Katie's New Tattoo

katie yeager

Teen Mom 3 star, Katie Yeager, is no stranger to getting tattoos. She's shown flaunted a sister tattoo, a spray-painting girl on her stomach, and her daughter's birthday on her arm, but her latest tattoo is stirring up some controversy online.

Katie's newest ink is located in a peculiar place: right between her breasts. Katie shared the following Tweet with followers on May 30th, and instantly people were asking questions about the new tattoo.


Through a little bit of snooping, we discovered that Katie's new tattoo looks like a keyhole, and we can only guess what a keyhole would mean that close to a young girl's heart.

Sadly, Katie hasn't revealed a meaning for her newest tattoo, and when she shared a picture, the criticism came rolling in.

Katie has received a lot of backlash for her previous tattoo choices, and she's remained pretty calm with all of the negativity, but shortly after revealing the cleavage tattoo, she deleted the picture, and shared the following message with her followers on Twitter.


While we can only assume that Katie's tweets were regarding something that was said about the new tattoo, we can't guarantee it.

Katie, who is now 21 years old, has been off of our television screens for almost 18 months, and it appears that she's trying to make a new name for herself without being a Teen Mom 3 star.

Also, a friendly reminder that a new episode of 16 & Pregnant featuring Jazmin is on MTV tonight at 10/9 Central time.

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Why does she have to be so bitchy about it? If she doesn't want people to comment about it, why post a picture? It should be a given that that's what people are going to do. Everyone has different thoughts on tattoos. I think its OK. Not horrible. But definitely better than that God awful thing she has on her stomach!

I thought the stomach one was KINDA cool but just a WEIRD as fuck placement. I really hated most of the TM3 girls but Katie was my least favorite, even over Alex LOL! She just has this know it all I'm better than everyone attitude and it's annoying.

She used to be one of my favorites until I followed her on twitter. She's a mean girl. She calls all the people who follow her "peasants" and is always acting superior to everyone. I can't stand that attitude in people. Honestly, I think Mackenzie is my favorite TM3 girl even though she's so irresponsible. But she's the nicest by far. I'd say Mackenzie is the best person of the four.

Peasants? Wtf? Why would she say that?

Is it wrong that I have a bone hammer looking at that tat?

She thinks she's being funny and it's so stupid

Sir LOL hey whatever tickles your pickle. I like boobs as a girl and not personally impressed.

True. Mackenzie is a complete moron but she doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her body. She hasn't been malicious the way the other girls of her season were. And everyone hates Alex because she yells (which is extremely annoying) but she worked three jobs, did school, and took care of her daughter so I have to give her props for that. She's been the hardest working out of all the teen moms.

I give her props too honestly. And I've seen Alex had to deal with Matt's new gf who is a complete psychopath and I'd be yelling too. Not to mention I heard he still doesn't have a job and doesn't pay child support. What a piece of shit...she might be nuts but at least she's a good mom and working. I didn't mind Mackenzie, she was adorable and dumb until she stole from another artist on Etsy. (She took an artists pictures and claimed they were hers). That pissed me off so bad.

I gotta agree you guys. All joking aside (which is hard not to do!) Alex did seem very responsible for her age. I was concerned how it was going to work out for her when she decided to keep Arabella and move back to her moms and her mom told her it was ALL going to be her responsibility. She must really love that child because she does make it work..school, 3 jobs and a baby. Granted her grandmother & mom and siblings helped out, but it was really only to watch Arabella while she was working her 3 jobs. POS Matt couldn't get it together to get 1 job. What a winner!!
Mackenzie did seem sweet..although I believe she had been pretty much sheltered her whole life and was way too naïve to how the real world is. I am glad to see her and Josh worked stuff out as well.
BUT..using someone elses work as your own is messed up. I appreciate that she is trying to contribute to her family, but use images of your OWN stuff. That was wrong on her part.

Agreed with you guys.

Mackenzie is my favorite because if I had to spend the day with one of them, I'd choose her. Alex never bothered me that much, and I think she actually is a good mom, so she's my second favorite. Then Katie- annoying as she is, she does parent and work. And Briana is my least favorite because she did pretty much none of the above.

OH GOD but I could NOT take Mackenzie's whining... OUR FAMILYYYYYYYYYYYY MY DIABETISSSSSSSS. Ughhhhh gag me. Briana is at the bottom for me too....or maybe Katie...hard to decide. Can you imagine what a know it all cunt she'd be? I did actually like briana's sister she cracked me up even if she was psychotic. Yea I could tolerate Alex...maybe with a few shots. Katie I know i would end up punnching in the ovaries for sure though.

