16 & Pregnant Season 3 Update Post


Hey - if you're new here, welcome aboard! We're revisiting the girls from the 16 & Pregnant franchise and giving readers an update on what's going on in their lives since MTV finished up with them.

If you're interested in viewing any of the past posts, you can find our updates by clicking the following links:

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Moving on to season 3. This season featured 10 girls, and story lines that welcomed the youngest 16 & Pregnant girl, drug addiction, arrests, and other utterly atrocious situations to raise babies in.

1. Jordan Ward-Finder

jordan ward

Jordan's story was the first to be shown to us on season 3. It had been a little bit of a break, and she had a huge number of viewers. Jordan struggled to balance time between her boyfriend Brian and her twin sister, Jessica. Eventually, both of them were allowed in the delivery room when Jordan gave birth to her son, Noah. After filming was over, Jordan admitted that it was difficult for her to see Jessica living a normal teenage life, while she was stuck at home dealing with raising a child. Jordan and Brian married shortly after the birth of Noah and moved to California to pursue Brian's career in the Air Force.

The couple went on to conceive again very shortly after. In November of 2011, Jordan gave birth to her second child, a daughter, named Arri Monroe. Brian and Jordan moved again - this time to Texas, where they lived for a few years, but are now in the process of moving back to the Saint Louis, Missouri area.

There have been rumors flying that Jordan and Brian's marriage is on the rocks, but we're unsure of whether or not this is actually true.

A source close to the couple confirms that there is trouble in paradise, but Jordan's twin has spoken out recently stating that the marriage is perfectly fine.

Speaking of Jordan's twin - she is also married now and expecting her first child in December.

jordan ward update

2. Jennifer Del Rio


Jennifer was the second girl from the franchise to welcome twins. She and boyfriend, Josh, struggled with a relationship that wasn't approved by Jennifer's parents. When the couple got engaged, Jennifer's parents were pretty ticked off because he didn't treat her very well. Jennifer and Josh welcomed their boys, Joshua Jr. and Noah, in October of 2010. Sadly, things went down hill pretty quickly, even though Jennifer agreed to give the babies Josh's last name. Josh and Jennifer got into a physical altercation, which resulted in Jennifer being picked up and thrown out of the van that Josh was driving. He then sped off down the road.

Jennifer and Josh tried to make things work, but just couldn't, and called it quits. Jennifer briefly moved to Chicago because she was afraid to how Josh was acting. She then moved back home and was awarded sole custody of the twins. Jennifer later found love in a guy named Luis Gutierrez, and the couple had only been dating for a couple of months before they got married.

They then (in true 16 & Pregnant fashion) went on to get pregnant again and welcomed baby Sebastian into the world in April of 2014. Jennifer and Luis are still married and seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping their issues off of social media.

Jennifer has deleted all forms of public social media, although she does have a private Facebook account.

She works as an independent business owner and rents out inflatable rides or bounce houses for birthday parties or events, while her husband is a mechanic from what we're told.


3. Jamie McKay


Jamie dealt with a pretty crappy boyfriend on her episode of 16 & Pregnant, and her episode ended with her sitting down with Ryan saying that she would be taking him to court to handle their custody issues. Ryan had showed up pretty late and hungover to the birth of their daughter, Miah, and it was hard for Jamie and her mother to think that he would ever make a good father. Surprisingly, it seems like the couple has sorted out their issues.

In 2012, Jamie and Ryan got pregnant again but chose to have an abortion. She laid low for a while, but eventually conceived for a third time, and the couple welcomed a son in October of 2014 whom they named Mason.

Ryan and Jamie are still together - and they're one of the only couple's from the franchise to stay together.

Jamie and Ryan are still working on smoothing things over with Jamie's mother, but an inside source reveals that they are working on making sure that there isn't drama around the children.


4. Danielle Cunningham


A party girl and her boyfriend, Jamie, got pregnant and ended up welcoming their son Jamie Jr. into a crazy world. Danielle struggled to mend her relationship with her mother, but couldn't handle the initial pressure of being a mother. Danielle was reported to leave her son with her mother for several days or weeks at a time, and admitted to experimenting with heroin and becoming addicted.

She reached out to Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, for advice, which later went public and caused a lot of public drama that neither girl needed. Danielle and Jamie ended up conceiving again and welcoming a daughter named Jayleigh in June of 2013.

Danielle has since seemed to turn things around and has stepped up more as a mother this time, but still gets into some Twitter drama on occasion due to smoking pot while her kids are napping in the other room, or being an activist for marijuana usage in general.

Danielle and Jamie have since broken up, and we're not sure what he's up to these days anyway.


5. Cleondra Carter


Cleondra and Mario struggled to make a relationship work and the two couldn't decide where to live on their episode of 16 & Pregnant. After welcoming daughter, Kylee Sue, things didn't get any better. Mario wanted to raise the baby at his house, which was less crowded, but Cleondra wanted to raise Kylee at her house with the help of her family. After cameras stopped filming, these two got into an argument which resulted in some domestic violence charges. They worked through issues, and later got a place of their own, but couldn't make a relationship work and eventually broke up.

