Dejesus Daddy Drama

Brittany Dejesus

And it didn't involve the throwing of vases or shoes.


Briana's sister, Brittany, had a major bombshell dropped on her during last night's VH1's Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. Since Briana's 16 & Pregnant episode and, later, Teen Mom 3 aired, it was evident that Briana and Brittany's mother, Roxanne, favored Briana. This caused a lot of tension between the Dejesus women and Brittany didn't shy away from saying that Briana was obviously babied and spoiled. In a previous episode [video], behavioral profiler, Janine Driver, analyzed childhood photos of Briana and Brittany.

Driver noted that Briana was always in the middle of Roxanne and Brittany with the latter being "pushed" to the side. Of course, Brittany isn't surprised by this revelation but reality seems to hit Briana.

Driver also commented on the girls' posture. "Your head is literally on a platter, " Driver tells Briana. "Your sister is just pulled in right here."

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.58.19 PMPhotos: VH1

In a second, more recent photo, you can clearly see the similarities; right down to Briana placing her head on a platter. Driver says that not only did Roxanne treat the girls as "tough sister" and "cutesy, goody two shoes sister" but they had accepted that as their identity.

But, why would Roxanne treat Brittany and Briana differently? It might have to do with the fact that Brittany has a different father. Now, honestly, show of hands, who saw that coming?


Immediately, Brittany guesses the truth before her mother says anything. After Roxanne reveals that Brittany's father isn't her father, Brittany becomes emotional and leaves with Dr. Jenn (and the cameras) following close behind. Breaking down, Brittany pleads for the cameras to leave and that she needs space. Meanwhile, Briana is consoling a distraught Roxanne and asks who Brittany's dad was. Roxanne replies with "he's dead" and Briana bursts into tears.

When Briana tries to leave, Roxanne stops her and reveals that Roxanne met Briana's father when Brittany was one. Briana leaves to comfort her sister and precedes to tell her what she just learned. Which, in my opinion, Briana shouldn't have been the one to tell her.

That was something that Roxanne needed to do. Roxanne tells Brittany she was just trying to protect her and her dad now was still her dad.

Brittany becomes even more upset and storms off. If you want to see the entire clip check it out here: Brittany and Briana Find Out The Horrifying Truth.

Obviously, this was filmed months ago. The family has had time work through this. Both Brittany and Briana stated on Twitter that they would not be watching this particular episode.

However, Brittany did share this picture of her and her father. There hasn't been anymore information given about who he is or what happened to him. Maybe we will find out more on Family Therapy.IMG_0876

Questions for Discussion:

Do you believe Briana is favored because Brittany has a different father?

Should Roxanne have kept this secret for as long as she did?

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I watched the scene and I was really confused. I felt so bad for Brittany. What a shitty way to learn that about yourself. I was kind of confused by Brianna's reaction. The way she was crying you'd think it was her that had the different dad. I felt that she was trying to make the situation about herself. And why didn't Roxanne go comfort Brittany? She went to comfort Brianna. Again it was proof Brittany that had the revelation not Brianna. That whole family is so messed up. Then Roxanne was like your dad raised you he loved you. So where the hell is he? Didn't she throw him out of her life. I guess she did the same to both dads?

I thought the same about Roxanne comforting briana. What a POS mother.

POS mother indeed. I hope that from nom on she sets some kind of healthy boundaries with her daugthers.

Roxanne should have told both of them. Only a sociopath would treat 2 daughters differently because they have different dads. It's still your child no matter what.

My sister is the same. She hates her oldest child's father, and tends to favor the youngest, who's father is her current hubby. All of the family sees it and tries to help, but we can't really do much. The thing is, the oldest thinks that they both have the same father. I have a feeling when she finds out, she's gonna disown them. It's am awful thing and I kind of hate my sister for it. But it's like the Brittany briana thing, cuz all it does it hurts the youngest. My oldest niece is smart and popular and loved by everyone, while the youngest is a brat who no one can really stand. But I agree with you, it's your child no matter what

I found out at 20 iam now 24 that my sister didnt have the same dad as me everyone including my sister knew this
I cried when i found out because i was hurting for her i wasnt trying to make the situation about myself so i can see
Why briana cried its tough to deal with, i also found out my mom was pregnant with my sister when she met my father
Once my mom had my sister my father adopted her. And my oldest sister ( i have 3) she treated me and my sister very diffirently because our father was in our lives But. Either way a last name doesnt make a sister a sister or a brother a brother love does!

