Another Teen Mom Arrest

briana dejesus


That title is a little misleading. Honestly, it's harder to name these posts than you might think.

I started my job on Tuesday, and I've been so busy. I've missed writing and will fill in more gaps from the week tomorrow morning!

This time around, Teen Mom 3 ex, Shoc, was arrested. This guy dated Briana Dejesus for quite a while, and the two were so serious that they decided it was a good idea to get tattoos of each others names.

Sadly, once a break up happened in the midst of some cheating scandals, he decided to take to Instagram to post some revenge porn.

Thanks to our friend Hunter Moore, revenge porn is becoming illegal throughout the United States, and it seems like Shoc just hadn't caught on yet.

The video that Shoc posted contained no nudity on the part of Briana, although it did show her performing oral sex. Since any form of sex was involved, it got put into the "revenge porn" category, and it's definitely a despicable kind of crime.

While we might not all be Briana fans, we can probably all agree that we would never want someone to post pictures or videos of us doing those kinds of things online.

The embarrassment only grows when both Shoc and Briana have such a large fan base due to her time on MTV.

While we're not entirely sure when we will know about Shoc's actual consequences for posting the videos, we do know that part of his bail is that he isn't allowed to contact Briana or use social media.

Briana has taken a final step in eliminating Shoc from her life by covering up the tattoo of his name with a skull on her side.

What are your thoughts on this? I just had a talk with students today about the dangers of social media and how quickly things like this can spread. I understand that Shoc might go to jail for this, but it doesn't fix the fact that he allowed the videos to be seen by thousands of people in just one click.

The same happens for anyone that decides to send compromising pictures of themselves.

In the world that we live in, it's important to think of all of the possible consequences for sending pictures like that. I don't think I can stress that enough.


I feel like it was gonna happen sooner or later. Didn't briana and him get arrested together for something ? Or was that's Devon ?

I guess I'm screwed, I got about 1000 dickies in the cloud.

My question is, why does one have to take 1000 dick picks?? There can only be so many angles....

On another note, I've received 0 dick pics in my life and I'm A-OK with that.

None? How is that possible? The amount of unsolicited dick pics I've gotten is frightening.

Got lucky, I guess. I got plenty of boob pics, however.

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I've gotten a few before like way out of nowhere and I'm scarred for life. lmao not a pretty site.

Never change, Sir Nibs.

Apparently there are seven ways to take a dick pic:

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Yes Sir Nibs, please never change.

Maybe if you made it little costumes that could stretch the number of photo opportunities. Like those people who have photo shoots and costumes for their kids for EVERY holiday.

I've never received one either.

Sad face.

I've only ever got one, it was a tiny weeny.

No! No sad face. My husband knows I think penises (penni?) are ugly looking creatures. So that's probably why. And I'm old. So camera phones weren't around when I was young enough to receive some dick pics. It would've been awkward to wait for them to be printed and then drop them in a letterbox or something.

That's what polaroids were for Meth Pipe, they were less open to abuse too. Sure your ex could show them to their friends but they couldn't broadcast them to the whole world

Way to go on trying to kill an important subject... Just wow.

You must be new.

I bet you're fun at parties

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Brianna sure knows how to pick em.

She's not alone. Most of these girls lack the skills to pick a good partner, most likely stemming from serious daddy issues and a lack of positive role models. It's pretty sad, really!

I'd guess out of all of them, Kail did ok (although Papi is a fame whore, I believe he really has feelings for Kail, unlike others, who brag about their "genuality".) Leah did well with Germy, despite his emotional unavailability, and her unappreciative, cheating ways. At least he's a good provider and didn't jump ship, although no one in their right mind would have blamed him if he had. The jury's still out on Cole, but I think we can all agree that based on social media pics alone, he's pretty awesome.

As far as Teen Mom goes, anyway, the rest of the girls have either ended up with lazy layabouts who might have a criminal record, or grasping, desperate phonies who are only there for the MTV paycheck. Daddy issues everywhere.

yes despite being a slut, Leah knows how to pick husbands. Germy might be emotionally empty but he's a good provider and treated her well before they got married. Well he probably still treats her well, who knows, he seemed to be over the robbie dick scandal.

