What's New with the Teen Mom 3 Girls?

mackenzie douthit


Not much has changed in Katie's life since our last update. She's still dating the same guy, and even though she recently was awarded full custody of Molli so that she could move closer to her guy, it appears that she's still in Utah for the time being.

Katie hasn't made any mention of Joey in a while, and it appears that she's keeping busy with work, while also being a mom and a girlfriend.

As far as we know, Katie is not currently enrolled in school, although she had previously expressed that she made the move to Utah so that she could continue her education and obtain a Bachelor's degree.

Katie also has some baby fever going on lately, and has shared several Tweets stating that it's a good thing her boyfriend is 600 miles away.



Briana has a new boyfriend, and has been pretty open about her relationship with him online, although she hasn't mentioned a name for this guy anywhere. She's posted pictures of him hanging out with Nova, and her Twitter picture is one of those awkward kissing pictures that get put online by 13 year old girls.

It appears that Briana has toned down her language on social media slightly, although she's still extremely open about sexual things.

She's recently accepted a new job, and seems to be working a lot. Nova turned three on September 15th, and Briana says that she has an impressive vocabulary and her pronunciation of words is well above average.


Mackenzie and Josh are still raising their two children, Gannon and Jaxie. Gannon turns 3 soon, and Jaxie will be on in February. Josh and Mackenzie spend nearly every weekend at a rodeo where Josh competes.

It seems like they take their kids with them most of the time, which is a positive, although that's a lot of travel for some little kids. Their latest rodeo took place in Amarillo, Texas.

Mackenzie continues to sell handmade items in her Etsy shop, and it seems to still be picking up popularity even though Teen Mom 3 was cancelled after one season.

Mackenzie also shared that her daughter, Jaxie, is now able to pull herself up on things.



Alex and Matt continue to argue about custody and visitation for their daughter, Arabella.

Matt has been posting on social media that he's trying to get more visitation, while Alex always chimes in claiming that he's not doing anything to help their kid.

Alex has shared some messages on Twitter lately about the situation, including this one:


Alex has also started making leotards for Arabella, since she's now enrolled in dance as a 3 year old.

Alex has shown off two of the leotards, and they still have a lot of room for improvement, but she's saving money by making things herself, which is probably a plus.

Alex continues to work two jobs to support her daughter, and has plans to attend community college sometime soon.


You can give Alex all the crap you want for her temper but she is the only girl who works her ass off for her child and doesn't waste money on stupid things. Good for her for making her daughters dance outfits. No one needs to spend that much money on something a kid will wear once for 5 minutes.

I'm not sure if this is directed at me or not, but I agree that Alex tries to do what's best for her kid. I also said that even though her dance outfits aren't "top of the line" or anything, she's saving the money by making them herself.

Not at all Megan!!! You're always very good at being unbiased and reporting facts without too much snark. :) Just in general she gets so much crap for her temper and not enough credit for working her ass off. I'd be testy under that much stress too.

it's good that alex is being frugal and using the resources provided to her to make the costume as opposed to blowing unnecessary money on, like you said it, something her child will only wear for five mins. anger problems aside, she is a good mom. better than methed out leah.

And methed out Matt

Herioned* out Matt

"She doesn't spend money on stupid things." Except those retarded as fuck costumes that she screamed bloody murder at her mom for. She works hard but she's still an absolute psychopath.

I love that she spent like $200 on those lingerie looking outfits and has to make shitty outfits for her kid.

maybe the other girls pitched on the price of their costumes, and the fact that she lost them ALL is what flung her into crazy bat shit psychopath mode. idk. just seems ridiculous to go buy costumes for EVERYONE. don't things like that normally work like each person buys their own shit? like i said.. idk. so why am i even commenting.

That was my understanding of it too. Maybe they had to buy them in bulk? Haha I don't know, Alex is friggin crazy.

Oh that's true, but I think they all bought their own and they were like $200 EACH I thought? I really don't remember enough. I just find it funny bitch can't go to Walmart or something and just get a normal looking costume for her kid but can go to some pricy dance fuck studio and get lingerie. I'm just glad she's dressing her better. I remember she had her in this slutty as fuck outfit which made Gracie look like a nun.

Uh duh guys. She can buy $200 outfits since like she was on Teen Mom 3, she had it made!

It was the best day ever when her mom thought they were trash.

I laughed my ass off. And then barfed when she got the new ones and performed in them. They were so god damn revealing. Her in Katie in the lingerie YIKES.

*And not in. Ugh is anyone else sick? Shits going around here. Super out of it with a fever. Thank God for this site to entertain me!

Oh my gosh, they were so revealing! And I'm sorry, but dress for your body type. I fluctuate between curvy and chubby, so I feel completely okay about saying she needs to wear something to flatter her figure. It's not like she was overweight or anything, but flailing around with a bare stomach did her no favors.

My brother is going around hacking and getting his germs all over me, so it's just a matter of time. It's always like the apocalypse when the little prince gets sick, but if my sister or I do, it's "eh, you'll be fine."

Hahaha spoiled! Ugh yes I heard on the east coast bronchitis is really bad. The weather here in Cali has been so weird. Last week it was scorching hot with thunderstorms now it's a lot cooler so it's just taken it's toll. LOL yea I feel bad saying that it wasn't very flattering. But even if Mackenzie wore it I'd be like girl put some clothes on.

I know a lot of people get sick when the seasons change really suddenly like that. Now that you brought up bronchitis, I'm wondering if that's what he has. Well...I guess it's time for WebMD.

Seriously though, there is no reason for anyone on this show to be wearing those outfits. But I'm sure when Leah saw them she called up Alex asking where she could get some.

Yes! WHen the weather changes it's just a hot mess. Especially here in San Diego we're all a bunch of pussies if it's like 72 degrees we're like WOW IT'S COLD! I'm seriously in winter clothes drinking my CURE-IG and it's sunny out.

Omg WebMD made me think I had brain cancer. I'm sure Javi and Tyler also borrowed it lolol. I wonder if Mack will pop out another before her uterus implodes.

I will bet you all of the purple hair extensions in the world that Mack has at least one more. If it's after she's 22, she and Grangie will thank Jesus that her uterus didn't self destruct.

72 is still acceptable beach weather here. But of course, there are also some people (99% of the time it's middle class white guys between 16-32) that will wear basketball shorts year round. I love watching them stomping through 18 inches of snow, pretending that they aren't catching frostbite.

I feel like she's going to have like 5...and Josh is going to bump his head again and be a permanent vegetable and Grangie will have to raise all of them. Hahaha oh my god it's better than San Diegans (myself included) who go around wearing fucking scarves and full on winter clothes when it's like 60 degrees

I kinda do that too, just because I prefer the colder weather and I get excited about lumpy sweatshirts. I swear, I look hideous from October to April and I'm completely okay with that.

I got the great luck of catching whooping cough this summer! I'm still coughing hahahaha FML

I'm from AZ. It's still 100° outside. And winter's never get that cold. I am now in a place where you actually get a winter. Snow and below freezing weather. Not looking forward to it. Lol

I was saying to my mom this morning that I think my brother has whooping cough! I actually know next to nothing about it, except that it was a bitch on Oregon Trail. Ugh that sucks I hope you feel better, Jenelle's 5th Baby Daddy.

Her poor mother deals with so much of her crap lol

Thanks Barbara's Cackle! I got vaccinated for it in 95 and never got the second inoculation until 2012, so needless to say it didn't work lmao. Overall, it could really been worse. It's waaaaaay better now than it was in July (they don't call it the 80 day cough for nothin). It's that kind of take your breathe away cough where you have to gasp for air at the end. Now I only get one or two cough attacks a day :) Before it was every 5 to 10 minutes :( I caught it and gave it to my boyfriend and he ended up in the hospital because he has asthma. But don't worry, he ends up in the hospital whenever he gets sick and is always fine.

I chose not to seek any treatment for it and just run its course, since I'm an adult. My boyf got a steroid shot in the butt and some other medication and was better in two weeks. If you think your brother is has it you should have a doctor check it out, especially if he's young, as it's dangerous for young kids. If he's older you may just have to listen to him cough for a couple months lol

I always love your comments by the way!!!

Aw thanks :) yikes that sounds awful! After reading what you said, and doing a little investigative googling, I definitely don't think he has anything that severe. I've diagnosed him as being my mother's favorite and so the world must stop when he is sick hahaha. He's definitely fine.

Ahaha I see, I hear that's going around in some families ;)

To all you readers, let me be a cautionary tale!! Don't be a Kail! Vaccinate your children!!!

Disclaimer: my family vaccinates. I got all the important ones: measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, meningitis, polio, etc. Chickenpox and Pertussis (whooping cough) just kinda fell through the cracks, so I ended up catching them.

OMG kail is such a fuckign idiot for not vaccinating.

Thumbs down vaccinate your kid you gross ass motherfucker or keep them the hell out of school.

Kail doesn't vaccinate? Ugh, please tell me she isn't on the Jenny McCarthy insanity train talking about autism... does she go into detail in her book?
On a side note, I really want to read all the Teen Mom books, but I don't really want to own them or make space for them in my bookshelves. I should just order them from the library. If the librarian gives me any side-eye, I'll say it's for my "research", lol. Can your guys recommend your favorites? I need a good hate read.

There is now lots of information and articles stating that there is no correlation between autism and vaccines. It was essentially rebunked and the guy who originally did the research had deliberately flubbed his findings

*This might end up being a duplicate post.

What kills me is that people actually think autism is worse than the things vaccines are meant to protect us against. I'm pretty sure autism would be preferable to death or paralysis from polio.