The couple was splitting custody of Kylee, but Mario took Cleondra to court last year and was awarded full custody of their daughter after allegations that Cleondra was sleeping with boyfriends while her daughter was in the same bed. Cleondra was upset, and fought to regain custody.

Eventually the couple settled on 50/50 custody.

Cleondra became pregnant again by a guy named Michael and the couple welcomed their son, Adrian Eli, on July 8th or 2015. (If you're keeping track, that's 5 out of 5 girls so far this season that have had a second baby.)


6. Kayla Jackson


Kayla is probably most well known as the girl that struggled with an eating disorder on her episode. Kayla openly struggled with body image issues, and her boyfriend, Michael, did his best to help her overcome the issues. Kayla gave birth to her son, Preston, via C-Section, and struggled to maintain a relationship with Michael and her mother, while still balancing motherhood. Kayla eventually moved out, and she and Michael broke up.

Kayla admitted that Michael was an excellent father to Preston, but that she didn't want to feel like she had to be with him simply because they had a child together. Kayla was living with her friend on the update episode, and Michael was living there as well, even though they were broken up.

Kayla and Michael did rekindle their relationship at some point, and were briefly engaged, but called it off before a wedding could happen.

Kayla has since spoken out about how being on 16 & Pregnant was a poor choice at that point in her life, and how the show exploits teenage girls who are in need of support during such a rough point in their lives.

She still always admits that Michael is an excellent father to Preston, and it seems like the couple is friendly and co-parents very well.


7. Izabella Tovar


Izabella and boyfriend, Jairo, struggled with letting down their strict Catholic parents and hiding a pregnancy from friends for nearly 8 months on their episode of 16 & Pregnant. They ended up welcoming their son, Enrique, who they later named "Henry" on their episode. Izabella and Jairo became engaged, and Izabella enrolled in college in Utah where she was ahead of schedule to graduate. They then shocked fans when they called off their wedding date, but remained engaged.

We later found out that this was due to the fact that Izabella was pregnant again with a baby that she and Jairo claim to have planned. The couple welcomed their second child, a girl, Anastazia Emily (nicknamed Anya) in November of 2014.

Izabella has used her 16 & Pregnant fame to become a style/brand representative and to get discounts on clothing for her children in exchange for publicity on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

She briefly had a blog which featured the stories of other teenage mothers, but hasn't updated it in quite a while. She's still very active on social media accounts, and updates fans frequently on the happenings of her life.


8. Kianna Randall


Oh Kianna. Kianna and boyfriend Zak (who was 15 at the time) ended up welcoming their son, Kay'den on their episode of 16 & Pregnant. They both had absent fathers, and contemplated adoption, but ended up going through with parenting their son. Kianna and Zak struggled with parenting and the lifestyle change that comes along with a baby. On the catch up special, Kianna revealed that Zak had gotten arrested, and would be locked up for quite a while.

At this point, Zak's mother was helping out and Kianna was planning on waiting for Zak's release so that they could be a family again. Kianna also was arrested a couple of times for charges such as theft and alluding. Kianna and Zak finally broke up in 2013, but it seems like Kianna still wanted something that wasn't quite happening.

Kianna later met some guy named Eric Lee, and in 2015 they supposedly got married.

As far as we know, Kianna isn't pregnant again, although she has been hinting at lots of things on social media for quite a while. Only time will tell with this one.


9. Taylor Lumas


Taylor was the youngest girl ever featured on 16 & Pregnant. She was barely 14 when she got pregnant, and barely 15 when her daughter, Aubri, was born. Taylor and Nathan struggled with deciding whether to choose adoption, which was her mother's request, or to parent even though neither of the parents-to-be were old enough to legally get jobs. Taylor and Nathan chose to parent Aubri, but Taylor quickly realized that Nathan wasn't cut out to be a dad and the two broke up.

Taylor struggled with dropping out of real high school for virtual schooling, and later returned to the mainstream way of things while her mother watched Aubri during the day. Taylor ended up graduating on time with her class, and was accepted into a great nursing program in the state of Ohio.

She and Nathan share custody of Aubri, and it seems like they're doing well at co-parenting.

Last we knew, Taylor was dating a guy named Bryan who was a bit older than her and had a son of his own. We're unsure of whether or not they're still together today.


10. Allie Mendoza


Allie and boyfriend, Joey, didn't know what to do when they ended up pregnant. Allie's dad kicked her out, and Joey's mom was a drug addict. They ended up moving in with Joey's grandmother shortly before they welcomed their son, Aydenn Anthony, into the world. Sadly, Joey wasn't helping as much as Allie would like, and the couple broke up. Allie finished high school in Pasadena, and then moved out to New Jersey to live with her mom again. Once in Jersey, Allie began dating, and dealt with a lot of backlash from Joey's mother online. Allie was awarded full custody of Aydenn, and it seems like Joey has only seen him once since Allie moved away.

