Jenelle and Nathan are Back...?

Nathan Griffiths


Ever since Jenelle moved in with her longtime gal-pal, Tori Rhyne, every thing they do has been well documented on Tori's snapchat.

The two have mostly just been driving around in Nellz car singing rap songs and dancing, but today a very interesting photo & video came up on Tori's sequence of epic snaps.


That's right folks. Jenelle and Nathan hanging out in their underwear. The video was a little more graphic. At one point Jenelle goes in for a hand grab with Nathan's junk.

Yes. I'm not kidding. It was a little painful to watch. Check out @vkillemm on snapchat to see the video.


(Stills from the SnapChat video)

No official words from either Jenelle or Nathan at this point but Tori made it clear that they are definitely hanging out... But that's not the only ex Jenelle has been seen with recently.

Last week she was seen out with ex, Gary Head, as reported by TMJ writer "The Girlses" a couple days ago. Though the two don't seem like they have any romantic interest in one another for the time being.

This season, and ever since their breakup this summer, Jenelle has been nothing but negative towards Nathan and even went so far as to assault his new girlfriend a couple weeks ago.

She claimed that he was mentally abusive but never physically abusive (proving her accusations about him wrong for when she got him arrested for assault during the filming of Season 6).

Jenelle has gone as far as to post publicly that she would never go back to Nathan because she didn't want to relieve all that she went through on Season 6 of Teen Mom 2.


Maybe she thinks Nathan has changed in the last 14 days, but I'm going to go ahead and guess that he hasn't. These two have been very toxic to one another and it is sad watching all of this unfold. Kaiser is barely over a year old...

Where does he fit into all of of this? It does seem that Jenelle has Kaiser full time.

The tabloids, that Jenelle has retweeted a few times, say that Nathan didn't want to watch Kaiser while she went to LA for the VMAs, but Nathan claims those are a lie.

Between the two of them and all of their friends, you just don't get the full story.

Let's not forget the tweets that Jenelle released just a couple weeks ago trying to make Nathan out to be the bad guy. In reality it looks like she cropped and deleted texts so he looked worse than she did. Neither of them have been acting very mature about all of this.

They are just drawing attention to themselves in a negative light.

Nathan and his girlfriend, that Jenelle physically assaulted, broke up this week and many commenters speculated that these two would reconnect soon after, and they were most certainly right.

What doesn't make sense is how Jenelle spoke of Nathan these past few weeks and why she is taking it all back now by hanging out with him?

image image image

Here are some of Jenelle's retweets just a couple weeks ago during an episode of Teen Mom 2.


On a side note: Jenelle is smokin' reefa again it seems. Could be someone else's but Jenelle is a pretty notorious weed smoker. So I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say it very well could be hers

What do you think about Jenelle possibly getting back together with Nathan???? And should she be smoking weed as a recovering drug addict ?


Of course they are. Jesus Christ.

All I know is Heather Woods is the only true authority on all things "Teen Mom". God bless her. Oh, and breast feeding too. Oh, and smelly candles.

This post has inspired a name change haha

hahaha! love it!!

SHe looks so high AF. and just overall bad. Every time I see those memes that are about "selfie vs tagged picture" I always think of Jenelle. She looks pretty in her selfies but then you see literally any picture she didn't get her hands on to edit first and it's just like: "woah.............."

These are what I'm talking about for anyone confused. Except Selena Gomez is actually pretty.

At least we know Jace will be safe in Bab's care for another good while now.


except over the weekend when he was riding around, unbuckled, in ryan dolphs car. and at the house when they (dolph, gary head, dolphs gf, jenelle and tori) got wasted

I desperately hope that information will help Babs case. I hope she can end the weekend visits now.
I also hope someone is able to ask for and get a mandatory drug test, Babs or CPS.
Those kids deserve protection and a healthy environment to grow up in, it is very clear this is not one.
Is CPS not allowed to investigate cause she reported him for abuse or when moms keep going back to their abuser??? Fights with kids present?
Drunk people around a young child?

@Keep Calm, from my knowledge, unless the children are in significant danger, CPS will drag their feet to interfere. While we look at this and see a poor environment for the kids, CPS may very well have to take the stance that if the kids are clothed, well-fed, and not physically abused or around hard-core drugs (herion, meth, etc.), they will not remove the kids. It's frustrating.

I like how she's grabbing his junk on top of their one year old's play mat. Classy.

Those pics... the poses...etc... Im telling u, they are trying to get an offer from Vivid or similar or they already had one and took it.

I'm honestly shocked that Jenelle hasn't had a sex tape yet!

Oh god you're so right. You know with how manipulative and greedy Nate is, he would talk her into it. Then her logic would be "more money makes me more stable, and it wouldn't hurt my court case for Jace because Farrah has one and she has custody of her daughter." EYEROLL

It's because she has so many more morals than Farrah... LOL! (and I think Farrah is by far the worst mom out of the TM1 girls and a horrible horrible person so that's saying a lot). Nice try jenelle

Ya, who takes a pic of their bff and her ex boyfriend in these poses. I mean who goes in front of their bff is in these poses? Maybe Jenelle is trying to make Nathan's ex??-girlfriend jealous.

