Katie Yeager Seeks Attention

katie yeager


Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager has been flaunting her relationship and potential move all over Twitter lately. She's been dating this guy for almost 6 months, and since she received full custody of daughter Molli, she will be relocating to Las Vegas in a little over a week.

Katie has shared information on the move a few times, but there's no real details on what she's planning to do once she's there.

Yesterday, Katie took to Twitter to post a picture of what appears to be an engagement ring and a wedding band.

Although she didn't caption it with words, and the ring wasn't on her hand, she did use several emojis which would make someone assume the ring was given to her.


Fans started asking tons of questions, and Katie ignored most of them, but made sure to clarify in a later Tweet that she wasn't engaged.


Well if that doesn't seem like a cry for attention, then I don't know what does.

Anyway, obviously Katie is pretty serious about this guy that she's dating because she's moving herself and her child in order to be closer to him, but maybe it's not to the point that she would consider marrying him.

I mean, we all saw how her first engagement played out on national television, so we can only hope that she's taking time and actually figuring out whether this will work before tying the knot.


This answers my question:)

It wasn't Maci who got engaged.

It's Katie ( although she says she's not)

That's one fancy promise ring!

$5 She bought it herself.

seriously though with the thumbs down...

YES your username!

lol how did nobody else get it before me?! i never get lucky with things like this :)

Seriously...that rock is huge. If it's real and a quasi quality diamond, the large stone alone would put that appraised at over $10,000. So either it's fake, her boyfriend is a male prostitute in Vegas or someone (her or her boyfriend) went into a tremendous amount of debt to shake up some drama on twitter.

I don't know Katie...I don't really remember what she was like when she and Joey were on good terms but is she the type of Ultimatum: Marry Me Edition girl who picks out her own ring and then continues on to control every single thing about the proposal, engagement, wedding and life that she and the husband will have? Because that's the vibe I'm getting from this.

Yeah I was way off. I got bored and went to their website. I'm not a diamond expert by any means but I guestimated the size based on blah blah blah and this is the closest setting/band pair I could be bothered to find with a rough diamond size guess (this one's around 2 carats) and it costs this much. I hope to GOD no one without a super amazing job and with a young child would drop that much on an engagement ring for themselves...or anyone else for that matter. Even if she got a shitty, shitty, shitty diamond, it's not going to be that much cheaper compared to the other diamonds I saw on that website. I'd LOVE to know the actual story behind this. This further backs up my man-hooker theory. (Yes, I'm pathetic and have too much free time, what's new?)

If you look at the setting in the one you posted it's different from the one Katie posted. The one she posted has more tong thingies holding in the diamond which implies to me that the main stone is even bigger than the one you found. Either way, she's gross. Who does stuff like that?

Also - I just watched a clip from the Today Show about a study that showed people with smaller engagement rings and less expensive weddings and lots of guests stay married longer than people with the opposite of those things. So if that is Katies ring, her happily ever after will probably end in T-2 months.

I bet she just took a pic of a ring she liked

This is the shittiest diamond I could find and it's still way, wayyyyyy to expensive for college kids, I'm sorry. I also don't think Katie would "settle" for a diamond with visible cloudiness and/or flaws and I think the diamond in her picture is over 2 carats because that thing is massive. Either it's fake or someone that gave it to her (or if she gave it to herself) is stupid as hell and bad with money. Say goodbye to college, Molli.

She's fammmmmooouuuuuuusssss! She was on TM3!!! She probably demanded a substantial discount. And mentioned that she's on MTV!

Megan,that was a perfect headline, yes she's a famewhore just like the other girls from tm3. Seriously, why do they care if nobody gives a shit about them anymore? Geez, just go to school and take care of your children.

All the Teen Moms are fame whores.

However, this set was the greediest. I'm surprised they didn't take out loans for boob jobs right away.

Mackenzie is probably the less famewhorish one, at least she doesn't start shit on twitter or bash her baby daddy, she just sells ugly headbands, which i find better than trash talking about your baby daddy.

The concussions dont let him react to her stupidity the way he should.

I agree. I'm a big believer that if there are people out there stupid enough to buy it, then she has a good reason to sell it. Her ugly headbands aren't doing any kind of disservice to her children unlike Briana's whorish behavior, Alex's yelling and Katie's whining (and all of their airing of dirty laundry on Twitter). Mackenzie is by no means a perfect person, but she's the least infuriating of the Teen Mom 3 losers.

She also rants about the devil trying to kill her baby on twitter and talks about risking her life being pregnant while also talking about eating junk food.

