Katie Yeager Gets Full Custody

katie yeager


We've written up bits and pieces about Katie's story since Teen Mom 3 stopped filming, but this latest legal situation is one that would've actually been interesting to see. Katie and ex-boyfriend, Joey Maes, used to share custody of their three year old daughter, Molli.

For a while, they seemed to co-parent pretty well, but within the last 6 to 9 months, things had taken a turn for the worst.

Katie had started sharing messages regarding Joey's abusive nature, his inability to pay child support, and his missed visitations on Twitter.

Katie shared the following message on Molli's birthday, which let followers in on more information than they probably needed to know:


After that incident, Katie started mentioning court dates, and the fact that she was nervous to see how things went.

Last week, Katie shared the verdict from the court hearing, and it looks like things went in her favor this time around.

Katie shared that she has full custody of her daughter, Molli, and that she's relieved that her daughter is now safe.


While we don't know the extent of the situation, some are questioning whether Joey signed his rights to Katie, or whether the courts took them away due to his behavior.

From what we've heard, Katie is planning a move to Las Vegas in order to be closer to her current boyfriend, and Joey allegedly lives in California at the moment, but we're not sure why.


Regardless of who is right or who is wrong, your child will grow up to resent YOU if you're always trash-talking their other parent. Grow up, Katie.

She is the type of person to shit talk him around Molli. One day she is going to see that and realize whata bitter bitch her mom is.

All the trash talk online etc by these girls drives me up the wall. I just want to scream at them: THINK OF YOUR CHILD

True that Sammy! And Katie, you look like an owl!

Noooooooooo owls are pretty!

I literally just thought to myself "poor owls :(" haha!

Molli will end up resenting both of them when she is older, because they put themselves first instead of her. Living that far away from each other basically guarantees that she will rarely see one of them, and now this court thing solidifies that. Katie, you're such a fucking idiot with your Quasimodo ass. Uprooting your daughter from her grandparents and everything she knows just to be close to a boy you haven't even been dating a year. At least Jenelle's move was only like 2 hours away from Jace, so Jace in theory could keep his life he's used to in Oak Island while also being able to travel to Myrtle. When will Molli be seeing any family members besides you? Btw, if you have to be a clinger make the GUY be the one to move and change his entire life. You don't make that risk with a child.

YES! There has to be an incredibly good reason to uproot and move a child - and if it is done then EVERY effort needs to be made to keep existing family relationships going with visits etc.

Sometimes I think these girls think their babies are like property, that they forget that they are people who deserve so much more than this crap!

Yeah except... Jenelle moved *away* from her child because living with her boyfriend was more important.

She's such a cold hearted bitch. I hope Molli request emancipation as soon as she can and leaves her. Shes seriously trying to move to Las Vegas just to be closer to a boyfriend who will eventually leaves her. I hope she struggles without Joeys help. I hope she falls on That stroke ass face she has. Joey did so much for this dumb bitch and for what?! I hope he pays little to no child support to her ass. You have full custody you better be 100% responsible for that child.

I know friends tha tmoved to Vegas with their kids and it's such a shitty shitty place to grow up...yes I'm so over her stroke face. I'm confused about full custody, can Joey still see her? I wonder why a judge even allowed that.

Seriously Katie stop thumbing down unless you have a valid reason. Dumb stroke bitch.

LOL! Vegas sucks Katie and so does your face.

Katie can't just say "I want full custody" and get it. There would have been good proof that Joey is unfit. Personally I hope he pays out the nose for Molli now. He obvi didn't step up and be a parent in a physical be there/safely way so he better be stepping up financially.

You don't know the situation. And just from what we've seen on the show he seemed to be a good dad. I would be surprised that he just STOPPED but we really don't know. I just dislike her tweeting about all of it like a fucking child.

Ditto TTB I'm actually reluctant to judge Joey too much... after all, he's not the one on twitter slagging off his baby mama!

I think someone from Vegas is mad at us. I've been on the strip, been off the strip, it's a fucking horrible place to raise children. So much crime, fucking porn all over the ground, druggies everywhere, shitty driving. But I guess I'm spoiled here in San Diego.

Lol that's all Vegas is! I went during a sex toy convention. By far the most interesting trip ever. I hope next time they have a mold of javis or lydias dsl's :)

LOL Chlamlydia's DSL's might be the one thing that is bigger than Farrah's vagina mold

At first I also thought you wrote Javi's vagina mold lolllllll. A sex toy convention! That sounds freaking fun although I'd be beat red the entire time.

Lmaoooo. Im sure Javi will soon have his Big Papi line out for his horny 13yr old fans. Gross. Chlamlydia will try to trademark the #MarroquinDSLLips. Damn famewhores.

Him and his fucking man boobs. #Maroquinlooselips #nottheonesonyourmouth #baboonassholelips


TTB I'm from north county. Yoh familiar with Fallbrook? Weed capital, I mean avocado capital of socal. Lol.

I liv in central california now. I've been wondering where Joey lives in California. Fresno is about 45 mins away from Vegas (by plane). Seems like Katie would be moving closer to Joey regardless but I agree that she's moving her kid away from all her family rashly, for dumb reasons.

