16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Chelsea Houska


What's up TMJ? Since our other wonderful writers have been doing such a good job keeping up the flow of content, I wanted to keep the good times rolling. It's been far too long since I did a #tbt article! It'll probably be Friday by the time I post it, but it still counts if I start it on Thursday, right? In this article, we're going to be taking a look back at Chelsea Houska's episode of 16 & Pregnant. Fitting since we've talked so much about Adam lately.

My apologies in advanced for going screenshot happy. It's late and I'm having fun doing this. With all that out of the way, let's get into the recap!

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.39.50 PM

The episode open with an introductory voiceover from Chelsea while a montage of her daily life plays. She introduces herself and tell us that her life is all about having fun! She's from Vermillion, South Dakota and when her parents divorced, she chose to live with her dad, Randy.

Chelsea is a self-admitted daddy's girl, despite also being close with her mother. Chelsea thinks Randy really gets her, but what he doesn't understand is her relationship with her boyfriend, Adam.

We get a scene in Randy's kitchen where Chelsea tells Randy that Adam updated his Facebook status to read, "I wish Chelsea wasn't such a whore and didn't want all of my friends and only wanted me."(How did I forget how charming Adam was right off the bat?) An exasperated Randy responds, "Well then I suppose we don't need to talk to him again, do we? Ever!" Keep dreamin, Randalicious. When Adam is involved, there's always drama.

Adam always finds some problem with what Chelsea's doing, where she's doing it and who she's doing it with. But no matter what anyone thinks, they're going to be dealing with Adam forever because Chelsea's pregnant!

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.38.25 PM

Chelsea found out she was pregnant her junior year of high school, but now it's the end of the summer before senior year. Chelsea knows she's having a girl and plans on naming her "Aubree." Chelsea sits down to chat with her friend, Megan. The talk about going back to school with a big belly. Chelsea's not very worried about that, because everyone at school already knows. Megan asks what Chelsea is going to do about child care and Chelsea thinks she'll probably put Aubree in daycare while she's in school.

"Unless you want to drop out of school and come be my nanny." Chelsea offers. MEgan responds with an excited, "Hey!" Chelsea forgot to mention the part where if Megan agreed, she's going to viciously kick her out to be with her butthead boyfriend. Chelsea says she isn't scared of giving birth, but Megan is scared for her.

They talking about pooping during labor and Chelsea muses on how talking to Megan is so easy. Randy... not so much.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.08.43 PM

Chelsea's mom, Mary, told Randy about the pregnancy by calling to say, "We've got a problem." Randy reminds Chelsea that she could have been taking birth control, to which Chelsea says, "Yeah, but I can't even take regular medicine!" I have no idea what that could possibly mean and no further context is provided. She tells him that she was scared to tell him about the baby, thinking he'd be sad.

Randy says the word she's looking for is "disappointed." I'm not sure if people know this, but the Houskas are a very pro -life family.

Randy comments that once Chelsea was pregnant, "We can't undo it, that's not a choice for us." Adoption was never an option either, because Randy thought their family was strong enough to handle it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.07.10 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.07.29 PMWhen your daughter makes excuses for not preventing pregnancy

When the doctor was telling Chelsea she was pregnant, Adam was texting her breaking up and telling her to get an abortion. But the next day he was happy and excited to be a dad! Chelsea says out loud, "Maybe the baby will fix everything!" As much as Randy would like to take Chelsea's word for it, he wants to talk to Adam himself. The two have a man-to-man conversation in Randy's kitchen. Randy admits he doesn't have a very favorable view of Adam, but is willing to forgive it all if he starts treating Chelsea right. Adam says he will and he has plans to grow up and step up.

Randy looks doubtful, but tries to be nice to Adam though he admits he has very little faith. He worries about the comments Adam has made in the past that would lead most rational people to believe he doesn't care about the baby, but Adam says that isn't the case.

Adam even plans on moving in to help take care of the baby.

Randy tells him to pump his breaks. Randy has this sh*t eating grin on his face then entire time and you can almost hear the screaming he's trying to repress.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.11.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.16.37 PM

Adam goes upstairs to talk to Chelsea about what went down. Adam gives her a quick summary and she baby talks to him about not getting mad as easily.

Adam says the same goes for her and Chelsea acknowledges that the rule should be for both of them.

The pair agree that they are together and serious, then exchange "I love yous." After that, everything starts looking up! In a voiceover, Chelsea gushes that they've never been so in sync.

Chelsea's 30 weeks pregnant now and she's been having early contractions, so she had to go to have ultrasounds every week. Her mom and Megan tag along. Last time she had an ultrasound and exam, Chelsea was already dilated a fingertip.

She has a ultrasound, but doesn't see much, because the baby's head is down. Since she's been having contractions, the doctor wants to see her for a full exam.

Chelsea's lady parts are indeed dilating and thinning and all the other stuff that happens when labor is soon to come.

The doctor says she can't be sure if Chelsea will make it to 40 weeks and tells her to be prepared.

Chelsea's friend, Lauren (or Laura, I don't care enough to rewind) is helping her get things organized for the baby. They plan out an outfit to bring Aubree home from the hospital in. Then they put perfectly clean baby clothes on the dog and take pictures.

While Chelsea is "getting ready for the baby," Adam is working on his car.

They're supposed to be going to the last big party of the summer that night, but Adam isn't answering his phone.

Chelsea tries agin to call him and it rings a couple times before going to voicemail, meaning he saw who it was and declined it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.23.03 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.25.17 PM

Adam doesn't want Chelsea to go to the party with him, but her friends encourage her to go anyway. She calls him again and this time he picks up with the sweetest, "What?!" Chelsea asks when he'll be around, but he still has a bunch of car crap to do. She begs him to come over before it gets too late and he offers, "Yeah, okay. Whatever." Her friends look sad and uncomfortable. They ask if they're all just going to sit around waiting for Adam and Chelsea says no.

So she and the ladies all start getting ready. Chelsea decides to have Adam meet them at the party and he's pissed about it.

The girls head out regardless. As a side note, the kid who's throwing the party lives in a huge house with zero interior decorations. The blankness is unsettling.

Now, I'm not from a small town, but do house parties usually consist of low music, people on crutches and feeling a pregnant teen's belly? Because that's what this party is like. Adam comes in and sits next to Chelsea for the sole purpose of being passive aggressive. He won't kiss or talk to her and eventually curses at her and leaves the party.

Chelsea sits on the couch talking to friends about the situation and starts crying.

Awesome end of summer party! Adam comes back shortly after he left in a tizzy and the two make up. Chelsea knows that seeing stuff like that go down only makes her friends more leery of Adam.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.35.37 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.39.00 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.40.04 PM

The next day, Chelsea talks to her friend with the L name again. Adam and Chelsea have been together on-and-off for a year and a half now. Adam wasn't always like this, he used to be sweet! Chelsea's friend think she should drop him like a bad habit, but Chelsea has that, "I'm pregnant, the baby deserves to have a mom and a dad" logic. Adam has said so many mean things, but Chelsea blames herself for making him mad and forcing him to be mean.

Her friends tells her that's bogus, but she says that no one understand. She hopes when he sees the baby, he'll get it. Wow, this is horribly sad. I don't remember being this affected by this.

Chelsea & Co. spend the last day of summer with Adam and his friend fishing. They talk about going back to high school pregnant.

Chelsea is just sad because she'll be missing out. Adam takes this opportunity to remind her, "I can still go out and party!" He and his friends go to find big stones to chuck in the water, while Chelsea talks to her friend.

She wants Aubree to be a daddy's girl like her. Adam wants a boy, but Chelsea thinks he'll love having a little girl.

Randy sits down to talk to Chelsea about school. Randy's number one goal is to have her graduate with her class.

He asks her how she'll handle people talking behind her back, to which Chelsea says she'll just yell at them. Randy gives her some more practical advice about keeping her head up.

On the first day back, Chelsea can't even fit into the desk at school.She has to sit on a big exercise ball instead! A girl talks to her in class, and we learn that the baby's full name will be Aubree Skye. She starts having a Braxton Hicks contraction right there, but tries to ignore it. When a teacher calls on Chelsea to answer a math problem, she answers, "I can't concentrate right now.

I don't want to do this anymore." She has to leave class to see the school nurse, who thinks she's in labor. she then gets rushed to the hospital.

It's five week early and Chelsea is terrified! After a lot of pushing, Aubree is born, but does not cry. Everyone in the room talks quietly about what may happen, so Chelsea won't hear.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.47.16 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.47.48 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.58.30 AM Aubree isn't able to nurse because she's so small, but Chelsea can pump. Aubree is also jaundice and her temperature is irregular, but she's strong and steadily improving. Everyone is on that new baby high at the hospital.

Adam even asked to have the baby take his last name.

Aubree may not be able to come home for a week, but Chelsea is already being discharged. Aubree needs to stay at the hospital to gain a little weight first.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.49.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.50.25 PM

After getting some sleep at home, Chelsea wakes up first thing, ready to go see her baby. She turns to Adam and asks if he's ready to go to the hospital, but he'd rather sleep in. This makes Chelsea feels like he doesn't care and he tells her not to start with that.

"It's not like I'm never going to see her again, Chelsea." Adam scolds. Mary takes her to the hospital where Adam is supposed to meet them later.

When she tries calling him, his phone keep going to voicemail. Mary and Chelsea are both irritated.

When Adam finally does show up, Chelsea says something about his car, calling it "stupid." Adam is offended and retorts, "I don't call her stupid!" Chelsea is NOT amused and gets very defensive. He goes to work on his car, while Chelsea sleeps at the hospital because they might get to bring Aubree home.