She would if she weren't with him though but true

Red, you're right. That last pregnancy (it has to be her last because her uterus will be morphing into a pumpkin sometime soon, right?) was like 9 months of Jerry Springer, wasn't it? The nurses were stalking her and cackling at her, she was having dreams about killing her husband, her blood sugar was bottoming out while her husband was too lazy to get up and get her food, her doctor (the one with the wicked nurses) fired her ass, she broke her foot and a human land yacht/The Debil kicked her ass and dragged her off her front porch by her hair because she told her in no uncertain terms not to visit her house where Josh was getting stoned and Mack just had to find Josh so she made her chauffeur take her over there and got her ass kicked. Drama, drama, drama.

Hah.. "we all saw how her first engagement played out on national television, so we can only hope that she’s taking time and actually figuring out whether this will work before tying the knot."

She has been seeing him 6 months and is moving across country to be with him, She isn't giving it time already, she just doesnt want to be alone anymore and Ecstasy, I mean Molli, will have tons of step fathers in and out of her life. Just sad..

I am just WAITING for one of these girls to name their baby Ecstasy. Maybe Leah will spell it Axtyssi.

She needs a new meal ticket. Hopefully he washes her car so she can be an ungrateful bitch to him before he goes into debt for her.

First of all, NEVER move for a guy. Make him move for you. Especially if you've got a kid!! Been there done that!

so will she be a cocktail waitress or stripper?? thoughts? although, she's fairly lazy and demanding so she may make the guy become a stripper and then give him shit about never being home and not having enough money while she sits at home and cries like a sad puppy. History repeating itself.

Yes yes yes!! A man should always move in with the gf, NOT the other way around! With or without a child. I had my own personal experience along with many women I know who got f*cked over moving in with guys.

It appears I have a hate train now.

I got thumbs down and for what?

Saying it wasn't Maci who got engaged?

Oh or was it the fact that I called the ring fancy?

Let's be honest--- I probably pisses the majority of you off when I pointed out the fact that Corey has probably smoked weed before.

Most of you took that as md sticking up for leah and hating on Corey.

When in reality I was just saying there are two sides to everything.

Some of you read too far into things so much so that you concluded you're on meanings.

Yet not far enough to realize I don't have a "favorite" but I do believe Corey is a damn good dad!

Keep the thumbs down coming- I never thumbs down an opinion that isn't mine.

I just keep my opinion and try to see how you come up with yours.

I agree with people offen, I don't hate.

I simply choose by comment :)

Maybe cause you took all the cheeto flavored condoms?

Uh... what?

Ignore the haters, it was probably katie!

A few thumbs down? That's nothing compared to the shit talking we do about all these girls. Don't sweat it hun :)

Getting one thumbs down on your post this thread inspired this little melodrama? Someone needs some perspective.

Im 100% convinced that all the thumbs down we get are from the TM & TM2 girls and significant others. Otherwise there wouldn't be an epidemic going on where generally normal comments get thumbs down. I say we keep talking shit because the more thumbs down we get from these "moms" and their dicks of the week the better, that means that we are getting somewhat near the truth and that's what bothers them.

I've never thumbs downed a comment either. It's just kinda silly to me.

Don't worry...the people willing to carry grudges over from other threads and downvote stalk you are probably people you don't want to converse with anyway!

Must suck to be part of the only "Teen Mom" installment that got cancelled after the first season.

I bet all the TM3 girls grind their teeth at night watching JENELLE EVANS jog her way into a 6th season while being a total and utter scum stain of a human being.

Hahaaa! All articles about her should be (appropriately) titled, "Katie Yeager Seeks Attention."

Girl.. BYE!

...you don't happen to watch BGC, do you? ... totally just read that in Jada's voice.

That show used to be sooo much better!! I gave up after I think it might have been 2 seasons by now. Idk they come out of the woodwork lol. Oh was Chicago that was the most recent.

You guys need to be watching BGC 13: Redemption! 9 previous bad girl come back together to "change" aka be ratchet and fight. It's beenone episode and I'm already here for it!

I say I'm going to stop watching after every season ... and then, nope, can't resist, too much trainwreck, can't look away.

Has it started?
Please tell me it doesn't have that bitch Jenn in it, she was the one who was Rocky's "enemy". Over a pop-tart! (fyi I didn't like rocky either, even more so with her haircut), I don't like that bitch, I used to work with her and I tell ya shes a user and manipulator. I was on a date with this guy who used to come into our work and she so happened to walk into the bar we were in and I kid you not took over my date with him. I continued to date him but I still just thought it was rude to barge in with your ghetto gf's and take advantage of my date, we weren't in the strip club bitch. LOL

Back to original topic if shes in it I will not watch. But if its got some of the OG girls in it then I might take the dive.

Jenn's not on it, but Rocky is! It's Natalie, Rocky, Sarah Oliver, Jada, Redd, Dani Victor (of the Victor twins), Judi, Julie and Camilla

When this title popped up on my google now cards, I lol'd. This is great.