Allie settled down with a guy named Paul for a while, and they had couples tattoos and everything, but things went south. She is now dating a guy named Chris. The couple announced that they were expecting back in August of 2014, but it was later revealed exclusively to us that Allie had suffered a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy.

Shortly after the pregnancy announcement and miscarriage, Allie removed herself from all forms of social media, and I haven't been able to find her since. Chris and Allie have reportedly been struggling with fertility and are still trying for a child together.

They are working on college degrees, and Allie works as a certified preschool teacher.

She's been recognized for her great work ethic at the preschool and throughout the state, so it seems like she's found a niche that she does well in.



Wasn't Zak the one arrested for raping a minor recently?

Yep. He's such a catch.

Here's to hoping Kianna still isn't pining for him now.

I've always held out hope that Jennifer would rename her son something else other than Josh Jr... I can't imagine she calls him that. I wonder what people do call him.

That's the first thing I thought, too. I'd start calling him by his middle name or something because his bio-dad is a twat and a half.

It's too bad MTV did not do a new teen mom for this season of 16 and pregnant. There are a few girls I wouldn't have minded seing a bit more of like Jordan Izabella, Taylor and Jennifer.

Last I Hurd all the girls they picked for a teen mom spin off got pregnant again so they ended up canceling the whole thing cause at that time getting pregnant a second time was unacceptable.wow have the times changed.

hahaha your avatar is amazing.

Why thank you Rae :)

So. Many. Second. Babies.
I'm so so glad that Taylor is going well. She seemed to come from less than perfect upbringing and the odds were so stacked against her.
I always felt that Jenifer and Josh could've worked out ok if her parents had backed off. They just hated the guy.
Izabella is beautiful. But fuck she annoyed me. Why she chose to hide her pregnancy from her friends when her parents knew, stumps me. She didn't mind having unprotected sex! And shouldn't her parents have been her big worry? Not her friends?

Well, her parents are okay financially supporting her two kids (because I'm positive that Izabelle and Jairo aren't capable of doing it by themselves). So maybe it was a good call letting them know about her first pregnancy first and foremost.

If I'm not mistaken, Jairo works full time and while they live with Izabella's parents, they do pay rent.
Izabella's parents probably pay for hey school tuition and Henry's school tuition too but I think apart from that, Izabella and Jairo pay for everything else.

Yeeeeeah, I remember reading that Jairo and Izabella pay a few hundred dollars a month as rent. Which I'm sure is standard rent in some area for certain sized apartments. But I doubt Izabella would be able to afford the pretty cushy lifestyle she leads without the support she has. I also read somewhere earlier this year that Izabella's parents have filed for bankruptcy before. So if they're struggling to keep their heads above water, the situation is just odd.

Well obviously she had to tell them. But she was so worried about her good catholic friends knowing but ok with telling her parents? Teenage me would've been shitting my pants about telling mummy and daddy and have all my BFFs support to do it. She was spoiled.

Many people here critisize her for living with her parents, but I think her kids Henry and Anastzia (or however they managed to misspell that name) will have the best and most stable childhood out of that batch of girls.
I cannot imagine living with my parents for that long, but if it works for them, good for her. Also I really liked how her parents defended her and Jairo against that know it all uncle. He was all "let them flip burgers!" while the parents insisted that education is key.
I see that Izabella is spoiled, but so is chelsea h and people here love her while Izabella is berated for living on her parents' dime.

Buuuuut, Chelsea hasn't had a second child on her parents dime. And she's qualified at something now. Izabella is just spending her parents money to film her second baby's birth. Education is clearly working there.

Remember that she was a Catholic girl in Mormon-Central Utah. That's like the two churches I would least like to have to deal with a teen pregnancy around. Not dissing Catholics or Mormons (hell I'm an inactive Mormon, myself) but I know the Mormon church tends to lean towards adopting the child out and I have little to no experience within the Catholic church other than I'm pretty sure they frown upon unwed mothers.

in my experience, in the western European, super Catholic community in Canada that I live in and come from, teen pregnancy usually has two outcomes: the girl has an abortion and only her parents know, maybe the boyfriend, and then she plays virgin until marriage OR a shotgun wedding and the couple usually live in one of the in-laws basements, which seems to be what Izabella and Jairo have done. Like I said, that's just my experience from what I saw and heard growing up here, but it could be different other places!

I know a few girls who got pregnant, only told their parents, and disappeared from school until they emerged with a baby months later. It wasn't unheard of here and I'm 24, its not like I was in high school 35 years ago

I grew up in the Bible belt in the southern US. Here, they just say, "bless your heart" and then talk shit behind your back if you get knocked up at a time they decide is inappropriate, haha.