I didn't thumb anyone down, but I've lived in Las Vegas since I was 13. Saying you've been on and off the strip is like saying you've visited a few blocks. There are about 2 million people in the Vegas Valley and there are many elite communities and very expensive and wonderful private schools. I went to good schools and graduated college. I never got into any drugs or any trouble. Just like any other city, there's good and bad. I think it's unfair to say it's shitty and that people shouldn't raise their kids here.

I meant to say private AND public schools.

So it's time for another 16 and pregnant cliche for Katie, because they really all follow the same pattern. They've already been engaged when we all knew it wouldn't last, gotten into violent fights, put their personal drama on Twitter (Katie has) and been through custody issues. Now Katie has a new boyfriend of less than one year that she can't wait to uproot their lives for. I think she's going to announce that she's pregnant within six months.

How do you even have time to FIND a boyfriend in another state when you've got such a young kid?

I honestly have no idea how these girls have so much time in general. I got to school full time and work about 15 hours per week and that's enough to exhaust me haha. I have no idea how these girls can invest so much time and energy into finding new dicks when they have to worry about dyeing their hair, getting ew tattoos, going to da club and tweeting about their child's father...oh, and parenting.

I hope the "ew" before tattoo wasn't a typo! lol Parenting? Who parents these days. All the cool kids are doing their own thing. Just ask Sophia.

The ew actually was a typo that I'm not exactly sorry for :) Just to clarify, plenty of tattoos are meaningful, tasteful and well done, and those are not "ew" but for the most part, the tattoos of the girls on this show are not...and those kind of are "ew."

As much as we talk about Sophia maybe not fitting in during elementary school, I think she will be a "cool kid" in high school. She has a young, sex crazed mom that will let her and her friends drink and get together in her house. As disinterested as Farrah is in raising her now, by the time Sophia's 15, Farrah will be ready to be besties.

For god's sake, tell me this secret when you figure it out, my son is 15 now and I still can't find a decent guy in my state!

Yes I was going to say that! I definitely think she'll be the next person who is pregnant if she isnt' already lol.

Maybe she'll name this one after another street drug


That's super cute Javi's. Don't forget the stupid initial. Molli J. X'tassi K. BigBowlofWeed L. Trap Baby M.

Right? I even spelled it the way these girls would! Lol trap your more ore less Traply B...the b is for grandpa Butch.

I kind of like the name Potlyn or maybe Weedlee.

I did read an interview she did where she said she has known him for a really long time and they grew up together. Apparently their families know each other, etc.

This doesn't need to be aired on Twitter, Katie. He's still your daughter's father. (This goes to all the people that overshare on social media, ESPECIALLY those in the public eye with young children.)

I didn't mind her that much except that she never knew when to shut up and was unbelievably passive aggressive. I didn't care for Joey but, since we don't know what he did/didn't do to cause this new development, I'm reserving judgment on whether it's called for. Shit talking him on Twitter is unnecessary, though. It's not like he dented your car. It's PARENTING and I don't need to know the private details of what goes on with custody.

Does full custody mean that joey doesn't pay child support. ...and that he has no right to see molly? Wow, how did that happen? Did he sign away the rights to his child? Omg. ..I don't know. I could never have expected that. :(

Yes we really need the whole truth, Joey loves Molli so much and we all know that.

Full custody means he's lost his visitation but he still has parental rights and has to pay support. Whether that's how she meant it, I don't know, but that's technically what full custody would be I believe.

I don't really care for her, but there must be a reason why she was rewarded full custody, so I'm not judging. Joey must have shown a pattern that made the court discontinue his visitation.

It might not mean he lost visitation rights, I've always had full custody (it's automatic in my state that an unwed mother gets it) and my ex has a court ordered visitation schedule, not that he's used it for several years. Full custody just means you get to make every decision yourself regarding your child without consulting the other parent, it also means the child lives with you most or all of the time.

She is a hideous bitch inside and out. I feel so bad for Molly...Joey seemed like a great dad. I mean MAYBE there's somethign missing that I don't know about but I fucking doubt it. She was a royal pain in the ass and it's guaranteed her relationshit will end. I don't even know how anyone would want to date her.

I just want to know on what grounds did a judge give Katie primary custody? I can't imagine Joey giving up his rights. I'm not saying I believe he was abusive, but there must be something we don't know about. That, or the judge was an idiot.

Sure Katie. Moving away out of state, uprooting your child, living away from family to be with someone you barely know is so much better than joey having custody of his child... God, and to move your daughter in with some mystery man....She is smoking crack.


Can we talk about this nauseating tweet from Briana? "Of all the flavors you choose to be salty." GODDDDDDDDDDDD KILL ME. That and she's having this birthday event at a club....like does anyone outside of this show evven know who you are???

WTF. I cannot stand Briana, hate everything about her. She's so unbelievably stupid.

Whatever to Katie. Controlling bitch, self-righteous, has to get her way all the time. Going to have a hard time keeping any man with her personality.

All the TM3 girls are irrelevant. Boring.

so glad it's cancelled.

I think Katie would be better off being in a long distance relationship with this guy. That way it will take longer for him to realize what a shrew she is.

How does she not have more children by now?