I can't stand any of these Teen Mom 3 whores. I watched maybe 2 episodes of their season. There is just nothing like able about them that I could find. Katie's whiny and bitchy, Mackenzie's just a moron, Briana is trashy and desperate, and Alex is just psychotic. I have no idea why they picked these girls. I guess they were trying to up the drama factor for that installment, but damn. There was almost nothing positive about any of these girls. So much fighting, drug use and more domestic violence than the previous girls. The constant fighting, screaming, whining and carrying on was just too much. Oh I almost forgot about how attention seeking they all are! Katie is probably the worst. Nobody cares if you're getting engaged to your loser boyfriend. Just move or get engaged already and get on with your life. Go get another horribly ugly and badly placed tattoo or something.

Katie is annoying. I believe her twitter bio says something like "I was on a little TV show called Teen Mom 3". Like that is supposed to make us worship her or something??

I just see it as her TRYING to be modest while also screaming "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!".
Actually that's how I see all of them especially girls from 16 & P from season 4 or 3? on.So you decided you are going to complain about having people in your business but you also WILLINGLY signed up for a show you know was somewhat popular and controversial! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!

That's like how Nikkole was on TV for 42 minutes a billion years ago but her twitter name is still something like NikkoleMTV or something ridiculous. I had a colonoscopy last year and my gastroenterologist had to watch that on a TV but I don't run around telling everyone to call me "ColonVideoBed4."

Haha Javi DSL you're comment reminded me of something.

Not teen mom related--------

Amanda Byans made a fake Twitter just to tweet under a different name while tweeting about her actual self.

Makes me wonder how many TEEN MOMS do that.....

Remember money and fam can't hide crazy!

amanda bynes*

She's extremely ill. Cut her a break.

Yeah, I'd think that was nuts too but she's schizophrenic and self-medicated and not doing well at all so behavior like that isn't weird or taboo to her at all. Her twitter is the least of her concerns. These girls have no excuses to act like deluded fame whores. Or to act offended when people know their business or ASSUME they're engaged when they post a photo of a ginormous engagement ring/wedding band set.

in other Amanda bynes news, she wants to get paid for the recordings in her head. homegirl went off the deep end.
but im not buying that shes actually mentally ill. mentally unstable, clearly. but not ill. she was once a normal person, remember that?

A lot of times, schizophrenia doesn't show up AT ALL until later in life. The most common group that this happens to? Women in their mid to late 20s-early 30s. Just because she used to be well doesn't mean that schizophrenia or something similar isn't rearing its ugly head now. Mix that with your parents being in denial which enables your own denial, going on and off psych meds like she did and then mixing in street drugs and shit like adderall and yeah, you're going to have bad, bad results. I just hope someone that understands mental illness and won't blame it all on weed steps in and is able to get her help before she hurts herself or someone else.

Yeah it's more common to be diagnosed with schizophrenia in your very late teen and into your twenties. I'm pretty much convinced its mental illness. Her actions are totally irrational

yeah that situation is really sad. like, would not be surprised if she jumped off a bridge within the next week. how frustrated and worried must her parents be? what's it take to get someone committed???

Well, that's the thing, she was committed and her parents let the conservatorship expire and didn't seek to extend it because they have themselves convinced that her setting a stranger's driveway (along with her own dog) on fire was just the result of smoking too much pot. So now...she's gone through the system, she's been in a mental ward for months, under the care of her parents as her court appointed conservators and they fucked it up and now I really, really doubt a judge is going to let her parents be her caretakers ever again. They'll have to find another family member or a court appointed conservator to help her out and since she's been through this all once, it's going to be even more difficult this time around to prove she's a danger to herself or others. It makes me so sad and mad. There shouldn't be such an issue with her having a mental illness. If this were kidney failure or a brain tumor, do you think her parents would blame it on weed and be okay with her her doing (or not doing) whatever she wants in terms of avoiding treatment? Nope. They'd have her in the hospital, getting treatment, and they wouldn't be so scared of anyone finding out she was ill because physical illnesses don't carry the same stigma as mental illnesses. Sorry.


Ooh what's the Twitter? I wanna read!

So I just saw a clip:

J & Nathan were talking about getting Jace back.

J tells Jace to come set with them and that's when they started talking about getting him back.

Why not let him play why y'all have this conversation?

Has to be absolutely confusing for that kid!

I will never understand why parents talk to obvious about problems in front of their children. ....

Jace has had it hard before he was even born. My heart breaks for that poor, beautiful boy.
They don't bother to censor themselves because they simply don't care. Jenelle has proved on film that her problems are more important than what Barbra's little boy is feeling, in the car while he sang the rainbow song.
Everything in this situation is so sad. I wish Kail would shake Jenelle's head until she realizes that the only males she needs in her life are her sons, and not the next douchebag that is bound to come around..