Chelsea says that if he misses taking her home, she doesn't know how she'll forgive him. Also, we get a glimpse of Chelsea's garish leopard print diaper bad.

Chelsea stays with mom for the first week to learn the ropes. She gives Aubree her first bath with a little help from Mary. Chelsea is starting to realize how much is involved in baby care.

She tries her hand at nursing and Adam couldn't be more disinterested. He wants to go out to a restaurant that night because a bunch of muscle cars will her parked there and hanging out.

Chelsea reminds him that, much to his annoyance, they have a baby to take care of. Adam's response? "You want me to stay here all day? And all night?" Can't you have your mom watch her?"

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.56.53 PM

After a week at Mary's, it's back to Randy's house and back to normal life, but nothing is normal for Chelsea anymore. Randy is supportive, but a tough cookie.

He even takes Chelsea's general brattiness in good humor. Adam, however, is never around. It's nearly time for Chelsea to go back to school, but she doesn't feel ready and admits that she doesn't really care.

Aubree's five week's old now and has been sick. The doctor thinks she has Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which is common in premature babies, and is taking her in for a chek up. She hopes Adam will come, but per us, she can't reach him.

Adam calls while Aubree is seeing the doctor and is mean.

The doctor tells Chelsea to monitor Aubree's breathing because if it gets worse, Aubree may need hospitalization. Adam's complete disregard for Aubree's health upsets Chelsea the most and she wants to confront him about it.

Chelsea sits down with her mom and sister, Emily, and talk about her relationship with Adam. He's around when Chelsea goes to him directly, but is ghost otherwise.

Emily asks if Chelsea has asked Adam what he wants.

Chelsea says Adam "wants [Chelsea] to stop being dumb," and the poor girl actually says, "I don't know how." Man, I was a coldhearted bitch to not sympathize at all when I was a teen.

I did see that Adam was a extra large bag of d*cks though.

Adam comes over and they go upstairs to talk. A painfully orange Chelsea explains that Adam is Aubree's father and should be coming around when she needs help with the baby. She asks him to consider her feeling. Adam wants his feeling considered too.

He talks about how annoyed his is at all of Chelsea's behavior, like calling all the time and saying the same things over and over. When asked what he wants from the relationship, Adam says, "For you to stop being annoying." Adam asks the same thing and Chelsea says she wants him to come around more.

Adam then refuses to stop texting and acts nasty one last time before the scene ends. Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.14.58 AM

After their last talk, Adam completely shut Chelsea out. "Your dad's a jerk. A big jerk!" she coos to Aubree in baby talk. Adam hasn't been answering any of Chelsea's texts or taking her call. As she continues to be ignored, Chelsea grows increasingly depressed.

Megan mentions that she never dresses up or does her hair anymore. Chelsea says that she doesn't even feel cute when she dresses up anymore because of the weight she's gained. Randy talks to her about her mood too.

He tells her the same thing that everyone has, that she needs to move on from Adam.

Chelsea feels like there's something wrong with her because she doesn't want to be over Adam. Randy encourages her to get back to school and enjoy that while she can.

It's been nearly three months since Chelsea last went to school and she's unsure if she can graduate with her class. She's made an appointment with her guidance counselor to see what's what. Getting out of the house takes Chelsea a lot longer than it used to and once she gets to the school she has to stop so everyone can see the baby.

More reality hits as Aubree needs a diaper change right in the middle of the hallway. As Chelsea sits with her friend, Kelsy, she talks about raising a baby as a teen.

She then baby talks to Aubree more explaining, "We're at school, we don't like this place. You're supposed to like school, but Mama doesn't like it."

Chelsea ended up being late to meet with the counselor and once she's there, they've already left for the day. She's been missing out on a lot lately, but she's not going to miss out on the big homecoming game. I have no clue what the theme is supposed to be??? Chelsea worries to Randy that people will think she's a bad mom, but Randy reassures her.

Naturally, the conversation switches over to Adam who hasn't seen they baby is three weeks.

Randy can't explain Adam's actions, because Randy's isn't a complete bozo. Adam's reason for not trying to bond with the baby now? "I have her whole life to bond with her."

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.25.06 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.28.27 AM

Chelsea heads out to the game, and since it's football in the Midwest, it looks like a really good time! All of Chelsea's friends want her to come to the homecoming dance.

Chelsea tells them she'd rather be at home with Aubree and they tell her to bring the baby along! Even still, Chelsea skips the dance to be at home with the baby.

None of that is good enough for Adam though, because he's ready and waiting with nasty texts the next day.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.29.08 AM

Here's the part we've all been waiting on. The part where Adam's possibility of a redemption story arc is completely blown to sh*t!

Adam's text: "hrd u went out... way 2b a good mom 6-ADAM-6"

She calls him and asks if he says that kind of stuff just to make her feel like crap. Adam asks her why she would even call him to ask that and SHE ACTUALLY APOLOGIZES before hanging up.

Chelsea's text: "i get the point.....u can stop now [::ChElS*AuBrEe]" (The text signatures are killing me.)

Then it happens. Then Adam send the text read 'round the world and MTV zooms in to make sure we see what he's said.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.34.42 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.39.19 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.38.28 AM

A super sad acoustic guitar song starts to play while Chelsea tries to keep a straight face. She immediately calls Randy. He answers and Chelsea begs him to come home. When he asks what's wrong, Chelsea reads a portion of the text message.

Randy says, "He is an idiot. He's never going to change.

So you need to take control." Chelsea is far too upset and continues to beg him to come home. Randy is annoyed and pointed says, "Chelsea!" She persists and a reluctant Randy agrees to come home.

When Randy gets there, he asks Chelsea how she feels. Chelsea says Adam saying something about Aubree was way worse than anything he's said to her.

His words about their daughter are what has given Chelsea insight into exactly how mean Adam is.

Randy explains that now that Chelsea's a parent, she understand what it's like to watch someone pick on her defenseless daughter.

Chelsea thinks that they should change Aubree's last name and Randy agree that Adam has done nothing to deserve it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.45.20 AMChelsea has black hair now and is heading to see a law-yer with Randy and Megan, who looks 42 in this scene. Chelsea's says she's not angry or sad anymore, she's just over it.

My head hurts from rolling my eyes so hard.

They discuss Chelsea's motives for changing Aubree's name and the lawyer has her fill out some paperwork. Chelsea says that closing this chapter with Adam will be hard, but she's doing it for Aubree.
Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.48.51 AM

With Adam out of the picture, it's time to move forward. Randy talked to Chelsea's school and they're willing to give her a break and let her graduate with her class. The only stipulation is that she makes up the work she missed and goes to her classes.

Chelsea says she knows school is important, but it's not what she thinks about. Randy says he would have been happy if she graduated a semester early to be done with it all.

Chelsea sarcastically apologizes for not being an overachiever and Randy jokes that he just wants an achiever.

Chelsea holds up Aubree and boasts, "I achieved a baybeh! A pretty cute one!" Randy laughs but looks worried and tells her that he wants her to achieve a diploma

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.45.20 AM

Chelsea delivers her closing monologue. She tells us that before she knew she was pregnant she was completely carefree, but now everything has changed. Although he was originally supportive and nice, Adam is just not ready.

Chelsea's trying to make the best decision for her and Aubree. She wants to graduate, but is currently getting Incompletes in all of her classes.

She doesn't know if she'll be able to fix it and admits she doesn't have all the answers. She's just trying to figure out the best thing to do for herself and her daughter.

Keep up the good work, Chelsea!

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.02.52 AM

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You know I almost wish you hadn't done this recap. It made my blood oil so much and so fast. I had to remind myself Adam was a 16 year old kid who didn't know how to be a father so young. But you know what? He doesn't get that pass because he could have just left instead of being the most piece of shit person in the planet.
We always roll our eyes at chelsea because she kept hooking up with Adam until paislee was born but they started dating when she was 14/15, she thought all the mean shit he said to her she deserved, she didn't know different. She was in an abusive relationship for SO long while being SO young with a baby that I honestly feel bad for her and I'm glad she is now doing ok with someone who actually loves her.
My heart especially broke when Adam said those nasty things about Aubree and Chelsea was hurt because she couldn't understand why he didn't love the baby as much as she did.

Ps: I know this doesn't have anything to do with this post but I just read on Summers instagram: "I've done convinced myself that he looks like me". Do these girls seriously NOT go to school or what? English is my second language and I think this post is at least readable.

I have a guy friend who I forced to watch this with me. He was furious the entire episode! He was annoyed by Chelsea and her Chelsea-ness that annoys us all. But seriously, this kid was swearing at the screen! He was so mad every time Adam was on screen and has vowed to punch him if he ever sees him. Same friend has also seen how Adam acts on TM2, so he was extra angry because he knows it never changes, smh.

Never would have picked English is your second language! And if you are writing this on an iPhone I give you extra credit!

Thank you! My first is spanish and I've only been in the US like 2 times. Planning a trip to California this upcoming May-June. Any TMJ friends to hangout in the area? lol jk

But anyway, she was born and raised with the language, it's crazy to me that she would write something like "I've done convinced"...

I was going to comment something similar, but I'll just add on to yours. Adam is still a POS, he's just better at hiding it now. He should be thanking his lucky stars Chelsea still allowed him to have a relationship with his daughter after calling her a mistake. Chelsea was young and naive, and Adam just kept dangling this vision of a 'perfect family' in front of her, so she kept going back. I really believe that once he had Paislee, and she started to see him do the same thing to Taylor, she realized that it was all BS and she needed to move on. I think they'd still be on/off if he hadn't gotten Taylor pregnant.

