Katie Yeager Disses Joey Maes

katie yeager


Teen Mom 3 star, Katie Yeager, was probably the most known for her issues with her former boyfriend/fiance Joey Maes. Joey and Katie had daughter Molli, when they were 18 and 19 years old, and their issues didn't end there.

Since bringing Molli home, Joey and Katie were unable to figure out their relationship, and decided to break up shortly after getting engaged.

Joey began dating other people, and Katie moved to Utah to get away from the drama back in Wyoming. It turns out that their drama didn't end there, and that to this day these two are having problems co-parenting.

Katie took to Twitter on her daughter's 3rd birthday to share a subtweet that we can only assume is about Joey Maes.

The Tweet, which claims that Joey doesn't see his daughter and that he didn't send a birthday gift, gave Katie a lot of social media attention that she might not have wanted.


It's no surprise that Katie had some built up anger about the situation, but since she shared the Tweet, she's also hinted at upcoming court dates. Katie shared that her boyfriend would be in town before her court date, and that she couldn't do it without him.

Katie's hashtag indicated that court was 5 days from then, which means that there should be some form of court report posted soon so we can see just what Katie was actually in court for.

Some are assuming that the court date dealt with Joey's lack of child support, but others believe that it might have to do with Katie moving her daughter Molli farther away from Joey in order to live closer to her current boyfriend.


Right number 1 - stop broadcasting your dirty laundry when your kid will see that one day.
number 2 - if he is using drugs and not paying for his kid he had better get his act together, how selfish.
number 3 - you are equally as selfish moving so far in order to be closer to your boyfriend. Why uproot your kid across the country to be closer to your boyfriend, you haven't been together long and thats the only reason you seem to be going. Not for job prospects, not to be closer to friends and family but to be closer to your new piece of ass.

I also think the timing of this is very questionable, second she gets a boyfriend she starts all this media whoring.
Why not settle things within your family, oh i dunno, within your family.

I like the time she had a boyfrriend for like a month and then he dumped her for being too whiny. I wonder when she'll realize she is the problem, no guy wants to be nagged all the time. I remember when she was on Joey's case for weed, I don't even like weed but I couldn't blame the poor guy. I hated how both of them cussed up a storm around Molly, glad they'r enot together.

I don't condone any form of drugs around children, i agreed with her on that 1 issue, but she nagged him for everything! Working, money, not spendng enough time with her ... he came home from work and spent it with his daughter, why complain? She nagged and whined about everything and she was sick in the head. She tried to twist things so it sounds like she is the victim. I dont understand why someone would want to come off as a victim all the time. Oh i know, youd think after so many people say you are whiny and nagging you would think...maybe i should make some positive changes to myself.

She really was sick in the head. I don't condone that either of course. They were seriously a terrible couple. Isn't he with a new girl now? She's probably just pissed about that, and I thought he was having another baby? But not sure

Ugh thank you! I couldnt stand Katie, or understand why she had such a following. She was a nagging, needy biatch who will most likely never be happy with her life.

No wonder Joey blazed up


I actually want her to move. To REALLY struggle to care for herself and Molli. She'll see how much of a "deadbeat" Joey really is. This girls a sad case. Watch her boyfriend kick her to the curb after a week of living with her. Not everyone is like Joey who will leave HIS apartment and let you live rent free. Dumb psycho bitch.

Why did that happen again? I honestly don't remember, was there some issue with Katie's family? I distinctly remember Katie demanding that she and Joey spend Molli's first birthday just the three of them, in Utah even though they were broken up at the time. If the three of them were a happy little family, I would think that was cute, but Joey couldn't stand Katie at the time, and Molli was a year old, so it's not like it was her birthday wish that they all be together. Anyway, that just seemed so odd to me that she wouldn't want to be around her family that day.

I can't really remember much of the TM3 girls. She just has this obsession over Utah like jeeze girl, calm down. She probably wants to be a fundie..ALl I can recall was Joey let her live there and her went to his moms. I'm sorry, but if I were Joey I would've sent her packing irregardless of the issue she was having with her parents (if any), suck it up and go home bitch!

