Uh Oh..Why Did Briana Delete Her Twitter AGAIN?

Briana DeJesus

I don't think I've ever seen anyone use the delete buttons on Twitter more than Briana De Jesus. She's always deleting her tweets, and last night, she deleted her Twitter. Why?

It appears that Bri had a little Twitter war with Love and Hip Hop's Moniece Slaughter. The incident apparently begin when Slaughter tweeted that Bri chooses "dead beats" and doesn't have her life together.

Bri responded that she has a job, an apartment, and then makes a really strange comment: "bleach your gums."

Slaughter continues: "Ain't no n---- ever even thought about Wifin you thoty mcpoppins how you f--- kails ex husband." Bri then claimed that she's not "f---" Javi.

You can see the screenshots of the interaction here:

After that, Briana deleted her Twitter account.

Moniece got in the final words:

Meanwhile, Moniece had other things to say about the TM2 reunion:

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