Another Teen Mom Car Crash

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I would say that a majority of the time when someone is in a car accident, we assume that it's Adam Lind.

This time around, Adam wasn't the one crashing a vehicle, but don't worry - we'll talk about him in a different post tonight.

This car crash comes from Teen Mom 3 star, Mackenzie McKee.

Mackenzie and husband, Josh, traded in their high school vehicle over the weekend for a shiny new mom car.

The car, a 2013 Kia Sorento, reportedly cost the couple about $26,000 and it took Mackenzie less than one weekend to crash the vehicle.

The best part of this story is that Mackenzie was out looking for Josh.

Normally bad things happen when she's running around looking for him. Remember that one time she was pregnant and got dragged by her hair across some lady's porch while looking for Josh? I do.

Josh was apparently out hog hunting and didn't come home. Mackenzie couldn't find him, so she drove around looking for him and ended up landing herself and her new car in the ditch.

She was not insured, which she claimed to be because she bought the car on Friday and nobody was open to help insure the vehicle.

She planned to insure it on Monday morning, but on Saturday she ended up in the ditch.

Shortly after the crash, Josh and his friend drove past in a truck and picked her up. Mackenzie is bound to owe lots of money on this car, and in order to help balance the expenses, it looks like she decided to sell the story to TMZ.

She was Skyped in to TMZ's show and shared her story with fans, which would be a paid interview.

TMZ even had exclusive pictures of the vehicle after the crash, and we can assume that it won't be drivable any time soon.


Sorry Mackenzie, didn't catch most of your side of the story because banjos were playing too loudly in the background.

First off, they got ripped off. We were looking at the new body style sorentos a few days ago and a brand new fully loaded was priced at $32,000.

Second, BS on the insurance thing. I bought a car on a Friday, it was delivered to me on Sunday. On Saturday, I called my insurance company (Allstate at that time) on an 800 number, I gave them all the info for the car, they added it to my plan and emailed me a new insurance card. The whole process took maybe 30 minutes.

Yes, we bought our truck on a Sunday and were able to add it to our insurance over the phone that day. Most insurance companies have people answering the phone seven days a week for people who buy new vehicles or get into accidents and need to talk to someone.

Also, poor Gannon and Jaxie. I'm sure those two nimrods dragged them to the dealership where it usually takes hours for them to do all the paperwork. Leave the kids with Grangie. Gannon looks like he missed a nap.

Surprisingly she seems to have her kids a lot. I don't think they live with Grangie anymore. She's constantly taking them on walks and bike riding. I think she may have started getting the handle on the mothering stuff. I wonder if grangie put her foot down. I agree though it would've been a good time for grangie to watch the kids rather then dragging them to the dealership.

Do you follow her on IG Trash? Because I've noticed that too.

Yeah I do follow her on instagram. Her and Josh are obsessed with fitness.

fitness is not the worst thing in the world to be obsessed with... better than weed and video games

That is such bs, i bought my car on a saturday morning at 10:30am & by 11:30am I had a BRAND new policy. so um no u just didnt put insurance on it & now its gonna cost u!!!!

Look at who we're talking about here, though. This is the girl who refuses to try to manage her diabetes and had not one but two high-risk pregnancies because of it. Common sense is not this chick's forte.

I think she definitely needs therapy about this. She seems in such denial that she even has diabetes, I mean what person knows they have it yet checks their sugars every once in awhile, doesn't watch what they eat what so ever, works out 24/7, and doesn't keep track of their blood pressure?? Yet its the first word out of her mouth when she gets in trouble. Police: You know why I pulled you ov- Mackenzie: DIABETES!!!

THREE high risk pregnancies. The first one was a late term miscarriage.

Ha! I was just coming here to say the same thing. 26K for a 2-year old KIA?! Bull. Shit. And if they really paid that, well I don't know how they were smart enough to earn that money in the first place.

Yep. My 2 yr old Kia had less than 10k miles on it and I only paid 8k.

We bought my husband's dream car last year and it was around the same price as this and that's for a really nice Subaru. I know Kias have been improving their quality over the last decade but 26k for one? Shit.

