying to raise money to help my family and I afford a heating/Cooling unit. The cost for a brand new unit is approximenatly $2000.00 and around $1000.00 to put it in. We are having a hard time paying bills and making ends meet and now we found out that the unit is broken. We cannot afford to have a new one put in. We are currently running a space heater and the heater every once in awhile. We have already tried to seal the windows to keep the cold out. Any donates would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone.

If you feel compelled to donate to help Autumn's family, the link to her GoFundMe page is right HERE. She's currently raised a little over $100, so she has a long ways to go in order to reach her goal of $3500.


My friend's mom used to do daycare and one of the kids she watched was named Rowdy. He'd be in his late teens now 0.0

And good luck to whatever dr's office that offered Jenelle a job. I wouldn't count on her finishing whatever she's doing, let alone show up consistently if it gets that far.

Either she lied about who she is/what kind of a satanic shit bag she is or no one offered her a damn job. I don't understand why anyone would want to hire her in the first place in any type of medical setting. I wouldn't want her around my bandaid supplies, let alone surgical drugs.

Hell no. The only job I can think of her having on the show was at some restaurant. She quickly peaced the fuck out of that one by not showing up or calling back when her boss was trying to get a hold of her.

Oh yes, that was when she and Keiffah decided on a spur-of-the-moment road trip to New Jersey and she failed to even call in sick at work. Then there was the time she was interviewing for a job at some day-care place and she told them one of her qualities was always being calm and never yelling or raising her voice. Oh, and asking if she could bring Jace with her when she came into work on Saturdays. Asshat.

I think I might have lost my job...

Yeah...that's what happens when you have the replaceable occupational skills of a sea sponge with gonorrhea and just decide not to go to your job for 2 shifts in a row without calling.

She told them she doesn't yell.

Hence my name, that interview scene killed me!

They probably want the free publicity from MTV.

Not going to lie, I’m kind of boned up right now looking at those lips. Real talk.

I'm sure you'll calm down once you realize what/who is behind those lips.
I don't think she'd be any good at that anyways.

I think Kieffer said on twitter that that was the one thing she was good at. Doesn't say much.

He also wrote a rap song about how she would take it in the ass and then suck his dick.

Oh! Wow! Could have fooled me. I would have thought Kail would excel in that arena.
Oh! Gross! What did you eat today Jenelle? Oh let me see. Come here Keiffer. Hmm. Tastes like chicken. And roast beef.
Must be that good old dopehead sex I hear so much about.

Red, I'm willing to bet that worsened the bathtub pooping sprees.

Omg!!! Hahahaha Keiffer spills all! Why hasn't someone offered him some money for a tell all on Jenelle? That's pretty disgusting though. But I'm not shocked. I'm sure Jenelle would do whatever her latest D asked her to do. Because "I just want you to love meeeee"

"He also wrote a rap song about how she would take it in the ass and then suck his dick" #greatestsongever. #ATMlove

Found it

Happy Early Valentine's Day.

Thanks for the nightmares. He seriously signed off that video as "confidence Kieffer"!!!! Bwhahahahah!!! Of course he talks about how much Jenelle lies, takes various pills to help her sleep/function, and talks about Jenelle OD'ing and him seeing her in hell.

REd!! That was fucking great! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Thanks Keif! It's more than I wanted to know about Jenelle. But I laughed pretty hard!

Dear lord...he had like 10 papers full of stuff he wrote about Jenelle. That's like Ted-Kacynski-manifesto level dedication.

Kieffer has mad flow.

Rowdy?! LMAO! Any remember the dead stuffed dog from Scrubs? His name was Rowdy!

So... Is it safe to say that jenelle didn't learn from Farrah's mistake??

Yes but only because neither one of them have brains and therefore they aren't evolved enough for higher thinking.

I think it's safe to say that Jenelle is incapable of learning from anything.

I think this was jenelle thinking "anything you can do, I can do better"

Perhaps she's trying to achieve lip symmetry in...uhm...both hemispheres.

Better ask Babs to bring home some purple lipstick from Walmart.

I know this disgusting joke is ultimately my fault because I brought it up, but your comment actually made me gag. Well done.

I believe she follows that mentality when she stalks Allisons twitter and constantly tries to out do her.

When I read that Jenelle got lip injections, I was sort of sad there wasn't a #botched photo to go along with it. Yes, I know how awful that sounds but Jenelle is just an awful person.

Let's just cross our fingers. Because that would be fucking hilarious.

I think it is sad that Jenelle can afford lip injections, but not the lawyer fees to get custody of Jace. She doesn't want Jace, she just to present a facade that she wants Jace.

That was exactly my first thought. But if they hire her (which sounds like the 69th horse of the apocalypse to be quite frank) she can get plastic surgery for free! She can treat herself to one procedure for being so good at being an awful mother.

One surgery a year and in time she'll begin to look like the fake person on the outside that she is on the inside.

I know and people still genuinely think she's still trying to! The "she's working hard to get custody of Jace back..." comments. The kid is going to be 6 YEARS OLD this year and she hasn't had custody since what? six months?! Exactly how many more years will people keep believing that cr@p?? when he's filling out college applications?

This. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery compiles data for the cost of plastic surgery procedures. According to this lip injections are relatively cheap but she'll have to pay out to get it done again every few months after it wears off. What an investment =/

Someone should probably inform her that injecting heroin into her lips to plump them up AND get high is probably gonna burn. Or just wait until she tries it on her own and has to go to the hospital to get her lip appendix removed because she has lip flu. *big exaggerated wink*

I just think it's funny how Jenelle always say haters are gonna hate. Too bad I don't think anyone cares about her new lip injections or her job that she will never have due to her many stints in jails. She claims she isn't vain but the knife shows the truth behind that.
I'm not too excited about the new teen mom reboot but hence, I'll watch it anyways. Farrah annoyed me but at least she was entertaining.

Also, I'm not a common poster but I do appreciate all the time and effort you put into this site, Megan. It is my stress reliever away from work and my personal life. It's nice to get away for a little bit and relax.

Thank you for your kind words. I have been adjusting to this new job, while also raising my daughter and planning a wedding. It's been hectic, to say the least, but I love being able to write for you guys. I'm glad that TMJ provides you some stress relief during the day. :)

We entertain ourselves when you have to take a couple days to yourself, also. It's very, very rare for a thread to actually die down before a new post is written up. Even if it's like 4 am and I can't sleep, I can come read new stuff on here. So don't sweat the whole "life outside of the snark blog" thing. The people on here who have lives will understand and the ones who don't (*ahem* me) aren't in any place to judge your time management skills. ;)

Megan, it really does. I've been struggling with a deep depression as a result of my fertility struggles, and I actually met somebody on here that I now text with often, she has been through the same thing and has given me all sorts of helpful and encouraging advice. I don't have that in real life, and I met her right here in the comments section!!

In fact, I live in a very southern baptist town, and I DO not fit in. It really is nice to have an outlet where I can be my sarcastic self and feel accepted.
So Megan, I appreciate you VERY much, and I know I'm not the only one. Thank you for all that you do.