Tyler's Trap Baby- You must not have gotten the memo. Katie is actually of a high class, and she probably is actually better than either you or me. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here and assuming that you did not see all of her footage. Perhaps you did not see that she actually almost went to college. This kind of puts her in the class of educated people, and that means she is automatically above the rest of the girls of Teen Mom who had no such dreams of higher education. College was her dream, and she almost actually went, so you might want to readjust your attitudes about her. She is (almost) educated and sophisticated, and that puts her a peg or two above the rest of the teen moms. If she would have actually gone, I would bet her grades would have been much better than yours or mine. We might as well realize that she would have been a serious achiever if she had bothered to actually achieve anything. Let's all cut this would be Phi Beta Kappa member some slack and realize that she could have actually really been something if she had actually done something.

I tip my eyepatch to you, sir. This was brilliant.

OMG LOL first off "I tip my eye patch off to you" has to be one of the best things I've read in my entire life. Thank you. That made my day/life/week. Conspiracy, hahahaaaaaaaaa I'm dying man. Well I WILL say she's a lot better than the trash that is Jenelle and Farrah. Nobody likes a smart ass though lmfao. But then she almost went to college, so that's way better than me who has no kids at age 29 and is graduating with a degree in psychology this week. I just fucking suck at life :(

HA! Crib Seller..that was one hell of an epic comment! "tip my eyepatch"..lol..lol...ohh..man, I gotta go pee!

TTB- Also, congratulations on your graduation. I am guessing that you are right now feeling as good as it is humanly possible to feel. Enjoy

Eh with the students loans and lack of job not yet but hopefully soon....thank you though!!! Katie will always be better though!

I think Katie is mad at us. Her tits definitely look depressed about our comments.

She wanted people to comment, but she wanted them to be comments of praise lol

I don't like it. I don't like the location of it. But thats just me. But yeah she has to understand that since she decided to be on Teen Mom that's what people are going to remember and associate her with even if she's not a teen anymore.

Artistically, it would look better if both sides matched. As far as placement, whatever floats your boat. With that said... a picture of a tattoo on her chest is rather tacky, especially when she's holding her boobs out of the way. My first thought when I saw the picture was "oh my..."

It looks kind of uneven to me, is that what you mean about the sides matching? I can't tell if it's just the angle of the picture or if it is actually not symmetrical.

Yea, that's what I meant when I said both sides didn't match.

Oh, I thought you meant her tits ;)

She is obviously someone who gives a great deal of thought to her body art and only gets tattoos that are really meaningful. I am sure that in the future her daughter will take comfort that as far as her mother is concerned, her birthday is on the same rarified list as the keyhole to her own funbags. A person has to have priorities, and it is important that the next guy who is fumbling with her bra straps in an alcohol-induced fog will get to see the keyhole and the daughter's birthdate all in the same magical evening.

I am really enjoying your snark on this topic, Conspiracy Man. I'm sure Molli will be proud of her mom's lopsided tattoo when she's a teenager. It won't embarrass her at all.

Yes, especially when they're all faded and wrinkled.

I completely agree with you. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the coolness of that piece of art. I don't know if you got the whole meaning of the new tattoo, since it has some pretty deep connotations, but I think it means that IF SOMEONE HAS THE RIGHT KEY, that lucky person gets to unlock that whole package. Damn, that's cool.

The only regrets that Katie will ever have about getting this sweet tattoo will be in the future when her daughter will keep whining and begging for her to show the tat to all her friends. Her friends, both male and female, will think it is soooooo coooool that Molli gets to have her birthday tattooed on the same body that can flaunt that ultra-classy masterpiece of knocker art. Some kids have all the luck.

Can you imagine all of the special times when Molli gets a little older and Katie can regale her of the tales of all her tattoos? . . .

"This one was a dare, and this one happened when Mommy got a little more wasted than usual. This one is a very special one that I got because this one guy I had the hots for told me he liked a tattoo put next to Mommy's special place. We met up later in his car in the parking lot and . . . "

That's hilariously sickening Randy! And sadly, probably true. Heh heh heh...:)

Sophia's Binkie- I have no idea why everyone thinks I am Randy. It's not that I am not completely flattered by the comparison to that outstanding human specimen, but it is just not true. Even though I have no special training or licensure in the art of dentistry (and it certainly is an art), I would like to remind you that a binkie at Sophia's age is just not good for Sophia's dental health.