I don't pretend to be a fundie expert, but I do read freejinger sometimes :) and I'm pretty sure the fundies as a whole would frown on much of Katie's behavior. Not just the teen pregnancy, but the revealing outfits, tattoos, tweeting about "slut problems" and booty calls, and most of all, Katie couldn't "keep sweet" if her life depended on it. She spent way too much time bitching at the man of the house to be a good fundie wife.

Seriously, wtf was it with her and Utah, though? She kept saying she wanted to go to school there and live there, but she never said why, or what was so much better in Utah. Honestly, Joey was no saint, but Katie was a real beast to live with.

Im no fundie expert either. But when I think of Utah, I remember that scandal. Aren't the Duggars somewhat associated with them as well? Thought wise? But seriously all I think about Utah is that :/ She could probably be a Sister Wive though...

I get the Utah thing. I moved to her hometown of rock springs last summer. There is nothing here! To do any kind of real shopping, you have to drive 3 hours to Utah. Plus, it's not windy there. We get serious wind around here. And its warmer... I'm sitting here wrapped up because it's 49 degrees out.

Utah is known for its high Mormon population and while there are fundamentalist Mormons (like the Sister Wives people) the term "fundies" usually refers to fundamentalist evangelicals who are more prevalent in the South. I wouldn't even call the Duggars fundies, they are cult members.

Honestly I think katie is or was who knows by that post, being a little girl day dreaming of better places or dream places to live. Like when I was younger, I have family in Hawaii and I swear I thought that once I was old enough I would leave all my family and friends to live in this mythical place where you don't have to work or pay bills, basically have any responsibility just party while going to school. Honestly though that's exactly what it reminded me of! Daydreaming thinking of better places, until your there and realize how much that place sucks in it's own specific way. Lol ohh goodness what it was to be a kid!

Oh actually take that back wasn't the place she was daydreaming about Denver?

I never watched Teen Mom 3 but I remember her wanting to go to college in Denver in her 16 & Pregnant episode. I actually talked to her on Twitter about that- they showed her visiting the campus I went to (Metro State/ CU Denver) but she said she had really hoped she could go to DU but it was too expensive.

I'm Mormon. Definately not a "Fundie" though. And yes, most of either crowd would frown upon her behavior. The piss poor attitude, the disrespect she shows to the father of her child(I'm not saying he was perfect, but he did work his ass off to support them and all she did was bitch about being broke and wanting a nicer apartment), to name a few. I'm more open minded than most people in my crowd, so I guess you can't say I'm a "true Mormon" but whatever. Many of my friends live in Utah, I can see why she would want to live there instead of Wyoming, but girl needs to get off her high horse.

HA! So first it was Denver & now its Utah?! LOL this girl will ALWAYS be changing her mind! Did she even go to school in Wyoming, do anything with her life other then nag?

She had such a creepy fetish for Utah. I wonder if she had a giant dildo in the shape of the state of Utah...

Someone with a Utah shaped dildo does not appreciate my sense of humor. Is California a better shape? Rhode Island perhaps?

They probably prefer Texas.

It's okay trap, the probably just wanted a Texas shaped dildo, everything is bigger in Texas

Katie is obsessed with Joey. Of course mollis wish wasn't for them to be together. It probably was for them to separate! Lol

I really think we should market this state shaped dildo idea. I'm a fucking a genius.

All of these moms seem to think that it's fine to just up to move their kids to be closer to their boyfriends. Maci did it, Kail did it, and now Katie. I don't see why they think they can just up and move them like that. It's important for the kids to have a father in their lives. Remember when Joey tried to take Molly with him because he wanted to spend time with her and she called her mom who called the police. Apparently these kids just don't need to have a loving father. Just a mother would be fine. Then they sit there and complain that their baby daddies are deadbeats and uninvolved. Well yeah you've been pushing them away making it hard for them to even see their kids. I could never stand Katie. She always had this holier then thou attitude and she thinks she's better then everyone. Yes you wanted to go to school but you didn't actually do it so why does that make you better? It doesn't.

