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matt1 Arabella, Matt, and Lekota

Teen Mom 3 dad, Matt McCann, has always seemed to get a bad rap. We saw things play out pretty poorly in his favor on MTV, and the drama hasn't stopped there.

Matt's daughter, Arabella, has been stuck in the middle of a pretty messy custody situation, and things only get worse when you throw social media and reality television fame into the mix.

It was, however, brought to our attention that there's definitely more to Matt's story than what was shown on Teen Mom 3, or what has been posted on social media accounts since the season ended.

Our source claims that Matt's mother, Stacey, has been a drug user for her entire adult life. The source even said that when Matt was a baby, his mother took him to a friend's house for the weekend so that they could use coke together.

You'll remember Matt's struggle with heroin addiction on Teen Mom 3, but since then he's been clean for nearly 3 years.

It's statistically proven that if you grow up seeing addiction as a normal thing in your household, you're more likely to be an addict as an adult as well, which might be the case with Matt.

When Matt first received supervised visits with Arabella, Alex initially suggested that his mother was supposed to be the one to mediate the visits to ensure that nothing bad happened while Arabella was under Matt's care.

Although Alex had initially agreed to this, she ended up changing her mind and claimed that Arabella wasn't safe in Stacey's care.

Matt didn't want Arabella to be alone with his mother at any time, and she was never to be allowed to be in the car with his mom because of her drug use.

The source claims that Matt's mother has nodded off due to drugs while at the wheel frequently and that it doesn't matter if passengers are in the car or not.

Stacey1 Matt's mother, Stacey, under the influence of drugs.

After the visitation was finalized, things seemed to be going well. On one of Matt's Wednesday visits with his daughter, Stacey decided to take Matt's girlfriend, Lekota, out to dinner.

While at dinner, Stacey ended up confiding in Lekota about some issues from Matt's past.

Stacey confessed that Matt's sister, Liz, had molested him when he was much younger and that this resulted in Liz being kicked out of the family's home.

Aside from kicking Liz out, no charges were pressed to ensure that the victim wasn't in danger again.

Stacey has also had issues with keeping jobs in the past.

She is a nurse and was suspected of stealing pills from her workplace about a year ago. While the employer wasn't able to prove that she stole the pills, she was indefinitely fired from the job.

A few months later, Stacey began using again, and even though she had previously tried to get clean, she had failed.

Matt decided to refuse to let Stacey be present at his visits with Arabella, but his mom decided to find her own way to see her grandchild and scheduled visits with Alex for Sundays.

Stacey ended up finding a new job and called Matt about two weeks ago very upset because pills had gone missing again. This time things were different. The employer tested Stacey for drugs, but found that no pills were in her system.

This means that Stacey was selling the drugs on the street for profit.

Matt's sister, Liz, ended up driving from Tennessee to Pennsylvania with her children to help their mother attend an outpatient rehab center in order to get clean.

Stacey currently has a court date coming up regarding the pills that were stolen from an elderly care facility.

Alex has continued to allow Stacey around Arabella with the knowledge that she is a drug user, but fails to let Matt around the child when he is nearly 3 years sober.

Alex is also reportedly talking to Matt's sister, Liz, who molested him when he was a child. Our source thinks that Alex will likely allow Arabella to spend time with Liz as well.

Matt is currently behind on child support, but the reasoning might not be what you expect. When MTV paid Matt, he was still living with his mother, so the check went to her house.

His mom was supposed to put all but $1000 into child support for Arabella, but ended up using the money for herself. Matt is planning on pressing charges against his mother for using the money for herself.

Matt has taken responsibility for his actions in the past and realizes that his choice to meddle with drugs wasn't the smartest, but he has taken matters into his own hands and sought treatment when he needed it the most.

Now he's nearly 3 years sober and has a job lined up in Idaho which will allow him to get caught up on child support payments by Arabella's birthday in July.

I think it's safe to say that Matt isn't the same person we saw on camera, but that his past and upbringing definitely played a part in some of the choices that we saw him make while he was on MTV.

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They both need to learn to be mature and keep their drama off twitter. I stopped following them because it got obnoxious. That's really shitty on Alex's part though to not let him see his daughter but let all these other toxic people see her. I never liked her she was always such a bitch on the show. Matt was a drug addict but I still felt bad for him at times. She was always yelling at him. Then there was the fact that she wanted to be with him and he didn't want to be with her it was so obvious so she kicked him out and stopped letting him see her Arabella. I honestly think that if he'd been willing to be with her she would've let him stay living with them and be around Arabella drugs or no drugs.