We just bought a car out of state on a Saturday and had ZERO issues getting coverage started for us to drive that vehicle home within 15 minutes. She's full of shit and/or very stupid.

@RAE - your comment made me laugh. I think Mack is both full of sh1t and very stupid.

I also thought any insurance company would have people on the lines 24/7 to add or change your policy. However it is not the case, i traded vehicles earlier this year on a Saturday and immediately tried to switch my coverage over. I have insurance through columbia insurance group and they have 24 hour lines in case you have an accident but nothing to add or change coverage. After talking to my agent he said mine would be covered until Monday (and I could get to the agency and change it) because I traded straight over. But if I had bought a new vehicle I would not be able to be covered until monday. It doesn't seem right to me either but I named my insurance provider if any of you disagree and care to look it up.

Just realized I forgot to say I am not defending this girl in any way, shape, or form. Just something similar happened to me and I would like to consider myself a responsible adult.

I can believe that the insurance was closed on the weekend because that is what it's like in the Midwest and it sucks. She probably didn't even know about the 800. Number option and assumed it had to be through a local person. I actually dreamt randomly or the night before that I Was Mackenzie and me and josh went to live in some weird remote Vegetated place. Maybe because I recently saw an episode of house hunters where a dumb blond decided to move to India with a guy she met a week prior or something.

In AZ if you have coverage on any vehicle there is a 15 day grace period where you are covered to avoid exactly that situation. I know this because my husband has a car habit and I get a new about every six months. Also she way over paid. had a sorrento that was a 2012 that we bought for $9k. Of course we then sold it for $16k but still. Crazy

Thats so embarrassing lol.. get a car and total it the next night. Holy. But, out of all the 16&p or teenmom girls I guess Mackenzie would be the one who would make the most sense to do this.... according to the ashley it also said she had super high blood sugars. Way to take care of yourself there girl.

Sounds like my mom. She has the worst luck with cars. She bought a brand new vw jetta cup. It started leaking oil after 3 days of her having it. She took it back to the dealer to be worked on, her rental car ended up breaking down on her than the day after she gets her car back a kid rearends my mom at 60 (she was ok) but totalled her car. So she went and pic out a new vw jetta and one week later nails a deer coming home from work. She just couldn't catch a break.

Usually it's low blood sugars that cause the mental confusion. Especially if she's been diabetic her whole life, numbers in the 400's won't affect her too badly (mentally). And she said she checked her blood sugar later that night so what does that have to do with an earlier crash?

I can't wait to find out what caused such an emergency that she "had" to drive around looking for her stray husband while feeling as crappily as she did. There's no way she didn't know she was in no condition to drive. (If that's what actually caused the accident. I think she plays the blood sugars card a lot more than it's actually the fault of her blood sugars. She just uses it as an excuse yet still refuses to take better care of herself.)

Unless she paid cash for this car, and to have that much in cash at her age something must be going on, you are not allowed to leave the dealership without insurance.

That's what I was thinking. The dealership will not let you leave without having full coverage. So if they did give her the car without it being insured they're just as dumb as she is.

Well, it looks like they are at the Kia dealer in that photo. I don't know where those two would come up with $26,000 cash when they don't seem to have very well paying jobs. Maybe they were able to put a chunk down and finance the rest if their credit is decent.

Maybe they're filming for Teen Mom Threeve.

You can have insurance but not have a particular car insured. When my dad gets cars he shows them our insurance card so the dealership see that he has insurance. Once he leaves the dealership and gets home he calls the insurance and gets the car he just bought put on the plan. If they had another car then they probably had insurance on it. They just didn't call the insurance once they got the new car to take the old car off and the new car on.

Yup. Both cars my husband and I bought were financed. All we had to do is show that we do have insurance. Although my husband called the insurance company before we left the parking lot, just in case.

The two times I have gotten cars from dealerships we had to have insurance before we left. This was once at KIA and once at a different car lot. So... I guess different states have different rules.

Same here Cheetos, we couldnt leave with my car until it had full coverage on it.

I've never been in a crash in my life or had an unplanned pregnancy. I guess I win at life.

