Teen Mom 3 - Cast Basically Revealed

Alexandria Sekella

It's been one of MTV's worst kept secrets on who will be starring in the new Teen Mom 3 series, but the girls basically confirmed it recently by tweeting to each other about how excited they were about their upcoming meeting.

I mean talking about serving it on a silver platter, you have Alex tweeting Mackenzie, Briana, and Katie about how excited she is about them all getting together.

While it's pretty much been 99% confirmed that Mackenzie, Alex and Katie were going to be on the show, the mystery girl has been the 4th.

It's been heavily rumored that Briana Dejesus would be that mom, but that was mostly due to the process of elimination with the other moms denying being on the show.

I'm not sure exactly how I feel about this cast yet. Mackenzie is likely going to be cast as the next Maci, but the rest is up in the air. Alex will probably take the single mom role, as her crackhead ex-bf is off in his own world.

Katie will take the role of the girl with the cheating douchebag bf/ex-bf. I'm not sure what role Briana will play mostly because I was sleeping during her episode =/ She is the one 16/pregnant girl I missed this season, and she's the 4th one to be cast..

just my luck. Melinda said her episode was good, but I don't know what role they're going to have her fill.

Anyway, I guess their time to sit on the couch with Dr.Fraud is coming up soon, and they're all excited about the reunion.

On the bright side, it appears we'll have another crop of moms who forget that everyone can read what they tweet, which will hopefully lead to plenty of good Teen Mom 3 stories.


i thought it would be briana :) i'm glad because i really liked her the most out of everyone this past season!
and baby nova is super adorable!

Briana was my favorite from "16 and Pregnant" too. Watching how things played out between Briana & her sister was really compelling, and heartbreaking at times. I'm sure there's bound to be drama between her and her worthless baby daddy -- should at least be interesting!

I couldn't stand her. She was so whinny and annoying and wanted to be catered on all the time. I liked that one comment her sister made. "You're pregnant, not disabled." She was just really immature.

I loved Brianna on the show, but she seems TOTALLY different on twitter. She uses all kind of racial and prejudice slurs. It shows how uneducated she really is. I still admire her story more than most of the girls the show has featured, but I don't necessrily think I'll enjoy her presence on the show. Her character seems like it needs a lot of maturing.

Did you see when she admitted to having chlamydia?! Briana is a mess!

Who the hell are they?

They're the girls of season 4, duh!

Do you love Melinda? :)

Shh, don't tell anyone.

Too late, I already found out. ;)

OH WOW! look more money hungry sluts lmao such a shame

Hey its a job and just because they have babies dont mean their sluts.

Babies at 16*

Lol, are you a pregnant 16 year old?


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Brianna will be the one with a shitload of family drama.

Briana kind of annoyed me. I'm not sure why, her episode of 16&pregnant was good. She seems to have a rational head on her shoulders from what I can recall of her episode, but for some reason she just rubs me the wrong way. You know when there's a celebrity or someone famous and for no explainable, logical reason whatsoever you just can't stand them? Yeah.. she's like that to me. Who knows, maybe as her story progresses on TM3 my opinion will change...

Briana's annoyance may have stemed from her whiny accent.

Im happy that katie will be on it she lives in my town and stuff like this dont happen here!

You should be more proud that stuff like this doesn't happen in your town.

You think Briana's segments are going to be boring? I don't think so. She will have a lot of family drama. I like mackenzie, but I think her parts will be much more boring. Not saying it's an incredibly bad thing... basically I just think she is the most stable, and has the most stable boyfriend/family and she never really sticks up for herself because she's too nice.

Katie is my favorite and I'm excited to see where her story goes.

I wish they brought Kristina on as one of the girls.

Alex will be the Jenelle... maybe not in trouble with the law, but she is bound to be this season's "hot mess".

I don't think so. Jenelle neglects her baby but Alex works for her.

I just hope the fame and money don't go to their heads like it did with the last two bunches. They all seem fairly sweet and likeable. Fingers crossed being on Teen Mom doesn't ruin that.

I wonder how many seasons before Mackenzie and her baby daddy break up. Fame changes ppl

I'm surprised they're still together. They weren't getting along very well in their 16 & Pregnant episode. He was being selfish all the time with his stupid rodeo bullshit, and then he yelled at her about it.

Why is his rodeo any different then her competition cheerleading?