I wonder if Roxanne had a bad issue with Brittany's father and takes it out on brittany. But didn't she have an issue with brianas dad too? Either way, it's not only shitty to tell them this late in life after blatantly playing favorites, but to do it on television? What is wrong with that lady? I hope brittany will end up ok after this.

I wonder whos last name both girls have... Hers???

I've ready somewhere that DeJesus isn't any of their real last names. I'm not sure if that's just some internet rumor or what.

I think the way Roxanne went about this is really shitty. My sisters have a different dad than me, my mum was always honest and it's never been a big deal before. I hope Briana's tears were because of the shock and betrayal... But who knows with this girl? Roxanne's main priority should of been Brittany at this point.

I saw the clip where Roxanne tells Brittany that daddy is not your daddy this morning and WOW. Who does that to her own daughter ... and on TV !

I hope she's happy with the 15 minutes of fame she got out of it ?

That was really sad. I honestly think Briana was crying cause she was in pain over her sister. The mom is a kook. A lot of us already knew including brittany it's so dumb she hid it that long. Briana has had her moments but both girls look gorgeous I have to say.

That's how I took her reaction too.

Next week on Maury : Is Roxanne Brianna's mother ? The results are in !

God, what a mess. I feel bad for those girls. Also, is it just me, or does Roxy kind of resemble the evil witch from Tangled, Mother Goethel? Or whatever her name was.


Yes, she most certainly does

Apparently our poor down-voter never had a dream.... ;)

So who is the guy in the picture that Brit posted on insta? Is that her biological father or the man who raised her?

I'm guessing her biological father. Her mom said she didn't meet her stepdad until Brittany was one. She looks about 3-4 months in this picture.


If there was ever a reason for a daughter to be mad at her mother this is definitely one of the reasons. Roxanne needs to sit and spin in her own shame. No wonder Roxanne treated Brit like a fucking outcast her whole life, she couldn't face the shame of what she was doing to her own daughter. Ugh, Roxanne is a monster.

This episode was hard to watch. Who keeps this big of a secret from their kids for so long and reveals it on national television? I felt really bad for Brittany, especially when her mom was all "you can't be mad at me blah blah". Bitch, now is not the time to make this about you, you just dropped a huge bomb on this poor girl.
Edit to add- I think their mom favoring Briana has something to do with Brittany's father, maybe there is more going on there.

I just wanted to say thank you tmj for telling me i " can still watch for free by creating a mtv account!
Im only on episode 2... Lol

Kail yelling at jo about asics apprance is a bit much lol

Dejesus God Leah...bad segue into this I know. Leah says MTV is giving her a terrible edit AGAIN. The Jermy dinner where she flirted with him:

"Leah wrote that because the show cut out everything on Jeremy's side," an industry source tells PEOPLE. "He was the one who was begging her to come back and to give him another chance. He was the one that coordinated the date and to try to make it work."

"The show was edited to make it seem like she was the one doing it and didn't show anything about Jeremy, and she wanted to set the record straight,"

Then why was she crying, how does she keep up with all these lies?

That's horrible of Roxanne. To leave it that long to tell her, and so it on TV. My eldest's dad died when he was 7 weeks old, I met my now-husband when he was 1. He's always known about his real dad, and calls my husband dad too. I can't imagine keeping it a secret.

I feel bad for brittany. Even if her dad was a loser and dead, she deserves to know. .

How shitty of Roxanne. No matter the issues Britt's dad may have had as a person, she deserved to know who he was. So is Britt 2 years older than Briana? I'm not sure they ever mentioned the exact difference on TM3 and I'm not watching this family therapy show.

Maybe I'm being dumb but what is this quote from Driver "your head is literally on a platter"? Is that referring to the girls' poses in the picture below the quote? "Your sister is just pulled in right there." These quotes just sound odd to me for some reason.

yeah me neither

I get that Roxanne didn't tell them when they had a father in their lives and were probably too little to understand. But as soon as they were old enough, they deserved to know. What a giant bitch

Ugh not these attention whores. Has anyone on here actually watched it? ?? I know the writers kind of have to, but I couldn't sit through 5 min of that fake show.

wow, even reading that was difficult, dont think i will watch the clip.

I feel for Brittany, thats a terrible thing to find out with cameras in your face. What ever happened to dealing with things privately and with a bit of dignity? The family could have had private therapy sessions, not ones that were taped for strangers to watch.