Teen Mom 3, See Ya, Hardly Knew Ya


I have it on good authority that Teen Mom 3 will not be renewed for a second season. That's all I can really write about it considering I didn't even watch the season, but I wasn't alone.

The highest rated episode was the season premiere at only 1.8 million viewers, and the numbers only went down from there.

To put it in perspective, Teen Mom 2's season 1 premiere received 3.5 million viewers, and topped 4 million a few times before dropping quite a bit during season 3.

The lowest rated Teen Mom 2 episode was rated at 1.13 million viewers, and that was on Christmas Eve (not a good time for TV ratings).

This doesn't really come as a shock as TM3 didn't really have the ratings grabbing girl like the other two series did. Let's be honest, TM1 was decent, but Amber made that series.

Teen Mom 2, you have Jenelle. I don't think the casual TV viewer has any clue about Chelsea, Kailyn, or Catelynn. Maci and Leah have some name recognition, and almost all of Farrah's mainstream publicity came after her series was complete.

MTV overplayed their hand by bringing in a 3rd cast instead of paying the 1st and 2nd cast more money to remain on the air, but you also can't blame them.

Amber went to prison, so TM1 would have dropped ratings, and Jenelle is the only reason to pay the TM2 girls more money.

Paying Jenelle more money would have looked bad due to her drug problems - like they were exploiting a train wreck - although, that's pretty much what reality TV is these days.

What are your thoughts on TM3 not returning? Sad? Don't care?


Aren't there rumors of another season of TM2?

Season 5 of TM2 is scheduled to start around January 20th, 2014. A few sites actually reported on it yesterday. I don't know if Steve knew this but TM2 has been filming since earlier in the year. The way he wrote this article makes it seem as if TM2 was over already. It seems like TM2 is still going strong and who knows maybe we will see a season 6.
On another note I'm not trying to be rude here but no one knows if TM3 will return. Some of the cast members have said there will definitely be a season 2. Some of the girls have even claimed to have been filming season 2. I think it's safe to say there is a possibility we may at least see a 2nd season of TM3. If you remember correctly Steve said that TM3 would most likely not even come on TV, and go straight to webisodes, but he was a little off on that assumption he he. Like I said I'm not trying to be rude I'm just observant.

I don't care if TM3 returns tho. I think the whole group of girls were very unlikable, and the audience couldn't relate to them like they could the others.

I bet now that Amber's out of prison MTV will try to do another show with the TM1 girls.

Oh and we also have another season of 16 & Pregnant to look forward too. I wonder if they will do a TM out of the new 16&P cast.

The Ashley reported that most of the Teen Mom 3 cast members do not want to do another season. Briana's mother is very ready for it to be over. The only one who does want it to continue seems to be Mackenzie, which hardly comes as a surprise.

I wonder even if there is no second season of TM3, if they are going to show the footage that they have already shot in a special or something. All of McKenzie's wedding photos show the MTV crew there filming. I don't follow these girls on FB/Twitter so I have never really noticed these pics.

I'm glad they aren't returning. 2 of them need anger management classes and the other 2 don't really have any kind of problems to worry about.


TM2 is returning January 2014 I wish it would all just end already

I thought this set of teens were pretty boring.

Glad to see it go, bring back teen mom 2. Janelle had issues but she was getting it together. At least the fathers in this season were trying to see their kids. Teen mom 3 all the dads were deadbeats! I would love to see Teen Mom come back since Amber is out of prison, trying to get her life together.

I'd love to see a half-hour or hour-long special maybe in 6 months or so, just seeing how Amber is doing and adjusting to life outside prison. Other than that I think she should be left alone

The MTV cameras were there when she left the prison....

I think I didnt like this season as much because they painted all the dads to be soooo terrible. They did have their problems, but the moms didnt help.

The worst was probably that the most dead beat dad's of all, and I named brain injured, pill popping Rodeo Josh, was kinda shown in a good light.
It was pretty hilarious that the job-less hooligan, the same one that let the mother of his child get beat up while pregnant, was portrayed in a better light than Devoin, Matt or Joey.

The thing about this season seemed to be that there was a little more parental involvement in most of the storyline. Mackenzie, Alex and Briana all lived at home. Things get less crazy when actual adults are involved (except the DeJesus household, where tempers flair) But if Briana had been living on her own we would have been able to see her get into lots of juicy drama with Jacob etc. If Matt had been living with just Alex and not her mom, Alex surely would have killed him or at least knocked him out. I'm not sure what kind or trouble Mackenzie would have gotten into if she wasn't living at home, we might have seen her sneaking around with those other boys but most likely she would have probably not been able to cook for herself and spent most of the season in a diabetic coma. The potential for TM3 rating were huge... had the parents not been so involved. The entertaining factor in these shows is watching idiotic teenagers try and pretend to be adults and cringing at their lack of ability to make relationships of any kind work while preforming figure-it-out-as-you-go-along parenting plus cooking/cleaning/paying bills. When these girls have adults bringing reason into their lives, it looses it's train wreck appeal.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

I wasn't even able to get through the first episode. I just thought I would come here and read recaps. Actually, I wouldn't force my worst enemy to watch this show, so I forgive Stevebeans for the lack of recaps.

I'll be kind of sad :(

Well. Teen Mom 3 is officially over. IMO it never had a chance to last with Mackenzie being pregant for second (or third) time, MTV not liking them, and the low ratings. I think it was the last two that made them cancel.

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