I've been in 3. The first one was my fault. I was in college and it was a rainy day. I was trying to make a left turn on a busy road. There were two lanes on each side and a middle median. The light was really short so traffic kept piling up. I was wanting to get to the middle median because it's easier to make a left turn from the middle median rather then the parking lot I was in. I could only see the lane nearest to me I couldn't see the lane closer to the middle median that I was trying to get in. One of the cars in the lane closest to me stopped and waved me on telling me I was clear in the lane I couldn't see. Well my dumb ass listened to him and guess what I wasn't clear. A car ended up tboning me while I was trying to cross over and the guy that had waved me on pointed and laughed then drove away. I bawled my eyes out and had a panic attack and the cops had to calm me down. I didn't get a ticket though.
The other two times weren't my fault. One time a girl ran a red light and I wasn't able to avoid her so I slammed on my brakes but I still hit her back bumper. The other time I was rear ended by an illegal immigrant with no insurance. I have awful luck with accidents!!!!

Wow the guy in the first one sounds like a mean jerk. Hopefully he got his dose of karma.

That's awful! I've been close. I'm just saying these girlses seem sooo wreckless with their cars it's insane. Omg they sound like a nightmare I'm sorry that happened. I have nightmares soooo much about driving.glad you didn't get a ticket that's awful.

Yeah it really freaked me out. I was terrified to get behind the wheel again for a while after that!
Thanks for the well wishes :)

I never bought a car that is to expensive for me. I actually picked up my new car on the same day. Small but 5 doors Suzuki Alto is fine for me. I saved money for a new car every month so I did not have to borrow money. Got the insurance taken care of two days in advance.
I guess I win at buying and owning cars ;-). Oh and I never had an accident that was my fault, other people's however...

I've been in one car accident when I was 22. I was at fault. I was driving out of my apartment complex. There were two lanes going east and two lanes going west with a median inbetween and an space to turn in and out of the complex. My apartment complex was on the east bound traffic and I needed to go west. So, I pulled into the median, looked for traffic going west, thought I was clear and went. BAM! I was hit.

My car was pretty damaged. It wouldn't even drive. It scared the shit out of me and I was shook pretty bad. The person who hit me was actually super nice and just wanted to make sure I was okay. She gave me a hug and everything. As luck would have it, a policeman drove by about that time. I didn't have to wait for them. Thankfully my stepkids weren't with me.

Lol at Gannon's face

My firstthought seeing that pic! Car shopping sucks as an adult, let alone as a four (?) year old.

My kids were not overjoyed being in the car a lot for a day but the dealer had a wonderfull play area that made up for a lot. And we took them to McD and gran and grandpa afterwards so they liked their day in the end ;-).

Maybe Gannon can see into the future? Lol

He's thinking about the fact that his name is Gannon.

(No offense to anyone who likes the name).

He must have finally realized who is in charge of keeping him alive.

Ooh, an Adam story to come? New shenanigans I expect!

You know you're too immature to be married when you feel like driving around looking for your husband is a suitable way to spend your tjme. Jeebua, eother he needs to learn to communicate better or she needs to grow a spine and deal with a reasonable period of no contact time. I did that driving around shit when I was a teenager and I'm embarrassed I was so insecure I resorted to that shit (and was dumb enough to be with someone I didn't trust to do no contact for a few hours or so).

Typos suck. I post from my phone and I do this every time. fml

My phone also has a mind of it's own :-(( so I completely understand.

I'm surprised she was willing to admit it too! That's embarrassing. I wouldn't tell the world that. She must be hurting for money to give up all the details like that.

I think maybe she is just too naive to realize how pathetic it makes her look.

I'm not saying she's a bad person in the situation if her hubby is totally ignoring her attempts to contact him. That speaks to the respect they have for one another, although we have no details about how long she tried to reach him before going "looking for him." it's just not healthy to be in a relationship where you leave your kids to go searching, excluding incidents where someone may actually be in harm's way. Idk, she seems like she has to be insecure regardless because that is truly an immature, insecure reaction to have.

If Sir Concussion was out hog huntin' I would imagine he had no service or his phone was off... Because... You know... Hunting takes quiet. Mack would just die if Josh was in the military! Do you think you can call someone in a foreign country? No you wait on them to call you. Or text if they have Internet and an iPhone.

