Uh oh...Ryan's Got Some Serious Problems, and Kail's Talking Some Trash

Radar Online has a huge scoop today: Ryan's been arrested for Heroin possession. Uh oh.

This will not be good for his ongoing custody issues with Maci, Mackenzie's own custody issues, and of course his new baby, which was just announced last night on TMOG.

According to the article, a police source said that he was arrested at home on a warrant on the 27th.

Apparently, he may have broken probation due to his last drug charge. He got out on bond later in the day.

Here's the mug shot:

Oh, boy.  And these two are supposed to replace Farrah, whose only crime was that she did adult videos?

Meanwhile, Kail is now saying she may share her thoughts on the situation:

We'll have to see what kind of non-statement Mackenzie makes, about how she had no idea what was happening.

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