Matt is pretty good looking sober tbh.

Arabella looks juuuusssttt like him.

Alex is a vindictive bitch.

That is all.

Ew. He looks like an Amish lumberjack.

Yes! He does have a very Amish look to him.

Well compared to the James Holmes look he had in 16&P, he looks damn attractive.

Anything would be better than how he look on that 16&P episode and half of TM3!!

He looks like Good Guy Greg!

Oh my gosh, I didn't notice this until you pointed it out. They could be relatives.

First of all, he does look really healthy in that picture. Having said that, it's he said, she said, and I don't know who to believe. I think Alex is terribly vindictive, but why did it take him so long to get a steady job? It has been three years, what has he been doing?

I thinkĀ Matt has had jobs since TM aired...I think he is a wonderful guy and hope he can gain more access to his adorable daughter.

I know Matt, he and his girlfriend have been through hell and back.
He has taken alot of crap from social media and its not right, because you are fans of his ex and of course she couldnt be wrong,
I watched the MTV thing with them and you could also clearly see it was so edited it wasnt funny. I hope he gets his daughter for visits soon, he deserves them. I cant believe this woman, his mother clearly has a smoke pipe in her hand what is she thinking.? I pray for him that his mother, sister and all those who did this man wrong gets the karma so warranted on them. Kudos to you Matt.And Lekota Good woman you are for standing by your man. God Bless

Oh dear. How shall I put this? There are no fans of Alex's on here. We all know she is vindictive and now with this current info coming out, it's just as I thought- everything to do with jealousy and Alex unable to let go. Matt sounds like he's been through hell and I wouldn't even call him mom a mom- who lets their daughter molest their son and then act like nothing happened? That is just sick. Alex letting Stacey be around Arabella, but won't let Matt? Yeah, nothing shows you can't get over your ex more, or that you're bitter about child support than being a flaming hypocrite and allowing your daughter to be around someone for the same reasons she "says" she won't allow Matt around her for! And to boot, Alex is placing her child in danger by allowing Arabella to be around her aunt Liz. I've never liked her and never will- she "thinks" she's so mature, but in fact, she's one of the most immature mom's I've seen on here...

Fans? This isn't exactly a "fan page", for any of the girls.

Not to sound like a broken record, but Jlo is right. None of us like Alex, and that has been true as far back as her 16&Pregnant episode. Matt may have been stoned the entire time, but he was up front about not being ready for fatherhood. Alex should have kept that in mind when she decided to keep Arabella instead of placing her for a guaranteed adoption with stable parents.
Matt isn't perfect by any means, but he's taken some huge steps forward. That's more than anyone can say for Alex. Repeat: we don't like her here.

You obviously haven't been here long. Actually, Alex is kind of a joke here. Especially considering her dancing.

excuse me, her dancing her pure art at its most graceful!

**is pure art...
ahh fuck it.
Anyway, we most certainly dont like her!

Who are we kidding? We all love Alex. Her fantastic dancing, how over protective she is of her kid (Ie: crack pipe granny yes. MoLIZtation Aunt Yes. Recovering addict father no.) Her yelling is like angels ripping my ears off, it makes me cry. And who has gotten over Fredricks Hollywood approved dance outfits?!?!

To clarify: love to hate :)

As everyone else has said, very few people here are fans of Alex. But that doesn't mean we're fans of Matt either. Sometimes everyone involved in a situation just sucks.

Matt's girlfriend looks a lot like Alex.

EXACTLY what I was thinking.

he definitely has a type.

Alex needs to use common sense- oh wait, she doesn't have any

Been sick as a dog for the last week so I've been absent, but I've got a novel on this subject.

I have a soft spot for Matt, and I guess it is because I can relate. I'm not saying he made all the right decisions, but I think he also got dealt a shitty hand in life. I can't imagine how life was growing up given those hardships. Also, I'm not 100% on this but I think I remember reading that his mom signed the contract for him to be on TV given that he was underage, and if that is something he didn't want, it must really suck to be put in that situation. I'm not saying that is a valid excuse for turning to drugs but it is certainly understandable why he ended up doing so. As someone else pointed out, he looks much healthier in the picture here than he did when we saw him on TV, and he seems to have his head on straight. I don't know her personally so I can't say for sure, but from everything I've seen of her on Twitter, Lekota is a sweetheart and a great support system for him. I'm glad he has that. It is hard to maintain sobriety without support and unconditional love, and I can speak to that. If I hadn't had my husband there for me through it all, I would not be 20 months sober today. I get that independence is important, but taking baby steps to be able to succeed in maintaining a sober lifestyle is also important.