It's not. Cheerleading, especially the crazy stuff they do for competitions, can be really dangerous. You probably have a better chance of being killed outright in a rodeo, but as far as cheerleading goes, if you don't know what you're doing, or if you mess up in a certain way, you could stand to get severely injured. I think that BOTH Mackenzie and her boyfriend needed to realize that the moment they became parents, their activities became less important than their baby.

Of course, some of the teen moms STILL don't seem to realize that. *coughjenellecough*

1. Maci, Chelsea, Mackenzie
2. Catelynn, Leah, Brianna
3. Amber, Jenelle, Alex
4. Farrah, Kail, Katie

1- The sweet girls from the good families, most of their drama centers around their relationships.

2- The girls with family drama, their parent's all play a large role in their segments

3- The "hot mess" girls. The one's who don't care about their kids like they should, think they are always right etc. Usually involves domestic violence.

4- The go-getters, they may not be very likeable, but they go to school and are generally good mom's and have goals. Focuses on juggling school and work with raising a baby.

Although their situations are all a little different, this is basically the theme MTV goes with every season. Gotta get the girls that fit the mold.

I think Farrah is in a completely different category, far away from anybody else. Nobody has ever liked her. Katie and Kail were likeable in their 16 & pregnant episodes.

Nah she's definitely in that category, although she's lacking in the "good mom" part, she is the only one from TM1 to graduate and really do anything...

ehhh, I disagree. I liked Farrah in her 16 and P episode. Especially after I found out all the stuff about Derek. You can actually visibly tell in her episode when Derek dies. Her attitude COMPLETELY changes. She goes from being a bratty, but normal teenager that thinks she knows everything but usually comes around in the end to completely detesting her mother's opinon on anything.

I've appreciated her the same way I did Ryan: they've always been honest. They really don't care what you think of them and have a very "Love me or hate me, I am who I am" mentality. Maci partied as much as Farrah through Bentley's first year but she did it when the cameras weren't there. After S1 of TM was when Farrah just got out of control and basically impossible to defend or like.

I wasn't talking about how the girls actually ended up being, I was talking about MTV's general mold for what they wanted the girls to be portayed as. Obviously, Maci and Farrah are good examples on girls who didn't stay in their "MTV mold," for better or for worse.

I wasn't talking to you. I was replying to oyy.

I agree except I would have to switch Chelsea and Leah on those lists. And I didn't Luke Farrah but she definitely is a go getter

Katie is soooo boreing... I like Alex... Mackenzie will be funy and Briana drama all the time...

How the hell did you like Alex??!!

I think what I hate most about Alex is her ignorance about carseat safety. I mean, it's one thing to not know... it's another thing to get mad when people try to inform you that your carseat situation is extremely unsafe.

I didn't like Alex because I thought she was insanely selfish. She had no intention of giving the baby up for adoption and rather than admit it and actually plan and save for the baby's arrival she played for time and tried to stall everyone. She whined when the baby's father wouldn't support her when he not only made it clear that he had no intention of doing so, but that he had a drug addiction. One of the most immature girls so far.

I agree. You know you're an idiot when your drug addict boyfriend makes more sense than you do. I was on his side the whole episode.

Agreed. I know Matt was a douche, but I actually pegged him as one of the most self-aware people the show has featured. I remember them having a conversation on a couch and it was the most logical and well thought out statement that either of them had made throughout the entire episdoe. He was fully knowledgeable and let EVERYONE know that fatherhood was not something he was going to enjoy/be able to handle. He knew he would love drugs more than that baby, and he tried as hard as he could to let everyone know that. I just couldn't find it in myself to feel bad for Alex when it was so strikingly clear that Matt was letting her know that he would make even the worst of them not look half-bad. It wouldn't have been annoying if Alex had just dropped the whole "family" thing and accepted that she was going to be a single mom. It's a shame, but I actually had more sympathy for her bf than I had for her.

So which one(s) will be contributing to the Teen Mom album of mugshots?

I wouldn't be surprised if Briana and Alex's baby daddies already have them.

Anyone knows when is this season airing or something?

Nope....don't even know when Teen Mom 2 is starting, but I think it's safe to say we won't be seeing Teen Mom 3 until season 3 of Teen Mom 2 is complete. Plus, there's rumors that they're just about to film the reunion for Teen Mom 3. Considering MTV usually shows reunions 8-12 months after they've been filmed, we're probably in for a bit of a wait.

