Firework Fiasco *Update*


On July 4th many Americans celebrated the day we declared our independence from Great Britain. It's a day of BBQs, booze, fireworks, booze, patriotic displays, booze, parades, etc. One popular custom is doing stupid stuff with sparklers, firecrackers or whatever type of explosives people can buy.

Jenelle Evans is no exception to this tradition. All The Teen Moms reported that Jenelle posted - then deleted - a video of her calling her dog, Jax, and throwing a lit firecracker on the ground.

Jax goes to fetch the firecracker as it goes off. He is deterred for a moment but lunges after the sparks before it dies and Jenelle stops filming.

Jenelle is no stranger to animal cruelty allegations. She was filmed losing it with her two dogs, Jax and Moogan, on an episode of Teen Mom 2. She locked the two large dogs, a pit bull and a husky, in a crate where they had no room to lay and left for breakfast with Jace. In July 2014, Animal Control was called when Nathan's husky was left outside in bad weather.

He was chained to a tree without shelter and unable to reach his water dish. Animal Control only left a note but a concerned fan took it upon themselves to dognap Moogan.

She could, quite literally, get away with murder at this point. Stevie Ryan, who has had issues with Jenelle in the past, even tweeted PETA about the incident from the weekend.image

Independence Day is a tough time for animals. More pets go missing than any other day of the year. The heat, the loud noises, the food and alcohol are all potential dangers to our four-legged friends. The ASPCA warns pet owners to keep their pets away from fireworks.

Not only can it result in severe burns or trauma but there are toxic chemicals and pieces of metal in them as well. To trick a dog into fetching a firework is reckless, careless and immature on any pet owner's part.

The only comment Jenelle has made about the situation is that she will no longer post anything about her dog on social media. That is, if she will even have dog to not post anything about.


TMZ contacted Jenelle to question her about the incident. You might be able to view the video better than I could but, basically, Jenelle feels like she has done nothing wrong and is only sorry that people got offended. She tries to reason that dogs have gone after fireworks on America's Funniest Home videos and no one gets offended by them.

It's only because it's her that people are getting upset. While I don't doubt that whatever Jenelle does will be criticized, she has never had good judgment, common sense or tact.

Jenelle tried to justify her actions with a AMV clip, which only added more fuel to the fire and one of her followers wasn't having it. Pretty soon her only defense will be LEAVE ME ALLLOOOOONEEE!imageimageimage


Fucking sociopath. Or as people on twitter are calling her, "Jenelle Arias". "Jenelle Wuornos" would be appropriate as well.

Can we make her hold a lit firework in her mouth??

Also, how about after she was shown abusing her dogs on TV she started calling them "furbabies"?? Fuck off, Jenelle. You and Nikkole deserve a special seat in hell. Take Clouse with you while you're at it. You're a fucking monster.

She's Diane Downs 2.0! I can totally see her offing her kids in the name of dick.

They kind of look alike too O_O

The resemblance is frightening.

Seriously TMJers, click that link and try to tell me she doesn't look like that murderer's long lost daughter.

Wow, Rae, that link is scary.

I'm 98% sure that's the collage I made awhile ago because I'm obsessed with murderporn and white trash, apparently. ;) I found it again on google just by searching images of Diane Downs.

Look how she treats her real babies. Of course she thinks she's a great dog mom, too.

Maybe, if we're really lucky, Jenelle will decide to be a little badass and bite a firework.

Wow. That resemblance is scary with how spot on it is.

Or just have her go for a swim. I think there has been several shark attacks in that area recently.

Oh there have. We're at the beach in southern South Carolina and all the shark attacks have been on the NC coast or like riiiiiight at the edge in SC. I'm hoping she'll get drunk, go swimming, piss herself and anger the sharks for pissing in their surf and then chomp chomp chomp. Then, we find the sharks, give them a good flossing so they don't get mouth herpes from her chunks and give them gold medals.

Those pics on that link are creepy scary spot on. Jenelle's just a general, all around bad person. She's a terrible "mother". She can hit whoever she wants and smoke whatever she wants, she can spread that nasty snatch around all she wants, I don't care. But, do some shit to an animal? That bitch needs to get fucked up by someone and be taught the what for. These kids she has and doesn't want, they have family to take them and care for them and protect them. These animals? They have no one but Jenelle. Damn...I want to go on a fucking rescue mission myself.


But yeah, jenelle should not be allowed to care for any living creature. She should just get a pet rock and call it a day.

She is an actress/comedian. When the episode about Jenelle abusing her dogs premiered she chewed her out and Jenelle fought back. Then Nathan started flirting with her.

What's really funny is Jenelle tweeted and deleted a bunch of shit to Stevie making comments about her eyebrows. Like bitch please - your eyebrows are shaped like sperm.

Hahaha yeah, she's got no room to talk about anyone's eyebrows. I think she's even drawing them on now and they still look terrible.

That was hilarious. Like the time Nathan called someone slow. Just like he isn't ever in the position to call ANYBODY slow, she isn't in the position to critique ANYBODY'S eyebrows.

She’s been drawing them on since those awful frickin makeup “tutorials” where she was smearing foundation on her face with her fingers.

Eh....I wouldn't trust her with a rock

A bit off topic, but a twenty-two-year-old man died this July Fourth by lighting a firecracker off the top of his head. There's something about this particular holiday that really brings out the stupidity in some people.

As for Jenelle, she really is a sociopath. Trying to trick a dog into grabbing a lit firecracker in his mouth isn't just careless and irresponsible---it's downright cruel and incredibly disturbing. And the really scary part about it is that Jenelle will never realize that she's done is wrong. She will never have any kind of epiphany about her actions or the way she's leading her life---she will always find someone else to blame, something else to deflect her criticisms. MTV really needs to cut her loose. I know she wasn't getting paid for "Teen Mom 2" for a long time, but she's still profiting off of the show. It's time for that to end. I mean, most people are calling for her head. I heard that this upcoming season will be the last, and hopefully that's true. It's time this dirtbag stops gracing our screens with her dead eyes and increasingly frightening lack of empathy and maternal skills.