Loving all the love going on!! <3

Hi girlses. I sometimes ask myself, why a lady a lot older than many of you, comes here. It started off because I work with many teen moms and so the show gave me insight. As a mom, I wanted many kids and I was extremely fortunate to have one. You will never hear me say I 'only have the one' because when you get the greatest gift, you focus on gratitude.

I think I return here because it connects me to a certain age group of young ladies, an age my daughter would be if I had one. You ladies help me relate to my son because you speak his 'language'. It gives me insight as a mom and helps me understand girls his age. You ladies unknowingly toss out comments about 'momma's boys' and horrible moms of the guys you have dated and it makes me not want to be her.

In turn, I hear you speak of depression, absent parents, loss, anxiety, addiction, pregnancy, infertility and self-esteem. And it makes me want to give you a group hug and tell you it is all a part of life. I want to tell you that you need to believe in yourselves, love yourselves and not rely on a guy for that. I want to say that as the years pass, time provides perspective and the things that hurt so badly right now WILL get easier with time. If you ever need motherly advice I would gladly share mine, not saying it is right but only that I care.

Newday, sometimes I don't believe you are a mommy with an adult son,you speak our language and make some of the funniest remarks!

Ugh I love this site. I wish we were in a facebook group or something so it would be more personal because I just want to come through and hug you newday lmao

Aww, Newday! You made me tear up!

There are two types of Momma's boys, though. The crippled unable to do anything themselves Momma's boys and the apple of their mom's eyes for damn good reasons Momma's boys. The crippled ones come from the Mom thinking her son is perfect and everyone else is shit. The good Momma's boys come from Mom's who are strong women and raised their sons to treat people right (especially their future family.) Those kind of Mom's are usually really great people and it's a side note that they just happen to think that their son is perfect and everyone else is great, and while it's unfortunate for them that they'll never know what it's like to be as great as her son, she'd never point out that they'll never be as fantastic as her son. ;)

Source: Husband is the good type of Momma's boy.

Aw Newday we heart you!!!!!!!!!!!! You're hilarious and sweet. Your son is lucky to have a mom like you!

Agreed. It's been a rough year for me in my personal life and this place is a delight and a daily stress reliever. It also helps to some here and think "well at least I'm not Jenelle." :)

This site has helped me more than I can say! I am a long time reader but have really only posted recently. Being able to share things I couldn't with anyone else has been really liberating and helpful. The laughs here have gotten me through rough days. The friendliness and genuine concern of this community has really made me feel less alone when I felt I had no one in the "real world". I don't care how pathetic or over-the-top that sounds. It's true.

For those of you who remember the story I shared, it seems like it has a happy ending, as I hope all of yours will. After caving and going back to the guy a few times, I had my injuries documented and pressed charges were pressed against my asshole ex. Trial will be in a few weeks and I got a protective order in the meantime. Taking my power back has felt so good, I have come to terms with my miscarriage, and any time I feel sad I just pop on here to read and laugh and cry at all the things Megan and my fellow commenters write.

Teen Mom Junkies is awesome. From the user names to the running jokes and how mostly everybody is on the same page is awesome. I also love how when we have disagreements with each other, most of the regular commentators don't get personal or throw out insults at the people they disagree with. We just talk about why we disagree and ultimate concede when there's nothing else to say. It's an awesome site, and you're awesome, Megan, for providing us with awesome content lol.

very infrequent poster here, but what I love is that through all the snark, what we have here is a hugely divergent bunch of women and girls from all over the world joking, sharing, being strong and supporting those who are trying to be strong. And did i mention the snark? :) We got some funny, thoughtful, insightful and as we say in Dublin deadly britches in here! (Deadly meaning awesome, pretty much)

Off topic, but since I see you are from Dublin;
I was watching Kim of Queens reruns the other night, and there was a man from Dulbin that came to teach the girls Irish step dancing. He had brought his daughter to compete in the pageant as well. So the two women go out to find outfits for the girls to wear for their Irish step dancing routines, and they came back with a bunch of plaids and kilts and that poor man was so offended, lol. He just stood there with his mouth open going "It's two completely different countries...."

You hit the nail on the head. My daily dose of humor is this page and all you regular commenters. It's quite refreshing to read this after I look at Jenelle's IG comments. No matter what she posts people start slaying each other. Thanks guys!

Omg Janell-an holy! Your name is PERFECT! Huge SP fan!

Dude I can't stand to look at her instagram. I never see many negative comments. All the ones I see(like almost EVERY SINGLE ONE) are along the lines of this;


It's almost as if they think Jenelle will reach out to them personally and go "Thank you for sticking up for me. Let's be best friends!!"

Sadly I can see Jennele reaching out tone of these hungry fans of hers just so she can continue to have her smug, false sense of improvement

Don't forget "It's in the past" whenever anyone brings up her shitty decisions, never mind the fact that she still doesn't have custody of her son so its definitely in the present.

My favorite of her twitter kiss asses are the ones who randomly tweet that Jenelle is their hero. How fucking stupid AND delusional do you have to be to look up to Jenelle?

As for this being more than just snark, I agree. This summer was horrible. My grandfather died, my depression was godawful and my mom got injured really badly and I had to come to terms with her substance abuse issues AND try to confront her about them all in like a month's time span. Everyone here was super nice and encouraging when I mentioned an update every now and then. And when people weren't comforting me, the humor and snark was such a huge stress relief and sometimes the only thing that could make me laugh all day.

I love how only shitty people say "it's in the past" like we're just supposed to forget their track record of shitty actions. So what? Literally everything is in the past the second it happens. Is it okay for me to go stab someone and when they call the cops I just say "it's in the past"? Saying that everything "in the past" doesn't count and that a bad person can instantly change, you could also assume that even though someone has been a good person their whole life, that's "in the past" and are now by default a bad person. Makes no fucking sense.

I'm so ready for Teen Mom to start.

I'm ready for the updates. I can't handle trying to figure out how Tyler manages to afford all that hair gel and wide brimmed baseball hats, settled slightly askew on his teeny, tiny head. Or watch Maci (and Mimi) bitch about how Rhine is still in love with her and how she's bored and broody because now Beeently can wipe his own ass. And I don't think it's fair to watch Amber because it's not like she can watch anyone back due to those eyelash extension tarantulas anyway. Also, I don't want to see who the newest cocky fat lard and/or sex offender who wooed her is because based on only what we know about him so far, he's a goddamn loon.

Omg Rae, he does have a pin head doesnt he!! The oversized hats dont help I suppose :) Tyer needs a makeover.

Tyler is a walking fedora.

We'll go with "walking fedora".
I was thinking something else with the F.. a couple of F 's, actually.
But Fedora will do.

Can we just start calling him Tyra?? That fits him so much better.

Fucking Fuckface?

Fluffy fucking fruit fly

I can just see him telling Cate she needs to smize more.

Yeaaahhh can't wait for all the new nick names that will come out of the new season

You guys are so creative!