I think Taylor and Paislee also ruined Chelsea's fantasy of a perfect family life, because a perfect fairy tale family life usually doesn't involve his other baby mama and kid.

Dude Im right there with you. Can you imagine having to
Sit by and watch this d bag with your daughter

I'm so happy that we've got to see her progress to where she is now! I agree she was with Adam so young and she even apologised for ringing him to tell him he'd upset her with his vile words... I think she's still effected by the way he treated her. I notice that with Cole she is constantly seeking reassurance - even after he proposed, she asked if he was sure! Hopefully being with a man like Cole and seeing how well she's done with Aubree will eventually build her confidence back up.

Of all the terrible, young, hopeless Fathers we have see on this show over the years one Dad in particular seems to have been the most evil and heartless after the child was born (I understand they were all freaking out after getting someone pregnant and maybe acting immaturely before the birth). How could you be that cruel to the mother of your sick, premature baby? And now he wants to forget all this and crown him Father of the year...I want MTV to burn this footage for Aubree's sake.

I cried so much during this episode and almost did again after reading this recap. Damn, Adam was (is) so worthless. So, so abusive.
Looked a lot better back then though

It is horrible that she had to go through dealing with a POS during her pregnancy and after. She turned out great and her dad did give her everything she needed which is a blessing, no matter how much randy acts like a child online he is a great father who cared for his daughter when she couldnt. How many episodes have we seen where the parents or at least one parent abandoned them and also kicking hem out of the house. That is crazy. If I had a daughter that got pregnant or my son got a girl pregnant I would just have to deal with it. I would think they made a mistake. As long as they are a good kid and they were given the talk stuff is going to happen. It's not like they were doing drugs or something that's still their granchild. Chelsea was just lucky he had that extra income to give her houses even to stay in. The babies father might be a screw up and a tool but as long as you have 1 other person to help you through it it can turn out better than other situations

I watched this episode not too long ago. The part where Adam said he would come and stay with Chelsea to help with Aubree stood out even more. Possibly because his interested wasn't in caring for Aubree. He was looking for a place to crash. He always seem to come around when cameras were rolling and he could free load off Chelsea. It just came across of him trying to be sly and skeevy. Then when Aubree was born and they were keeping things from Chelsea. I'll admit...I still tear up! That's such a scary experience and I just feel for her in that moment.

I forgot how abusive Adam was. I'm glad Chelsea got away from him, she deserves way better. I wonder if he's still like this in relationships?

I think a recent ex accused him of being abusive. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. He doesn't really seem like the kinda guy who sits around and relaxes, he seems more uptight and controlling. Like the girl has to be constantly doing things for him and appreciate him.

I would like to see a topic that discusses what girls would have made it without MTV being there. I think Chelsea would do worse without MTV.

Without the public opinion, she would still be crawling back to Adam. If her dad wasn't rich, she would never amount to anything. She is a sweet girl, but lacks will power. She is the type of girl that at any age will be directed by a man: her father or whoever she is seeing at the time.

She is, however, the best mom on the show. Motherhood suits her.

I honestly think they would be worse off without MTV or much the same. A lot of people say the money gets to their heads but I think their personality and path was already set the money just made it easier for them to achieve what they were always going to achieve or made their achievements bigger . Examples: Amber would have always been addicted to drugs, without MTV money she may have had to go to a dodgier dealer or have an addiction to cheaper drugs or drugs with more access, and the same goes for Jenelles drug addiction. Kail would probably still have all her small business ventures but perhaps not be quite as successful. And maybe Leah couldn't buy as much Mary Kay. Chelsea would be much the same as well, she was always set up to have a normal life and would be looked after by her family.

It's interesting to see where they would be if they hadn't been chosen for the Teen Mom series. Or even if they last one season like the TM3 girls. Following some of the 16&P alum, it's a hodgepodge of different futures. Many had second or third children. Several had trouble with the law. Others have found success or at least a stable environment to raise their kids. And you have ones who pretty much disappeared. That's a pretty good indication where these girls would have been.

I do wonder if Catelynn would have been better off the show. I do think that her involvement in season one was a good viewpoint of the struggles after adoption. Beyond that, I think she needed to stay away. The money made her and Tyler complacent. They didn't feel the need to better themselves. And they might have kept that drive if they didn't have MTV to fall on.

I think Amber would be dead. She was forced to get off the drugs because of MTV showing her beating up Gary and the DV charges. If it wasn't for that she would've continued to beat up Gary, gotten worse on the drugs and probably be dead. I think MTV actually saved Amber's life THE FIRST TIME. If she had stayed off the show the second time then Matt wouldn't have sought her out and she probably would've been much better off!!!
I think Maci would've been the same without the show. Mooching off every bf she could find and trap babying them till she could get them to marry her.
Kail I thikn would've been so much better off. She was so motivated the first season of the show. She was going to school and working 3 jobs. I think the show made her arrogant and got to her head. I think she would've gotten her degree by now, she wouldn't have married Javi and not have a second baby. She would've gotten a real job and probably lead a normal life.
Jenelle would probably be in jail or dead and Jace would be with Babs.
Leah would be moving from baby daddy to babby daddy. I don't see anything changing except she'd be sneakier cause she'd need to keep them around to support her. She wouldn't have MTV money rolling in. She'd find whoever would take care of her and the girlses.
Chelsea would still be living off daddy and crawling back to Adam. No changes with her either. She'd still take forever to get a degree, she'd switch around a thousand times. She'd probably have a harder time getting a job to cause she wouldn't be Chelsea from Teen Mom.
C&T would probably be on drugs like their parents.
I think Farrah like Kail would've gone to school and actually gotten a good job. Her parents were both educated and had good jobs. She wouldn't have that thirst for fame because she wouldn't know it. She probably wouldn't have done the porn and she'd be working as a successful business woman except for real.

I agree with everyone you said except for Chelsea.
What you said about Farrah is spot on. She had potential. I feel bad for what the fame and her parents influence did to her.
For Chelsea, I do not believe school or her eventual giving up on Adam had to do with MTV. She went to school for something she enjoyed and got a job which she has maintained despite her MTV paycheck and dad, those things just made it much easier. And she only realized her dream of the perfect family with Adam would never happen when he got Taylor pregnant... which had nothing to do with television... public opinion had been telling her to drop him from day one, she only did when she realized the family she wanted was never going to happen.
I think it'd be interesting to look at where the baby daddies would have been without the show,
Ryan would be exactly where he is now. He is not a terrible father but doesn't coparent well (who would with Maci), hates the show, and is lazy.
Gary, I believe would have been more genuine. He probably would've kept going back to Amber but I think he wouldn't be as full of himself as he is now.
Tyler had the potential to be slightly more successful, but I do not believe he and Cate would still be together. I think there was opportunity for them to break away from their families and be more successful or to go the complete opposite way and end up just like them.
Jo I think would be the same for the most part. I do not believe Javi would have been Kail's subsequent baby daddy at all.
Corey would I believe have been exactly the same except I believe he may have struggled a bit more with getting over Leah as pathetic as that is.

I actually think that Chelsea would've gotten over Adam much sooner if she had not been on MTV. She's said a lot of things that suggest he would lead her on leading up to filming, only to drop her once filming started. I think he thrives on looking like she's pining after him, when in reality he's emotionally manipulating her into thinking they have a future.

I wonder if Chelsea every watches this, because she should've watched it a lot in the early teen mom 2 days. Man, Adum is pure trash, what an asshole.

The worst part is that Taylor saw this and then wanted to be in Chelseas place? what was she thinking?

"He's chaaaaanged."

Honestly it annoyed me more that Chelsea acted so smug and superior when Taylor tried to reach out to her after she and Adam broke up, She doesn't need to be her best friend but she should have sat the fuck down and watched earlier seasons when she was bawling her eyes out over Adam and in the same place as Taylor.

Urrrr... Do you remember how Taylor acted? She bitched about Chelsea on camera with Adam and thought Chelsea 'withholding' Aubree was sooo awful because he was Dad of the year. She was also smug about him being there for her when she was pregnant! I'd be smug too if I was Chelsea

There's also the fact that Taylor should have known what Adam was like from how he acted with Chelsea. Chelsea was a teenager with low self-esteem-- Taylor was a grownass woman with video evidence of what a shit Adam was.

Chelsea owes Taylor nothing. The bigger idiot in this is (even though I like her and she seemed to be smart enough to move on earlier) is Taylor. She saw, she thought she knew better and she got pregnant.

Also she was always posting photos of aubree on her IG. I think it's slightly inappropriate it's like Uncle Dave posting photos of Kaiser Roll. Using the child's teen mom fame to get more followers and attention.

@ryanscrazyeyes, An old roommate and I watched that episode where Chelsea was annoyed about Taylor posting photos of Aubree, and my roommate thought Chelsea overreacted. I don't think she should have been mean, but. I don't agree with Taylor. If a parent doesn't want something done to or with their child, that's their right as a parent. I'm not even famous, but if someone wanted to post a picture of my kid, that's my call. Taylor already gets negative heat from crazed TM fans (probably the same ones that think Jenelle and Leah are genuinely good moms) but the posting photos of someone else's child when Chelsea said no, bad move.

I don't think there is any reason for Taylor to post the pics, but what if Adam told Chelsea he didn't want Cole to post pics? She would go ape shit. We all know Cole is helping raise Aubree now, but it's the same principal. As of now he is not her stepdad.

shes been unbearable since the beginning. a mean girl with a baby voice

Careful, that's the golden girls you're talking about. lol I agree though. She is a mean girl. Not even a bitch like Kail with an unpleasant personality but a mean girl like Regina George lol

exactly. not mean like jenelle or kail. but high school mean girl. at least thats the vibe i've always gotten

I'm preparing myself for the shower of thumbs down as I type this.