There was also a guy right over the border of Louisiana in Texas who was warned repeatedly not to jump into a bayou where something like a 10 ft alligator had been sighted but instead decided to yell, "FUCK THE ALLIGATORS!" jumped in, and promptly got eaten. Stupidity abounds, haha.

It's so disgusting. Apparently though, police came looking for her 3 times already. I hope they catch her quick.
She apparently bragged on her IG some time ago about how she got grounded one time when she tossed a cat into a lamp and the lamp broke.
Also Nathan on his twitter teased that his dog is abused and to call PETA while simply giving him a snack. That's great stuff to joke around, really. They are both dimwits...I just hope no more animals will be hurt.

She is truly disturbed and needs serious mental help. She can't distinguish bad from the good - sociopath quality.

Do you know if they were coming after her for this incident? I hope so!!

She has no remorse for any living thing but herself. It really doesn't seem like she has emotions when it comes to anyone else. She never seems to understand when she's done something wrong until people start freaking out on her... Even than, I'm sure the "emotions" are fake.

According to some police logs they did went because of that accusation. Only thing I could find though is a twitter account called @A_Female_In_PA were there is an audio of the cops going again to look for Jenelle at her house.

Jenelle is a disgusting, psychopathic piece of shit. How can you do that to an animal? I love how she's denying that cops came to the door, yet there is dispatch logs from horry county plus audio. Just saw on Twitter that police were just dispatched again. She's a coward and won't answer the door. She's a waste of life and needs mental help.

I read all of this in Karl's voice.

Watching that video makes me so mad! That is the most patient dog in the world for putting up with jenelle and Nathan without flipping out and mauling their faces off.

Does it make me a bad person if I wanted jenelle to be treated the same way she's treated those poor dogs? Ignited firework in mouth and small cage? Awk send me to hell but I'd just love someone to abuse her just like she does to animals/& her children!

She has been abused, didn't you hear? There were bruises all over her booodddyyyyy.

But seriously though, she's a legit psychopath. If she keeps sliding under the legal system, something really dark and tragic is going to happen one day.

Obviously she was abused. Someone beat the hell out of her with the ugly stick and the fucking-horrible-human stick.

Dustin, your username is THE BEST!!!

WTF is wrong with this....

Shit I struggled to decide what word to use there, she's a pathetic excuse for a human being and she's a disgrace as a female too.

Stuff like this is terrifying, if she thinks this is funny what the hell would she let her kids do?!?! It should be enough to question how safe Kaiser is in her custody!!!

This "woman" has no business caring for children or animals. How stupid do you have to be to do something like that and FILM it and put it on Twitter? It's like she says to herself, "there's not enough attention on me, let me do something controversial with my dog or baby and get people talking/calling CPS/animal control. I don't care how much she claims she's changed, she's such a MORON. She could have easily burned her house down. There's a reason fireworks are illegal in many places now.

Can you imagine all the awful shit she does that isn't posted to social media?

I honestly rather not think of it, to be honest. Bitch faked a miscarriage on Twitter. I can only imagine.

Tmz is apparently requesting a copy of the video from one of the Jenelle haters on Twitter. I hope this disgusting shit gains more attention. She needs to be arrested.

There are no words.
Jenelle is a disgusting, vile person who doesn't care about anyone but herself. She could have seriously endangered this poor defenceless dog.
What's frightening about that is that she didn't think she did anything wrong at all. She thought what she did was so funny that she took and posted a video of it. And her response to this scandal is that she will no longer be posting anything about her dogs? She thinks she's a victim? this girl disgusts me. She's a narcissistic sociopath.

I would say that I hope she faces real consequences for her actions but as we've seen over and over, she never does. And because if this, she thinks she can do whatever the hell she wants and the sad thing is, she totally can.

I would love it if another warrant was issued for her arrest and the charges stuck somehow. I don't even know if that's possible, but it would be so satisfying to see her finally face some consequences

It honestly makes me question my faith that beautiful caring people die every day and this girl gets to live, ruining the lives of anyone who comes near her. Disgraceful.

Interviewer: “Suppose it’s all true, and you walk up to the pearly gates, and are confronted by God. What will Stephen Fry say to him, her, or it?”
Stephen Fry: “I’d say, bone cancer in children? What’s that about?

Delicious downvotes.

WHY? FUCKING WHY?! NO EXCUSE FOR THIS BITCH. (Sorry for the caps but I'm livid) i adopted a pitbull hound mix who was saved from a South Carolina kill shelter and transported to NYC sept 4th is his "birthday/adoption day" and he is the sweetest most loving baby. When we brought him home everyone was like "omg a pit." Pit this, pit that. People see us walking him and at first people were nervous but he's literally friends with all the dogs in the neighborhood now. Big and small. My bf and I are always going on and on about how he's a love (the point where people say it's sickening haha) but he's our baby, Jimi Houndrix

Can't imagine ever doing anything to put him in danger

I definitely think Pits get a seriously bad rap for no good reason, but regardless of what dog he is she's unfit to take care of one should let her adopt or purchase an animal. Nor should she be allowed to procreate, either. And what's even worse is that her children will probably act the same way. Hate to say it, but Jace looks like a dog or cat tormenter to me.

I called the cops on one of my neighbors for setting off illegal fireworks at 2 pm yesterday. I'm all vigilant about my dogs at night, which is when normal people set them off. Totally didn't expect anything during daylight hours. F*cking idiots.

It's only a matter of time before these two idiots both screw up and lose custody of Kaiser Roll. Look at her past....all aboard the fail boat!!

I was walking my dog during a blizzard one time and some dumbbutts shot off illegal fireworks in the common area of some apartments beside a major road. I couldn't imagine why they thought it was a good idea. You have no idea how strong you are until you have to stop a 140 pounder from running into the road.

It could've been a total mess, but thankfully there was only one car on the road at the time. He came to a very messy stop because he didn't think I'd be able to stop my dog. It was legitimately one of the scarier moments in my life. My dog has been terrified of fireworks since, he never seemed to notice them before. We were only 10 or so feet away when they went off. I was about to call the cops when one pulled up. They had apparently been setting them off for about an hour.

But on topic, I don't know how Jenelle sleeps at night. She's teaching Jace that it's okay to abuse animals. This is not okay. I saw some post on twitter today where she's trying to justify her actions. How does she not see that this is wrong? How is she not concerned with the possible injuries it could cause the dog? She's such a sociopath.

