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Steve's Note: I know this blog hasn't been updated in a long time. I've been busting my butt with the Big Brother blog, so don't really have time to follow the drama of the moms.

My guest writer (Joan) has been a bit busy, but I have still been looking for someone to keep the blog floating during the summer months.

I'm going to be testing out some more guest writers, and if they pass the standards, they'll probably write a bit more.

Tamara will be writing a few articles to see how she does, and if she can take the abuse from you guys (I kid!). Please don't bash her grammar as she's from Europe, so her English is not top-notch (that said, she's still a better writer than many other blogs... another zinger!).

I'm certainly not giving up writing for the blog, so you can't lose me that easy. It's just hard to blog Teen Mom when I'm glued to the Big Brother feeds all summer. Anyway, here is her first article...

If you haven't seen it yet, the new trailer for Teen Mom 3 came out yesterday. You can watch it here

Well, I can definitely say that it looks better than I expected. It isn't as boring as I thought it would be.
We start the trailer off with some baby daddy problems, not that surprising, right?

I feel like Briana's baby daddy, Devon, is a lazy ass. I don't know if we'll see much of him since they aren't together anymore and I get an Adam-feeling with him.

But I definitely like Briana! And Nova is soooo cute! Seems like she has a very loving family, except they don't really love Devon, as you can see her mother (?) throwing him out of the door.

You go girl, give him a kick under the ass. We'll probably also see more about Briana and her sister, Brittany, who had an abortion.

Then we have Mackenzie. Steve said in an earlier article that she will probably be 'the next Maci'.

I agree with that, she seems like a sweet girl, not as grown-up as Maci, she doesn't have that kick-ass factor yet, but I'm pretty sure that'll come with time.

Her baby daddy Josh says he doesn't care, but they are (as far as I know) still together and getting married.

We saw Alex get mad at Jenelle for writing about her, 2 weeks ago. She specifically said she didn't want her using her for 'drugmoney'. It's clear where that comes from. Her baby daddy Matt has a serious drug problem. I do not like him.

I'm not sure what to think about Alex, I feel like she comes with a lot of drama, like Jenelle. Except she takes care of her child.

And she isn't on drugs. Oh, and she only has one drug addicted boyfriend. Not five within 2 years.

And last but not least, Katie. Molli, her daughter, is cute. But holy macaroni that Joey dude has some serious anger issues.

We better see some progress there, I believe they are still together.

I actually felt mad when I saw the last part where he tried to walk away with Molli. I would've made sure that dude would never be able to conceive a child ever again.

Yes, I think this will be an interesting season. I'm curious to see more. As far as I can see now, MTV did a better job this year.


Mackenzie or Katie? Who will be the next porn star?


You got upset that he tried to walak away with HIS child? God forbid a father wants to be an equal parent to the mother.

I didn't mean it like that, might've said it wrong. I based this judgement on the other things you see him doing in the trailer; yelling, throwing away stuff, slamming the door, etc. In my opinion he obviously has anger issues, and walking away with a child, even if it's yours, when in such anger is not a good thing.

okay I did misunderstand. Sorry, I've just seen a lot of people with the "a child belongs with the mother" attitude. Shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. my bad.

Yeah, because saying a child should be with their mother is the most horrid idea one could come up with. The audacity to think that the one who did the majority of the nurturing and care should continue to do so is unbelievable.

Whatabitch I don't like that mentality either that a child does best with the mother. 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom have taught us that women can be just as bad at parenting or worse. However these guys in the preview are worthy of being dads. It is because of guys like them I am met with ignorance when I will try to adopt.

Taking a baby away from the mother in a fit of anger like he did does not exude an "I want to be an equal parent" attitude. Nice try though.

But why isn't anyone yelling at katie for trying to rip molli out of his arms? That wasn't helping either. I do think he probably should not have been leaving with her at that point, but why isn't he allowed to hold her and leave with her when katie is around? I believe a father should be allowed some control. I have a brother whose baby mama is literally crazy but the courts don't let him see his daughter as much because the mother says so. Katie is a nice girl it appears, as well as a good mother. She is not a psycho. I was just using the reference point that fathers deserve rights. Some may not think they deserve equal, but at least similar.

I could be wrong, but I don't think Katie and Joey are together anymore.

You could also be right. I can't find much about them! Katie does use twitter regularly but there is nothing about her and Joey.

They aren't together.

Why is your screen name red? I am sorry but I am curious lol


yours. It shows up red on my screen and you are the only person's who does.

That is odd...I don't know why lol

I think because she used a website with her name and email on the comment section. see?

Could you explain a little better? For instance I signed in on this website using my email and username and I don't think my name turns up in red....

i think he cheated on her in their own bed and she never forgave him

I wouldn't either. That had to heartbreaking.