You can look to other children on the Teen Mom shows to find better much role models for dental health. If we just pick one child at random, say we choose Aubree, just to name one example, you can see that her teeth are wonderfully straight. They are perfect, actually, but having these perfect teeth took a lot of work and discipline from her mother. Like any other child, Aubree wanted her binkie long after it was good for her dental health, but her mother was strong in helping to wean her off the binkie and the destructive dental consequences that the binkie could have caused her.

Damn it CM..you'll always be Randy to me. You can deny it all you want, but in my head I can just picture you (Randy) sitting there reading this stuff and laughing and typing back..lol..I am silly, I know!
Anyhow, you also know WAY too much about the ART of dentistry to not be Randy..AND, yeah, I know the binkie is horrible for Sophia at this age. The only reason she has it is so that Farrah wont have to listen to her. Sophia starts talking and BAM! in goes the binkie. By now, its just a habit..something to comfort her since her mommy's a whore. Hence..my name! :)

Well you see, you can only be on TM3 if you have tattoos. It's part of the requirement. That's why Kail and Jenelle are on it more than the others :)

I think Randy is awesome. I'm so glad I picked that one up! Snark away Randy (cough cough) Conspiracy Man! Your comments are always read in Randy's cool accent now anyway

LOLZ! I am glad you picked up on that too @Macis Red Cup! :) Randy IS awesome!
He has the best comments, and the ONLY way I can read them is in his accent and I can picture him making that "WTF are you talking about face" while saying it. LOL!

Yes! That would drive me insane. Like the little up-turned part is higher on the right than on the left.

She decided to be on 16 & Pregnant, and TM3 so she can't complain. Plus, she was mad because TM3 wasn't renewed, so she obviously enjoys the spotlight. Don't post something on social media if you don't want people to respond to it.

Lol I remember when it got cancelled and Alex was like WELL GUESS EVERYONE JUST LIKES WATCHING TRAIN WRECKS. Yeah as if the druggy you chose to be the father of the child and you yelling in the street weren't trainwrecks. These twats all thought they were better than everyone else, except Mackenzie who wasn't really able to form thoughts.

Right? Alex and heroin head were both HOT MESSES! Remember her episode of 16&P when she was thinking of giving Arabella up for adoption? She even moved into the house next door (with some weird ass woman) to where the hopeful would be adopted couple lived so they could be near her when she went into labor. It was her friends parents who couldn't have any more kids. Then, she changed her mind and moved home..that was crazy..yeah..she was a big enough train wreck for whole season. She was just pissed cause she'll have to keep teaching "dance" (or whatever the FUCK it was that she was doing at that dance studio)

YES and they are still trainwrecks! I had them on Twitter and had to unfollow. They both act like idiots. He dates this trashy whore and she bitches about it and it's just a hot mess.

I had almost forgotten about the near adoption. That seems so disjointed from the rest of her story.

Anyway, that dancing must be such an advanced art form that I am completely unable to see how it is any different than regular aerobics. I was floored when her team got a ribbon at that competition, and it made me wonder how completely crappy the other teams had to be. It would have been really comical to see it.

Either the other teams were even worse dancers, or it was like a special Olympics competition for club footed dancers (no offense to Special Olympics or people with club feet intended - I can't dance either, but I don't pretend that I can), or there were some other teams of dancers who were seriously cheesed off that the talentless team with the MTV cameras following it was awarded a higher rank than they did. I would have loved to have been there or seen a real depiction of the competition without the MTV spin. It seemed to me like Alex's team was all jazz hands and no real dancing.

YES. And she just decided she couldn't afford the rent and texted the damn woman about it while she was at her baby shower and they had to go pick up all her shit that the woman threw out on the street. Good for that woman. Take no shit.

Remember when Alex was getting a tattoo and her grandmother told her it would prevent her from dancing professionally? Yes, grandma, a tattoo is TOTALLY what's gonna hold her back.

Yeah not the fact her dancing looks like she's having a seizure. God not to mention the horribly slutty outfits they'd wear while dancing. That shit was lingerie. I wonder if Matt is still living in the forest.

@CM (Randy ;))..that was hilarious! You know, those "dancers" were probably rejects from other studios that formed their own "dance" team. And, I am pretty sure they only got the ribbons out of sympathy because the judges saw the MTV cameras there.