As for Alex, she is a big fat hypocrite. I get that she wanted to do what was best for Arabella in the beginning but she went about it all the wrong ways. This girl was in no way ready to be a mom. I think she also had the idea that she could force Matt to get sober. NOBODY in this world can "make" someone get clean. They have to want it. The forceful nature she displayed on national television isn't going to make anybody want to stay clean, in fact it will push them right towards their former habits. I remember watching her blow a gasket over him wanting to play basketball with a friend right outside her house for 10 minutes. Not the way to go. Did she honestly think her own emotional outbursts and rage issues with all the yelling and screaming and throwing a tantrum like a toddler at anybody who disagreed with her made for a safe and healthy environment to raise a child in?! That girl needs some serious therapy, and possibly medication. Alex, the whole world is NOT out to get you, learn to admit to your wrongdoings as well. You are far from perfect, and your dancing sucks.


Off topic

On the Being Maci FB, there is a post stating that Maci wouldn't allow Bentley to be filmed for the second half of TMOG because of the return of Farrah. She also said she will no longer participate in future seasons of TM because of Farrah. Here is a link..

If that's real she'll change her mind. Taking care of two kids while she's unemployed is really going to mess with her beer fund.

Actually, it was a lot of fun to read the comments - 100% pro-Maci, talking about what a great mom she is. I find it funny because no one here likes her!

I just read them, unbelievable.
Maybe Maci prommissed free beer in exchange for good mom edit?
Protecting Bentley, sure... She did not feel the need to protect him from junkies before.
Spite...more likely.
Not that I support MTVs choice regarding F.

Yaaassss! Finally the truth comes out. Maci was pretty diplomatic when the news about "Backdoor Teen Mom" broke. I always wanted to know the original girlses honest opinions of her.
And I hope there is a confrontation in the reunion special between the other three and Farrah. BRING IT ON!

I just wrote about this...not sure if it's true or not, but with breaking down the fourth wall this season, it's a possibility.

I'm on the fence if I really care that this may be Maci's last season. I think she's boring however, I was looking forward to seeing her new relationship and her daughter be born. Plus, would the show even continue if they didn't have all 4 girls? They tried without Farrah and they missed having a fourth girls' perspective (translation: they missed the crazy bitch).

I'm willing to bed anything that Maci has a sex tape and it's going to be pretty funny if it's ever leaked. Not that porn and a sex tape with a boyfriend are the same thing, but it'll knock her off her high horse.


In the teen mom rumor mill there is one, I just know it was filmed during a spring break, and I don't think it is true because someone would of released it all ready

Is this a thing now? Folks that got the "bad guy edit" reach out out to ya'll to tell their side? This kind of smells like PR, custody battle ploy to me.

Note that I do not mean this in a snarky way at all, its just that the Nikkole story, and now this have kind of threw me for a loop. However I do see the need for both sides to be told, and MTV does not do that, so I think its a nice thing you are doing to let people tell their sides.

I feel horrible for Matt, and the childhood trauma he's experienced. I'm happy he's turned his life around, and I hope his mom can do the same, and that the entire family can find a way to function for Arabella's sake.

I completely agree! This one totally read like the Nikkole story. I'm just not into it. They both threw me for a loop. Also, I'm really curious as to what the reasoning was behind the Nikkole story. It's still not making sense!

I'm still wondering about that story too. I went to her Twitter when it was published here and she tweeted a link to it. The next day I went back to check and she deleted it? Lol.

Well, I think this one is just Matt's side of the story, no strings attached.

I think there was a reason for the Nikkhole post. Not sure what, but I'm pretty sure it was hinted at. As in that post was not to make Nikkhole look good.

Of course there are strings attached.This pity party is just another avenue to attack Alex.

If Matt and his family are estranged, how would he even know that Alex is letting his mom and sister around Arabella? Second hand info? Sounds legit. And what if she's taking Arabella to spend time with them, but staying with her to make sure nothing happens? I find it hard to believe Alex would just be like "okay bye baby good luck with grannymethpipe!" I just don't buy it.

Nikkole is the scum of the earth, I could have gone without her "story."