I've always thought Chelsea was completely insufferable. I have never and will never like her. Re-watching this just reminded me of exactly why I also couldn't stand Adam. My hatred had cooled over the years, but watching this fixed that for me! I remember being seventeen and thinking to myself, "She loves the drama!" I still believe that. I think Chelsea thrived on their high drama, passionate bullshit forbidden teenage love. UNTIL she got pregnant and had actual responsibilies and Adam took a left turn into being completely nasty and emotional abusive.

Though I sympathize with her situation a lot after seeing this again (I had heartbreak at 18 without a baby and thought it would never stop hurting), I just don't like her. I, too, have always gotten mean girl vibes and I don't find her funny. I'm glad she's a good mom to Aubree and has moved on from abuse, but I'd never sit down and have a beer with her.

I, myself, gave you a thumbs up as I agree with you totally. I can see all of the LWOTM fangirls coming here to give you a thumbs down and accuse you of slander and such, lol.

YES to everything you just said, Tomlin! I never cared for her either and still don't. I also believe that if Cole hadn't come into the picture she would still be bangin' Adam on the reg. She didn't suddenly 'wake up' and realize that Adam was shitty, she just finally found someone (better, Thank God) to replace him.

I agree on not grabbing a beer with her because I feel like she'd be hard to have a legitimate conversation with. I'm rewatching the series right now and damn that girl is dumber than a box of rocks.

"So uh...I took my GED practice test...or whatever...and uhh then Adam called and we hooked up or whatever"

I agree with all of this. I've never been a Chelsea fan myself. She does seem the most normal when compared to the likes of Jenelle and Leah, and is not completely miserable and unpleasant like Kail. I do get the mean girl vibes from her, like she's the type of person who would make fun of the "nerds" and people who weren't "cool" with all her friends. We saw shades of this when she was calling Taylor "crazy" and shit-talking her for posting pics with Aubree, and then when it benefited her, teamed up with Taylor for legal purposes. I also think she's pretty stuck up.

I think Chelsea would be pretty much the same without the show. She seemed very unmotivated education-wise. The only difference is whether it's MTV money or Randy's money supporting her. Also, the chances are pretty high that Cole knew who she was due to the show and was able to get in touch with her after they saw each other at the gas station.

While I understand where you are coming from I whole heartedly disagree. If she were as completely full of herself and a 'mean girl' she would not have maintained the same friendships... which 95% of the others have not. She has kept the majority of her friends, does not spend her money frivolously or on stuff that the other girls who are full of themselves, mean girls, or party girls from the series do.
Your descriptions remind me of Farrah or Maci... not Chelsea.
Additionally she got over Adam when he impregnated another woman NOT when she met Cole which was when she realized the traditional type of family she wanted was never going to happen. It took her a while but she did get a degree and has maintained a career in an occupational area that interests her.
Last point... if she was truly all about herself she would not be sticking to her convictions about not having her engagement and wedding publicized (like EVERY other girl from the franchise... with the exception of Janelle cause she's engaged every five seconds.)

AtCW- she was still sleeping with Adam when Taylor was pregnant actually. I feel bad that her self esteem was that low honestly.

I think thats why she was always so nasty about Taylor/Paislee, because she was bitter that her visions of a family with Adam were finally over and it was T/P's fault.

I'm not a mega fan girl but I've never really seen that in her?
Yes she's a bit gossipy, but Regina George level? No way, I don't see that.
I think Chelsea is super insecure and compares herself to others a lot though

Yeah I don't see the mean girl thing either! She's so insecure and doesn't seem really snobby. Also I don't mean this in a horrible way but the friend who she lives with doesn't exactly seem like one of the 'popular' type girls at school. Chelsea isn't one of those girls who will only surround herself with skinny pretty girls who are obsessed with looks

I always liked 16 and pregnant but this episode launched me into becoming a full on junkie. Adam is the worst person ever. I realize he was 16, but that is irrelevant to me. He wasn't some defenseless little baby like Aubs was. Aubs is going to read that text one day and her heart is going to shatter.
I'm a Chelsea fan. I know she's spoiled, but she could have easily been the shittiest mom on here. She has always put her daughter first and while she isn't perfect, at least she isn't burning through her money and other's money on drugs.........unlike someone named Leah. Chelsea was so spoiled she could have easily ended up being a total puke but she has a good head on her shoulders. So proud of her.


I was so interested in Chelsea's story. I don't remember, but I think hers was the first episode I saw and I wantes more so badly. So ironic because I don't care much dor her now. I think the laziness turned me off. She had no legit concerns about being able to financially provide for Aubrey at 16. if I were 16 and pregnant that would have been my main concern and it would have stressed me the fuck out. It seemed like outside of her dad pushing her, she didn't even care about graduating from highschool!! That was part of why I stopped being able to identify with her...that and how she put Adam abover her friends, like when she basically allowed Adam to kick Megan out of her house...

Damn he was god awful to her...i am the same age as Chelsea so I didnt understand just how terrible all that was until now. At 17/18 I was more dismayed at Adam calling her a fat stretched mark bitch. I guess I grew up a lot too! I'm glad that Chelsea's chief concern was always Aubrey. I really don't know Randy dealt with it. I know some men who would have beaten Adam's ass. If I were her mom, I'd have asked Adam to relinquish his rights to Aubrey when Chelsea was pregnant.

I understand he was only 16, but he had zero paternal/protective instincts and was abusive....he is older now but he showed the type of person he naturally is then.

I totally agree with you. I was mad at Chelsea for a long time about not stepping up and trying to earn an education and some money but then I realized how similar she and I are. I went through abusive relationships when I was really young and they totally consume you. You fall into a depressive state where you are able to care for your immediate responsibilities (keeping Aubree alive) but anything that requires above and beyond effort is too difficult and pushed aside. Also, I grew up in a privileged/spoiled household as well and you end up being EXTREMELY entitled in the teen years and legit have no concept of money and how much it costs to have a baby when your parents take care of your every need and much more. It wasn't until my parents cut me off and kicked me out that I understood how much work and money it takes to support even just myself.

Adam blames his evilness on being young and in the past but seriously even for a 16 year old he was pretty awful. I never knew a 16 year old boy so cruel and abusive. For him to think that he can change and grow out of that is ridiculous. He will always have that tendency to be evil and I believe it's part of his personality. Seriously, poor Aubree. What an embarrassing father to have.

The stress he caused Chelsea throughout her pregnancy was probably what caused her to deliver early. That emotional roller coaster he put her on is disgusting. Seriously why did he even stick around if he has no emotional connection to her or Aubree?

What's Adam going to do if one day Aubree confronts him over that footage? Bitch and whine at her about how it's in the past? Another thing I've noticed about Adam is he acts like because something is chronologically over, then it is no longer relevant. I've never seen him try to make a SINCERE apology, or show any true insight into the harm he has caused, or make amends in any meaningful way. It's just this repeat of "It's in the past, everyone needs to get over it" crap. It's very sad but I bet one day both Aubree and Paislee will reject him because of the way he behaves, and he will blame their mothers for turning them against him or some such nonsense. He's very much like Jenelle when it comes to the complete lack of self-awaress, which I why I have never once believed his presto-change-o-I'm-a-great-guy-as-of-this-minute schtick.

The best thing Chelsea and Taylor can do at this point is make sure they expose them to healthy relationships and men who are kind to women. Luckily it seems Chelsea is doing ok but I don't know what Taylor's up to these days. Otherwise Aubree and Paislee are doomed to repeat that vicious cycle. Eventually A&P will struggle with the obligation to have a relationship with their father but I'm sure they'll learn early that he's a POS and can't be trusted.

Matt and Amber must get along GREAT with Adam, because they're always talking about how everything is in "the past" too.

Yep, to them "in the past" = irrelevant. Matt's kids are "in the past" (despite the fact that they are still live human beings) just like Adam being a POS is "in the past" and he has "a career now". I can't imagine growing up and seeing my dad talk about me and to my mom like that, how that will feel to Aubree. There's no way he can effectively defend/explain what he did and I don't think an apology would really suffice for talking about your innocent baby like that.

What kills me the most is knowing someday Aubree will be able to read that horrible text her POS father sent to her mother and watch how crappy he treated Chelsea for years. If my dad ever spoke that way about me, I would not have a relationship with him. I would never be able to get out of my head that my own father called me a mistake. Also wouldn't be too pleased about him calling my mom names and being mean when she was the one stepping up and taking care of me. I find it humorous that he texted Chelsea that way to be a good mom text. Like, speak for yourself, bro, speak for yourself.

That shot of Chelsea reading the text while Aubree is asleep on her chest just saddens me. How could anyone not love that sweet little face?!

Keep pretending to be father of the year now, Adam.

Agree. Id question my relationship with my so called father if I saw him speak so ill of me as I was an innocent premature and sick baby! And then to talk about my mother who has done it all no thanks to you?! Yeah don't think so. I kind of hope that's what ends up happening with Jace too. All Jenelle ever does is contradict her words and speak ill of Babs constantly!