Just saw the NY episode of OG.
Jenelle wins in many categories; trash, worst parent etc
But Farrah wins most screwed up and fake. By god everytime that narcissistic bitch opened her mouth in that episode it was more annoying than ten times fingernails on a blackboard.

Maybe they want a threesome deal with Whorey Tori?

I read a blind item a while ago that said Jenelle agreed to make a sex tape but could not pass the mandatory STD test. Wah wah.

I think she took the pictures to try and sell to some tabloid but got drunk and posted them on snapchat and forgot people can see those for free

Tori is the one posting them to snapchat and she's adding anyone who sends her a request. My theory is that Tori is taking so many pictures and videos that she can sell to tabloids when she needs more weed and alcohol money.

I used to hope she'd eventually pull it together but the reality of it is I cannot wait to see her fall so fast and so hard after TM2 ends. She literally does not have a single marketable skill in her repertoire. Jenelle will have lost custody of Kaiser by then and still won't have Jace. She'll run to porn so fast people on the other side of the world will all feel a heavy breeze. But Farrah already set the bar for what to expect, so Jenelle's will probably be extra nasty just so people pay attention to her for 5 more minutes. I honestly can't recall a single person on reality tv who has been more f-ed up than Jenelle. The saddest part is it's so obvious she is completely oblivious to her absurdity of an existence. She thinks her life is actually productive and meaningful.

Things are spiraling out of control really fast again. She's very unstable. She surrounds herself with bad people again.
And Kaiser is living there and Jace got to join the party.
I hope CPS and Barb will step in soon.

nate needs her money. she needs his attention.

also-posting again because we should all be aware- she got TWO new dogs yesterday. technically one is tori's. that makes for four dogs living at jenelle's house!

Jenelle has had like 14 pets in the last 4 years. Jax is pretty much the only pet she's actually kept, but she neglects him. None of her pets go to the vet. Jax's tail is crooked from where Jenelle accidentally slammed a door on it when he was a puppy, but she didn't take him to the vet for it so it's healed wrong. He's still intact as far as I know, so hopefully she has enough sense to not let him roam and impregnate intact females, but this is Jenelle we're talking about. No one has seen her cat since she's moved. She also got a rabbit recently.

I think the cat spends most of its time in that little cat kennel. I know one epsocide is was loose in the house but most times they show Jenelle in the kitchen it looks like a little white cat is laying in the cat kennel on the dog kennel.

Didn't she just get a bunny last week too?

She's so desperate for something to love her that she keeps buying animals and deadbeat loser boyfriends around.

...which is so misguided considering she has two little boys who could potentially adore her if she just took proper care of them.

also LOL at heather clause. she is so pathetic

I know right? Why are we giving the clouse the attention she so desperately wants? Haha

I think Heather Finallyspouse is just sucking up to them to get closer to them. She loves the drama, stirring in it and be able so say she is friends with them. Some impressive friends.
I bet she will sell stories to make money when she already isn't.

for YEARS she just wrote crap about Jenelle on her "site" and then just suddenly, she starts praising / siding with Jenelle? Ugh.

K.... So what's the agreement now??

You sleep with who ever you want and do whatever you want and we will be together but not together, just taking things slow, you know.....?

This picture shows both of you have no respect for your children what so ever.

Let's stand on the play mat and act like idiots!!!

You know for a second I thought Leah was on Janelle's leve but Janelle couldn't have anyone take the spot light so she just decided to make things even worse for herself.

If I was Jace I'd ask Barbs to leg ally become my mother yes I know he's young. But Janelle is just embressing to the max.....

She was right about one thing: she only wants Nathan. Her actions have shown that time and time again. She isn't a mom....

Also TMJ.... Apparently Leah got the cops called on her by someone from the school for not having the girls buckled and Ali didn't have her wheelchair for a fire drill .....

While that is completely unacceptable, I have to wonder if the locals target Leah to jazz up their dull, rural, West Virginian lives. I mean, calling the cops...really? Who the hell has time for that?

I agree with you and I hear your point. However being a good parent does mean leading a " boring life" ( it's the best job I've ever had. Any parent could tell you that you are supose to have your kids in bed before mindnight and that your kids need to try and be at school on her time. Being a parent means that you do what you have to do regardless of what you want to do.

I do think that to some extent these girls do get " the bad edit" but then again you have a LIFE outside the show and what you do during that time ( in your real life is what matters)

And from everything I've geatheted Leah is struggling.....

