Katie Yeager Gets a New Tattoo

katie yeager

Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager is known for having several tattoos.

Her tattoos include things like her daughter's birthday, a quote saying "to thine own self be true" and a sentimental tattoo that she got along with her younger sister.

Her latest piece of art is a bit more unusual than her others, and the meaning behind it is a bit harder for me to comprehend.

Katie got the following tattoo a couple of days ago, which stretches across her stomach. The tattoo, which appears to be a little girl spray painting colorful streaks all across her abdomen, is unlike anything I've seen before.

katie tattoo

Katie posted a photo of the tattoo to her Instagram account, but later chose to take the photo down due to the backlash that she was getting from it. She did leave the photo up on her Twitter account, but still received some negative comments about it.

Some fans were even comparing Katie's tattoo to the one that Amber Portwood got on her stomach. For those of you who don't remember that tattoo, let me refresh your memory:

amber tattoo

A majority of the girls who have been featured on Teen Mom have tattoos. Maci has a pretty big collection of tattoos, Amber has Leah's portrait, and Catelynn has a tattoo for her daughter Carly. Rumors were that Farrah got a "Mom" tattoo, but I've never really been able to find anything that says it was actually permament.

The girls of Teen Mom 2 have matching heart tattoos on their wrists. Leah has a massive back piece, Jenelle has that giant cat on her hip/leg, and Kailyn has been working on her sleeve and back piece for quite a while.

The Teen Mom 3 girls were planning on getting matching tattoos, but that never happened.

Briana has a tattoo on her side with the quote "turn your wounds into wisdom," Katie has several tattoos, and Alex has the footprint of her daughter on her shoulderblade.

I feel like tattoos have a sentimental meaning to the people who get them, and even though I might not understand Katie's tattoo, I'm glad that she's able to express her individuality that way.

What do you think of Katie's new ink?


I love tattoos, but the majority of these girls have awful tattoos, done by terrible artists.
Kailyn's sleeve, whilst the subject matter doesn't appeal to me, is well done. Some of Maci's newer ones are ok.
However apart from those ones, all the substantial tattoos these girls have look like they were done by some drugged up scratcher in a basement.

I will never understand why you wouldn't save up or spend money on a TALENTED artist for something that is permanently going to be on your skin. "I really want a tattoo of a sheet of notebook paper on my back with a bunch of other shit randomly thrown in! I could research and save up but I'll just ask Merl down at the local tattoo parlor/head shop/Korean barbeque joint to do it!

A good tattoo isn't cheap, a cheap tattoo doesn't look good. I have had that drummed into my head since 13 by my dad's tattooist mate when I was curious about tattoos. So after I turned 18 and decided I was going to get one, I saved up my money and researched all I needed to know to find a good artist and I did. Cost a bit, but you get what you pay for,

I think it's a cute picture...I don't think I'd get that as a tattoo though...especially not across my stomach.
Kail's tattoos are just hideous. The back piece is atrocious and gaudy and her sleeve doesn't look right on her. So many colors and random pieces on her body. I wonder if she regrets it.

Kail has regretted some of her tattoos and piercings. I think she even had a tattoo removed a few years ago. That's why I can't for the life of me comprehend why she'd commit to an entire sleeve! If you have a history of regretting your body art decisons, a sleeve probably isn't the answer!

Kail is a moron.

Is tattoo removal covered in her BENEFITS?

It interesting- I will give that.. I feel like if I was to see this on something like a shirt I might think it was cute but I personally would not want it on my stomach- for the rest of my life. I agree with Poppy about seeing some of the worst tattoos ever on girls from this franchise

*its interesting- I will give her that

I think one of THE WORST is Jenelle's thigh cheetah with Lt. Dan stumps for arms.

It's a cheetah? I thought it was a leopard seal.

With emphasis on the seal.

Not a fan. I don't think it's a very good idea for a tattoo.

The colors are cool but the lines are horrid.