My 2 year old son was just diagnosed with Autism 2 weeks ago. I'll be honest, until it happened to me, I never had an opinion on vaccinations. I just did what was told by the government. I can't go back in time, but I really wish I would of did a delayed schedule. Instead of going in and getting 5 needles in one sitting every couple months. My son was developing perfectly fine until about a year old. He started getting slower, and then at 18 months is when we really noticed it. The only argument I ever really see about pros and cons, is the you'll die without vaccines.

I never thumbed you down lol, because I do agree needles are very important. I just think they should be spread out more while babies brains are still majorly developing.

A side note, not one person in family or my husbands family, going back as far as we can has Autism. My son is the only one. You aren't born with it, so in years to come It would be such a relief to know what causes it.

You are indeed born with autism. Some kids you know from birth. My son had little signs. Not talking, late walker, preferring to crawl. We didn't get an awful diagnosis until age 3.

Autism, not awful.

Anyways, jenny Mccarthys son doesn't have autism. It came our years ago that he was misdiagnosed, turns out he has a seizure disorder.

Jenny McCarthy is an idiot. I fully believe in vaccinating, just spread out :)

My son was literally perfect in developing until he hit 12-18 months. That's when he stopped saying the words he already knew and started regressing. @jollyrancher, did you guys use the Pecs system at all? If you don't mind me asking :) my son will be starting early intervention in the new year, and speech therapy soon. Im so happy our pediatrician took our concerns seriously and isn't making us 'wait and see.' The doctor I saw before her, told me it was normal to regress like he has been. I watched to Kail shake her head lol

They've identified some genes associated with autism which is way exciting!
One of the diagnosis criteria for autism used to be regression. That's a normal part of the onset of autism.

Don't know what PECS is. But my son didn't qualify for special education preschool. E is main streamed. In a charter school. He did speech from 2 1/2 to 5 1/2, stopped because his therapist was getting too personal. Going to restart in school very soon. Been in OT from 3 until present. He's almost 6. He was in PT for a year, no change. Did aquatic PT an changes started right away. Did that for 9 months and he was discharged.
Did ABA for a few months. Therapist was a flake and didn't know what she was doing. He's very intelligent. Taught himself
To read before he turned 4. He Will be 6 a week from today and reading at a 4th grade level.

I seriously think the fact that Kail won't vaccinate is grounds for Jo to get custody. Not vaccinating is child neglect. I'm not sure how the legal system views it but I know kids are supposed to get them in order to go to school. At least Isaac has hope, Jo could get him vaccinated during his time with him (c'mon Jo, please do it!) but poor Linc:(

Really?? The r word? Your vocabulary is that small that you have to use that offensive word?

THE R WORD LOL. You're right I should not use the "r word" but it's hilarious how you sound like a 3 year old right now. Alright how about does dumb as fuck fat ass hippopotamus work for Alex? And if you want to see terrible vocabulary read her tweets.

Daaaamn Trap! lol. Seriously though, I've read worse insults here than "the R word". I mean... all of us talking shit about how horrible their mothering skills are is pretty offensive too, lets all down vote each other lol.

LOL I know I've said cunt, twat, every word in the book and then "the R word" is one someone is pissed off over. No one is politically correct here you newb. And I'm sorry but the first word I thought of when i was starting to talk about Alex was retarded. To be fair she might be!

And if anyone is going to be offended by "the R word" it would be you. The one with a sister with Downs. Seriously. It's a word. Everyone is far too politically correct these days. Alex dances like she's having a seizure!! There's no denying that.

I know I REALLY need to stop using it for that reason but it just DOES NOT offend me at all. I don't think of my sister when I use that word because my sister is smart. I think of Alex LOL.

Trap baby, I also have a sister with Down's syndrome. A friend recently emailed me an article about the correlation of downs syndrome and early-onset Alzheimer's. The article stated studies have shown that the risk of early onset Alzheimer's is inversely proportional to the birth mothers age when she delivered her baby with downs. (I'm not sure I'm explaining that correctly. The schools ain't well here) but the younger a woman is when she has a baby with downs, the more likely she is to have early onset Alzheimer's. My mom was 18 when she had Kim and is starting to lose her mind!! Lol I just wondered if you had heard of this study (I can't find the article anywhere now) or if your mom is having memory problems... I certainly hope all is well with your family.

Aw guys can't we just get along? Whatevz, I can understand someone being offended at that word and don't personally use it myself. I don't think it's a matter of "who should be offended" either. At the same time, Tyler's Trap Baby meant no harm. It's supposed to be fun here, let's try to respect one another and focus on what's important...Cheetos, hair extensions, lucky court stahs, baby daddies, and the threat of going to jell.

Thank you YES let's focus on the cheetos! I normally wouldn't say that word in everyday life here I just let it all out.

DoIlookskanky aw how old is she? Aren't they the best? I think we are very lucky. WOW that study is interesting, so my mom had her pretty late like 35 which is probably why she has it. My mom is older now like 65. She's insane but no Alzheimer's she's pretty sharp. That is very interesting though. Alzheimer's runs in my family though on my dad's side he already shows little signs of it I'm probably destined to have it YAY!

There is now lots of information and articles stating that there is no correlation between autism and vaccines. It was essentially rebunked and the guy who originally did the research had deliberately flubbed his findings.

Wrong thread. Lol

Fabric is not cheap, especially when it's not basic cotton. My daughter has been dancing twice a week since she turned 2 and she has a couple leotards she gets PLENTY of use out of. I do not understand trying to defend Alex's insanity with this weird issue.

It looked like she used scraps from her old costumes or something. Making leotards at home if you already have the materials is a smart way to save money IF you actually know how to sew, which Alex does not. Those things are going to fall apart the first time she washes them.

If Briana's baby can pronounce words at an advanced level, maybe the baby could teach her mom how to speak so she does not sound like she has a shoe in her mouth and so that she does not need subtitles when she says something on the show. I could never understand any of the mush that was coming out of her mouth.

Katie is annoying and just needs to shut her stupid face. I wouldn't be surprised if she had another baby within the next year.

This is a far cry from the days when Roxy cried at the idea of Briana dating. Hahaha maybe I'm just having a rough single girl day, but get a room.

I love that Jaaaawsh is still rodeoing. Live the dream, man. No matter how many concussions you get. I still strongly disapprove of the name, but Jaxie is a cute kid.

I have always liked that Alex is a hard worker and I appreciate that she is trying to save money, but still let her daughter be involved in the activities she wants. There are a lot of good things about Alex, and she's definitely one of the better mothers out of all the Teen Mom girls overall (except for the time where she was dancing and Arabella Sekella fell off that chair. And that time where she named her child Arabella Sekella). I just wish she would chill the eff out and stop bashing Matt on social media (even though he totally deserves it).

She dropped that kid on her head like 9000 times LOL. Between her and Matt. Once was on a park bench, one was when he came over to her first time out of rehab, another was while she was doing that stupid dance and she tumbled out of the chair. Don't get me started on the car seat. I will say out of the 3 of them Alex definitely works the hardest though. Hahaha I'm glad Roxy doesn't get $$$ but I slightly miss her ridiculous views on thinking and Brittany as ratchet as she was cracked me the fuck up. Do not miss Briana sitting her ass on the couch 24/7. I have to say Nova was one of the cutest babies! Oh yeah taking bets, Katie will be the next to be knocked up.

The entire DeJesus clan is a really ratchet version of the Golden Girls meets the three fairies that raised Sleeping Beauty. In real life, I wouldn't be able to stand them but they were wonderful on TV. I miss Brittany and Roxanne, but not Briana.

That poor child needed a helmet. I really didn't watch Teen Mom 3 as closely (obsessively) as I did with the other seasons, so I might have missed Arabella falling all the time. It's probably for the best, because I lost it when she fell off the chair.

LOL she really did need a helmet. I just remember thinking doing a drinking game where you take a shot every time this kids stupid parents let her bang her head would get me insanely drunk. LOL yes I miss Roxy and Brittany. They were absolutely garbage but omg they cracked me up. I just loved when Brittany called Brianna on her shit. "You're not disabled you're pregnant" whenever she'd fucking whine. When they went and got the pap smears MY GODDDDDDDDDD and her mom had to hold her hand and give her a lollipop. DEJESUS FUCKING CHRIST.

I loved when Brittany would talk about wanting to leave, and Roxanne would be like, "GO, ain't nobody stopping you" but then Brittany would mumble something about not having money. They were all so pathetically co-dependent on each other. I did want Brittany to get out, and then Roxy would have to raise Briana alone. She created that monster.

LOL yea it was like then just leave. THen she never would...OMG when they were buying the condoms holy shit. I admit I get slightly embarrassed if I'm buying period stuff and the clerk is a guy but in the end I don't give a fuck but geez Briana acted like a 2 yaer old with that. Brittany was just like uh hand us the condoms. I can't believe how embarrassed she got and then you go look at her tweets and it's like I WANNA FUCK A HAITIAN. Omg random but I remember buying just tampons and chocolate and the guy at thte store turned red and started laughing LOL. Wtvr.

I have such stereotypical period purchases. I generally go to the self check out line, but I have really stopped caring. I'm talking midol, chips, chocolate, feminine hygiene products...then I spend all night watching say yes to the dress and being sad. Hahaha I need help.

LOL you're awesome. I really REALLY could use chocolate right now. God this site is so full of estrogen I love it.

I know right? I love it. I always feel like I'm talking to a bunch of internet girlfriends when I'm on here. Because having friends in real life takes a lot of effort.