After fighting so long and bitching at Corey for the damn will chair she doesn't even let Ali take it to school

It would be one thing if it was just some random soccer mom being too nosy - if Leah wasn't on TM2 I mean. But honestly? If no one else in Leah's life is going to hold her accountable for being a piss-poor mother, and if the Simms haven't obtained custody yet, might as well have the locals put Leah's feet to the fire. CPS hasn't intervened all this time, and they should. ESPECIALLY if these most recent episodes have attempted to make Leah look like she's trying to clean up her act - which she hasn't.

Speaking of Leah, I missed the comments on the last episode, but from reading the recap, Delta Dawn is COMPLETELY responsible for the whole fiasco of Leah coming back to town for the emergency court hearing. At no point - either currently or throughout their custody history - has Corey EVER attempted to keep the girlses from Leah. And Dawn is completely feeding into Leah's paranoia by saying that he's trying to win full custody. GURL, MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE MORE CONCERNED WITH YOUR DAUGHTER'S DRUG ABUSE THAT ACTUALLY COULD LEAD HER TO LOSING CUSTODY, RATHER THAN ATTACKING THE ONE PARENT THAT ACTUALLY CARES FOR THE GIRLSES.


I'm kind of hoping it's teachers or other people at the school that are getting involved now, that might help Corey out with the custody. The starcasm article almost made it sound that way because of the fire drill situation, but who knows.

It's not random people calling the cops, it's the people from girlses school, I think. I know teachers at my kids' school has called the cops on parents. It hasn't happen often but has a couple of times. I think that it is great. It shows the teachers really care about the kids and I can't fault them for that.

I'm guessing it was whatever school personnel that oversees the morning drop off pr afternoon pick ups who called. Teachers are mandatory reporters.


Some other moms and myself consider reporting that idiot of a father that transports two children on a moped. No seat, no helmets.
Problem is that the police won't have time to post at school to catch him.
We are not bored, it would just be awful when something bad would happen and their health/brain is ruined forever and we did not do something to prevent it.

For the record guys, I'm a Mom too. I value the safety of all children. I just couldn't see myself going out of my way to call the cops on another parent except in the most extreme circumstances.

I don't think it's totally crazy that someone called the cops about the girlses not being in a carseat. It is illegal and knowing Leah it probably isn't the first time she's done it. We've seen her without a seatbelt texting and driving on the show with her kids in the backseat like every episode so who knows what people local to her have witnessed. They probably did it out of concern for the girlses. Now calling the cops because Leah didn't send the wheelchair to school would be a little nit picky. I'm not defending Leah, it's ridiculous that she would fight for so long to get Ali the wheelchair then not have it accessible to her, but I would hope in the case of a real emergency someone would help Ali get out of the building or into an appropriate room depending on what the situation calls for.

Apparently Leah was the one who the producers had to "step in" to protect the kids because she wasn't using car seats.

Also, I feel like the Ashley made a dig at TMJ... ?. I really like the Ashley so I hope that's not what she was trying to do...

How so?

Ugh. Good on the crew for having a bit of a conscience but they should be the ones who were reporting the neglect.

The Ashley just posted that Leah and Corey hooked up at the end of 2014. :(

@huslah the last paragraph was like "though They and some websites will tell you they're not together!" (Leah & T. R. Dues) and we had an exclusive article about it. Either way, who knows. It's not biggie.

I just saw that article as well ? gahhhh. Corey was a sucker for Leah, and I feel so terrible for Miranda. I don't remember the exact date they got married, but the hookup supposedly happened in 2014?

I read right over that twice! Goodness, I must be tired. Thanks for pointing it out to me Storyin lol

I looked it up and Corey and Miranda were married June 7, 2013. Jesus God, Corey. That's just so disappointing to me.

The same wheelchair that she fought Corey to get?

lurking for some while now, first without login, since a little while incl "TM membership" Me from the Netherlands so excuse me for my grammar and spelling errors.... But i must admit tough i think im older than most here, i enjoy myself a lot! i love your comments and they often make me smile! also i do like to read the recaps and lately i don't even stream the episodes anymore, i will read it in the recap!! so thanks for that!
Back to Jenelle, i must admit, i do start to feel sorry for her! she obviously is very insecure and has some abandonment issues or so! I can remember an episode with some unseen footage where she and Babs got along really well and there was even some self deprecation involved.....

Surprise, surprise!

Seriously though no children should be living in that house!

I feel so terrible for Kaiser and Jace. It's time for MTV to step in and make sure Jenelle never gets custody of these poor kids and to cancel the show so Jenelle won't have money to buy drugs and alcohol. Also, in Toris snap chat the very beginning shows Jenelle at a car dealer and Tori says "Jenelle changed her mind, she doesn't want a hummer anymore, she wants a Jeep".

PS how can i change my screenname??

You'd think she's be smart enough not to document this activity. Who does that? Bitch just loves the attention! Poor Jace! Kaiser is too young too understand what is going on, Jace is old enough to understand and feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

God forbid some type of an emergency happens with one of the kids all these assholes will be too messed up to be able to do anything. Reminds me of something that happened around here, a 2 year old was found drowned in her neighbors pool. It was HOURS before her parents realized she was missing, the cops found drugs in the house. Heartbreaking.