I'm surprised she didn't go with "he was missing and I was worried" if you watch the TMZ video, she says she was out looking for her "horrible husband" AND when she went into the ditch, she didn't even have cell coverage SMH so even of he was trying to call her and say he was on his way home, she wouldn't have gotten it...

The entire story is really, really fishy. Mackenzie is an idiot for not doing anything to help her diabetes. It sucks---my sister has it, and it's a really sucky disease, but you have to do everything you can to help it. Mack isn't. She's too busy chasing after her husband-fiance-brain damaged baby daddy to pay attention to her health or her children. What a waste of space.

I'll just leave this here

Right on homie! Love the username.

Adam sucks balls. I used to hate Chelsea for being so immature but she has grown up a lot. There are some Taylor fans around but she was a bitch about Chelsea, giving her shit for her relationship with Adam and defending his parenting - and now it looks like she's the one using the courts to make him accountable for his kid! Now I guess she knows what Chelsea felt.

Yeah, Adam is fricken useless. How he posted that $800 bond.. I guess we can thank MTV.

......hog hunting?

Yeah, that's a thing. My husband family has some property that always has a big problem with hogs. They're pretty mean and dangerous, plus they tear up the land.

Yeah they're vicious things, my family and I hog hunt all the time because it's legal year round in Texas

Vicious indeed. Some PETA woman across the woods from me decided to steal a bunch that were set to be killed. We'll she decided to let them free in the woods. Now we need to be very cautious out at night (keep I mind we would play games in the woods into mid night as kids under 10 in the summer) and we walk to houses still to this day where we cross a foot ball field of open land to reach a house. Thankfully her neighbor is a spiteful hunter so anything he kills gets left of his side of the property line to piss her off.

Wild Boar is vicious and dangerous.they are hunted around here ( South Carolina) as well.

Texas as well. I love hog hunting it's fun. I don't understand why she was looking for him. I mean sometimes we hunt till 3-4 in the morning. If she knew what he was doing sit and wait for him to come home. Sounds like she didn't believe him.

Have you never seen Old Yeller?

Interesting! I've lived my whole life in Manhattan and never knew hog hunting was a thing. We don't even have Walmart here, let along your common hog. I remember having a boars hair brush when I was little. Does that count?

I hog hunt, the two legged type after 20 beers.

Even IF her claims were true about no insure company being open on the weekend (she's lying), then don't drive the car until it is insured!!! It's not rocket science. My inspection sticker expired and i didn't realize it until a few days past the date, on a late Friday evening and i couldn't go until Monday because they are closed Sunday and close early on Saturday's. Guess what, i didn't drive anywhere that weekend because i didn't want to risk getting a ticket. And my car was insured but i still didn't want a ticket, i don't know how she could think it's okay to drive on an uninsured car, she's lucky she didn't hit another car and just went into a ditch.

Yeah that whole "no insurance is open on the weekend" is some bs. Most agents have their offices open at least a few hours on a Saturday. I know they live in a small town and all but I just find that statement hard to believe and just an excuse. State Farm and Allstate agents have offices, hell she could just go online to Esurance or progressive and buy some online. But I wouldn't expect Mackenzie to be able to figure that out on her own.

I'm not surprised. This is the same girl who didn't go on birth control cause she didn't want to get fat, who had TWO unplanned pregnancies before the age of 16, and then married and had another kid with the guy who treated her like crap and only thought about his rodeos...well, as much as someone with that many concussions can think. Don't even get me started on her diabetes and how she continues to refuse to get it under control. This girl is as dumb as can be.i just feel bad fro Gannon and Jaxie for having two idiots as parents.

Everything about Mack is histrionic. When her high risk OB fired her for missing appointments and posting shit like candy she was eating on social media non-stop while lying to the doctor about taking care of herself, she spun it that they were stalking her and cruel and when they called her, everyone was laughing at her in the background. Sure, Mack. Sure.

