Welcome To Teen Mom 3, Katie Yeager; Catches BF Cheating

katie yeager

katie yeager teen mom 3(Brigette White - left | Joey and Katie - right)
Image courtesy of Starcasm

First off, I'm going to put Katie Yeager at 99% for Teen Mom 3. I've had multiple hints personally, and Starcasm even says it and they're like super twitter friends with Katie.

With that said, being on Teen Mom wouldn't be complete without the breakup of the relationship (Tyler and Catelynn with the only exception). This makes me wonder, is it the show or just being so young that causes breakups? I think it may be a combination of both honestly.

I'm going to guess roughly 98.2% of all relationships that start before the age of 18 don't last very far past 22, if that.

When you combine a child (which is very hard to raise), and in their case sudden fame, that puts already bleak odds even worse.

In Katie Yeager's case, she caught her boyfriend Coal Miner Joey with some girl named Bridgette White, also a mom with very large sunglasses.

Here are some of Katie's tweats that I stole from Starcasm's page because I like letting them do the dirty work sometimes...

- Don't tell me you're sorry cause you're not baby when I know you're only sorry u got caught But u put on quite a show u really had me going

- A homewrecker is a type of girl I will never understand. Hope your happy bitch

- @SoDamnTrue: No, I'm not jealous of your new girlfriend. I feel sorry for her, because she's dating an unfaithful selfish assh0le.

One thing that's never happened to me (*knock on wood*) is catching someone cheating on me. I did catch an ex in a suspicious situation, and that alone was a painful experience, but if Katie caught Coal Miner Joey with Sunglasses, I feel for her.

That has to be 10x more painful than anything I went through in my situation. I'd like to say I can relate, but I can't.

On the positive side, if she is indeed on Teen Mom 3 (she is), he's going to be looked at like a total scumbag, and she's going to make some decent cash and can live it up like Jenelle. Wait..

umm, maybe that's not a good idea. Perhaps Catelynn can do some mentoring of the new crew.

I like Katie, and she'll rebound just fine because if I recall, she was one of the moms who had a super good head on her shoulders.

If she's reading this, keep your chin up and the pain will eventually go away!


I really liked Joey on her episode. WTF man. He seemed like a good dad too. Hopefully this doesn't effect his relationship with Molli, because it shouldn't. It's between him and Katie, Molli doesn't need to be caught in the cross fire of this situation.

He is really good loooking but goes for not so pretty girls. Eh, maybe there's just not too many to pick from in Wyoming.

I almost wonder if this is just an MTV ploy. I mean they were pretty happy together, she was probably the only one on the show who had a brain, minus wanting to move our so soon, but really? They have no drama going on and all of a sudden rumors fly that they are gonna be on TM3 and he cheats? I don't buy it..

I called my ex when we were dating and another girl answered. I first thought it must be his sister.(i hadnt met her yet) but later i found out he had been hooking up with a girl at that very moment :( it hurts. Whats worse is that we were both 2timed by him and it still bothers me 5 years later

Mtv must influence this. I also think they gave maci the idea to go see ryan on his trip.

I'm bummed cause he seemed like an awesome guy. I too think its a MTV setup.

woahhh. I know Brigette. That's insane!

I know OF Bridgette... She gets around...

Another fame whore? Or just a whore in general?

I think this has to be MTV's doing... especially if she has to keep posting subliminal tweets, it plays up the drama.

Katie is a really good mom and is mature for her age, she's just boring. But that doesn't give Joey any reason to cheat. Ever. Judging from that picture he looks like a total pothead, and that Bridgette chick is just a total skank. Have some boundaries girls! And morals!

None of you know the whole story.... my daughter brigette i a good person..not a home
wrecker...these children are just becoming adults and with that comes many changes..
i am for joey and brigette...they made an awesome couple years ago and i still feel that way
today...love you guys...

A good person does not get involved with a man or boy that is in a realtionship that makes her a home wrecking whoreand if I was u I wouldnt be proud of her at all u should of taught her better morals

I think its funny that everyone here will judge based on what the site has told them. Something was put up about a fan saying Katies daughter was a mistake and everyone assumed that the fan had said something to Katie and commented saying that she should delete that fan because they were only on her page to be nosey when in reality no one had said anything to her or about her she took a comment that was writen about the whole show and made it just about her by only showing what she wrote in response and leaving out that the comment wasn't on anything of hers and didn't have her name in it at all. It also said nothing about her daughter being a mistake. You'd be suprised how different a situation looks when it involves two people and you only have one side of the story.

[...] the show won’t be as dull as the episode, as her boyfriend “Coal Miner Joey” was caught cheating on her with some girl who is trying to introduce a sideways [...]

Hmmm so people think a teen boy won't cheat on his girlfriend who is a teen mom just because "they seemed good" together and MTV is involved? Seemingly happy men cheat often and having the added pressure of being a teen dad does not help. I doubt she has agreed to tarnish a good relationship just for attention.

[...] as her crackhead ex-bf is off in his own world.  Katie will take the role of the girl with the cheating douchebag bf/ex-bf.  I’m not sure what role Briana will play mostly because I was sleeping during her episode [...]