@I Lurk You, I have to ask, were the parents charged with negligent homicide or something along those lines? Because they are technically culpable in that child's death. Tragic.

This happened very recently and there's an investigation taking place. An arrest was made for attempting to destroy the evidence ( flushing the drugs) and CPS was ccalled. The neighbors are also being investigated because they didn't have a fence around the pool.

...wait, so a child ends up dead and the first thought is, "CRAP, DESTROY THE DRUGS!" Ugh. Addicts. I feel bad for the neighbors. I mean, while I perfectly understand that there can be a safety need to put a fence around the pool, they are not responsible for the poor, neglectful parenting of others. I hope the neighbors are left alone after all of this.

I agree! By the way, it was heroin and pot in the house and I'm pretty sure their other children have been removed from the home.

The mom went to school with some friends of mine so everyone is following the story very closely.

Unfortunately the neighbors could be held liable for not putting up a fence. Where I live it's against the law but cops don't go around looking for un-fenced pools and busting people for it. Having one more or less saves your ass in an event such as this.

You are correct Lyin. Usually you can't get homeowners insurance without a safety fence around here, but who knows if they even had insurance. I know my uncle had to get rid of his trampoline because he didn't have a fence around the pproperty or his insurance would have dropped him. Also, if they were to sell their house they wouldn't pass inspection. Someone had mentioned that the township is now scrambling to reinforce the law but im not sure how they can really do that.

Its sad, so many things that could have prevented that baby's death :-(

I'm shocked at how much these dumbasses document. Tori posted pictures of herself fucked up spilling Bacardi all over the place in her apartment with Jenelle. It's like, is Kai in the crackden too when this is happening?

It's scary especially since kids Kaiser's age are into everything all the time and need someone keeping an eye on the them. Who knows what they have laying around or who is watching him. She probably hasn't baby proofed anything

Really though. I took a look at Tori's instagram. It's pic, drinking pic, picture of Kai or Jace, sexy pic, sexy pic, drinking pic, picture of Kai or Jace. Like, really Jenelle? You're totally comfortable with having pictures of your kids posted on the same page as pictures of some sloppy, half-naked, drunken deadbeat? Nice.

It's so clear that Jenelle is also addicted to men/sex. She literally cannot be single, or even alone for one day. Also, being sober means not using ANY mind altering drug. You can't fucking say "I'm sober from heroin", you're just currently NOT USING heroin. I'm looking at you too, can't drink and be sober.

Yes! That's why there's "clean" which is separate from "Sober". Jenelle and Amber disgust me.

Hey what about Kieffuh?

I'm very sad that he didn't get an invite to this awesome party of Jenelle's exes (yes I'm counting you as well Tori)

Oh my god, Nate's chicken legs are making my day! He and Jenelle have the same sized thighs!

Nathan needs to stop skipping leg day.

Well geez! If Jenelle didn't keep pinning Kaiser on him and he could actually get to the gym, he probably wouldn't have to skip leg day. Don't be so dramastic!

So Tori posted these? And Duffy claimed that Tori is trying to get Jenelle to lose custody of her kids? Maybe it is true after all?

I don't think she's out to get Jenelle's kids taken from her, I think she's just using Jenelle to get a free house, dog, clothes etc. and will prob sell some stories about her to ROL to make some bond $$$ to get her BF outta gel.

*** bail money

lol yep. this is 100% classic tori. i really dont think tori cares to have jenelle's kids taken. tori isnt in the business of taking jenelle down. she's in the business of helping out tori. and if that means selling stories to radar after jenelle kicks her out she'll do it!

Haha I was just taking the piss. But these snapchats certainly wont help her cause at all, especially the ones taking on Kaisers play mat...

I agree with you guys about Tori's motives. I think Tori wants to show everyone she is besties with Jenelle again but, I don't know, something ain't right.
She is getting something out of an instable and/ or stressed out Jenelle. Maybe even a Jenelle without kids. Attention, drama, having Jenelle for herself, money/things, feel better about herself, she can't stand seeing Jenelle happy or stable while she isn't, revenge... I dunno.

I smell a threesome for Vivid!
Because clearly Jenelle has no bra on under Nathan's missing sleeved shirt. And the second she moves her boobs will flail about. And Whorey Tori is snapping pics? They are all banging eachother is my thought.
And Nathan is still skipping leg day.

not impossible. would be REALLY REALLY dumb of tori (could you imagine jenelle getting super jealous after? lol) but i mean jenelle and tori have hooked up before and possible had a threesome with james duffy (ugh)

Haha! I posted the same thing as a reply above before I scrolled down all the way. Great minds think alike :)

Yet more Jenelle photos that can't be unseen. Seriously, Nathan in his underwear is just not something I needed in my life.