AND yes, TRAP BABY..the outfits were trashy ass lingerie. Remember when Alex threw a bitch fit because her mom thought they were a box of trash and threw them away so she had to buy new ones with her own money? I laughed my ass off b/c it should have told her something when her mom thought it was a box of trash! But NO..she bought the EXACT same things! LOL!
And, sadly, I am pretty sure Matt is still living in the woods. Or the park. Those were his digs. It was so funny..whenever Alex had to meet up with him, he just showed up out of nowhere walking out of the woods or was already chillin in the park with his backpack. LOLZ!

LOLLLLLLLL yea it was like where the FUCK did this weirdo come from? Nah I heard he's dating this broad and shacked up with her. They all like to fight on twitter but yea no idea if they are all just still living in the woods or what. He was an interesting character.... omg when Alex yelled at her mom for that shit...I laughed so hard. And i TOTALLY didn't blame that neighbor for throwing her shit out on the lawn! That was awesome

oh my god, finally sb else noticed, i never understood her "dance", remember those "costumes"that are mom accidentally threw out? and that recital...what were they doing? or maybe i'm not artistic enough to understand

YES! And, they got some kind of ribbon or award at the recital. I am pretty sure it was just a consolation prize for sucking. AND, I'm pretty sure they only did it because they saw the MTV cameras there. I have never seen dance like that. Dance Moms has dancers on it. These girls just looked like a bunch of drunk weirdos at the club or something. Maybe even worse. And the outfits? Oh..Don't get me started!

I don't understand when the girls say "I'm not a teen mom anymoreeee!" YES HONEY YOU ARE. Just because you and your kid are older now, does not mean you did not become a mother as a teenager. Having a child at 16 affects the rest of your life, and you will always be a teen mom. Plus, you were on a show called TEEN MOM. Get over yourself.

My first thought seeing this photo was how grossed out I would feel if my mother had a tattoo like this. Just be a mom already and stop acting like a child. There is no amount of money you could pay me to put a picture of myself like that on the internet, or to get some (very poorly done) tattoo between my breasts. The tattoo is really bad quality and that location is going to age very poorly.

She is also a huge breastfeeding advocate. Some view her future kiddos will have!

Just... yuck.

Maybe they will just have a bizarre key fetish.

Maybe if she doesn't want to be associated with Teen Mom anymore she should create new and private pages where she doesn't allow strangers to follow her. No? Would that simply be too easy?

Yeah then she wouldn't get the attention she desperately needs. I swear, these girls need therapy.


Pro tip - if you have to scream from the rooftops that you're a mature, independent adult, you're probably not.

I'm sorry, she's so fucking gross. So glad that TM3 go cancelled.

I wonder if there are any regrets in this "Teen Mom tattoo" circle yet. I have two very simple ones that I already want removed :(

@RED..I SURELY hope Amber regrets her tattoo. I mean, the meaning behind is nice and sweet, but GOOD LORD! Have you seen it? It's (supposed to be) Leah's face. Looks like Halloween mask instead. The scary kind. I would be SO sad for myself and SO mad at the tattoo artist. Then, I'd never, EVER show it to anyone. But, she did. :( The eyes can't unsee whats been seen.

Sophia LOL I think she REALLLLLLLLLLLY loves it. I think I remember her saying it looks just like Leah omg!!! Honestly I can't give the artist too much crap because ultimately it was a picture of a babies face...and it does SORTA look like Leah but even if it were more accurate I think it would still look stupid! Don't get me started on Maci's ugh

Right..Maci has a damn piece of notebook paper on her back with some shit scribbled on her. And that damn "bulletproof" tattoo on her shoulder? What does she think she is..some sort of gangsta?!

Yeah cause her 80 pound anorexic ass is soooo scary

Amber's tattoo makes Leah look like a hydrocephalic.

Lol did she think that Leah was going to be a baby forever when she got that tattoo?

I'm so curious what yours are! I can't imagine them being dumber than the girls on Teen Mom. LOL i don't regret this one at all, but it makes people laugh. When my cat Baron died from a really rare disease I was so sad about it and just got a little one of his name on my wrist. But people ask if it's my boyfriend so it's kinda awkward to explain, LOL not to mention the people that think I'm weird I have a cats name tattooed on my wrist, but I really don't care I loved the hell out of that cat. You got it for a reason so I wouldn't worry about it!

I have my horses name tattooed on my wrist!