I had a similar situation as Jace growing up, my mom was a drug addict acted liked she cared, wanted me didn't want me had multiple dudes around and even though she continued to talk shit and blame my mother (gma) my mom still allowed her to have time with me (even though I didn't want it). So till this day she does nothing but talk shit on my mom, she stopped for awhile and I was able to have a relationship with her but of course it started back up and now has even gone as far to blame me! So point is after dealing with this for my whole life I'VE decided I don't want her in my life, no one had to show me or tell me as I got older I saw it myself and was able to make that decision myself and I couldn't be happier about it!

So my original point is that both Aubree and Jace should be able to come to that very important decision on their own. That is if both Chels and Babs can stop forcing feelings and thoughts down their throats.

My sons father was like Adam except 8291479382x worse. (ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE RIGHT!?!?!? NOPE!!) Anywho, we tried for about 2 years after he was born but he just couldn't give a fuck. I was 17 when I got pregnant, 18 when I had him, and thankfully graduated highschool at 4 months. Chelsea reminds me of myself with her relationship with Adam back in the day. I was the same, constantly going back, he would be rude, go back and forth. I finally was done with it after he just couldn't step up.

Him and his girlfriend would stalk me around town, he'd get people to "jump" me (bitches can't fucking fight) would spit in my face if he'd see my downtown and say things like "why are you out drinking when you should be taking care of our kid, DEAD BEAT MOM" (like what? when did you even see him last???) it gradually got worse, one night they stalked me to a party they were not allowed at, it was a costume party. They showed up and he had a baseball bat saying he was there to fuck me up. It was a costume party though so it was his "costume" They were not allowed in but somehow his gf got in and came at me from behind, we fought for a little bit they finally kicked her out. We were leaving and they hit me with a car. Broken collarbone, few cracked ribs, almost fractured cheekbone.

well, point of this post was he's insane as fuck, he isn't in our lives besides once in awhile visits through his grandmother. (that's a whole different story) I have a new boyfriend and I've NEVER pushed him as dad or anything else. He gets upset he can't see his dad, but I tell him "right now he isn't following the rules like we have to, so once he starts following you will be able to see him"

I've left it up to him completely on whether or not he wants a relationship with his dad. He's 5 years old so obviously still has awhile, but he doesn't see him enough to constantly like talk about it or whatever.

honestly it's pretty surprising that chelsea didnt have an abortion. before anyone freaks out- i'm not saying she SHOULD have, just that there is a reason you dont see a lot of teen moms in upper middle class families and it's not because they dont mess up and get pregnant. girls coming from well off families with educated parents are much more likely to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

I actually messed that up a bit in my recap. Editing on mobile is a bitch, so I have to wait until later to change it. It was Chelsea who said "We can't undo it. That's not a choice." And Randy chimed in with, "No for us." So it was clear that Chelsea had been educated by her father to have pro-life values.

I agree, it is unusual. But it's not always the case that more privileged girls would choose abortion, even if the family DID support her choice. I got pregnant young too, and even though I wasn't religious, was very pro-choice, upper middle class, and my family supported whatever I wanted to do, I couldn't bring myself to even seriously consider abortion. Like Chelsea, it just wasn't a choice to me. Everyone was also really surprised I didn't (especially my boyfriend-now-husband, hah).

Yeah it really depends since every situation is so different. I would say girls from upper middle class families just have more options. Yes they can afford an abortion and can probably get to a clinic no problem but they can also most likely rely on a lot financial support from their parents. So tbh they luck out either way. I'm super PC but my parents are super PL and if I got pregnant in HS it kinda would've been a tough decision for me. I still would've been able to go to college and my parents definitely had money and time to help support me and my child but I wouldn't have been opposed to getting an abortion (just wouldn't be able to tell my parents I was pregnant in the first place) so I could still have the essential teen and twenties experiences. I can't imagine what those choices would look like for girls struggling to get by.

All I can think is how easily Chelsea's relationship with Adam could still be going on. Whether it was because of Paislee, or Cole, or just because Chelsea got smart, she's finally over him and that's wonderful! Without that factor, I imagine they would still be in this roller coaster of a relationship, controlled by Adam. Chelsea really is the best mom on the show, even back then she was putting Aubree first. Way to go!

I think Chelsea just grew up, basically
I identify with her a lot
I had two kids with an abusive asshole (as he turned out to be) when I was a naive 19 year old
Took me nearly 8 years to figure out he was never gonna be good for me
I too had the perfect family vision :/

I don't think Chelsea is the best mom on the show. I think Kail is. I will always admire how hard working and motivated she is to succeed in school and in business. She also just seems like a mom, motherhood fits her naturally. I get like zero mommy vibes from Chels. I think she is still kind of immature to have a six year old, definitly too immature to be having more children.

IMO Chelsea differs from Kail because she doesn't lash out at Adam. Atleast not any longer. If she has an issue, she talks to a friend or family member, or goes through courts. Kail has no problem lashing out at Jo, and eventually Isaac will see that. It won't be good for him. But I agree, other than that Kail is also one of the best moms. Those two are a million times better than the others.

I've always agreed with this. Chelsea clearly loves Aubree a lot but she's more of a friend than a mother while motherhood just comes naturally to Kail. I feel like Chelseas "friend" parenting style will bite her in the ass when Aubree gets older.

I kind of think Randy and Mary's friend-not-parent style is why both Chelsea and one of her sisters were very young parents. Yes! It can come back to bite your ass!

Also Chelsea is really messy. Leah may be alittle worse, but Chelsea's house has always been messy as fuck. The only consistently clean person has been Kail, sometimes Jenelle.

her stairs in the premier? yikes lol

Wow, Adam had so much hair.

I hate to admit that this was one of my fav 16&preg episodes. I remember Adam being a POS but looking back now I can't believe just HOW nasty he was. We will always remember "those" texts. I can remember at one point thinking Randy was gay... His house was decorated with a lot of animal prints, if I remember correctly? I have NO idea why I thought that. & I'd like to point out I have nothing against gay people. I think I'll have to revisit this episode I forgot about so much!

Randy was thinner too. Much thinner.

I've always wondered what that blurred out word is in that vile text message that Adumb sent to her. Did he honestly call her the C U next tuesday word? Because it looks like that.

Kinda looks like fuck to me, but wouldn't put it past him to call her a C U Next Tuesday...

It's "fuck." You can see it a lot more clearly when it's on television if you have an HD screen

So...according to Adam he sent that text to Chelsea while she was pregnant with Aubree because she slept with his best friend. IF that's true that means Chelsea kept the text message and after their argument she went to look at old texts of them fighting and she came across that one and just broke down. Adam gave this explanation to make himself seem less shitty but this explanation is just as sad imo. Chelsea got that message while pregnant at some point and was devastated but she gave that piece of shit another chance for her daughters sake. Who knows, maybe she even forgot about it. And after he was being emotionally abusive towards her as he always does she went back through her messages and found that. She saw Adam didn't give a shit about Aubree while she was pregnant with her and as that sweet baby lay on top of her she came to the realization that NOTHING CHANGED SINCE HE WROTE THAT MONTHS AGO AND HE STILL DOESN'T CARE. Aubree was a premie that Adam didn't even bother visiting. He's such a shit bag and it's funny he thought claiming he wrote that text months ago would make anything better.

This is under the assumption Adam was telling the truth. We all know by now he's a liar so he very well could have sent that disgusting message in real time. Regardless it was disgusting and I felt so bad for Chelsea when he wrote that ABUSIVE message. Fuck Adam. This was definitely one of the sadder episodes.

I don't know how I felt/feel about Chelsea. Frankly, I always got the impression from her that she was careless with protection because she patiala wanted to trap baby Adam and "change" him. Just a feeling I got through watching it. I don't think she ever really realized what a big deal it was to have Aubree at 16. She had everything taken care of for her by her dad, and then MTV money took care of it. She's always been spoiled, and borderline incapable of taking care of herself. I also agree with someone previously saying she's like a mean girl with a baby voice. She strikes me as a shit talking leader of a high school clique, and I don't think that mentality has changed. She's still largely unmotivated and everyone applauds when she finally takes a natural step forward. Nothing has changed because she didn't have to. Also, that text was awful. I was disgusted that she still chased him after that, it really shocked me that she seemingly forgot about that. And oh god when she apologizes on the phone.... GAAH!

I will say, she has made Aubree the center of her world and I think she tries to be a great role model.

I have no idea what the word "patiala" was supposed to be. Partially? I can't remember. sorry about that

I understand that Chelsea is far from perfect...
but how can you watch this and not feel bad for her or be proud of the progress she has made.
She was in love with him and in love with the idea of giving her daughter a real traditional family with both parents together unlike she has (which she stated). He treated her terribly and was by far the worst, douchey-est father I have seen on the show to date.

All she ever wanted was for him to show some interest in Aubree and he never did. Now he expects her just to forget it all, "because it isn't 2009." If I were her I would be terrified he would be as cruel and this time she'd end up hurt... if you can be that hateful towards a baby, how cruel would you be when you'd had a long stressful day and the child was throwing a tantrum?

Like I said she is far from perfect, but she is the best mom, from the series, hands down.
From day one she showed absolute adoration for her child, was sad to have to be away from her, and wanted a good life for her. She may not have gotten a bachelor's degree but she went to school and got a degree which provides a stable steady job doing something she enjoys. She may drink or have youngish type fun with friends occasionally but she never acts irresponsible, lazy, or crazy. She may not discipline her child the way I would but her daughter does not act insane, knows right from wrong, and is loved by her mother.... which is more than the majority of 16&pregnant kids.

I am happy for her that she has realized that both her and her daughter deserve more than constant emotional abuse, that she has found a career she enjoys, and that she has made more of herself than just being a teen mother or being connected to MTV. Yes MTV popularity and money helped her but I believe she is still the same person she was/would have been without it.