It goes both ways. My friend has two female pitbulls that are the sweetest things in the world.

Then again, my older dog was attacked and almost killed by a pitbull back in 2008. Granted this was a fully-grown male pitbull that had grown up in a pound, my neighbors had just brought him home from the pound that day (fucking idiots)....but that incident made me forever biased towards pitbulls.

Your neighbors are idiots, but situations like that make me wonder if the people at the shelter did their jobs correctly. They should've done temperament tests with the dog to see how he reacted around kids/cats/other dogs and relayed the results to anyone even slightly interested in adopting him. But if they did all of that and your neighbors chose to ignore it, they have no business caring for any pets.

Ironically female pits are generally more aggressive than male pits though (if there is any aggression at all). Especially if they're not spayed since they have that natural protective, motherly instinct. At least that's what everyone told me when I was looking to adopt a second dog. So now I have a male and female pit and they're the absolute sweetest things. Sorry you had such a bad experience with the breed. :(

Before the pitbull attacked my dog he actually got into the backyard of the house next door and killed their beagle...I try to forget about that because it just absolutely devastates me. But you're right they should have seen how he is around other dogs/people before they released him.

I think part of the problem with pitbulls is that their reputation is self-perpetuating; because they're known as aggressive dogs, people who want aggressive dogs seek out pitbulls (and then train/treat them in such a way as to guarantee that they will behave badly).

Personally, I don't believe that any breed is automatically bad, but now that I have a toddler, I'm wary of all big dogs. One of my neighbors has a male akita, who once started barking at my 18-month-old son out of nowhere- now I won't even go into the hallway if I know they're out there.

@saran "people who want aggressive dogs seek out pitbulls and train them to be that way" yup "street cred" and "toughness" is why I totally believe she's had 2 pits. The one she gave away, Brody, wasn't she training him have one of those heavy chains around his neck to increase his strength or whatever. To make him brolic. People called her out on it back then saying how terrible that was.

I was attacked and nearly killed by a golden retriever mix... It's people eh make bad dogs not the breeds. I have a wolf hybrid and a pit/ lab mix and 4 kids (and 2 cats) and my dogs are amazing and loving pets. ( oh and my family ended up having a golden retriever as a pet after my bite so I have no issues with them.) I don't blame you for being cautious but please don't close yourself off to an entire breed based on one representative.

Just when I think she can't get any crazier... This really bothers me. I just don't understand why she would think that was a good idea. I have two dogs, and I don't even like them to be outside when the grill is hot. I hope she gets that poor dog taken away and is never allowed around her kids again. Better yet, just lock her up and forget about her.

Like really why is this bitch around? Doesn't take care of her kids, doesn't take care of her pets (when's the last we've seen/heard of the cat?!) yet she has ~high morals for porn. That's probably the only thing she'd be somewhat good for, and the only thing she loves more than her self is dick. Its like where she lives it's Opposite Day every day

My youngest dog is terrified of fireworks. While we were shooting off fireworks saturday night, I allowed my pupppy in my bed under the covers. That is something I only do during New Years and July 4th because I know how scared she is of them. I would NEVER try to call either of my dogs up to burning fireworks. That is torture. As smart as people think dogs are, they aren't and don't know what to do with fireworks. Ugh people are disgusting.

My older dog is okay with them but my younger one HATES loud noises. He's terrified of the vacuum. So needless to say he was my cuddle buddy all night haha

I'm really hoping this bitch gets arrested but I know that's a long shot. I really fucking hope someone beats the piss out of this sorry excuse of a human being. Waste of space.

She doesn't need rehab, she needs a structured mental health facility!

Jenelle is just an awful person. I haven't seen the video, and the link isn't working.

Well that lying sack of shit did an interview with tmz Has no remorse for what she did and sees nothing wrong with it. She does the interview on the beach. Why are you tanning on the beach at 3pm? What happened to your for profit strip mall school externship? Fucking liar.

But don't you realize she's sooooooo stressed from taking care of Jace and Kaiser and going to school three days a week? Now she has all these mean people calling her names when all she wanted to do was share a video of her playing with her dog. All she wants is for everyone to leave her aloooooooone. *eyeroll*

you all should cut her some slack, i mean id be stressed out too i had mudflaps that looked like shredded roast beef where my vagina should be... and having to deal with things it a yeast infection or did nathan get drunk and put tarter sauce on the beef again???

LoL @ chickenfriedcheetos. My first thought when she said she turned down a porn offer was, "she must have known Arby's would sue for infringement". I know it probably isn't nice making fun of someone's body parts, but I feel Jenelle is a horrible enough human being that it opens her up to any and all mockery. I don't even feel right calling her a human being. She is a black hole of anger and arrogance.

Such a liar, I can't.
Who does and interview on a beach laying down?! She made sure to show us her ring on her finger, that's one thing for sure...

That video is insane. She BLAMES THE DOG for getting in the way of her lighting fireworks? Uh, why not be a responsible pet owner and utilise that crate that you love cramming your dogs in so much? And why is it just her chin in shot while she's lying down on a beach tanning? Is she even trying to pretend that she has Kaiser at all?

And then lying about the police coming to her house when I heard audio on twitter from the police scanner talking about how they've just come back from Jenelle's address after also going their the night before?
Seriously, just because she would be dumb enough to believe lies like this doesn't mean anyone else is

Her America's Funniest videos reference: It makes me want to scream "Well if they all posted videos of themselves jumping off a cliff would you do it?" and now I sound exactly like my Mother, geez Jenelle thanks for that!

FFS take some goddamn personal responsibility!

Now that you mention it, maybe we should post videos of people jumping off of cliffs... Hopefully she'll do the world a favor and follow suit.

The fact that the sharks didn't all collectively grow legs wherever she gave that interview, sprout out of the water and eat her makes me sad. You've let me down, Jaws!

NONE of these girls should have animals. Except for maybe Kail all of them either treat their dogs like shit or can't keep them alive...and as a fierce dog-lover it fucking pisses me off to no end.