Your name is great lmao

YES! Poor quality all the way around. It looks like the artist TRIED to be Banksy but failed miserably and now it just looks like Cthulhu wearing Uggs and showering her stomach in a rainbow of miracle-gro and birds.

What does "banksy" mean? This is the second time i have read it and have no idea what it means.

Google it, it'll come up I promise

I think it's funny how most of us agree it looks like Banksy's work. I love him by the way, but this tattoo would look better on the Federal Reserve building, not Katie's stomach.

It doesn't matter how the tattoo was done because it will be a MESS if she ever plans to have more children.

All the money these girls make from the show you would think they can afford a decent tattoo from a skilled artist.

Kail and Javi have nice professional work done. But I hate Kail's tattoos because they are so masculine.

Wow, Megan, you are so NICE! Personally, I think Katie's tattoo is hideous, but it's just not my style. I have one tattoo on my left bicep, and it's really just a design. I really don't like sayings or peoples faces as tattoos, but that's just me. Probably the worst tattoo of that nature is Amber's. She should get her damn money back for that mess. Maci has a few, too, that totally suck, and Kail, don't get me started.

Also I read somewhere that Katie wrote on her twitter that she wasn't likely to be able to have anymore kids, when someone asked why she would get a tattoo on her belly that might get messed up by another pregnancy. Did anyone see that, or find out anymore about Katie not being able to have more kids?

Maybe she wants to adopt her next child when she gets older? If I were tied to her ex for the rest of my child's life, I'd probably avoid getting into that mess again, too.

Rae, you are hilarious - All your posts on this page had me laughing! Thanks for the pick-me-up!

Here's a link to Katie's comment. She says, "I'm likely unable to have any more kids."


I wonder why? Is she 21 yet? Maybe Mackenzie's expiration date was contagious...

The spray paint part of her tattoo I think is kinda pretty, but I think it would of looked a lot better somewhere else. All I can think about is how a c-section could completely ruin it. *Shudders*

My eyes... I wish I didn't see the Amber tattoo. I can't believe I haven't seen it up until this point.... It's just so bad!

I forgot all about Amber's. It's hard to look at. Whoever inked her did a shitty job. The portrait of Leah looks basically like an enormous circle with eyes, a nose, lips and hair. The shading is BAD. The whole thing is just bad. I'd hate to have that on my body.

At least she got to see Leah everyday in jail?

My c-section scar is way lower than that tatoo. They try to do them super low so that it can be covered easier.

A Csection is normally way below where that tattoo is.

It's a pretty tattoo but a weird place to put it.... like is her belly button supposed to be a bird? wtf lol

totally agree. I think it`s a good idea, just a weird placement.

I wonder if Amber regrets that huge Leah tattoo now that she's off drugs and sober.

And now that Leah's way, way more adorable. (Not that she wasn't as a toddler but she is just a beautiful little girl now.)

The concept is cool, but the location and artist are both horrendous.

Ugh..first M.C. Escher got trashed and puked all over Kail's arm (Hi, Rae!) and now Shel Silverstein had an acid trip with Andy Warhol and puked all over Katie's stomach.

Really, though. I wish these girls would find good artists who can execute art and who can be honest when something doesn't translate well to skin.

I am going to try to find some way that I can incorporate the phrase, "Shel Silverstein had an acid trip with Andy Warhol and puked all over Katie's stomach" in my daily conversations. I live in Austin and you see tattoos everywhere, even one on the breast of my childs kindergarten teacher, but people really need to think about what these will look like in the future. I have a small one that I made sure I would not regret and place it in a place that would never keep me from getting a job-shoulder blade.

Rae gets all the credit. I stole the line from her epic comment here and then switched the artists.

I'll allow it! Thanks ;)

The first time I ever met my dad's girlfriend (now wife) was for lunch at a Panera. She had a SUPER low cut top on with what I can only describe as the Mountain Range line of push-up bras and she had big tattoos on her breasts that would have easily been covered up with a NORMAL neckline. She's in her 40's. I don't care if you have tattoos, but if you're going to meet your serious boyfriend's daughter for the first time, it's just polite not to advertise the goods at NOON a a sandwich place.