Apart from Kyle King, what about Maci's lovers? daddy issues can't be blamed right?

You're so right about them not picking the right guys. But they were 15/16 when they started dating these (mostly) losers. If everyone had to stick with who they were dating at that age most of us would be with major losers.

Except me apparently. I'd be with a doctor now. Oh, well.

re: Cole... Because nobody's ever made their life out to look better than it actually is on social media right? As for Jeremy there's a lot more to a husband than just being a provider. That's basically all he is. And Javi doesn't know how to keep his nose out of places it doesn't belong.

Congrats on the job Megan!

I'm happy Shoc is being punished for abusing Briana's images like that. She entrusted those images to him and him only, and he abused that trust. While I wholeheartedly agree that one must be careful who they send pictures to, I don't feel that the person who was betrayed should necessarily feel ashamed, or see consequences for what was meant to be a private moment. When someone says "well if you dont want your nudes leaked, don't send them" is almost a less extreme version of the old "well if she wasn't wearing such a tight dress..." excuse for rape and molestation. If you didnt make them public yourself, no one else should have the right to make the photos/videos public for you.

If Briana shared the pics and vids on her own twitter (lets be real, she damn near does), that would be one thing, but to judge her for a situation that was out of her hands is messed up IMO.

Don't mind me though, im just sensitive to it because a close friend of mine had her pictures disseminated through the internet after a bad break up. It disheartened me soooo much when dozens of other women tweeted and retweeted her pictures saying what a slut and whore she was, and how she brought it on herself. It was disturbing to me, to see her punished for having her trust broken and privacy violated.

On a lighter note, I always joke that Beyonce has polaroid nudes under lock and key, and only she knows the combo and location. Its actually not a bad idea lol.

If you thought your partner might post your private pics/info if you broke up, would you be dating them? Probably not. Most people who have their nudes leaked say that they never saw it coming, which is why it just isn't a responsible thing to do, no matter how much you trust the person you're sending your nip pic to. And, as we've acknowledged before, sometimes there's a data breach, or the cloud is hacked...or whatever. Neither you or the recipient shared the pics, but they end up out there anyways.

Or, here's a thought, just don't send nudes! It's not that hard. And, I'm sorry, but who gives someone head while they're holding their phone?!? Isn't that kind of a weird thing? Maybe I'm just an old prude, but that would bother me. Is it now typical for people to be tweeting, snap chatting or texting while they're having sex? Most importantly, is this something I need to be doing? Am I missing something? LOL

Or send totally unidentifiable ones- no face or background, from the neck or waist down. Can't prove its me!
Pseudo celebs like Amber Rose and Kim K put their own nudes out to advertise for buyers, Beyoncé's advertisements are subtle,(she's also a Presidential,so I doubt she deals with the "chili rainbow" crowd like Amber & Kim do) I believe all celebs have nudes. It's part of the job. And when the celeb screws up, its a punishment or a threat, and its advertisement for Cannes. I realized this when I saw K. Michelle's nudes,clearly taken in her managers office. She was standing beneath the sign. It's just part of the job I guess.

This argument is starting to sound a lot like "better not wear a short skirt if you don't want to get raped."

Yes it was unwise of her, but hat doesn't make revenge porn any less horrible or any less of a violation.

In other news, my autocorrect keeps changing porn to poem.

Does my comment really sound like I think revenge porn is a wonderful thing? I don't, I think it's awful and I'd hate to be in Briana's shoes. That being said, I don't think Briana's the sharpest knife in the drawer. She also uses her own social media to post questionable sexually explicit pictures herself, and she associates with unsavory characters. Does any of that make it OK for Shoc to have done what he did? NO WAY! But if Briana was a bit more mature and had her head on straight, it might not have happened at all.

Yes, yes, yes! Much wisdom in those horrendous eye bags!

In the light of hackers and data breaches, we should also keep in mind that any and all pictures taken can be edited to appear differently. I remember one of the biggest controversies of the Hunter Moore/Is Anyone Up thing was that he was stealing completely innocuous shots of women and editing them into lewd pictures. It puts us on that slippery slope of being able to have even everyday selfies on our phones; you could easily also say if a woman didn't want her innocent pictures abused by an ex/hacked and manipulated, she shouldn't have taken them.

