The Truth About Jenelle and David's Marriage

Jenelle Evans

Uh oh. Hold on tight 'cause new reporting indicates that Jenelle and David's marriage is quite the roller coaster we would have expected.

So, the last few months have definitely been tough on the couple. Let's revisit the drama, shall we?

First, Jenelle calls 911 and the cops on David, accusing him of assaulting her. Then, just a couple of days later, it seemed the two of them were happy as clams again. 

Second, David has continued to post concerning pics of himself with his children and in his travels on social media - though Jenelle hasn't had much to say about this - one does wonder if David's pattern has caused some trouble for Jenelle in terms of her job.

And of course, this could be something that Jenelle is pissed about.

The most recent event, of course, has been that David posted a pic of himself torching his yard on the land he shares with Jenelle, causing Jenelle to publicly unfollow him. Hmmmm. 

It's clear these two are simply not meant to be. One has a fiery temper, and the other, well, he's got an equally fiery temper.

So we suspect these two will definitely cause each other to burn out. The question, of course, is exactly when that will happen, and will MTV cameras be around to capture it?

The divorce, of course, would probably lead to so much drama, we'd be shocked if MTV didn't sign Jenelle for her own show on how she's changing her life after being with David for so long.

Let's face it, that's certainly how Bristol on Teen Mom OG has kept fans captivated.

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