And Nathan swears like a Village People sailor and then has the nads to try to preach at Babs for swearing in front of Jace. Guess what, Nathan? Jace didn't learn to say FUCKBALL from ONLY Babs. They've been screaming obscenities at that poor kid since he developed eardrums in the womb.

Link plllease:))

I highly doubt she will still be with this boy come the time of her move.

That's okay. I'm sure she'll find a high quality gentleman in Vegas.

If not, she can ask Farrah, pretty sure one of her clients... I mean... "friends" would do the trick!

Her face is lopsided

I know it's definitely just the picture (or at least I hope so) but her eye that isn't partially covered by bangs looks waaaaay bigger than the other, which does the lopsidedness no favors.

One of her eyes looks huge and the other one looks like a piss hole in the snow, she looks truly awful and she thinks she's so hot

It's from all of those black eyes that Joey gave her....


where did "enjoy your effin gelato" come from?

In Sabrina's episode of 16 and pregnant. Her boyfriend tells her that and she started bawling her eyes out

thank you lol. i never liked 16&P so i didnt see many episodes.

Haha I remember that one!

Stroke faced bitch.

Katie takes the world's weirdest selfies. She literally never looks good in them.

Briana, takes horrible selfies.
I used to get so upset when I saw her pics, because she made the most stupid faces.

Lol Briana has an ugly smile and a flat ass. That's why she sits on the sink to take booty pics. As if we don't all know that trick.

She cut off the top of her head....

She either agrees she doesn't have a pretty head or she needs to learn how to use a camera properly...

I know she probably just wanted the camera to focus on her face but the camera said NOPE!!!!

This picture is just awkward.

That's why I hate selfies. Not to sound like a photography snob but it's not that hard to frame a picture correctly within your phone, camera, fucking polaroid: whatever. Golden Ratio. Make it work and don't cut off body parts in your pictures. Get someone else to take the damn thing. Molli probably knows how to compose a photograph of her mother better than her mother can manage to eek out a selfie with half her face obscured and cut off.

okay, i know this article is about katie... but now that im watching ask the moms again, i have things to say! (this is jenelles marriage infidelity, by the way. shes divorced now, so it was time to let it go)

1) the best leah has EVER looked was in that clip where grace took her first steps. the natural looking blonde hair was so pretty.

2) "every time i went back to adam, what was i thinking?" "when was the last time you did more than talk?" "months" WHAT?! so she must literally, right now, be saying what was i thinking?

3) why did tyler even come out..? is it because catelynn is the most left out without a kid?

4) the kid montage made me cry, again.

5) its weird that they didnt showcase lincoln or addy at all.

6) i seriously cant imagine being farrah right now. besides the one question about why she isnt here now, its like she never existed :D thats great!

7) im really excited theyre going to "break the fourth wall" on the new teen mom

sorry for all the one liners, thats obnoxious. and again, sorry for putting old stuff on the new, unrelated post. im sure i had plenty more to say... but i forgot.

also has nobody ever thought about the fact that mtv producers and crew sat back and watched a person who "never filmed sober" take care of a child? how is that okay?!!?

And how did their "addiction specialist" "DOCTOR" Drew not ever realize Amber was always stoned off her ass when he'd speak to her in person?!

exactly! cps should have been called a long time ago. there is literally always producers around when filming. they 100% knew drugs were going on. I don't understand. couldn't mtv have been held responsible if something ever happened to leah over the drugs?

It's not. I know they aren't supposed to interfere, but there comes a time when you just morally have to. Like when Ruthie on the Real World was an alcoholic and went drunk driving, the cameramen intervened in spite of the rule not to. Watching someone high off their ass every day and neglecting a child is one of those times.

sorry to be super obnoxious, im sure thumbs down are inevitable at this point, but im watching s5ep24 (because i have no life) and jenelle is a beautiful person when she shows personality and emotions. instead of whining, or yelling, or arguing, or any other negative emotion.

k, im done now.

You're going to ruin Jesus God leah for everyone if you keep commenting like this.

okay, sorry, ill get off the site now. dont wanna ruin anybody's favorite saying by commenting too much on this public forum.

never mind, i think i read that wrong. were you making a joke about me saying something kind about jenelle?
im on bitch mode tonight after spending over an hour trying to get my 2 year old to bed. its been a real struggle lately.