Lmao Jenelle is the exception. She moved AWAY from her kid to be closer to her boyfriend.

I can not stand this stroke faced bitch.

So girls who have similar facial features are stroke faced? One of my best friends looks like Katie.

Yes. That is exactly what she said. Calm down.

Did your friend have a stroke??!!

No, girls that have one eyeball on their forehead and one where it's supposed to be and talk out of only one half of their face look like they've had a stroke. My condolences. Is your friend 85? LOL yes Lucky Court Stah you took the words right out of my mouth. Do you guys hang out in the bell tower a lot?


Did Leah do her makeup in this ppicture? Buzz your girlfriend, woof

I am personally still recovering from the lingerie show

Rude. That was high fashion at its finest.

Oh god I know! That is an image I my head that I'd pay to get rid of!

Yawn... I just cannot care about any of the TM3 girls.

That makeup does nothing for you, girl.

Katie is so fucking annoying.

She was always really whiny and annoying so this isn't really surprising. What is surprising is that it seems like Leah came all the way from WV to do Katie's makeup for the photo. Not cute Katie, not cute.

Shut up Katie. Just because he doesn't spend his money on crooked boob tattoos and tattoos to cover up his stretch marks doesn't mean he doesn't love his daughter. Just because he doesn't buy overpriced dresses from online boutiques for Molli doesn't mean he doesn't love her. Nice to see all Katy cares about is money, just like she did in Teen Mom 3. How do you know he's not waiting till he gets Molli to give her the present in person? He may not have wanted to ship it to you only to not even tell her who the gift is from. Or for you to just simply throw it away, because we all know you are petty. Joey doesn't have social media which makes the attacks look even worse because he can't even defend himself. Btw for someone who hates drugs so much Katy it's odd you named your daughter after a popular party drug.

Exactly what I was thinking!! Just because there was nothing in the post doesn't mean he has nothing. And I really hope he does, because I liked Joey. He had potential to be a great dad. She was a miserable bagging sack of soul sucking sadness.

I hated when she called him a deadbeat...and he was letting her stay in his apartment till she got back on her feet. Ridiculous

Exactly - pretty sure she was the deadbeat in the relationship!

Please don't say your name is referring to Nathan's tiny boner. Please God.

He was the furthest thing from a deadbeat. Out of all the dads on this show, he worked the hardest and had one of the most dangerous, dirty and exhausting jobs. He worked night shifts for goodness sakes! And even though he was exhausted, he always seemed to make Molli a priority. I can't imagine doing such gruelling labor only to come home to Katie bitching about being alone.
Maybe he wasn't the best boyfriend - he did have a temper, but Katie would really goad him on - but I think he was always a good dad. Deadbeats don't support their ex in their former shared apartment after breaking up; they don't support their ex and child at all. They don't make sacrifices for their children. Yeah, maybe he did drugs in the past, but I think he stayed pretty much on the straight and narrow after Molli was born. I don't see the marijuana as a big deal as long as he kept it away from his daughter. And I'd lose my temper, too, if my partner called me a deadbeat and harped on me after working night shifts, before I even had a chance to eat or shower. I bet he dreaded coming home.

Haha my name! No!! Its like a Piglet.... but with a B. Nothing mean in my name sorry!

I have no idea why I thought that. I'm honsetly just traumatized. Sorry I took my PTSD on Nathan's boner out on you :(

@ Slingblade, you are so correct. We only ever see HER side of the story, never his. He doesn't do this, he doesn't do that, he punched me, he's on drugs, he hates Molly. From what i saw on teen mom, his biggest fault was getting angry at Katie. Which she usually always started by bitching at him. I think it's extremely catty to diss the other parent on the internet(Leah included). I'm glad Joey doesn't respond to her publicly, it makes her look like the petty bitch she is.

And we all know how she responded to joeys new girlfriend, yet she can move Molli closer to her new boyfriend? Hypocrite.... Just like Kailyn

Hate it when girls do that shit.

