Mackenzie Gets Real About Mental Health

It looks like Catelynn isn't the only TeenMom star to have ever struggled with psychiatric issues. Now Mackenzie from TeenMom 3 is speaking about some of her lowest moments, when she had depression.

Interestingly, Mackenzie has been speaking out about how MTV has been glorifying teen pregnancy and how she fears some teenagers might actually try to get pregnant in order to find fame.

And while speaking out about this issue, Mackenzie has revealed that her postpartum depression was so bad that she reportedly took baths and hoped to drown or took anxiety meds and secretly wished that she wouldn't wake up.

The worst part is that Mackenzie adds that Josh wasn't at all supportive:

"I was in the bathtub and Josh took the kids," McKee's tells Radar.

"I definitely needed him, but I was pushing him away. He would come home from work and I would be crying and I would threaten suicide. He couldn't handle it."

Of course, Mackenzie and Josh have had quite the public spats given that Josh has also attacked Mackenzie for cheating on him on Facebook.

What's crazy, though, is despite the dramz, Mackenzie and Josh are still together.

God really does love me because my goodness look at my husband ?

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