I haven't followed Matt on twitter for awhile but it does seem he's attempting to be a better person/father, so I kind of enjoyed this article. Or maybe I'm just completely biased because I have always disliked Alex. She seemed like one of those "a baby will make it better" type of girls, and messed with everyone's head about possibly adopting Arabella out to keep people happy in hopes that when she was actually born Matt would magically change his mind, and when he didn't she turned into a resentful bitch. I could never stand her.

Alex is a freak. What a double standard, and what a price to pay if something bad were to happen. That's your daughter, dumb ass! If Matt were still using, then yeah by all means keep her from him...but he isn't using. It's so hypocritical to let Arabella be around her paternal grandmother who is still struggling with addiction (and given the amount of time she's been using drugs, I'd say she doesn't really want to get clean).
To be fair, Alex may not know about the older sister and we will never know for sure if Matt was molested unless it comes from his own mouth. However, if TMJ can find out then certainly Alex has to have some information about it as well. She absolutely should not take these chances with Arabella just to be spiteful.

I could've sworn I remembered hearing that Alex was the first one to broadcast the fact that Matt was molested, but maybe I'm confusing that with when Jenelle said it about Keiffer. If she does know though, this just proves that Alex is only out to hurt Matt and doesn't actually care about her daughter's well-being.

No I think you're right. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that on her

That's exactly what happened. She made a very crude little joke, basically saying that because he'd been molested, he would do the same.

YES. THAT WAS IT. Alex, you're a BITCH.

I truly couldn't recognize him at first, and it bothered me so much as the name was so familiar. Had to resort to google in the end. But wow, that's a real messed up life to have lived and I do feel a bit bad for him, no one should be put through all of that. But i'm glad to hear he's shaped up and has been sober for 3 years, as well that he's going to chase up his mother for the money and seems to be doing what he can to catch back up on the child support he owes. Kudos.

Apparently, a couple years ago, Alex posted on Twitter that Matt's father was a child molester and Matt was one of his victims. I don't know if it was true or not, but even if it wasn't, what a terrible thing to say about somebody.

Alex is a fucking bitch. I don't care how hard she works to support her daughter. She wants to bitch about being a single mother, well, guess what? That's what happens when you willingly have a baby by a heroin addict. Matt didn't step up to the plate because he was lazy or immature. He didn't step up because he had a legitimate illness. Heroin is one of the hardest drugs to get off of, and word on the street is he was on it when he and Alex first started dating years before Arabella was even conceived. Yet it was clear Alex thought he would magically get sober as soon as she got pregnant.

Arabella was the ultimate trap baby---let's get pregnant so my man can get clean!---and it didn't work. Again: it's great that Alex is working hard and seems to enjoy being with her daughter. But she knowingly put herself and her child in a really shitty situation. And now she's letting Arabella around known drug users and alleged child molesters. Mother of the Year, right here.

I don't want to sound like I'm Pro-Matt because he has a lot of issues and, yes, he's immature because he and Alex both like to air their drama on Twitter and argue with each other oh so publicly. But I have a little more sympathy for him than I do for her.

On that note, does anybody remember when Alex went on Twitter and said she was so happy Arabella didn't look like Matt, or else she'd be ugly? Bitch, your kid looks just like him! I bet that pisses her off like there's no tomorrow.

Basically every 'apparently' and 'I heard' that you wrote is absolutely true. And as someone who is totally pro-matt, all of your opinions are accurate as well.

I'm not a fan of Alex or Matt but at least Matt was very up front about the fact that he wasn't in a place to be a dad and didn't want a kid. Then Alex just went full steam ahead and then got pissed when Matt did exactly what he had warned her about and she wound up a single mom with a heroin addicted ex boyfriend/baby's father.

But how long ago was that? Sure he was up front about it but if he really did not want the kid, he should have just relinquished his parental rights. But he didn't. So that excuse does not work anymore.

He has said quite a few times that he never wanted to give her up and that was MTV's story and he had to stick with it. Or something. But he insists that he always wanted to keep her.

Amen sistah!

I though Lekota was Alex at first....

I'm glad Matt is sober now. I worry that Alex is still struggling with explosive anger. But it seems like she's holding a grudge in not letting her daughter see Matt, which is incredibly selfish. Her daughter will resent her one day. Parental alienation can really destroy kids.

OFF TOPIC: Are we still getting the "Getting to Know" specials recap?

Oh god I hope so. Can't get them here is I'm waiting on the snark filled recap to fill me in.