We saw with Leah and Corey that MTV footage can easily be inadmissible in court. I hope Barbara is documenting all of Jenelle's social media instability. It's not edited like the show and would probably be useful if she chooses to take Jenelle to court.

Yeah and now Jenelle is posting on her IG that they aren't back together and for everyone to remember that her and Nathan share a child.
Ok guys, hands up if you hang out in your underwear with your ex-baby-daddy?
Hmmm.....that's what I thought.....

Not just hang out with, but get completely fucked up on god knows what with

"Dude, Nathan and I have a child together. We're getting wasted in our underwear together FOR KAISER. It's called co-parenting, dude."

I don't know what your talking about. I totally always get wasted and naked with my ex baby daddy that abused me, that's just like the notebook dudes...

Tori is such an attention wh*re. Who would post those? I mean I guess Jenelle told her to? Who knows, it's so weird. i guess we're all just a little more mature than them and that's why it's such strange situation to normal people.

I'm severely embarrassed for them.

Legit read : Jenelle is smokin’ reefa again it seems. - as Jenelle is smokin' keffuh again... Lol if this was the intention then continue on scrolling but it made my day!

"All abuse is abuse."


That "underwear" Gaythan has on looks like a pair of shorts bought from the junior girls' section of a Wal-Mart. Barf.

Do these people really not realize how fucking ridiculous they look? I have second-hand embarrassment from these idiots. Holy.

Yes! I am the same age as these girls and I am just mortified... Jace is 7-8 years away (or maybe less?) from Internet access and knowledge of social media... I just... I can't with Jenelle.

I really believe that Jenelle thinks that any attention is good.
She's gone through the "making everyone jealous because Nathan is soooooo hot and everyone else wants him" phase, the "Nathan is an asshole who abuses me" phase, and now she can move onto the "star crossed lovers who are meant to be together and have a faaammmily" phase.


It kind of looks like they're wearing Jace's underwear! And those comments on Jenelle's Insta: could it be that she doesn't know that Tori posted these?!? No, that's impossible, right? It's just insane to say something like, "we're hanging out because we have a child together," when it's obviously so much more. Either she thinks we're morons, or she is one.

According to Jenelle's insta they aren't back together but everyone should "keep in mind that we have a kid together ??????"

K. Sure jenelley.

So "having a kid together" is just new fangled slang for "friends with benefits" or "f*ckbuddies"?

What does Nathan's new girlfriend think of this?
Or are they history?

History. Apparently she cheated on him.

Aaah.. that explains things.
This picture is a stab at her then. Already thought so.
Jenelle is in the same pose as she was on that picture we saw the other day (the one where her leg was trying to hug err... him).
Are childish revenge pics also in The notebook or was that in Awkward, a few years ago?
Sorry, haven't seen the notebook yet.

According to Twitter Kail is "Trying to do book signings in UK & Australia! How can we make this happen?!"

Do these girls really have that many fans? Like whaaat? Especially Kail, I assumed no one liked her after this season.

Psh she just wants another vacation.

Let's just hope the trip doesn't happen during Jo's scheduled visitation.
"It's the UK Jo. The UK. Isaac loves the UK."

Jo should really get right of first refusal (is that what it's called?) so he can take care of Isaac while Kail's jet setting across the world to pretend anyone likes her enough to want book signings (ugh sadly people do like her) instead of leaving him with creeper Javi... Or more likely his family since he couldn't stand to let Kail be that far away from him and apparently he has the dream airforce job where he can travel anywhere and anytime he wants.

One of the girls(can't even remover if it was teen mom 2 or of) posted asking if fans thought f mtv should send the girls to the UK for a reunion show(or something like that.)
A. Get over yourself
B. It's bs if mtv flies all these girls and their family to the UK for a reunion. They get paid enough they don't need free vacations to other countries.

I can't wait for the show to end and the girls to face reality. Karl and Javi aren't going to be able to afford their lifestyle on Javi's Air Force salary. My husband is in the military and no way would we be able to afford their houses and I am a RN and make pretty good money. They may be able to afford it now or for the next couple of years (assuming they have savings), but in five years they'll be really screwed (assuming they're even still together).

I honestly think Chelsea will be the only one who won't go bankrupt when the show is over. Obviously Jenelle is not going to be okay and Leah can't even manage money when she has Jeremy's huge salary. Kail probably would be okay if she had a more modest house and didn't take a dozen trips. They're all going to be Maci 2.0's owing the IRS and other people/companies money

@ leahs hair. That makes me so mad. MTV owes these girls nothing, they do owe the poor children money when they are 18. The girls owe MTV for making them "famous" and allowing them to live these lifestyles. I do believe that MTV should have something set up for the kids when they're legal adults though.

@Kail's Child Support

I think Kail will be fine. Remember, she has published two books, one of them a "bestseller," is going to school for an actual legitimate degree, and is currently pursuing other business endeavors. She definitely has other sources of income besides Javi & MTV.

