Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit reveals pregnancy, marriage in a social media meltdown

mackenzie douthit

Jenelle may have lost the award for the biggest social media meltdown queen among the Teen Moms! Teen Mom 3 has yet to air and already there is some serious drama flying around the web!

Mackenzie Douthit has been battling rumors for quite some time regarding a possible third pregnancy and marriage to long time boyfriend, Josh McKee.

She took to her her Facebook and Twitter pages and had a memorable meltdown worthy of the top spot for most dramatic Teen Mom!

Upon writing this article, this blogger has discovered that Mackenzie revealed back in February to Ashley's Reality Roundup that the pregnancy shown in her 16 & Pregnant episode was actually her SECOND before the age of 16! And you thought Leah Messer-Calvert was the fertile myrtle of the franchise!

As far as the social media circus, here is the 411, as documented by RadarOnline. Mackenzie has since deleted most of the posts:

On Aug 12th, she posted this on her Facebook,

"And yes. For everyone wondering, im 12 weeks pregnant.... time to tell the truth."

After the immediate backlash she received from fans upon this shocking news, she took to her Twitter and ranted further,

"been married for months but im not allowed to get pregs with my husband without miami girls subtweeting... do i look like I care????"

I'm a fairly regular Twitter user, but had to look up what "subtweeting" was. Essentially it's tweeting about someone subliminally, without actually using their name.

Mackenzie seemed to thrive on the negativity after revealing her baby news and lashed out even more on Facebook, as fans were fairly angry that she had been lying about her life online! God forbid she have a private life! She declared,

"Yes I love evrryone checking on me, but yes I have reached my breaking point and have literally been through hell and back these last three days. I have kept this a secret because im probably the easiest target of all miami to judge.I only told cause people are asking why im fat lol....

So im not texting anyone back right now I need some time to myself. So sorry if ur mad cause im not textinf back. Or mad cause you didnt know about this. ..."

If you remember, Mackenzie and her now husband has previously broken off an engagement last October when Mackenzie was just 17. SEVENTEEN! Seriously? Two pregnancies and a possible marriage before age 18?! Yikes!

The Twitter ranting went on again and revealed that this little Oklahoma cheerleader may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Her next tweet was frothed with obvious tiredness and hinted on suicidal feelings! It was deleted soon after it was posted,

"They say you die faster without sleep than withought food..... hmm how and why am I alive, I need a gun.... now."

Really? REALLY!? If this isn't a cry for help, what is? I don't know what's worse, THREE pregnancies before she can even vote or that she's verging on a midlife crisis at age 18.

I think it's high time that MTV wake up and see EXACTLY what mess they have created. It's only a matter of time before one of these girls either commits suicide or OD's.

Sometimes, I wonder why MTV doesn't put a specific term into their contracts that forbids use of social media outlets. It would seriously cut down on the drama, but MTV seems to enjoy that part of the franchise very much.

Do you think MTV should take away social media rights from the Teen Moms?

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She's from Oklahoma, not Texas. This girl seems to have a lot of growing up to do, sadly that's what generally happens whenever babies have babies. :[

You're absolutely correct. I edited the article! Thanks!

I do think she's adorable, and her wedding was really cute, but she's clearly not the brightest candle on the cake. I remember her saying she wasn't on birth control because she didn't want to gain weight. Well, she's gonna gain a lot more if she keeps getting pregnant!
She's also a brittle diabetic, so all these pregnancies could actually kill her. Gannon was like 10lbs, was he not? What's she gonna do if this one is just as big?

Yes she is totally bricks - I remember her "justification" for not using birth control, apparently Josh using a condom would have caused her to gain weight too? I heard something about her mom not wanting her to use birth control too...way to set up failure for your daughters, Mama.

And I seem to recall Gannon (The Yogurt Baby) was like 9.5 lbs. - and he was about a month early. Imagine how big he would have been had he been allowed to cook for 40 weeks!

Josh was allergic to latex

There are still tons of other BC options.

I agree...I wrote this before I saw the "Reunion Special" where Josh mentioned his allergy to latex. He could still use lambskin or polyurethane. She could use a diaphragm and spermicide. What it all boils down to is laziness and excuses. Apparently they aren't THAT concerned over her being knocked up in her teens and risking her life to give birth, or they would have INSISTED on those two using something. But Mom's attitude is, no sex outside of marriage. Reminds me a bit of Farrah's parents, they had the same attitude - if we don't give her birth control, she won't have sex. Works out really well!