I predict she'll go the Farrah route and make a porno

AKA throat children

I don't see Briana popping out trap babies any time soon. While she might be exceptionally stupid, she's also exceptionally lazy and I never got the impression that she enjoyed motherhood. Having another baby would make her life so haaaaaarrrd, and it might interrupt her laying on the couch tweeting nasty things time. Remember once she was holding Nova and talking to Brittany about her abortion, and said that she wished she made the same choice?

Yeah how can you say you wish you got an abortion with your kid sitting on your lap...god she's gonna see that one day you twat waffle

It always made me die every time her mother would be like "your such a natural mother" I was like "bitch please, ain't nothing natural about saying you wish you'd had an abortion while holding your child on your lap"

They picked monumentally badly for TM3

I'm going to laugh when no one shows up to her bday except for horny old men

I'm sorry...is her boyfriend's twitter handle actually "FuckHerFace"?!

How romantic!

Just when I'd started to worry that romance was dead...

I like one thing about Briana, and thats Nova. She's a beautiful little girl to me! I love her hair especially, I give props to Briana for keeping it natural. I'm happy she didn't fall into the "pelo malo" trap like alot of mis paisanos Dominicanos smh.

She's a cutie pie but sadly she's going to be just as fucked up as the coven that is raising her lol

She already hates men. I can see her biting Devon or Von (however this slutty trash bag is calling him lately.) This poor child is being raised by man hating dick loving trash bags.

I know it's so funny...they love the D and want trap babies but don't want to be with anyone. It's like they use dudes to reproduce and then eat their heads off like praying mantis's. Except not as cool.

TrapBaby, That makes me think of that one episode of Futurama, with the Amazon women.


LOL that's awesome. They remind me of a coven...Charmed but with more psychotic bitterness

Katie is just as disgusting, the TM3 girls are so tacky, it makes me sick that they post pics of their innocent children, and right under that is a picture or tweet from them saying how they like anal/blowjobs etc ... like we get it, you guys have had sex, you have kids as proof but please keep your sex life off twitter, your kid will see that and sex life is suppose to be between you and a partner. Brianna makes me total sick becasue she doesn't even have a boyfriend and she goes on about how she hates men, so she hates them but she will fuck them? Way to show your kid how to respect her body. Sluts.


I would be mortified if my teenaged son saw me posting things like that online. I'm sure he would be too. I don't post anything like that but I actually do have my feed on facebook set up so that he can't see anything I post unless he's tagged in it.

this is unrelated but Leah got her first horse yall! And she needs $$$$ for the Alianah Hope foundation. It really sounds like she needs the money compared to the millions of people without healthcare for their children! And I know the foundation goes to other kids but we all know it's just to benefit her selfish ass. I'll donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation before donating to her $3,000 washing machine buying ass. sorry but her foundation really rubs me the wrong way.

Ugh, I really hate to ask this, I really do ... but does the Aliannah HOPE foundation donate their money to MD research and treatment, or does it only benefit Ali exclusively? I know parents with sick kids sometimes ask for donations for medical bills, and I AM ok with this. However, I do question what Leah qualifies as "help" for Ali. Like does the funds go to her new horse, and more horse friends because riding may benefit her?

Exactly. i'm sorry she is an asshole for even asking for $$$. On this article http://starcasm.net/archives/253607 I read it helps other kids BUT it also goes to her which is ridiculous. She has a man that works, an MTV payccheck, magazine spreads of her poor decisions, she isn't getting a penny from me. I'll donate to the people that actualyl need it. she disgusts me, that foundation is not for a good cause, i doubt it's even for Ali. She makes Corey do all of that with the 20,000 dollar wheel chair. would rather donate to someone in need thank you very much. Not someone that is going to spend it on ratty hair extensions and the tanning salon and her stupid expensive lifestyle. if she needs money she can quit spending so damn much of it or go squeeze more pennies out of poor coreys bank account.

But they need the money for Aleeah's 4 wheeler!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm might sound child hearted but I can't help Leah even if it is for Ali. She HAS the money. She's buying shit left and right including a damn HORSE! She's a selfish cunt. Ali needs a wheelchair not a horse you dumb ass. Why doesn't Jeremy grow a pair and stop her from going the Maci route?! I cant wait for her to blame her debt on Ali's medical bills.


Cold hearted***

Cause she's drownding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drownding in Robbie's dick.....

I wish the best for that horse, chances are she'll get ride of the poor thing in less then a year.

Meanwhile Aleeah will be wanting her own horse too and they'll get her one of those brooms with a horses head on them.

While Leah explains that a horse isn't really a good thing...

And poor little Addy will just sit in the grass while her sissies are riding and eat cheetos mommy spilled in the dirt for her.

LOL broom with horse head!

And ali with her spaghetti on the floor while Leah is having heart to heart adult meaningless convos with Gracifer

But, what other kids? Because isn't Allie the only one with this specific MD? Is this for all kids with MD?

In that article it just says it's for other kids as well as Ali. But on the ali foundation page they really don't take the time to spread awareness about other kids with MD which tells me it is all for them. And they don't need the damn money when they are making more than me by being on a TV show. It's basically a big fat Give Us Money page.