Katie was extremely needy, very clingy. Even worse than leah in my opinion, and that's saying something. Not that I can justify Joey's abusive behavior, but she needed to get a life, get a hobby, join a mommy and me group.

Or a lingerie and me group

I could see through her shit. I didn't need Joey's side. She showed everything herself without saying anything direct!

i agree with you and to be honest, i am on joeys side. she never appreciated anything he did, she does not know how hard it is to work in the coal mine, she just wants money from him

Remember on the reunion Dr. Drew exposed Katie told Joey that she wished he died in the coal mines? Sick, insensitive Quasimodo bitch.

LOLLLLLLLLL Quasimodo bitch. Her and Caitlin could both have that title. And yes that was SO fucked up. She says some really awful things like deadbeat, hope you die in the mines, etc. Fucking psycho....gosh i've had ex's that pissed me off but I would never wish death on them....even in my mind lol

He was probably wishing that on himself. I would if I had to go home to her whiny ass.

Not to mention her wine obsession on Twitter and Instagram. Bitch thinks she is "classy". Sit down Katie, you are relieving stress by consuming a substance that alters your state of mind. At least weed doesn't kill you.

I love when she calls people peasants too. Like really twat face? You were on TV and you weren't memorable and you sucked at life. Take a seat biatch.

Besides, there is nothing wrong with being a peasants.

I have to say, when Scott Disick calls people peasants I think it's kind of funny. He's such an ass, but he knows and I think to an extent he's making fun of himself. Plus, he actually has money. What money does Katie have, now that she doesn't have Joey or MTV? Does she have a job?

She said that?! When did that happen?! Jesus Katie, get your head out of your ass.

Peasants? Are you serious? I'd love for her to call me that. If knock out her quazimoto eye out. Stupid bitch. Who are you Katie? You were on MTV. Big whoop. Had I been irresponsible and gotten pregnant in high school I would easily also be "famous" bwahaha Joey can't stand you and we also can't.

Lol she always does that. And Founder she doesn't exactly mean it in a nice way. If you're ok with her saying she's better than you for being on TV that's fine, but I think she is an epic epic twat.

Scott Disick called Farrah a "shit stain" on Twitter so he can pass. Lol.

It's terrible, but I love Scott Disick a little bit, and the whole Kourtney gang. I just think their whole little family is so cute together and I'm excited to see their new baby. I kind of want them to keep North, because Kim and Kanye are so stupid.

She acts so high and mighty on twitter. I'm actually glad that Joey doesn't have one though. If he responded to it, which anyone would lets me real here, he'd look bad too. By staying off social media he's making himself look better because he doesn't air everything out. Look at Alex and Matt, each one looks worse then other because one of them fires and attack and the other one fires right back. Neither one has the sense to just keep quite and ignore the other. Poor Arabella is going to read all this one day and realize what idiots her parents are.

I wish people would stop giving their kids nicknames for first names. I cringe when I meet a Jack who is not a John, a Billy who is not a William, a Katie who is not a Kathryn, and a Molli who is not a Margaret....

I think her full name is just Molly/Molli whatever. I hate when people misspell names to be trendy.

Tell me about it. I share a name with one of the TM3 girls, I like to say my name is spelled the CORRECT way, haha. The mispellings of the same name that I have seen parents give their child make me cringe.

my name is tiffani. I'm 30 years old so it's nothing new. My mom wanted me to be "special" lol. Oh if I had a dollar for every time someone missed spelled my name i would be rich.

Mine is Kelley...yea no one guesses that spelling lol.

My name is Ashley so i never have to deal with my name being spelled wrong but i know so many people who have "different" spellings for their names.

And i even know a ton of Megan's, Katherine's, Katelyn's etc that all spell their names differently. I think a good 30% of the females in my graduating HS class (2012) consisted of those names and they were all spelled differently.

Also, add Allison to that list.

Yep, my name is Allyson and not even my grandparents have spelled it correctly once in my life.

I'm 21 and Jack and Molly are stand alone names to me. Those names are classics to me, not trendy. Billy comes across as a nickname, but Katie's sort of in between. I know a lot of stand alone Katies but I know a lot of "Katherines" or "Kathleens" that are Katies too. I know very few people who actually go by Katherine or Kathleen though. Even into their adult life.