Chelsea's going to be screwed when TM is over. I know she has a degree, but she works at a job where you make like $30-40k a year, yet she lives in a $200-300k house. She also spends a shit ton of money on makeup, clothes, booze, and cars. I don't know what Cole does or how much he makes, but she can't afford it on her own.

Kail will be just fine. She let MTV get to her head but she's currently working on a legitimate degree and showed her work ethic earlier in the series when she was working 3 jobs without support to care for Isaac.

Chelsea will only be okay because of her dad. Estheticians don't make much at all.

Chelsea will be fine - sure right now she'll only make 30-40K with her huge house, but she probably put down a large down payment on it. Plus - SD has a lower cost of living. She's not on constant vacations either and I'm pretty sure she's had the same car the last couple seasons...

Kail would be OK if she let her ego go a little bit...

You mean Randy made a large payment.

Anyone know how much she paid for her house? I don't even know what city she lives in, Sioux Falls? It looks like her house may be outside of the city. I'm guessing she made a pretty decent down payment on it with the TM money.

I heard that Chelsea paid her house off when she bought it and that she paid for it in cash.

She has a mortgage and thats why she needed other Chelsey to come live with her when she didnt have her licence yet.

I don't know why people assume Randy would pay for the house. TM2 girls make A LOT of money. No one makes the same comment about Kail, Jenelle or Leah buying houses left and right ... but when Chelsea does it - it means Randy gave her the $$ instead of TM2.

Just remember the signing will be with Kail and Sterling haha but Javi can't come cause he would ruin everything


I don't remember seeing those scenes in The Notebook!

Those pics look like they're trying to do fitness modeling shots and are just really really bad at it.

Someone posted this link in the previous discussion.

I clearly remember there was a lot of controversy when Big Brother started. They said then that they would never put someone in the house that was mentally unstable or ill cause it would not be ethical.
So much for Big Brothers ethics.
Apparently Farrah will be moved to another accommodation where she can watch the other people in the house and come back later.
Please, while you have her locked up somewhere, throw in a good psychiatrist and keep the door locked. If not for Farrah, do it for Sophia and her parents. Yeah, I'm even starting to feel sorry for them. This is beyond batshit crazy.

Mama Dawn to the rescue! Ha She is trying to do some damage control. If anyone believes that he would take another ride on that hot mess express, then they are just as crazy.

I'm not saying this is true because I highly doubt it is, but let's not give Corey too much credit. He's kind of a dumbass.

He married her crazy ass in the first place and then seriously considered getting back together with her while she was trying to decide between him and another man.

Down vote all you want, but everything I just said is a fact.

Leah probably truly believes this happened. I'm sure in her mind her and Corey made sweet love while Miranda looked on saying, "I'll never be as pretty as Leah and Corey definitely loves her more". Afterwards, Leah rode off on a magical therapy unicorn to sell Mary Kay door to door because she is a successful, independent businesswoman. In a few months we will find out that Leah is pregnant with Corey's love child. Mysteriously, the baby will be biracial which "totally happens some times, and how dare you accuse me, Corey Tyler! I'm a good mom!".

"Shame on you!"

Well I believe that the Messers are behind these rumors because let's face it, who will be the bad guy? The poor mom of 3 with all these issues and no support or the dad cheating on a pregnant wife?

I can hear the Leah fans already

"Corey took advantage of Leah, she was so vulnerable!! Such a jerk"

"Miranda you deserve it for treating Leah so bad!!!"

So meeeh

Unfortunately, it looks like it's actually true. The Ashley is saying it is at least...very disappointing.

Here why I don't believe this story about Leah and Corey. One how would the source know about Corey text app. Two Leah and her family have no problem throwing people under the bus. Especially when things are no going well in Leah life case in point when Leah and Jeremy had they first cheating scandal. Her sister Oreo went on a radio talking shit about Corey and Miranda to deflect the cheating scandal about Leah. This is something Leah and family would have drop a long time ago this is their golden goose egg. There is no way in hell Leah or family especially Mama dawn would have keep her mouth shut. For months if there even a little chance to make Leah like look victim they will do it. Leah or family will take down anyone in the process to make Leah like look mother Teresa. Are we also to believe that Jeremy knew but keep his big mouth shut Jeremy has no loyal to Corey. He called out Leah out Twitter he trash talk about her dating black guy. And calling her next baby Oreo. Even though he said he was talking about a drink Jeremy is asshole he would scream it from the roof top. Especially since he said Leah fans are always said Corey is better then him. The Ashley's is just a journalist like everyone else she could easily be lied too. She has been wrong before this has Leah and her family finger print all over this. What better way to deflect Leah and her neglectful way and custody battle then to pull this crap out.

If this is true I can see Leah telling Mama Dawn the details like about the texting app and she's the source, or someone else Leah is close to. They needed a distraction from yesterday's story you know. And for the record I'm disappointed in Corey...he's still a good dad but ugh...