Has Leah even done anything for the Foundation since she announced it?

She tweeted this:

... grow my customer base to 100 people over this weekend! 25% of sales will go to a fund were starting for The Aliannah HOPE foundation!

I will donate if it goes to therapy for Aleeah.

Anyone that donates to the foundation "were starting" is a complete dumb ass

I say we start a gofundme for her to learn English

That's what I kind of figured. I asked on twitter what the proceeds will go to, no answer. No surprise here

LOL I saw someone ask that! And noticed the crickets...

Leah and her fucking spending is getting on my last nerve really. She always has to buy the better, bigger thing but really threats expensive stuff with no caution.

She'll buy expensive clothes for her kids and dress them like they are homeless daltonians. She'll buy a horse that we all know she won't be able to take care off or use all the time (homegirl can't even keep her kids hair clean and you expect her to be able to take care of a horse ?) when she could just go to a ranch.

Same thing with that stupid pink wheelchair. If I was the insurence company I wouldn't want to pay for it either. The kid is 4, she will grow out of it in maximum 2-3 years. Why not use a rental for that time. Or even better a normal wheelchair in the meantime ? But of course that would require princess Leah to actually move her ass and push the kid. The worst is that i'm sure that the magical pink wheelchair will last about 6 months, seeing how Leah's kids threated the last one like a brand new toy and ended up breaking it.

She's a money grabbing whore and she'll be in debt a couple years after the show stop. One day she'll get what's coming to her and look at her purple crappy extensions and all the useless shit she buyed, and think to herself : "What have I done with my money ?".

Okay but wait. I had the same thought. That wheelchair is like $20k (right??). Does it grow with her? Isn't she going to outgrow it? Is it fancy enough that it grows with her like those cribs to beds? I just didn't get it.

Not sure if we touched on it in the recap post (it's easy to miss something in 600+ comments!) But did anyone catch when Gracie was talking about how she wanted a wheelchair too, and she was whining at Leah, "just BUY me one!" And Leah went on to lecture her about money? Umm...where do you think she learned that? Hahaha I would have loved to see Juuuurmy's face during that discussion.

Yes! To me it sounded like Gracie was used to using it sometimes when Ali wasn't on it, and got pissed when Ali told her to beat it.

And fun fact I remember reading, Juuuurmy wanted baby adderall to be named Maddison, but Leah wanted an A name. They could have went with Addison and everyone would have been happy, but Leah had to white trash it down a bit.

I'm tired of these girls giving weird name that I feel like changing to nickname because the spelling or just plain construction of the name is so weird.

It's like in my heart Kaiser will always be the roll, because the roll is too cute to be bestowed this travesty of a name that is kaiser.

If you have some free time and you want your brain to explode, go on Wikipedia to the 16 and pregnant episode summaries. It has the full names of all the babies and a lot of the names of subsequent babies too. I remember seeing that he wantes to name her Madison, but of course already had a theme picked out for her girlses, and Madison doesn't fit into it. Because God forbid any of the girlses names sound a little bit different. I think Adalynn is supposed to be a modernified version of the old name Adeline. I do like the name Adalynn better than Aliannah and Aleeah. Poor Aleeah really got the short end of the stick (since birth) because no one ever knows how to spell it, and she can't even go by Ali. That's why I always call her Grace or Gracie.

That dumb bitch acts like any horse is a damn therapy horse. I used to volunteer with a therapy horse program, and those ponies are vetted lol it's not like we just went to the sale barn and grabbed the cheapest ones we could find. I hope she got a crazy ass Arabian that kicks the shit out of her (Leah, not the girlses)

As much as I understand how frustrating it is when baby daddies don't hold up their end of the deal, bashing him on social media is a dick move. I can't say much about her moving, because I moved 12 hours away from my family, with my daughter, to marry a guy I'd known for less than a year. We've been happily married for almost 3 years now and my daughter is thriving in our blended family... I can only hope that Katie knows what she's doing, and that she has really thought about where this move will leave Molli.

I seriously wish we could hear Joey's side of the story.

Same. I wish he was on Twitter but at the same time glad he is mature enough not to get involved in the bs.

Can we also talk about how gay my dad looks here?


I think he's getting ready to film his "cumming" out video. Gay sailor much?! Your moms still denying it saying it's not really happening lol

My mom just needs to work on herself

But first she needs to be by your dads side and show him to fulfill his goals. We know who isnt going to be doing the diaper changes. Its totes gross, I'm just here for the photo ops

Yup and grandpa is here for the tattoos. Seriously FML.

Haha What a fuitloop

*Fruit Loop

I really need to start checking my spelling before posting

Your dad looks like a cross between young Hugh Hefner and Gilligan, that has been getting estrogen shots. And your mom is somewhere between blind adoration of your gay dad, and also starting to ask herself "what the eff am I getting myself into?"

This was totally not what I was expecting when I clicked on the photo! Priceless!

It was fully what I expected

Hardcore giggling at this pic. Your dad is quite gay. I just wish he jumped on the bandwagon and went to the gym a little to work on HIMSELF. Skinny minny.