I live in Austin also :)

One of my best friends moved to Austin this year!! Did you go to SXSW and watch Lady Gaga get puked on?? Sounds like a spectacular night, haha.

Haha, no I didn't but wish I had! Skipped this year. Had zero desire to fight endless crowds of sweaty, weird people. I love Austin though, live music capital, so I can see a good show any night :) It's pretty wonderful here. Besides Farrah living here. I always get nauseated when I think of that braindead skank, defiling my beloved hometown with her skanky presence. She does not deserve to live here. Most everyone here hates her. There are even several "Get Farrah out of Texas Campaigns" and... A lot of people here are kinda nuts. She better stay in her cozy little house. Online. Finding a new state to live in. Better yet, leave the country.

I think it's beautiful to be honest but not on the stomach. I have a dream catcher with the tree of life (instead of the webbing it's the tree) on my front shoulder and a heart shaped music note on my foot. Kaillyns sleave doesn't really suit her. It's very masculine. I've seen Jenelles cat/cheetah thing and its alright. Could've been done better. I think Farrah's was a lick and stick.

FARRAH is a lick and stick.

I think the idea is a neat concept for a tattoo...it's just executed beyond poorly and has weird placement. That dream catcher tattoo actually sounds pretty rad! I've always loved Tree of Life designs and my best friend studied Native American Lit in college so whenever I'd go out and visit her, we always went and looked at all the cool jewelry made by the artists at a nearby reservation. I have so many cool earrings from those trips!!

I never understood the thinking behind a stomach tattoo. Especially with someone who will most likely have more kids down the road.

I actually didn't like the idea at first. But whenever I started looking at different designs I would always come back to the tree and I ended up falling in love with it.
I remember when I got it my cousin made fun of me and said everyone had it.

I hate Katie. She's a known it all. She may not have known how to use birth control, but a know it all nonetheless.

It seems like she got this tattoo to hide her stretch marks. It reminds me of the Banksy artist although I can't remember if this is one of his images. I just don't understand how these girls have the money for ALL these major tattoos!?! Their weekly hair and nails probably already cost a lot!

Not a total Banksy rip-off, but very much his style and similar to his "balloon girl" piece.

The Banksy balloon girl is the EXACT thing that popped into my head when I saw it. Except it's warped and the lines are melting out of themselves. Banksy and Dali sittin' in a tree, c-o-v-e-r-up me!!

No. Deb disapproves of tattoos and thinks they look unprofessional. Oddly enough, engaging in the porn industry is perfectly acceptable because there is a growing market for it, and validated by signing with professional porn company. I can't. I. Can. Not.

That looks so....crappy. Just really poorly executed, and WTH would anyone get a tattoo in that spot? Amber's is probably all stretched out from the weight she gained in jail.

I actually liked Katie the most from TM3 when she wasn't being a passive aggressive little snit, but that tattoo is TERRIBLE. It looks like it was done with blo pens. I hope she can find a better artist to do a fucking cover up STAT or get that mess lasered off.

Ok, I never comment here and someone may have already pointed this out, but I totally get this tattoo. Maybe the execution of it was not perfect, but I understand.

If you look at her stomach closely, she has definite stretch marks. The girl in the tattoo is presumably her daughter. The spray you are seeing is basically her "painting" her stomach....The stretch marks. I hhave 3 kids, my stomach is destroyed with them as ell. I actually like the concept.

That is the Dumbest tat ive ever seen! Freakin think before u ink girls..... Especially kail!!

Ooooh...Don't tell Kail what to do or she'll shake your skull until there are dents in it!!

...which is exactly what Kail has tattooed on her arm!

Am I the only one who wonders how odd it must be to see someone naked/sleep with someone who has a giant face tattooed on them? I would be distracted.

