MTV Gives The Thumbs Up To Teen Mom 3

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Hollywood Reporter - The network on Monday announced that it has ordered a third version of from the Teen Mom franchise, itself a spinoff of 16 and Pregnant.

Season four of 16 and Pregnant will bow March 27 with back-to-back episodes, with Teen Mom 3 likely to feature four teens from the upcoming edition.

MTV has decided to go ahead and give two big fat green thumbs up to Teen Mom 3, and by green thumbs, I don't mean gardening.

I mean the network is making so much money off of this series that executives are literally turning green.

Not to be confused with Teen Mom season 3 which aired a few months ago, this is a new spin-off with four brand new moms who are likely being auditioned this season on 16 and Pregnant (which airs March 27th).

I take it the other recent girls from the show weren't Maci enough, or didn't have the drama a Jenelle brings, so they decided to try their luck with more young mothers.

Teen Mom 3 will likely replace Teen Mom in the rotation, and that works out perfect for the studio. Just as the original cast keeps increasing their contracts, they get rid of them and pay four new moms pennies on the dollar that Maci and crew would have cost.

Because of that point, I'm not really sure I disagree with this move.

While it's great to keep up with the original cast, it was getting a bit silly to see them try to act like they're struggling financially.

Maci even came out recently and tried to make it seem like she's not doing super well for herself.

This brings back the essence of the series which is to not make money for MTV (though, I know it does well there), but to shed light on how much teen mothers really struggle.

It's hard to do that when they show someone breaking down, and the next scene they're driving around in a brand new car.

And to clear up any scheduling confusions, here is how I think MTV will air the next few seasons...

  • 16 and pregnant - March 27th (confirmed)
  • Teen Mom 1, season 4
  • Teen Mom 2, season 3
  • Teen Mom 3, season 1

We'll be here covering it all and delivering the best snark we can :)

What are your thoughts on this all?


Thoughts? Well first I think that the teen mom's shouldn't get paid AT ALL from MTV until their done their shows. Teen mom one is ending soon, so they should get their money when it ends. That would bring to show the REAL struggles, and not the fake ones. And second, I think this whole Teen Mom 1, 2, 3, season 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. is extremely confusing, lol.I follow VERY closely, and luckily I do, because I can (kinda) keep up, lol.

You took the words right out of my mouth by saying that it is ridiculous to see the original teen moms "struggle". Must be hard to budget the new cars, boob jobs, hair extensions, and always done-up nails. I like most of them but will be glad to see them go. Just do you know that teen mom 3 will not showcase girls from the second and third seasons?

I think its because to many of them went to jail and got pregnant again

The babies from the second and third seasons are already 2+ years old. They wouldn't just start showcasing them now.

Both ideas make sense. Thanks!

So many unresponsible teenagers to keep up with, so little time. Just kidding. But really, I only follow the original Teen Moms completely....and every now and again I watch Teen Mom 2. There are cameras in their faces, in their families faces and in their kids faces... pay them. I'm not hating on them for getting paid for doing the show, but don't try and cover it up and act like your still in the poor house.

Doesn't surprise me. But when does it get to the point where enough is enough? Sooner or later there's gonna be a Teen Mom 27 before we know it.

MTV is gonna keep doing it as long as they get big bucks for it...and honestly, it's a highly viewed show even if not completely realistic.

I know right. It's starting to get out of hand.

I'll probably watch an episode or two just to check it out, but my fear with them going up in numbers like this (Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3, etc...) is that a show that originally had great intentions is now being lost to the "fame" monster. Girls want to be on the show because they know they will get paid and get 1209834702398 Twitter followers. I think the original intent behind the show is beginning to get skewed a bit. Who knows though? I may be wrong.

I will watch it. I am the problem aren't I? It's folks like me watching that business that is making MTV the money. Oh well. I like to see other people's lives. I just wish it was real, like back when Real World was real, you know...the Pedro days.

I don't care if they get paid or not, I would just prefer the honesty about it. I am glad they are picking new ladies as well, I am exhausted of Maci and the Gang...

Although, I really want Tyler and Catelynn to get their own spin off. Seriously.

I think they need to get rid of teen mom 1 and teen mom 2 and just stick with the new teen mom 3.

I don't need to see teen mom 1 and 2 anymore. What else are they going to show us about them?


I'm excited about it! Now that the TM1 kids are getting older, it's going to have more of an impact on them(i.e. going to school) so I think its time for them to retire, plus the mom's are getting into their 20's. It was cool to watch them and I'm sure they're thankful for the oppurtunities they had and hopefully this gave them (well some of them) a good start for successful lives! Teenagers aren't going to stop getting pregnant, so I say they continue both the 16 and pregnant, and teen mom series. People need to remember the goal of this show isn't to prevent teen pregnancy, but to get parents and kids talking more openly about sex, birth control, and condoms. I think it's doing a great job!

I wish they would have done Teen Mom 3 with the girls from the last season of 16 and pregnant. Jordan Ward, Jennifer Del Rio, Allie, and Jamie or Taylor would have been great from Teen Mom!!!