I am in the Bible Belt as well (Texas). The town I grew up in (10 miles from where I am now) had a population of roughly 600....I think the number on the city limit sign was 602 growing up & there were 9 active churches and one that met infrequently (idk how often) and one that was abandoned. It was full of judgemental asshats. Now, it's half drug addicts and half judgemental asshats. The town I am in now isn't much better.

'Bless your heart" is the verbal stink eye in the south lol.

Lol. You forgot to mention that Allie set up a Go Fund Me page asking people to buy her and her boyfriend a house and didn't earn a single donation. Self entitlement at its finest.

She's trying to be 'wholesome'...leave her alone. HAHAHA!! ?

I remember Jennifer pounding the shit out of her baby daddy on the side of the road before he picked her up and moved her out of the way. Not that he's off the hook; I thought he was a dick and she was crazy and feel bad for their kiddos. Feel bad for both Jordan and her hubby, especially him. I was at DLI and it is hard as hell and really sucks. I'm guessing he got out after being stationed in San Antonio, although he may have just pcs'd there. NSA HQ is in St Louis, so he could be assigned there as military or a contractor with his linguist job.

I heard that the reason Jennifer fled to Chicago was because Josh had been granted visitation and she didn't want to give it to him. Her parents gave me a weird vibe. I felt like they believed she could do no wrong, and reinforced that belief by helping her take the kids to Chicago.

So Jennifer and Karl are probably brunch buddies?

Her parents gave me major Mafia vibes. When they came home and told her mom they were engaged, her mom pulled this weird, "Now I have to tell my husband when he gets home that you've proposed to our daughter" intimidation act. Jennifer seemed spoiled as hell and beyond entitled but she seemed way more stable than Josh. That guy was a dick.

Now I'm just picturing Goodfellas lol "Dr. Melfi tells us you're half Jewish." "Only the good half!" I apologize Rae, I've been drinking and am done with homework.

Oh, without a doubt, Josh sucked big-time. But I hated how Jennifer's parents more or less held him solely responsible for the pregnancy. I'm surprised they didn't accuse him of forcing himself on Jennifer or something. They were also real dicks to his parents, who were seemingly nice people who just wanted to help out whatever way they could. Maybe I'm not remembering it right. Everybody in that episode had problems.

I remember Jennifer's dad on the reunion show getting upset with Dr. Drew for asking him a question about Jennifer (something like if she had been put on birth control or something like that). The guy more or less defended his daughter's shitty decision making, and I think he got mad at Drew's assumption that Jennifer could still be having sex (just imagine!). Dude, your little princess became a mother before she even graduated high school. That "She's my little lambchop and she can do no wrong" schtick has long sailed.

I will always remember Jennifer for trying to pass off luis as a doctor or an Intern on teen mom talk, while a quick facebook search reveled he was actually a manager at target or something like that.

Jennifer is really insane. She's from my area and she wanted to be on 16 and pregnant. I knew a few guys that turned her down when it became obvious she was trying to get knocked up for tv. So she's no catch either. Combine that with Josh and you've got two people who should never be parents together

I totally got that vibe from her - it was all about the 'fame'. Thanks for confirming!

I remember hearing those rumors about her shortly before her episode even aired, that she got pregnant on purpose to be on TV and "famous." I thought there was something really wrong with Josh too, like he had some serious anger problems. He gave me the creeps.

Indeed she is, I remember after her episode aired there was an article on starcasm or some other site about a guy calling her out for lying to him about being pregnant with his child. She even went as far as to use a cropped ultrasound picture à la Nikkole and showed it to his parents. The guy even had screenshot of convo they had together, it was a mess.

Well. She wound up with twins. And no fame except her 15mins. Epic fuck up there.

Thanks for reminding me about those rumors. It did seem like she got pregnant on purpose. Her attitude was just so off the entire time. She was way too giggly and excited about what was going on and being on camera.

She did have a really strange vibe, it was probably the first episode I watched of 16 and Pregnant that didn't hold my attention because I just felt so uncomfortable watching her. She was super aware of the cameras, was having her nails done all the time.....she just bugged me. And Josh was an absolute ass but she totally twisted the situation to have him arrested. They were both just awful.