I remember that and was so beyond annoyed by it. Girl didn't have a leg to stand on, and then whined because her mom called the doc's office to find out what was going on and they hung up on her. No shit sweetheart, they can't talk to your mom about your case as you are 18+. And then right before she gave birth she once again blamed the doctor's office for not giving her treatment and that now she had no help whatsoever and something might happen to her baby and it would be all their fault. You know what Mackenzie, becoming a patient of a private physician is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. You have to do your part and cooperate with them and do your best to take care of yourself. If you can't they will gladly ditch you and grab the next patient who is doing her part. Because the last thing a doc needs is a patient who will end up being a pain in the ass and more importantly a tremendous liability to his or her practice. The stupidity of this girl never fails to amaze me. Ugh.

List of NEW crossovers/SUV's she could have gotten for in or around (some are less!) $26,000 that are way nicer than a two year old used Kia Sorento: Ford Escape, Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-9, Subaru Forester, Chevy Trax, Chevy Equinox, Chevy Traverse, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Compass, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Patriot, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Jeep Renegade, Nissan Juke, Nissan Rogue, Nissan Xterra, Nissan Murano, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Venza, Honda CRV, Honda Pilot, Buick Encore, Dodge Durango, Dodge Journey, Volkswagen Tiguan, Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai Tucson etc etc because the list literally goes on and on.

Yea I paid 26 for my 2 year old tahoe. And that was with tax title everything on it.

26k for a two year old Tahoe is great!

New for less than $26000????? Omg. Cars are SO cheap over there. There is not an SUV on the market in Australia for less than $30K. And some of the ones you mentioned are up around $40/$45/$50K!!! We are getting ripped off!

Yeah, but there are also some states that minimum wage is still in the low $7. Isn't it much higher in Australia depending on your age, anyway? I think it may all even out.

Yeah our wages are much higher I guess. My daughter is 15 and earns $10-something an hour in her after school job. I think minimum wage is about $17/$18hr once you get to 21.

The process of buying a car is stupid in America too. They put a sticker on the window with all the details of the car on it and a price. When you decide to purchase, you haggle the price of the car down about $5000 with a cheesy salesman. It is so dumb.

When we were looking at Sorentos for my grandma the other day, the sticker price for the 2016 was $32,000 but I was gonna offer $26,000.

My sister in law used when she bought her car. She said it really did keep them from haggling the price very much. She went in and knew exactly what she wanted as far as features, and how much she was willing to pay. She's a tough negotiator too so I'm sure that had something to do with it. lol

My last car I went into the dealership and bought, but we know the owner of the dealership so it was a pretty easy process.

My car before that I knew what I wanted, had driven one before, so I just went online, found one closest to me with all the options I wanted and sent them an offer via their website. I filled out all the info on there and they delivered my car and all the paperwork two days later. It was the easiest, least stressful car buying experience I have ever had.

My bank offers a car buying service. I think next time I buy a car I'm going to try that. If it's less stress than I'm all for it.

USD and AUD are completely different currencies though; they can't be directly compared.


So seems about right?

We have a 2011 Subaru WRX sti that we paid about that for. But that's a SUPER nice car compared to the car Mackenzie crashed. What the hell?

Has anyone seen the previews for a new move called "The Longest Ride?" It's a love story where the boy is a rodeo guy, and the girl is constantly begging him to quit or asking him to love her. I wonder if this movie is based on Mac and Josh.

LOL - it's gotta be!

I kind of want to see this movie because Clint Eastwood's son is in it and he got his daddy's good looks...

LMFAO! I thought of them when I saw the trailer too!

Seriously, lol, I came in to post that I wish TM3 could have another season just so Mackenzie could say "we're just like The Longest Ride!"

Literally JUST saw a commercial for this while reading your comment! LMAO

She could have done the insurance online. I bought a new car in February on a Saturday and we were able to change our insurance online, that day.
My husband said that in order to get approved for a loan, you have to show proof of insurance. So either she paid cash, or the dealership she went to is as stupid as her.

I think Mack was to dumb to realize that you can do it over the phone with a 1-800 number. My sister got a new car last saturday. We came home from the dealership and the first thing my dad did was get on the phone and get it on the insurance. It's not rocket science people!

Well maybe it is, ask Gary......?!