I see what you're saying, and I'm sure I'll receive plenty of down votes too. I will be the first to admit that I'm a raging unicorn that shits glitter, and I keep hoping that somehow all the moms will get their acts together, specifically Leah and Jenelle. Every now and then, I get a glimmer of hope from Jenelle. I would love nothing more than to be able to say Jenelle proved me wrong, because that would mean Jace and Kaiser would actually have the mother they deserve. I don't believe in lost causes, and I think if Jenelle did some serious work on herself (oh...hi, Tyler) she could eventually become a decent mother.

leah for sure. i said this before - deep down she is a good mother. shes proved that for sure. whatever has happened to her pretty much since she married Jeremy is ruining her. She's like a completely different person nowadays.
i have no hope for jenelle. i think shes a sociopath. which is so sad, but it is what it is. shes better now that shes off drugs, though. just when she smiles and acts normal, its so refreshing to see.

I would love for both of them to prove me wrong as well. I love to hate on Jenelle but every once in a while I see something from her that gives me hope for her. I do think she has some real mental issues that she needs to go to therapy for but I don't know how long it will take her to realize that, if ever.

I think if Jenelle acted like a normal human, we'd have much higher standards for her. But instead, we're blown away when she's kind to her child or makes food for him or doesn't scream for someone to LEAVE ME ALOOOOOONE every fucking segment she's on TV. I'd love for her to prove me wrong, but I don't think she will and I'm not impressed with her functioning like NOT a damn psychopath for part of a season. I'm going to need her to prove she has a soul for far longer than that before I put any faith in her to be a good mother or a good person.

I kinda agree. I wouldn't go so far as to calling her beautiful, but I really can't believe how much she has CHANGED! Or at least how much MTV makes it out to be that she's changed. She's becoming the mediator now when Babs and Gaythan go at it. Like seriously, she can be the biggest advocate for sobriety ever. I really think her being on drugs turned her into a monster, but since she got off or somewhat got off of them, she's better. Her behavior is better. I don't think it's because of Nathan and she's happy with him, I think she just learned to be subservient since he's such an ass hat and a scary carrot! The finale episode towards the end with her asking for custody of Jace back, that scene broke my heart. Like for real, it was sad all the things Babs was saying. I know people can hate Jenelle, I still do, but I felt connected in that scene. It was raw emotion and probably the biggest revelations in the history of this show.

You're in the running for best name :) I've been thinking about changing mine, but I think I'm too attached to the Cackle :)

I know we all love to laugh about the crunchy curls days, but I liked her better with the CCs. I agree with you though, her best hair was around when the girlses were a year old or so, and she was with Corey. (I think that was close to the end of the marriage). I also cry when we see how the kids have grown! Tyler came out (not from the closet, unfortunately) to give us a break from Catelynn's nasally whine, because she talks over everyone. Then Tyler talks over her. It's the circle of life for a relationship with an expiration date.

hahaha thanks. im so surprised it wasnt taken yet! i changed my twitter name to JesusGodKatie (please dont ban me or whatever for putting my handle out here?)

i didnt really like the crunchy curls. looks too fake. but her hair when she got married and until the end of the marriage was for sure my favorite. i actually once showed a hair dresser that hair and told her to do it.

I had a slight desire to change to Jesus God, Leah but I am attached to The Girlses. Other include:

Meth Man and the Percocet Princess.

I didn't get to watch the entire thing. The video froze on my phone. :/ I do agree her blonde days were the best. I will admit I did like the purple in her hair. But, I have always wanted a crazy color.

Is bad that my phone didn't recognize the spelling of Jesus? Lol

i love "the girlses". i think thats one of the best also.

There are lots of clever ones for sure!! But I just can't see myself as anything else besides "Red"

I am absolutely loving the subtle shade Megan has been throwing lately!

I have the feeling Katie is one of those that has to constantly hear praise from others and fish for compliments to be content. It is pretty pathetic.

She's a compliments fly fisherman, for sure. Half the fights she got in with Joey were just over him NOT instantly giving her compliments and praise for something and then she'd turn into the Queen of Passive Agressiva all over him until she decided it was time to cry because he's "so mean!" (Don't get me wrong...there were plenty of times with Joey was legitimately an asshole. It's just that assholes with violent tempers and quiet, sob-ridden nags with the need to passive aggressively propel each argument to pluto and back do not mix well, obviously.)

I just wanted to say hi. I've been reading the comments daily for months but finally joined. Why are these girls so entertaining lol

its like when you cant look away from a bad car accident.

name thief :P the girlses is occupied.

Dang. Thwarted by an underscore! Lol

This reminds me of something Kail did a long time ago, either before she got pregnant with Lincoln or was newly pregnant with him. Anyway, she started posting photos of nurseries, baby clothes, etc. all over her social media account. Fans then asked her if she was pregnant and she was like "GOD NO I'M JUST POSTING PHOTOS". And then it came out that she was pregnant.