Same here. Jack especially is a standalone to me. Molly is just a drug haga.

hahaha...Ya Molly/Molli isnt particularly the nicest name for a girl but hey theres been worse.

Like Kaiser

And Gannon. And Jaxie.

Ewww..yes Trap Baby, your on the right roll now...get it..rolll??

And since we are talking about that family might as well add in Mooogan...did I spell that right? Yes its a dog, but its a furbaby and the poor things named Moogan.

Trap, you forgot Amayah and Amariah.
I truly just looked that up on Google to spell them right ;)

Oh God. She was such a wannabe Leah it wasn't even funny.

I actually like the name "Molly" :( but my husband gave me a big "N-O" for using that as a possible future girls name.

Red, I am due this November, I swear every name I like he hates, and he likes some weird names. Eventually I just told him Winston will be the name. Now he's arguing to spell it Wynnston.. Told him no way in hell on that one.
I wanted a Lucas, Travis, Julian or Benjamin and he wanted an Emmitt/Every football player EVER, Achilles (Greek Demi-God), or Griffin (I thought of the carrot himself on that one...)

Go to him with a completely straight face and tell him how you found this unique name you fell in love with and come up with some phony meaning it could have to you, and tell him the name is "Jermajesty". Then wait for his reaction and report back.

MTV Editing, I have an idea for a compromise. How about Julius? That's somewhere in between Julian and a somewhat comparable to Achilles. Although Julius Caesar then reminds me of Kaiser which is derived directly from Caesar so that could be a no.

Molly is a really old name. I was surprised she picked it. I was born in 1990 and I have never met someone who was in my age group with that name. It's more of a name that you'd have heard in the 60s. It could be more recent then that but these days no one names their kids that anymore. Like you said it's a drug now.

Yuck I really hate Gannon. Isn't that the evil guy in Zelda?

I think if I said "Jermajesty" he might literally poop his pants
I tried compromising, I gave up and said he can name the next one Griffin or Harrison or whatever he wants. He is ignoring me for fantasy football now-a-days so come November he will care less what the baby is named or the spelling and love him regardless. (Unless the Pats are playing and Winston's crying..)

Idk about you guys but I thank God that Karly didn't have boys because if you think the girls' names are bad, apparently she would've nemed them Daxton and Jackson if they were boys! Source: Her ask.

I'm a Molly, and I've never had anyone ask me if it was a nickname. Ever. Times change and it is a full name these days.

I have never met a Margaret that goes by the nickname of Molly and i have never met a Molly who's name isn't actually Molly. Molly, to me, is an actual name and i think it's a cute name. Until you said the above statement, i wasn't even aware that Molly is apparently a nickname for Margaret??? Not in my world.

Jack is also a popular name and not a nickname. I think it might (i said might) even be more popular than the name John right now.

Well, my boyfriend's name is Bradley.. but until I came along he always went by "Brad". It's what everyone but me calls him anyways. I guess people are just too lazy to say the full name. But I've dated a "Matthew", "Michael" and a "William" (All this was over the course of like 8 years, I don't date THAT much).. and I couldn't stand when somebody shortened their names to Will, Matt, Mike, etc.. I always say the whole name for some reason. I'm like, if they were named Brad or Will or Matt, then I would call them that.. But they aren't. So why shorten it?

If you like or prefer nicknames, why does it matter to you? There are tons of male names that are commonly shortened to nicknames. Most of the guys i went to HS with use nicknames. It's easier for them as children to learn to say and spell and it's shorter for people to say.

Sidenote: Your name is "Nikki". That is a common nickname of Nicole and even if you were born with the name "Nikki", it is a clear nickname more so than an actual name so i'm not sure why it is an issue to you.

Chill, it's more of an observation and less of an issue. Too much estrogen in these posts.. I suppose I'll go back to lurking silently. ;(
And Nikki is an alias because I have a very strange name. I use it to blend in a bit better. Case & point.

