Tyler Baltierra Fires Back After Pics of Binge Drinking Surface

tyler baltierra

Catelynn and Tyler have been the boring couple of the last season of Teen Mom OG. And that probably won't end anytime soon. But a bit of a controversy has come up after pictures of Tyler and Catelynn apparently binge drinking showed up online.

Multiple news outlets reported that the couple was drinking alcohol through a funnel (see photo above, credit Snapchat) while their daughter watched from mere feet away.

While it's not 100% certain that what they were drinking was alcohol, the photos were pretty damning.

The incident appears to have been documented on Snapchat, as a video of Tyler drunk and acting crazy as a passenger in a car was posted.

People who viewed the video of the incident claim that the guy who was driving the car was also funneling alcohol hours before he started driving. That was not confirmed however.

Today, Tyler posted this on Twitter:

It's not 100% clear whether he was referring to the driving situation or the adoption visit, which drew some controversy as well.

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