Hey everyone! I am another one of the long time readers that finally made an account. I tried before and never got the password, but I got a new laptop and it worked :D

As for my username, I'm next in line to impregnate Jenelle Evans! Already called it! Proudly following in the steps of my forefathers Andrew, Gary, Courtland and Nathan :')

Katie's face is unfortunate. Joey kinda sucked, but at least he came across as likable. Katie is always whiny and sanctimonious, so this story doesn't surprise me. But with full custody how will she pursue modeling now?! Like seriously Katie? Modeling? Take an auditorium full of seats! And keep your baby daddy drama off twitter, you trash bag. Someone needs to bacon slap some sense into her.

Hi, Jenelle's 5th Baby Daddy! Hahaha I died when you referred to that quartet of losers as your "forefathers." I can just imagine someone building a Mt. Rushmore of the five of you somewhere in North Carolina and Barbara giving it the finger every time she passed it on the way to Wal-Mart so she can support all those babies.

@Barbara's Cackle Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm meeting a celebrity right now! Lmao but seriously I love your comments and point of view on things! Now if only Tyler's Trap Baby would speak to me, my life will be complete <3

Can we start a gofundme to get this Mt. Douchemore carved? Please?

Oh my gosh, you are so precious, let's be best friends!! :) haha I'm glad people here seem to think I'm not a complete idiot (if you do, that's okay, I kind of agree with you) because when I go back and see how much I comment and how much of it is pure irrelevant goofiness, I just think to myself, "girlfriend, you have no life." And I love Mt. Douchemore hahaha :)

Dude I'm dying at your name. Someone needs to photoshop all of Jenelle's D's onto Mount Slutmore

If we had profile pictures that would be perfect!

If we ever do I call dibs on that pic I posted of Tyler looking gayer than ever in that captain's hat

Damn 5th baby daddy...you're good.

Oh Katie. Go fuck yourself. I wonder if Joey is just so downtrodden by her bitching and crying that he gave up. Or by "full custody" does she mean that she got permission to move and so will have full custody? I think there's more to the story. I want to believe that Joey would fight for Molli! He seemed like he would be a great dad.
Leah needs the money for more Meth.

I cannot believe how many people on here are hating on Katie right now. Sure, she has flaws but in this exact situation hating on her and "reserving judgement" about Joey is so hypocritical. First of all, is she has full custody there is a good reason. Whether he signed away his rights (meaning he basically is worthless and should be judged) or he did something awful enough for a judge to rule Molli shouldn't see him. Either way, he has to be some form of pretty awful yet everyone here is calling her out and pointing out how much he did for Katie? Really?!

Okay here's my two cents (and a possible better way to say what I may have worded poorly before): I totally believe Joey could be abusive. 100%. I also know that Katie eggs people on and has a lot of trouble letting go of a grudge. (I'm the exact same way, though.) Does that mean she or Molli would EVER deserve abuse? NO FUCKING WAY. I just don't like how it's being announced on twitter and that's Katie's doing. Custody is a BIG DEAL to most parents and she's updating her social media about it like she just bought a new pair of shoes. I think the courts will do (ideally) everything they can to keep the best interests of the child at heart, but that's not always the way it goes. I honestly have NO CLUE what goes on between Joey and Katie aside from what we saw on TM3. He had MAJOR anger issues and she was super passive aggressive. I just wish they could set aside those issues for the sake of their daughter. If Katie is pursuing full custody for the wrong reasons, it's going to bite her in the ass in the end. If Joey is treating Molli like shit and not being a father, then it's going to bite HIM in the ass. I just disagree with it being blasted over twitter, that's all.

Oh and also, yes he worked hard to support them, but that does not in any way give him a free for all to do whatever he did/didn't do to lose custody. You don't owe someone anything simply because they reproduced with you and stepped up to the plate if, ultimately, it's not a good environment for your kid to grow up in.

She is beyond selfish, putting that on twitter, moving with her boyfrieeeeendd which means molli loses a big part of her support system... but i bet the bitch will still want child support from joey .. even though she basically kidnapped their kid.... if he did that when they had shared custody it would be kidnapping... she will now get to but he should still have contact, she will pull the "if you want to see your daughter you would make the plane flight and just do it, not say your going to do it but just do it, spend the 200 bucks and come see your fucking daughter" .... lets see 200 x 12 2400 buck just to see his daughter once fucking month, not including child support. She is a selfish horse.

Molly is 3 years old. TM3 ended just after she turned 1. A lot must have changes since then if the judge gave Katie full custody. So I don't understand why everyone is being so negative about Katie and so supportive of Joey, a guy we haven't heard anything from in over 2 years.
While Katie had a lot of faults in TM3, so did Joey. But It seemed like they were both pretty good parents. The thing they sucked at was their relationship.

And if Joey moved to California, why can't Katie also move? And California is closer to Vegas so he can still see his daughter.

Of course we only have one side to the story and I'd like to know joey's too.

And I definitely agree that Katie should not share all of her dirty laundry online.