Its just so weird to me to put all of these parameters on what victimized women (and men, for that matter) should and should not do, as opposed to going after the people committing the egregious violations of privacy and trust. Prosecuting and criminalizing these acts is a step in the right direction; instead of telling victims how to not be victimized (which doesn't work), lets let criminals know if they commit the crime they're doing the time.

I just wanted to say I totally agree with you, ReformedTMT. Also I could totes believe that about Beyoncé, haha.

I am so sad that you saying that revenge porn is wrong and that blaming it on Briana is victim shaming has so many down votes. Revenge porn is abuse and lots of partners can be try to trap others in abusive relationships by using their nudes against them.

It's just really sad to see how antiquated and victim- shamey people are.

Personal responsibility is antiquated??! Good pete, THAT is what's wrong with this picture.

I don't believe for one second that Briana didn't know she was being filmed, she's just upset that it got blasted to every Tom, Dick and Harry on the internet. However, yes, Shoc was in the wrong. Yes, I'm glad he was arrested, and I hope he will be prosecuted. (Although, since revenge porn isn't illegal in FL, I think it could be hard to prove that she didn't's his word against hers.)

If Briana thinks she did nothing wrong, it won't be long before we see another video of her licking a different loser's lolly. When you face no consequences, how do you learn anything? (Though in different situations, people like Jenelle and Adam are perfect examples of that!) Shoc is facing a he's less likely to do this again. Briana faces nothing, so she'll likely repeat the cycle.

This is a terrible situation and god forbid it happens to anyone else.
No one is "blaming" or "shaming" Brianna.
Be real. She's no child or juvenile. She actively participated in the videos and pics. She also posts sexually explicit stuff online (I fucked a Haitian). She makes terrible decisions and is a horrible judge of character.
She wants a good girl edit because this is embarrassing for her (mostly for Roxanne though) but it's not going to stop her from doing it again. She'll do anything to have a guy around,no matter how disgusting he is.
I doubt the downvotes are because of the content. The downvoter is back. And the complaining (not just the mention here) about the downvotes comes off a bit "how dare someone disagree with my righteous opinion?". Fuck em. We all get DVed, its no longer about what we say. It's the fact we said it here on TMJ.

It happened to me, Reformed, so I'm not judging you. I stayed silent on this because of how close to home it hit. Had a boyfriend who took pics without my consent, and after "deleting" them when I found out, leaked them to our friends when we broke up. Had no reason to believe he still had them and that he'd do that. While I am not a Briana fan by any means, she grosses me out, I don't feel like she deserved this at all.

Ugh! I'm sorry that happened to you, Superstar.

It's very hard to make yourself stop going for a particular type of partner, but for Briana and her kid's sake I hope she can force herself to stop being attracted to these little boys! Shoc and Devoin do nothing productive with their lives, it's just about the next high for them.

I actually read that hormonal birth control can change the types of his you're into. I don't know if this applies to Briana, just am interesting fact. I was in a string of bad, abusive relationships when I was on hormonal birth control and when I got off HBC (and after a period of celibacy) I went for a completely different guy and am in a good and not-abusive relationship so far as I can tell. Attraction is really just a chemical thing when you think about it, so it makes sense that chemical changes change who you are attracted to.

I can confirm that change. Dated Adam types for the most part. Was on the pill since a teen. Changed to a non hormonal kind, and the guy I was dating (guy I referenced in another comment) went from super attractive to just gross. Now I'm dating the guy I'm going to marry, and he's so different from the others. It's the strangest thing. I think I read somewhere in a old textbook that the hormones you take on the pill mimic pregnancy, and while we are pregnant, our sense of smell changes. We prefer people who smell like we do, I guess for us to keep with our families until a baby is born. But when you're not pregnant (or not on the pill, I guess), you prefer people who are drastically different, I guess for genetic purposes. It's interesting for sure.

he actually posted another video of the two of them having sex, along with the video of her performing oral sex. And of course he threw in some nude photos too...

That's what I heard too

I thought his IG got deleted or something, I searched his IG but couldn't find anything, the account was gone when the whole thing went down.