One thing that has always stood out to me (in a good way!) about Chelsea is just how crazy she is about Aubree :-D she has her faults, but it's really refreshing in a show that constantly has the moms choosing pills or dicks over their kids to at least have one who is wild about her kid and always has been. Adam, on the other hand, is a syphilitic dickhole.

Haha best words to describe Adumb I have heard in a while. So true. The way you described Chelsea's adoration for Aubree is exactly how I have always seen it. She adores that little girl and has from day one.

Totally. You could tell even back during this 16&P epi. While she was pregnant she was all, meh I'll just put her in daycare, but boom Aubree popped out and Chelsea did a 180. I agree, it's refreshing, especially from someone so young.

And tbh I think she does such a great job with Aubree that it makes parenting look easy ;-)

I have always respected Chels for her love of Aubrey. She could have easily chosen Adam over Aubrey but she didn't. She is so nuturing and has clearly always adored Aubs.

ALSO sorry for off topic, but I just watched the Ashley Salazar episode. I'm confused by her situation- did she kidnap her daughter from her aunt or does she just treat them as babysitters or what? Because I feel like her Instagram paints her as a full time mom so I'm clueless.

She has an EXTREMELY open adoption. Like far too open, in my opinion if you look at her & Justin's instagrams. I followed her pretty closely because when her episode aired, I felt very bad for her. She really did not have anyone on her side to keep the child. Her mom pushed her to adopt (for the right reasons) but her aunt and uncle while they loved her were in it for the baby. When they gave her the opportunity to come get her and try to parent it was all condescending, like here try... but you will fail... so she gave the baby back.
Now its just a very open adoption. Here aunt and uncle raise Cali but Cali knows that Ashley and Justin are her Bio parents. Cali skypes them, sends letters, calls them all the time, and visits (including overnights) so so often. Some could say that's a good thing but I think it has prohibited her from fully separating rolls which has impeded her healing from the adoption much like Catelyn but for different reasons of course.

I bet everyone in that family's confused. Sounds like boundaries weren't really clearly set up. I always assumed that her aunt & uncle legally adopted Kali right away and when Ashley had her meltdown they gave Kali back to Ashley to prove that she couldn't handle it. I'm sure her aunt & uncle knew Kali was coming back so to me it was like an "I told you so" scenario.

Agreed! That was how the scenario seemed to me as well! I feel like boundaries should have been more clearly set and that the overall placement was just a bad idea.

Random- I think it would be interesting to have a discussion post about dating as a single parent. Like, when do you introduce the new boyfriend/girlfriend. When do you think it's acceptable for them to move in. Because most of these moms seem to move very quickly with new relationships and really the child is just along for the ride. It would be interesting to see what is considered acceptable or normal to different people.

That's a great idea. I'm not a mom yet but all the single moms I know have jumped into relationships quickly and have more babies. And by quickly I mean the child is exposed to the new SO pretty much immediately and before a year's up the girl's pregnant. Seems fast to me so IDK if that's the norm these days.

That's what I'm noticing too! I know two girls who got into relationships while they were 6-9 months pregnant. Then the new boyfriends both say the kids are theirs. To me, that's strange. When I was that pregnant I hardly wanted to impress my husband, I can't imagine trying to impress a new man with raging hormones and all around discomfort.

I would agree that most of these mom's seem to move far too quickly with this stuff but I do not believe Chelsea is one of them. I followed her pretty closely around when her and Cole got together and from what I interpret MTV's timeline is just a bit skewed. I believe it seems fast because of how long she was into Adumb, the fact that she didn't date many other men, and MTV's skewed timeline. She seemed to take a while before becoming engaged, and what we need to remember that separates her from the others is that her daughter has not been introduced to dozens of men over the years. Aubree has only been introduced to someone Chelsea sees a future with, and while it may have been over a different timeline than some would choose her relationship has been sweet, drama free, and appears very genuine unlike most of the 16&pregnant girls subsequent relationships (following their baby daddies).

I don't think Chelsea moves too quickly either. I think people forget how long she was single and I think she said it was 6 months before Aubree met Cole

I with my sons father for almost 7 years. 15-21/22. I gave myself 3 years to be single and find what I really wanted out of a relationship, what I wanted for my son, and what I felt was best for us. I literally didn't think I'd ever date again, I have a pretty confusing custody deal right now that's in the process of being fixed, but basically I have/HAD a lot of fucking baggage. My boyfriend now I knew in highschool and he happened to be roofing one of my neighbors house so messaged me and we started talking from there. He has 4 kids of his own so we took it pretty slow with the children introducing shit, I just didn't want to bring somebody into his life and have them ripped out right away. His youngest has a different mom than the oldest 3 and was with her for about 3.5 years but she's insane as fuck, so he felt the same. No introducing early.

We introduced the kids at about month 4 or 5. We now live together and have been together under a year, it feels right for me, and he is sooo awesome to my son, and takes our relationship very seriously so I don't think I'm "moving too fast." It works for us. Like I said I never thought I'd date again, like ever again, but he is like Chelsea's Cole for me, he I just amazing.

Unlike the other girls, I gave myself and my son our own time. I did the single thing for 3 years and found out a lot about myself and strengthened my son and I's bond.

I don't have kids but I am going to comment anyway.

I don't think it the kids actually meeting a new partner it is the consatant rotation of men that is the issue. I mean If Jenelle waited for 6 months before introducing her kids to all her men it really wouldn't make any difference, her kids are still going to all those men.

I really do fear for Jace and Kai and how they will view women, their mother has never shown them how to respect a women because he doesn't seem to respect herself. She hasn't ever shown them a normal relationship.

@jay not only is it the constant rotation of men, but it's the fact that she tries to make each guy the new "daddy'. Jenelle (and Leah and lots of others) doesn't date - she tries to marry within minutes.

I think 6 months of dating is the "ideal" time to introduce kids to someone you are dating. When my husband divorced his first wife that was the time recommended. Now, I met his kids after about 2 months of dating. We moved in after 5 months. We've been the exception because we've been together 8 years. I know this girl with two kids who dated this guy, moved in with him, became engaged, got married, was kicked out and filed divorced in less than a year. I can imagine that is traumatic for her kids.

Yikes! The latter is the type of scenario we see on the show. I guess when you know, you know. My good friend seems to introduce every boyfriend to her daughter and by the time the little one is attached, the relationship has fizzled. I don't know if it's because she has nobody to babysit so she can go on dates or what, but it's a little much

His ex isn't much better unfortunately. She just jumped into a new relationship with a guy she actually cheated on my husband with when they were married. They've been officially dating a month (right after she broke up with her ex) and already moved in together. Did I mention she is still married to her second husband who she had cheated and left my husband to be with? Yeah...

I think it's an interesting topic for discussion. Looking back, All of the girls in the TM franchise have introduced their significant others to their children. We could look at the girl's timeline of boyfriends across the years. Case study if you will.

Meh I don't think I can judge anyone for their decisions regarding that (unless they introduce a new person every 6 months )
It's different for everyone
In my situation I'd been single for a year (but tbh it was more, it'd been a year since I got my own place, the relationship with their dad had been over way before that, kids didn't know though so let's stick to a year)
Never thought I'd date again but when I started to, the kids never knew until I met my Cole
I had prepared them for it that mummy might find a new man one day.. wanted to do it all slowly and wait 6 months
We introduced him after 3 months because their dad was going apeshit about it and had already told them and obviously my kids were curious and I felt sure enough about the relationship

He moved in after about a year and still going strong 6 months later
Planning to get engaged soon and have a child of our own.
I'm 29 though, I think at this age things naturally move a bit faster than when you're in your early twenties

I just want to buy a house....

But I'm a mom im reality and i have bills and a job and it's just not in the cards.

Must be nice to own a home sell it to possibly buy another.

That's all i have to say about chealsea.

Sorry, but Chelsea shouldn't buy a home and sell it to buy a different one with Cole because why? Not trying to be rude but you sound a little jealous. I'm not a mother, but I bought my first home with my fiance a year and a half ago, and we're both in debt from student loans, we both pay all of our own bills, and we still have a little left over for fun things. Just seems like a silly thing to say.

I don't understand your point. I was a teen mom and have owned/sold/bought several houses. I shouldn't be allowed to do that because I got pregnant as a teenager? I also have bills and other things, but my houses are investments. Thinking negatively of Chelsea because she is a homeowner is childish to say the least.

You should live in a van, DOWN BY THE RIVER!

Lol.... Touchy people.

Maybe I'm looking at it wrong, and forgive me if I am, but can someone explain to me why in the second photo the same message from the first one says "sent" and not "received"?

If I remember correctly, she forwarded it to her Dad. It honestly makes me a little irritated that out of every time Adumb has made their issues seem like Chelsea's fault, he never once apologized OR denied sending those messages or saying that stuff. I take that to mean he does not think it was as horrific of a thing to say regarding his infant child.

Ah, okay thank you!
Adam pisses me off every time I see his face. Just like Jenelle, he has this smug ass look on face and is so far removed from reality. I know exactly how Chelsea felt/feels about it because I dealt with the same shit for two years and it is the WORST feeling when all you want is the one person who is supposed to be there for you, completely destroy you. Even now, its sort of obvious (at least to me) that Chelsea still blames herself (Remember last season when she completely broke down and placed the blame on herself for giving Aubs a shitty dad?) Like someone else had pointed out, she still looks for validation with Cole. Adam is seriously the shittiest father in the franchise and takes no responsibility. In his mind, if he doesn't have a beer for ONE DAY then he believes he deserves 50/50 and is the best father that has ever walked this Earth. I understand being freaked out at becoming a parent at a young age but there is NO excuse for ANY of the shitty things he's done the past 7 years.
Personally, I believe he should be kissing the ground Chelsea walks on because she has/had every right to tell him to fuck off and make sure Aubree stays away from him (that car accident that he caused that almost killed not only himself but an elderly couple would have been the final straw for me) but you are 1000000% right, not once has this pathetic excuse for a human being EVER apologized or even acknowledged those messages and just swept it under the rug. Chelsea is not perfect and is far from it, but the only thing she's ever wanted out of Adam was to be there for Aubree whether they were a couple or not.