A, I'm looking forward to it too. Especially the new format of "breaking the fourth wall"

Think Kail will make a guest appearance and break the wall with Javi's face?

Ooh, it just occurred to me that "breaking down the fourth wall" might actually add more characters!! We'll get to meet the people that have been following these girls for so long. Maybe we'll actually get to see their faces and reactions to the shit everyone gets into. I was rather indifferent to the reboot but I just got way more excited!

OMG Yesss! I want to see the staff reactions to some of the shenanigans these kids pull. (yes, kids. Most of the TM cast still needs to grow up)

I dunno...on Being Farrah that producer had a mean poker face and was able to suppress the facial expressions that normally give away that a person thinks Farrah is late stage syphilis levels of crazy.

Ok. Autumn. Use your tax return. I assume she'll get a decent return. We always plug holes until tax return and spend it all fixing all the ish that broke through out the year.

Why do you assume she will get a decent tax return?

When we were lower income our tax returns were insane.

Yep. The year my husband started making more money, tax season got so much more depressing.

Also, you get deductions for spawning and I think it's safe to assume she'll be doing more of that soon.

Oh okay I see. The only thing I know about this girl is that she she was apparently on 16 & pregnant (didn't watch) and she needs a new heating/cooling unit.

You're not missing much, I promise.

That's odd - because last year when my spouse and I were unemployed, my mother in law said "I thought you guys would get a lot of money back since you didn't make much" and we were both so confused by that statement, because we thought she had it backwards.

Close to half of the US workforce does not pay into the Federal income tax (after refunds are given out). Lower income earners are typically refunded more than they paid in. It's a redistribution of wealth spiel.

We made $10K less than we did last year and will get a higher refund than we did. I still don't understand the whole tax process but I believe the more exemptions you claim the less the gov't takes out and you end up owing or breaking even. The less exemptions, the more back. Of course, there are lots of other factors. How much you made, deductions, etc. Again, don't quote me on that. It's just been my experience.

Yeah, if you look at it for what it really is, if you're getting a high return it basically means you've given that money to the government as an interest-free loan all year. You can instead fill out your employment documents so that your paychecks are larger throughout the year but at tax time you will break even or owe. It depends on how you want to manage your own money of course, the idea being that either you have more money up front to potentially invest in a way to earn more or you let the govt hold onto a bunch of your money all year and think of it as a forced (no-interest) "savings" acct that allows you to not think about putting money away in case you don't have the discipline to do so yourself.

Each kid you file is like $1000. She can file on Drake.
If Autumn knows the right ppl who do taxes, she could end up with a good $4000 coming back.
Didn't hear that from me.

I'm not saying she's dumb (yes I am), but do you think she hangs out with many people who can even SAY, "taxes"?

Shit. No.
And truth be told, I bet someone still claims her, so she probably won't be getting taxes back.

"Please check this box if your dependent has any dependents."

They're going to have to add that to Turbotax very soon.

Why is Autumn asking for $3500 when she said the unit is $2000 and its $1000 to install? Greedy?

I am guessing the extra $500 is the cover the percent that GoFundMe takes from the donations.

And more piss tests.

Ahhhh ok. Didn't realise there were fees involved.

Do they take that much?

5% of every donation that is made.

The flu is not fucking around this year. I got a flu shot and still wound up puking everything, including water for 72 hours until I finally had to suck it up and drag my ass to the emergency room. I was so dehydrated that the nurse doing the IV had to try both arms and now I STILL have some sort of inflamed vein on the inside of my upper arm that hurts like a bitch. And then my husband took me to Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions and some woman said, "I bet it's not the flu. I bet you're pregnant. With TWINS!"

So, I'm sorry, but fuck that lady. Don't throw twin wishes around at a woman who just spend the better part of three days hurling air out of her body when nothing was left to actually hurl. Especially when that same woman just got loaded up with a shit ton of IV nausea and pain meds for the death flu and is having to go home with phenergan suppositories just to survive the rest of the week. Ugh.

And now my sister's boyfriend has it so bad he was delirious and didn't know a huge damn pipe had busted in their house and water was flowing out everywhere. Then again, he's also a tremendously huge stoner so I feel like that could have contributed to him not noticing a very noticeable plumbing disaster.

I had Influenza A the week of Christmas. I went to the ER and was given steroids to reduce the swelling in my throat that made it hurt to breathe and pain meds for the aches/pain/ridiculous fever. I honestly don't remember much of that week...probably slept 20+ hrs a day and only got up to pee. I'm still super pissed that I missed our son's first Christmas. I've never been sick like that before in my life...I do remember laying in bed thinking, "People die of the flu. I'm going to die." It was BAD. I would never wish it upon anyone.

My husband and I both put ourselves on lockdown. Our best friends just bought a new house and wanted us to come visit several times during the week or two during and after the death flu but they have a 5 year old and a 5 month old and I would have felt terrible if I got any of them sick but especially the baby.

I'm so sorry you missed your son's first Christmas. That's the kind of soul-denting stuff that I'd be pretty pissed about, too. But maybe you're getting all your Christmas flu out of the way now so you can be all chipper and alert for the Christmases he'll actually remember.

That was my view on it Rae! I'm more upset I missed it for my 5 year old daughter- this was the first year she was really into it all. I made my husband drag the recliner into where the tree was and more or less held my breath as she opened her gifts then went back to bed. My son was probably half asleep in his swing at that point so it's all good. I'll just have to make up for it all next year :)

I hardly ever noticed when my mom was sick when I was that little. I bet your daughter had a blast and was just glad you were there, honestly.

I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight

No shit, I lost 8 pounds in like 4 days.

Omg make out with me so I catch it

*makes a smoochy face* Hubba, hubba!

I was going to say "no shit", too.

I lost 20 pounds the week I was sick :/

I have never had the flu or gotten a flu shot.
But everyone I know that did get a flu shot ended up getting the flu..

Better go knock on some wood really fast.

I got the Flu shot around 8 months pregnant, my son is almost 2 months now. The only person so far that I know of that had wound up with the Flu has been my dad and he thankfully didn't have it like you all are posting.
(Then again, it's flu season and my son is 2 months, we don't leave the house much)

Yep!! Same here. Everybody I know that had the flu had gotten the shot. My Grandma fainted and fell last week and I was terrified she had the flu. FYI my Grandma is 90 and my Grandaddy is 93. While they are in great shape for their age the flu could be deadly to them. Thankfully she tested negative.

I did not get the flu shot and it isn't like I go out a lot anyway, so far *knocks on wood* I have managed to avoid the flu.

Oh fuck off, "thumbs down"er. I'm not in the mood for your shit tonight.

No worries Red, simply break that down thumb off and poke them in the eye with it. You can then tell them they have officially been 'RED-EYED'. :D I hope your grandparents make a full recovery too.

Hahaha thank you so much!! My dad is abusive so we don't speak, my mom is pretty absent, so my grandparents are my entire world.

I don't do the flu shot either. I don't think I've had the flu in about 25 years.
Walking pneumonia for 3 months- yeah that's more along my sicknesses!