Brittany and Roxanne were awesome, though it did bug me when Roxy would pamper Briana and basically co-parent with her and expect Brittany to do the same. I felt bad for Brittany because I always felt like she was having trouble coming to terms with her abortion, but her mom was too focused on babying Briana to help her out. I wish Brittany could move out of the coven. Both she and Nova Star need to get away.

It was such a coven. And I really felt like Brittany solely had her abortion because she knew that Briana wouldn't do shit for her kid, and all of Roxy's interests would be tied up in her little Kim Kardashian. She knew that she would be doing it all alone.

Oh my gosh!! Coven is my new favorite word!! So damn perfect for many purposes!!

I smell a username. Coven Dejesus.

Have you all seen Brianas latest IG post. Wrapped in a towel trying to be sexy. #barf #whore #notsurprisedshewas16&pregnant

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Hopefully she's wrapped something else and doesnt make anymore babies even though nova is freaking adorable.

Jaxie kind of looks like Arabella in that photo. Ugh I just can't forget Alex's dirty ass house and how one day Arabella was laying in the bed with flys crawling all over her. Is mackenzie on welfare, because between etsy and rodeo I don't see how they can support two kids.

She's on mommy welfare haha. Where her mom gives her money to support the children.

Yea I remember she was teaching arabella how to walk and her feet were covered in dirt so GROSS

I vote Briana to be knocked up next. She will think this guy loves her and be pregnant so fast!
Of them all, Mack is the only one who doesn't work right? I find it so odd that at what, 20/21, she's never had a job??
Alex has always worked hard. She will be one of the one who is last to fall pregnant again I reckon. 1. Because no decent guy will stay around long enough to tolerate her screaming at them (the only reason Matt did was because he was off chops) 2. Because in her spare time she is working. I will always give her props for that

I thought Mack taught cheer?

I think she "helped" coach cheer? I could be wrong. But she has had no "real" job.

Maybe Roxy cried at the idea of Briana dating again because she knew how disgusting Briana would be.

You're right, that was probably it. Hahaha she's so gross.

Cough *slut* cough

Briana is such a slut. I think she was just pretending to be naive about sex and dating for the show but her true colors are showing. This guy is probably a low life, because no decent man would be with her honestly. We saw the Haitian she wanted to lick down escaped lol. She's like Jenelle. You automatically know the guys she's with are trash because if they were decent they wouldn't be with her. I feel bad for sweet nova. Who knows what she's exposed to.

katie, shut up.
briana, nobody cares. nobody EVER did. but now that TM3 is canned, you are irrelevant forever. please accept your role and sit the fuck down.
mackenzie, yeeehaw for your happy wittle family.

i would personally react WORSE if i was in alex's situation. she is remaining really, really calm. matt is a total pos. she has been raising arabella since day one, with little to no help. kinda infuriating actually. and yeah those leotards are atrocious. work on those sewing skills, my dear alex, and you can set up an etsy shop along with mackenzie eeeeee!!!

All these girls really need to stop airing their dirty laundry on social media. It was one thing when they were actually on the show and we could see everything happening, but even then I don't understand the need to show strangers your child's life like that. It's just really sad for the kids.

Also WTF @ Mckenzie's daughter's name Jaxie? Really?

Jaxie Taylor. Just say it a couple of times...it still sounds weird. I'm not a huge fan of the name Gannon Dewayne (that's how Wikipedia has it written) but Jaxie Taylor is on a different level.

Jaxie sounds like a nice name for a dog or a hamster. And Gannon is the enemy in all the Legend of Zelda games! He's a sort of pig-faced demon creature. Those poor kids. Has anyone linked to her Etsy shop? What does she sell? Please tell me it's better than her father's day craft project!

She sells headbands that are made with felt and Elmer's Glue. She also got in huge trouble for featuring somebody else's work on her Etsy page and then calling it in her own.

Haha I never knew the pig guy's name was Gannon.

I actually really like Gannon. It's Gaelic and not common but not crazy either. I'm not a huge fan of Dewayne (I live in the South and Wayne/DeWayne/Duane are way overdone), but I figured that it's probably Josh's middle name or something.
Jaxie Taylor is just odd. It makes me picture some weird hybrid of Jax Teller and Taylor Swift.

Jaxie means ass in the U.K. lol

If she married Kaiser, they could be the 'Emperor's Ass'. Kinda like the opposite of 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. Or Ass-Roll.

The Emporass New Escape Plan

It does? Never heard of that before!

Don't know how many other UK people are on here but as far as I know it's not a word that is ever used over here!

I'm Irish (loads of slang in common with UK), unfortunately the time I've ever heard the word jaxie being used is in the phrase 'take it up the jaxie', as in ms. Farrah Abraham's preferred method of love making.

I will never understand why Mackenzie named her daughter fucking Jaxie. That's a name you give to your dog, not your child. And Mack's reasoning was that she wanted to honor her deceased grandfather, whose name was Jack. If that's the case, name the kid Jacqueline and then call her Jackie or something. Don't saddle her with a stupid name just because it's cute or whatever. Yeah, it's cute for a baby, but not when she becomes an adult.

I know I probably sound old-fashioned, but I hate most of the names these girls give to their children because they're names that are cute for little kids but not so cute when they grow up. Gannon's a little out-there, too, but nowhere near as bad as goddamn Jaxie.

I totally agree with you. Jacqueline is such a pretty name. I think this totally came off of the Jackson--> Jaxon trend. Jackson is a fine name, Jaxon really isn't a name. I don't remember the episode of Sesame Street where Elmo let us all know that the letters X and Y are substantially cooler than other letters, and can be used as replacements for the lesser letters.

My Mum's called Jacquelyn. Slightly different version of Jacqueline, pronounced differently. Everyone calls her Jacqui

Gannon just makes me think of dannon. Like the yogurt.

I named our cat Jaxie! And, I will admit, I got it from Mackenzie.

See, it's a REALLY CUTE NAME! For a cat. For a human being, not so much. :)

the name that annoys me the most is Nova Star. A nova is a type of damn star!! a supernova is an exploding star so her name is basically exploding star star dejesus. so fucking stupid.... btw is her last name pronounced de jesus or de-hay-zuess? always wondered that i pronounced it de jesus like in the bible...

Deh Heh-soos

For Briana, I couldn't even imagine introducing my child to someone that was the new 'thing'. They've probably been together as long as she's been posting pictures. I could see it now.. "Hi, wanna f#ck?... Be my kids daddy!" as he walks out the door.

Can't these girlses wait til their dick will stick around?!

I'm really trying to rack my brain, and remember if any teen mom girls didn't introduce their kid to their new boooooyfriend as soon as they were Facebook official (does anyone else hate that phrase? Hahaha) Catelynn is obviously out because she is still with Tyler and they don't have Carly. Maci was the founding mother of forcing your child to accept your boyfriend as his new daddy. (Leah and Kail took notes) Amber let that guy she went on one date with change Leah's diaper which made me scream at the TV. Did Farrah ever bring Soph around anyone? Leah, and Kail obviously did, Jenelle is just in a league of her own. We've never see Chelsea with anyone before this Cole guy, but she may have been dating people all along so I guess we don't know if anyone has met Aubree. Katie is trying to make her boyfriend Molli's new daddy, and it looks like Briana is doing the same. There are only so many people willing to date Mack, so she and Josh are married. And then there's Alex, and I don't believe she does much dating. So to make a long story short...no. They can't wait to see if the dick will stick around. :(

OMG that guy Amber was with seemed like such a pedophile and had just gotten out of jail. Disgusting...I remember my ex watched it and was like if we ever had a kid and you did that I'd be so pissed...I wouldn't blame him. Lol yea Maci introduced KY right away. Farrah let that model guy meet Sophia but he only lasted like a date or two (good for him), I know she brought him around that Daniel guy that left her in Texas. He seemed like a really good guy though. I know Alex went on a FIRST DATE on the show mini golfing nad brought arabella around. She claimed "she was out with a friend." No bitch you were on a date and you're a lunatic. I would wait AT LEAST 3 months till I introduced my kid but that's just me. Maybe even longer.

I wad flipping out, like I could not believe that was a thing that happened. I know Amber was probably high out of her mind, but that was one of those moments where I thought, "yeah, maybe Gary should have custody." And then didn't Gary confront her, and she had no idea why he would be upset about that? Like, she genuinely did not see why that would be a problem.

Yeah he was pissed he was changing her diaper. Damn I wanna go back and watch the old TM's! I think a lot of the times his mom was taking care of leahb ut it seemed better than Amber doing that. Doesn't Amber have a bf now or something??

I'm not sure. I think I read somewhere that she was seeing someone, but it wasn't official but she loved him? I don't know, things get so garbled around in my head.

Eww guys remember when Amber went on that date and they went and had Italian and they were sloppily kissing at the table. It was so disgusting!

When Briana and Alex brought their kids on first dates it grossed me out. It reminded me of when Robbie went to Leah's house to see the twins when they were newborns and didn't even want to touch them. Why on earth would a teenage boy want to meet your fuck trophy on the first date? wtf?

@ Tyler's Trap Baby, do it! Watch the old ones haha! I just started a free trial of Amazon Prime and so far the only thing I have used it for is to watch old episodes of Teen Mom =| As I type, Amber and Gary are arguing about the way he proposed to her for a second time on the beach. Ugh, now I have to get back to writing a paper for class.

LOL how could I forget? BUT YOU DIDN'T MEAN IT. SAY THE WORDS RIGHT :( god they were an awful couple. That sounds like a good idea. It's kinda depressing at the same time.

And the entire time during that first date, Alex is like, "Blah blah, I'm a single mom." On repeat.