Jenelles Dramastic Change - That was 100% my point! You said exactly what I was thinking.

I'm sorry I wrote a novel but there's really no other way when discussing Adam lol. I would also like to add that a HUGE pet peeve of mine is when people criticize Chelsea for being reluctant about Adam having Aubree. Well Jesus (God, Leah or Adam in this case) I wonder why she's not so sure about having her criminal and abusive ex care for her young daughter. When he's given an inch, he try and takes a mile.

I would be the exact same way if I were her. I completely believe that in today's time period there are many fathers who are the better care takers than the mother (case in point: Corey vs. Leah) but that is so not the case here. Adumb is a crappy father because he is an abusive, cold-hearted douche. He never developed a personal relationship with his little girl and resented her from day one to an obscene level. I would be concerned for Aubree on an emotional level not just physically (i.e. his driving record and carelessness). As I've said before I think that emotionally it would be terrifying that this time the hateful things he said about his daughter would seriously hurt her instead of just myself. If you can say such mean, cruel, and horrid things about your sick, premature, completely innocent, not to mention adorable infant baby what would you say if you happened to be having a bad day at work and a tired, slightly ornery (on a normal level lol) seven year old started throwing a tantrum??

Exactly! It's obvious Adam is around because well, Aubree is how he gets paid those big bucks. How else could he afford all those tattoos, cars, steroids, and God knows what else? He's the male version of Jenelle. He reminds me a lot of my dad. Around because he HAS to be, not because he wants to. I'm sure once Aubree gets older she'll either fight harder for that relationship or just give up because she has Cole (fingers crossed that he and Chelsea are still together) and eventually she'll hear from him less and less.

My heart breaks for her because she'll most likely start to wonder why Adam never took an interest in her. My parents divorced before my first birthday and even at now 20 years old, I still wonder why I wasn't good enough for my dad. I only ever hear from him every few months when he calls to ask if I'm getting my own insurance plan. It sucks so bad but hopefully she tells him to suck a dick (when she's old enough) and Cole adopts her or something.

So glad you noticed that! When I was taking the screenshots I was trying to figure out why that could be. The only thing I can think is that maybe Chelsea forwarded it to someone else? Or Adam wasn't full of it when he said MTV recreated that scene to be more dramatic.

That's what I was thinking about the recreation. I remember back before screenshots where a thing, people would "lock" text messages they wanted to keep so they couldn't be deleted and maybe MTV got wind of those texts and decided to rip open old wounds. Its still incredibly sad though that Adam would refer to his ill infant child as a "mistake" and call the mother of his child who is doing all the work a "fat stretchmark bitch". Such a catch, Adam is.

She forwarded it to her dad.

It must feel so good for Chelsea that she arguably looks better than ever now when Adam's looks have gone downhill. I've seen people say that she got a boob job/lip fillers but honestly even if she did good for her. She worked hard for her body and to feel good about herself, so if these surgeries give you confidence and you can afford it then why not? That goes for all of these girls. Except Farrah because I think her surgeries go far beyond feeling good about yourself into psychotic territory.

Chelsea's body is snatched now. Fat and stretch marked? Bish where?

I think(KNOW) the only thing she's gotten done was her lips. Her boobs are questionable because she never showcased them or dressed with a lot of skin showing to begin with, so if you see her in a swimsuit and you normally see a frumpy sweatshirt and leggings and shit, obviously you'd be like DANG CHECK OUT THAT RACK!!! Plus, it looked like a push-up top as well, they don't look fake to me in her pics on Instagram where she's in lowcut shirts and stuff like that.

Adam is awful, he is sooo fucking ugly now and I totally agree I bet he's just pissed as fuck lmao.

Not to mention, Cole is daaaamn fine.. If he served strictly as my arm candy and never spoke, I wouldn't be mad.

Lmao right?? He's so good looking until he opens his mouth.

Like her to loathe her I get the feeling Chelsea has always been 100% real on the show. Her story shows that even the mean rich girl in school can get pregnant. That anyone can fall victim to an abusive boyfriend even with there mom/dad supporting them and fighting there corner.Also as annoying as she is pushing Aubrey to look at Cole as her father it's still true to what we'd prob all be fealing esp after this little reminder of what an A-hole Adumb was/is.Its true to every trap baby or unplanned pregnancy that you eventually feel that guilt of choosing someone like that as the father of a daughter who she very clearly adores. I'm not normally a supporter of these girls but after reading this recap kudos to Chelsea for turning it around somewhat for the better

I agree with you. She's one of the only girls with a seemingly functional family, a family that provided lots of support, and also one that had money. It sounds like they were all fairly educated too. She still got pregnant, still had baby daddy trouble, and went through some issues a lot of the girls in this franchise/young parents face. Not to the extent some do, but as this episode recap shows, she has in my opinion, the worst TM dad situation. If I can relate to anything in Chelsea's story, it's that people who seem to have it all together or basically all the cards in place to be perfect....well they aren't and they still make mistakes.

A lot of the girls on this show unfortunately can be considered a statistic....born of teen parents themselves, born in low income and/or uneducated backgrounds, exposed to drugs and violence...etc. but Chelsea wasn't and it still happens. My friend was similar to Chelsea, not as well off money wise, but given tons of support by family and able to complete an education despite having a kid young with a MIA baby daddy. She was popular in high school, played sports, graduated with honors, etc, but still had a baby despite these factors.

While Chelsea may have one of the more boring (good for her personally) storylines currently, her story originally had an interesting point. Now, how her socioeconomic status and upbringing has and will contribute to the future success of her kids and herself is a different debate. But getting pregnant young can happen at anytime to anyone, which I think Chelsea's story reflects.

Exactly,it's a weird one though she def the most boring to watch but I just feel she doesn't hide things.Leah hides the drugs,Kail to me is just obsessed with trying to make people think there perfect and well Jenelle just lies about everything full stop!Another thing I like about her is she doesn't buy into the whole twitter slagging matches the others do!Okay enough been nice about Chelsea it's just reading this has me feeling bad for her!

How is that poor child going to feel when she's older and sees this back.Also I wonder how Adam parents reacted to there son saying such a thing about there grand - daughter.Im not sure I remember them ever being on the show?

Obviously Aubree is a girl, darn cute one at that. But, could you imagine if Chelsea had a boy? I can see it now with Cole, because they would have two parents involved and a seemingly positive role model, but not with Adam. I wonder how different it would have been.

I often think about this with all the teen moms, (except Jenelle, I imagine for her sake no children and the world a better place, lol) as I can't imagine Leah with boyses or Kail with, idk, a self proclaimed mermaid baby probably.

I wonder that too! I think Cole and Chelsea having a little boy would be way cute. I think Adam MAY have wanted more to do with a male child. I don’t think that he would have wanted to be a real father, don’t get me wrong, I think nothing would change him being a douche but I think as the child got older, he would have show slightly more interest. Then again I could be wrong. Yes Chelsea is immensely girly herself but I think she would have done alright with a son. She was in love with Aubs the second she was born (nothing to do with her being a little girl), even while she was still in the NICU as a preemie. So I think the overall dynamic may have ended up a little different but not by much.
I think Kail would have been the same with either gender. Picturing Leah with boys is very difficult but I can imagine the names... Aadam, Aaran, Aidan, need I continue... lol I think she would still be an awful parent, perhaps even worse, and would still be continuously be sleeping around, I can just hear her now, “He won’t leave me. I gave him a son.“
Amber would have ended up exactly the same. I do NOT wanna know how Farrah would have been. She is terrible as is but if she had a boy instead of a little girl she could dress up, do makeup, etc, I do not believe she would have wanted anything to do with it. Cate and Ty with Carly I have no clue but with Nova I feel like Ty would be more into the child.

I think a lot of people point out that Maci does not seem as into Jayde as she as with Bentley but that I think that is just the edit they gave her. If you look closely at her 16&Pregnant episode when she is out to lunch with her friends complaining about Rhine not being home she has a mark from a club on her hand, same with every other scene when she is still not with him cause she has ’school’, ’work’, ’cheer’, or is taking a ’rare’ day to herself... I think the baby has nothing to do with it she would still be the same either way.

Chelsea is by far my fave on the show. She has really grown up since her 16&p episode. I've always felt so bad for Chelsea because I could so relate to what she went through: okay, I'm not a teen mom (thank God!) but I was completely hung up on my first boyfriend too and would put up with all his crap just so he wouldn't leave me. He wasn't near as abusive as Adam was to Chelsea but he was also mean and liked to play games and play me. And at 17 I just wanted to stay with my high school sweetheart forever and ever. I remember the gooey looks Chelsea used to give him or how she'd be walking on egg shells around Adam just to keep him happy and with her. Add a baby to that mix: all the more reason for her to want to make it work so bad. I'm so glad she finally saw him for who he was, even if did take her years, or even Cole. I too needed the right kind of attention from another guy before I realised I was too young and worth so much more to be putting up with some deadbeat drop out asshole. I broke up with him and hardly ever saw him again.