Every time I get the flu, I get bronchitis within the next two months and it turns into about a 3 month struggle to breathe without a death rattle. Ugh.

The thing about the flu shot is that there are like hundreds of different strains of the flu and more new ones mutating all the time, so obviously they can't protect people from every one. The medical/science community predicts which strains will be the most prominent for upcoming "flu season" every year and create the shot to protect against like 3-4 strains they predict will be going around. So it just cuts your chances by a lot but is not a guarantee. However, since it's just a prediction, sometimes they're wrong. This year they were wrong and so the shots have only been like 30% effective versus a normal year at 75% or so. The vaccine will not cause the flu so it won't hurt you to get it, it might just not help either, depending on what you're exposed to.

If I could give you a million thumbs up I would. I know I'm going to offend but it's driving me nuts, everybody needs to read your post, and stop spreading their ignorance.

Real quick: the plural of anecdote is not data. That may be your experience (which is subject to bias) plus the fact that many people who say they have the flu do not actually have lab confirmed flu.

20,000 people a year die of the flu and by not getting your flu shot you don't contribute to the small level of herd immunity that we have against the flu and you run the risk of not only you, yourself, getting sick but you could also be a carrier that gives the flu to one of those 20,000 that will die (the elderly, small children, etc)

you CANNOT get the flu from the vaccine. The vaccine does not contain live virus.

So that post on Facebook that said a little girl died of the Flu after getting the Flu vaccine isn't real?

You can get the flu after getting the vaccine because the vaccine is not 100% effective. This year the effectiveness is much lower because the strains that are rampant aren't the ones protected against by this year's vaccine. The vaccine itself does not give you the flu. So it is probably true that vulnerable people have died after getting the vaccine because they have gotten a strain the vaccine does not protect against. It is possible for someone to get the flu from another patient at the place they received the vaccine so it might SEEM as though the vaccine caused the sickness, but that is simply untrue. This of it like birth control can sometimes fail, allowing you to get pregnant, but the BC itself will not cause pregnancy :)

is there a test for the flu? i didn't realize it was something you could be tested for...

Yeah, it's a swab.

They stick a giant q-tip up your nose.....lucky me they also tested me for strep that day so I got another giant q-tip shoved down my throat.

I had to get both, also. It felt like they were trying to pierce my brain, and then gag me. Fun.

2. Gross
3. Somehow I think he'll live *eye roll* she always whines
4. Go away autumn no one likes you

Can you actually "test" for influenza? I didn't think you could...

I think when there are certain strains around that are quite vicious you can.

YES and it's godawful. They take a giant q-tip (lengthy, not girthy *herk*) and shove it so far up your nose you didn't even know your nose holes went that far and then they run a test on whatever gunk comes out on the q-tip. It's wildly unpleasant.

i didn't know they did that

I follow Cayla on instagram and I really like her. She seems like a sweet, happy girl who genuinely seems to be loving her life. She replies to her followers comments and seems like a cool chick :)

lol @ your downvote for not being an asshole

I can't decide if Jenelle's constant duckface selfies will stop or just keep coming now that she has lip injections.

Oh they'll be more frequent for sure....

Her duckface selfies make her face look all the more punchable, these new lips just give a bigger target

Her chin was a big enough target for me

She's such an ugly bitch, everything about her is hideous. Her fivehead, massive chin, Nike swoosh eyebrows, acne and her smug fucking smirk teamed with her revolting personality make her the most repulsive person I've ever seen

Hideous bitch inside and out

Don't forget the creepy baby teeth. Nathan also has them.

it never will stop. all i noticed was acne.

I think the whole thing is not cosmetic. She just needed to have her lips filled up so her big mouth would fit better on the bong.

If this was any other time, I would agree with you. But I'm still recovering from your comment in the previous post D:

I'm sorry but I don't remember al the stupid stuff I write down here. Wich comment are you referring to?

Ah, that one, about Jeremy getting caught while doing some online cheating. Didn't see that yet. Thanks for letting me know. Sorry if I offended people.
I thought it was in line with the err... (grafic) nature (with TMI) of other comments I saw before but I was wrong, it went to far. Sorry everyone!

And in more news.. you can now buy fabulous artwork by Vee! Lol she's been posting a few canvas pictures she's done, and of course her 'fans' have told her she's amazing so now she's gonna sell them. They're not terrible or anything, but I can't see why anyone would want to buy them. They're nothing special, heck I can draw/paint better than that but I'm not gonna paint a kids name and slap a price sticker on it lol

Imma need a link, Ace.

Instagram x0vee.

(Thats a zero btw)

Not bad except for the 3-D scrapbook stickems on the "Mother" painting with the flower.

Well actually if you read the comments people actually like them and want her to sell them. If people are willing to buy, why not sell?

Yeah why not? People also buy litter and manure. Doesn't mean it's pretty. At least manure is useful. Lol I'm mean but wtvr. I have so many talented artist friends who don't get as many sales because they weren't on a trashy TV show for 5 minutes.

My grandma is an incredible water color painter and illustrator. She went to a craft fair once to sell really high quality notebook packs and framed prints with her paintings on them. The woman in the booth next to her was selling little hunks of broken styrofoam she'd glued to an index card, selling it as "snowman poop." That woman made more money than my grandma that day.

Yea I read all the comments, that's what astounded me. Its like, do people actually think that those are amazing, or is it just like people who buy MacKenzies stuff cause she's on Teen Mom? Maybe I should start selling haha

Shes no Picasso or Van Gogh & she never claimed to be, but I dont think they are that bad. I honestly dont see the big deal. People wanted her to sell them so why the hell not? She has posted pics before of her drawings this isnt the first time. This is just the first time she mentioned selling because her fans like her work.

It has nothing to do with her being on television. My cousin posted some primitive items that she was excited to show off. Some ppl liked them and asked her to make them something and they would pay her. So thats what she did. She started making money by doing something she enjoyed. Same thing Vee is doing.

They're whatever. The point is they are just getting sales because she was on a TV show. Lol.

Trap, you're right.
Its really no different than setting up a Gofundme, except she is offering something with no value in return.
She'd have Zero fan base if it weren't for the show.
That includes all the girls who try to sell worthless crap to make money banking on their brief reality fame.
**I took art in college and got a C. I really like my rendition of Van Gogh, even if he does get mistaken for Danny Bonaduce. I wouldn't sell that prize for a million bucks!

My point is I have seen plenty of 'regular' people get plenty of offers for their 'creations' they posted online. It may or may not have to do with her being on the show. Some ppl may genuinely like her art.

Gina lol!!! Exactly. I will say at least she's not like Autumn with the gofundme and doing absolutely nothing and just basically panhandling. Must be nice to be able to sell your mediocre shit because you were on a TV show for a second though. But yea...she DOES deal with Kail. She deserves a medal.

and from the look of her work, it's from the show. "Regular people" have to work much harder to get recognition for their work. I have nothing against vee but it disgusts me how easy someone gets something for being on a show. none of those girls would ever have any books published if it weren't for the show. no one "genuinely" would care about amber's story or any of the other ones.