For the record Nikki is a total whore name

Maybe you should grow up a little and realize that just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're attacking you before you come back.

Debra you better change your name to Little Debbie's Trash Claw

Did I miss something? Why are y'all being so mean to Nikki?! Did she run over your dog or something???

No one was being mean to her, but maybe I'm just not over sensitive enough to notice??

I don't understand why you hate shortened versions of names. Try having a given name like mine and good luck going by the full name, let alone having anyone be able to pronounce it or spell it. Or maybe he likes Brad better better than Bradley? Maybe they feel their full names sound too proper? I just hate when people call others by names they don't enjoy being referred to as.

I have a nickname for my middle name and no one ever calls me by my first name. But everyone always asks. My nickname is a bit bizzare, so everyone always needs to know if that's my real name. "No," I say, "it's Meredith. But nobody ever calls me that." I hate people who think that they can call me by it anyway. Call me what i introduce myself as, thanks. That means you can't give me any nicknames without my approval. I'll allow some to because they're being endearing. But people who think they can just call you whatever you want, despite preference, are annoying

I don't give a fuck what people call themselves, but if someone ran over my dog they wouldn't be able to come on here to leave a comment to piss me off. Just sayin.


Oops, I meant to reply to that one. I'm a nice person so I'm not obligated to go anywhere. I've went by many different names other than Nikki, this is just the one that's easiest for me to type. I just thought it was an interesting sentiment that I preferred full names to nicknames. :P

Well, I really didn't do anything. I just made a comment so I'm not going anywhere. I just said that I rather say the entire name instead of shortening it. An opinion that I'm allowed to have. Don't overreact and I won't be oversensitive. I've always read the comments on here and thought they were funny, but if you guys don't like me for.. well, no reason, then it's whatever. :)

It's just so odd because I rarely see the people on here acting like that! Especially over name preferences, wtf?

I'm like.. Sorry for having a "whore" alias??
Not really...
Or a name preference?
Again, not really. lol

I for one literally don't give a shit. Literally. I'm on the toilet reading this and unable to poop right now.

No judgements here, even whores have their uses :-)

I mostly agree with you. I'm a big fan of traditional names, and I think that using nicknames as names is so trendy because our society as a whole is much more relaxed and informal than ever before. My name is an accepted standalone name that has never left the top 300 on the SSA list. It can be used as a nickname though, and sometimes people assume that it is. I really love my name, but sometimes I wish it was more formal. I've come to accept Jack as it's own name, though I prefer John. The same thing with Molly, but like other posters said, I usually think of the drug when I hear that. I've been hearing of a lot of Alexes that are just Alex and not Alexander, lately, which I'm not crazy about but I still really like the name Alex. I can be a bit particular about baby names, but when it comes to these girls, I'm really just excited if they pick something that is a real name and spell it (at least close to) correctly.

Well Katie's full name is Kathleen so hate to burst your bubble there. And better to name your son 'Jack' than "Espn' or 'Z'hyne-Z'heare' don't ya think?

Yay for working in hospital. Espn pronounced "ess-pin" and the second name is pronounced Sincere. *stabs face*

Sammy, are you KIDDING? That's ridiculous. Although I have to say that the number one stupidest name in my opinion has to be Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson's daughter.) that one takes the cake.

My friend did some sort of statistic record-keeping over the summer once (she's in law school), and used to see the strangest names. I kept trying to get her to reveal to me whether there was any pattern between names like Destiny or Cinnamon and stripping. Obviously that would breach confidentiality, but I was like, come on girl, just give me a wink and a nod.

Lil Kim named her kid Royal Reign

Maybe it's the painkillers but I can't stop dying over "Jermajesty".

Audio Science
Pilot Inspektor
Fifi Trixibelle
Moxie Crimefighter
Moon Unit
Diva Thin Muffin
Tu Morrow

Just to name a few out there names.
I believe there was even a child named Cheese.