I was just gonna write that, Meth Pipe! LOL

Hell, we didn't even have to call the number ourselves. The dealer we bought our car from handled all the particulars for us while we were signing the paperwork. It took less than 15 minutes.

Apparently she was out driving around, looking for her husband who was "hog hunting" with his buddies. Hahahahahahaha

Honest question, is what she's wearing considered stylish in Oklahoma? It's the tackiest thing I've ever seen and I would like to hope it's just Mack having terrible taste. Good lord woman, put down the bedazzler.

Yep. Grab a pair of Miss Me Jeans and get a hat & shirt with a giant cross made of rhinestones and you have the "southern boutique" style.

You forgot the cowboy boots!

Haha it's like that where I am from too. Even the 50+ year old women wear their sparkly jeans and sparkly hats and gigantic sparkly jewelry just for a normal daily outing. It's soooo tacky.

I moved to Houston from Ohio 8 months ago and I noticed right away that dark wash denim with bedazzled ass pockets and huge belt buckles are like the standard uniform here. Not so much bedazzled hats and shirts... but definitely jeans and belts. I stick out like a sore thumb down here because I wear dark skinny denim (as opposed to boot cut everything down here) and almost all of my wardrobe is black or grey and no rhinestones lol. Regional tastes really are a thing.

I'm in Houston too Sara!! The jeans and belts you're talking about are very country. The people that were that kind of stuff all the time are the people who do all the agricultural activities and like mudding and stuff like that. Around rodeo time though you see everyone rocking that kind of stuff. Other then during rodeo or a country concert though only the super country people were that kind of stuff. They also were the cameo jackets a lot.
I don't live in a super country area so I see people were skinny jeans a lot. I'm also like you in that I wear a lot of black and grey because they're slimming colors.

If TMJ meet ups were ever a thing to make happen! :) I just moved here and am still meeting people. this city is huge!

Saraa you definitly must have been impressed by Rodeo season! Lol. I grew up in the HouTex area. I love my state, but we definitely have our own "culture." I was an "emo" kid in high school (not really but everyone else was pretty much country so I stood out.)

Ooh some Houston residents! My company is opening a lab in Houston in the next few months and just this week they asked me to move over there. Don't know whether to do it or not! My husband to be has leave to remain in the US but I've never actually been and I hear it's pretty different from my corner of Scotland. Is it true you can't walk anywhere because there aren't any pavements?

Free condoms, we do have pavement/sidewalks here, I take the nanny baby on plenty of walks through downtown. Houston itself is huge so in some spots its more urban and some spots more suburban. it's a very nice place to live though-- but especially with you being from Scotland, you have to think about how you handle heat. I don't spend much time outside during the summer as excessive heat makes me very sick. something to keep in mind since you're from a more chilly part of the world.

She likes that bedazzled crap. She had a Etsy shop with a bunch of sparkly glued together crap that she made and sold.

the cross on her hat looks like the ones she used to make on her Etsy for wall decorations. She probably just attached one to her hat.*gags*

According to starcasm the dumb twat is trying to claim she crashed her car because of her blood sugar being sky high.....

It's always the beetus with Mack!

Diabetes made me get teen pregnant!
Diabetes made my crash my car!
Diabetes made me not get insurance!
Diabetes made me wear ugly clothes!

I'm not going to claim to know the insurance laws in OK but I am a licensed Insurance agent in 2 states and the way it works in those places is if you have current insurance you get X amount of days to add it to your policy. For example here in Ohio if you have liability only insurance you get 5 days of automatic FULL coverage to add the car to the policy and if you already have full coverage you get 15 days to add it to the policy (in Florida where I am also licensed you get 10 days and 30 days). SO that being said unless laws are different there she would have had automatic coverage for at least a few days to add it to her guess is she never had insurance to begin with.

That's how it is in South Carolina as well.

I know in NC, if you lapse on your insurance,they report it (immediately) to the DMV and you lose your license & plate for 30 or 60 days. I'm not sure because I typically pay mine in full.
A frenemy of mine is constantly going through this though.
And they wouldn't let you leave the lot without any insurance.
Also,the insurance rates are based on credit scores.

