Mackenzie McKee answers fan questions

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Mackenzie McKee is probably the most well known girl from her Teen Mom spinoff, so it's no surprise that she's using her notoriety to try and gain followers on social media.

Mackenzie has opened an Etsy store, called Mackenzies Makings, where she sells crochet baby items, wooden picture frames, and fabric headbands.

Mackenzie is also attempting to take her fan base from the show and transfer it to a YouTube channel where she's planning on making workout videos, diabetes awareness videos, and answer fan questions.

Mackenzie posted her first video to the channel last night.

The video, which is up above, answers five questions that Mackenzie picked out of fan submissions that she had asked for on Twitter.

Some of the questions that she answers relate to her children's names, diabetes, working out, and what she and Josh are doing now that their show is over.

Mackenzie is not the first girl from the Teen Mom franchise to start a YouTube channel.

Jenelle has a channel where she used to post videos quite frequently, and Farrah attempted to start a workout channel at one point.

Mackenzie also had a health and fitness blog where she would post her daily workouts, but she hasn't kept up with the site, and no longer promotes it.

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She is adorable and seems sweet, but her voice kills me. Its annoying and there is so much variation in the fluctuation..high, low, high low..ugh.

She has always annoyed me. She seems like a genuinely nice person, but gosh does she seem dumb/naive/hopelessly immature. She just is so cutesy all the freaking time.. grow up, you have 2 kids!

The voice is all for the cutesy/childish factor although at this point she has done it so long it is who she is. Just sad.

lol when I first saw this picture my first image was Grangie chasing around Mackenzie's puppy and Gannon while holding Jaxie as Mackenzie does her workouts, lays out in the sun and gets her tan on, and then gets her hair perfect for the video. Lol

And Josh going balls deep with a horse somewhere in a barn

It's nice to see her coaching cheer. Actually doing something she can make money from.

does she say that? that's good. She's actually playing to her strengths. Cheerleading has always been her thing if she could really become a coach then good for her.

She is super cute, but am I the only one who wouldn't trust "health tip videos" from a girl who was more or less fired by her doctor for not listening to his medical advice while pregnant?!

Yeah, something tells me Mackenzie has purposely not regulated her blood sugar at times in order to lose weight. Not good.

Yes apparently "I used to not take care of myself a long time ago" means up until at least this January or so considering all her public overshares about the severity of her health, shitty eating habits, and "poor me my diabetic obstetrician fired me because I got caught in way too many lies and was putting myself and my baby at risk."

Also: her only examples for having to miss tumbling from time to time is "Jaxie's hungry" or "I need to feed the kids." PLAN YOUR DAMN TIME BETTER!! And parenting is far more than making sure your kids aren't starving.

Is this the same girl who was just about to go to a diabetic coma while pregnant? Now she is spitting out advice on how to manage diabetes? WHA?!
Uh, yeah, there is a reason you have not heard the name Jaxie, JS.

She never really answered the questions about where she got the names, just that she loves them.

She loves her kids's names. FFS. Pronunciation!!

I am completely psyched that Mac has started a new Youtube channel and that she has other business ventures. I am so glad that she is not wasting her time on useless activities like getting a job. There are so many things we can learn from this girl. Below are just a few:

1. I hope that she gives us her exact new address. It would really be great if she would also use Google Earth to show us exactly where it is and how we can get directions to it. It would also be great if she could update her social networking to let everyone know exactly where she is at any given time, so that us fans could find her and learn stuff from her 24/'7.

2. I hope that she will include religious lessons on her channel. I am thinking that God is mad at me because I have not done the right thing and had any children outside of marriage, and I would like to have her lecture me about how to get back in His good graces.

3. I hope we get to see lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of Josh and her together on the channel. He always looks like he is enjoying just spending quality time with her. It just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to see someone so happy.

4. I also hope that Josh is using his time wisely and continuing to work on pursuits like practicing for rodeo that will pay for his family of four. I would be very disappointed in him if he started to waste time with useless activities like a job or looking for work. I will be kind of angry with him if he refuses to let me continue to support his family with my tax dollars. That is what they are for, and I will kind of feel like he is spitting in my face if he stops accepting these gifts of love from me and the working, tax-paying public.

5. In case you haven't noticed, there is an obesity epidemic in this country. I hope that Mackenzie does spend some time as a public service and warns everyone about the dangers of getting too fat from birth control pills. If only she could warn the rest of the country's women about the weight gain attendant with oral contraception, then perhaps the average weight of our nation would start to decrease. There are far too many women who are completely in the dark about dangers of birth control to their figures.