Dam. I missed all of it. Not that I want to see Brianas naked body. But I wanted to see something. I feel like she totally went along with it all. I doubt she didn't know. And I'm not victim shaming. But derrrrrrr as if you would let someone like Shoc take video and pics? Of course he will show people! My husband and I have video and pics. But if we separated would I go on and allow this with someone else? No. It takes time to build trust before you participate in this type of behavior. She's stupid. Simple.

I'm not a Briana fan. But this is fucking hilarious. He talked so big on his twitter all "GO ON AND CALL THE POLICE BITCH I GOT BAIL MONEY YOU AIN'T GONNA STOP ME" and then here in his mugshot he looks close to tears.

I'm sure he thought she wouldn't call. I mean, she might have to get off the couch so it probably looked like a good bet! She seems oddly dependent on having a guy in her life (which, now that I think about it, is probably why she clashes with her mom and Brittany so much), he probably figured she'd just come crawling back no matter what.

Do we know who made the call? I'd put money on Roxanne over Briana.

Roxanne tweeted "While he posts we shop!!" and some point in all this. It was odd.

They might be contenders for world's trashiest family, lol.

I think she's just making a statement that their family isn't being terrorized by his actions. Which makes sense.

Or maybe she's remembering George W Bush telling the nation to go shopping right after 9/11.

He does look like he's about to cry! That was my first thought when I saw his mugshot.

Ya I thought that too when I first saw it

I can't stop looking at his eyebrows, they look like they've been waxed and shaped. He does look emotional, it appears to be his regular mugshot face though, here's his previous from 2012

And with Devoin in 2013. Well done Briana you really know how to pick them

He looks concerned. But it's probably because he's wondering when he can get high next. I doubt it's over what he's done.

Briana lives for the drama.

Trash likes trash. Drama-momma likes drama dude.

CONGRATS MEGAN!!! Hope you are enjoying our Kuerig!!

SO happy good ole FucHerFace got arrested. He is scum, of course Brianna is pond scum too.

Countdown to Briana happily announcing their reunion on Twitter and telling bitches they're jealous. She and Shoc are #justlikethenotebook.

Seriously, though, it's great that this guy is getting his due because revenge porn is never okay. But I highly doubt Briana is going to learn from her experience. Like somebody else said: she seems like she has to have a guy in her life at all costs. So I wouldn't be surprised if she either gets back together with Shoc or hooks up with somebody even worse than he is. It's obvious that Briana likes the bad boys. At least two of her ex-boyfriend have been arrested/jailed, and it's only a matter of time before she ends up with another thug with a rap sheet.

Next time maybe she should choose one who at least looks like he's not missing a chromosome.

Shoc has some DSL. Maybe he should get together with Papi.

You're always late to post and missing important details. There were multiple pictures and videos posted. One of the videos she WAS nude and it was his personal view of hitting it from behind while she had her face sruffed in a pillow moaning. Don't post things without all the facts. All you do is talk about how busy you are and your opinions on each person. Honestly we couldnt care less about your opinion or what you're doing. Your articles would be so much better if you left all that extra bullshit out and got down to the facts.
Find people to stay on top of the information for you and to post for you because this site is honestly becoming so pointless and redundant.

Bitch shut the fuck up!

Im guessing you're the one who is always talking shit to the clouse! Sorry Megan has an actual life and career besides keeping up with trashy teen moms. You may exit stage left

And dont ever come back since this site is so pointless to you

Don't feed the trolls! If she doesn't like it she can go read/view revenge porn videos somewhere else. She doesn't have to type a long winded comment if she hates this site so much. Obviously she gets her Teen Mom info somewhere else, why is she even here anyway?

Who comes on a blog to comment on how much they hate it? Personally, I think you do a great job, Megan! When I first found this website it was love at first sight! Picture me and TMJ running to each other in slow motion arms out stretched! I especially love the hilarious and clever commenters. I'm looking at you Rae!

I'm just happy to make people laugh. ;) Thanks.

Thank you for your opinion. I will need help covering TMJ while I am on my honeymoon so if you feel like you could do a good job that week or so, I would be more than willing to set you up. Sorry that this post didn't meet your standards, but it's hard to get too offended when the negativity is coming from someone who has only ever commented two times.
Thanks for reading TMJ and I'm glad that you stopped by. Have a wonderful weekend!