Yeah in Florida and Ohio they report it to the DMV, and suspend your license. So I am not sure what is going on, but the whole story seems fishy to me. Even when we bought a super cheap used car and paid cash they wouldn't let us leave without proof of insurance.

Ganondorf's face in that photo perfectly encompasses how I feel about these two people.

Mac, can we please stop with the cheerleader picture poses? You graduated h.s. already! Your not a cheerleader anymore! Move on!

Actually she is a cheerleader still. She's on some kind of competition team. I personally feel like she's too old to still be doing competition cheer if she's not in college but that's what she loves to do. She should try and become a cheer coach since she loves it so much.

I stand corrected! Still Mac needs to tone it down! You are outside a dealership not a football game! Pull your damn leg back in and stand up!

Things that are dumb:

1. Spending that much money on a two year old car when you could get something perfectly fine for half that cost and maybe use the rest of the money towards something more responsible like a savings account or put it towards a down payment on a home so you can move out of your parents house.

2. Being irresponsble as fuck about your diabetes.

3. Driving without insurance. I don't care if you couldn't get it sorted out until Monday. Don't fucking drive until Monday then!

4. Literally chasing around a guy who acted the same way before you got married and had another kid with him.

1. She must be desperate for money, the whole story is embarrassing as hell.
2. She's lying, she simply forgot about insurance, and i don't think it was her diabetes fault she crashed,she only said that to look like the victim
3. Sometimes i feel really sorry for her for being that dumb.
4. Stop looking for Josh, the guy's kind of a douche sometimes, the more you crave attention the further he goes

"I was gonna get the insurance on Monday!"

Sure you were.

She's obviously not good at utilizing protection of any form

More like they couldn't be bothered paying insurance, even so still illegal to drive without insurance, I hope she gets arrested for it. People who drive without insurance are so selfish. I wonder if she drove with her kids in that car, I'm guessing yes. So tacky, selling stories to pay your bills... it makes no sense, their house seemed pretty crowded in 16 and pregnant, a lot of people in it, and since they couldn't afford their house they now moved in with macks parents. So there is mack, josh, and 2 kids in that house when it seemed pretty crowded with just mackenzie and her family. Now they will have debts to pay for that car which im guessing they took a loan out for, not to mention they prob lost a lot of money when they tried to buy a house and couldn't afford it, and put on top of that 2 kids.... I can't deal with this level of stupidity.

She reckons they saved the money over a few years. Someone also said on her IG that she used TM money and Mack fired up and said not a dime of it was TM money. They had been saving for years and working hard. No loan.

Don't believe that for a second, they aren't smart. And they don't have jobs, oh unless you count rodeo I guess .. Even if they lived at her parents rent free with their 2 kids and even if they got help for the parents to fund their children I doubt they could save 26000 in a couple years.

She is now blaming it on her diabetes... maybe she shouldn't drive if she can't control her condition. Just sayin.

I didn't downvote you. And I'm not sticking up for her. I'm repeating what she said. They do have jobs. Mack works in a salon. And Josh does some factory job or something. Again-what I've heard.

And, I don't know how finance works in the US. But would they get a loan without jobs? I doubt it. So she either lied and they did have the vehicle financed. Or maybe it was half half. Whatever.
Also, why is everyone bagging Kias? They are not a bad car in Aus. A friend has this exact model, same colour and everything. It's gorgoeus and beautiful to drive in. She bought it new for $45K. Another friend has the Sportage (similar but smaller) and it's been no problems for her either. Again, she bought it brand new as well.

@Leahs, they used to be really crappy, unsafe little cars. Always breaking down and would crumple in an accident. They have really increased their quality over the last ten years. Someone I know has a Kia minivan with over 200,000 miles on it and it's never been in the shop. That is what made us decide to buy my grandma a Kia.

I'm starting to wonder if SHE in fact ever had insurance. It's entirely possible that the old car was in Josh's name, and HE had insurance, but it was bare minimum state required insurance that only covered the car if he was driving. It's entirely possible that Josh never got that specific car insured on his policy yet, and that Mack doesn't have any kind of insurance and since she was driving his lokited coverage on him/the old vehicle won't cover it.