I also don't believe for a second that BRIANA has the qualifications to praise anyone's pronunciation of words...even a three year old.


by the way, does the bad edit/good edit tactic MTV uses piss ANYBODY else off?

maci was given the good edit. now we all see that is a beer-chuggin' little cum dumpster, who auctions away used Converses and weird Bentley drawings (that DON'T EVEN REALLY MAKE SENSE AND WHERE AM I HANGING TO HANG THESES? next to my OWN child's drawings?" (theses was on purpose, y'all.)

leah was primarily given a decent edit, until she totally fucking unraveled this season and now MTV has no other choice but to show those sexy Simms. aaahahah Leah you tweaker.

any other good/bad edits you want to chime in on, ladies (and gents? ladygents? Tyler Balterria?) come on come onnn ;)

GOING TO HANG, NOT HANGING TO HANG. sorry, that meth hit was a biggun

Hmmm see I believe in good edit like with Maci, Mack etc. But bad edit not so much. Leah and all of them make themselves look bad. Although MAYBE they leave out good things? But with Leah I find that hard to believe. Tyler just makes himself look like an asshole. I do wonder if they got a good edit though because they've really gone downhill for me. I used to like them a lot but just all their self-righteous bullshit on Twitter has revealed their true colors.

God sorry if I type like Farrah right now I feel HIGH HIGH HIGH.

The Briana edit was annoying, for sure. I think they tried to give Katie a good edit, but she was just such a whiny little bitch that no one bought it.

I think they tried to give Javi the good girl edit. In the beginning, they showed him just kinda being there, and being nice to Kail which would be impossible for me, so I guess I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he was a good guy. But he's so controlling and attention whorey.

They definitely gave Tyler a good girl edit too. I think his descent into douchedom is a combination of him getting really full of himself, and the lack of edit. I will admit, I used to like him, but never to the extent of some of his fangirls.

I never liked Tyler or Catelynn aside from their "16 and Pregnant" episode, which is probably the only episode I'll never watch again because it's so damn sad. When "Teen Mom" happened, they became increasingly more self-entitled and bought into their fans' assessments that they were so amazing and so selfless for giving Carly up---Tyler especially. I feel so sad for their unborn daughter because they're not ready for parenthood, and I think one of the major reasons they conceived was to stay in the spotlight a little more. They're such trash.

They are trash. And while at the time, I was kinda derpy and 17, now I completely see that Tyler blackmailed her into giving up Carly. He manipulated her with his promises that he hasn't kept. He would go on and on about the things they needed to do before they could be parents. And now all of a sudden he's ready? Ugh, and Catelynn is just sad to watch.

I'm really not sure whose segments will be most unbearable. Amber's will probably be the least painful.

Tyler is extremely manipulative. The fact that he basically forced her to give up Carly, asked her to move in and then said he wanted "space", called her out for being insecure and they went to a therapist over it (wtf), and the way he reacted when she was texting some ex or something. I can't remember all the details for that but he acted really controlling and scary when that happened - it was right after or right before he proposed (can't remember). And he's shown his anger when he was freaking out with the dogs. Tyler is sketchy.

I 100% think Catelyn gave up Carly to be with Tyler

I 100% agree with you Trap. She didn't want to raise a baby with April.

See, it sounds bad when it's said like she gave up Carly to be with Tyler, and that's how I always thought of it! But actually the comment about April makes me see it totally differently. Tyler and his Mum were Catelynn's only chance of giving Carly a half decent upbringing and she couldn't depend on that. Sad.

Okay, for some reason I can't reply to Beth's comment, so I had to reply to my own. Weird.

Anyway. I don't blame Kim for not wanting C&T to raise Carly in her home. She was already helping Tyler's sister raise her two children. I think if she had let Catelynn and Tyler keep Carly at her house, she would be raising a third grandchild as well. I don't think C&T would have been attentive parents at all. It's easy to brag about being a good mom or dad when you're not actually responsible for the child in question. I could totally see C&T pawning Carly off on Kim as soon as possible. Now, in their early twenties, they're nowhere near ready for parenthood. But at sixteen? They would have been disasters.

I think it was bullshit, though, when Kim went along with Tyler's goals and asked Catelynn to move back in with April a couple months after the adoption. It seems like Kim never really cared for Catelynn, and was always trying to encourage Tyler to break up with her and start afresh. And that isn't a bad idea because these two are codependent to the point of insanity. But, come on. Your precious son already manipulated his girlfriend into giving up a baby she wanted to keep. Don't do his dirty work for him.

I never got that impression from their episode. It always seemed like a mutual thing. Though, they had pretty much already settled on adoption before the episode aired. I can't and won't watch the episode because I nearly cry when they do give up Carly.

The girlses, he literally said the words "if we keep the baby we won't stay together" And it was heartbreaking to watch them give her up. And I think it was harder on Tyler than he thought. Buy Catelynn suffered the most. She felt that baby move and loved her. She did go back and forth between keeping her and. It keeping her. I wouldn't be surprised if she suffers from PND after this baby as it will bring back all the pain of giving up Carly.
I also find it really interesting that Lori went on to have another baby so soon when her circumstances aren't much different either. She was another one who was bullied into giving up her baby.

@ Catelynns Carly Blanket , I got that vibe from Kim as well. She was always there talking to Tyler about how he was too young for commitment and should be having fun, basically saying don't tie yourself down with Catelynn. LOL maybe she was weirded out that they were half-step siblings or whatever and didn't want them together. Also they're annoying together. However, Tyler CLEARLY does not want to be with Catelynn and if that's the case then why can't he just end it? I have no respect for people like that (then again I don't respect any of these people for the most part lol). Can't get engaged but are having a baby. Jenelle/Nathan level logic ya'll.

Oh God, I remember watching the bit in Tyler and Catelyn's episode where they hand over Carly in the street (because the adoption handover couldn't be done on hospital property) and bawling my eyes out for those poor kids.

And Dawn the horrible adoption lady telling them they had to get a move on when Catelyn was holding her in the hospital. Fuck off Dawn, let her hold her baby before she gives her away!

Tyler didn't get a good edit. He was shown mistreating dogs and being very impatient with catelynn's brother making him cry. Also he was unsupportive of catelynn when she felt fat and thought he was going to leave her. Idk if they gave Mack a good edit, because she looked like an idiot but maybe she's even worse in real life. Who knows.

I think Tyler had the good guy edit for the first couple of seasons. Then, like so many of the participants, his true colors began to show in later seasons and MTV couldn't hide it anymore.

Honestly I don't think MTV is to blame for people looking good the first two seasons. They probably are just on their best behavior because they are hyper aware of the cameras. After awhile they forget the cameras are there because they gets used to it or they just stop caring and take off their masks. Except Jenelle and Amber. They showed themselves from day 1 lol

Kail is so abusive - physically and emotionally - to Javi. She's a mess.

Replying to Leah's Meth Pipe:

I must be one of the only people who don't think Lori was bullied into giving up her baby. She had no plan whatsoever to raise him. The baby's father was no help at all, yet her parents got all the shit for not wanting to help raise their grandson when he wasn't their responsibility. I mean, Lori had nine months to figure something out, and couldn't do that. You don't sit on your ass for almost a year and expect a miracle to happen. Her parents didn't want to help her raise her child. They have every right to do so. It seems like Lori is in a better place now and is still heavily involved in her son's life. I think they live in the same town and she sees him quite often to the point where she's pretty much a distant relative to him. If it works, it works. It sucks that she had to suffer after giving him up, but I think she always knew, deep down inside, that she was not going to keep him.

I think she was pressured as much as Alex was pressured. In both cases, the family laid down the law that if they were going to keep the child, they were going to have to work their asses off and do it on their own. Both Lori and Alex seemed to wait until the last minute to try to get things together - Lori didn't seem to have any independent living plans or money, and Alex had no idea that even if she worked enough minimum wage jobs to cover rent and things for the baby, there was still the major issue of caring for the baby - who was going to look after her while she slaved away at said jobs>.Both were obviously going to need their family's support, whether it was financial or childcare. Both had deadbeat partners. And both of them, most of all, seemed to wait until the end of pregnancy to figure this out.
I understand being uncertain about adoption and going back and forth several times, but if I thought there was even a chance of keeping a baby as a very young woman, I would sort things out immediately. Get as many jobs as I could and work as long as I could before the baby came. Figure out who would watch the baby during the day while I worked. Figure out the true costs of independence with a child - not just paying rent and buying things for the baby, but the unexpected expenses, like medical care. Make a schedule and a budget for living on our own.
Alex's family really saved her ass - her mom let her move back home, and both of her siblings were awesome with Arabella. Seriously, props to her whole family: her younger siblings were far more mature and always the voice of reason. Her mother was a hard-ass at the beginning, but I think she needed to be to gage how serious her daughter was about sacrificing for her child. I think Alex's mom's tough-love stance is one of the big reasons that Alex works the hardest out of all the TM3 girls. If Mack's mom took the same stance, she sure as hell wouldn't have thought nothing of getting knocked up again with Jaxie.

I HATE Chelsea's good girl edit. I'm not taking away anything from her as a mother. I watched her 16&P again the other day and for the first time felt sympathy for her (I was 16 when that shit aired originally so I just laughed lmao). She's a good mother to Aubree and has been there for her. She also knows how to chill on social media. Adam is a human trash bag.

HOWEVER! She is a vapid, genuinely stupid, purposefully ditsy, annoying, entitled, man-faced, tacky, orange, co-dependent, miserable bitch. I can tell that underneath her sweet show she puts on she's a mean fucking brat.Like it's not even funny how much I dislike her. Randilicious too! They're just lowlifes with nice teeth.

