Uh Oh...Guess Who's Been Arrested For Running A Meth Lab?

kieffer delp

Well, this is interesting. One of Jenelle's ex boyfriends, whom we met several seasons ago on Teen Mom 2 (and we were reminded of again during the recent special on Jenelle's exes) has apparently been arrested for running a meth lab.

Kieffer Delp, who according to In Touch Weekly had been holding signs on the side of the street for work, apparently didn't find his career all too fulfilling, and decided to go a different route.

The Pittsburgh Post is now reporting that Delp was allegedly running a meth lab in McKees Rocks, PA. It isn't known who else was involved, but Delp appears to have been the only one arrested so far. We don't yet know how big the meth lab was.

Here's a snippet from the article:

Kieffer Delp, 28, of McKees Rocks, who lived in a basement apartment, faces felony charges related to the manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamines and the improper disposal of chemicals. Authorities said Mr. Delp lived alone.

Delp faces a hearing at the end of January.

You may remember that as late as December, Kieffer Delp was an issue for Jenelle, as she got into hot water after saying good things about Delp in the Ex-Files special. At the time, we wrote:

Unsurprisingly, Jenelle and Kieffer thought each other were sexy and seem to have spent most of their time together either high or accusing each other of infidelity.

Watching Jace hanging off of Barbara's hip while she reprimanded Jenelle for being high was probably the saddest thing ever. But watching Kieffer say "that bitch crazy" made this entire special episode worth watching.

Later, however, "that bitch crazy" was soon topped by Jenelle's "this probation thing sucks" and Jenelle and Kieffer soon broke up.


KDKA reporter Meghan Schiller has new information about the arrest:

Wow, Delp must have been busy. Schiller's piece notes that neighbors have said that the spot has been a "problem apartment for years."

We were rather surprised by the news, given that lately, Delp has been extremely busy on Twitter pondering the meaning of life -- delving deep into the philosophical quandaries of the day, like this one:

And of course whatever this is...

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