I have nothing to say about this story except why is anyone fiving this woman a job with access to pills. She's an addict who has been fired for stealing drugs on the past but another employer decided to give her the chance to do it again, weird

First off: I thought matts girlfriend was Alex in the picture how strange is that? No? Just me?
Secondly who in their right minds gives a drug addict a job working with drugs?!
Lastly Alex annoys the hell out of me she just comes across as a cocky arrogant bitch. IF Matts been sober for that long surely he has a right to see his child? More so than any of his fu*ked up family. Alex does herself no favours...

I think Alex is the type of person who tells their kid "daddy doesn't wanna see you" when clearly it isn't the case. I'm not a lover of TM3 Matt but he seems to have got his shit together and Alex is jealous.

I'm sorry but hasn't Teen Mom 3 been off the air for a good two years by now? If Matt hasn't filed charges against his mom by this point, what has changed to make him pursue that now. Or excuse me, he says he's planning on pressing charges. Where was the outrage against his mom when she first stole the money? I don't think Matt would have been getting money from MTV for any reason after TM3 was cancelled so he's had plenty of time to file charges on his useless mother in order to make her face some consequences for stealing from her granddaughter. (Because, let's face it, she'll never pay him back so punishment is the only someone satisfactory outcome.) I don't like Alex and I'm not a huge Matt fan. I think they're both stuck up their own asses, Alex is loud, Matt's irresponsible, and Matt, Alex and Lekota do their very best to press each other's buttons and piss each other off on social media rather than Matt and Alex setting aside their differences and learning to coparent for the sake of their daughter.

As for Alex letting a drug addict and a child molester spend time with her daughter: SHAME ON HER. That's fucked. Alex likes to act like her shit doesn't stink and she's the most dedicated mom on the face of the earth but I don't care how great of a mom you are: If you let a drug addict around your child and then go on to let another person around your child that just so happens to be a child molester and you KNOW about both of these aspects of their behaviors, then you're just as fucked as they are. It's her job to keep that little girl out of harms way and she seems to be going for an M.O. of something along the lines of, "I'll do whatever it takes to piss Matt off so I can feel superior. Even if that means letting a drug addict and a child toucher have play dates with my defenseless toddler."


Quick question: this "child molester"; I'm interested to know just how old they both were when the incident(s) happened. Let's be honest here. There's a major difference between legitimately molesting a child and two siblings "experimenting" with one another. There is obviously way more to this story than I know.

He talked about this once before I remember. She was in high school and he was in kindergarten

Ok, thank you. That's certainly old enough to know better and definitely can't be excused as experimenting. Still, I'm not too comfortable labeling someone as a child molester without having all the facts. That's a pretty serious accusation. Reading one, one-sided blog certainly isn't enough info for me to decide someone's guilt on such a serious matter. So I'm just going to remain nonjudgemental toward this for now.

However, if it's true, she's certainly a disgusting piece of shit that deserves to riot in jail for corrupting an innocent child's entire life.

let me just say, as someone very close with Matt, this isn't just a rumor on a blog. What liz did was absolutely not 'experimenting. It was clear, abuse. That's why she was kicked out of the house before she was 18, and she continues to be a very toxic person, involving her own children in very very bad situations and neglecting then. She only JUST got custody back of her two sons, after they were taken by the state, and matt rushed to their side when this happened.

Precisely why I asked... In fact, this is the first I've heard of it. I don't have any information on this at all. I think it would be pretty irresponsible and shitty of me to start forming opinions without having any facts.

I know, it's not something he talks about much. I just thought I'd help fill you in.

Lol I've seen you on their Twitter. You've never even met them and you just creep on's honestly weird. Anyway.

Lol ok. They're on their way here to live with me, but yeah I just creep on them.

@livlove94 - So, here's my question: if it was clear abuse, why wasn't it reported to the police? If Stacey was so clearly upset by this... oh, wait. That's right. Because she's an addict and probably would've been arrested for child endangerment/neglect and possession and who knows what else. I'm sorry, but I cannot begin to even when addicts like to draw the line when it was their drug addiction that probably played a HUGE role into how this household was brought up. If what Liz did is fact, it's a horrible situation and I am sorry Matt was a victim of this. But let's also point fingers at the people who allowed this situation to occur in the first place, shall we?

It is actually common for children who were molested to turn around and molest other children, namely their younger siblings. She was probably molested by their father when she was younger and went on to continue the cycle. The fact that she has children makes me cringe, because if she did molest him then there is little stopping her from doing it to her own children.