Jordan- If they still are together then they've made it longer than most marriages from this franchise.
Jennifer- Wasn't she the bratty one that bitched at her daddy to tie her shoes? I just remember not liking her or her boyfriend. Noah was a popular name this season.
Jamie (Sure did a lot of J-names in a row, MTV.)- I really disliked the name Miah, it just seems like a piece of a name to me...
Danielle- I'm glad she ended up turning things around. Jayleigh is an awful name. Doesn't Danielle have a reallyrics sloppy tattoo that looks like it says Janie Jr instead of Jamie Jr?
Cleondra- Her name is awful too, but I reckon that's her mama and daddy's fault. I completely agreed with Mario dipping their episode about not wanting Kylee to be in a crowded house full of drama and I thought it was ridiculous that Cleondra didn't want to move across the damn road because she'd miss her family. I didn't think she'd turn out how she did, though.
Kayla- Her mama was awful. Who talks about dieting with their anorexic pregnant daughter? I'm glad was and continues to be a good daddy and that they get along.
Izabella- Both her kids look just like their daddy. I didn't like her or Jairo, I think they take advantage of her parents too much.
Kianna- I remember thinking on part of her episode "Is anything on this bitch real?" because once she took the ten pounds of makeup and the wig/weave off, she was completely unrecognizable. That poor baby should have been given up for adoption, he would have had a better life and a decently spelled name.
Taylor- I couldn't stand her boyfriend. It's amazing that the youngest girl from the franchise has her life together more than most of the others.
Allie- They should be slapped for spelling it Aydenn. I don't remember much about her episode except his mama being crazy. I'm glad she's got a job and is working on a degree. I'm sad she had a miscarriage and is struggling with infertility (Why are they TRYING to have a baby right now when they're both in school and we're begging for funds for their wholesome family during the last pregnancy?) but I absolutely hated how she bought expensive ass Air Jordans to announce her pregnancy. Such a waste of money, stuff like that drives me crazy!

Meh, only men's Jordans and the retro rereleases are expensive. The baby ones cost like $50 tops.

In what world is fifty dollars for a pair of shoes NOT expensive? Add in the fact that they're for little babies that don't even NEED shoes to begin with and it's beyond ridiculous.

I don't find $50 dollars for a pair of shoes expensive and I come from a third world country where we probably don't earn as much as you in the US. If they are comfy and are well made it's a no brainer for me.
However, I do think $50 for baby shoes IS expensive because they grow up in no time and are not gonna use them much anyways.

I just think that out of all the thing parents spend money on when expecting a baby, it isn't all that ridiculous. Those onesies with cute phrases are a bit more expensive than the plain ones, but it's cute while they're still so small and precious. And $50 ain't much compared to the thousands Izabella spent on having her 2nd kid's birth professionally taped, so it's not even the most ridiculous use of money from this franchise. And since the kids don't even need the shoes, you can always hand them down! I mean, it's not like these chicks are responsible in general anyway.

I have one pair of shoes that costs around that much and they're waterproof snake boots for stomping through the swamp, so they have an actual purpose. When I was a kid all my shoes came from the dollar store or Walmart (and I barely even wore shoes until I started school).
These shoes are nothing but a status symbol for idiots, and she ought to be ashamed of herself for buying them and then immediately turning around to beg for money online.

When I was a kid there was a big problem with kids getting shot over brand name shoes. I wasn't allowed to have brand name tennis shoes because my parents were worried I'd get murdered for them, because that had legitimately happened near us. I wasn't allowed to go to our local Six Flags for the same reason, because there were a ton of shootings there.

I'll pay good money for good shoes, but shoes for a baby is stupid. I can understand little shoes for particular outfits for special occasions, like holidays or weddings, but there's really no place for baby Air Jordan's in there. I'm not surprised that at least one of the girls who choose adoption is having secondary infertility. It's surprisingly common for birth mothers. Between 40 and 60%, compared to 12% for the average population.

Allie is the only one who's stated that she's having fertility problems, but she didn't give her kid up for adoption. All three of the birth mothers from "16 and Pregnant" have gone on to get pregnant again (and none of them were from this season). Ashley Salazar was the only one whose pregnancy was not viable, but there were rumors that she was possibly faking the pregnancy/miscarriage. She's also stated in the past that she won't have another child because "it won't be fair to Callie", so who knows what's really going on with her. As if any of them are ready to have children of their own.

I think this boils down to a difference of opinion and experience. I do think Allie's choice to buy the shoes was stupid because it's a clear illustration of her screwed up priorities. But in general, it's just not the stupidest thing a new parent could spend money on to me. Yeah the baby doesn't need the shoes, but the baby doesn't need a 1st birthday party they won't remember either. Or half the cute outfits that the pull at and drool on. Or a $5000 professional video of the day they were born. Or a thousand other gadgets and doo-dads they market to new parents. Some things are for the parents to enjoy, and if you have the means (so not Allie) then why not? They'll grow out of them quick, but give them to someone else or have them bronzed.

When I was a kid I had shoes from Payless with cartoon characters on them to stomp around in, but I also had name brand shoes to wear to school. Honestly, the name brand ones lasted longer than the Payless ones that weren't even than much cheaper. Even now, I have cheap Jessica Simpson heels next to my red bottoms.

Baby Earrings, you sound around my brother's age, maybe a bit younger. He too remembers kids getting killed over sneakers in LA. But he also remembers kids getting killed for leather jackets, chains, and anything else remotely nice that could be sold. Such a shame.

Buying baby air Jordans is OK
setting up a gofundue account cause you can't afford ANYTHING afterwards NOT OK

Allie's boyfriend's mom was nuts but so was Allie's mom. I got a real flightly "I want to be your best friend instead of anything resembling a mother" vibe from that woman.

