Jeremy Calvert's Mysterious Instagram Posts Fuel Pregnancy Rumors

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Though Leah Messer's ex Jeremy Calvert deleted his Twitter account to avoid Teen Mom drama, he's kept his Instagram account and is an active poster.

Calvert's latest Instagram posts are the topic of the day as many Teen Mom fans think he could possibly be hinting at marriage, pregnancy or both with girlfriend Brooke Wehr.

While Calvert regularly posts pics of him and Brooke as well as frequently makes her his #WCW, his three posts about her over the past day seem a little different from prior posts.

Two days ago, Calvert posted a selfie of Brooke with the caption:

Gosh this girl is pretty much amazing in so many ways. Hopefully we get great news today babe @bwehr10

Gosh this girl is pretty much amazing in so many ways. Hopefully we get great news today babe @bwehr10

A photo posted by Jeremy Calvert (@jeremylcalvert505) on

The "great news" part is the reason why many are suggesting Brooke could be with child, but it also could be referring to the two buying a home together, something Calvert hinted at back in April.

Either way, it definitely refers to some big changes in the two's relationship.

Yesterday, Calvert followed this post with a photo of a pool surrounded by palm trees with the caption:

Babe I say honeymoon right here!!!!! @bwehr10

Naturally, this fueled suspicions that the two might be engaged, but it could just be wishful thinking or talk about things to come.

What do you guys think?

Babe I say honeymoon right here!!!!! @bwehr10

A photo posted by Jeremy Calvert (@jeremylcalvert505) on


I think he's a fame whore. Always has been always will be. And seriously do any of these people ever take time in their relationships?

It's crazy how often they go from dating to baby to marriage. like damn you're young people calm it down!

Not to sound harsh or anything but why should we care? He was talking to his girlfriend if he told us what he was hoping for good news for that would be one thing but it could honestly be about anything.


She's not pregnant and the Ashley already confirmed it. Way to fact check before posting another stupid, useless article. Gave this site one last chance to redeem itself and this was the last straw. RIP TMJ. I'm out

Hey anxiety, when you're up here leaving messages on TMJ who's running hell?


Feeling like the last of the Mohicans here.
Nomatter what happens, you stay alive TMJ's, nomatter where you go, I will find you.

Hey bleach drinker, thanks for the hilarious insults!!! To answer your question, my cat is running hell while I'm here being the meanest bitch ever ?

But really, I can't stay away from this site. I apologize if I've been too harsh on some of the writers and said some bitchy things- I do love this site and (most) of the people who comment here. I could just change my name and picture and keep commenting, but I don't really care how many other commenters hate me. Move along.

I mainly came back because i have something to say to anyone reading. I would like to share that my hometown in the good ol WV is completely destroyed and under water right now. I thought this was ironically relevant to this article, since it's about 30 minutes south of one of our favorite teen moms. The entire area is ruined from the floods- Leah, Jeremy, Corey and Miranda, everyone in the area is being affected by this right now and my heart goes out to everyone :( it's really difficult to see any natural disaster destroy everything you own and the town where you grew up. My mom and sisters have lost everything and I know Leah and Jeremy's hometowns in particular have also been affected by it bad too. I'm not living in WV anymore but it breaks my heart to see the suffering. Please, keep WV in your thoughts and prayers right now. It's devastating and these people have lost everything they own.

Anyways, I couldn't help myself to not post this on the relevant Jeremy post I hated on yesterday. Blame my bad attitude on the heartbreak for my family, as well as being 8 months pregnant in another state away from everyone in my family as they suffer. I won't be leaving, I apologize for my rude internet etiquette and send love to Leah and Jeremy and his family. End of novel.

Just wanted to comment to say that the refreshing issue is still an issue. The site has refreshed on me twice today in the past 15 minutes.

I don't think "snark" is the right word to describe the comments, lol. More like rude.

Oh, and btw to the people who are bitching about this article like usual. It's called a GOSSIP SITE. Of course untrue/rumors will be posted. Get over it and quit looking for shit to bitch about. Please go somewhere else and bitch.

in sure Leah would have a breakdown if Germy got somebody else knocked up and post a bunch of tweets about how much he sucks.

This site just keeps getting worse and worse.

Maybe things will get better when Tomlin starts writing again.

IF Tomlin starts writing again. She's keeps saying so, but we are yet to see an article.
Where did everyone else go?
The Girlses?

She said she was going to do some articles this weekend.

Read the previous post and its replies Meth Pipe

I did. But she's commented on a few "articles" now saying she will be back soon or will post something soon. Blah blah blah

I was on LWTM and just a few days ago they had PROVEN how long David and Jenelle had been together based on some photo. Anyway turns out they were completely wrong! Haha. Also Jenelle is apparently 3 months pregnant according to the Ashley.

I like reading lwotm but sometimes she jumps to conclusions and makes opinions seem like they're fact with little to no proof....

She posted what I wrote.....
I asked her if she could at least blur out my user name and PP
And she ignored me.
Oh well ?

Couldn't you report her to tumblr for that? I never read that site, but from what I've seen here in the comments, she needs a wake up call.

The screen shot of what you wrote was posted on Twitter too. I saw it yesterday.

She's such a dick.

Larry is probably too busy being pushed around to come here and tell you whether you were in breach of contract or not ;-)
Think you would have heard from MTV if you were or they cared. Any PR is welcome to them and they love Babs. They wouldn't have showed it when they were not planning to use it possibly.

I can't believe you're seriously that worried about it? It's aired now. I'm sure there was more than just you that's told people shit that happened behind the scenes. Nothing was sold to a tabloid that shared all before it aired. If they were really that concerned they wouldn't make the show live anyway.

I am

ok ?

I hope he or one of the idiots from the show gets hiv. Sorry not sorry. They are always having unprotected sex, all seem to fuck around and get pregnant. It'd teach some teens and adults a lesson for sure. Then again eazy e didn't really help. ? but really though, these people are "lucky" that they get babies instead of hiv or something else. Who knows how many vd's the cast or associates have had. And if she's not pregnant, they're still fame whore baiting everyone for attention. Congrats jurmy.

I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I really give zero fucks how much people sleep around and have unprotected sex. What lesson do they need to learn? Not to have sex because they might get pregnant or a std? They all have kids so they are living that lesson. Why do you care so much that you are seriously wishing death upon them?

Jesus God JL! He is just jerking the 'gossip industry' around a bit.
Posts something vague, sits back and enjoys the bull shit that is fabricated and written.
Wishing death upon someone who has a, shall we say special kind of humor, might be a tad bit over the top.
Djeezus God, why are you so pissed off and bring HIV up, are you sorry you let Charlie Sheen bang you unprotected?
And what if she would be pregnant, how do you know he carelessly had unprotected sex with her (or others) and got her pregnant by accident?