The Truth About Cole and Chelsea's Relationship

chelsea houska

Chelsea is slated to have her MTV special about her relationship with Cole air in a few days and boy, does it look BORING!!! A teaser video has already dropped with Chelsea and Cole returning to the gas station, yes, the very one, where they first met.

According to Chelsea, Aubrey was 3 at the time, and she told her, "Look at that hot guy."

Famous last words. Apparently, the rest is history with Cole and Chelsea falling for each other, and ultimately, going on to conceive Sir Watson out of wedlock.

Barf. What happened to the days when Adam was accusing Chelsea of cheating on him while she was pregnant of Dr. Drew asking Chelsea in a concerned voice why she kept hooking up with him.

Ever sense Adam went off air, Chelsea has been just too boring and too controlling about her image too. Of course, we'll be tuning in, just so we can give our usual saucy recap, but still.

Something tells us, however, that this recap will still give us plenty of material to ridicule, even with Adam having moved on. Stay tuned!!!

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Instagram post by Chelsea DeBoer • Nov 19, 2017 at 1:50am UTC