Teen Mom 3 - Katie Yeager All But Confirmed For The Cast

katie yeager

Look, I'm not really one for absolutes when it comes to predictions because the one thing I hate more than bees is being wrong.

While it may be common speculation that Katie Yeager is going to be on Teen Mom 3, I think photos of the MTV crew at her daughter's birthday party confirm it for me.

Sure, I may have been 98% sure before, but at least I can say I'm 100% on this one.

Let's take a jog down memory lane...

Katie Yeager was the girl from Wyoming who was obsessed with going to school in Denver. I'm pretty sure she was one of the few who actually graduated HS before the episode aired, and appeared to be the most 'down to earth' 16 and pregnant mom.

Her episode was actually fairly dull, which is why she only got 30% yes votes for appearing on Teen Mom 3.

It appears that her time on the show won't be as dull as the episode, as her boyfriend "Coal Miner Joey" was caught cheating on her with some girl who is trying to introduce a sideways duck-face.

Generally the seasons end around the birthday parties, so there is a good chance that we'll not only see more photos like this from the other speculated moms, but the season will be heading to editing to prepare for it's debut.

Teen Mom 2 is going to be airing in the fall, but my guess is Teen Mom 3 will debut either following the season finale of TM2, or they'll push it back to sometime in January or February.

What are your thoughts on Katie being on the show? And if you say "Omg, old news, we already knew this" I'll smash my head into the monitor.

I know Katie was long rumored to be on the show, but these photos 100000% confirm it.



Yay! I liked her!

I found her episode very dull. All she wanted was to move regardless of anything else. MTV needs to revamp and so up to date shows not months later some are almost a year old by the time they air.

Agreed! That way when things air on the show they will actually be a surprise, not something that we remember happening almost a year ago that they tried to hide/pretend didn't happen and then by the time it airs we don't really care about it anymore.

Other reality shows manage to do it much more up to date. Dance Moms airs 6-8 weeks after it's filmed

I think the whole season will be a snoozefest. None of the girls (save a couple) were particularly interesting.

I hope Briana turns out to be the fourth girl, I really liked her.

I liked her episode, too. She seemed nice and quite smart.
But damn, check her twitter. I believe what appears on TV doesn't show the real personality, it is always edited to be more dramatic. But unfortunately, nobody can edit her tweets to make her look better. And her twitter looks like it is run by a baby monkey.

Her episode was so boring. I'm really not looking forward to watching her.

I won't mind the show being "boring" if it means I don't have to practically cry at how dysfunctional and abusive people are. It would be nice to see some positivity instead of drama, perhaps.

Ok, so TM3 moms are McKenzie, Katy, probably Briana and who else?

*Katie ;) Sorry.

alex. she had a 90 minute episode. she thought about adoption because her boyfriend has drug problems but didnt go through with it

She never really thought about adoption. She knew she was gonna keep that kid. And she was so fucking selfish for doing it. She had nothing. No plans, no support, nothing. I couldn't stand that girl.

while i think she always planned to keep her baby her episode was the only one this past season who really took a look at the issue

I think its great Alex kept her baby. What's wrong with wanting to parent your own child? Is she a drug addict? Is she homeless? Does she not work? Does she not take care of her baby? I understand giving up your child so he/she can have a better life but I think its great that she had that drive to give her baby a good life regardless of all the obstacles put in front her.

I forgot if Alex had a boy or girl so I tried to keep it neutral.

Are the cameras there for Teen Mom 3 or for the 'Where are they now' special?!

Couldnt stand her voice for some reason. Was totally bored and didnt even make it through her whole show.

Ugh. Her episode put me to sleep.

She's so boring. Hopefully she can bring something to the table on TM3.

I honestly can't see Teen Mom 3 being very successful. People stopped caring about 16 & Pregnant a while ago so no one even remembers who these girls are. Not to mention it's all getting so repetitive. The franchise just seems like it's been beaten to death.

I totally agree. Hell, I was tired of 16 & pregnant after the 2nd season. I can't even remember 3/4 of the season 3 or 4 girls. I barely watched :/

I got sick of the 16&preg after the season with Jenelle,Chelsea and them. Im not interested in TM3 at all, and I will not be watching. I will be watching TM2 though because im already invested in the girls. i think the only people who will be watching TM3 are the little teenie boppers who think its "cool" to get pregnant at 16.

Her episode was so boring that after 5 minutes I quit watching. There doesn't need to be tons of drama to make things special but the characters have to be somewhat likable. I think they should air TM2 and then do a 16 and Pregnant season and hope they can pull from that cast. Or instead of Teen Mom do 16 and Pregnant Revisit where they do an episode checking on each girl and their lives a year or so later.

I'm so deeply bored by Teen Mom that I came to a blog about Teen Mom to bitch about how I don't care about it.

Uh, ever think they're filming the "Where are they now?" special? They're usually shot when the kids are a year..

Im happy with the girls that they chose. Mackenzie is my favorite. Katies episode was boring but thats a good thing. It means she doesnt have drama in her life and that shes a good mom. The girls in this season of 16 and pregnant were alot more mature than the previous seasons.

What are you talking about????

Mackenzie first off flat out said that just didn't like birth control because she didn't want to get fat. Wtf?? And even on the reunion she still says she's not doing anything to protect herself. She was also very selfish in wanting her boyfriend to give up something he likes because it's dangerous, but completely ok for her do something she loves that's still dangerous. (fyi, you can get hurt doing almost anything) She was pretty damn immature.

Katie was stupid in thinking that she could just up and move out just cause she got knocked up and have this great little family without actually being realistic. I will hand it to you on that, she did seem pretty mature and realistic, but she was also in a fantasy world and stupid.

Briana, omg, that girl was just annoying. Completely immature.

Lindsay was ok. But she still was an idiot for trying too hard with that idiot boyfriend of hers.

Alex pissed me off the most. She was just a selfish little twit. She should not have kept that child. She was completely irresponsible, immature, and selfish. I did not like her.

Jordan sucked because she was just two-faced to both her mother and her boyfriend.

Myranda wasn't bad.

Hope was pretty immature in the beginning of her episode, but she did wise up and get a little more realistic in the end.

Sarah, I don't remember too much of her episode cause I usually tune out the ones where all the couple does is argue about stupid shit.

Sabrina was a crybaby.

Devon was hilarious. I had no problem with that girl.

Kristina I felt bad for. And it was a little heartbreaking to watch her episode, only to find out that she rebounded really quick. Then she just reminded me of Leah Messer. Feel like she was just getting married for the sake of being married. Kind of an immature thing to do.


Sorry for the long post but they were not mature. They were like every other season of this show. Stupid, ignorant, immature teenagers. And I'm sure many people watch the show for the same reason I do, for the laughs and the drama.

I know Katie and the cameras were filming for their where are they now episode, she is not on teen mom 3, even though she would if liked to x