That's awesome! People give me SO much crap to which I say at least it's not an ex-boyfriend. Once I said that to a girl giving me crap and she turned all red lolll awkward! Must have had it tattooed on her ass or something.

This is absolutely amazing. I do not have a tattoo--I know I'd experience major regret--but only three things in the world would be important enough for me to ink on my body permanently: my husband, my family, and my cats. Unfortunately, the way my husband and I rescue cats (we have three now), the list on my arm would be longer than Angelina Jolie's by the time I turn 50.

Off topic..but speaking of regrets when it comes to tattoos..have you guys seen "We're the Miller's"?. OMG..its hilarious. But anyway, there's a stripper who is really ditzy and her stage name is "Boner Garage". When asked why, she shows her tattoo. It is at her bikini line and literally says "Boner Garage" with an arrow pointing down towards her hoo-ha! And there this wanna be thug white boy that has "No Ragrets" tattooed across his chest. Jason Sudeikis' character is like "No regrets, huh? Not even one letter?"..and this guys is so dumb. He just says "nope". LOLZ!

I guess all that breast feeding she brags about left them things saggy as hell.

Saggy and extremely lop-sided. The first thing I thought if when I saw the tattoo was ewww, then I thought WOW those things are way off!! Maybe it's just the way she's holding them.

Which is why I wonder why the FUCK you would post that

Slightly off topic but I always wondered - why don't more girls from the shows breastfeed? I get that it's a bit harder than formula, but it's so much cheaper! I mean, they always complain about money and most of them seem to have the time on their side for it. Also I'm currently nursing and crossing my fingers my boobs don't get all weird - but if they do I won't tweet a pic of them!

Because they're uninformed and/or selfish assholes who think that breastfeeding is gross or will ruin their boobs (looking at you, Farrah.) Most of them don't even seem to TRY in the first place and that pisses me off. Your baby needs those first few hours/days/weeks of breast milk. It's beneficial to everyone involved. It's one thing if it's a situation where you can't breastfeed, I have no problem with that. But to just be like "Fuck it! I have WIC! Who cares about digestion and antibodies! I can't even spell colostrum!! Let's get drunk!" is just selfish.

I know that Jordan Ward tried breastfeeding, and then found out Noah had acid reflux, requiring a special formula...I don't know about the rest really...
I do think Mackenzie tried breastfeeding Gannon, I thought she was in her episode at least. And she has said she breastfed/feeds Jaxie at some point at least.
Lizzie (2a) tried breastfeeding as well, but decided after like a week it was too painful. She came from a more well off family, with a great bf/baby father, so she could afford it a little more.
A lot of seasons 4 & 5 appear to be breastfeeding, while others don't...Just depends on who you see, I guess! I would say about half at least attempt, but not sure how many stick with it.

It's not great, but I think we should count our blessings as far as Teen Mom tattoo artistry goes on this one (I'm looking at you Amber, Kail, Maci etc), but the placing is super tacky. And I don't say that lightly! I actually thought Katie was the best of a bad bunch on TM3 (not as whiny as Mackenzie, as angry as Alex or all round trashy as Briana) but in my book, breast-area tattoos are as trashy as they come. This is a close second to women with paw prints tattooed on each boob. If she doesn't want the hate, don't slap it all over social media! Silly bint.

Right? It's better than Kailyns disgusting skull tattoo and Maci's notebook paper...

I mean not by much but hey. My least favorite is still the god damn footprints moms seem to get (Catelynn, Alex). They are so played out and stupid to me.... Wonder if Catelyn will get a new footprint of this new trap baby. What if you hhave like 7 kids? It's just gonna be footprints walking up your back...so weird. Also I never questioned if my parents loved me since they didn't get tattoos of my name...tattoos of your kids or whatever prove jack shit... lol just look at Butch

Butch only has names tattooed so he can remember them.

I have had issues with my mother ever since she denied my request to get a tattoo of my infant head peeking out of her butt crack for all the sailors to see. I love Amber's tattoo and think it is the best of all the teen mom tattoos, but I think mine would have even beat hers, but for my bitch Mom denying me the feeling of being loved that a well-placed tattoo can instill in a young child.

"See where there are only 14 footprints instead of 28? That's when I was carrying you to the crackhouse because you couldn't walk."


Damn you Trap Baby! You did it AGAIN! "YOLO"! Girl, you gotta stop it. LOL! Its early, I have had 3 cups of coffee and I am trying to get my comments in while they are fresh on my mind, and of course, you just made me pee! I swear to God, I am buying Depends the next time I go to the store for the sole purpose of your comments!