If that's true that Leah's family spilled the beans of made it up then they are stupid. It makes Leah look just as bad. Reading the article I just also felt disgust towards Leah as well.

Keep in mind guys that it's Corey HAS cheated on Miranda in the past. Is it really so far fetched to think he would do it again. I mean, there's a reason why the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater" exists.

Also why don't people get on Miranda's case for taking him back after he cheated the first time? If he really did hook up with Leah last year and she knew and stayed with him then she has absolutely no sympathy from me.

I'll never understand why girls get back with guys who cheat on them or leave them for another girl. Any guy who does that shit should be out the door in a heartbeat.

@Holy Trashiness
The only thing I can think of is that a divorce would mean
1) that Miranda would probably not see the twins very often, if at all
2) divorces can be financially devastating
3) she's a Christian (specifically a Catholic?) and does not believe in divorce

I know my opinion isn't the only one but...

1) This one is the most logical. I'd like to think she cares about the girlses and wants to be in their life.
2) Then she shouldn't have quit her job to be a stay-at-home stepmom who has the girls only on weekends and sells wraps online. Totally her problem.
3) Don't even get me started on this one.


And wait, he's cheated on Miranda before? Seriously?

Jeez, I used to have SUCH a crush on Corey. How upsetting.

The truth will come out Corey Tahler

The Ashley just confirmed it. Corey and Leah DID hook up in late 2014. Which explains Miranda's bitterness.
Does anyone still think Corey is a saint? LOL.

Way to make me eat my words Corey Tyluuuuurrrrr, shame on youuuuu!!!

Pfffff well I guess I need to find a new favorite... Jo seems pretty likeable now...

I've never liked Cory. He's a good dad but a hick and dumbass notheless.

Am I the only one who found Cory very controlling and unlikable when they were married? It seemed like he was trying to control every move Leah made and loved the fact that she needed him to stay stable.

I've never liked Corey (or the rest of the Simms clan) either. But around here, Corey is a saint who can do no wrong, even though he's screwed up a lot too. I've said this a lot of times here, it's so easy to believe that the dads on the show lead very stable lives, that Corey's marriage to Miranda is stable and everything is great but that's mostly because the dads don't have cameras following them all the time. They don't film a lot so it's easier to pretend that everything is ok.

The thing that gets me the most is that late 2014, Leah already had all of these problems, she had the pill addiction, Jeremy had already posted about her cheating on him on twitter, Corey was already going to court for full custody YET he found it in him to have sex with Leah?!? And while we don't know if they have had sex more than once, they did text for a while so it wasn't just one moment of weakness.

Oooooh The Ashley's reliable sources (Mama Dawn? Leah?) said its true! So it must be!
Believe what you will.
But I doubt that if Corey was banging Leah at the start of her decline into hell, he and Jeremy wouldn't have been drinking beers together and hash tagging about how much better life is.
Leah was in the news yesterday for having the police look for her. Now this. Deflection much? Her manager is probably The Ashley's "reliable source"

Well well well, Jeremy accusing Corey of wearing his camo pants doesn't seem to crazy after all...

You guys have good points, I don't know what to believe now... wish they could make an statement or something.

I still think Corey is the best parent and he should get full custody...


Hey!!! Jeff Simms is perrrrrfect, leave him alooooone!!! LOL xD

I don't think Corey's a saint but I still think that he's the better parent for the girls than Leah. I agree with trashiness, he was very controling and he seemed to be doing the same thing to Miranda... Funny how she's a stay at home wife as soon as they got married.

@ Nathans exactly! I don't necessarily like or not like Miranda. But, it was a stupid thing to be a stay at home WIFE. Especially if she knew that Corey cheated on her before. If she does leave him hopefully she'll be able to get her old job back or a different job. Of course it'll be hard now since she will have a kid.

All of these people are such a mess OMG. It's crazy

Idk what to believe either I wouldn't really be surprised either way. it could be a deflection or he actually did cheat... Was it ever confirmed if Corey cheated on Miranda before they were married or was it just a rumor?

Well, I'll say one nice thing. Her body is banging these days.

Only question is who ;-).
Why do they keep saying she's living with MrMuscle? He denies everything.

My best friend's boyfriend knows I write for TMJ and wanted to check it out, despite not knowing anything about the girls or show. His only comments were that Jenelle is hot and Chelsea has a face like a man. Never thought I'd see the day lol

Whoa really? I can't stand Chelsea as a person but I actually think she's quite pretty.

I think she's the prettiest girl on TM2, but that really ain't sayin much. I just don't really see it. But that's just me *kanye shrug*

I'd like to see how she looks without makeup.

That's crazy! I think Chelsea is really pretty, I'd love to look like her

Can one of the TMJ writers please write an article about this?

Nope, because it makes Corey look bad and he and Chelsea are saints who can do no wrong around these parts.