Lets set her up a Gofundme for that medal.

She's claiming it now lol. Wrote a big post about it on instagram, how she "has faith her talent will take her to amazing places". Sorry, I just think her pictures are really average, and I don't think she would have much people buying them if she didn't have her teen mom followers. Thumbs down me if you want, but I just think her stuff is not that great, regardless of whether people are asking for it or not.

It would be cool if she used this start up to go to art school (or just take some art classes) and get a formal education and really better herself. I know I took a couple of art classes in college and it really helped me. I liked that they started out with "pencil holding 101" and shit like that.

Ace I'm with you too. Gary's exactly it's pretty unfair. I will say macks derpy headbands and hats were worse though.

She got all that recognition because she has a lot of teen mom binge watch followers. She can deny that all she wants but it would be hard for her to sell her art if it weren't for her high profile.Deer god leah,maybe the people you saw doing that actually drew sophisticated stuff. But Vees stuff is just....mediocre.

Javi it was probably her mom lolz. My mom thinks my art is speshal too.

My cousin sells cute little artsy things and paints stools and wooden letters for kids. The stuff is not ground breaking or awe inspiring, but people buy it. My cousin is no one special, just someone with a lot of instagram followers. People just like tchotchkes and knick knacks and other cheesy stuff. I say keep on keepin on Vee

Keep on with your tacky shit Vee! hahahahaha

I don't think her stuff is good... But I also go to art school with some ridiculously talented painters so I'm used to seeing stuff that is so good it's disgusting. But hey she seems to enjoy doing it and isn't just making art for the sake of making money (ahem, kail... Maci...) so good for her.

I'm pretty sure it's selling largely because she is on Teen Mom, but then again, she's also gotten the shit end of the stick having to deal with Karl, so I sort of also feel like it all evens out. Naturally she'd have fans being Karl's foil.

It's kind of a double-edged sword for Vee to use her "Teen Mom 2" fame as a doorway to selling her artwork, if that is indeed what she is doing. On one hand, she's visible because of the reality TV angle and can use it to her advantage. On the other hand, that leads to people not judging her work on its own merit and dismissing it as, "Oh, people just like your stuff because you were on television." It's a total catch-22. She has to tread these waters very carefully if she intends on making art her career or anything.

Of all the dumb shit I've said on here, this is what gets down voted? Haha.

The magIc downvote words are strip clubs, vaccines, drug test, accIdentally choppIng Leahs rats nest and art.

If you want some downvotes going, just start a discussion about Izabella Tovar.

Indulge me.
Is she the one who lives at home, still in school and had another baby? And who basically hid her pregnancy?

My only opinion on izabella is that her boyfriend is fucking creepy.

Ginamaria - yes. Her parents were criticized by other family members for "enabling her" by paying for her and her boyfriend (now fiance) to go to school, daycare etc... basically guaranteeing them a future despite their indiscretions. Recently she gave birth to a little girl (one can argue that she was smart by doing so, ensuring that her children were not too far apart in age.)

Honestly, if my daughter got pregnant at 16, I would be pissed, but I would do my best to help her if she was helping herself. I would not enable or promote her having another child before she was married or educated so that she could provide for these children. Its cool that Izabella's family supports her and her baby daddy and pays for their school (etc...) but damn I wouldnt be cool with another baby being born while I foot the bill.

Thanks Leahs and Potato.
I remember the story now.
She's really lucky she has the support. That's all Ill say.
Man I stay pissed off commenting on here! These gIrls really pIss me off!

TMJ's true colors come out in Izabella posts. Then the next post consists of "Omg, I love all you guys so much :("

Myself included, I'm not making fun of anybody so calm your tits.

Yeah, I love this site and Megan and everybody. It's all love.
But these girls, man, they get me hot. Every single one of them. And their mums too! And the boyfriends! The whole lot of them!
I never mean any ill towards any of us ladies, when I snark I am speaking specifically about them.
Because they are what they are.

Another downvote magic comes from chelsea. People will say, so what her dad paid for everything,she has her shit together and only that matters. Others will say, with all those relatively better conditions,she took a gazillion years to finish school because she can always rely on her dad. I don't care about Randy, i just can't stand the baby talk.

Jairo will never not look like "Ni Hao, Kai-lan" to me.

It is tacky and shitty. She is trying to be like this chick on etsy and failing miserably.

are you talking about Katie Daisy? i bought a ton from her. vees look like a 4th grader made them at best. vees reminded me of a bad copy. at least this girl is successful because she actually has TALENT!

I've come across some of her art on Pinterest. Love it!

YES!!! Love her! Her work is so pretty.

This is really no different than American Idol.
30 million ppl vote for the winner, but only 30 thousand buy the album.
Its great to have that potential fan base, but compliments don't pay the bills

Someone needs to give Vee a crash course in Copyright infringement. If is she thinks she can paint renditions of Disney characters and sell them she is nuts. Mickey is one litigious mouse and she would be breaking trademark/copyright law...Read this from a lawyer..

"you cannot paint, offer for sale, sell, or otherwise tinker with a Disney character, at least it is illegal without an express license from the Walt Disney company.
Disney does not want credit, they are a for profit business and their business is to license their characters and other things"

Grand opening. Grand closing.

The same goes for the other trademarked figures she is unless she has thousands and thousands of dollars set aside for licensing fees and lawyers, she better just stick with ripping off other work on Etsy like Clouse does.

I read her a site a few times years ago. She did act like she personally knew the girls. I had no idea she was a such a hack!

Clouse is actually the one that first brought attention to Nikkole Paulun's "mysteriously" vanished pregnancy when Nikkole posted the photo of herself in a bikini while camping at a music festival. Then, all hell broke loose and Clouse took down that post and defended Nikkole and her "stillbirth" shit for all eternity. It's really bizarre.

Omg. They belong together.
Aren't they pregnant together? Probably by the same guy.
I'm going to reread the entire Nikkole story again. I need a refresher.

Ohhh I didn't even think of that! I was just distracted by the shittiness of it.

I have worked for years on copyright/trademarks & posted a warning to Vee which she deleted. Disney is VERY aggressive and she is in for a world of hurt if she attempts to sell one of those trademarked figures. 4 a things you don't mess w/..Disney, McDonalds, Marvel and the Olympic's Rings. You will be shut down;.

Also Barbie.

She deleted it? What a bitch

Yeah Disney are serious about that. I studied art in college, and one of lecturers worked as a Disney animator. (huge cohort of Irish animators in the 80s n 90s at Disney), he said the bins were emptied at regular intervals so character designs weren't taken, and that anything you drew while working there was deemed property of Disney, like even your own personal stuff, and that was inforced. Disney, you mean.

I haven't seen her paintings but that is indeed not a smart and possibly very expensive move. Disney could sew her for much more she has made selling those paintings.
She would need a very expensive license agreement with Disney for each painting seperately to make this legal That is, if Disney approves of the paintings. Disney wants Mickey to look a certain way, I'm sure they have specs, so I doubt that.