This is the best response to this type of thing.

"I have a life, of you want it done better, you do it!"

This is generally how I am with overdemanding 3-year-olds.

Since Megan says she only commented twice from this account but you can tell she frequents here. I'm highly convinced this person has multiple accounts just to downvote.

Megan I think you are a wonderful writer! I first found TMJ when Stevebeans was kind of slowing down on the writing. The only other active blog that was around was TMT and I couldn't stomach the disgusting, sexual and hateful remarks about Leahs children. I am very appreciative that you take time out of your schedule to write and give us a place to talk about this show.

This is the perfect response, Megan. It's polite with a bit of snark.

Gosh, how dare you try to enjoy your honeymoon, Megan!

Oh hi briana.

Are you the one who downvoted every comment on this post

This is such a silly thing to say! Honestly, if you have that much of a problem with Megan then just go elsewhere, although clearly you keep coming back for a reason,
so either you love causing drama or is because you know deep down this blog is the best TM blog out there. Also, speak for yourself when you say no one wants to hear Megan's opinion - it's nice that she cares enough to give an explanation of where she's been, even though she doesn't have to - it's not like she gets paid to do this. Congrats on the new job Megan, and keep up the good work :)

Exactly! I usually never get into these arguments, but Megan is doing a great job. If you think you can do better, start your own blog. Megan doesn't get paid for this, and she has a life like everyone else on here. Don't sit there behind a computer screen and say no one cares about her opinions. Are you everyone? No. Go troll somewhere else.

Also, it's completely pathetic to freak out over a story being late. It's teen mom for Pete's sake...

How's life under the bridge?

Must be a pier because someone's got a bad case of sandy vagina. I can't imagine what else would make someone so cranky and hateful.

This whole discussion seemed very pointless to me. Why post (sh)it, why should we, beside Megan (touchee!), even waste our fingertips on a reply.
But thanks to you it was worth reading it Rea, on the floor here!

You can always go fuck yourself.

Obviously the real truth is no one cares about your opinion. Go away!

She doesn't even go here.....

"All you do is talk about how busy you are and your opinions on each person"

But Megan said exactly:
"What are your thoughts on this?" and
"I've been so busy", one time.

It's not like Megan has other things taking up her time. She only had a wedding to plan, a kid to take care of, school to finish, nasty trolls and stalkers to police on a forum about a TV show, moving into a new place and getting an awesome job in the last several months. She's basically just sitting around and eating bonbons.

(Full fucking sarcasm-o-rama, by the way.)

Go crawl up Clouse's ass some more. I think you were going for trying to sound mature and classy, but it clearly didn't work out. If you aren't happy with what is posted here, then leave. Not like you will be missed or anything....

Guess what Alyssa! The Ashley only JUST posted about this incident a few hours ago. Maybe go and troll over there for a bit. Because her article is very similar to this. Maybe your asshole comments will be better received over there. But I doubt it.

I'm sorry, but that is one creepy mugshot.

Yup... but countless stupid girls are drewling over those kind of pics. The think to see a real man.

I definitely feel "bad" for her in the sense that no one deserves to have their personal photos/videos spread around like that. That being said though..... what more could she expect from this thug? He posts photos constantly of him with guns and other weapons and he's had legal troubles and involved with drugs. Clearly he's not very trustworthy and doesn't have a whole lot of morals....

Found this on Daily Mail UK (hope you don't mind me posting it)

"Although 'revenge porn' - spreading explicit material of a former partner with the intent to cause hurt - is not illegal in Florida, Brown was arrested as Miss DeJesus had not consented to being filmed.
Brown has been charged with one felony count of video voyeurism, and has been released on a $3,500 bail."

Forgot to add id put money on it that it was Roxanne who phoned the police or MADE Briana do it. Briana probably would of took him back if the cops hadn't of been called. Apparently he got another chick pregnant while he was in a relationship with Briana so she refused to talk to him and then he posted the videos... Oh and tried to sell them to TMZ.

Off topic but what the hell! I am re watching TM2 and the episode when Jermy slaps Leah with bacon! Did anyone else find this freaking hilarious or just me?