It is ridiculous to publicly imply something is going on in your life then back off and say, "Not really" when people ask you about it. I can't believe that Katie used to be one of my favorite "16&P" girls. Either she got worse from her brief "fame" with "Teen Mom 3" or she's always been like this and just got a really good edit.

I think Katie was a nice person but she got a good edit and she comes off as really sanctimonious and holier-than-thou which is going to rub people the wrong way. She also thinks she's far more intelligent than she actually is.

Kail is just...dumb. Everything has to be about her all the time. I just saw a "sneak peek" from the reunion and Javi's got smoke coming out of his nostrils and ears because he's super pissed and just found out that Kail let Smirnoff Suzi babysit Lincoln alone while she was trashed and Kail never bothered to tell Javi about it. Completely legitimate reason to be pissed, right? So Dr. Drew is all, "You're shaking you're so mad, aren't you?" And Javi says, "Yes. That's my son and I don't know what she did with my son for 2 hours. Kail doesn't know. No one knows what she did for 2 hours while she was drunk with my son." And Kail fires back with, "But you have to look at it from my point of view: That's my mom AND my son." Like basically: I get a get out of jail free card because obviously I'M more hurt and pissed off by her actions than you are allowed to be because I have more important connections to both of them. And Dr. Drewchebag, as always, sides with Kail saying, "oh she's got a really good point." ...At which point Kail goes on a diatribe about how Suzi never did anything MALICIOUS to her while she was growing up...like yeah...she'd get drunk and drive around with Kail in the car but she didn't do it to PURPOSELY put her in danger or be mean. Yes, Kail, I'm sure that makes your husband feel all warm and fuzzy inside about you letting your drunk ass mother babysit the child that belongs to BOTH of you because she doesn't mean to endanger children's lives in a MALICIOUS way. I can't stand Javi but it's very, VERY obvious to me that Kail believes 100% that she is more important than her childrens' fathers because she's the mom and what she says is law and they can deal with it or leave. She did the same shit to Jo and I can't wait to watch Javi try to cope with the consequences of him marrying that self absorbed, polygamist braid twat wife when she inevitably gets sick of him and can't shake his head through a wall anymore and leaves his ass for another dude and another trap baby.

UGH. It just makes me so mad. Leah does the same damn thing. She keep saying that she doesn't know what she'd do without the girlses because she's their mom and they need her. Well guess what? They need their dad, too, so stop busting his balls ALL THE TIME around them, treat him with respect and maybe, MAYBE entertain the idea that he's going for more custody because you're NOT being the mom they need you to be and Corey actually has THEIR best interests in mind. EVERY TIME she talks about it it's all "I just never thought he'd try to hurt me so badly." "I don't know why he wants to call me a bad mom or take the girlses away from their MOMMY."

HE'S NOT TRYING TO HURT YOU, YOU DUMBASS. He's being a parent and making difficult decisions and trying to get them in the safest, most structured environment possible because it's gone from you not feeding them real food and never bath-ing them or brushing their hair to you just NOT doing your job by taking Ali to the physical therapy SHE NEEDS and not taking her to the school YOU wanted to put her in early so she could have a chance of keeping up with the other kids her age. It's not all about you, Leah. Jesus.

that was quite the tangent!! lol. I actually agree with everything you said though (which is surprising since im always trying to stick up for these girls). javi was 100% in the right. and dr drew is just an antagonist who wants people mad to stir up drama. to actually go through medical school and stoop to the level of a tv show who expects you to do that...well he should be ashamed. also, im pretty sure kail talks about how crazy her mom was when she was drunk in Pride Over Pity...like, I didn't read it, but I'm almost positive some physical abuse took place.

and leah, I just cant. she's more concerned about her own feelings of "youre trying to hurt me" and "theyre all I have (even though I have Jeremy and another baby that's been missing for 2 episodes now)" that she isn't even thinking of the girls. of course, to her, she's doing just fine and there's nothing wrong with the situation. I feel bad for her though. clinical depression is a son of a bitch and it clearly has a stronghold on her. you can just tell she has no life left in her at this point. I so badly hope she gets it figured out and goes back to the old leah she used to be. if she can leave out the cheating, she was a good wife and a good mom, once upon a time. I miss that leah.

also, Ali missed more than "some" school. she missed a lot. because if she hadn't, the twins wouldn't be starting preschool "together" next year. ali would be starting kindergarten and aleeah would be starting preschool.... am I right? or was the plan to have ali go through preschool twice or something?

I read Pride Over Pity and Smirnoff Suzi never raised a hand to Kail. She chased her around the house yelling drunken bullshit, but never beat her. Not that it really makes any difference...

Plus, it's not like Kail should be expected to remember whatever her ghostwriter put in that beast-of-bullshit of a book anyway.

