Teen Mom 3 Set For August

teen mom 3


After blogging Teen Mom for so many years now, I have learned one key thing - MTV is very slow with production.

After many months of rumors and speculation, it appears we are closer than ever to getting an actual date for the Teen Mom 3 premiere.

Teen Mom Confidential has reported the season should begin in late August, but that's all we know so far.

Why am I posting this? Well, during the third season of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle was in the process of getting married, pregnant, having a miscarriage, and rumors of her heroin use started to leak. In fact, at one point I wrote an article wondering if Teen Mom was done.

Shortly around that time, MTV did an unusual thing, which was to play Teen Mom 2 season 4 only two weeks after season 3 finished.

This was unusual considering my first line, which is that MTV is terribly slow with production.

By rushing out season 4, it created a lot of rumors that they were washing their hands of the franchise and just wanted to get it out there and be done with it.

In hindsight, we should have known better.

This IS the same network that tried spin-offs with nearly every member of the Jersey Shore to try and pocket a few bucks, so it would have been more shocking had they just destroyed the film they shot for TM3.

I had a feeling we were going to see these girls, but airing Teen Mom 2 season 4 the way they did gave me some doubt.

I will keep you updated on an actual date, but for now it does appear Teen Mom 3 will be happening.


The TM3 footage will be like 94322305 months old.

The sad (or good, depneding on how you look at it) thing is that I no longer remember these girls or their stories. Think their episodes are still on MTV.com?
And will this be old footage from right after their episodes started or will this be more current footage?

Well Mckenzie is the one that had the bull rider at baby daddy, Bri, is the one that had the baby daddy that didn't care if he helped raise it or not. the other two not to sure about them I cant remember their story....

I didn't care about any of these girls enough o be interested in watching.

It amazes me how MTV shot season 1 of Teen Mom and had it airing only 5 months after 16 and Pregnant. Season 2 of Teen Mom was filmed and aired with 7 months. After that it is like MTV got lazy and took their time.

The gateway to anal continues! YES

I'm curious about the baby Mackenzie was pregnant with before and lost. The Ashley reported on it a few months back and said that it would probably be a story line. I just would like to hear her excuse as to why she got knocked up again so soon afterward.

I am sure her excuse won't be as infuriating as Leah's "I took out my IUD". Sigh.

She did say on her episode that she didn't want to go on the pill because she thought it would make her fat. Because we all know that getting pregnant is the best way to not get fat, especially if you're diabetic! :p

I heard a rumor that she suffers type 2 diabetes and birth control messed with it as she wasn't able to get her sugar levels in control. If thats the case I don't know why she didn't got to a doctor to help her out.

I think Gannon was planned in a way.

Pixie: Type 1, not Type 2. Type 1 is the type you have to take insulin for, and it's MUCH more difficult to control.

Gonna pass on this one. I am so not invested in any of these girls this time around. There's enough of a 3 ring circus with Jenelle right now to satiate me anyway.

Mtv should just stop with the teen mom series this is just going to be the same crap all over again. With this teen mom 3 girls

By August I hope to have found something better to do or watch. I will be seriously disappointed in myself if I get sucked in to this series like I have the previous two.

I agree with all of you. These girls were not interesting enough for my liking. I do wonder why they didn't do a teen mom for the season 3 girls of 16&P? I just hope that TM3 will be the last Teen Mom ever

I heard that they didn't because by the time they had to start making that decision, more of them and their baby daddies had already been arrested and more of them were already pregnant for a second time than any of the previous seasons.

Plus there were plenty of rumors about those girls getting pregnant on purpose just to be on the show. That wasn't an issue in the first season because no one knew how successful the show would be and the season 2 & 2.5 girls were already pregnant when season 1 was airing. Danielle Cunningham made a comment before her episode aired saying she hoped to be on Teen Mom to make the "big bucks."

That's exactly why I despise the show. I know for sure without a doubt that some of the girls got pregnant just to be on the show and I am so glad its ending. I went on a fan page and one girl said she was so upset that she cried. I truly hope she was joking.

I would be more into this show if they gave picked different girls. I mean, I think mackenzuecwill be interesting......for a little bit. Alex might be interesting, other than that, not interested, there were other girls with better stories

I agree. For example Kristina would have been a great pick, I liked Devon, Jordan, Hope and Lindsey but none of the girls they picked for TM3. They were boring

Yesssss! I really like Kristina, and Sarah. Lindsey to. I know Lindsey turned down a spot on tm3 but yeah, oh well

They should've let us vote and then start by asking the girls who received the highest number of votes

Looking at the new girls. It makes you wonder which is the new Jenelle?

I think everyone believes Alex will be it. She will blame Matt on it even though he was probably the smarter of the latter when he said adoption would be best.

Sadly I wondered the same thing. Mckenzie will be the new Leah, Katie the new Kail with her better than everyone else attitude, I have a feeling Briana will be the new Chelsea but hopefully without the baby daddy obsession, so I'm thinking Alex is the new Jenelle.

I'm not even sure I want to watch TM3. It's already a good year behind and I don't know if I can watch another set of train wrecks get famous because they got knocked up.

I was thinking the same thing. I know they filmed the kids birthdays and usually they air the birthdays on the last episode of the season, and if I recall Gannon's birthday is either in August or September, so Gannon will be turning 2 while we watch his first birthday.....MTV why must you air everything so late!?

God these kids are al,ost 2 already...who the hell wants to watch a series that's like 18 months old?! Plus it will gave been a year and a alf since their 16 and pregnant episodes were shown. Sorry but thats just too long, I'm not interested

I'd much rather watch a season 5 of TM2.

MTV needs to just cut their losses with this entire series and not air this... Nothing positive has really resulted from this series.
Mackenzie will probably be pregnant again within a year (but it's okay because she'll be married!! Right Leah?)
Briana is trashy as hell, as anyone that has ever viewed her twitter could tell.
Katie seems like another smug brat like Kail.
Alex is the one who put her 5 month old in a forward facing car seat and then acted like a complete bitch toward anyone that pointed out her mistake.
I'm sure this will end well! Great job MTV!

I don't like these girls!! Do better MTV!!!!! I love how they portray these chicks to be all sweet and innocent

Teen Mom 3? No thanks, I'll pass.

Then don't watch simple as that and that goes to all of you!!!!!!!!

I don't plan on it.

Lovethesegirls, you seriously creep me out. I read your other post and you said that you, "love and care for them very much"