Katie is the only one I like. She seems to have an awesome head on her shoulders and really respect herself. When Joey cheated she didn't take him back right away (or at all, yet)and then blame her lack of self-respect on "wanting a family". She admitted that she was blinded by love and that she won't take him back unless he changed. I actually liked her BF though. I thought he'd be a deadbeat but ended up being one of, if not THE BEST, dad from the getgo this show has featured. Definitely judged that book by it's cover and he proved me wrong. The sacrafices seemed to come equally from both sides whenever Katie got pregnant. Even after the breakup Katie said he continues to be an awesome dad. I see fame going to her head the least. I think she'll be the all american girl who just made an honest mistake that MTV wanted Maci and Leah to be.

I really don't care for any of the other girls. MacKenzie is delusional and even more naive then your regular 16 year old HS cheerleader with a baby, Briana seems really immature by her twitter, and Alex just seemed annoying and crazy. I'm not exactly convinced MacKenzie and Alex weren't a little bit excited as soon as they found out they were pregnant if you get what I mean...

Agree 100%! I thought I liked Brianna until I started following her on twitter...

I really liked Brianna on 16 & Pregnant as well...I didn't realize she made ignorant, racist comments on Twitter until I read it here. It's gonna be hard to like her now!

I only remember Mackenzie (and her rodeo clown boyfriend) and Katie.....Regardless, their season is probably going to suck worse than Teen Mom 2.

Brianna was somewhat likeable on her 16&pregnant ep, but since seeing how she tweets, i think she put on a big act infront of the camera's. The girl is ghetto.

I can't be the only one who doesn't like any of these girls.

I thought Mackenzie was likable enough in her episode, even though very naive, but it was her after show interview that had me convinced this girl was bricks. She states that she hates being called a mom. She continued tumbling until she was 4 months pregnant when her coach found out and forced her out. And to this day, she's still not on birth control.

Katie was so smug and superior to others it makes me crazy. Her, "the whole world should run on Katie time" quote drove me insane. She's definitely going to be the "Maci" of this season. Pooooor single mom who has to do everything herself, while in school full time and working two jobs. Wonder who is actually raising her kid.

Brianna came across as really whiny. I think it will be good to show the more realistic side of abortion, where you feel upset and maybe a little regret afterwards, instead of that abortion special where they showed college kids who got an abortion so they didn't have to tell their parents they got pregnant (yet told MTV ..) and seem way too proud of themselves. I suspect her segments will be boring if MTV asked 3 other girls to have the fourth spot before going to her.

Alex is the definition of an attention whore. She got on the cast of 16 and pregnant, not by auditioning, but by commenting her story and cell phone number begging MTV to call her on every forum on MTVs site. I would not be surprised in the slightest to find out she got pregnant to be on the show. "I was on the pill and we used a condom, it was just an oopsie kind of thing." Riiiiight. Her mother was such an enabler to her. The main reason Alex didn't make a decision was she knew she could wait until the last minute and her mother would feel bad and let her move in with the baby. Train wreck.

I'm torn. I partially wish that Kristina would have agreed to be on the show. I liked her episode, and how she handled being blamed for her fiances death. However, kudos to her for not exploiting herself and her child(ren).

Needless to say, I wont be watching this.

I totally agree with everything you said. I won't be watching this season purely because of Mackenzie. Wasn't the whole reason MTV says they make this show is so the girls can be role models in preventing teen pregnancy? Mackenzie is being completely irresponsible and in no way a role model.

I really dislike Mackenzie. "I didn't go on birth control because I didn't want to get fat!" Ummm, honey... you know what really makes you fat? Getting pregnant.

I truly feel bad for the girls who ended up pregnant because they didn't know how or where to get birth control. That information isn't exactly advertised in high school. But it seems like Mackenzie was sufficiently informed of her options, and she was too vain and selfish to protect herself from getting pregnant.

No. How on earth is "not knowing" a valid reason for pregnancy? You can't tell me these privledged girls did not have some form on internet access to type in "where to get birth control" in google, and getting their butts to a planned parenthood. Or, *gasp* they could suck it up and tell their mothers. EVERY one of the girls featured on the show had some family member that said, "I wish you told me, and I would have gotten you help". Yes, it's embarrassing, but guess what, so is being pregnant. You don't need a high school class to tell you that, so don't blame the school system. All these girls are doing is trying to pass the blame, there's no way they were clueless on where babies came from and how to stop it. They just didn't care.

