Tyler Gets Real With His Fans

Teen Mom 2

Tyler and Catelynn went public about their mental health struggles a long time ago. And its to their credit since it's a great think for celebrities to be real about their mental health issues.

After all, the amount of stigma about behavioral health problems is staggering. Despite the high rate of depression, very few people ever actually seek help.

So where does Tyler come in? Lately, Tyler has been taking to Twitter to discuss his struggles with depression in an authentic way. And that makes sense considering the stressors that Tyler has been exposed to.

We also have to give Tyler a lot of credit for being so supportive to Catelynn and rearing Nova on his own for all of the time that she's away getting treatment.

Here's what a fan had to say to Tyler:

Nobody fucking cares at this point. He's depressed. She's depressed. Shut the fuck up about it and get on with ur lifes. Nobody gonna give u another show to listen to ur whinningu both have alot to b thankful for but yet u constantly whine. It's boring.

Wow. That was harsh and quite a bit of trolling! So what did Tyler have to say? Here's how he responded:

Poetry is my emotional escape...I share it with you guys, because maybe someone out there can truly relate. You’re not alone. Your worth is not defined by the amount of notifications on… instagram.com/p/BlGDRAgBsKj/…

Later, Tyler also responded directly to the fan by stating the following:

Wow Amanda...you have some serious empathy skills to acquire. I think the world could be a better place if we stop criticizing people when they attempt to express their most vulnerable emotions. It’s “boring?” I’m not here for your entertainment, I’m an actual human being.

Ouch this got personally really, really fast. And we have to say Amanda deserved it. What do you think?

Tyler Baltierra on Instagram: “DON’T FORGET to watch @dr_oz tomorrow, me & @catelynnmtv talk mental health & a whole lot more with @drmikedow”