Teen Mom 3: Can We Scratch Lindsey From The List?

lindsey harrison

lindsey harrison denies teen mom 3 rumors

While Teen Mom may be on tonight (and yes, we will be live tweeting! yay!), the final cast member for Teen Mom 3 still appears to be a mystery.

Because of the popularity of our little blonde detective mma cheerleading pregnant girl Lindsey, I was almost sure she was secretly the final member of the Teen Mom 3 cast.

Hey, she has already started her ink collection, and she's blonde, so she'd be a perfect candidate, right?

Wrong I guess. According to ATTM, she let out a "slip" tweet saying...

FYI, I told MTV no for Teen Mom 3... my family hated filming, mainly Forest. It wasn't worth the home drama and the stress that goes with it.

This was to Catelynn as they were chatting about some type of bashing Lindsey supposedly did.

I honestly didn't follow the bashing story, so I have no comment, but I do know Lindsey appears to be on the growing list of Teen Moms upset with a certain Teen Mom blogger...

and I don't mean us surprisingly! You can read more about that drama in this link if you're interested.

Back to the main story, if Lindsey is indeed not part of the cast, does this mean Briana is indeed the 4th member? We'll have to keep the waiting game going I suppose.



Devon has confirmed she is not on teen mom 3 although I actually like her! Anyway I think they should stop making teen moms finish what they have and continue with 16 & PREGNANT And where are they now's teen mom is just getting awful in my opinion.

Ooohh Heather Clouse.... I thought that bitch got shut down, no?

Unfortunately not...yet. Give it time.

Thank god!! Her story was boring and she's annoying and stupid. She was more into becoming a 'fighter' than her own kid!

Actually being a part of teen mom news, I think Heather's life is now complete.

I wonder if she starts this stuff intentionally just so she CAN make Teen Mom news.

Lindsey's episode was bored anyway


I hope it's Briana. She's very mature and strong. Besides, we need some sassy black girls in the form of her mom and sister!

She's not black. And why does race matter? I'm mixed and I really don't give a rats behind...

I never said race mattered. But there isn't a non white girl on either teen mom. And I didn't know she wasn't black.

She was whiny as hell. I did not like her. At all.

They're all teenagers, of course they're whiny as hell.

I don't want to click on the links :)

I wasn't a big fan of Lindsey to begin with. I think the whole cast for TM3 is pretty horrible to begin with anyway.

Agree! I love MacKenzie and Alexandria though, but Katie? Nahh. Devon or Sabrina would have been a better choice.

I can't stand the fact that MacKenzie is going to be on there! At the reunion she was NOT even promoting how not to end up getting pregnant AGAIN! I just don't want to watch her at all cause of that!

Alexandria was awful. God I wanted to punch her in the face the entire episode. Such a spoiled, immature, and god awful brat. She really shouldn't have kept her child.

Somehow I knew they were going to say Heather Clouse. I swear she purposely involves herself with every little beef in the teen mom social media JUST so she can make herself feel "famous". Get a life, already.

Can somebody tell me what the cast for TM3 is at the moment!?!?!?!?!

Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sakella, and Katie Yeager so far.

They were all boring, IMO.

Another round of teens who opened there legs to any guy who would give them attention.


God, Heather Clouse is a nasty beast.

I honestly don't even care who the final cast member is - I wasn't going to watch TM3 anyway because of McKenzie and Alexandria. It is downright stupid to be having completely unprotected sex as a teen parent who relies almost completely on parents to support both you and your child. Alex is one of the most selfish, stupid, irresponsible girls to ever be on this show. Can't stand her.

I agree. When your drug addict boyfriend makes more sense than you do, something is seriously wrong. And the blonde ditz should not have been chosen. Obviously she was picked for rating since she was a blonde skinny cheerleader. But really? She didn't take birth control because she didn't want to get fat?? And then continued to say she still doesn't do anything to protect herself. Way to pick some good role models there MTV. But then again, MTV also produced Maci, and she's just a god awful train wreck.

If Maci is a train wreck, what does that make Jenelle?

I don't think there is even a word out there to describe that mess.

I will not be watching TM3. No offense but does anyone here think that Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant is getting i don't know boring? I mean it's the same things all over again. I loved the first 2 seasons of 16 and pregnant and I kind of liked the 3rd but the 4th season was awful. I did, however, like Jordan, Lindsey, Devon, and Hope. Every other girl got on my nerves for some reason :)