Uh oh. Guess Which Teen Mom OG Stars are Making Enemies Out of MTV Now?

Farrah isn't the last person to make an enemy out of MTV. It seems more Teen Mom Stars are out and about giving interviews to various media outlets, venting about their bitter feelings.

So who is it this time? Looks like it's Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards.

We have a feeling these two are pretty upset that they're going to be missing out on some hefty paychecks especially after getting pregnant with their first child.

So what exactly happened?

According to EOnline, Ryan and Mackenzie will not be returning for the latest season of Teen Mom OG. Uh oh. 

Yep, it appears that according to these two, MTV didn't want to continue filming Ryan's recovery from drugs.

We think the main issue here was the Ryan's dog was the most interesting thing about him since all he ever really did on the show was sit on a couch with his cavalier king charles spaniel and drawl about how Mackenzie was spending too much money.

Here's what these two vented to E:

"[MTV wants] to take Maci's word on how I'm doing...Maci's said she's not going to film unless I enter rehab again and quit the show. But I'm sober," said Ryan. "I know they did want five girls to begin with after Farrah [Abraham] left to sort of resemble Teen Mom 2," Mackenzie says. "But they didn't want to see another recovering addict storyline. So they're writing us out of the show right now and making it seem like we dipped out on our baby, on Bentley and on everyone. And that's just not the case." Ryan adds, "They want to want to talk about us but they don't want to pay us and film us."  "The show had been paying for my healthcare and for the baby so they could film the visits and then a week ago they let me know that would no longer be the case," Mackenzie tells E! News. "They're not going to film the birth. We're not going to be on at all. Maci can't speak to Ryan and Ryan can't speak to Maci – that was a mutual decision. But she doesn't know what's going on in our lives."

Hmmm. Those are definitely fighting words.

Not sure why these two want to go down throwing empty punches but we're guessing they were that blindsighted by the news and are really, really upset that they don't actually have any marketable skills for real jobs.

Oh, and all that money they already made went to Louis Vuitton purses, opiate and rehab.

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