I always kinda liked Matt. To me, he's came across as genuinely intelligent. He was just making dumb as fuck decisions. And I always thought he was cute, idc idc

Matt is actually a year younger than Alex, he was a freshman and she was a sophomore when they met in a sophomore math class at their high school( according to starcasm) I feel if Matt didn't get Alex pregnant he would have gone to college and all of that jazz, it's not to late for him, he is only 20 and his girlfriend seems to be a great support system

Oh come on! I know that we all like to paint alex as this evil villain here, but really??? She actually did try to help him get clean and gave him chance after chance. Yeah she, in her own way, probably pushed him to use by being self righteous and having impossible standards for him too quickly, but Matt was a fucking junkie. If it wasn't for her, their daughter, and the show he'd probably be fucking dead.

Matt was on drugs way before he met Alex. She also never tried to get him clean, she tried to trap him and expected him to get clean. He also did overdose and then got clean..

Wait, when did she try to help him? Was it between her berating him for being a heroin addict?

Iirc, she did stand by him throughout multiple stints in rehab, even allowing him to live with her when he got out. She lost it when he relapsed or, of course, if she thought he was being disloyal to her. And although she certainly acted insane, she was rightfully pissed. She was betrayed.

Matt only went to rehab once.. Which you saw on MTV. After he overdosed.

I'm certainly not defending alex now, come on guys. But it's almost like we didn't watch the same season. Yeah, she was crazy, but he was disgusting and disrespectful to her entire family. She did take him back after rehab, right? Am I just imaging that? Yeah, she antagonize the shit out of him, but he definitely needed to learn some self control.

I never really watched "Teen Mom 3", so that's why I was honestly confused when she tried to help him. But I'm just pissed that Alex purposefully put her child in such a fucked-up situation when adoption was so much better. Is adoption for everybody? No. But when you're a teenager in high school with a drug addicted boyfriend and your mother is telling you you can't raise your baby in her home, then something's gotta give. I sort of wish Wendy had stuck to her promise and not let Alex come home once Arabella was home. Some may consider that cruel, but I think it would pushed Alex to make the right decision for her daughter because I feel like keeping her really wasn't. Arabella is being subjected to so much dysfunction at such a young age, and it doesn't seem like it's getting any better. It really makes me wonder what she's going to be like when she becomes a teenager herself.

Again, I'm not attempting to stick up for alex. But Matt was just as bad and it seems like he's being portrayed as a victim in this thread. He trashed her mom's basement after they let his homeless ass live there. He was terribly verbally abusive to her (that went both ways). And he sweated all over all of their belongings with his excessive perspiration.

Actually, matt had to live there when he was kicked out of juvie as a stipulation of his release. He did not want to live there. He explained this when the show aired. He also explained he never trashed the basement, after a fight with matt she ripped up all the stuff he owned. Also, when you rewatch that scene you see girls clothing and towels. Matt addressed all of this on his twitter when the episodes aired.

Oh well, as long as he explained it on Twitter then...

Sorry, I don't buy it, and frankly I don't care. They where both trashy and disgusting to each other. That includes him. I'm certainly not going to believe everything people claim on Twitter. If that were the case, then Jenelle is a wonderful mother. Also, whether it was stipulated by the courts or not, they didn't have to let him stay there. It almost seems as though they let him order to help him! But that couldn't be, right? Because Matt says so.

You know what, I'm sorry. That came across as a really bitchy comment. I just don't buy it all, that's all. I think we can agree to disagree on this. I think we both know that, based solely off of what we saw, they were both pretty terrible to each other and that they're not a good match.

I think she probably did want to help him, as much as I dislike her, she's not completely evil. But it was mostly about controlling him, not about helping him.b and yes he was a junkie, but he was one before Alex ever got pregnant, and he maintained from the start that he wasn't ready to be a dad.

There's a side to every story, and I see what you are talking about and I honestly thought the same thing about him watching Teen Mom 3, just in regards to his behavior. It honestly wasn't even what I saw on 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom 3 that turned me off from Alex, but her twitter presence. Girl loves to hash it out on twitter. It definitely makes me feel like there's a lot more to her than just what we saw on the show

Lol I just thought he was cute. And he used the word "echelons" and other bigger words correctly in sentences. I don't think he's Albert Einstein, but he seemed to be bright and seemed to understand the gravity of his situation more than Alex did. Probably because he grew up seeing addiction, smh. I don't really give a damn about either one of them, but Matt is still a cutie :*

All I have to say is F you Alex for disrespecting the father of your child's wishes about HIS family. We are in that situation now. She has no real idea what 'att's family is like, yet she bring their daughter around them. What a selfish, selfish bitch. I can't even talk about stuff like this without shaking because of what I've watched happen to my husband.