I agree that the way these girls treat animals is disgusting. Jenelle is the worst, but Farrah's hijinks with the poor little dog named Candi that she gave away to her neighbor because she couldn't be bothered to housebreak it was disturbing. Chelsea let her dog run around off-leash and it was killed by a neighbor's dog as a result. Daddy Randy assured her that it was completely normal for that kind of thing to happen and it was immediately replaced by another dog. Chelsea didn't appear to blame herself for what happened when it was completely her fault.
Dogs are a responsibility and a lifetime commitment. You don't give them away when you're bored of them and you don't let them run around where they can be hit by cars or mauled to dealt by bigger dogs.

Dogs are a HUGE responsibility and lifelong commitment so I fucking hate when people use them as accessories and give them away when they're bored. We adopted my younger dog when he was 1. His original owners gave him away because he was "too much work" and the lady "didn't really like dogs." Why the hell did you get one then?

My dog was fortunate enough to be adopted into a great family, but most abandoned dogs aren't so lucky.

I mourned for MONTHS when I had to put my husband's favorite cat down due to severe kidney issues. That was 100% not our fault. If I had let one of my pets do something that got it in a position to be mauled to death, I don't know if I'd ever forgive myself.

Dude, I love the bigass, smart, strong, hard headed breeds. When I was a kid (12) I started saving up my money to get a Doberman. Got her when I was 14 and she made it damn near ten years, which is pretty good for a purebred dobie. Had some coworkers see her pic and start telling me how they want one because they look cool. I've talked a few people out of getting them because they're living beings with personalities and needs and shit and apparently that was news to them. I HATE people who get dogs with no research involved!

Ugh no have a friend who had a dobie and she got rid of him because "he had too much energy".

I was watching its me or the dog, and this obnoxious couple and their obnoxious children had two, who were left neglected in a room all day then they wondered why the dogs destroyed the room! THEY'RE BORED, YOU ASSHATS!

My 7yo stepdaughter has been begging us for a kitten because "they're so cute." I reminded her that they aren't babies forever and what would she do when it grew up. Her response? "Get rid of it and get a new kitten." Needless to say she got a lengthy lecture from me about how it is a living thing and a lifetime responsibility. And that just because you don't is cute anymore doesn't mean you throw it away. For that reason, she is most certainly not getting a kitten now.

Jenelle is scum and I want to fly across the country, rescue her poor dogs, and bring them home!

YES! If you can't or are not prepared to care for an animal properly DO NOT get a pet! It's very easy and quite simple!

Perhaps MTV needs to start a Tamagotchi fund for these girls that are addicted to pets and reproducing?

I can't wait for Kail's passive aggressive tweets about animal abusers being horrible and her dogs being her furbabies.

Attention Teen Moms:


And give the ones you already have to someone far, far less shitty to take care of them.

Calling Jenelle a moron is an insult to morons

Ugh. What a smug little bitch. If your dog is "going after a firework repeatedly", put the dog inside, dumbass. Terriers will be obsessive with a ball, my 2 pits can go all day. They don't give up on what they want. I can't believe she is blaming the dog for ruining Jace's time. BITCH

Ruining Jace's time? The woman who told the world in a national magazine last week she didn't want to take care of him because she would never catch a break and have time to herself. Yet the dog was ruining Jace's time?? Um little newsflash Jenelle; YOU'RE RUINING JACE'S CHILDHOOD AND POSSIBLY HIS LIFE!! You think he'll remember or care about a dog ruining his half hour of firework time when he was five as opposed to you constantly running in and out of his life, literally picking and choosing when you feel like being his mom and giving ZERO fucks on the damage it does to him? 30 minutes of lost firework time compared to a lifetime of feeling you're not important enough for your own mom to give a damn about you.

Not to mention that child probably has PTSD from all the yelling in his life by this point and probably doesn't handle loud fucking fireworks well himself, anyway. They've broken that poor little one.

Hearing her talk about it makes me so angry. And when the guys ask her a question, she responds by asking another question about something she thinks is the same, but isn't. And according to her we "only care about this because she's on TV". It's because we don't like seeing animals mistreated, dumbass. As excited as I am for TM2, I really hope season 6 is the last because of Jenelle. The fact that she gets paid to basically be a piece of shit on a daily basis and not give a shit about her kids and pets is infuriating, and quite honestly a bit insulting to all the hard working, decent people out there who struggle to make a living.

Watch her stupid fucking brain try to process that a campfire isn't the same thing as a goddamn explosive:

Also, with all the technology on smart phones, there is no fucking excuse to give a video chat interview with a national gossip site and not make sure you're fucking head is more in the frame than your cleavage. Get off your ass, sit up like a human and take 2 minutes to defend your shitty, shitty existence in proper lighting without me having to move my head up like I have a nervous tic trying to will the camera to get the hell away from your ugly tatted tits.

Plus she looks like the whoriest rabbit in the South.

I hate Jenelle, piece of shit ( in the tub), Evans. I would never wish death on someone but that bitch deserves a seriously bad case of diarrhea or something. She is a psychopath and I would take those dogs from her in a heartbeat. My boyfriend and I want a dog so freaking bad and are questioning whether or not our townhouse with no fence would be fair for a dog to live in ( we want a large-ish dog) and you got this bitch stuffing two in one crate and feeding them fireworks!!!!

She doesn't deserve dogs OR kids.

GEEZ, this certainly won't bode well for that future career in the medical field. She can't even be trusted around her dog! I wonder who she will pin the blame on....

So far she's blamed the dog himself, and the public for being offended.
I'm assuming in the coming days she will start throwing blame around to her school, stress, Babs not letting her see Jace, etc etc like she does for all her fuck ups.

LOL I despise PeTA (even as a vegetarian) but they're gonna bug the crap out of her and she deserves it!

I'm a vegetarian that despises PETA too!! Where have you been all my life?!

Me too. Lifelong vegetarian. Longtime PETA hater. They're the Fox News of animal rights. Fuck them.

Life long? That's impressive!:)

Thanks! Although for me it's not so impressive as it is normal.


Well, Walmart Receipt, you're a rabbit so I'd hope so. ;)

Not a vegetarian but I hate PETA too. I wouldn't be shocked if they approached J to do a "I rather be naked" campaign. I would be even less shocked if Jenelle did it.