LOLLL <3 I hate the term so much it's only used ironically!

The artwork is all jacked up. With better artwork and better placement it would have been pretty cute.

These girls need to stop paying sale prices for tattoos! You get what you pay for.

She really just should not have posted the picture.

Svenette: Hey there I actually am sorry I called you an idiot before. I just hate Farrah with a passion but that was rude of me. I also thought you were replying to me so I replied to you. To each their own, sorry I get a little passionate and get wayyyy too opinionated about these people sometimes. My bad.

Haha it's ok. It's fun to discuss these people. And even better when you don't have to have a filter about it. And Farrah does suck.

Word hey, at least we agree there! :)

Yeah Svenette, I am sorry too. I truly wasn't trying to come off bitchy, and its IS totally OK if we don't always agree, because sometimes we don't. My issue is that Farrah has been a fake bitch since 16&P and Teen Mom only got worse. Now she is doing what she's doing and expects anyone to think highly of her? Ya know? That's all. Anyway, welcome to our dysfunctional family!:)

It's not a horrible tattoo concept, but whoever tattooed it, didn't do a very good job. It's not even or symmetrical at all. It looks like it was drawn on free hand. It would look a lot better if it was even

Yes, everyone, she is a full-grown, independent adult who has HORRID taste in tattoos and loves to share that with the entire world via social media.

She is a full grown adult that is bitching to everyone she is a full grown adult!!!!!! And a lot more than a teen mom! Now she is a tattooed mom and she's better than all of us!!!!!!!!

While a very tiny part of me understands that people tend to judge based on labels and indeed she is no longer a teenager etc etc and has the smallest slither of sympathy for that, the rest of me goes "you must have known how it would be and that you would forever be a 'Teen Mom' and therefore should behave like an adult and just get on with your life"

I'm so confused as to how Katie is already 21 and Jenelle is still only like 21/22? They had their kids like four years apart.

This is about to prove how little life I have (should be doing my gov notes...oh well!)
Katie was born June 14, 1993- she will be 21 in a few weeks.
Molli was born August 18, 2011- Katie was 18 when she was born, one of a few moms who was, including Amber, Hope, and Chelsea to name a few.
Jenelle was born December 19, 1991 making her 18 months older than Katie- and will be 23 in December.
Jace was born August 2, 2009- he is 2 years older than Molli. It seems like they are so much farther apart, because the episodes were aired in 2009/10 and 2012/13...

18 and pregnant...

Yeah..I don't get the title 16&P. They should change it to something like "I'm a teenager and pregnant! Get me out here!"...like that dumbass show they had "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!"..or something. ANYTHING but 16&P because there really haven't been that many girls that have actually been 16.

After closer inspection of the picture, I truly hope that someone is holding her ta ta's up and out to show the tattoo. If not, Katie has a severe case of man fingers.

That's it. I'm not eating my lunch today.

That is the most uneven tattoo I a think I have ever seen.
I wonder if the artist was distracted by two boobs in his/her face? Or if Katie herself drew up this gem?

She probably drew it up and took it to the tattoo shop, then thought it would be SO cool and hardcore if the "artist" (he he..I mean, look at it!) did it freehanded. Well, see, that's what you get. I cant quite figure out if its the angle she standing or sitting at, or maybe her boobs are being held unevenly..oh hell, who I am kidding? Its just not good. Bad work, bad placement, bad photo. BAD IDEA KATIE! *smh*

It's time for Good Idea, Bad Idea. Birthdate of your child tattooed on your body, Good Idea. Lopsided tattoo that looks like it was drawn by an epileptic cow, Bad Idea. This has been an episode of Good Idea, Bad Idea. Tune in next week when we cover the birth of the human bread roll!


But you only love your kids if you have crooked ass tattoos of their names!

And here we are at the annual Teen Mom Awards with the award for the Teen Mom with the highest level of self respect, as evidenced by having the lowest number of embarrassing, cringeworthy tattoos . . .


And the winner is FARRAH ABRAHAM.

Ms. Abraham cannot be with us tonight due to a scheduling conflict with a genital molding company. Here to accept her award is Michael Abraham.

HA! Good one. Fortunately for Farrah, she hasn't put poorly done tattoos in weird places on her body. UNFORTUNATELY for Farrah, she does have that idiotic "Mom" tattoo on her ankle. Can you believe that shit? She was asked about it, and said that she got if herself. Not for HER mom like most people would that were looking for that type of tattoo. No..she got it for HERSELF because she is a good mom. Blow it outta your ass Farrah!