Lmfao I think I would be be distracted also. I love tattoos and when done correctly they can be beautiful. I personally have 3 and the one on my lower back is a hot mess that I can't wait to get covered. I think these girls all rush into a tattoo without doing any research on the artist, shop, etc. While I think Katie's is cute idea it definitely could have been done better. Someone else mentioned she got it on her stomach to cover up stretch marks and I think their spot on. Regardless I don't understand why someone would get a tat on their stomach, than again I don't like sleeves on women either but to each their own.

What's the big deal with stretch marks?? All my friends/acquaintances who are pregnant/have been pregnant act like stretch marks are tumors from a horror movie. If anything, if Katie is embarrassed about having stretch marks, having a monstrosity of a colorful tattoo is going to draw more attention to her stomach than any stretch marks would.

I have one tattoo on my ribcage. I don't even notice it's there most of the time. My husband's never been distracted or weirded out by it...I doubt he notices it much, either. Of course mine is about 60% smaller than the Leah Face and isn't a damn face, so maybe that's the difference, haha. Plus I got it for me and me alone. I didn't broadcast it on social media. My husband, my best friend and the tattoo artist are really the only people who know I even have a tattoo and that's the way I like it.

There is just something about a giant floating face being super creepy.

I almost got a tattoo that was my entire rib cage and then went up one side of my back for the very same reason - not many people would know and it would be something for me. Then I cried about pain after my friend put the stencil on and ran away.

Leah has a massive back tattoo? Since when?

Katie's tattoo is interesting to put it nicely, but the placement is absolutely horrible. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I personally can't stand stomach tattoos on women. Not attractive at all. My friend Steph just had 'Stay Strong' below her breasts. The work is great, but still eh... Anywhere else would've looked better.

I looked this up lastnight. Leah has a group of birds on her back left shoulder blade, then below it says " sometimes you've gotta fall before you can fly...jec (heart)." in none other than Jermy's own beautiful handwriting. Bleh.

She has a flock of blobs, sorry I mean birds flying out of some kindergarten handwriting saying something about how you've got to screw up before you can fly and then Jeremy's initials.
A true masterpiece.

I'm a frequent reader who never comments...but I feel the need to throw in my two cents here. I think that the little girl symbolizes Molli, and the spray paint (which as some of you mentioned, is in fact over her stretch marks), represents the changes that she brought to her life. The bright colors represent happiness. I could be entirely wrong, but that is my interpretation.
But seriously...it's her body and her life. Who are you to judge?

I'm all about people having choices and freedoms to tattoo themselves, but I personally feel the tiniest bit of disappointment when I see a beautiful girl cover up their beautiful skin. I'm just one to always prefer natural aesthetics on men and women when it comes down to it. I'm an artist, and can appreciate good art, though, and most of these girls have bad art on them, ugh. Amber's is definitely awful. There's more wrong with it than this, but its a pet-peeve of mine when people draw people without eyelashes. Every time I see Amber's tattoo I get that taste in my mouth of overly sickeningly sweet whipped frosting roses from your local grocery store bakery, so saturated with food dye that they turn your poop colors.

I think these girls are idiotss, do they not know tatoos on your belly will be ruined if they ever get pregnant again? They stretch, fade bad in color and a good tatoo looks cheap after that.

Not always true. I have stars on my stomach and they look the exact same, post-baby. Granted, I only gained like 20lbs during my pregnancy though.

Yeah but I'm sure Amber/Katie didn't only gain 20 lol.

Does anyone know what leah's back piece is, ive never seen it before. I think the tattoo is bad the coloured crap is okay but the little girl or boy and whatever its holding onto on the left side looks straight up shit. Also i swear that briana isnt the only teen mom/16 and pregnant chick to have that saying tattooed on them.

well, I have seen worse (EJEM KAIL) so I will not complain about that one.

Lol Kail is a travesty but at least she doesn't have a quote of a stupid saying of Javi's along with his initials. Leah will regret this after the divorce.

Oh gee. Yea I agree Kail has the worst ones.