Hmm I agree with you, she did get a good girl edit. I mean they never included all of her other hook ups, or even mentioned them.
I can see the mean brat thing. Remember when Adam broke up with her in season 1 of TM2 and he moved in with someone else, and Chelsea and her friend said she looked like a pug mixed with a mouse. I mean yeah you can be mad he is shacked up with someone (and not in your love shack with you) but that was a little too mean to make fun of someone's face..

Exactly, man. Maybe it's because I was also in high school when this show started airing, but I've never had the wisdom of being older to help me have sympathy for these girls. But I'm the first to admit that since these girls are my age, I have a hard time empathizing. Not because they have had children young, but because I could never see myself hanging out with any of them without wanting to claw my eyes out.

Hello, I'm Chelsea's Love Shack, and I've seen allll the hookups.
Jenelle and Kieffer stayed over a few times back when they were on tha heroin and on tha run.

They did show that one guy she brought to Randilicious' house to ride four wheelers or something. It was season one or two? In between Adam stints.
I expect there's been many more we haven't seen though.

What made me disrespect her the most was when she slept with aduis best friend while pregnant with aubree.

She also slept with Adam knowing Taylor was pregnant.

Someone on here mentioned someone they knew saw Chelsea out so they were looking to see if it was really her or not. Chelsea stormed up to them and started screaming about how just because she's on TV doesn't mean she doesn't deserve privacy. She was so mad someone was simply looking at her. The person played dumb and just stared at her then was like "....wut? I don't think I know you" then Chelsea stomped away lol.

The Princess of Sioux Falls ya'll. She has a love shack, a rich daddy, a forever changing hair colour, extensions on extensions, and took 3 years to do her GED, despite the fact that she had so much support from her parents. She needs to tone down the wannabe diva thing.

OMG!!! For some reason I can actually really picture that as much as I like her. OH HELLLLL NO!

Adumb is always claiming he gets the shaft in the editing department. Like he's the BEST DAD EVER and that Chelsea's not as great as she looks. You know, maybe that's the case to a degree, but I can never forget that horrible text he sent about Aubree being a mistake, and calling Chelsea a "fat, stretch-marked bitch," or whatever. To me, that doesn't scream great dad. PLUS getting arrested every two seconds for using your car as a deadly weapon...oh, but that doesn't have anything to do with parenting. Sorry, Adumb, but once you're a parent, EVERYTHING has to do with being a parent. Get your priorities straight and your bald head out of yer a**!!!

Adam claims that he sent that text once he found out Chelsea fucked his best friend while pregnant with Aubree. Aubree wasn't born yet when he said it, not that it makes it any better but it shows MTV did twist things. Chelsea didn't receive that text while Aubree was laying on her. Chelsea went through her text messages and reread that one and started crying because it was super fucked up and I guess Adam breaking up with her reminded her that the text still existed. Honestly, I think it makes Chelsea look even stupider. She should have dropped his ass while still pregnant since that's when the douchebag wrote that note. Instead she got back together with him and decides to reread the text whenever they fight smh.

She got way too emotional for that to be the second time she read it. It sounds like Adam trying to justify and lie about the text in general. MTV might edit the shit out of stuff but the way that played out didn't seem like it was setup. I'm trying to see if I can find a screen cap with the date on the text.

I don't think saying "tell me where I can sign away that mistake" when speaking of your daughter can be excused no matter when you said it and whether or not she cheated on him... I think that insulting her looks is mean but it is in no way the same level as saying that about your unborn child or child depending on when he sent that.
Look at Corey.. Just because Leah was a whore and cheated didn't change his feelings for his daughters one bit!

I never said it could be excused? I said Chelsea should have broken up with him long before Aubree was born, because that's when he had written it. She shouldn't have been with him after that. And girlses multiple people who actually know both Chelsea and Adam personally confirmed on twitter that the text was old.

Seriously?!?! Why the thumbs down? I was stating what I noticed. Given Adam is a liar and thinks he is never at fault, I could definitely see him spinning that story to make it seem like he was 'justified' in saying it. I hadn't heard about that and how Chelsea reacted didn't strike me as someone who had previously read it.

Imagine how much the dislikes would stop if you could see w ho was doing it. Lol

I didn't thumb you down I was just letting you know that multiple people confirmed Adam's account. He wasn't storyin' this time lol.

Old text or not. It was a fucked up thing to say regardless and I wouldn't forgive that shit. Nor would I go back and sleep with him again. But I'm not 16 and looking for a famileeeee or love either.

Alex- it's good she's hardworking and blah blah. She needs to quit being a psycho and posting her Matt drama on twitter (so does he).

Mack- Jaxie is a stupid fucking name but she's cute. Josh's genes are strong.

Briana- Briana's pic with this chode looks like an ultrasound. She posts the grossest statuses right over her kids photos it's digusting.

Katie- OMG this bitch. She's the most annoying out of all of thm for me. Whines and whines and whiens about how she was in an abusive relationship. She was fucking abusive too. If HE had thrown coffee at her omg... she just whines and whines about it yet Molly around Joey long after they broke up? Now she's bragging how she's in this great relationshit but with her whining I doubt it will last long. Baby fever WHAT THE FUCK KATIE? Has she even been dating this guy a year? Why would you consider having a kid with someone after such a short time? I think all of the lies about Joey with the abusive relationshit was just to get him otu of the picture and once this guy dumps/cheats on her she'll run back to him. Didn't Joey have another kid or somethingl ike ethat?

Anyway as much as the TM2 girls annoy me sometimes I thank God the TM3 girls are gone.

If they could have gotten rid of Katie and Alex, kept Mack (because she's hilarious) and kept Briana but barely show her, just so we can see ratchet fun with Roxy and Brittany, that would be nice. I would have liked for them to have that girl Kristina Robinson-Head, the marijuana smoking hoe whose boyfriend died and now she has 3 kids, purely for the Leah factor.

I heard MTV planned on featuring Kristina, but chose not to since her episode was so controversial and a lot of people didn't like her. I kind of wish they had shown her because her life is so craptastic and she's such a bitch. I think she tried to sue RadarOnline or something, lost and now has to pay 25 grand or something. Ridiculous.

Yeah I think it was starcasm. Either way, the past several years TX has really cracked down on bullshit lawsuits lol so she's going to be paying for a long time!

Just because I have a lot of free time, I looked up her children's birthdayson WIkipedia (don't judge me). Lukas was born on Sept 26, 2011. (Todd died April 30, 2011) Tommie was born on Jan 9, 2013. So in about 17ish months, she gave birth to a preemie, grieved the death of his father, met a new guy, married him (I think?) And had his baby. So assuming Tommie was full term, she got pregnant when Lukas was 6 months old, making it approximately March-April 2012, so Todd had been gone for about a month or two shy of a year. Then she had Layton (Barb voice: "hey, LAAAAY.") on February 12, 2014, so about 13 months after Tommie. Long story short, the girl breeds like a bunny.

Mtv should of picked 4 different people to begin with. All four of these girls had horrible/whiny/lazy/anger issues. The fact that Mackenzie was already pregnant for the third time before the first episode aired, the show was doomed from the beginning.

Third time?

She had a late term miscarriage, then Gannon and was pregnant with Jaxie before TM3 could even make it to the reunion

So she was pregnant before Gannon? I didn't know that. Was Josh the father? Gannon was obviously planned and not a "We are teenagers" mistake like she tried to make it look like on the show

But they all said their season was cancelled because they were too normal and had no drama! Haha

She was Pregnant at the reunion?? Weren't they talking about "oopsies" then? Or was that the 16 & Preg reunion? How late term was her miscarriage? And how the fuck did that not get included as relevant info??

Mac was pregnant and miscarried (I beleive) about 6 months along, it was Josh's, a boy and they were going to name him Oakley.
Then they got pregnant and had Gannon, and when the girls were in New York it was revealed that MacKenzie wasn't there and she posted that she was pregnant and already married on twitter. Which as we know now Jaxie was born.

That's really sad. But also hugely embarrassing for her family. How does she get knocked up at 15 and then go through that and then get pregnant again? Where the fuck was her god-loving Grangie? At what point do you not think "hang on, my 15yr old is getting her groove on. Maybe birth control isn't such a bad idea?" And after being pregnant the first time, why is there opportunities for her to get pregnant again?? And then again?? Fuck. I didn't notice that she wasn't at the reunion special. How did they explain that one? And why not bring her? Leah was already knocked up with Adderall then wasn't she?

I'm not trying to defend her, but it seems like when young girls become pregnant and miscarry, they cope by getting pregnant again but on purpose. Millina(sp?), Leah(I know she wasn't a teenager during her miscarriage but she made another trap baby soon after), Mackenzie^, and I'm sure a few other girls from the show have done it too. Not counting Jenelle since that was an abortion.
Anyway, I think their lack of a support system makes it hard for them to cope and grieve in healthy ways so they probably bottle it all up and get pregnant again in order to feel like it never happened.

Ratchet fun with Roxy and Brittany! I almost died at that!!! LOOOLL!!

I don't know why Katie got picked, her story was so boring on 16.

Seriously! Let's watch 10 minutes per week of Katie waiting at home for Joey to get home so she can nag him while he cleans. I'm on the edge of my seat just thinking of it

I was actually curious about Hope, I quite liked her but thought there was going to be some super interesting drama with her brief hook up/turned baby daddy/turned bf, but they seemed to be still together last I saw, so good for them. The whole homeless thing would have been better than Katie's shit, but then again, with the way they pay these girls that probably wouldn't have happened in that case. I probably more agree with the thoughts that I would love to have updates every year/2 of all the 16 & preg girls than any more new Teen Mom.