Sophia's Binkie- That completely blows my mind. I did not hear that she had gotten any tattoos, but that one is so perfectly Farrah Thanks for telling me about it. I wonder if Fallon Opal is going to have any body art? I am guessing that Fallon might have gotten some plastic surgery in the recent past, but I don't know if she is going to have any tattoos.

No prob Randy! ;)..here's the link for the ankle one:
AND..apparently she also has a naked mermaid on her arm. Ick. Anyway..here the link:
Besides..you know no porn "star" would be complete with them! :)

Awesome, thank you for that.

I'm 90% sure those are not real tattoos.

Rae. I'm 90% sure that NOTHING on Farrah is real.

Maybe she's a robot....except not smart

Well, ya'll know what? I am 100% sure that Farrahs a bitch whore lying skank douchebag. :)

That'll probably be pretty easy for her.

Blow it out your ass Farrah! Hahahahah she does that! Quite literally!!

You know, awhile back it was suggested that we do some sort of "Awards" on this site, and the "worst tattoo" award would certainly be the most difficult to come to a consensus on. There would need to be an entire post on all of the Teen Moms with tattoos first, a comprehensive list of all of the "art" that these kids will be mortified by in the future. Having said that, Amber might win for the tattoo that mortifies her child the most. Leah's gonna hate that thing.

That would be an incredibly tight race.

Tight, but oh so loose at the same time.

True Dat.

God can we please do that?

Megan, can you hear us? You could probably just post a paragraph about it, and we can take it from there in the comments.

If she makes a poll that would be amazing.

Winner would be Kail's backpiece mural for me, no questions asked. That thing is RATCHET! (and I don't even use the word ratchet) There is no amount of money in the world that you could pay me to put that dumpster fire of a tattoo on my body. I can't believe she commissioned somebody to create that. And the thing is fucking HUGE!

Honorable mentions would be Maci's notebook paper and cupcakes "to honor her mom, brother, and dad". Gag. I die a little bit every time she spews her try-hard stories behind her ridiculously generic or just horribly thought-out tattoos. And my sleeper pick would be Tyler's belly-button Carly tattoo. The placement could literally not be stranger.

Kails skull too holy hell

Kailyns tattoos make me shudder. Its just NOT attractive (in MY opinion) for a lady (using that term VERY loosely here guys!) to have a sleeve tattoo unless it fits you. It doesn't fit her. And I mean "fit" by it being your style. You know..trendy different colored hair, crazy clothes, piercings..maybe in a band..whatever. But not a chick with long blonde hair that wears dresses all the time and wants to be taken SO seriously. Ah shit..I am having trouble explaining, but I am sure you guys get what I mean!

I get what you mean @Sophiasbinkie. That skull doesn't suit Kail at all. I hate the Catelynn "Carly" footprint. I know someone who did that with her first child - footprints and his name in gigantic letters. Too bad she had another kid with a really long name. There's no room for it on her back!

Randy Michael would only be available to accept if he was given permission from Valium induced Deb and Fallon-oops, Farrah-herself gave permission.

These girls really need to learn that a $20 tattoo is not a good deal in the long run.

Katie reminds me of Kailyn and I dislike both of them A LOT. They both do things for attention. Of COURSE you are going to get backlash for this Katie! You knew that! Don't complain about it now! It's rather pathetic... Get over yourself katie

Lol if she didn't want backlash, then she wouldn't have posted the picture. And she wouldn't have then drawn more attention to it by tweeting about it again...and again.

Kail and Katie both like to shock people with their know it all idiocy

"Wow. WOW. ...wow...that's terrible." Those are the thoughts that went through my head upon seeing this picture.

Your username always makes me cackle. And today it's sent me into coughing fits about 8 times already. Worth it.

Is this referring to Gracie AKA Aleeah as Lucifer? How amazing...good job

I believe it's in reference to that insane satan baby doll in Leah's house in one episode. Someone asked what the hell it was and another person answered that it was Aleeah's alter ego, Gracifer.

HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA! That's even better. WTF was with that doll lol! She said it was a Halloween decoration but geez...good job on being scary. And not just her hair and makeup.

WTF?! I NEED to see this doll. I haven't yet..but I am hearing SO much about it. Gotta go see is Google has any results for me...