I absolutely hate when people do shit like that and then come out to find they ARE pregnant or engaged. Or when someone goes on Facebook and complains but doesn't divulge... I call it "vague booking" and its clearly a call for attention! Annoying

What does this boyfriend of hers do?!? That engagement ring looks exactly like mine and it was a good chunk of money! Mine doesn't even have diamonds on the band either. I bet she is engaged and is just doing this for attention. Go hide in a hole katie

Seriously! My ring is a stone from my great-grandmother's engagement ring so it was free from my mother and then we got like a simple ring to put it in. If we hadn't gotten the stone from my mother (which was awesome because I didn't know it existed and if I did know, I probably wouldn't have ever expected her to GIVE it to me) then I was going to have a heart attack over the prices of diamonds when my husband took me to a jewelry store to look. Even the cheapest diamond ring I could find was like a speck of glitter and it was like $1,200 and that was WAY too much to spend. I posted above a guestimate from that company's website. Even if she got the shittiest quality diamond possible, that thing is at least 2 carats, maybe 3. The setting is at least $1,000 and the diamond is anywhere from $9k to $30k depending on clarity and size. I have too much free time but WHO HAS MONEY LIKE THAT TO SPEND ON JEWELRY?! Especially someone with a toddler?!

I know it crazy expensive! Mine was just over a carat and it was close to 10 grand :S hers has to be more than that because of the diamonds on the band

My husband spoiled me with that ring! I definately wasn't expecting an engagement that weekend and with a ring like that.

Is it sad that I'd be 100% okay with a ring from Walmart?? I mean, as long as it doesn't turn my finger green I don't honestly care how much is spent on it. I care about the person giving it to me, not the ring.

Oh yah! Especially if you are in a difficult financial situation. It would be ridiculous to spend that amount. How financially stable is a young 20 something year old? I know I wasn't lol.

3 minutes in and Leah's bitching about child support.

Corey buys the girls clothes and pays childsupport. What else do those girls need? She's full of it!

with the money that jeremy makes (and whatever money she actually gets from mtv and mary kay, lol) she should not be as money hungry as she is! its ridiculous.

Hydros and percs cost big bucks, ladies.

You are a bad father, adam.

Adumb, being arrested for driving when you're not supposed to be driving is not "bullshit." It's breaking the law for driving on a suspended license! Even monkey boy Nathan can comprehend that!

I can feel my eye twitching when Adam is talking about how taking Aubree on the dirt bike is no big deal. And yet, Chelsea is still having sex with him. Poor Randy.

I want to burn his face on the "just a dirtbike" until he admits that driving with Aubree with no helmet or pads is a big fucking deal.

Someone needs to sit Chelsea down Clockwork Orange style and FORCE her to watch all the footage of how Adam has treated both her AND Aubree over the past 5-6 years. He was an asshole to her before Aubree was even born. He's full of shit, empty promises and spermies that are too potent for the human races' own good. HOW does she justify STILL sleeping with him after all that he's said and done, not said and not done?! I mean for shit's sake, Chelsea! He told you he'd move in with you if you made him stop paying child support when Aubree was a baby. He told you that he'd move in with you if you BOUGHT HIM A TRUCK. He's a user, he's a tool and he's going to do nothing but break that little girl's heart and you need to duct tape your legs together when you're around him because YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER! Either that or stop acting like you're so disgusted by his mere presence when the cameras are rolling because this happens EVERY SEASON and it makes you look like a disingenuous fool.

I feel bad that randy has to even hear her complain after she just ends up running off to sleep with Adam. I'd tell her I don't want to hear it anymore!

who allows a 5 year old on a freaking dirt bike with no helmet!?!? that scrape on her knee was TERRIBLE. thank God it wasnt on her face.

What about Kailyn letting Isaac rip around on his atv in the beginning of the episode with no helmet on either?!?!

ah, i didnt see it! kail is normally a really good mom, but thats on adams level. she needs to cut it out.

After thinking about this for a bit and reading some comments this is what I'm thinking:

She went to the ring store saw her dream ring.

Needed people to talk about her.

So she post a picture.

That or she's truly engaged. ( promise ring)

That's quite a promise.

Guys, I don't know if I have it in me to watch Leah's segment. Adam's stupidity sucked a lot of life out of me already. I guess I'll have to stick it out for Corey. :(

you can tell how depressed leah is. she seems to have no life left in her. its really sad. all this custody stuff is wearing her down.

Sorry for the down vote it was supposed to be a up vote!

lol am i the only one that knows you can change your vote? click it a bunch of times in a row.

You can change it by clicking on the other thumb ..

Okay thanks didn't know!

Leah knows a lot more than she's letting on. She's acting like a two year-old who got caught with cookie crumbs all over their face.