Not sure about the USA but here in Australia as nurses we have to have a police check and working with children check before we can be employed.... Nobody with her record would ever get a job in ANY medical setting! Pretty sure that job offer will be recanted after a quick google search...

How the hell has Jenelle been arrested SO many times, and not have a drug related charge on her criminal record?! If she does, why is she trying to be a nurse? Does she not realize they will do a background check. If she has no record, her lawyer should be the president lol

When I applied for the Radiography Technologist program at the local (accredited, unlike the school Jenelle is at) technical college before I could even take a class I was required to pass a criminal background check. No problems there. But the point the school is making by doing the tests prior to students being admitted to the program is simple: why waste time, space and resources on students who may pass all the course work but can't be licensed by the state due to criminal convictions? Jenelle is full of shit if she honestly thinks any physician's office or hospital will hire her to do anything. She is totally wasting her time.

And how long has it taken Jenelle to get to this point? As far as I know she's in school to be a medical assistant. That's a 2-year program, right? How many times has she started classes and dropped them? She's been mentioning school more than usual lately, but who knows if she'll ever even finish. I feel like constantly dropping classes would count against her employment-wise as well (as if the drug use, violence, and criminal history weren't enough).

Is it customary for employees of plastic surgeon's offices to get procedures for free?

I don't know if it's entirely relevant but I go to university in England and I'm studying health and social care, and Prior to being on the course we had to do a criminal record background check. Some people had record for grievous bodily harm, some had disorderly conduct and some even had criminal neglect and endangerment of a child (or more than one count I think) and they still let them on the course where were expected to do work placements with children or the elderly. So they are actually allowing the people with these convictions to study in an area they may struggle toget a job in, but because we pay for it and they're getting money out of it they don't care.

I think the free-ness of procedures depends on the office and what you're having done. A family friends works in the plastic surgeon's office I used for my breast reduction and she said in office stuff like Botox is either free or just cover the cost of the Botox depending on how often you get it done. They also do some laser treatments there. Anything that's in the hospital though, they still have to pay for. I think the surgeon might waive some fees, but everyone else still has to get paid.

Barrier she's been going since at least the first time she dated Gary. And recently Nathan posted a "way to go jenelle" type picture on twitter where Jenelle got a certificate for a good GPA and "80% attendance." Who the fuck gives out awards for 80% attendance except like kindergarten teachers who teach kids with chronic illnesses?

I don't think Jenelle is becoming a nurse. It's called like medical assisting maybe? I'm not sure what that work entails, like if she's working with patients or if she's just sitting behind a desk billing insurance. But every job requires a background check, that's why we've never seen her work (except for selling guitars for Duffy on eBay). I just got hired as a children's therapist and had to have an additional background check through DCFS to make sure I don't have a history of abusing kids. Jenelle would have a record with DCFS when she gave Babs custody.

I'm goin to school for medical assisting (hanging head in Shane knowing jenelle is doing this too), and going part time at night you graduate in a year. Basically you get a run through on anatomy, then you learn how to take a temp/pulse/respiration rate which the last 2 would be important not to mess up. You have to learn how to take blood pressure, which again is very crucial in not messing up, and EKG and pharmacology. As well as a a class in how the computer programs work at the drs office w appointments,insurance,etc., medical law and the importance of hippa. Oh! And the different types of insurance. So I know it is mearly a drop in the bucket to what a LPN or RN must go through, it still blows my mind that someone like jenelle is doing this. All while at a joke school or online? I don't know which is the case just what I have heard. And also you can get licensed to be a phlebotomist (blood drawing) but you have to have a lot of practice sticks and successful sticks for that as well as knowing which colored vile top is for which kind of blood test. Oo and finger pricks. And CPR.

Do we really think jenelle is going for a real MA certification still??

Sorry for the long post, I had to vent. That girl makes me so mad

I'm assuming up until now she's been taking easy gen eds and remedial stuff because there's no way she'd last through what you just described.

Considering her past as an IV drug user, Phlebotomy may be the one area Jenelle could excel in. Sorting out the different vile top colors might be difficult but I'm certain she's had plenty of successful sticks and pricks.

I honestly think she's doing some sort of medical transcription certification and she's just failing miserably over and over and over again because she's been "studying to be a surgical assistant" for years now.

I dunno, Junior...Jenelle seems like the type of junkie who lets other people shoot her up because a) she's too lazy to do it herself and b) if a guy puts a tourniquet on your arm, it means he truly loves you.

I don't understand how she made it into a school. Schools do background checks on people do. I remember applying and there were questions about criminal backgrounds. I'm so surprised that she was able to get into school in the first place. I'm also surprised that her councilors haven't told her how she'll have trouble getting a job. I mean surely someone would tell her not to bother waisting her time. The sad thing is she's actually not that dumb. She appears to be doing really well in school. If she wasn't Jenelle she'd probably be able to get a good job. But she is Jenelle so all she's doing is waisting the school's time and energy as well as her own on doing something that she'll never be able to pursue because of her criminal record.

Most post- secondary schools are primarily businesses and only concerned with the money aspect, especially an unaccredited school like she attends.
It is irresponsible to give Jenelle false hope about her career options, considering her criminal background/ slaps on the wrist/stern warnings.

Does she actually have a criminal record? I know a lot of her charges were always dropped, but I'd be shocked if she got away with no record.

MTV probably wiped it clean. Like it never happened. Except it did.
Sorry but I put nothing past MTV and the producers.

Do your records get wiped clean after probation? I learned the concept of probation because of her. Oh i do remember her being in gel for a couple of days for this one charge,so she does have criminal records.

What's great about her weaseling her way out of every time she screwed up big time is the fact that it's all on social media, TV, there have been articles written about it on so many different websites. If that chick comes in for an interview, the person thinking about hiring her (if it ever gets that far) will google her and see all the trashy, horrendous shit she's been up to for so long. Jenelle's VERY public and prolific twittering alone would ruin any chances she has at a "big girl" job.

Just because Jenelle says she is smart does not make it the truth. Her absolute butchery of the English language is proof enough to me she is a complete idiot.

"I seen it over there."

I want to punch the TV.

I guarantee you she's going to a for-profit "college." (Plenty of for-profit colleges are legitimate but I don't think for one second Jenelle's is.)

They don't care if you can use your degree because most people who start their programs never finish and they just sit back and collect the outrageously expensive tuition.

How dare you Rae, Miller-Motte is a prestigious establishment. Her program only costs $30000 its totally worth it for a "degree" from an unaccredited school.

I hope they make her take a piss test before being allowed to work because there's NO WAY she'd pass

She'll just figure out a way to get a painkillers script and get by on that until she passes the test.

In Canada you have a criminal background check to be a nurse. You also cannot have a substance abuse issue for many reasons. You will be able to access narcotics as a nurse, so they do not want you stealing them. They also cannot risk an abuser being given a job administering meds when they could be high or brain damaged from years of drug abuse. She would not be hirable because the hospital or facility would be unable to insure her, therefore leaving themselves wide open to a lawsuit. There is also the possibility from needle abuse that she is carrying Hepatitis or HIV and if she stuck herself and then a patient, she could infect them. My employer would not even accept her application. I believe if you have lost custody you cannot look after other people's kids.