It looks like she had Helen Keller do the tattoo. O_o

Yes, either Helen Keller or Stevie Wonder did the lines and Michael J Fox filled them in.

You people are sick and I adore you.

Lmao she got that to cover her stretch marks

I don't know what kind of filter she used on this picture but it makes her stomach look like an oil slick. Gross! That tattoo sucks too! I have 13 tattoos, including a sleeve on my arm but some people need to just take a look at what they're getting before they actually get it! Kail is one of those people. Her tattoos are so weird and don't mesh well together. Kail gets tattoos for other people. She wants people to think she's SooooooOoo cool so, she most likely tells her tattoo artist to draw up something that is super "unique" and "edgy" and engraves it into her skin without a single thought.

That's a great way to characterize he attitude about it. It's just a way to show off. That or she's trying to morph into Adouche. Skulls, sculls, twats.

Her belly button looks like a sad butthole..

Lmao I didn't even know what that was until you pointed it out! Thats the perfect spot to do a tattoo of Farrah bending over.

At least she does not have Farrah's problem, where her butthole looks like sad, inflamed belly button.

That tattoo is horrible! I thought it was two aliens at first with one spraying a can of spray paint with three birds flying out...Then I think I see a girl with her head down holding the foot of a baby who is doing a handstand?? Maybe the three birds represent Katie, Joey and Molly going their separate ways?? Next time Katie should get her tattoos professionally done to avoid the confusion because this one looks like she got it done in jail!

Ugh. Another shitty ass ugly teen mom tattoo.

This tattoo MIGHT and I have stress MIGHT look okay if it was in another place. Your stomach is not a good place for a tattoo especially for a young girl who is likely to get pregnant again at some point and your stomach constantly changes! That tattoo will be seriously messed up if she gets pregnant again or gains a lot of weight in the next few years. What does Katie do? Is she in school?

I am also curious to know what she is doing now. She really tries to push the whole intelligence thing... I don't doubt she's smarter than most of the Teen Mom girls, but she acts like she already has her degrees when I don't know if she's even working toward them.

Not that degrees=intelligence. I just notice that she really revels in her "smart girl" image when she hasn't even started to pursue the academic aspirations that made people believe she was intelligent for pursuing in the first place. Show, don't tell, girl!

Sorry for the run-on sentences. I just can't figure out how I feel about Katie. No question about how I feel about her tattoo, though.

Yeah I agree, I felt she looked down at Joey for working in the mines even though he more than provided for his family. I follow her on Instagram and twitter and I don't notice any mentions of her being at school. It annoys me how she had such an attitude about Joey not wanting to move state so she could pursue her education, now she's moved state and she's not even in education (I assume). I tried to like Katie but she just winds me up, I agree with you how she revels in the smart girl image which she hasn't lived up too. I understand how having a baby and going to school is hard, but I'm 19 and I've just had my pelvis broke 4 weeks ago and I'm already back at school! Having a three year old doesn't stop you from getting an education, laziness does.

As a teen mom and a drop out I can say it's not always laziness. My son was a nightmare when he was in daycare and it was to the point that I couldn't get any work done in class or at home - which is why I dropped out less than a year away from my diploma.

But he was six months old, not a toddler. I can't see him being that way now that he's two, but I'm too old to re-enroll. I definitely agree with what you said about her not living up to the image of 'smart girl' though. She has split custody too, I believe so I'm sure her daughter wouldn't get in the way of going to school.

I can not stand when individuals look down at others for making an honest living. The stigma against blue-collar jobs is a real issue in this country... despite the fact that many plumbers often earn a salary greater than or equal to that of PhDs. Working in the mines is a brutal job and I think Katie's disrespect of Joey is really what infuriated me about her. Putting him down made her feel better about herself and gave her someone to blame about not getting her education.

@River- yeah I completely understand why someone wouldn't be able to go to school with a young baby, but in the UK you start preschool at 3 years old so I can't understand why Molli would be preventing Katie from completing her degree. I assume she'll be getting child support and split custody so that would help with the when to do and the cost.