I don't believe Corey is a saint it is possible that he cheated on Miranda maybe. But to cheated with Leah who is so smug and arrogant. The moment it was over leah would text Miranda Corey Tyler cheat on you with me. There is no way Leah and her family had this information and not said word they would love nothing more to destroy Corey and Miranda life. Leah and her family hate Miranda there is no way they would hold this information in. If it was true and they had proof there is no way they would not said something months ago. Yet again there is no real proof that cheating happen the first time or this time. Leah said it so it's has to be true and now it's the Ashley's source is correct. There is no way she could be fooled by a source because it never happen to journalist before. Leah and family are queens and kings deflect Leah does something bad let throw someone under the bus. So people can stop talking about Leah issues this is Leah pattern deflect, victim blame take no responsible for actions. And for safe measure throw out someone else cheated too so her actions are void of consequences. If Corey really did cheat I will call him out too but for now this smell like Leah and family are source. And they are deflect the real issues which was Leah story yesterday. Do think people would believe this if Leah and family were not know to do this type stuff all the time. Do agree with you the saints stuff people tend to co sign. With the moms or dads of the show even if they are wrong. But I think with this we are base it on Leah and family pattern. Which to deflect and cause drama for no reason to save Leah.

It was actually just taking me a few minutes to write up...

Wow, the Leah/Corey bombshell is serious. I haven't read the Ashley's article on it yet, but all I can think about is when Leah "outed" Corey as a cheater during the checkup or reunion last year. Leah made herself look ridiculous and everyone was like, "How dare she!" But now I wonder if she kind of knew something. And maybe Jabba was right about the truth coming out!

The Ashley also brought up Leah's Facebook post a while ago where she called out Corey saying not to say anything about her marriage because his wasn't perfect. I remember thinking Leah was a drama queen, but I guess she had the right to say something if Corey was putting down her marriage when he was cheating on Miranda.

When did Corey cheat on Miranda before? I've seen people post about it, but I don't remember it happening. Was it with Leah or someone els?

I found an article on Wetpaint - but it was from April of last year. So, she must have been talking about another cheating incident, since she didn't sleep with Corey until December. Good lord, can't these people keep it in their pants?? Is nothing sacred??? And, POOR MIRANDA. Anyway, here:

Seriously Debra's. It's like all these TM2 couples/ex couples/ couples have toxic, unhealthy, deceitful addicted to each other messed up relationships

Geeze, all of these people suck. If you want to go have sex with other people then don't get married! How embarrassing for Miranda. IDK if I feel bad for her exactly; I like her more than Leah but she shouldn't have quit her job. Now, she relies on Corey for money so it may not be as easy to leave. This is exactly why it's important for girls to be educated or have some type of career and not rely on someone else for money.

Not putting down SAHM's, but Anna Duggars situation sucks and now maybe Miranda's does too. She doesn't have Teen Mom money like Leah to help support her. All she does is sell those stupid wraps.

OMG WTF with the Duggars!?!? Seriously Anna get your children out! If Josh can molest his sisters he can molest those poor children. I seriously hope that he never touched his kids but do need to be spoken too and checked :(

Miranda put her Twiter on private


Jenelle is probably going to be pissed that the Leah news is hijacking this thread. That bitch loves the attention.

Off topic but have you guys seen all this Duggar mess!! What is it with all these horrible parenting decision!?!? Seriously thank god their show is cancelled....

Which mess? The one where he's in Jesus rehab for being a lecherous hump with a porn star or the one where he diddled his sisters in their sleep and their parents did NOTHING about it?

pretty much. My point that I didn't express very well was why is it that their show is cancelled (and so it should be) even though there were never anything on screen. Yet there is teen mom and it is still airing...

The truth has come out YA'LL!!

Casually waiting for the Leah and Corey article. There's so much I have to say and chances are it won't be the popular opinion.

Oh me too!! Hmm I wonder how many down votes this time.....

I'm just gonna say it now since by the time I get back the recap will be up and that's where everyone will be. I have two thoughts:

1. I've always said Corey was a better dad than partner, so if he did cheat it really wouldn't surprise me. I'd never want to be in a relationship with someone like him.


2. Is nobody suspicious of the timing of this article? It came right after Leah got exposed for having the cops called on her, and Leah and company have no problem gossiping about Corey as we've seen plenty of times, especially when Leah's under fire. When it comes to the "he's cheated on Miranda before" business... Uh... Since when are we believing Leah? Because plenty of you were fine with saying how much of a liar she's been just this past week, and now Corey's previous cheating is true because Leah said it? Wake up people!

I agree with you @nathans hot wings!

This could swing either way. I have no doubt that this could have all been gossip to get Leah out of the spotlight for the whole car seat fiasco. But I also wouldn't be surprised if Corey did cheat. He obviously cared deeply about Leah and probably wanted his 'famileee'. But then again why would he cheat with her when he is trying to get full custody of their kids..

These pictures....I need a wire brush and bleach for the eyes!!!!!

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