Looking back almost 17 years later (yikes!) I regret not living life at 17/18/19. Why the hell did I tie myself down to this loser who'd break up with me just to see how I'd react to it? Ugh, I'm so glad I married a good guy in the end. Cole's a good guy, I think. Chelsea deserves it.

Yes, the baby voice is incredibly annoying and maybe she's more of a friend than a mother to Aubree but she's the most maternal than any other girl on the show.

Maci - doted on Bentley but now seems mostly annoyed by him ("Bentley's having his tonsils removed so on top of everything else, I have to take care of him now - whine whine whine) and gives Jayde about a third of the attention she ever gave Bentley as a baby. I still strongly think that has everything to do with her ever present disappointment/resentment over her relationship with Ryan failing.

Farrah - was doing alright as a mom, if you take away all the back and forth between her and her dysfunctional family, until fame, money and self obsession got to her head and she started letting Sophia do her own thing.

Cate - please. I always felt so sorry for Cate, and did do until she cried about both her children being in her wedding but only being able to bring one home, but I get so annoyed with her calling Nova high maintenance. She's a baby! You only have one baby! She gets to live off her MTV money and do nothing all day but take care of her baby and that's too much for Cate.

Amber - I've never seen Amber be a mother to Leah. Pre jail she was always annoyed with her ("Leeeeeeeyaaaaaah! Gooooooood! You didn't leave me the fucking stroller Garyyyyy!") and post jail she's more like the cool big sister who moved out and you can have sleepovers with.

Leah - what's maternal about Leah? Her kids are her pawns. The situation with Ali is heartbreaking, no doubt. But Aleeah truly is the forgotten twin and if she's not careful, Momma'll put her on Ritalin for her 'out of control' behaviour. Addie who?

Jenelle - has not got a maternal bone in her body and that situation is the saddest to me. Jace is Jenelle's teenage rebellion in human form and Kaiser was meant as a bond to keep Nathan around. Those two precious boys will have so many issues later. And poor Babs.

Kailyn - I liked Kailyn in the earlier seasons. Remember when she totalled her car and was calling around to see which company could go get it for the least amount of money? She broke down over the phone and was so alone at that time. By fame and money got to her head. I have no doubt she's an okay mother but her holier than thou attitude with Jo is downright offensive and Jo is an angel sometimes for putting up with it. "Don't move to Delaware!" He's trying to make everyone's lives easier!! She's such a bitch.

Sorry for the novel!

I remember crying during Chelsea's episode because, aside from being a teenage mother, I had lived through her situation. I was 24 when my son was born but he was also a preemie and I had to have my mom drive me to the hospital to visit him because my boyfriend/his dad had more important things to do than visit our son (and I had a C-section, so I couldn't drive myself for two weeks). Even once we got him home, he wouldn't show up for days at a time and definitely wasn't pitching in financially. He thought nothing of telling me what a horrible person I was, yet I was the only one taking care of our child while he went out drinking with his friends; on the very rare occasion that I would go out, he would blow up my phone, calling me a bad mom and threatening to go to my parents house to take our son since, in his words, I wasn't taking care of him. I'm ashamed to admit that I put up with this behavior until our son was over four years old because, like Chelsea, I just wanted my child to have a family. My parents and my friends hated my son's dad and they would all beg me to cut ties with him already but I just couldn't, I thought I owed it to my son to keep trying. Also like Chelsea, I remember holding my son when he was a baby and crying my eyes out that I gave him such a shitty dad (even though I didn't intentionally get pregnant, I am still responsible for having a relationship with a man who didn't deserve to be called a father). I had great parents, a good upbringing and no plausible explanation for why I put up with his emotionally abusive behavior for years, other than that I thought I owed it to my child. My ex also has a DUI arrest and other arrests for fighting, resisting arrest and beating up a former girlfriend - again, so many similarities between he and Adumb here.

I was fresh out of that relationship when Chelsea's episode aired and it always tugged at my heartstrings to watch her take Adumb back over and over again over the years on TM2 but I also have thought Chelsea was somewhat annoying, immature, incredibly spoiled and it really bugged me that it took her years to complete her GED. That being said, her love for and devotion to Aubree has been evident from her 16 & Pregnant episode. She's been one of the few I've seen that immediately took to motherhood and has never really seemed to get irritated at the demands of having a child, unlike some of the other girls. One of my least favorite Adumb memories was on one of the early seasons of TM2, he wanted to watch a movie and Chelsea wanted to rock Aubree to sleep before they watched the movie; Adumb told Chelsea to stop spoiling Aubree and just put her in her crib and let her cry herself to sleep. Chelsea told him that Aubs was only going to be little once and she wanted to rock her while she still had the chance. It was one of the few times that Chelsea stood up to Adumb but it was another sign that her love for her child overrode her blind devotion to that idiot. Yes, Chelsea has advantages that some of the other moms never had but she's also been one of a few that has been responsible with her TM money - she bought a house (a great investment) and she doesn't have a new car every season (Leah). I have a feeling that she realizes that that money won't be coming in forever and she has invested it wisely. I also respect her for keeping her wedding off TV and, while there have been rumors that she is/was a party girl, if that is true, she kept that off of social media and protected Aubree from that part of her life, unlike others (looking at you, Maci).

Yes, Chelsea has her faults and I'm not 100% a fan but she is an excellent mother (even Adam has admitted as much), though she definitely could work on her disciplinary skills. I know exactly what it's like to worry about your child every time they see their dad due to their irresponsible behavior, so I understand her reluctance to give Adam more time and especially unsupervised time. I also very much understand why she cannot just "stop living in 2009" and forget everything Adumb has done over the years. I'm sure if Chelsea ever watches her 16&P episode, she really wishes she had let Adam sign those papers and walk away - I know I wish I hadn't fought so long and so hard and just let him go the first time he wanted to leave.

This episode really resonates with me. I have a very low self esteem and thought I deserved no better than an Adam clone (although my situation began in 1998). My daughter's sperm donor used to talk to me like shit and told me I was lucky to be with him. He was, and still is, a complete waste of space sponger who will do anything to not work and never paid a bloody thing for my daughter.
Anyway, my water broke 7 weeks early and he DID turn up to the hospital. After 19 hours of labour, he said, "You're wasting my time, you stupid bitch." and my mother insisted she drive him home and he was not there (nobody was) when my daughter was born not breathing and had to be resuscitated. (Which was my fault, of course)
Because I was very stupid, I did not stop him from seeing my daughter -although I was done with him by the time I brought the baby home because I was fed up of him telling me I was a fat, useless bitch and him not helping out- until she called me that when she was 3 and said daddy says it all the time to his friends. Fortunately, I did not have him sign the BC or give her his surname, so when I met and married a REAL man, he was able to adopt her. She was 4 by then and sometimes I think she forgets he's not her bio father and hasn't seen the sperm donor since she was 5, although my husband still regularly receives death threats from him for "stealing his chick", which is hilarious as I was a single mother for 4 years and he hadn't even touched me since before the baby was born and I've been married for nearly 12 years.
There is no point to this rambling story. Sorry.

The episode is on MTV right now. So crazy how many years ago this was. I can remember watching it back when it premiered I think I was in 8th or 9th grade.

Kinda late to the party, but I've been pretty hesitant to post. I figured some of the people on here who dislike Chelsea would try to eat me alive...but oh well, agree to disagree, y'all.

Anyway, Ive always related to Chelsea the most. We both had babies young, have shitty babydaddies and have support systems within our families. My family has never paid my rent or bought our groceries or anything like that, but I know they would help out finacially if we ever need it. I just never moved out too soon or tried to be "more independent" when I knew I wasn't ready and couldn't afford it all by myself. 9/10 my mom will babysitting and doesn't want to be paid, even though I usually try to. I think it's bullshit when people criticize because her family helps her out so much. She shouldn't have to be sorry or feel bad because she was blessed with a great family, I'm not. And I'm sure Chelsea is aware she wouldn't be where she is now without them...I know I wouldn't be. I couldn't afford a babysitter for a long time, so I wouldn't have been able to go to work or do anything to better my life if it wasn't for my family babysitting and helping out.

Unlike Chelsea though, I finally left babydaddy (sperm donor) when he decided being a drug addict, partying and having his bad news friends was more important than his child and I never went back. Shortly after his first birthday, I cut him off when he started leaving visits early (the visits I would literally beg him to happen) to meet his dealer, then blowing visits off completely. He didn't want to be a dad. She should've let him sign over his rights to that "mistake" when he wanted to. Aubree would be way better off. We have nothing to do with my ex anymore, he can be a drug addict without us. I'm so happy Cole came around and is so good with Aubree. My boyfriend has been in our lives for a while. Him and our (yes, our) son have the greatest relationship. We never encouraged or discouraged our son calling him "dad", we just let it happen. We always believed that if he was comfortable enough to do it, then he will and we'll let him.

I always think it's kind of crazy that people criticize Chelsea because her family wants to help out. I never got the impression that she took advantage of it like Jenelle did with Barbara for like the week she tried to raise Jace. (In terms of babysitting. Financially I think she did take advantage of Randy a little but he didn't seem to have an issue with it so that's their business.) My grandparents kept my sister and I frequently and they didn't get paid. I live away from my parents but when they visit or we visit them they always offer to watch my daughter and don't let us pay. Heck, my friend here that babysits for us on occasion won't let me pay her, we usually just buy her dinner. I think Chelsea's parents have looked at it like they're helping Chelsea and getting to spend time with their granddaughter and not like they're her free babysitting service.