After watching almost seven episodes of Teen Mom 2 season 5 episodes in a row I am on the episode now where it shows jenelle being really hard on the dogs when they tore the garage apart. So before the commercial break where it usually says teen pregnancy is a hundred percent preventable it says instead after that clip "Jenelle has worked hard to take better care of their dogs and to be loving and responsible pet owner"

oh my god..where does it say that about her being a responsible pet owner..what time does that appear in video??

Almost at the end. I would say 20 min or under left of the episode. But icr. I am watching it on hulu. It was just funny hearing it after this incident lol

I feel like it was irresponsible of MTV to put that PSA up. We all know she didn't do any work whatsoever and she doesn't deserve to get off easy for the way she treats animals.

Psychopathic cunt.

Is it just me or do the Teen Mom girls seem to be especially shitty pet owners? Farrah put her dog in diapers, Chelsea's stupidity got her dog killed, and just about all of them rotate pets like they're toys you just put down when you get bored. I bet PETA is flipping the fuck out at this point.

I think all the years of drugs have permanently damaged Jenelle's brain function. She clearly thinks this is funny and that she isn't doing anything wrong. Dumbass won't think it's so funny if the police decide to get involved. I don't think she can skate on animal cruelty as easily as she does possession and domestic violence. Where was Nathan? I bet you anything that big stupid tool was involved too. I can see them thinking it up together. Hopefully their son gets taken away before they decide to let him play with fireworks.

I'd like to respectfully disagree with one point you made - Jenelle's brain function was damaged long before the drugs. Last Week on Teen Mom posted a diary entry of hers from when she was kid about how she threw her cat into a lamp. It was never happening for Jenelle, ever. The mental illness in that family is extreme.

LINK PLEASE! I would love to read the demented mind of one Jenelle Evans. I would like to see the justification for throwing a cat into a lamp.

So far she's said that Nathan was with her when it happened, and that she texted him the video. So who knows if he was there or not. But she did say that he thought it was funny, so you know they're both as sick as each other.

What?! I totally thought that this was when she was younger! She was an adult and threw a cat? Disgusting!

One time when I was around 9 or 10 my car I was really angry over one thing or another, and I had a brief thought about picking up my cat and throwing her against a wall. The mere thought of me doing this upset me so much that I burst into tears and held my cat cost to me while I was crying, apologizing to her for just thinking about something so horrible.

One time I smacked my dog on the nose when I was around 11 and she hasn't done anything wrong, I was mad and she got in the way. I did a similar crying meltdown where I hugged her around the neck, crying and apologizing. Sometimes that incident still haunts me and I cry about feeling like an animal abuser. I carry a tremendous amount of guilt for that.

I don't understand how people can do some of the things they do.

The cat incident was when she was kid, and her brother Colin was with her. I have no idea how to link to Tumblr, but it's on the Last Week on Teen Mom page. If you keep scrolling there's a screen shot of the diary entry on Jenelle's phone.

I live in southeast Missouri and fireworks have always been part of Fourth of July celebration for us here. I'm really surprised at the opinion of fireworks in general on here, however I have lived in the country (away from people, I'm not a farmer y'all) the majority of my life so there's no neighbors to complain. I also understand that fireworks are dangerous, we only set off four "big" fireworks, they shot seven up in the sky and sparkled, boomed, etc. anyway, out of the four one blew out of the bottom and shot out in the field, up in our yard, down the driveway and all on the ground 1/4 is a really bad statistic. Also my boyfriend got burned on the neck from a small fountain, and I'm embarrassingly going to admit that my son grabbed a smoke bomb and got a little burn on his finger. (Im not making any excuses about that and I feel like shit about it and made sure it did not happen again) but he wanted to go right back out and watch more smoke blow out when we got him doctored up. I was thinking about this last night and had to post when I read all of your comments on here. I have always liked setting shit on fire though so maybe I'm a bit of a pyromaniac. We also shot some badass government issued guns, i think its a regional thing, guns and fireworks have always just been part of Fourth of July. And since I figure I'll get some shit for not going to the hospital for the burn, I watched it carefully, make sure it's clean, and it is tiny, if it needed medical treatment I would have taken him. I love my child and am not some dumb bitch like jenelle. However I am less educated than I'd like to be and have a regional dialect when I talk to put it nicely.
About jenelle, she doesn't give a fuck about anyone other than jenelle and it doesn't seem like she ever will. I'm really sad for her kids because I'm sure it will fuck them up greatly having her as a mother, never getting the love they deserve from her.

Fireworks and guns were a part of my life growing up too, but there's a time and a place. when you practically live on top of your neighbor and there's dogs running around without a care in the world you just don't know how they're going to react. I don't think anyone hates fireworks here. at least not nearly as much as they hate Jenelle. But having some tact and forethought in regard to where and when you set them off is a classy thing to do.

I'm in the country, no close neighbors, but we do fireworks every year too. It's about the only time our dogs are allowed in the house.

Don't beat yourself up about your kid burning his hand. We were roasting marshmallows one time and my son had his own roasting fork thing, and somehow he touched the end of it to his face right after he pulled it out of the fire and ended up with a nasty scar for a while. Stuff happens.

My grandfather did that when he was younger!! He went to blow out the flaming marshmallow (our family is weird and likes our marshmallows burnt on the outside) and he brought the marshmallow back too far and it got all the gooey inside bits, on fire, stuck on his nose. He was okay, though. I agree that accidents just happen sometimes.

What a piece of trash. I'd love for her to lose her beloved Jax over this, but we all know she'll just get a slap on the wrist, because she totally wasn't telling him to fetch the firework, it was all a massive misunderstanding. There's no way Jenelle Evans would abuse her 'furbabies.'

Only psychopaths and serial killers that need treatment enjoy animal cruelty.
What she did to the dogs is on tape, this new event is, what she did to the cat can be found. The police should arrest her, PETA should make her life a living hell till she gives all her animals up for adoption but foremost, MTV should fire her on the spot. This is way worse then a porn.
This person is a danger to all the living creatures around her.
You almost hope someone can bully her over the edge so she does something stupid. Then a judge can order her to go to a mental facility. 14 mug shots and still walking around outside, is the law a joke where she lives that they can't handle a little brat like her?