Also, time will tell on whether Danielle has actually turned things around. She keeps going on these crazy extreme crash diets and that screams drug abuse to me. Even if it's not drugs, losing that much weight at once, then gaining it back and turning around and doing it all over again is NOT good for your heart or anything else on your body.

I'm just glad someone else agrees that there is no way Danielle lost all that weight using those dumb shakes. I'd bet money the weight loss is due to some drug use, she's very similar to Jenelle in her "sobriety."

Arri Monroe, Aydenn, Kay'den (Wth's the hyphen even for Kianna??), Aubri, and Jayleigh? These snowflaky names just scream I HAD A TEENAGE MOM!! My parents always say the name I want for my future daughter's name is snowflaky too, it's Violette, but when I see these I don't really think so.

Jordan isn't in the process of moving back to St. Louis. She already lives there again. 100% positive on that.

I live in St. Louis and share mutual friends with Jordan. I think it's funny how after one of our friends got pregnant, a few months later Jordan did too. Coincidence or no? And she really needs to stop bitching about people constantly asking her if she's still married to Brian. Like bitch you wanted to be on tv so bad and you got it so deal with the whole fucking package that comes with it.

I think I'm the only one who doesn't like Jordan or her bratty sister. Jordan seems super bitchy and I can care less about her marriage.

Jordan is a very rude. However, remember how pretty she was in her 16 and pregnant episode? She had natural beauty and all. Then she started getting cheap looking tattoos, trashy piercings, (FYI I have nothing against tattoos and piercings but admit it, hers are so gross) and now looks like a walking skeleton.

Oh yeah I remember and I'm not surprised that she's rude. I remember reading a TMT article and I think it was when she got her boob job and Jessica called the commenters jealous ass bitches (excuse my language).

Off topic, but does anyone know any more about the new 16 and P girls? I heard one is from Chicagoland, and I'm far too excited about it.

1. Happy that Jordan and Brian are working things out, at least for her kids sake. And happy her new boobs settled, for a while there were kinda o.O

2. This episode was so wild! Both she and Josh were nuts. This was Florida right? The twins look like J.Lo's son Max, very cute.

3. Do not remember her episode (I think hers and Lori Wickelhaus' are the only two I somehow missed when they first aired), but I remember the weird "RIP baby" tweet after her abortion.

4. Is Danielle still hawking the body by Visaylus shakes, pretending thats the way she got so thin and not horse? She reminded me of how Amber tried to pretend she lost weight from Krav Maga and a healthy diet and not popping pills like

5. Cleondra never had a chance, it was obvious how she was being raised. And alot of her having a baby in the first place had to do with raising her sister's kid since she was 13. We're biological wired to become moms at the onset of puberty, even though we're far from mentally ready. Ive known several young girls who had to help out with their moms or sisters babies who go on to end up pregnant because they feel like raising babies is something theyre good at and have experience in.

6. I hope shes doing better healthwise, her son is adorable.

7. Izabella was my favorite at one point, but I just found it so unsavoury how she almost bragged about having a kid on her parents dime. And then the $5000 birth photographer thing was just over the top, but i guess that is what you get when you have enablers who support your poor decision making.

8. Kianna is batshit and im relieved that, to our knowledge she has not gotten pregnant or given birth again. It wasnt mentioned here but the first time Zak went to prison, she was actually arrested and charged too, but the courts were lenient and gave her probation. She and Zak had robbed and assaulted an older woman in her home smh.

9.Taylor is my new favorite since #7 has been such a disappointment. I know that there were talks that she was mean and bitchy, but id rather a mean and bitchy BOSS than a sweet kind do-nothing. She's a go getter, and is doing what only 1 other girl in the franchise has done: go to college and earn her bachelors on schedule. And sleazy salazar only did so because she was not the custodial parent of her daughter. I salute Taylor for raising her child and going to school to make both of them a better life.

10. Wholesome Allie lol. Im sorry to hear about her case of secondary infertility, but im sorry I think it's inappropriate to try to conceive a baby with a boyfriend, I just do. Its such a backwards train of thought "oh I only want to get married one time, its a serious commitment ". So sharing a child, a living person with someone for the next 18 years is less serious than a marriage that can be dissolved in a court? Nowadays, theyd call that bird logic or thot logic. I just call it plain ol' dumb.

Congratulations to all these girls reinforcing the statistic that people don't learn from their mistakes! Only 2 out of these 10 ever went back to school and not a single one of them has a degree yet. However 8 out of 10 of these girls has been pregnant a second time, what, 6 of them resulting in second children?

Bravo ladies! Maybe instead of being on the show you should have watched it and learned something like the majority of your demographic who have declining pregnancy rates vs. your increasing pregnancy statistics!

Was Teen Mom airing by this stage? I don't know because we were so behind here in Australia. But I feel like it would've been and the bulk of this seasons girls thought they could be reality stars too.
I didn't know that Jordan award bought boobs. It makes me so dam jealous. All these bitches with boob jobs.

