Teen Moms Earn What???!!!!

kail lowry

Yesterday the internet was hating on Kail after it she sent out a social media remark, complaining about her life. Apparently, Kail was discussing the difficulty of having three young children.

As a result, fans everywhere began posting about how Kail always has someone to watch her kids and actually gets paid quite well by MTV. But how much do Kail and the other moms in Teen Mom 2 get paid? The answer will shock you!

Reportedly, on the most recent season of Teen Mom, Kail, Jenelle and other other teen moms have been earning $300, 000 per season. What?????!!!!! The crazy thing about this is not how staggering the number is but how often Briana has complained this season about how Luis needs to go to trucking school and do his part supporting her and Stella.

Clearly, Briana can support herself, and of course, so can Kail.

Now, we'll give Kail credit for one thing; she did talk on this week's Teen Mom episode about how it would be tough for her to start at "the bottom of the ladder" if she took on a different job in TV or production.

We now understand that remark a little better given that she was probably referring to her salary.

In any case, celebrities who complain about their lives. So what else is new?

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