Teen Mon OG, Season 7, Episode 28 Recap: Maci Fakes It For Ryan and Bentley

Ummm, so how weird is is that Catelynn and Tyler are separating while she's pregnant????!!!!

Read on to find out about more twists.



Catelynn and Tyler head to a baby store and do some looking at ultrasounds - which is just not adorable or sweet when you know that they're now separated.

MTV, sorry, hon, there's no way to make this a cute moment even with all of your sentimental music. Tyler tells his dad about the news that he's having another baby.

Ty's dad looks very civilized without his mustache.

He opens Ty up to talking about how he's basically wanted to cheat on her for a while now. Later, he talks to Catelynn, who tells him to stay in his corner and work on his sobriety.


Maci and Taylor move onto their new home, which actually does look pretty cool. Sadly, Bentley is going to be there first the birth of his half-brother when Ryan won't.

Jeni the producer tries to stir up some trouble by asking if Bentley is upset that his half-brother will be living somewhere else.

Later "Benny" gets more compliments from Maci out on the golf course. Later, Jen and Larry make very sad small talk with Benny and still later, convince him how cool it is that his dad gets to "Skype" into the birth of child.

Oh, boy.


Bristol drives Tripp to his football practice and first, urges him to be as aggressive as possible.

Then, she follows that up by being as passive aggressive as possible in trying to get Tripp to share that he's basically indifferent about his relationship with Dakota.

Later, Bristol goes rock climbing and tries to pretend Tripp cares about her splitting up with Dakota. 


Cheyenne thinks she made the right decision ending things with Zach. Luckily for her sister, she's moved on to attending her sister's baby shower, you know, so that her sister can get te attention she deserves as her party.

Apparently, Cory is going to be invited to.

The party turns out ot be another pool party. Hopefully, Cheyenne decides to cover her butt up this time. At the party, Cory gets asked an awful lot as to whether he's happy that Cheyenne is single now.

Cory also makes sure to ham up his having been a father for another year. Shockingly, Cheyenne's sister names her and Cory godparents.

Um, yeah, like that's a good idea. For some reason, Cheyenne thinks that being a godparent means Cory is "now really stuck with her." We thought that's what a kid was for.

Chey crows about Cory at the party. 


Amber "still wants to spend time with Leah." Um, good, 'cause you're still her mom, right? Amber found out that Leah feels her leg-hair makes her self-conscious, so like any good mom, she wants to make a "big deal about it."  

Later, Amber heads over to see Leah and totally embarrasses her by putting her first leg shaving incident on national TV. Leah looks surprisingly cool with it. Well, we're embarrassed for her then.   

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