It was hilarious because it wasn't me getting slapped with bacon! Haha.

But it did sound kind of hard.. :/

That set off so many red flags for me. She was asking him to go to counseling and he slapped her*hard* with raw bacon. Yes, Leah is a nag but what Jermy did was really uncalled for, and that slap sounded hard. If he's willing to do that on camera, what is he willing to do off camera when she gets on his nerves?

Honestly, I really felt for Leah there and realized that there's probably a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that complicate her behaviors.

It was completely stupid of him to do, but I think MTV probably added some sound to that. Bacon is pretty limp, and it was only one piece; I doubt it would make that much of a sound. I was embarrassed for the both of them.

Maybe, maybe not. Thick cut bacon could possibly make that sound

I agree. Go and get some bacon and slap yourself in the face with it. My newborns flailing arms could hit harder than that. Seriously.

It made a sound because it was raw bacon - it was the sound of the "moistness" (shudder at that word) and stickiness of it. Like being hit with a wet noodle.
If Jeremy had let go of it, it might have stuck to her Mary Kay clown face.
It was immature, but definitely not abusive. And immaturity can be hilarious, especially in circumstances where others are way too worked up. I genuinely think he was trying to lighten the mood by acting like a twelve year old boy. One time after watching Ferri Bueller, I was nagging away and being all hysterical, and my friend spat water at me through her straw like the scene in the arcade. I promptly broke into hysterical laughter. It was hilarious and I needed to stfu.

It was freaking hilarious to me. She was being ridiculous and whiny as always so I was glad he did. And I mean, come on, it's bacon. Too funny!

It was hilarious! My twitter handle is @BaconslapthaHo lmao. It was reality tv gold!

However, if my husband slapped me with raw pork, I would probably do the Kail Shake on him.

Lmao.. love the twitter handle!

Actually, this entire comment made me literally lol while everyone around me was working quietly...

To this day, when I make a BLT I think about that scene. I laughed when I first saw it, but it doesn't sit well with me. You can see Leah visibly bristle after he slaps her. I don't like Leah one teensy bit, but I think Jurmy is a pig and that scene did him no favors.

Honestly if my partner did it to me I would just laugh my head off and probably do it back :P and by the sounds of the conversation after it happened they joke around like that all the time.

Nope, your'e not the only one :D

First of all, revenge porn is never okay and I hope this teaches him and his friends a lesson. Second of all, is he shirtless with a towel around his neck? What?

Lol! It's probably his shirt around his neck. I know here in philly the thugs love that look.

"Fresh fish!"
Better not drop that soap ,sugar tits!

I think Jenelle is the only person ok with nudes leaked and people holding up a phone while she's doing her spead eagle. At least we know Briana is still human, she feels sickened and pissed by stuff like this. How is junelle ok with all of her nudes leaked...I will never comprehend that.

Jenelle doesn't see what we see.

I was actually in a subreddit dedicated to trashy stuff (called r/trashy) and saw that photo posted as a response to a comment. I nearly took a spit take. I'd forgotten all about that.

I love that Jenelle made the top posts of that subreddit of all time. Not gonna lie.

I don't know that she would feel sickened and pissed off. I think Roxanne would feel that way. Briana would be loving the attention. She might be slightly embarrassed. But I doubt she will learn any lesson from it. Which makes me think that she's definately not feeling remorseful about allowing him to film anything.

I think fuchisface's twitter got deleted, it was a golden classic twitter handle, and now it's gone

Nope, it still there if you have some brain cells to kill. And since Briana's twitter handle is effingorgasmic I think it's safe to say she has learned nothing from this situation Hell, I won't be shocked if she ends up posing for Hustler or something equally trashy.

Have we talked about this disaster yet, for someone who wants nothing to with Teen Mom she sure talks a lot about it. It's painful to watch her umm and ahh her way through eleven fucking minutes of bull shit. I didn't think it could get any worse than TMT, I was wrong

That was god awful. I could stomach about 5 minutes of this old bat saying umm ok umm yeah umm whatever ummm yah....

My 3 year old niece can speak more fluent English than the clouse!

Just awful.

I couldn't watch the whole thing either, I tried but it made me want to stick forks in my eyes. If your going to make a video like that at least write a script or something.