Amen to that

Easiest nonhormonal method is the copper IUD. no hormones, no potential for user error.

She may be cute, but she is f*cking ridiculous. Her life is nothing but bad choice after bad choice. She needs to grow the f up before bringing any more innocent kids into the world.

Was it confirmed that she was pregnant before Gannon? I've heard a lot of people saying she was, but I don't remember ever seeing it said that it was confirmed by her.
I wish the girls on this show would stop saying it's okay for them to get pregnant because they're married. Being married doesn't excuse irresponsible sex, you need to be able to take care of yourselves and your children and marriage doesn't magically make that happen (unless maybe you're Kail and getting married for the military benefits). I'm not saying that Mackenzie and Josh don't financially support themselves, I honestly don't know.
I hope everything goes well since she is a diabetic and I hope she fully understands the risks for her and for her baby. I personally wouldn't announce a pregnancy so early or just because people thought I looked fat but to each their own I guess.

Wow! She's worse than Leah! 3 pregnancies by 18? At least Leah was 21 with 3 pregnancies. Goodness!

Well on the bright side at least she only has 1 baby daddy.

Haha true!

So far...

She had a little mini meltdown but nothing I would compare to Jenelle. I mean.. Jenelle has had and brought stalking charges etc. because of twitter. She has blasted so many people's phone numbers and has nudes and fake miscarriage pictures online. Ok. Now as for Mackenzie she is just dumb as a box of rocks. Now she is trying to act like she got pregnant BY her husband. No sweety, he's your husband because you got pregnant. She is 12 weeks pregnant and I heard they have been married 2 months. Sounds just about right that she found out she was 4 weeks pregnant and they ran right out and got married. Oh well hopefully it will all make for some entertaining TV. Dance monkey, dance!

How did you jump from 2 pregnancies, to three? She has been pregnant 2 times, and WHO CARES???

Wrong... she's had three pregnancies. She had a late term miscarriage before she had her son.

Did you not actually read the article? She had a miscarriage before she had Gannon.
Miscarriage + Gannon + this baby = 3

Hasn't she had 4 pregnancies. I seem to remember a miscarriage after Gannon was born?

I have been in disbelief since this news hit the blogosphere. I'm even more bothered that she so casually makes references to suicide. MTV really knows how to pick 'em.

seriously she is nothing compaired to Jenell...she isn't addicted to drugs she hasn't been in jail and she still has custody of her son. and as far as being sick...is she supposed to hide in a box the rest of her life at least she is out there doing something she is in college married to the love of her life with a son she loves. just because she is 18 doesn't mean it isn't possible its just not common.

It seriously perplexes me how casually she risks her own life, not to mention the life of her unborn child, by getting pregnant with her health condition. I swear I read an article that claimed one doctor told her to have an abortion the first time around because the risks were so great- what the hell is she thinking?
I had HELLP syndrome last minute when I was pregnant with my little one and it nearly killed me, could have killed my daughter as well. Doctors told me it was pretty likely it would happen again in future pregnancies- needless to say, I've put baby making behind me. I know Mackenzie is young but it seems like she should sit down and make a similar decision.

I hate to rag on this girl because she seems seriously unhinged and like she's on the edge, so I'm hoping she doesn't read this. There are so many things wrong with this situation I don't know where to begin. First of all, weren't her and the baby daddy broken up like 5 minutes ago? I could've sworn before the meltdown, the last I heard about her was that they were broken up. How can you be married and broken up? Well I guess you can be separated, but it doesn't say much for any long term stability especially if you throw filming and another kid into the mix.

The one thing about this chick..the birth control thing though. I. Can't. Deal. With. The. Birth. Control. Thing. First of all, any pregnancy she has is going to be extremely high risk because of her diabetes, but even with that aside, she's really going to say she doesn't want to take birth control because it might make her gain weight? Really?!!?! REALLY? MTV REALLY? I would say that any good the first set of teen moms did for making girls not want to get pregnant is going to be undone by TM3's token bimbos if they don't take action RIGHT NOW to make it clear that it is not okay to be so irresponsible and blame it on insecurity. I can't believe MTV is allowing her to perpetuate nonsense like that. First of all, birth control doesn't actually make you GAIN WEIGHT...some people even lose weight on birth control. For some women, it makes you have a stronger and bigger appetite, but if you can control your appetite (and it looks like she can) then you shouldn't have an issue. Not to mention how absolutely absurd it is to act like a few pounds of weight gain is more important to you than your health and your future child's health. I mean if that's what she actually thinks then she definitely SHOULD NOT be having anymore children. Also, USE CONDOMS or get a non-hormonal type of birth control. She is obviously not educated on all of the methods of non-hormonal birth control on the market like diaphragms, spermicide, vaginal inserts, cervical cap, sponge, etc. etc. Let's just throw this in here. http://www.drugs.com/article/non-hormonal-birth-control.html

Then there's the drama and the pity party...this is part of being on Teen Mom. Did this girl live in the dark and think that all the teen moms got praise heaped on them at every turn? No. People are downright cruel to all the teen moms, so if you can't handle that, don't be on the show.