It's absolutely horrible. Not only have I heard matt talk about how much it upsets him, I've dealt with it myself. There's been multiple times my kids were at my mom's house and she allowed my former abuser to see them, without even telling me, even though she knows I'd never allow it. Not only is it a huge betrayal, but it males me sick to think that this person had contact with my kids. It's no secret I dislike Alex, i sincerely wish she'd try and put Arabella first, and keep her safe.

If Matt's actually been sober for 3 years- or any significant amount of time- then hey, more power to him. But those child support excuses sound like complete BS, and this "source" has an obvious agenda. At the end of the day, when it comes to he-said-she-said scenarios, the truth is usually somewhere in between.

And just because Alex is awful doesn't make Matt any better by default. Sometimes both parents are just the worst (see: Briana and Devoin).

This sounds like one of Matt's friends came to you and gave you a bunch of one sided info. I don't like Alex at all. She's a huge bitch and was nothing but awful to Matt on their episode and the fact that she's letting his mom around her kid disgusts me. However, it's been 3 years. I understand addiction all too well, but if he's been clean for 3 years he should've had a steady job and taken both Alex and his mother to court by now. It sounds to me like he's full of excuses and I'd be surprised if he ever steps up.

This article doesn't sit well with me. At all.
It just feels wrong to have this info on Matt's sister (however horrible she is) and on Matt's mother (however horrible she is as well) and that picture of her nodding off.
To have personal info on Matt is fine but I don't think it was right to publish such intimate things on his mother and sister. Sorry.

And I call BS on the Matt has a good reason for being late on Chid support thing. So he did not receive the teen mom payment? It's been 3 years. It's no longer an excuse. How long have we been hearing that he has a job lined up? I feel like every time there's an article on that guy, we find out that he's either jobless or that he has a job lined up. And all the while, it's Alex, the woman he constantly bashes, that is not only solely providing for his daughter but raising her on her own as well.

As for Alex, I'm extremely disappointed to hear that she would let people as horrible as Matt's mother and sister near Arabella. I do think she's mature in the sense that she loves her daughter and will do anything to provide for her but all of that means nothing if she lets her daughter be around people like that.

Honestly, this article was just too one sided. Alex being immature and vindictive doesn't atomically make Matt a good guy. And all the horrible shit he went though as a child does not excuse him being a shitty father today.

For once I actually agree with you lol

Matt has paid his child support when he was working, every time he worked.. He's only had to pay child support for a year and a half.. If he was three years behind, he'd most likely be in jail..

Lol sounds like it's not even close to being paid off. He can't even take her to court to see the kid because he's that behind. Like wtf are you doing where you can't get a job and start paying that off? Alex is the one raising that kid end of story while he's off being an idiot with his trashy gf and probably going to impregnate her. Get your shit together Matt.

You're obviously very hateful for no reason.. Maybe you should try growing up a bit.

Paying child support "when he was working" isn't enough. There's no reason to not hold a job and continuously pay. I've been in Alex's position. It's a shitty place to be, especially when you're watching your kid's dad spend all kinds of money on other crap while you support a kid singlehandedly.

Sounds like a hell of a lot of excuses to me. I've seen the dumb shit Lekota has said and I'm not a fan of her or the deadbeat dad. He has all this shit going on yet still has time to be unemployed and hang out with her and basically be a worthless member of society. Alex is nutso but at least she works and takes care of their daughter... I don't get why the fuck she's letting those people see arabella though. Fucking hot mess. Matt needs to get a damn job and Alex needs to make more dancing videos for my entertainment.

Matt has had multiple jobs since child support was issued. He's paid his child support every time he worked. If not hed be in jail right now.

Lol multiple jobs. Maybe he should try keeping them.

"He's paid his child support every time he worked."

Talk about damning with faint praise. If he's not working regularly, that doesn't mean much.

Every time he worked, clearly he hasn't been working enough!

Are you the one that sent this "article" over here? Your responses are just as ridiculous and one sided as it is.

I have to agree. I'm glad he's sober. I'm sorry for the shit he's gone through in his life. I'm sorry HE CHOSE NOT TO WRAP HIS DICK BEFORE HE POKED IT IN CRAZY. Now deal Matt. And pay your fucking child support. Yes Alex is beyond bat shit crazy and a screamer. But that crazy assed bitch worked two jobs while Arabella was newborn, while trying to study, with minimal help from her mum and drugged out Matt was nowhere to be seen. Credit where it's due. Alex has done what she had too, to support that baby. Matt, not so much.......