Same with Alex! I thought she was so fucking annoying in 16p her voice, her face, everything. Let's watch Alex get rejected by Matt some more because he'd rather do drugs than get yelled at by fish face.

When Katie would just sit there and nag Joey while HE was doing the dishes after HE just got home from working all night in a mine, I would always be like "I hope he smacks that lazy girl right in the mouth!" And then when she called him a 'deatbeat dad' when he was letting her stay in his apartment, paying the bills, and paying for everything Molli needed when they were broke up, I was like "DO IT NOW! HIT HER! HIT HER! HIT HER!" And then he ended up just kind of pushing her away from him and I was really let down. I just want somebody to hit her...

I hate when girls pull the "deadbeat dad" thing when it doesn't even apply! Leah implies similar things to Corey. Kail also tries the "you don't care about son" if you do __whatever thing_. Soo annoying.. Half of them have absent fathers and should know what a deadbeat dad really is. That's nothing a term you can just throw around!

not* a term

Katie was my least favourite too. Eww and Josh always looked like he needed a shower and like he had a snotty nose. So gross.

He was doing baby head dye.

Did Joey really have another kid ?? It'd be nice to get some info on him ..

I really thought that if one of the girls were going to stay in school, it would have been Katie. So that's disappointing to hear that she's not currently enrolled. Hopefully she'll go back soon and finish before she goes for baby 2.

Good that Nova is doing well. And I see that Brianna is as trashy as ever.

Is Mackenzie's only job is selling things on etsy? If it is, it would be good for her to go to college or at least use her esthetician licence. I think I remember something about her getting it while still in high school.

Alex needs to stop airing her dirty laundry in public. I understand her frustration. Matt is a deadbeat dad who tries to pretend otherwise and keeps bashing her in public. But she needs to rise above it. She is a good, responsable mother. Hopefully her plans of attenting college don't fall through.

I agree. I thought Katie was at least book smart but it doesn't seem like it lol. I guess Alex hasn't even graduated high school yet. Matt really does suck and it must be hard to deal with him and his trashy gf but she needs to quit airing her drama.

Wasn't Mackenzie coaching cheer for awhile? Or was that just a suggestion we made? Either way, I think it would have been really good for her.

I don't understand why any of these girls talk about all their personal issues on Twitter/Facebook! HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS AND KEEP IT MOVING!!! Although, maybe that's them trying to stay relevant.

I heard Mackenzie was trying to get in as a sport model. Or fitness model. Something along those lines.

I always thought she should just model. She might be dumb as fuck but she's gorgeous.

Oh please thumb down you know both are true. Modeling is the perfect job for her. Bitch can't boil an egg but she's very pretty. Again modeling is her caliing. Thumb down all you'd like twat.

I didn't thumb you down
Mac is a pretty girl, gorgeous....no..

Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder. But seriously she has a perfect body....I would kill to look like that (not that I mind what I look like) but she's super athletic and has a pretty face. When she talks it definitely ruins it. And let's face it she's definitely the prettiest out of the Tm's, could definitely model although she's tiny.

Mackenzie is not "traditional" Paris runway material - not really exotic, emaciated or tall enough - but she could definitely be an "athletic" model. Like Dalis or Ryan's gf, Rachel. She has a really nice body, but sort of a normal, girl-next-door face and is partway between Dalis and Rachel on the trashy scale. As in Dalis doesn't look trashy, and Rachel is trashy as fuck, with Mack somewhere in between because she has the southern sweetness to offset her trash factor.

Ryan has a GF named Rachel?

My comment cut off..Anyway..

I had no idea that Ryan had a GF, though I should have since he seems like the kind of person who cant be alone for more then 5 minutes.

Was Rachel the dark haired chick? I thought she was pretty. OH yeahhhh god no Mack is no Paris runway model....more like all american....maybe abercrombieish model? It's slim pickings amongst the teen moms. God can we just agree that Katie shouldn't model ever? I was in the fetal position for days after that show rocking back and forth.

Omg OHBOY yes he's SO dependent...he always has a new dick of the week with a side of Maci

Yeah, I can see her being a fresh-faced all-American model in, like, skincare ads or something. But she's too tiny to be a runway model, those girls are usually super tall.

Sorry, I should have specified since I was talking about Dalis - I meant Ryan Duh-olph's girlfriend, Rachel. You know, the human sausage that made an appearance on the latest TM2. His gf does some sort of athletic modelling and is sponsored by a company called Nuts 'N More (can't make this shit up).
Here, this picture will explain it better than I can:

Wait huh? I'm confused, that's Ryan's gf? I thought Ryan was dating that brunette girl..or are we not talking about Ryan Edwards??

Anyway I get so annoyed at guys/girls who can just never be single (Ryan, Jenelle, Kail, & others). People that I know are also like this and its almost like they have no self-identity. And they always end up getting super coupley super fast like moving in together and going to the gym together..BLEH. You should have some aspects of your own identity! Maybe it's because I'm a commitaphobe but it just grosses me out!

I definitely don't think Mack has a perfect body. Like yea she has a nice one but I think she looks 12. she has no curves (ruler shaped), no hip to waist ratio, is flat chested, and just looks a bit masculine to me. But thats just my opinion. Maybe some people like that.

I think the Ryan they're referring to is Ryan Dolph. jenelle's ex, Gary, dated this guy's sister (jade), broke up with her to get back with jenelle while she and Courtland were on a break (ha!), comforted her through the "miscarriage", then got back together with jade. Apparently jenelle slept with Ryan Dolph and it was around the time Her and gaythan got together, so was up in the air if Kaiser was really Ryan's kid. Jenelle also gave Ryan her pit bull named Brody (the one she bought when she was with Courtland).
It's sad that I know this much, but I had just joined Twitter when all this was going on and got addicted to reading all the drama...

I think Mac has a great body, I get tired of hearing people bash petite girls saying they "look 12" just because they don't fit some magical proportions that "real" women have. All women are real woman and every woman looks like a woman! It's demeaning and insulting and it bothers me even more when it comes from other women.

I am not bashing Mackenzie's body, I have the exact same kind of body as her! Haha I'm just saying I wouldn't consider it perfect. No ones perfect.

I think she has a great body too, just not perfect.

Sane here she looks great. Her abs are freaking perfect *eats pizza as I write this*

Sorry Different Dye I wasn't going off on you (may have come off that way, my bad) it's just one of my pet peeves when I hear people say someone looks like a tween/boy just because they're smaller. I don't think she's "perfect" or anything either though.

God, every time Katie complained about something I wanted to yell "stfu Katie! Grow a pair and go make yourself happy if this joker isn't cutting it!" I guess Joey turned out to be a less than savory individual, but I found myself agreeing with him more than I agreed with her. God the whining, and the big to do about breast feeding.

Alex should consult with Nathan on leotards. News flash!!! She has to work a billion jobs to make ends meet because of choices that SHE made!!! No one to blame or bitch to but herself. It's possible to prevent pregnancy, I did it for 30 years. You just can't prevent stupidity.

If Mackenzie has another kid so help us God. I don't want to hear about how hard it is because she's diabetic. Wahhhh! Two kids are plenty! Quit trying to drum up sympathy.

And that Briana chick? The one who was afraid to get a Pap smear but had already given birth to a child? Grow up. Her sister was kind of funny from what I remember.

LOL at Alex and Nathan consulting on Leotards so true! They could start a business.

Oh God I also saw Millina tweeted "If I wrote a book would you guys read it??" I liked her but NO. I wouldn't sorry.

Maybe I would give these girls' books a chance if they wrote about anything but their shitty lives which we've already seen play out on camera. It's like when Ashley Salazar wrote a book about Callie's adoption that was basically her crappy blog posts re-edited and formatted into chapters. What's the point of trying to profit off a book when you've basically written it for free? I wish one of these girls would try to write fiction or something (I'm an aspiring writer, lol, so maybe that's why). There's more to life then trying to continually cash in on your teen pregnancy.

She's storying.

Millina is an example of a good edit if there ever was one. She apparently was already a pregnant teen and miscarried. So either she is the biggest idiot in the world or she got pregnant with Cayden on purpose. She cheated on her boyfriend and that's why they were broken up. Mtv made it seem like he was being distant towards her for no reason. She also hooked up with multiple guys during that time frame. And she's admitted Jenelle is her favorite teen mom. That right there says it all.

Omg!!i really liked her...

nova's pronunciation is already better than briana's. something about the way briana speaks always drove me nuts.

i'm betting that mackenzie pops out another baby soon. isn't her uterus going to turn into a pumpkin or something? she'll be so mad if katie has another one before she does.

i don't like alex. never have, never will.

She doesn't enunciate consonants. Instead of 'at all,' she'd say aaah-awwll. It's irritating as shit.

I always wondered if Briana was deaf. She definitely has a speech impediment of some sort. It was so hard to understand her.

Haha. I don't give a rat's ass if Alex is working a thousand jobs to support her daughter. She purposely got pregnant by a heroin user and chose to keep the baby in a fucked-up situation because she wanted Matt to change. Plus, she's a psycho who's dropped Arabella on her head numerous times, always badmouths her child's father (and I know Matt's a waste of space, but you still don't do that) and insists on calling Arabella "Bellie". Alex is a mess. I still wish she had given Arabella up for adoption. There's no need to drag an innocent child into your dysfunction.

The very idea of unprotected sex with a damn heroin addict gives me the heebie jeebies! My mom went to high school at the beginning of the aids epidemic and her safe sex speech was "Fuck a baby, AIDS will kill your ass! Use a condom!" Lol, it was quite effective!

I can't stand that she calls that child Bellie. It literally makes me clench my teeth.