Well, I am really looking forward to seeing more of Mackenzie on this new channel. I am chomping at the bit to be able to watch her videos, but I have been so busy lately that I have not been able to get the time to watch her. I have been frantically looking, night and day, 24/7 for a specialty item that I just can't find anywhere, and I swear I have looked for it everywhere possible. Could someone PLEASE tell me where I could get a felt headband that some crosses glued to it with Elmer's Glue? I just have to have one to wear to an upcoming convention, where I think I can really generate a lot of business if I am seen as someone who is stylish and keeps up on the latest fashions, but I cannot for the life of me find one for sale at any of the stores I usually shop. Once I find and purchase one of these trendy new headbands, I will be able to relax and be able to spend time on more pleasurable pursuits. I can't wait until I am finally able to get a super giant bag of Pixie Stix, kick my feet up and watch Mackenzie's channel.

Christ, Randy, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Pure comedic gold.

Well, I was not really trying for comedy, but I am glad you enjoyed it. I wish I was that wonderful man, Randy, BUT don't even think for a minute that the convention I was describing was the North Dakota Dental Association Annual Meeting on September 18-20 at the Bismark Radisson. That would be just a complete coincidence (although I am sure that any dentist who could sport a spiffy felt cross headband to that conference would be seen as ultra hip and fashionable).

Shit Randy, you are funny..I have been sitting here laughing for about 2 minutes straight and am just now able to comment back. Oh God..OK. Now, seriously, let me just say that if you AREN'T Randy, it is super creepy that you know SO much about the types of things he would.
And anyway, we have concluded that you are Randy, so, I guess you are just pretty much SOL if you aren't! LOL! ARE you actually randy? cause if so, i love this site even more lol. his twitter makes me happpy

@JENELLES MARRIAGE INFEDILITY..Conspiracy Man wont just come and say "Yes, I'm Randy". So we took matters in to our own hands and call him Randy, because to us, he is. LOL! :)

Besides, in my opinion, he knows WAY too much about Randy's life and occupation to not be Randy. So, yeah, our conclusion is that yes, it's him.

**Randy..please don't deny your identity. There absolutely nothing to hide and you should be loud and proud about who you really are! ;)

I think it's Randy. Bring it. I would love for him to say "yes! It's me!" But understand the dilemma if he did. Keep giving us an insiders view from the other side of the MTV camera Randy. And the snark. Keep the snark coming. PS I wish you were MY dad hahaha

Lol Conspiracy Man you crack me up!! And btw Josh truly was happy, but unfortunately the devil hijacked their relationship for a bit so they had to get an exorcist and get that situation under control

Perhaps Josh just forgot to wear his felt cross headband, and the devil was able to jump into his head, completely unblocked. It is dangerous to walk around without the protection of a proper felt headband.

Legend has it that the devil posessed Josh one day and made him go to Dez's house in order to lure his true target, Mackenzie. When Mackenzie showed up to the house she was wearing the felt headband. Enraged that the possession would not be able to occur, the devil jumped into Dez and began dragging Mackenzie by her fried hair. It was awful.

Yup but not the fact they were both fucking other people

Sadly if Mac reads this she'll take all of it as a compliment o_O

You make me smile.

Oh!! And I'll have my little nephew whip up one of those headbands for you. Then again, he is 7, he may be too old.... Wait, I'll get my 2 year old niece to make it instead!! She will do a perfect job.

I would rather by it from a child than Mackenzie. It will probably look better and not be stolen from another artist

Josh is just always so loquacious. It's so endearing. And his enunciation when it comes to his evocative discussions of "Mumble-mumble rodeo *snort*" are like angels singing while high on sour straws.

"Like, omg, guys, everything in my life you saw that was f*&#@d up is like, totally better now, like my hot husband is working, and like my diabetes are under control, because I am all about a healthy lifestyle, and like always put my kids first, not my sexy husband or tumbling, y'all." Barf.

Mackenzie, I am so glad to hear it. I always thought that your being a complete brain-dead idiot with the IQ of a walnut was just a phase.

My husband survived his lobotomy

Can you get a second lobotomy? Is that allowed? Because I just assumed he'd already been through the Rosemary Kennedy Special for the low, low price of $59.99 (or 2.5 ass ugly wall crosses from Mack's etsy shop.)

My stomach hurts from laughing

Hey Trap you know how I feel when I am reading your comments! At least you didn't pee in your pants (it was only a tiny bit! AND I couldn't help it!) Ha ha!!

This website just makes life better

Yes it does Trap Baby. Yes it does.

I find myself looking forward to coming on here every day! And get SO excited when there's a new post. Lol..I know, I know. Sad, huh?!

Can someone tell me what all she says in the video? I'm at work so I can't watch it lol I'm curious what all she talks about though.

Pretty much how everything is better, she is living a healthy lifestyle, Josh is working drywall m-f, she is doing etsy and cheer coaching, they still rodeo and tumble, but "put their kids first" how she LOVES her kids names, because she has never heard Jaxie before, so it is so country and different, and a bunch of other bimbo talk, lol.

Lord..she's never heard Jaxie before because she made it up! I don't think it was really a REAL name until now. That'd be like me having a kid and naming it Lmnop. Sure, it'd be original because I made that shit up and it isn't REAL! Somehow, I don't think she'll have to worry too much about people "stealing" her original baby name.

