The Theories on Kail's Last Minute Surgery Change of Heart Are Getting Absurd

kailyn lowry

This week, Kailyn Lowry had plans to go down to Miami and get a bunch of work done. That included a boob job, liposuction, and possibly some other stuff. But apparently, that's all been called off.

Kail is suggesting that the reason it was called off was because she just didn't want to go under the knife again.

And she's saying that she plans to use the money she was going to spend on surgery for a nutritionist and to get back to working out consistently.

But some fans are not convinced.

There are a bunch of theories going around that somehow, now that Javi and Briana are broken up, Kail has decided to no longer go through with her surgery.

It's a bit unclear how that logic is supposed to work, but it involves the fact that Briana and Kail were having surgery around the same time, and that Javi wasn't happy with Briana's surgery.

Somehow, as a result, Kail is no longer getting work done in order to get back with Javi.


Others, meanwhile, are saying that she canceled the surgery because Chris flaked out and wouldn't take Lux, and somehow, there was absolutely no other way she could get any child care, so she went all the way to Miami and then decided at the last second to cancel the surgery.

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