I think professionals give bed wetting less weight than they used to in the Macdonald triad, but I bet Jennelle was a firebug in addition to terrorizing animals.

I'm actually kind of glad she's on TV because of incidents like that. I completely believe she'd be abusing animals anyway, but at least now there are people to report it so there's a tiny chance it may finally be stopped. If she didn't have thousands of people watching her every move there would be no one to report her.

Just wanted to say there was a BS People article about how Jenelle "beat" addiction and co-parenting. I didn't read the article, but looked at a few comments below, and I cannot, for the life of me believe this bitch still has minions defending her and her actions. Scary world we are living in....

Worst part is that those freaks usually have display photos of them with their own kids. So disturbing if they think Jenelle is a good mum!

The "beat addiction" comment had me WTFing, too. Judging by the unpredictable and wacko way she behaves and the fact that she still drinks alcohol, I'd have to vote no on that. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that she no longer uses heroin.

Well, Jenelle beats everyone, sooo...


What a greedy fucking bitch. She is so fucking butthurt it is almost sad. I SAID ALMOST
HAHAHAHHAH -- take that kail

Ughh, she is pointless. Jo has been gracious about her and Javi's new life (for the most part, and he apologized for the one comment he made about hoping she went into labor), he even LIKES Lincoln. Oh, but that's because he's actually over her, and has been for a long time, and isn't a completely vengeful bitch who cares more about getting back at his ex than making his kid's life better. Karl had about 2 minutes of lucidity where she realized how shitty she'd been, and that was it. Gross.

She's such an angry bitter bitch. Like all you guys say, she thinks because her life was so hard growing up she deserves something. BITCH ya deserve a swift kick to your triple chin and that's about it. Nobody owes you NOTHING.

It's really sad, because the one person in the world who kind of DOES owe her something-- her mom-- will never, EVER deliver on that. I think parents owe their children a halfway decent upbringing. But that's long gone, and with very little chance of anything making up for it, so Kail will grasp at anything else she feels she should have instead until she comes to terms with it.

I wasn't able to watch the video, but Kail is clearly embittered about the whole thing. I think she's pissed that Jo never took her back after their brief affair and never pined for her---he just moved on to a girlfriend who seems a lot better and nicer, and Kail is mad over that. As for her comment that she won't be involved in Jo's daughter's life...good. That kid does not need the Kail-A-Saurus hanging around, her triple chins quivering with self-righteous fury, her voice escalating into an ear-splitting shriek as she rants about something minor and threatens to head-shake any adult male in sight. I mean, it's already bad enough Isaac and Lincoln have to deal with her on a daily basis.

I'm waiting for when Kail pulls a Chelsea and acts like Jo's daughter does not count as Isaac's sibling because they only share a father and this little girl is not related the supreme being that is the She-Hulk. You know it's coming.

During the whole video, she wouldn't even maintain eye contact or stop looking in every other direction. Her body language, as usual, is even more of a giveaway of her bitterness than her words. She is so high and mighty I can barely see her up there. Ugh.
It appears by the new season, Chelsea wants to acknowledge Taylor and Paislee, so maybe now that she's over Adam, she is being more logical about the situation. I suppose we will see when it's more than just the one preview clip. I don't think Kail will ever be that way, sadly. She just can't accept that Jo has moved on and is doing better than her. No one can do better than Kail, or KAIL SMASH

To Chelsea's point she's never had to, for example, drop off Aubree at Adumb's while he's watching Paislee. Her interactions with Paislee are few and far between because Adumb's interactions with his children are rare. But I do hope she did get over her beef with Taylor for Aubs because she loves her sister.

Kail is a cow. So I guess she plans on ignoring the kid whenever she sees her. Lovely. Then we have Jo who loves on Lincoln whenever he sees him. I can see Jo and Vee as the type to get a small gift for Lincoln on his birthday and at Christmas. But Hulk Kail probably wouldn't approve and throw the gift at Javi.

I kind of feel like Chelsea's "Paislee doesn't count" feelings and comments were more about the fact that Adam barely watched Aubree, let alone actually raised Paislee, and at the same time. She knew it was likely Paislee and Aubree would hardly ever see each other, judging from Adam's general deadbeat dumbassery. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure she was also jealous and annoyed, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for not thinking Paislee would "count" as Aubree's sister, since Adam could have had god knows how many kids here and there without seeing much of any of them.

I agree with dem dark nipples (and really need to work that phrase into my day to day life!) I always gathered that with Chelsea, she felt it would be her chasing down Taylor(?) and arranging her seeing her half sibling, not Adumb actually having his kids around and them growing up together. Before he got snipped, she may have been like fuck it over the idea of her having to round up all these baby mamas and half siblings who would appear and disappear from Aubree's life. With Karl, she's just a jealous, vindictive bitch who's mad Joe is over her. Barring some kind of dramatic personality change, Joe will continue to be actively involved so I see all his kids hanging out. I don't see things going so smoothly when Karl and her punching bag split up.

I can't watch the video either. But I can not wait to see Kail lose her shit when Isaac comes home from Jo's house gushing about his baby sister. Which he will do. And you're right Kail. They are a completely separate family. But they are also Isaac's family.

I have a feeling she will definitely start going a special level of crazy once the baby is out and Jo is talking about her. I can see it now...Kail will go crazy saying Jo doesn't have time for Isaac anymore so she needs him full time with no custody for him, period. AND she'll see one picture of Isaac and the new baby, throw out a bunch of slander and carry on how it isn't a real sibling or something. Nah, it's not like Jo or Vee would be decent parents and a stable, non-heading shaking environment, perhaps? I see her also trying for trap baby #3, just to have the kid in spite of Jo, not because she wants the kid. And that's sad. Maybe she'll complete it with "Well we weren't preventing it" nonsense again.

She's already tried to spite Jo and Vee after they announced they were having a girl. Almost immediately afterwards, Kail posted a video in which Isaac asked her---supposedly of his own free will---for a little brother. Never mind that a couple years ago, she posted a video in which Isaac asked for a baby sister.