I think TM2 first aired in early 2011 and Allie's episode (the last season 3 episode) aired mid-summer 2011. I guess that might mean that all the 16&P episodes were already done filming before TM2 started airing.

But Teen Mom was already on the air and popular right?

Teen Mom began airing in December 2009, 6 months after the beginning of 16 and pregnant.
Jordan is the last girl on either show to have got pregnant prior to Teen Mom. Most of season 3 may have seen the first couple episodes, but for the most part, they were likely pregnant before they saw it.
Izabella may have been able to as well, since Enrique/Henry was born in September. The rest of the babies were born in October-December.

MTV has nothing to do with the declining rate of pregnancy and has everything to do with a progressive president that pushes sex ed in schools. it's not surprise that after 'abstinence only' Bush left office pregnancy rates among teens started to decline.

I don't remember much from this season, but I remember Jaime the most because she was from my hometown. It's sad to hear she had another kid with that loser. She seemed pretty sweet but not the brightest. I wish she would've spelled her daughter's name "Myah" instead. Every time I see "Miah," I think it's pronounced "Mia." Too confusing.

Or the traditional spelling, Maia.

I thought it was ment to be Mia.... that dude was a real tool. I get it that most guys that age freak out when they find out they will be teen dads. And its fine to freak out. but then at some point you have to get your shit together! and that point should be waaaaay before the delivery!

1. What is up with the customary 2nd baby and stupid tongue ring?
2.Nice to see she got her shit together and seems to have a normal life.....again with the way too soon 16 and P customary 2nd (3rd) baby!!
3. 2nd baby geesh
4.why associate your self with a crazy heroin addict who treats everyone like shit and then expect her to treat you different?? ugh 2nd baby
5.Drama annnnnnd 2nd baby
6. She looks slow....I think starving herself ate some of her brain. Hey no 2nd baby though!!
7. Izabella is a spoiled little shit...her parents made that monster. Jairo is still 12 and of course they have a 2nd baby.
8.Kianna looks like an old stripper
9.Glad Taylor is doing so well. Rooting for her!!
10.Glad she isn't into drama and seems to be good raising her son. No 2nd baby so major props for that!!

Jennifer bugs me. She will never know what it's like to have to want or even need things for herself or her kids. Her parents fund her lifestyle- they have since she left to Chicago! My husband and I have twins and we make decent money and it's hard!

Taylor is one of, if not my actual, my favorite girls ever. She was SO young on her episode and while her age sometimes showed in her maturity, she has done incredibly well given the circumstances. Also, unpopular opinion, but I still like Izabella. I don't concern myself with how someone else spends money (unless its on illegal shit, the kids aren't eating, etc). So if she felt like getting that professional video of the birth or whatever, who cares? Her kids are well taken care of and thats what matters. I feel like sometimes people concern themselves way too much with others' lives.

Agreed and agreed! Taylor is such a hard worker and she is doing so well. In my humble opinion she deserves nothing but respect.
I agree about Izabella too. If I had to choose whos kid had the best chances in life, I'd go for Izabella. Her parents seemed really nice and they had their priorities straight (education, then work!) Many people critisize her for letting her mom take care of the kids, but the mom runs a day care. It's her job to look after kids and it's a safe bet that looking after Kids is something she likes and something she is good at. It would be silly if she had a babysitter or sent her kids to a different daycare. I also think that spending so much money on a stupid (and probably gross) birth video is dumb, but at the end of the day, Izabella would probably say that the way I spend my money (2000 for a roadbike) is dumb too.... so I guess it's live and let live

Completely off topic, but I saw these photos of poor Kaiser's flat back of head, and his bald spot:

Has that poor baby ever been held or cuddled? I know that we all joke about how he spends all his life in a car seat or a bouncer, but seeing this has really upset me.
What kind of sick person leaves their baby lying down so much that this happens to them?

My oldest daughter had a flat head and I can promise you she was cuddled! It isn't necessarily related. She hated tummy time and I couldn't bare to force her to do it and let her cry. So she was either laying down or in my arms. With my second child, I was super stricted with tummy time and yet she still has a bald spot!

In other news, has anyone seen the Leah preview for this weeks episode?! I didn't think I could get more shocked by her behaviour until she laughed about the fact her five year old could USE A TOASTER. That's just an accident waiting to happen! Horrendous how unsupervised her children clearly are!

I'm shocked as well and it's also pretty upsetting to know that her daughter makes herself toast for breakfast because she's sleeping

I gotta say, that was the only part I thought was absurd, how upset Corey was that they knew how to do something on their own. My kid totally used a toaster when he was five-- supervised at first, but then he was fine on his own. You teach them how, you teach them how important it is not to stick things in there, and they're perfectly capable. Granted, in her case it was obviously UNsupervised and only because Mommy is too drugged out to get up and make toast, but that itself is not a terrible thing. It's how you teach kids to take care of themselves so you don't end up with grown people who can't do laundry and make breakfast. I get the real reason Corey was upset is that it's clearly unsupervised and they're turning into latchkey kids, but I can see how she brushed it off as "duh, they are independent, It's a good thing."