MTV is really to blame here. Shining light on this girl's poor choice after poor choice, and her getting knocked up again reflects really poorly on them and really devalues any positive message they are trying to send on this show. How can they claim to be trying to prevent teen pregnancy when people ON THE SHOW are getting knocked up multiple times before they even turn 19? I will not watch Teen Mom 3 for this reason.

Not to mention the copper IUD, probably the easiest nonhormonal form of BC out there (especially because there's no potential user error with IUDs like with condoms).


All MTV sees are dollar signs, ready to milk the cash out of these cows dry. They don't care about what happens to these girls as long as they get ratings and moolah

Lol Mackenzie is the new Leah. There's always 1-2 dislikes in the comments that paint them in a bad light

Wonder where they come from.

Obsessed teen mom fanatics of course lol

Jenelle is still the absolute worst drama queen in the world.
This young lady is pregnan and fully within her rights to be hormonal.

This is crazy I still say this show glamorizes teen pregnancy if not please tell me how it doesn't

It absolutely glamorizes it! As much as these girls insist that it doesn't, they are still the ones dropping cash on plastic surgeries, new cars, clothes and housing that typical teen mothers would have no hope of affording. Oh, and let's not forget the drugs and partying! A teenage girl watching the show would never consider the possibility that her life will change dramatically with a child in tow, because all of these girls continue to live like they always would have lived.

Not just typical teen MOMS, young people in general can't afford shit like that unless they make EXTREMELY good decisions (working, saving, good credit, etc). These chicks make it look like you just "get stuff" when you're a grown up, just like most kids think being grown is all freedom and cool shit until they realize you have to work your ass off to make it. But that's not the reality portrayed by the series. It's ridiculous.

The first season of TM was the best because it hadn't yet been tainted by the MTV money.

This makes me ill.

This makes me so angry! These girls are SO careless. Getting married just so you can say 'I'm married so I can have another kid' is just ridiculous. These girls need a serious reality check. The teen mom 2 cast is bad enough with everyone getting pregnant a second time (not Chelsea, but Adam). And now Mackenzie? They're literally just showing that teen pregnancy is totally okay. Getting married so young is totally fine, even if you've known the person for a month. And having 2 kids by 20? Totally fine.

I don't understand why everybody is so upset about this. She's MARRIED. She can have all the babies she wants. I live in an area where lots of girls have multiple children at a young age, and maybe it's the same way where Mackenzie lives. I'm not her, so I don't know. I just don't think it's fair for everybody to judge her decision to get pregnant again. It's not like she's out getting arrested every 5 minutes with a new boyfriend.

Hi Mackenzie!

To use an old saying - if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? Living in an area where it is common for young girls to make poor choices doesn't give you a pass to do the same. Wise up and use birth control.

If you want to kiss ass go to another site we don't kiss ass here :) Who cares if she's married?

Being married doesn't make you mature overnight. It's such a stupid reasoning!

I wonder why these girls are so eager to have kids/families of their own.. If I was their mother, I would be looking at myself and asking where did I go wrong? I don't know how Mackenzie's mother acts, can't remember from her 16&P episode however I know in the case of Leah her mom is way more focused on being a friend than a mother. I, for the life of me cannot understand why people have to rush into having kids or being married, especially at the tender age of 16. Our generation is filled with babies having babies.

Throw the first stone cuz you will find yourself being judged worse than you all judge! Trust me, it is a guarantee but you won't realize it until way after the fact.
To each his or her own and not everyone will agree with everyone else. If she can be a good mom that's what counts. At least she isn't a baby killer or putting crap in her body that is not natural. Yes she had sex outside marriage, you do too. The society we live in today is all about me me me. Sad that we can't just be there for people to encourage them and not beat them down. If you have made mistakes welcome to humankind, just try to be kinder to others and not beat them down. If you get offended over something its a first sign you are feeling very convicted. Ask for forgiveness and mean it.

Uh, is that you Mackenzie? lol