There is something very very fishy about this because you have to
show insurance to get it off the lot. And most instance policies (mine included when k bought my car before moving down here) will cover the driver and if
you but a new vehicle you are automatically covered but required to add the vehicle to your policy within 7 days. The only thing I can think of is the josh had a policy to show to get the car off the lot, and that for Mack to drive it she would have had to get herself coverage as well... hence why the damage isn't coveted since she was driving.

Either way, girls got to feel incredibly stupid. literally blew 26k in 24 hours. They also spent way too much on that car, KBB for a certified pre owned maxes out at 21k and that's pushing it. Idiots.

lokited? autocorrect you are drunk. should be existing.

Driving without insurance is very stupid. If she, or anyone else had been hurt in this accident there would be no insurance to may for medical costs. Also, if she can't get a handle on her blood sugars enough to drive without going into the ditch, she should not be driving- especially with kids in the car.

I'm just going to on a little rant here. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 19 years & I'm only 20. Never have I ever passed out due to a HIGH blood sugar like Mackenzie states. A LOW BLOOD SUGAR WILL DO THAT TO YOU! I have driven with a high blood sugar. A high blood sugar makes you have to pee and you're thirsty. A low blood sugar impairs your skills kind of like you're drunk. If your going to blame it on your diabetes Mackenzie, at least know your symptoms and get your story straight..

Hey Purple Weave, have you ever experienced super high BG where you get very sleepy? Just wondering because sometimes that happens to my husband who is Type 1.

Although I have to say he's never passed out behind the wheel from high BG OR low BG. BUT, he HAS asked me to drive when he's low (but never high). Sometimes if he wakes up with a super high BG, he'll have a very hard time getting out of bed.

YES! My diabetes is always under control but the other day there was bubble in my tubing for my pump and I didnt know it and my sugar was out of control. I was so exhausted I couldnt get out of bed & had to call out of work because it was first thing in the morning and it takes a couple of hours to feel better.

Just like my hubs! He has bubbles in his pump tubing from time to time and sometimes his site will get kinked, or bent when he inserts it and the insulin won't be going where it should. Pumps are great, but they're not perfect. I wish someone would come up with a damn cure.

I agree Debras! I got on the pump after 10 years with diabetes and it changed my life! I went from not having sleepovers to doing everything, sports included. They are not perfect and they have landed me in the hospital with DKA a few times. What kind of pump does your hubby have?

Whoa, DKA! Yikes. Anyway, he has an Accu-Chek Spirit Combo. But that's only his latest. He's had several other types/brands in his life. He seems to be happy with it so far. He also has a continuous glucose monitor. With all of his "implants" he jokes that he's a cyborg. How about you?

What a lousy excuse!!! When I'm at dealership trading in my lease vehicles, I get on the phone with Geico with all the vehicle information and get a brand new policy. They then email me a copy (TO MY PHONE) or to the dealership so I can drive away without being uninsured. How irresponsible can these people be?! Don't answer that, she needs her mom to take care of her diabetes for her or else she will probably croke. You would think she would have puller her head out of her rear end by now. Someone needs to tell her to grow up. Put on your big girl panties and learn some common sense.

Let me rephrase that, I drive away insured!

I bought my first car at 20 all by myself and even I knew to get some damn insurance before I drove away.

Hi everyone! long time lurker.. I haven't posted in a while. I bought a car in October. My mom called the insurance company that day and my car was insured. I just had to carry around the email until the card came in that mail that said my car was now insured. So I call BS on the she wasn't able to get it insured that day.

I'm just quietly chuckling to myself at this point, and it may seem childish or irrelevant, but this article has been up for 3 days and hasn't even hit 150 comments. Any article about the Tm1 or Tm2 girls hits 300 within 12 hours. It just really shows how little any one cares about the Tm3 girls and that cracks me up to no end.

So is this a thing in the usa? Driving without insurance? It's illegal in Canada, so I find it shocking!

You have to have at least liability insurance by law, and full coverage if the car is financed. People drive without it all the time though, or let the insurance lapse. If you also consider people driving unlicensed, illegal immigrants, etc., there's a lot of uninsured people driving around.

Glad nobody was hurt at least.