Believe me, I'm all for kids doing things for themselves (I have a five year old who could make toast if I asked her to) so I probably should have explained myself better....what I'm shocked about is the fact that she taught herself to use the toaster completely unsupervised. I'm making that assumption because when Corey confronted her about it she could have said "oh yeah, she was in the kitchen with me one time while I was making it so I showed her what to do" but she just said "because she's crazy" I mean wtf kind of answer even is that? But yeah, sorry if I offended anyone, I didn't mean there's anything wrong with letting your children make toast (or help with anything in the kitchen) under supervision. What concerns me even more is how is Addie getting fed? I'm assuming Ali does it herself as she's far more capable than Leah would have people believe but are the twins making breakfast for Addie? Or is she just not being fed? Five year olds having to feed their two year old sister because "mommy is a sleepyhead"...that is AWFUL.

I think the most concerning part is Leah not only not supervising the kids while they use kitchen appliances, it's her being asleep! What if there's a bunch of crumbs in the toaster and little Gracie doesn't know she needs to clean them out? And the toaster catches fire? What if one of the kids throws water on it to stop the fire and creates and even bigger electrical fire? It's one things if Leah's in the other room and can run in to help, but if she's dead asleep (or passed out on pain pills) the house may burn down before the can wake her up.

When my brother's kids were young, older than the twins, they knew how to use the microwave. I left the room for a few minutes to use the bathroom, come back and the damn thing is on fire. I knew how to handle the situation with a little baking soda, but the kids were freaking out. What if I had gone and fallen asleep when I was supposed to be caring for those kids? It could've been such a tragedy.

Oh believe me, I get it and I am not defending Leah at all. Like I said, I could tell he was just concerned because they're clearly doing way too much on their own, and it's because they HAVE to, not because they are being taught to. It's the difference between swimming lessons and throwing a kid in the pool. I think Leah said "Because she's Gracie," meaning Gracie likes to do things on her own. I just think Corey didn't do the best job communicating exactly WHAT he was concerned about, and it made it too easy for Leah to warp and blow off. Like "Mah 5 year old makes toast? So what? Mah crazy ex husband doesn't like our girlses bein independance." Which is clearly nonsense.

Don't worry, I know you weren't defending her, I just wanted to explain myself better as I probably sounded like I was attacking other people's ways of parenting which I'd never do :) i thought she said Gracie but then Starcasm said crazy and I assuned I'd misheard....still, what kind of answer is that? "No, I'm not a lax parent, Gracie is just sooooooo independant." Those poor girls deserve so much better.

You know, I take care of a 5 year old and a3 year old who both know how to use the toaster... kind of. I'm a stickler about involving kids in the kitchen, and so I have them make their own toast, with close supervision. Kids aren't helpless, and they like being involved in taking care of themselves. I was initially more surprised by Corey's shock that they could use a toaster, before remembering that Leah is Leah and that he has a completely different set of concerns than I do.

i think it had way more to do that she called her mommy a 'sleepy head' and HAD to make the toast herself. as we saw last week corey knows about her prescriptions and is concerned. it's alarming that a kid is making her own breakfast when mom's passed out

I think 'Is Kyle Slow' is right, Corey's concern has to be more about Gracie calling Leah a sleepyhead, and that's why she knew how to use the toaster. A 5 year old using a toaster under adult supervision is completely different than a 5 year old who taught themselves how to use the toaster because mommy's still asleep and hasn't made them breakfast.

Oh it's clear what Corey's concern is. And, yes, it's clear that a child performing tasks under supervision of different than a child performing tasks alone because that's literally what I said in my comment. I'm just surprised that no one had shown them how to use a toaster before, because it's such a basic thing.

The one I am saddest about is Cleondra (really really dumb name) She seemed to be the only one in that family of pure cray-cray who had her head on straight. She also took care of her sister's baby well so I was very surprised when she lost custody. Also her (?) step dad (?), the black dude who was sent on a quest to buy pads, seemed really chill and kind. They seemed like the sort of family you could film all day long.

I thought it was ridiculous that she was so upset at the prospect of moving in with Mario...who lived across the street from her. I get that she was a new mom and probably wanted her mother around to help out, but that house was just not stable for a child. Besides, Cleondra's mom was a huge party monster, so it didn't seem like she would be much help. She was too busy playing beer pong in the garage. Basically, Cleondra's family are the kind of people you would love to hang out with because they always know how to have a good time, but at the end of the day, you're glad you get to go home and get away from them for a while.

The not moving thing because she'd miss her family thing was so stupid. IT'S RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD! She could see them anytime she wanted.

Love the updates from the girls we don't hear much about and also Allie Mendoza is now married to her husband Chris Gerena they got married 2 months ago and she is also pregnant again and she is having a baby boy they are planning to name him after chris