"Why is Corey going for custody?"

".... I dunnoooo ...."

Fuck Dr. Drew and his crappy advice. Maybe he saw that Leah is willing to have sex for a Keurig, so he thought that agreeing with her lunacy would get him somewhere. She did say Jurms is working a lot again.

that was all a plea for sympathy. "yeah, he comes home more" "how often?" "saturday nights...sometimes"

now lets all coddle her and say how strong she is and blahblahblah.

And eligible young men can feel free to drop by, in case she needs some loving.

you mean like robbie?

Why is everyone pussyfooting around Leah's drug issues? Come on Corey say it already. This bit about hearing rumors about anxiety meds and then saying he could tell at cheerleading for awhile...you could tell what Corey? I really want somebody to be direct about the problem. Leah is not going to get help or get better if nobody will actually identify the issue!

I think Corey respects her as his daughters' mother too much to call her out for doing drugs on national TV like that. He's never been one (that I can recall) to trash talk Leah and he only seems to voice his opinion if it's a negative one when they get in shouting matches like at the Twin Exchange when he said it was Leah and Jeremy's fault the co-parenting went to shit (which I happen to agree with him on.)

I have so much respect and love for Corey. Sigh, Miranda is a very lucky woman.

Fuckin sloth-face

I think I shall five her the attention she is so desperately seeking, and tweet her my previous comment. I'm so sweet =)

I'm Dr. Acula and I approve this tweet.

I'm watching the catch up and already I just can't. Stop talkin Leah ...just stop. Also, hi leahs pupils haven't seen you guys in a while

Hello all! I have been a lurker for a while, and most of you literally make me lol :)

To the main topic, god katie drives me nuts! I used to really like her, and I thought she had somewhat of a decent head on her shoulders, but everything about her nowadays screams "pay attention to me!!!"
She really needs to stay away from social media, find a hobby, and work on raising her beautiful daughter. Sadly, that seems to be impossible for these MTV "stars", even long after their 15 minutes have dried up.

I'm so not defending Leah but does anyone think it's kind of messed up that they're making her discuss this stuff alone? Why not bring in Mama Dawn like they did with Randy and Chelsea? It's kind of unfair to make her go up against Corey and Miranda alone while all this is going down. On another note I'm a big fan of Chelsea compared to some of the other most but come on how come she has to keep hooking up with Adam?!?! She can do a million times better.

Nevermind now that their back I see she's got her stepdad!

Ugh! they're**** stupid phone!

It's part of her "long suffering good mother/wife" edit. They have to make her appear small and vulnerable and everyone's just always pickin' on her, ya'll!!

Where's Jurmy?

working. he only comes home on Saturday nights....sometimes.

Really? Because I see him on the show more than Gracie and Addy combined.

Lee has the worst resting bitch face. Didn't know a man could have one lol.

Thank God Dr. Drew informed us that Lee has "experience" in the mental health field. Lee tells us that he has 9 years experience but I guess we have to guess as to what exactly he dies?

I am going to guess first - he is a nurse on the psychiatric floor who hands out the happy pills. He brings home the happy pills for Leah.

He's dealt with Mama Dawn for quite awhile. I feel like that would count.

Katie is ugly and ridiculous and that ring looks fake as fuck. I honestly can't stand her and she can go fuck herself.


Bahaha Joey or another one of her ex's or the many people that are annoyed by her I'm better than everyone horseshit

Whyyyyy can't she do her makeup properly?? Jesus God, Katie... Just because you have your sweepy fringe doesn't mean you should half ass the covered eye but go full out on the other. I see that far too often. I'm a big fan of makeup, I love fiddling with it, getting new looks and finding ways to distract myself from my health problems. I don't do it to hide from other people, I do it as a distraction technique for myself. Even the smallest touches can pull my eyes away from the glaring scars etc, but it has to be balanced! I've never watched TM3 but they all seem so annoying, Megan nailed the headling of this story!!

Didn't I always say she was an attention seeking whore!
P.S Smart move, seriously, uplift your daughter from EVERYTHING and EVERYONE she knows and why? For a guy you have been with for now 6 months, so she started to consider moving to him after less than 3 months when this started ... what a great mother... note the sarcasm.
I wish we could hear what Joey thinks of all this!

When ISN'T she seeking attention? Honestly. Yuck Katie is one of my most least liked for sure!

This article is giving her the attention she wants... if we all just ignore her, she'll go away

I'm confused. Can someone clarify that when you get someone an engagement ring, does it usually come with the wedding band or not?!

I don't think so? When we got engaged I just got the ring, and we went and picked out wedding bands for each other. I've heard of people getting the two rings welded together (or whatever the term is haha) after they get married, but never heard of someone proposing with a ring and a band.