You make a lot of good points. I doubt the girls "didn't care" though, I bet they genuinely didn't want to get pregnant rationally, but subconsciously wanted to start families and keep their boyfriends and become adults without all the bullshit of going to college and dealing with crummy job markets.

Katie's episode was so boring. I literally watched 5 minutes and changed the channel. I am know there were better options of casting than putting her on this season.

Aw, Id rather see Jordan and baby Chase on instead of McKenzie or Katie. It would be nice to see if her mom has changed.

Almost all of the girls from this 16 and pregnant were pretty lame.

Mackenzie first off flat out said that just didn’t like birth control because she didn’t want to get fat. Wtf?? And even on the reunion she still says she’s not doing anything to protect herself. She was also very selfish in wanting her boyfriend to give up something he likes because it’s dangerous, but completely ok for her do something she loves that’s still dangerous. (fyi, you can get hurt doing almost anything) She was pretty damn immature.

Katie was stupid in thinking that she could just up and move out just cause she got knocked up and have this great little family without actually being realistic. I will hand it to you on that, she did seem pretty mature and realistic, but she was also in a fantasy world and stupid.

Briana, omg, that girl was just annoying. Completely immature. She whined the entire flippin' episode.

Lindsay was ok. But she still was an idiot for trying too hard with that idiot boyfriend of hers.

Alex pissed me off the most. She was just a selfish little twit. She should not have kept that child. She was completely irresponsible, immature, and selfish. I did not like her.

Jordan sucked because she was just two-faced to both her mother and her boyfriend.

Myranda wasn’t bad.

Hope was pretty immature in the beginning of her episode, but she did wise up and get a little more realistic in the end.

Sarah, I don’t remember too much of her episode cause I usually tune out the ones where all the couple does is argue about stupid shit.

Sabrina was a crybaby.

Devon was hilarious. I had no problem with that girl.

Kristina I felt bad for. And it was a little heartbreaking to watch her episode, only to find out that she rebounded really quick. Then she just reminded me of Leah Messer. Feel like she was just getting married for the sake of being married.

Sorry for the long post but they were like every other season of this show. Stupid, ignorant, immature teenagers. And I’m sure many people watch the show for the same reason I do, for the laughs and the drama.

But, to be honest, I probably won't watch Teen Mom 3 only because this crop of girls seems just awful.

I think Kristina and Devon would have been awesome for Teen Mom 3

I personally find to "f" word as offensive as all the others, but it doesn't stop people from throwing that one around...

This is my first time reading the comments here and OMG some of you people are stupid. It's a Teen Mom page and you are fighting over what words are offensive and to whom. If words offend you then you seriously need to grow up, get a life, and realize that people and their words hold no power unless you give them power. *grumbles

I can't wait for Teen Mom 3, even though I haven't seen any of these girls on 16 and Pregnant. Must be because I'm busy having real experiences to be offended over.

I agree -- they're just words & they're only as offensive as you allow them to be. And the notion that only certain people can be offended by certain words is more than a little ridiculous.

Ur the only one on here with a brain. ....jimmy

Briana and her sister remind me of Farrah and her sister.

this site blows....

amber behind bars anyone???

Briana and Katie have weird looking faces.

I don't know if this has been addressed yet, but I am disturbed so I need to bring this up. I looked up a WetPaint article about Alex and they listed a Tiwtter handle for her: @OfficialSekella. Whether or not this is actually her, this account has been posting support messages for Casey Anthony, usually ending in #CayleeTheSlut. Umm...fake or not, is anyone else concerned about this? Who out there in the world could rationalize calling a three year old a slut, even for shock value or an attempt to defame someone?

That's a fake account, it's not her. I can't stand Alex, but she shouldn't get blamed for that.

I always thought that was her real twitter???

The one that was posting that stuff isn't real.

hope brianas on teen mom 3 i will definitly watch it. baby novas so cute and i think shz duin well with out her ex.

Is this season worth watching? They did not pick any of the girls I liked :(

I have to admit, I like Alex. Maybe because she is my namesake.. I don't think she will end up like Jenelle. On the contrary, unlike matt she seems to have refrained from doing drugs. good for her!

Meckenzie (or however her name is spelled) is the type of person who gives rural America a bad rep.

Sorry if someone had already mentioned this but, is no one else confused as to why the girls from 16 & Pregnant season3 aren't the cast of Teen Mom 3 as opposed to this bunch of boring immature bitches?