Unbelievable: Farrah Gets Fired For Sex Vids, But Jenelle Can Post This???

Jenelle Evans

It was only a few months ago that Farrah was kicked off Teen Mom OG for appearing in too many sex films. And we're still watching Farrah being (very slowly) removed from the show during this season's episodes...

But now, the same day as one of the biggest mass shootings of children in American History, Jenelle and David post this:

A post shared by David Eason (@easondavid88) on

And just to make it clear that it wasn't an accident, and that he totally intended to do it after the shooting, this morning David Eason posted the picture again -- this time on Twitter...

Jenelle is pretending like the whole thing was a big mistake:

_evans1219@sweetblondi74 We didn't know it happened until the picture was posted and people commented on the pic. I am deeply sorry for those who went through that incident.

j_evans1219@sweetblondi74 Some people are just finding out about this news waking up, we put our phones away and we're going to our dinner. We weren't looking at the news.

Of course, that doesn't explain today's Twitter posts of the same picture -- or why the profile picture was changed.

It seems pretty clear that David knew exactly what was going on, and he did it to provoke people...after 17 CHILDREN died.

People online had some choice words for Jenelle:

Even Papa R had something to say:

So if Farrah can get fired for a sex pic, what are they gonna do about this? To purposely post this the day after such a horrific massacre is just...unbelievable...

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