Her voice is ALMOST as unpleasant as her face..she lives near me..gag.

You have my deepest condolences. She sounds dumb as fuck and she's all chin and forehead just like Jenelle.

Are her sleeves pushed up onto her shoulders? Is that a new thing? It looks bizarre.

She said she looks like a troll, ironic since I am fairly confident that she is on here, trolling a few comments above.

For some reason I thought you were talking about Farrah lol. I didn't watch it when I saw who it was though

Does it bother anybody else that she doesnt look at the camera? She keeps rolling her eyes up. Its like talking to someone who never makes eye contact. Couldnt get through the whole thing.

Clouse is too pregnant for this.

Then, just don't.

I truly believe that The Clouse applied to be on 16&P and was rejected.

She is still obsessed, it's plain to see.

Jesus god can you imagine how much more cunty she would be if she was on TV for even 30 seconds. Her ego is out of control already, if she was chocolate she would eat herself.

Hhaha totally true Nathans Nipples :)
She said her first son is 7, so that would mean that she was probably a few months ahead of Maci in her pregnancy with Bentley, putting her pregnant around the time that the first 16&P was cast.
But it is the Clouse, so if she had gone for it and been rejected she would probably have mentioned it by now.

Ohhhhh! So this is "the clouse" I've seen a bunch of people use that reference and I had no idea what people were talking about! Lol

You're not missing anything. She's a gigantic moron who encourages bitchiness and shitty behavior. She's rude and arrogant. And there is some miserable piece who reads here (probably Alyssa) who goes onto the Clouses ASK and runs down TMJ and the commenters. It's sad, pathetic and really lame to be honest. But if it makes their day a little brighter.....

Wtf did I just watch?

I should have just taken everyone's word for it..


So Jo and Vee are moving to Delaware to be closer to Isaac..


I feel bad for Jo. Is he going to uproot and move to wherever else they station Javi? (My guess is probably.) and I can bury money Kail gets her jollies off on having that power.

I like the fact that they can try and take Isaac away and jo will just continue to follow. He's with you forever Karl. No matter how much distance you try and put between him and Isaac. He adores that little boy and JO IS HIS FATHER. Nothing and no amount of distance can change that.

Karl is probably pissed! She tries so hard to replace Jo with Javi. I could see her reasoning if Jo was an absent father, but he isn't. I think it is great that he is moving to be closer to Isaac. It only benefits Isaac even more to have both parents live nearby.

Plus, it's so wrong to make an infant and a child sit in a car seat that long, so you can go marry benefits. Jo is doing the right thing for his new baby and Isaac!

Yep. 100% agree with you Macks. Jo is moving for the best interests of Isaac. Kail moved for the best part of the benefits.

Wasn't there a comment recently that Kail was moving to a different house because of fan girls?

Jo is a good guy forreal, this seems like a way to make sure he gets maximum time with both of his kids, rather than having to leave one for hours at a time to see the other, raising his children far apart. I wonder what effect this will have on their custody/child support agreement; wasn't that done in PA? Also, what legal precedent will it set in the future should Javi get orders somewhere else. Will the courts continually expect Jo, Vee and the new baby to move where Kail, Javi, and Isaac go? I just wonder what the custody ramifications would be of such a big move.

Jo probably won't petition the court to move the case, or if he does, I'm sure he will consult with a lawyer on which state has better laws for dads.

Unfortunately in %80 of cases the dads wishes are ignored. Even if the mom chooses to move away, the court rules in favor of the mother. I would like to see Jo go for 50/50 custody after making this move *simply* because Ossac has another sibling to grow with now. Also, he is displacing his life just so his kids can be closer and that is amazing. Some dads don't have that choice and they continue to be punished for something they can't chage, so Jo is amazing for going above and beyond for his son (and unborn child.) also - props to Vee for supporting Jo! Being a step-parent isn't always easy.

I really hope that is Jo's next move, going for joint custody. I wonder why he doesnt have it already; like I know joint doesn't mean 50/50 necessarily, it just means both parents have equal rights to the child (right? I don't know ANYTHING about child custody law). I don't think 50/50 would work out unless Jo is living close to Dover, as Isaac is in school. I just hope they keep everything nice and current custody rulings wise; they've definitely been one of the most successful pairs to coparent.