Yeah but Joey moved knowing he would have to make the effort to see his daughter, katie is moving knowing it will mean joey will need to make more effort that he didn't have a say in to see his kid. Now she has full custody she can easily be like "well you want to see her come get her, make the trip that will cost you loads of money to make a 2 way trip for cali to la, and then la to cali ... to then take her back and do the same trip every single month. If she is making the choce to move she should be the one to make the effort to get molli to her dad, with shared custody she would have had to in most cases but now she has full chances are she can say "if you want her you have to get her and bring her back" and he has very little rights.
People wonder why she suddenly decided to get full custody...

For me it's not really about why Katie decided to go for full custody but why the judge found it necessary to give her full custody.
The judge could have given Katie primary custody but he did not. She got full custody. There's a huge difference. And add that to the comment she made about Molly now being safe, I'm really curious to know what Joey did to completely loose custody of his daughter.
In tm3, we saw that he was a good father, he worked hard to support Molly and he was really caring when it came to her. He had no problem caring for Molly on his own...

So to go from that to loosing custody, something must have happened. And I know that judges sometimes tend to give the mother primary custody (sometimes unfairly), it's rare to hear them award the mother with full custody without a good reason.

Judges in western communities often give the mother favoritism, A lady on my street had primary custody of her kid, she was a known hard drug user, the father worked full time and had a history of drug abuse but had been clean for 3 years plus, the drug abuser mother used his history against him in court, even though she was a drug user she hadn't had as bad a history as his. She was given full custody, and she finally got her custody taken away about one year later during a CP visit where the social worker found the young kid in a shitty nappy while she laid on the couch with needles in her arm... my point being judges are lenient with mothers. Plenty good men get custody taken because of minor things i.e. she probably said about his weed use, also if something terrible did happen, she would have posted it... she is an attenion whore, she lives off attention and if he did anything bad you bet she would make sure the world knew, she would have sold stories about it.

I wonder if the judge actually gave her something more like primary custody, and Katie just didn't know the terminological difference between primary and full. Sort of like how she thought everyone would call her "Dr. Katie" after she got her MA. Er, no, that would require either going to med school or getting a PhD, then you're Dr. Katie.
And I agree, HatethatIloveteenmom - I think if there had been another episode of "abuse", there would have been an article released or at least a tweet, like the time Joey "broke her nose".

I am so confused. See, usually full custody just means that the parent that the child lives with has the child 24/7, and makes all decisions such as religion, medical, educational stuff. The parents that does not have full custody usually still pays child support (it almost impossible to NOT do that regardless of whether or not you even see the child), and they can usually still see the child as well, its just not on set dates like visitation would be. It's basically when its convenient for all.
That is why most parents opt for a primary custody/joint legal custody thing. That is when the child primarily lives with one parent (the one with primary custody) and has visitation with the other on a visitation schedule. That parent pays child support, but both parents are involved in decision making as far as education, religion and medical situations.

It's EXTREMELY rare for a parent to be denied visitation with a child altogether. Usually only if the parent is imprisoned or has documented cases of abuse to the child. If you are imprisoned for a significant time period, a judge can make you sign over your rights to the child since you wont be in contact with them anyway. In my state, the only way you can just willingly sign over rights to your child is if the other parent that has custody agrees. That usually wont happen because if you sign away rights, the other parent is no longer going to get child support for the child. Signing over your right completely, or not having joint legal custody is something you just don't want to do. You still need to have some sort relationship with your child. If you sign away right, you don't have any at all ever again. And if you don't have joint legal custody and the other parent has full custody, you are kind of at their mercy as to if you get to see your child.

Something else had to have been involved here that we don't know about for Joey not to get that. He seemed like a good dad on the show and I cant just see him going for it without a fight.

See I do not agree with men paying child support if they aren't allowed access, fair enough if it was a case of the dad is dangerous/cba to see his kid, but i can't see someone who loved his daughter so much to just stop loving her and fighting for her :/
I think seeing as katie wants to move, she should make 100% of the effort when giving molli time with her dad, like kail, she chose to move so she made the effort for isaac to see his dad. Same should be the case for katie, it isn't about if the dad deserves to see his kid, it's about molli, she deserves to see her dad (so long as it doesn't put her in danger) I do not see joey being a danger to molli, so molli deserves to have access to both parents.
For me Katie always seemed to use molli as a weapon, trying to get joey back she pulled out all the stops to try get him back, often using molli to do so e.g. getting the girlfriend out the room to talk to him, the birthday trip etc... i see her pulling out all the stops to take her away from him if she no longer wants that family. I.E she has found a new daddy for her so wants rid of the old one. Molli deserves to see both parents, if katie chooses to move she should ensure joey has at least 4 days a month because it will only benefit molli, katie should make the effort to make the trip to ensure this happens because she chose to move.
It surpprises me that anyone could support this move, people on twitter praising her for her decision... uh no.. it is a selfish move and she isn't thinking of molli, it is like she is trying to hurt joey. I want to hear joeys side, but he has grown up and doesn't put his shit on social media. I hope he gives a story to someone to get his side out though.

