Top Five Reasons to Love Debra Danielsen

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It's a snowy day out there in the country and all of those beautiful snow flakes got us thinking about what we appreciate so much about our favorite Teen Mom personas. So in honor of the fact that Farrah pulled quite a bit of gawd-I-am-the-most-ungrateful-daughter ever, we decided to compile our top favorite reasons as to why you gotta love Debra Danielsen.

Ready? Let's take off.

Reason #5.

Debra Danielsen's Instagram Videos

For some reason, just about every video that Debra Danielsen posts on Instagram is a major closeup of her face. Like a really major closeup.

So closeup that the frame is usually occupied by her face alone.

We're not sure why her videos consistently showcase her in this fashion, but we do know one thing: It only makes us want to click on her videos that much more.

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Reason #4

Debra Danielsen's Style

Whether it's that hot pink newscap or her extra tight skinny jeans, this momma can sure rock the pre-wedding onesie leotard like Selena Gomez and Beyonce ain't done it before.

We know, we know, women who are too old for their twenty-something clothes are supposed to be an object of scorn but there is something about the way that Debra Danielsen fronts her clothes.

She's got it, so she's gonna rock it and we're gonna give her a round of applause and say, good for her!

Reason #3

Debra Danielsen's Choice of Men

Dr. David has to got to be the best boyfriend to hit Teen Mom.

Between his Scottish scivvies, his no-nonsense approach toward Farrah or his morphosis into permanently attaching his professional prefix with his first name, Dr. David is definitely just what the doctor ordered for Farrah and Debra's relationship.

Reason #2

Debra Danielsen's Meltdowns

"I just can't..." Although our teen moms consistently like to tell us how "over" they are on the drama in their lives and tears and screams certainly abound within the series, it's Debra Danielsen who takes the cake for her emotional breakdowns.

Besides, if your daughter were Farrah, you'd probably be crying your eyes out too. Did anyone see how Farrah nearly bit the head off of one of the producers in the last Teen Mom OG episode?

That brings us to Reason #1

Debra Danielsen Emits Wisdom When Her Daughter Manipulates her Granddaughter into Rejecting Her

So, we here at TeenMomJunkies believe Farrah took it to a whole new level on the last episode of Teen Mom OG when she clearly brainwashed Sophia off camera in order to get her to do her dirty work and really stick it to Debra about not coming to the wedding. We're no psychiatrists but we're guessing that Farrah is just acting like her usual spoiled child self and mad that her mom is paying attention to someone other than her.

But, we're gonna give Debra Danielsen a lot of credit for setting some boundaries and telling both Sopia and Farrah that they can't give her ultimatums. Good for you! Boundary-setting is what being a mom is all about!

Well, there you go. Join is next time for our next Teen Mom OG update.

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