My cousin named his little girl Jaxie...she is 5 and her sister is Maxxee. Stupid spelling, but there it is.

Wow so they're actually working now. Yet neither one is in school at all. I'm surprised Grangie hasn't pushed the school thing more. Maybe she figures there's just no point anymore since they're too busy popping out babies left and right. She does seem like a genuinely nice person. She just comes off dumb as rocks. I think the problem is she's still young and immature. I think had she not gotten pregnant she would've gone to school, done the cheer thing, she would've had to pass all her classes to keep cheering, and then eventually she would've grown the hell up and been mature and ready for a family. She had kids to early and it forces you to grow up and she's not grown up. Part of the problem is her parents kind of enabled her by taking care of her still and treating her like a teenager. Her mom still made her dinner and did her laundry. Look how nervous Grangie was about leaving them alone with the baby. That's Mackenzie's baby. Most of the other teen moms moved out and took care of their own babies. Hell even Leah took care of her own kids. But Grangie was freaking out about leaving Mackenzie alone with her own kid because she didn't think she could handle taking care of him alone. Is Mack the mom or the big sister. If they had made her take care of Ganon on her own instead of watching him while she ran off to the rodeo all the time then maybe she would've grown up. But they made it easy on her and didn't make her grown up. It's a lot like Barbara and Jenelle except Mackenzie did go off partying and doing drugs. Barbara wouldn't let Jenelle take care of Jace. Everytime Jenelle tried to do something Barbara was like stop I'll do it and then eventually Jenelle just gave up and let Barbara take over. Grangie got lucky that Mack didn't go the Jenelle route but she easily could've.

To be fair, I wouldn't trust Mack with a baby alone. I'm not entirely convinced she would know to feed it.

I forgot she said she got her cosmetology license, so she must have had to go to some school, she just said "I can do hair and nails" but it doesn't seem like a career thing, I think she just does it on the side/for friends.

That's why Grangie should've sat down and taught her how to take care of Ganon. Those first few months she could've been tied to Mack and Ganon's hip watching her like a hawk making sure she's doing everything right and now hurting him in anyway. Then when she sees that Mackenzie picked it up then she should've been like ok now take care of your baby. Instead she let her stay in school and cheer. How often do you think she was with Ganon. The only time she'd be able to see him is when she got home after cheer practice at which point he's been with Grangie all day. Plus she also seemed to hang out with friends a lot. So when would she have had time to raise a child? It really seemed like Grangie was the one taking care of him for the most part. She should've MADE Mackenzie do it then she might be more grown up and not such a ditz. If she wansn't going to make Mackenzie raise him and let her continue to be a teenager then she should've been Ganon's legaly guardian and let Mack be the fun older sister. Then she could continue being a teenager while mom raised her kid. This half raised by Mackenzie half by her mom is not helping poor Ganon.

I'm surprised she hasn't pushed the school thing, as well. She's very delusional and really likes to harp on the rules of religion/dogma/social convention that Mackenzie obviously has zero interest in following, so school should totally be on that radar for both of them.

@CLASSIER HEELS I think that she got the cosmetology license as part of an enriched high school curriculum.

I think she's possibly the ditziest person alive, but I think she's gorgeous she should just model. Doesn't take brains to do that lol. What happened to her beauty school? I didn't sit through all of it lol so forgive me if she already said it. Honestly don't really care wtf she does I'm just indifferent, and also still don't like how she stole from the other artist on Etsy.

Unfortunately for Mackenzie she is very short so she cannot model. The shortest a model can be is 5'8 and I think Mackenzie is like 5'1 lol

But she could model cheer uniforms!! It's perfect!! She wouldn't even have to worry about formula stains or chef boyardee stains on the uniforms because she's never in physical contact with the kiddos anyway.

Well she did a great job modeling the uniform in the TM3 special with her giant pregnant stomach.

Ohhhh yea that's true forgot about that.

Oh gosh, Heather Clouse is probably over the moon that she has new Mackenzie porn to add to her spank bank. She probably asked all 5 of those questions, the last one being WILL YOU MARRY ME but they edited that one out.

Haha, I was JUST thinking that HC is probably creaming herself over this. I'm sure she'll add the new video stills to her Mackenzie shrine of felt headbands, crochet baby booties, and nail clippings.

oh my god I thought the same thing Heather must be wetting her pants.

We all know the person that broke into Josh and Mackenzies house and stole Mackenzies hair follicles was Heather...


For the love of god woman, STOP FIDGETING! I can barely concentrate on what your saying with all that moving around... she would be a terrible talk show host lol people wouldnt be able to look her in the eye as shes asking questions or explaining something.

Either Heather Clouse is here thumbing everyone down or Mac has decided to join us. Hello ladies! (Waving with genuality)

My bet is Heather.

It's Heather. She is sworn to Mackenzie to thumb anyone one down that says anything mean about her in exchange for a pair of Mackenzies used underwear.

Wow someone has given every comment that has anything even remotely negative the thumbs down. Mackenzie is that you?