Awful. Just when I thought no one could top the ridiculous teen mom names, Rowdy comes along. In fact, I don't think I will ever come across a name as bad as Rowdy! My autocorrect doesn't even want to spell it out...

Waitvwho is rowdy? Horrible name

Read above ^ It's Macks BFF Cayla. She's preg and is going to name her poor baby Rowdy.

Rowdy just makes me think of the stuffed dog on Scrubs, why would anyone name a child that

All I can think of is that professional wrestler, Rowdy Roddy Piper.

I thought of the wrestler too! Lol.

Don't even remember her lol. Stupid name though.

I don't remember her either. I didn't think Mack had many friends to be honest. She just wanted jaaaawwwwssshhhh

I don't know who she is either, but rowdy is a terrible name. It makes Jaxie look like a Sarah lol.

One of my exes had a brother named Rowdy. Back in the day we used to all party together. He'd be like 27, 28 now. Oklahoma folk, bless their hearts (as a Texan I can say that

I was about to say, its just a southern THANG. Some of the names that I hear on a daily basis that people don't even blink at.... *shudders* Which, I gave my child an "unconventional" name, but its something that she can use in a professional business setting when shes an adult. I always think about that when I see kids names... How seriously can they be taken when they extend their hand and introduce themselves in the future.

My dad had a friend who was the life of the party and he named his sons Rip and Buzz..the man had a purple dune buggy!

Buzz...your girlfriend...WOOF!

Can't Autumn mow yards to pay for the AC unit? I thought you could live and raise kids mowing yards?


She's in Virginia, the North East just got slammed with a storm, shovel driveway season. Easy money!

No snow in Virginia! Least not in Richmond!

Farrah, I'm very jealous of you.. (not the pornstar, the antichrist Superstar)
I'm in Massachusetts... I have 30 inches outside and we are getting more Friday and another huge storm Monday :'(

OMG. That's gold. Comment THAT on her GoFundMe. Hahahahahaha

Yes please send her that message on her gofundme!

1. Aw, nuts. I was so looking forward to ripping these girls a new one come February second. Oh, well, as long as it's sometime next month so they don't make me wait any longer. I also really want to see what Novalee looks like, but have to be patient because C&T want to pimp her out at the best possible time aka the best time to get money for her photos. It'll suck if she looks so much like Carly already. I was kind of hoping she wouldn't so it would make it easier for Catelynn and Tyler to move on. Unless they're just saying that because they can't do anything without mentioning Carly.

2. Jenelle is fucking disgusting. Those lips of hers look gross and way too chapped. Also, whoever offered to hire her is an idiot. Will she have easy access to drugs/medication? Because if she does, they're screwed.

3. Not surprised that Mack's dumbass friend is giving her baby a dumbass name. You know you fucked up when Jaxie is a better name than whatever shit your kid's getting stuck with. Rowdy? Jesus.

4. Autumn should just mow lawns to make the money she needs. After all, according to her, that's a feasible way to take care of a baby.

The only thing I'll say aobut Cate and Ty is that they actually don't get to control things like when pictures of their kid comes out. All girls in the TM franchise don't get to sell pics MTV sells it for them. It's all in their contracts. Whenever they get married or have kids MTV gets to choose which tabloid gets the story (I think they use intouch) and the girls aren't allowed to make any pictures public or sell to any other magazine. Granted I'm sure they'd be holding out for the highest bidder even if MTV didn't have a hold on that.

I am really learning how contrived and controlled this whole show is.. thanks Trash.

Lol. That may be, but you just know that if MTV wasn't involved, they would still pimp out Novalee's photos for whoever will pay the highest price. After all, these are the people who threw a shitfit when their daughter's parents asked them not to share her photos with internet strangers anymore. They were clearly pissed because they liked all their sycophantic fans gushing over Carly and how proud C&T must be and yada, yada, yada. They were using that kid as a means of fame, and were so pissed when it was taken away from them. Now that they have a child of their own, they can exploit her all they want and completely take away the privacy she deserves. Lol. Can you tell I don't like Catelynn and Tyler? They're so pathetic.

I don't care for them either.
I cannot believe how irresponsible they are to have another kid.
They are beyond delusional about their "status" in society
Stop pimping out your damned kids. Its going to backfire pretty badly.
But that covers most of the "stars" of the shitshow.

Oh my god you guys! Don't you know that they are speakers on the subject op adoption? Not to mention that Tyler is THIS close to making it big into Hollywood as an actor/social worker/birthdad/male stripper a la magic mike but than more gay.

[…] is a huge Teen Mom event and, rather than wait until the next potential season to cover it, the network reportedly wanted to capture the first weeks of Nova’s life for the cameras. This makes sense since fans […]

Did anyone see that Aleah lost her best friend in a car crash? She's been pretty distraught. I feel for her. That's hard to deal with.

Oh no :(

Sorry for her loss, however, when you hang with the wrong crowd unfortunate things may happen. One suspected of murder? Stolen car? I'd be best friends with them too... Hell I just hope the elderly couple they hit are okay from this.
(Sorry Meghan, had to link it!)

Yea, I'm not sure what her role in the carjacking was, but if she lived, she'd still be charged as an accessory at least. Agreed that the crowd was rough, to say the least.

By the wording I don't believe she had anything to do with it, could be wrong, but definitely the crowd to get into trouble with.

@Publicity - Are you from St. Louis? I am.

I am from St Louis Fame Whore :)

@Macis Fivehead - if I may ask, do you still live in St. Louis? Where?

Yep, have been here my entire life, besides being in Springfield for college. I live in the St Charles area. What about you?

I used to live in stl too! I moved to Chicago about two years ago though.

@Macis Fivehead - I live in St. Louis city.

@Potato Joe - you missed Ferguson.

Sorry for the delay, my son has been in rare form the past couple days -- I'm not, I'm in Massachusetts unfortunately... I saw the name posted on one of her pages for funeral cost and Googled it

I'm so glad I wasn't there for ferguson. Although I lived in south county so I wouldn't have been too affected by everything that was happening there anyway. My entire fb newsfeed was a play by play of places getting looted and set on fire though.

[…] photo reportedly shows Jenelle showing off new lip injections. Jenelle hasn’t confirmed that she has had any work […]

Yeah I was thinking the premiere date would be pushed back. I looked through my guide the other day and that Eye Candy show airs Mondays at 10pm. Maybe TM will start when that show is done? Or they will move that show to 11pm?

I felt so weird reading this part about Jenelle, it just seems so fake to me. I guess I didn't know she would ever get lip injections, and didn't even notice. But for her to talk about the place she got them done at hiring her when she finishes school? Seems really weird and just plain false to me.