That birthday trip was weird as shit. I'll admit I missed a couple of episodes in there (so unlike me, but TM3 really sucked) so I was never quite sure about the state of their relationship, because they seemed to go from engaged to seeing other people really quickly. But they made it very clear that they were not together, nor were they working things out at the time of her birthday. But Katie demanded that they take a day trip to effing Utah, (which was Katie's Disney World) just the three of them. If this was a couple that was in love taking a daytrip for their baby's first birthday, I would think it was sweet. But the fact that it was basically Joey and Katie hanging out one on one (let's face it, baby's aren't the best conversationalists, no matter how much you love them) while she desperately wanted him back and Joey could barely stand her. Let's be real, that birthday trip had nothing to do with Molli. Babies don't know about birthdays, nor do they care. It's not like Molli asked for a daytrip to Utah with just Katie and Joey. They could have had a party together at home, with both of their families and friends and that would have been more convenient and comfortable for everyone. But Katie is just nuts.

Babies don't give a shit about birthdays, but they usually don't enjoy long ass car rides (I was the exception - the only way my mum could get me to sleep was to drive me around for a couple of hours), so Molli probably would have preferred a fun birthday around her family in their home state.

what's that sound i hear?

oh, it's the sound of a therapist cashing in on another 16 & pregnant/teen mom child who is going to require years of therapy due to his/her fame whore mother who needs a few more minutes in the spotlight.

Does anybody know Joey's social media? We need his side of the story.

@joeymaes1 ok i dont use twitter but i googled him and found this account,can sb with twitter try to see if its really him?

I checked it out. If it is him, he hasn't updated in 2 years. He didn't tweet much either.

I google full custody just to see what it actually entailed and found this site http://www.divorcenet.com/resources/divorce/whats-in-a-name-child-custod.... Luckily my parents are still happily married (29 years tomorrow!), so I am not familiar with this terminology. Apparently full custody is sometimes given when the parents have trouble making decisions together or the child is primarily living with one parent (makes sense with Katie's situation especially since she is moving). It may not necessarily mean the noncustodial parent isn't involved in the child's life. Seems pretty unfair to me.

I feel that mothers like Katie pose a huge threat to the feminist movement and just provide ammunition for men's rights movements. Being a feminist (except for very radical ideologies that I do not agree with) means that you want women to have equal rights as men and be appreciated in the same ways for their contributions to society. It doesn't mean we hate men or disrespect their right to be a father. Actually, we want men to be just as involved in the child's life as we are. When I get married, my husband will be my partner and we will be a team. I really hope I never get divorced, but even if I ended up hating my ex, my love and devotion for my children would be stronger.

These girls should have stopped and thought about who they chose to have a baby with. You can't just throw away your kid's dad because you don't want them anymore. You are emotionally bound for life. That's why I don't understand why people have children out of wedlock (except for very rare situations, like they are friends who are not married but want a kid or the person is gay and wants to have a relationship with the other parent rather than having a sperm or egg donor). To me, having a kid is a much bigger commitment than getting married.

I certainly do not think abortion is ideal. In a perfect world, it would never happen. However, I do think it may have been the right choice for many of these girls.

I agree with so many of the points you made here! Feminism should be exactly what you said, equality. Unfortunately, many women use it as a crutch, or to get their way which really discredits the whole thing.

I agree with you that children being born to a married couple is ideal. While I understand and appreciate how many unmarried couples are just as in love and just as much of a team is married ones, marriage creates a certain stability in the family that can't be replicated by just living together. Religious aspect aside, having your fates, assets and interests legally bound together puts more pressure on the couple to work through problems. That being said, I realize that it's not a perfect world and sometimes people wind up raising their kids alone, and so many of them do a really great job of it. But it's infinitely harder than raising them with someone who loves them as much as you do, and wants the best for them.

I'm not sure what you're saying here- are you saying that women who go for full custody when they feel it's appropriate are "a threat to the feminist movement", even if it's in the child's best interest (we really don't know that it wasn't in this case, and the courts agreed with her)? Men and women should always have equal parenting involvement no matter what? I'm just confused as to how Katie and Joey's case that we know nothing about is anti-feminism. She has said nothing about men not deserving to be involved parents.

I think people are wondering if a lot of this is motivated (especially the gloating about it) by Katie wanting to spite Joey. Joey may very well DESERVE some smite-age, don't get me wrong, but it just makes Katie look bad. But I will concede that we don't know much about the situation. For all we know, Joey could have turned into a meth dealer or something and Molli truly WASN'T safe with him in her life.

Judges don't take away custody without a reason. Joey had joint custody, and he lost it. I'm sorry, I know people hate Katie, but that doesn't mean that Joey didn't do anything wrong and it doesn't mean that Joey is the better parent. He got his custody revoked by an unbiased third party. I think the reaction is just a bit dramatic.