@TheEmpress- I couldn't agree with you more! I'm from the uk and the area I lived in was a big coal mining area, even though the pits have been closed for decades, miners are still very respected? I'd love to see Katie look down their nose at them. This is a dangerous job, which is hard labor and all she whined about how it was never enough. I'm not saying joey was a saint but atleast he worked hard for his family!

I must be watching a different show than everybody else. I never got the impression that Katie was the "smart one" of the teen mom girls. She is certainly not any better educated than the rest of them. How could anyone think that she was intelligent? She seemed to have a lower than average intelligence and she basically shared with the rest of the girls. Intelligent or well-educated would be some of the last traits that I would associate with her or any other of these loser, dumbass girls.

If anything, I thought that MTV kind of went out of its way to select girls of below average intelligence, and Katie was definitely their type. Intelligent girls tend to not revel in the kind of dramatics that bring in the ratings. Would we all really watch these shows if the cameras followed around kids (both the teen mothers and the teen fathers)of normal intelligence doing their homework, involving themselves in extra curricular school activities and reading in the rare free time that they would have after responsibly working their jobs and taking care of their babies?

I didnt think she was intelligent, I think that she thought was intelligent and she was keen to let everyone know that she was still in college. But you're right, I watch teen mom for the car crash tv I don't think I'd enjoy it as much if they were all well put together all of the time

Katie and/or MTV was definitely trying to portray herself as the intelligent, bookish girl. In the introduction of her 16 and Pregnant episode, she talked about getting her Masters in psychology and how everyone would call her "Doctor Katie".
Her dissertation would be so mind-blowing, they'd award the title "doctor" to someone without a PhD and who didn't go to medical school.

sorry, portray her*
Long day.

Jenelle's Lip hole - That is hilarious. I must have missed that 16&P episode. Great observation.

Actually, it looks like one of those inked stamp collages that were really big with bored housewives in the 2000's, the kind with the trite Victorian clip art that people would slap onto envelopes and invitations... only it looks like someone overloaded and smeared the ink beyond recognition. When I got my tattoos, they looked super crisp and sharp immediately afterwards and have stayed that way - why do hers already look like she's smeared paint thinner over crayola markers? No way it's just the topical ointment, that's seriously bad.

These girls are stupid- I hate that they try to make a point of being so "different" by getting stuff like this... SMH. It's like being "different" has become trendy! Stupid... I dislike Katie and I dislike Kail so it's perfect!

EXACTLY. The real rebels are the ones who do not follow these ridiculous trends. It takes someone with balls to tell the other sheep that they do not need the name of their baby written on their skin to remind them that they have that child, or that they love that child. I would have made so much fun of my mom if she had gotten a tattoo in my honor, especially if the tattoo had some shopworn cliché incorporated into it. Many of these girls get little quotations inked into them that can also be found on T-shirts, trucker hats and Dollar Store greeting cards, so how special and thoughtful can they really be? I would hope that my mother loved me enough so that she would not need a constant reminder of our special bond written on herself.

There were many things that I thought were really profound in my teenage years, but if I had them permanently etched into my body back then, they would be extremely embarrassing to me now. If these kids can't understand that concept, they could look at it another way. If kids were forced to get a tattoo when they were 11 years old, we would have a lot of people walking around with fire engines, ballerinas, baseball players and cartoon characters permanently affixed to their bodies. People who are a little older realize that many things that they thought were really cool a few years ago are not so cool to them now. This continues to happens you as you age. The people and things I liked when I was 30 were different from when I was 25 and those were different from when I was 20, etc.

I like the concept kind of....but it looks like a bansky rip off and the placement is so weird.

I'm so glad I've ever felt the desire to get a tattoo, thanks mom for saying no to that butterfly tramp stamp I wanted at 16!

haha i wish i read your comment before i posted....love how her and justin bieber both ripped bansky off

it looks like the one justin bieber just got except hers is color and his is a balloon...how original