I agree with all of this, well put.

Although Alex should smarten up if that shit with his sister is true and not be letting Arabella around Matt's family if he does not agree.


Another issue that hasn't been brought up is the fact that Wendy gave Matt a place to live, at the expense of her two younger children. Alex's younger sister and brother were the best part of her segments. They had to live with obnoxious shrieking Alex and a recovering junkie. He really didn't have respect for those kids when he lived in their house.

haha Alex and those kids dont seem related at all, what two level headed little brother/sister they are and then they have their screaming banshee older sister. Hot damn, that woman is loud.

Her little siblings were 8 THOUSAND TIMES more mature than anyone else on the entire show, grandparents included. PLUS they gave great advice. I've seen family dynamics like that and the poor kids always have this "Get me out of here!" face going on.

Alex's sister was the star of her segments!

When did this become a pissing contest on who's better: Matt or Alex? They both suck in their own unique way. Matt may be sober, but he needs to get his shit together and try to be there for his daughter instead of complaining about not seeing her on social media. And Alex is a screaming psycho bitch who knowingly put her daughter in a fucked-up situation because she was too selfish to let Arabella go. The only real victim in all of this is Arabella for getting stuck with two parents who aren't putting her first in any way.

I find it interesting when articles come out about a "15 minute of fame-r" all these bitties come out of the wood work claiming 5 hey know them and defending them, and disappear after that one post all over again. Hmmm.

Awesome spin you have put on this.Matt needs to look closer to home as why he isnt seeing his daughter.Sick of hearing,he's trying.Well not hard enough as far as I'm concerned with not progress & things are gone backwards.Moving miles & miles away sure isnt going to help things,regardless of whether he has a job or not.Both Matt & Alex need to get the hell over themselves.

So to clarify, you have to kiss Matts fat arse or else your comments will be deleted.

To clarify - since you're a first time commenter, your comments are moderated and we make sure you're not spam before we let them on the site. Nobody deleted any comments of yours, they've just been in limbo until I had the chance to give them the thumbs up. Thanks for coming to the blog.

Hi Megan, I sincerely apologize.I didnt realize they had to be moderated 1st.

Wow! I'm wondering a couple things about this newly released info. 1) how old is that pic of his mom? 2) wondering who this source is. I bet it's Matt himself' 3) how did theme girlfriend know? I bet Matt told her. 4) if Matt's mother pasted a drug test. Why are Ya'll still passing judgment? 5) when Matt blew all his Teen Mom money on himself and had none left, how is it his mothers responsibility to cover his child support? 6) ever thought that TEEN Mom star's attempt to out these so called family secrets, because he is pissed off anyhow broke and can't get what he wants or use his 15minutes of fame to get his way? What a low down dirty thing to do. Have you ever her of slander or libel? Slander is when it's said and can't be proven, libel is,when it's written or posted and can't be proven. All Matt has,down here is open up an opportunity for a lawsuit. What were his intentions here really? Blame others for his addictions or his,addictive behaviors? Sounds to me like he hasn't even completed step one.... Acceptance, accepting that you are,solely responsible for your own actions and letting the,addiction control your life. All I see here is manipulation and escaping responsibility for his own actions. Therefore pulling his entire family into his drama he created for himself. He is,the one that should be ashamed for telling such tall tales, because he can't handle his own. There are there sides to this,story, his, theirs and the truth. Some of Ya'll are way til judgmental only hearing one side, Matt's side.

Liz, is that you?

This is a perfect example of how most of the commenters here will

1. Eat up any gossip about a mom they don't like (I'm guilty of this with Jenelle and Chelsea)
2. Side with the dad over the mom (I'm guilty of this with Kail/Jo, wishing he'd get full custody of Isaac because I'd have to hear something pretty horrible about Jobefore I ever thought Kail was a better, more stable parent)

In this case I don't hate Alex that much so that could influence my opinion but at least a couple of others have said this: It's all he said she dais and the truth is in the middle. I'm sure the only thing Matt is "sober" from is Herion, just like Jenelle. Neither are truely "sober". But Alex/Matt both talk crap about each other on social media so I don't fully believe either one, though I'd take the side of someone who doesn't do drugs/have a history with them over the junky.