Did anyone else noticed either alex or katie were on the phone & mentioned someone overdosed?

Yeah, Matt. It was on her twitter a while ago.

Boy, you sure do like the word "ass"! lol

3 times in one article. THE HORROR.

Really? Woops... Didn't notice.. I'll keep it in mind, thanks :P

I've brought tissues, advil and security blankies for all the impending butthurt and whining. We're good.

Hi Tamara! Thank you for stepping up to the job!

Thanks! :D

Was it you who posted a bit of a diatribe on butthurtedness on a post a year or so ago? Ifso, I thought it was one of the mosthilarious things I had seen in a long time. The post was all about being butthurt when you disagreed with something someone else said as an anonymous commenter on the internet. Ifso, well done and know that someone else got it and was totally with youon the whole concept.

Warning: Do not watch this trailer when you are about to get your monthly visitor. TMI, I know...but I'm bawling over here. The babies are so cute!!

You're in good company, I got misty eyed too! I feel so bad for those kids already >_<

...also do not watch if you're almost 8 months pregnant. Or any months pregnant for that matter. Those babieeees <3

What I noticed in this, is all the girls crying 'why don't you love meeee??' Just like Chelsea used to do. News flash, if your immature high school boyfriend doesn't treat you with love and respect, having a child with him won't make him change. Dump him and focus on going to college!

But after having said that, I'm sure I will be sucked into this series just like the first two!

Ermahgerd! Such cute babies! That's how MTV gets you, "Come for the adorable offspring, stay for the inevitable drama." That should be the tag line for Teen Mom. It should be interesting to see the differences in how MTV handles this cast after the fiasco that was Jenelle in TM2...

I'm looking forward to a new bunch of girls. I'm so over watching Jenelle's trainwreck life. I seriously don't understand why she is still in the show, her segments aren't even about being a 'mom'. And let's face it, she's never going to get custody of Jace so it's not like that will ever be documented on the show.

There's still one more season of tm2... Lol

Haha that's true. But seriously I hope she never gets custody. That poor child has no hope, even with Babs raising him.

I really cannot stand alex and the trailer only reminds me why

I agree everything about her seems stage and overdramatic. I feel bad for her daughter but I can't bring myself to feel bad for her when she knew he was a drug addict when they started dating and had a baby by him despite that fact. I mean what did she honestly think that he would change eventhough he told her a million times he couldn't when she was pregnant? I would have a lot more respect for her if she just accepted the situation for what it was instead of whining about it.

She says he didn't really start drugs until she was pregnant. Which could be false, but could also be true. I don't think we should make assumptions about her before we've even really heard her story.

Because when Leah told us her side of the story it was all truth, right ? really that girl is on national Tv broadcasting her life for the whole world to see, anybody with a little bit of common sense in her situation will distort the truth to make it look like their crap is looking good. Why do we not wait to hear both side of the story before making assumptions. Sadly I feel like we're back to the start with TM3, people will still pity those girl and think they're genuine funny hard working girl until season 2 or 3 when MTV will expose those girl for what they really are : big old bag of trash.

I disagree. But to each their own.

you are right young padawan

Alex is a dumb snatch IMHO. I honestly feel bad for Matt to an extent... now wait people before you start to thumbs down the hell outta me, hear me out please :)

Matt made it 100% clear that he did not want to be a father and he did not want Arabella. I think that is 100% on Alex that she decided to not only have the baby but to keep her then the selfish little trollop wants to whine that he isn't paying child support?! Give me a break. Matt should wise up, sign over his rights and end the BS and drama. Then he can go back to his opiates peacefully.

She has said numerous times that she doesn't want anything else from him. It is all over her twitter that she just wants him to sign over his rights and to be done with him...

I think I had seen an article on radar online (?) recently where she was whining bc he wasn't paying child support.... we know these girls can't make up their damned minds anyways. She hates him she loves him, he's ugly, he's hot.

So far I like Alex. She doesn't cause drama, don't know where that came from, but she just stands her ground. Nothing wrong with that.

Hi alex!

I wanted to wait for the trailer before deciding if it's worth watching and I'm leaning towards a "no". My problem with TM3 is the same I've had with the other season/series...I already know what's going to happen. Most of this was filmed upwards of a year ago and, if you scan through Insta-Twit-Book and various blogs, you already know what's going on and this is all old news. They've even filmed the reunion ages ago. MTV needs to stop stockpiling footage and air things within the time span they were filmed (i.e., if you film for four months, the show should be edited and released in four months, not a year later).

I agree Alex's daughter just turned 2 or will be turning 2 within the next couple of days.

I agree, Alex daughter is already 2, Katie daughter will turn 2 in less than a month and Gannon and Nova will turn 2 in September. It's ridiculous.

Yawn not interested but the babies are to adorable!!!!