HOLY FUCK! I saw the doll. That mother fucker is creepy! It said that someone asked Leah what the hell it was about, and she laughed and said it was a decoration from a Halloween party they had. That's cool and all, but the damn doll is just sitting there on the bed like a stuffed animal would be! OMG..my eyes are burning!

Is she competing with Joey in the tattoo stakes? WHY? Would you get a tatto between your tits? WHY would you put it on social media? And then WHY get shitty when people voice their opinion about it? And obviously got all butt hurt cos she took the photo down.

I knew a girl in high school who was just DEAD SET on getting a sternum piercing. I had no idea what the hell that was and I assume it's some sort of dermal tattoo but oh dear god that just sounds miserable/trashy.

A septum is actually that weird bull nose ring, I never understood why people thought it was cool but meh whatever float your boat I guess.

Katie looks more awkward with tattoos than Kail. Katie reminds me of a middle school girl that desperately wants to be edgy idk why but that's the vibe I get.

Haha I always got that too. But then she just ends up just looking middle aged. Well her boobs to be precise. Senior citizen bewbs actually. That modeling....god if TM3 were still around my name would be Katie's Modeling Career. That shit was hilarious and sad.

@Trap Baby..around here where I live, they have fashion shows and shit at the mall. Its just a bunch of unfortunate/average looking girls that walk a runway in the mall showing off the stores newest items for each season. These girls call themselves "models". Its SO funny. They will literally take anyone to do it, so its not some kind of elite club. That's the kind of modeling Katie was probably doing. And since it was on a TV show..all the better...lol

God I posed for some pictures once (not skanky ass ones like Katie) but I would never call myself a model LOL

Looks like crap

It's lopsided like her face. (Sorry I hate her). Not. Sorry.

I say with some conviction that without fail, all the Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant girls tattoos are awful, but Katie's, as well as being dreadful, are all so poorly done. I don't quite get how it is that lopsided when the tattoo artist would have worked from a stencil. It's literally just following lines for the outline. And don't get me started on that damn girl thundering Skittles across her belly button...

Kails' are also awful in the sense that she doesn't suit them in the slightest, they are very generic and scream I GOT THESE TO LOOK COOL, but at least they are well done.

But the lopsided tattoo matches her face and tits so maybe it's really straight? o_O

That's deep Trap Baby. I had to use my brain on that one. Now my head hurts!

Hey guys. Nikkole has been stalking us. Every single comment on Megan's previous post about her apartment fire that bags her out, got down voted. Except two or three that said they felt bad for the pets. Stupid attention whore.

Oh hell, we're always getting stalked by someone, but you know what? I don't care. That's not going to prevent me from saying that I think..if they don't like it, tough shit. They should have never put themselves in the public eye on a damn TV show if they couldn't handle it.

ALSO..if they are going to bother to come here and thumb us down, they should totally join in the convo. We'd welcome them..he he he! ;)

They know we'll rip em a new one lmao

It honestly makes me laugh that people get so butt hurt over my silly comments on a teen mom site

@Trap Baby..I know, right? Its SO ridiculous. And if you read over our conversations, they're usually not THAT serious anyway, so what's to be butt hurt about?

It's like she wonders why everyone dislikes her . . . where do I start?

HAHAHAHAHA. She should have thumbed me down (i was the one that said that about the pets) because I think she is a ratchet cunt just like everyone else does.

.I JUST WANNA KNOW WHERE DA KEY AT.. GIVE ME DA KEY, I WANT DA KEY! (Tribute to the 'I wanna know where da gold at' leprechaun sighting YouTube video lol)

But seriously what is the purpose of this? Is she suggesting that her heart is on lockdown or something? Cause if so, the lock is in the wrong place, as your heart is on the left side of your chest. She's a wise one!

I felt so sorry for Joey the whole time, he works during the night to provide for the family while she bitches at him ALL the time

Lol the guy would come in covered in soot and she did NOT even give a damn lmao...

Oh God, I know. He looked like a dirty hobo whenever he came home, and looked SO tired. Bless his heart. I can see why his fuse was so short, and then throw in the fact that Katie never acted like she appreciated anything he did? I thought their first house was cute, I'd live there! But NO..she wanted to move to the NICE, NEW apartments they just built in the area. I hate people like that. See where it got her?

That tattoo is not symmetrical at all and it's pissing me off. It's crooked and tacky. Terrible artist. Hope she didn't pay over $50 for that (she did.)