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EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie McKee records a song to support diabetes research

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That said, I am going to work on coordinating with the writers better. My fault. Here is Girlses first article...

We all remember Farrah Abraham's appropriately named "Blowin" single that hit Youtube last year.

If you don't, here is a nice refresher: Farrah is blowin. Be forewarned, possibly side effects of listening to this auto-tuned mess of song may result in bleeding from the ears and seizures.

Well, it looks like Miss Backdoor isn't going to be the only one with her own single.

Mackenzie McKee-Douthit revealed yesterday that she is in L.A. recording her own single. Mackenzie was featured on the fifth season of 16 and Pregnant as well as the short lived third installment of the Teen Mom franchise. Mackenzie suffers from type 1 diabetes which she was diagnosed with at the age of 12.

If you recall, Mackenzie struggled with maintaining her blood sugars and resulted in complications with three pregnancies and her accident back in March. Which makes the subject of her song even more ironic.

"The Sweetest Treat" is meant to educate people (children especially) about diabetes. And Mackenzie won't be singing the facts but rapping them! On her own admission, she isn't the best of singers and that is why she chose to rap.

Take a moment to let that sink in. The girl who totaled her brand new car just a few months ago because of her diabetes is educating people about it. This is like Maci being the spokesperson for the Candies campaign against teen pregnancy. Do as I say and not as I do, I guess? It's also hard to imagine her singing, even rapping.

Can it be worse than Farrah? Let's hope not... or maybe so? Your call.

I will say that at least Mack's heart is in the right place because 50% of the proceeds goes to diabetic research. There isn't an official release date yet. But Mack says it will be on iTunes very soon.


"50% of profits will go to diabetes research...while the other 50% will go to these new tits I just financed" lol whatever, Mackenzie.

Yay Girlses!!!!
And lmao so true Dye!!!!

Haha. I said the exact same thing on the previous Mackenzie post. I'll flip if she doesn't use the proceeds to fund some of her tit surgery.

So did I. How many others are thinking the same? Nice try Mac....

I think she already got her boobs. Do they offer payment plans?

First, excellent job Girlses. I was giggling all the way through! :)

Now, I cant imagine some cheesy ass song about sweets and diabetes, it sounds totally stupid. Add the fact that She-Hulk here's going to be RAPPING it. Oh, dear Lord sweet baby Jesus, I can't handle the stupidity.

Wonder what ol' Grangie has to say about all of this?

If sweets, and diabeets doesn't get used, we riot!

Can any of these girls ACTUALLY sing?

They can't speak coherent sentences. I highly doubt they can hold a tune!!

I'm betting they can't hold a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.

Chelsea can sing. I would definitely give anything she released a listen.
There was a clip in the most recent Where are They Now ep of 16 and Pregnant with Savon in the sstudio and she seems to have a decent voice too.
Alex sings. She's posted a couple vines but it wasn't enough to tell whether she'd be any good. With some autotune I think she would sound much better than Farrah.
Amber apparently took up singing in prison so I'm surprised she hasn't hit the studio yet, you know since these girls take every opportunity they can to make money.

Oh my god, she's gone beyond being new Leah, now she's become some horrific composite creation of Leah and Farrah.

In expecting around this level of quality:

I said this on the other thread, but I'll say it again. She is a BRITTLE diabetic, meaning it is extremely hard to manage and control. Her blood sugar levels can be all over the place and it's hard to maintain. I doubt she's doing this to herself on purpose. It's just a bit disheartening to me to see people constantly criticize her for not taking proper care of herself, as I also know a brittle diabetic who tries very hard to manage her sugar levels, but has still been hospitalized many times because of it.

I'm sure not eating then binging on sour straws is contributing to her issues. This is the same girl who regularly loses consciousness with about as much concern as "Teehee! Hey, where'd Jawwwsh go?!" If she treated her health half as seriously as being up his ass she'd get fired by less doctors.

This is the girl who craved milkshakes and cheetos while pregnant. I can see where most people with brittle diabetes shouldn't be knocked for their issues... but according to her, her health is at risk every moment of every day and she's been pregnant three times, even though supposedly it could kill her and eating garbage food (sour punch straws).

Yeah, wasn't she constantly eating sugary shit and junk food during "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom"? The three high-risk pregnancies couldn't have helped matters. She's also drinking a shit-ton of smoothies, and it's not hard to believe she achieved her muscular body through terrible means. Then there's the fact that Mackenzie claims her diabetes will make her uterus explode as soon as she turns twenty-one.

This isn't like Aleah from "16 and Pregnant", who's doing everything she can to keep healthy but still has complications from her diabetes. Mack doesn't take care of herself at all and keeps putting her body through hell because she's too lazy and stupid to take that shit seriously.

Yeah. From what I've read, she's been dropped by more than one doctor. Your endocrinologist won't drop you for being brittle. They're fucking endocrinologists, they've seen plenty of brittle diabetics. They drop you for being non-compliant (e.g., not following a low gi diet, not taking your meds, etc.)

That did occur to me, 6". And I understand where you are coming from. Diabetes runs in my family. But, Mackenzie did not take her diabetes seriously and didn't manage it well. She admitted to it. It seems she is doing better and this is probably one of the philanthropic endeavor of the Teen Mom girls. This is a snarky site and all girls (and guys) are given a hard time.

So now a single link is considered spam?

I hate the new layout.

Has she ever addressed the first pregnancy that ended in a stillbirth? I mean, for anyone that's an awful thing to go through but she was also a young teen when that happened. I didn't watch TM3 so perhaps it was mentioned on there. It's just odd to hear about it from several places but never from the source itself. It's like it had never happened.

I believe she has denied she was pregnant before Gannon. I forget who claimed Oakley even existed---it may be The Ashley Roundup, but I'm not sure.

The Ashley wrote about it. And Mack just avoids it. I commented on her blog asking about it once. And my comment was swiftly removed and I was blocked.

It's strange... supposedly she filmed that pregnancy with 16 & Pregnant, but that's never been confirmed, and you'd think somebody in their small town would have said something for a few extra dollars? The fact that they've never said anything denying it tells me it probably did happen though.

I had forgotten all about the 16&P ep rumor. But you're right, it's just strange. I hate to put it this way, but she's the type to milk that kind of event to keep herself interesting on TV. Perhaps if it did happen it was simply just too painful to discuss.

Keep the profile pictures ( when they work)

But bring back the old layout PLEASE!!!

I am enjoying the different writers and such...

Thanks Steve, Megan.


Proceeds? Really? Who is buying this, unless to mock it?