Actually women have huge leniency in the courts, the western society have an obsession with ensuring the child stays with the mother i.e. if a mother is in prison they can keep custody and have the child there to breast feed etc, CPS should take a lot more children than they do into care .. Also if you look up full custody and how it can be "achieved" soemtimes the men don't need to be doing anything wrong i.e. chances are Katie moving away, Joey will not be able to stick to his custody agreement due to expenses of moving, Katie no doubt used water works and preached about how she wants what is best for her daughter (because yanking her away from her whole life to be with her boyfriend is how to show you love your kid) The judge would have seen it as "oh well joey moved to cali so katie should be able to move too, oh well if joey cant make the effort to stick to their in place agreement it would be best to sign over custody" ,,, chances are she has primary custody, not full because if there was a reason joey was banned from seeing her she would have sold her story for attention and money.
Also KAttie is very manipulative, she uses molli to get what she wants ... "oh but it's for MOLLI" ... ensuring the new gf wasn;t in the room when they spoke about her kid... that was a control thing and nothing else.
I get what your saying but honestly in this society men are nothing to children and women are the be all and end all. This rally needs to stop, we want equal rights and it's dumb whores like her that are ruining it for everyone. How can we want equal pay and opportunities when women like her don't give equality to men when it comes to their kid?

You seem bitter.

All I'm saying is that they have had joint custody for two years. I'm not talking about granting custody, I'm talking about taking it away. Joey was granted joint custody and then it was removed two years later- if the arrangement was working and Joey was doing nothing wrong, there would be no reason for a judge to take his custody away.

You seem to be of the (untrue) opinion that family courts will do whatever a mother says. It doesn't work like that- men actually tend to get extensive custody when they request it. Most don't, most dads fight for nothing more than every other weekend, so the kids end up primarily with mom by default. And once any parent, be it mom or dad, has any sort of custody, it is not typically taken away without good reason. People will give anecdotes, but as a general rule, it doesn't happen. And CPS has nothing to do with this case.

A lot of the stuff you're saying has made me re-think my initial opinion! Some in-laws of mine are huge meth heads and the mom got her three kids taken away. All she had to do was test clean a month later and she did. She got full custody of the kiddos back even though the fathers and the kids (three kids, three fathers) BEGGED to stay living away from the mother. If Joey really did fuck up enough to warrant having custody completely removed, then I'm glad the court stuck to it. It's a case by case basis but sometimes fucked up things happen and the kid ends up with the worse parent. I don't entirely believe that it's as dramatic as Katie makes it out to be, but if a judge made the call, then there are definitely more reasons than "he smokes weed and yells at me." I think that they both love Molli, but I DO think Joey has a tendency to be violent so maybe he upped it and they truly weren't safe around him. No idea. I just hope Molli is happy and well taken care of and it seems that Katie at least tries to do that. I don't know if Joey's still helping with their daughter, but she deserves the best so if it's in her best interest, I hope she gets to have both parents around in SOME capacity. Just maybe not in the same room because they hate each other.

And just addressing the "bias", one reason there tends to be more mothers with primary/full custody is that they are typically the child's primary caregiver from the beginning. Judges, and also reasonable fathers, are hesitant to switch the primary caregiver of the child unless they are completely unfit. Then they move out of the tender years and start school where it is best to have them in one home all week and so they continue to stay with mom most of the time.

A lot of it is a "who is the primary caregiver of the child" and less "mom is always better".

Joeys old Facebook. Don't know if it's still current. https://www.facebook.com/joseph.maes.374

i must say, katie's face looks better with that hairstyle. shes still not cute but it masks her droopy dog face for the most part.

I got the gofundme set up to get a Keurig for Megan. If you're still interested in donating, check out the link!


Yes!! I donated under my screen name. Share this on every update she posts. Some people might miss it otherwise. Woohoo!

Awesome!! I'm broke but I did what I can. Enjoy it!

I agree that Katie seems like a pain in the ass, but there's no excuses for Joey beating on her. I don't blame her at all for resenting him, and it doesn't seem like he put up much of a fight about Molli..

Alright, guys. I really thought long and hard about whether or not I should say anything, but I figured since he hasn't made any comment and nobody has seen his side of the story, maybe I could be of help in that. Between April and June, I had Joey as a Facebook friend because he and my brother hung out in the same social circles before Molli was born. Never met the guy, and never really paid much attention to Teen Mom 3. But I did remember Katie's 16 & Pregnant episode, though I never really saw him as a reality star type person. From what I saw of him, he seemed like a stand-up guy. I found it really commendable in the sense he was working such a dangerous job to support his family. Anywho, even though I only saw things online, he seemed to do a tremendous job with Molli. Even having 100+ friends, I could tell when he had Molli because my news feed was overflowing with photos and videos of himself and Molli. Don't get me wrong, though. When I finally saw Teen Mom 3, it made me a little uneasy. So as far as opinions go, I'm in the middle. But if there is one thing I don't condone, it's airing dirty laundry like this on social media where everyone can see it. She knew exactly what she was doing saying these things, and they were definitely intended to rub it in his face. That's a pretty childish thing to do. As for drug use, I'm not sure. And really, it's none of anyone's business what he does when he's not spending time with his daughter. If he was doing something in front of her or around her, then I'd see an issue. But what he does on his own time when he doesn't have Molli is pretty well up to him. Sorry for rambling, I just figured it might help from a different perspective. We've lost touch with Joey again, but I do think he's a decent guy and deserves a bit more credit than he gets.

But why is it ok for him to be in an altered state of mind ever? He's a parent now, and if there were ever a situation where he suddenly needed to be mentally present it would kinda suck if he were stoned or wasted or anything else. Add to that that drug use is completely unnecessary, there's no excuse. He gave that up when he decided to have a baby, or not be more careful.