Kail isn't upset about this for Isaac's sake. She'll go on and on about how Jo having a baby with Vee isn't fair for Issac and how now he doesn't have time for his son anymore, but this isn't about Isaac at all. Kail is just upset that Jo is completely, 100% over her. He's been over her for years, but now that he's having a baby with Vee, it's just more permanent now. It's kind of like when Amber freaked out over Kristina's pregnancy because it meant that Amber and Gary were done for good. Except Amber's freak out was sort of sad. Kail's is just pathetic. Get over it already.

@Catelynn's I kinda wish Nathan would knock up someone else just to see Jenelle lose her shit but 1. He's already done that 2. No more kids deserve him as a parent 3. Jenelle would take him back the nanosecond after he says 'i'm sorry'.

What does Jo do for a living? I get the feeling that his music career hasn't exactly skyrocketed him into fame and fortune.
He seems like an okay guy, although he was manipulative of Kail when they were together (or sort-of together) and the dude strongly resembles an iguana, but he can't help that.

I have a feeling we'll get a lot of sanctimonious side eyes from Kail about how Jo and Vee aren't married since she did the courthouse wedding before getting knocked up so "technically" she did everything right, in her mind. Nevermind the fact that she looked like an albino orca at an 8th grade dance at her actual wedding, which was appropriately at an aquarium. Tattoos fucking everywhere, braces out the wazoo and 8 months pregnant. Radiant.

Nothing ain't good enough for Kailsaurus

I'm rewatching season five of TM2 and Kail is so deeply unpleasant and plain rude. The way she disses Jo and demeans Javi by calling him mean names makes me uncomfortable. I was beginning to think maybe folks were being hard on her, but now I remember why people feel the way they do.

You'd think she'd have at least SOME interest in her son's sister because,'s her son's sister! Jesus. My husband's ex-wife has always shown interest in my son and loves him because he is the brother of her children. She comes to his birthdays and buys him gifts. On the flip side my son he has always shown interest in her because she is the lady that raises his brother and sister half the time. Kail says they are two separate families but, trust me, I know from experience that they're not. They're called BLENDED families for a reason. While there is somewhat of a distinction between both sides, they are irreversibly and intimately connected. This is something me, my husband's ex-wife, and millions of other women have had to come to terms with. It's the same god damned family, whether she likes it or not. So STFU Kail and get over yourself.

This is what confuses me because Kail made half an attempt to finally fucking meet Vee last season and they all seemed to be on somewhat good terms considering it's Kail and no one got thrown through a wall. But now she's behaving as if, in her mind, Vee's still the dangerous pot smoking maniac Kail was so paranoid about years ago. I'd love to know what the fuck happened aside from Vee having the audacity to gestate a fetus with a vagina.

"Dangerous pot smoking maniac" made me laugh.

She's genuinely such a miserable person. Nothing makes her happy, nothing ever will. Any situation that would make a regular person slightly uncomfortable but still be able to push those feelings aside and behave like they have some compassion, consideration and manners, Kail just hits the ground running with and NEVER fails to be a grumpy bitch about it. I cannot stand people who choose misery and unhappiness when they have so much to be thankful and ecstatic about. It must be absolutely exhausting to be around her.

Has MTV commented on this at all? I almost stopped watching Teen Mom after the last issue with Jenelle and the dogs, and I think I might after this. MTV is giving her a platform to continue behaving poorly and giving her a paycheck for it. Jenelle is abusive on camera, so just imagine what she is like when the camera isn't around. I am so disgusted by this.

I don't know if there's anyone in this world I want to throat punch/vagina kick more than Jenelle. And then her stupid little minions going on and on supporting her saying how if her dog was hurt he wouldn't keep going after it and she did nothing wrong. Ugh.....I don't even have pets and I can't imagine letting a dog do this!

Yeah, big dumb dogs with shit for brains owners usually go at things pretty doggedly (see what I did there?) until their lower jaws get blown off. That's how that works. Jenelle's just an indignant ass hat who assumes that since the dog wasn't injured everything is fine. What Kaiser must be put through on a semi-weekly basis whenever he's not with Doris (and even when he is) must be atrocious.

After abusing your dog with fireworks, nothing better than sitting back and having a smoke, right Jenelle?

(Instagram photo of Jenelle promoting a weed head shop. At least she is a more appropriate spokesperson for this than all those fitness products she tries to sell)

Thanks for the promo tip.

She and Amber can get together and talk about how sober they're not over some blunts and wine.

Only Jenelle would be stupid enough to sell a fake ass story about her "sobriety" then later on the same day tweet about her sweet new online bong shop...

Leave Jenelle alooooone! Weed ain't illegal, not really or it shouldn't be and anyone who says she isn't sober is a mean hater bully.
(Sarcasm intended.)

Dudes: Mackenzie's latest tweet:

"Horribly exhausting trip. There goes Josh. Over false information *cryface*"

I love these bitches who act like vivid video isn't a business that has (what I'd imagine to be) a heft legal department that would certainly inform their PR team if they were doing/saying illegal shit. This isn't the Miami OK Facebook page, for God's sake! We know you had your titties done and got railed on film!

And then next week they'll be back together and "stronger than ever by the grace of God."

Addendum: new tweet is some anti-bullying thing with a picture of her. She doesn't look too broken up.

"Stronger by the grace of that IUD I flushed without telling Josh so we can expand our faaaamily before my uterus turns into a pumpkin."

But guuuuuys! Jenelle went to church last Sunday. She has totally chaaaaaanged! She and Jesus fist bump and light up joints together now.

Don't you remember when Jesus threw those asshole's change jars? Plus, if you can turn water into wine imagine what he could do with fresh herbs!

Jesus wept and cried, "Leave me alooooooone!"


Has MTV issued a statement about this? MTV is giving her a platform to continue acting terribly and she knows she will keep getting a paycheck. Wasn't there just a football player that hurt his hand because of a firework and he lost a contract? How is it that Jenelle tells her dog to fetch a fire work, doesn't have the common decency to put her dog in the house if he is trying to attack fire works, and she is still being put on tv? It's mind blowing to me

Jenelle is just a repugnant waste of oxygen. She wished death on those in the military, she shoves her toddler's face into a cake and she abuses her animals. I don't have enough words to express how much I dislike her. Please let MTV pull the plug on this c*nt.