The flu really is no joke this year. I hadn't gotten the shot for years, but did this year because my employer offers it for free every year, but it's only like 23% effective...what a joke. We just had the first child die here in Michigan from the flu. So many people around me have been getting sick, like really really sick. I've been making sure to drink my airborn at least once a week to try and not catch anything.

I could seriously give two shits less about this Autumn girl. I'm sick of hearing about her. Here's a little piece of advice: GO FIND A JOB.

How much do you all want to bet that Jenelle does get some type of medical office job (against all reasonable odds). I could see a seedy plastic surgery center deciding having an F-list reality personality/ex junkie on staff being worth the risk for publicity purposes.

The temptation of having access to medications will cause her to lose it and she'll end up stealing them, which will facilitate her downward spiral (the one we all kind of know is inevitable). And of course, the accompanying endless lies and spins through social media.

If I was in any doctor's office and Jenelle came anywhere near me, even to just take my weight or BP I would freak the F out. And insist anyone else assist me but her.

I was always reasonably sure that she was doing medical billing that you can do from home or something of that sort. In that case it all makes sense. Although, the person she spoke to probably said they'd consider employing her as a way to make conversation/be nice than actually offering her a job.

I'm sure the nurse or whoever was explaining THEIR benefits that they get working there.
I know when I worked for others, I would "hype up" my job and make empty Invitations, knowing fully the customer was not qualified and would never get hired.
I was being nice, in an empty back handed way.
Its also a sales technique.

Please..Jenelle also claimed for a while she was going to intern at MTV..she is not capable of telling the truth.

That's what I think too... She was probably in there prattling on about how she's pretty much a doctor and the nurse, receptionist, whatever said "oh, that's nice dear, maybe you could work here someday!" and Jenelle thinks that's a job offer.

That would require Jenelle to think.

If someone hires her, please let it be a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon is a choice. The nearest E.R. or hospital in case of emergency isn't.
I would not want that woman near me, let alone stick a needle in me!

I've read somewhere that you can get certified, also with drug related convictions. It depends on how long ago they were and I vagely remember something about proof of sobriety.
So if she has found the correct way to cheat drug tests, she can be certified.
I saw a picture of her in a nurses uniform on her own website.

Have there been new articles about their fun-fun-fun-fuck the army-vacation? Or did MTV hush everybody?
Why was there no camera when Jenelle kicked them out of the room?
Did they kick them out right after the crew left? (Thanks for helping us pretend we're the golden couple with a nice circle of family and friend but the cameras have left and so should you!)

Nope Mommy2.
MTV swept all that under the rug. I'm sure the crew couldn't wait to leave. They got their engagement footage and bounced.
If Leah can cheat a "drug test" , a hardened criminal and professional addict like Jenelle can.

Hmm... MTV is being very helpful to some of the teen moms. I would like an employer like that, good money, covering up for me when I screw up (could MTV erase my mistake-comment?), free holidays and dinners, even free drugs if I would like (I would pass).
My current job is only costing me money (I'm doing unpaid work to get back into workinglife and such after being ill for a long time) and my boss is horrible!

Was she just in scrubs? Because anyone can go buy scrubs at Walmart. I have scrubs because they're comfortable pajama pants.

As for proof of sobriety, I'm sure her vast collection of NA keychains will do the trick.

She wears scrubs to school, not the right ones for her program, she makes her own rules . She tweeted this gem yesterday
"I think i need to walk around in my school scrubs more often.

"It's funny too because adults treat me with more respect too." FFS this bitch is 23 years old with the mentality of a 12 YO. Newsflash Jenelle you too are supposed to be an "adult" She has two kids and still thinks of herself as a child.

She wouldn't have a hard time getting a job at a nursing home. Most are so short staffed that they hire them immediately and then worry about the drug test/ background check. I know a few certified nursing assistants that start a job at a nursing home, start stealing pills and then quit and go work at a different one. They never stay more than a month.

That's awful. In going to be old soon.
I know CNAs. Jenelle wouldn't last long. I hear some elderly can be quite mean and Jenelle cannot hold her tongue.
Isn't Gary a CNA?

Gary was a CNA on 16 and Pregnant. I always figured that he got Amber pills from his job. I can't think of any other reason to stay with him, he's no prize.

But yeah, nursing homes are pretty messed up. When my husbands grandmother died in her nursing home, the employees REFUSED to give us back any of her medication. Some of it was good stuff, some of it wasn't, they kept all of it.

Jenelle's too lazy to work in a nursing home, it's extremely physical and it can be really difficult to work with people suffering from alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. You need to have compassion to work in a nursing home too and we know she doesn't possess that quality.

I'd feel lawful for the people who have or Dementia or Alzheimer's that she'd be placed with. They ask her to help them find things they misplaced or things they might have asked her once before and her going "ohhhhh myyyy freakin' goooooddddd!!! DUUUUUUDE!!! You, like already asked me thaaaaaaat I'm like sooooo freakin' pissed off right now dude!!!!!! Like you're SERIOUSLY trying to piss me off right now DUDE!!!"

Hahaha, I totally read that in Jenelle voice, lol. Terrifying.

I don't understand? Why would they give you her medication?!

A close friend of mine worked at a nursing home for 2 years, he openly admitted that he and other employees treated the patients horribly, he said that the old people(His words) treated them like shit so they got "revenge". I didn't even know what to say.

@sophia we paid for the medication, so we own it and it should be ours to take. I don't want ANY junkie getting their fix on my dime.

Not to "take" but to remove from the nursing home. We would have just taken it to the medication disposal at the police department.

Oh wow! You can bring medication that is not used to the police station where you live?!
I think that is the best and safest place but our police would not even consider that. They refuse to do everything that is not 'official police business'.
You can't even bring a wallet you have found to the police anymore here.

Oh god, I hope she never works at a nursing home. Those poor people have been through enough. People like Jenelle are the reason that elder abuse and theft rates are so sky high at a lot of nursing homes. It's a "medical" job that's an easy hire and if it's run by people just as sketchy as their employees, no one's going to take a 90 year old woman's word for anything.

I'd freak out, too. I'm sure if she ever manages to get another job, she'll screw it up, get fired and then just announce that she had to "resign" or something because the company decided her fame was just too big of a distraction when patients came in.

I would hate to see the medical facility that actually does hire Jenelle. I doubt they offered her a job. Stop lyIng Jenelle. Most businesses WANT customers and hIrIng Jenelle would be the kiss of death.
Shout out to her chewed up lips.
How is Autumn responsible for repairing that heating unit? Does she own that house or is the home owner putting this all on Autumn?
Stop with the stupid names. Kids are going to need jobs one day. Don't want that McDonalds resume to end up in the trash.

Hahaha "kiss of death" in relation to Jenelle also makes me think of this show on the History channel I keep seeing when I scroll through the guide. It's called The Curse of Oak Island, and I always think "Jenelle" since that's where she first lived with Babs I think.

Indeed it is.
Then she did Wilmington, I think, then Myrtle.

Ooh, Oak Island! I love that damn show!

Funny you should mention that...

That's from when someone posted the "I wish you'd died in combat" video in r/trashy on reddit.

Conversation jackers.

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