I was just about to say, given that Vee is currently pregnant herself, it's pretty selfless of her to agree to move all that way to be closer to Isaac.

She could just stay at home wailing "I'm too f***ing pregnaaaaant for this", a la Kail.

Jo's always been good in my book, but I'm very pleasantly surprised to hear this. And kudos to Vee who will have to switch to a new OB while pregnant. I hate that they have to do it because of Benefits Marriage but no one can say he's not a dedicated parent.

There are two types of custody: physical and legal custody. Joint legal custody means that both parents confer in making legal decision regarding the child's healthcare and educational decisions. Joint physical custody mean the parents share the child (meaning who the child lives with) 50/50. Anything less that 50/50 is not joint physical custody. If it's 51/49 or anything greater then it means one parent has sole custody, with the other having visitation. Regardless of who has custody, even if it's another family member, both parents ALWAYS have parental rights. Parental rights can only be terminated by the state after the children have been in the foster care system for an extended period and the parents have not made the necessary progress to regain custody of their children OR the parents sign those rights away in an adoption. At least, that's how it worth in California.

I'm guessing he's doing that because:

A. He wants to be closer to Isaac and

B. He wants to make sure Isaac will be just as close to his unborn sibling as he is to Lincoln.

Remember how Kail went on about how she hoped Isaac's love for Lincoln would compare him not to want to go to Jo's? Well, Kail, guess what? In several more months, Lincoln won't be Isaac's only sibling. I know she hasn't commented publicly on Vee's pregnancy, but I bet you anything (metaphorically cuz I'm poor) that she is PISSED that Jo's girlfriend is having a baby and now she no longer has that excuse of, "Well, Isaac can't go over to your house because it's Lincoln's birthday! What kind of asshole asks a little boy to miss his only brother's birthday? I'll see you in court, Jo!" I see this less about Kail's power over Jo and more like Jo proving to Kail that he'll never give up, that he'll always follow her if that's what it takes to be in his son's life and to have his son know and grow up with his other child. I really hope Kail doesn't keep quiet about this. I can't wait for the ensuing shit-storm that you just know is about to go down.

Jo is straight up one of the best dad's I've seen on TM2. He's AWESOME to Isaac, and even though Kail tries anything in her power to get him to look like the bad guy "dead beat", he's not. It's really great to see.

"I am exceptional dad!"

You go Jo!

I don't have words for her guilt inducing statements to Issac when he goes to his dad's...
But I do understand her concerns about Issac never knowing a life with his parents together. My husband and the mother of his child were split before the child was even born, so my step-child will never know life with his parents together. In fact, he will grow up seeing his sibling raised by the same parents, and I'm sure it will affect him... But almost in a good way. We spoke with counselors about how this lifestyle would affect my step-son and all he will know is that he is surrounded by love. He will just have a different type of "normal". Kail needs counseling BAD... These anxieties are going to come off on Issac and it will eventually sabotage his relationships with the people he loves because he will be so afraid of hurting his moms feelings. (I speak from experience on this.)

I'm reading that and all I'm seeing is "wah wah feel sorry for me". She's all about the self pity and the post about college was so fucking annoying, she's whining about having to got to school 9-1 like it's the hardest thing in the world and she should get a medal for it. People that don't have MTV and Papi's benefits paying for everything usually have to be out of their house and away from their kids all day but hey Karl's got it worse and it gives her a short temper fuse, so it's OK that she beats her husband and treats everyone around her like they owe her something

It's amazing that she manages to blog from up on her cross.

Good for Jo. That sucks though especially since Jo's parents seem like good grandparents so hopefully they'll still be able to see him. Jo and Cory are In my opinion the best dads on the show, too bad Kail and leah treated them like crap. But, im glad they both seem to have good girlfriends/wife's now!

Kail is such an attention whore, i just saw her official website, she's so full of herself. She needs to coparent better with Jo and get rid of her manly ugly tattoos.

Mama must be so proud of her girl!

Time for Roxy to break out her best throwing lamps and heels! Somebody should suggest this event to the Olympic Committee.