I think bellie is a cute nickname for a little kid and its probly just a family thing, my sons name is J. and we were calling him j-bird then for some reason it turned into bird, now its bird, birdie, or birdie-boy, but its just something his close family calls him, when hes at school or with his friends they all call him J.

First, I think J-bird is the cutest name! I knew a little boy named Jay and he was adorable!

The reason I don't like the nickname Bellie is that it's essentially the word stomach, and I can just imagine her getting teased for that in a few years if anyone hears her mother screeching it across the playground. Also, I don't know why they wouldn't just call her Bella. But overall, I can admit that Alex just irritates the crap out of me, so the Bellie thing is just another straw on the camel's back. Also the fact that they spell Bellie with an ie instead of a y, as if it makes it not the same as the word for stomach.

It's a nickname that's could very well haunt Arabella when she grows up. Let's just hope she doesn't become overweight or chunky when she gets older or "Bellie" won't sound so cute anymore.

It reminds me of this woman on "Maury" who named her daughter Ella Fae. Maury had to enunciate the name slowly because you know he wanted to say "elephant". It's one of those names that sounds good on paper, but when you actually put them together, they're not as wonderful sounded out. Kids can be really mean and creative with their nicknames. And judging from how large Ella Fae's mother is, things already were not looking up fro her at that point.

J-bird is adorable. Bellie is hideous.

She failed to trap baby him. He just ended up with another girl. Yeah like it's great she's hardworking but not being a psychotic bitch would be good too.

Trap babyin' is harder than it looks, y'all.

Her friend's mom looked creepy,but yeah maybe "Bellie" would have been better off adopted.

Her friends mom was really freaky.

I didn't like how that couple handled adopting a child like they were buying a used car.

They were SO FUCKIN CREEPY. The mom mostly. The look on her face was so psychotic and she was very very pushy about it, and it was like yes we get you're baby crazy but chill out. And when Alex said no she's keeping her, her meltdown was just disturbing. The dad at least was like it's your decision, and the mom was like NO BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE. Gah crazy bbitch. Well Alex seems to be doing well with her despite her being crazy herself.

Yeah, if I were Alex, I probably wouldn't have chosen them because they were pretty out-there. I mean, the dad was fine, but the mom had some definite mental issues going on. And I don't know why she broke down over the adoption falling through. Alex was never going to give Arabella up, even when she was living in some woman's garage and not paying rent (and then her shit got placed on the curb lol). She was going to keep that kid no matter what because she wanted to trap baby Matt. And you can't trap baby somebody when you give his baby up for adoption. Catelynn learned that the hard way.

My fav part about Alex getting kicked out: "Doesn't anybody have any SOPHISTICATION?!" Then she sat around while other people loaded up her stuff in a truck.

I wanted to hit her.... She was screwing a drug addict, with no plan for her kid and she thinks she is sophisticated?. UGH

I love how that crazy bitch had the balls to write a hot check on tv then talk about sophistication!

I've never watched a single episode of teen mom 3.

I've watched seasons one and two and i plan on watching teen mom one when it comes back.

When I saw teen mom 3 come out I latterly said " well I guess I won't be watching teen mom anymore" ( I didn't think they were bring back teen mom 2)

I have to be honest I look forward to teen mom coming on TV every week!

And as much as I complain about tm1&2 ( especially 2)

I don't know what I'd do for enticement I watch leash episodes just in hopes I see the famous BACON SLAP! ( Nothing says I regret you like a bacon slap)

In regards to this post however I'm so glad I made the decision to not watch a single episode I don't know much but I do know more about TM3 then I ever wanted to ( McKenzie uterus)

Continue TM2

Your username made me gag. Well done.

Well we all know Leah would do anything for cheetos

and likely already has...

LOL I'm pretty sure my favorite moment was leah being bacon slapped!

That or " This is not food"

She lives off junk food...... She's junk

What a coincidence!! I was looking these chicks up the other night because someone here had commented on the scene when Alex was dancing w her friend and Arabella (such an annoying name, sorry for any Arabellas here!) fell off a couch. I never saw that scene so I youtube it. Damn Arabella fell like a sack of potatoes!! :(. At 10, even I knew not to leave my younger cousins unattended! All eyes must be on baby because shit can easily happen!
- I'm glad Mackenzie is still w the man she fought so hard for. Her babies are really cute. No update on her diabetes situation?? I'm pre-diabetic @ 100lbs, so I can somewhat relate. She's waaay more active (cheer leading. Excersize is extremely important) than I am, so maybe she has it under control.
- Katie seemed like a dingbat & super emotional.

Katie: can't stand her! Her stupid expressions and annoying attitude.
Alex even though she had that crazy temper, was my favourite (LOL I KNOW) but she actually cared about her kid and wasn't sitting on her butt asking her mom to make her a sandwich while crying over her boyfriend *cough Mckenzie*.
Briana is absolutely disgusting to me. The ratchet attitude online coupled with her being too embarrassed to buy condoms or too scared to get a pap smear is so stupid. She acts like Rihanna on Twitter and like a 4 year old in person.

What cracked me up was when she put a picture of her and her boyfriend on Instagram and wrote "you jealous or nah" and everyone commented NOPE!

Hahaha Babs' Cackle & Tyler's Trap, I feel like I'm talking a bunch of girlfriends on here too...I feel so anti-social and don't have the mental energy to make real friends right now. LOL You guys are my favourite on here.

(P.S. Tyler's Trap, I recently made friends with someone who lives near you..not weird or sexual or anything, just friends, but we just talk for hours about everything/nothing. Maybe I should send you to check out if he's real one day. I don't wanna end up on Catfish!)

Your username is my FAVE one-liner from all TM seasons!! God, Kieffer is such a 'tard. LOVEDIT!!!

1. Both of you have great usernames
2. The part that made Kieffer's quote so hilarious is that it was technically true. Like there's no comeback for it!

Thanksss! Babs is TV gold, but in reality...yiiiiikes! She is such a violent assault on the eardrums!!
Rieffer made it seem like having a felony is a no biggie! He's only functioning on 2 brain cells furiously rubbing together, go figure lol.

As someone who lives in Boston, I think people who are shocked at her communication skills just haven't met any real Bostonians. Not saying she's always right, but the way she is is certainly at least 50% cultural LOL

I've spent a lot of time in Boston and love it there! :D Maybe that's why I love her hahaha

I looove different accent & pronunciations from diff states and countries! I have "the Valley girl" Cali accent (wrong word) without the "LIKE" in every sentence like that damned K klan. Lol. I can't STAND valley chicks either. Babs has a cute Bostonian accent but her voice reaches dog whistle levels! Yeeesh.

I'm from California and have a very Los Angeles, not valley, accent (and I do indeed say "like" in every senetence).

And now it's story time. When I first moved to Boston for college none of the furniture in my dorm room was assembled. My mom and I were waiting for maintenance and I went to the room next door to be nosy. I mentioned to the girl next door that nothing was assembled and her dad got so upset for us and went into my room for a look. When he saw the piles of disassembled beds he looked at us and said, "You guys seem like good people... You must not be from around here. Massholes like us woulda been swearin by now!"

Thirty minutes and a lot of cursing later, my beds were assembled. I love Bostonians! They're a little crazy and abrasive, but good people

Baby Daddy, youre going to school in Boston? My roomie (well ex roomie) is attending Berklee (Berkeley?) music school. Is that anywhere near you? He LOVES it there & loves the community full of musicians.

I actually go to Northeastern, so my school is directly next to Berklee! I live right by the Symphony and New England Conservatory, so I see tons of Berklee kids on the reg! Such a small world!

Craaaazy! TOO small of a world!!

Hahaha I love both your guys' names!
I think "with ya boooooyfriend" is among my top 5. Also "WELL JENELLE" and "Oh hi, Jenelle." Pretty much all my favourite quotes come from Babs or else, Kiefer/Babs' interactions!

Yeah I miss the kieffuh-babs interaction as well, all babs famous quotes are from the kieffuh era. "Ya can't stop smoking weed weed weed weed weed". "I don't care about kieffuh" "ya have da bawz to steal my credit cawd!!!"

"I'm out here busting my balls to make a living and you have the nerve to steal from me?"


"You know what, listen. Ya gonna have to call to see this baby"


Or the iconic "Jenelle, I seen you wit Kieffah..."

^Reporting for duty

WELL, JENELLE! Hope ya have fun livin on the streets with ya booooyfriend

Truth be told, they would have ended up living on kieffah's grassy knoll lmao

We should make a Barbara soundboard app! I liked how she would always take her glasses off whenever she thought Jenelle was about to punch her in the face.

knock knock it's ya motha
Whoopsie doops!
The story about putting itching powder in Mike's boxers going he'd think the hooters waitress gave him crabs
Barb is a national treasure


"He's a LOOSAH"

"Well you act bipolah"

and one of my favourites..
"I DON'T CARE ABOUT KIEFFAH!" I still miss that username lol

Are ya crazzzzy?? Don't send Trap Baby to check out a guy! She will come back with a TrapBabyCatfish in her womb-tank! Send a Neck Mole or a Cackle or Carlys Blanket, if ya send a TrapBaby, it will be over for you!

LOL wombtank!


OH you should. I have super stalker skills and I can find out if they are real or not. This is from being the daughter of a Jewish mom. I background check all the guys I go out with because I had to many that happened to have gf's. I would neverrr let that happen again so I look their shit up and make sure before I go out. And would you know a few I was going to be set up with by "FRIENDS" turned out to be fucking married with kids!