To be fair, she didn't wish death on the military, just to one particular person from the military. And I'm not going to give her to much shit for that because they're are a few people in the military that I think the world would be far better without. I was assaulted by someone who was active duty and I can't lie and say I don't wish that he died in combat, because I wish he did. Just because someone's in the military doesn't automatically make them a good person. I say this as a child of a veteran.

Thank you for having the balls to say this. My ex-husband was in the military, and he was a liar, cheater, and generally treated me like shit. When I finally had enough and told him I was divorcing him, he pulled a loaded gun on me and without saying the exact words, said he was going to kill me. In the moment I thought I was going to die, so I came right out and said, "I wish you had died in combat". When Jenelle's incident came out, I felt bad for having said the same words she had and still feeling the same way. I would never feel that way about someone lightly (he is the only person I have actually wished they had died) and it sounds like you are the same way. I would never say that to someone lightly and Jenelle using it hatefully just to provoke someone in an arguement is awful. But yeah, not all people in the military are great people. I'm sorry you went through what you did and wanted to say you are not alone in your feelings.

Grandma Sandy with a pipe. I just left my military man of 10 years because of the way he treated me. I have a order of protection because he was emotionally verbally and physically abusive. I have said the same thing because of how he treated me. The military does some shit to people.

But to me there's a difference in wishing it on someone who has actually done something to make you feel that way and just saying it to be a spiteful sociopathic cuntface.

So, I won't put on my veteran hat and speak for everyone (because I will speak for everyone in saying we hate that shit lol) but Jennelle really didn't bother me with her bullshit, because I'd have to give her opinion some kind of weight. I met some awesome people in the military, and some shitty ones. Met some awesome spouses, and some shitty ones. I can say I had a job I loved that involved putting warheads on foreheads, but never shit in a bathtub, so there!

OT but did anyone see the ridiculous "breastfeeding" picture Nikkole posted on her instagram?

Yes! I actually thought it was kind of sweet. Except, of course, that it's Nikkole. But poor, adorable baby Ellie can't help that!

She's competing with Clouse for baby girl spam and breastfeeding mother of the year. Dumb fuckers. Just look after your babies without broadcasting it. FFS.

Looks like Chelsea finally grew up. I'm unusually happy and proud about this scene. It's awesome the two can come together for their girls and make sure Adam isn't fucking shit up.

He is INSANE to think he'll get 50/50 of both of his kids!??! OKAAAY Adumb. wtf?! He isn't a bad dad when he has them, but there's more to fathering than he thinks.

I'm glad to see Chelsea is maturing. I hope she and Taylor remain amicable and united for Aubree and Paislee.

I wouldn't want my children to have unsupervised visitation with Adumb.

Have you guys seen the latest about Mack's "sex tape?" She explained to The Ashley what happened - someone stole her phone that had videos on it and sent them to Vivid. :/ Whatever, Mack!

LOLOLOLOLZ pretty sure when it's "leaked" we can definitely tell the difference between a cell phone love story or a fucking professional. ADMIT THE SHIT BITCHES like yes people will still judge you, but we are judging more because you can't admit the shit.

Jawwwwsh! Sign off on this fuck tape for our faaaammmmmmmmily!

Likely story dude.

The thing I never understand with these girls is if you're going to lie, at least make it a plausible lie!

Sorry Mack but no one is going to believe that your phone was stolen and that you're suing Vivid, when The Ashley debunks your lies in this article, and the previous article about the tape. Why can't she and Farrah just own what they did, "Yes, I did sell a porn tape to make money and get exposure" instead of trying to lead everyone up the garden path with these stupid lies.

Seeing as how that's illegal and Vivid likes to keep their noses clean, I'm calling backdoor bullshit.

Seriously. Vivid is about as legit as you get in the porn industry. They don't fuck around (ironically) and have a very active and very aggressive legal team. NO WAY in hell would they release a video they didn't have explicit rights to.

Vivid: We Don't Fuck Around! I like it :-)

But she miraculously has her phone back now? Whatever Mack. You saw an opportunity and ran with it. You made loooooooove with Jawsh while he was loving your new titties and you want to show them off. Just admit it.

I hear Josh Duggar has a copy pre-ordered considering Mack looks about 14, her husband is IMPRESSIVELY stupid and probably thinks dinosaurs still walk the earth high fiving Jesus like the rest of the Duggar family.

Jenelle got in an accident but of course it's not her fault

I don't believe her.

"Police reportedly decided the man couldn't be held at fault for the incident because it occurred on private property and no one was hurt."

She's claiming the guy was driving like an idiot, followed her, tail gated her, rammed into her car, told her she deserves to die because she cut him off and his wife almost hit her. And yet nothing happened to the guy and the cops left? It's almost as if her entire story is bullshit, as always.

I tried to stay out of the complaining about the new writers here and stuff, and it looks like the criticism has toned down but I'm sorry, I have to ask. Why are there so many new writers yet still so few articles?

There was a lot of feedback about the amount of articles being posted. The general consensus was that readers liked a chance to discuss before a new article was posted. And news has been relatively slow. Especially waiting for the Teen Mom 2 premiere. It's been picking up though. Researching, schedules, etc, play a part too. There might be more writers but doesn't mean we aren't all busy with life. Lol

3 articles a day is too much, one article every 3 days is too little. There's a balance. Megan alone had time to post more frequently than three times a week. Nothing against you Girlses, at least you're a good writer, but I mean it's just kind of a pain and I wish the writers would communicate and work something out maybe. There's gotta be at least seven writers, so you could each have an assigned day where you post an article on any teen mom updates for that day. Just a suggestion. I love this site but I'm having to go onto the teen mom tumblrs more and more often because of the lack of news on here. And I hate the tumblrs because they put excessive hate on some girls and suck up to others, i have to sift through tons of bullshit before I find legit bits of information. I like my articles from a good neutral standpoint and leave it to the comments for people to state opinions. Teen mom junkies had a good thing going but the writers should really try to work out some kind of schedule. Keep up the good work Girlses, I enjoy your articles but I would just like more of them!

So it's been about four or five days since that video was uploaded -- have the cops completely given up on knocking at her door? Is that how this works? No citations, no nothing?