@Tyler's Trap Baby Those are good skills to have, I do the same! Hahah but he's too far away this time plus since it's a friends thing I kinda don't care if he's lying, unless he ends up having a long pinky nail for drugs hahaha. I will keep you updated ;)

I swear I should be a P.I. YAY though! It's rare to find someone like that just keep be careful!

Will do!

Alex realizes that when you argue with a fool, a passerby may not know who the fool is, right? Because you knew he was a heroin addict loser and fucked him raw, so this is the kinda thing that happens. My dad was a loser and did drugs most of my childhood, which is why we didn't speak of it. Most normal people find that kind of thing rather embarrassing. But who am I kidding? it's Alex!

Katie is so desperate for praise and attention and it's gross. She harassed Joey and bored TM3 viewers to death with the Utah thing and isn't even enrolled -side eye- I know some people don't smile upon them, but online degrees are a very real option. My boyf's mom got her Master's in nursing from University of Phoenix online and got a 30% raise and a promotion when she finished. So I don't see what was stopping Katie from earning her bachelor's online? And the baby nonsense! Go ahead and have another Katie, America still won't care.

MacKenzie is cute to me. Dumber than a bag full of doorknobs, but cute. Her babies are adorbs and if they're happy being "cute and redneck" as Mac would say, then I'm happy.

Briana is gross. She's so stupid in the least endearing way and is so trashy that it hurts. I never found her or her ratchet ass family amusing. She reminds me of so many girls I went to high school with. I know a girl who gave birth and two days later was posting explicits memes and tweeting about sex. Like eww girl, let your episiotomy scar heal first, shit! I'm not here to look down on people who had kids out of wedlock, but I generally just believe that you don't need to give people something to talk about. We are human, we have sex! Like we get it, sex is awesome, we don't need your daily reminder. And speaking as someone who LOVES sex and pornography, I'm not particularly interested in knowing about your bedroom habits. Not because I'm a prude, but because I don't care and it's weird that you're announcing it for the attention of creeps next to pics of your baby.

Hahaha ew at that girl looking for some loving right after giving birth. I would think that entire area would be on lockdown for awhile.

That's what I am currently doing. I am pretty much stranded at home during the week. So, I am taking classes online to get my Bachelor's. And I will probably do that with my Master's if I don't change my major by then.

Mackenzie is happy because not once has she had to give up being a teenager and her social life. She has no responsibilities. She lives with mommy, mommy watches her kids while she continues to be a teenager, she had no job when both her kids were born. Sure she sells headbands now, but it wasn't until after Jaxie. If anyone is a entitled brat, it's her.

Though, she doesn't act like it. Farrah does. Chelsea does. Leah does. Mackenzie is dumb and sweet. She doesn't SEEM to take it for granted. She knows she gets help and doesn't go off the deep end when something doesn't go her way. At least from what I've seen.

Entitled was probably the wrong word to use haha. She's the kind of girl who cries and storms off when she doesn't get her way. Basically a hissy fit. She did it the whole season of teen mom 3. When they didn't want her to wake up Gannon at night, she starts spewing some you don't want me to be a family bullshit, wakes her kid up, and storms off. Or when she was late for the rodeo. She completely ignored her kid to run out and find josh. I hate girls like her. I'm not a teen mom, but She gives a bad name to the teen moms who actually take care of their children.

While I found Mckenzie naive and sweet I also think she *may* not have taken it totally for granted but she did throw a tantrum as soon as something didn't go her way (like the examples just mentioned). I think her heart is kinda maybe in the right place and I felt sorry for her when Josh would treat her so badly but I also think she makes stupid decisions.

Oh also remember when she would tweet weird things like how she had a dream she murdered Josh? That kinda weirded me out and seems like she has some kind of underlying resentment towards him... =\

I think she is just a naive, immature brat. She didn't have such an inflated sense of entitlement. She just has lots to learn.

I think of that meltdown she had in the car at the rodeo and definitely think she acts like a fucking brat.

Exploding Uterus I just saw your comment. I had Josh moment sorry.

I agree with The Girlses! I'll admit that I'm guilty of judging people on how genuinely they appear to come across of tv. Mac just seems so much more likable than certain other girls, and to me that counts for something.

I agree she was more likeable than say...Kail, Leah, Amber, and Farrah.

I never said anything about her being a good mom or protective member of society lol. She is a cute little mouth breathing redneck idiot with cute little barefoot children. I know she's a moron, but was by far the most likable on TM3 to me.

and Briana was ready to smash with anyone who would give her five minutes like IMMEDIATELY after breaking up with Devoin. She's so needy and desperate and trashy and gross. She gets so coddled too ugh & sorry but I don't even find her pretty. I just don't like her at all.

I found her pretty in the beginning and then the whiny shit came and she became completely unattractive. I think she just has a lot of daddy issues but yes she disgusted me. I was like can't you take your daughter to the park OR SOMETHING besides sit on that couch?

If Joey writes a book about the abuse HE had to put up with I'd read that in a heartbeat

I don't remember if it was with my birth or my sisters, but my mom was in the hospital before she gave birth and she was sharing a room with a woman who had JUST had her baby like THAT DAY and the room was paritioned with a curtain. The woman and her dude were full on having sex in the hospital bed. RIGHT AFTER GIVING BIRTH!! My mom wanted out of that room so damn bad.


that's so foul, i don't even know where to start. for the first 36 hours your entire "life" is falling out of you...like, get up and go to the bathroom and you need to take a shower. the room looks like a murder scene. and then there's the stitches. you sit on ice as much as possible. i didn't want to think about anything in that region for like 2 months! hearing stuff like this blows my mind, because aside from all that...the bed isn't comfortable, there's a fussy baby in the room, and your tired as hell.

I don't have anything nice to say at all about any of this except that Mack's kids are cute.

Alex and Briana..well, I never liked either of them, they both scream trash to me, and it's nice to see that some things never change. They'll always be this way.

Katie..bleh and woof.

Buzz your girlfriend....woof

Katie was tweeting about Joey again just a couple of weeks ago. She wrote a bunch of tweets that were hashtagged "Why I Stayed" and "Why I Left." One of them said something about not wanting her daughter to see her cry and bleed, and in another one she called herself a survivor.

*face palm*

Go away Katie.

Haha. Wasn't Katie just as abusive as Joey was? And didn't she claim that he broke her nose, but there was no evidence that it ever happened? It's hard to call yourself an abuse survivor when you gave as much as you got in your relationship.

She was bigger than Joey! He would've punched a wall before he hit her I reckon. He was just tired and wanted some damn sleep.

If I was Joey, I would have hit her in a heartbeat, especially when she called him a deadbeat dad and when she told him that she hoped he died in the mines. His restraint is amazing.

This honestly pisses me off. She started so much shit with him and cried abuse when he would dish it back out.

Her constant tweets about surviving an abusive relationshit piss me off. Getting dumped does not mean you were in an abusive relationship you crooked faced twat.

She's so pathetic. Nobody believes your abuse story Katy, and instead of shutting up she keeps trying to convince us. Ugly dough face.

Watch she'll write a mother fucking book

OMG I can see it coming hahaha dear God everyone of these stupid girls with their books. I'm still not over the horrible writing at the beginning of Amber's book. Unreadable drivel and that whole trying to make it "dramatic" just wasn't working.

For some reason I see Jenelle writing (attempting to write) a book too. Yeah I'm glad Amber has changed but FFS get an editor... I'm just ending my book and will try and publish online maybe and I know it will never do as well as these idiots but at least I know I actually WORKED on it. Amber's is like a 3rd grade book report.

You're writing a book? I also write (informal though, never tried to publish) and it annoys me that people work so hard and these stupid girls get a pass because they got on tv for getting pregnant. And yes what is so hard about getting a damn editor or a ghostwriter LOL. I absolutely refuse to ever read one of their books. Thanks but no thanks, I prefer to see their trainwreck lives play out on MTV.

Yeah trying to anyway. It pisses me off so much too! LOL yeah at least Farrah was like "I suck at grammar" and hired that guy from the U.K. or whatever. I don't even know for which shitty book of hers. HOW ARE THEY ON THE BEST SELLERS LIST is what I want to know??

Katie is lost in her own freaking la-la land, hopefully she'll mature & be more realistic..
Brianna is the opposite of classy & I understand why her mother & sister were worried about her dating!
Mackenzie is a great mom & I'm glad to hear everything's going good for her & her family..
Alex seems like she's doing fine balancing work, motherhood, & dance; I know her family is very supportive.

Quick updates like these seem way more interesting than their super boring episodes...

I like how you got downvoted because you didn't hate Mackenzie and Alex like the rest of us. We're a bunch of bitches here, aren't we?

Yeah sorry I had to downvote that! Agree with the first two and the Alex one but I just can't understand how you think mackenzie is a good mom, she has been pregnant 3 times by age 19 with 2 kids, she lost her house and tried to blame it on the robbery when everyone knows it's because TM3 got cancelled and they had no other income so moved back in with mommmy and daddy, they both dont have a real job, they popped out another child in the hopes to get a spin off and tried to say the doctor told them to try before mackenzies uterus stopped working ... uh what doctor would tell a 19 year old mother of one who can't control her own diabetes to have another child when they both don't work? She is dumb as a rock, throws tantrums if she doesn't get her way (remember when she left her screaming baby in the car while screaming and whining at her parents becayse they were lae to the rodeo and then left gannon crying in the car to go get her dick? She took Gannon out, waking him up to go on a date, she takes her kids to rodeos miles and miles away sometimes like 5 hour drives away, how is that fair for them, 5 hours in a car, they wont have the sense to know babies shouldn't be in car seats for that long so i doubt they stop and take them out at a rest station to spread legs and that ... the list is endless.