I always wonder if the crazy celeb names are fake and really to hide their identities so no one finds them, for privacy purposes. So ridiculous. I feel bad because I like the name Winter (but would probably not use it), and it's not even THAT out there compared to mother fucking Audio Science. JERMY would love a boy named Jermajesty!

Oh! I like Winter. I knew a girl whose sister was named Winter. Being a nerd, I have a name list and one is Lyla Winter. Lol

Omg, I knew a girl in middle school named winter green. Who does that to their kid?

One of my best friend's name is Autumn and she has two sisters Summer and Wynter :) I always thought it was really cute.

Haha that's super cute. I really like season names. Once i heard of a girl NAMED Season which was not so good, but she was absolutely gorgeous. I think Equinox is cool too... I would neverrrr use it though. I just have this list of weird names I like that I'd never use.

Pilot Inspektor. Now THAT is a terrible name.

Yeah..Pilot Inspektor is horrible. Leave it to Earl! LOL!!

I knew this girl named Stormie. She had a sister named Windy, and a sister name Misty. There was another sibling with some name of a condition it can be outside too. I cant remember. But, her mom's name was Summer. And her mother had sisters named Autumn and Spring. I think they were hippies.

hahah how about sisters: Jade, Crystal and Jewel?...yea this is in real life. Not me tho :D

How is that abomination even close to sincere?! I don't know where some of these people went to kindergarten but it what world is the letter Z pronounced like the letter S in the beginning of a word? And why does there need to be apostrophes and hyphens?! And why so many H's?!?!

I work in an environment where I come into contact with a lot of new parents, and while I don't get a lot of really crazy names, I have seen Mackenzie spelled like 8 different ways, and if Adam feels like impregnating another lucky South Dakotan lass, I have plenty of suggestions for names that end in ee.

I went to school with a girl named Evidence Sweetness. So awkward.

I met a guy named "unique."
It's spelled "U'Neek."
All I could say was "well, that IS unique...."

I work for a county facility and daily I'm shocked by some of the names I see. I swear some people get a bowl of alphabet soup and whatever's on the spoon goes. Smh

Jack and Molly are perfectly normal first names, not nicknames. Also, I have never met a Molly/Molli who was not a Margaret either, because I've never heard of that being a nickname for that name. Perhaps you're thinking of Maggie?

I do somewhat agree with you, just depends on the name. Kate to me is totally fine without being Katherine, but a name like Billy should be left as a nickname.

My name is Greta! It is a derivative of Margaret as is Megan, Etta, Marge, Maggie, and so many other names. I love the name Will it is very handsome. But anyway lots of nicknames fly as names these days. I honestly didn't even know Jack wasn't from Jonathan or whatever. I don't know ANYONE that goes by margaret except for old people.

There's this slut on twitter named Greta that sells nudes online and is always posting half naked photos of her fat disproportioned ass. Just a little fun fact. Her name is snowbootygoddess or some dumb shit like that.

WHAT LOL?????? THAT IS NOT ME... OMFG i'm gonna go look


lol did you find her?

YES I'LL SEND YOU A THANK YOU CARD. God my stomach and brain and eyes and heart are all broken. I wanna change my name. :( UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We're just pretending that the only other Greta is Greta Garbo. Done.

Lmao eww she has like 3 different accounts for maximum whoring I guess. Look at the pic she posted on 8/4/14 at @bestassontwitr . Excuse me while I go stab myself.

Whyyyyyyy did I just look her up?! Eeeeeeew! Her cameltoe pictures, barf. Does she have balls? I'm so confused.

I didn't know Jack was was a derivative from John either! So glad I'm not alone. And isn't John technically a nickname from Johnathan? Just sayin......

Not directed at you but the original post about nicknames.

Wait... I didn't even know Molly was a nickname for Margaret. Was that the red head American girl doll's real name?

... Was I the only one who played with American girl dolls?

I think of the Unsinkable Molly Brown from the Titanic. Lol. I believe her name was actually Margaret.

The red-headed girl was Felicity. Molly had long, brunette braids. She lived during World War II, her dad was a medic for he war, and a little girl from England was fostered in her home. #blastfromthepast

Oh FUCK I love the American Girls! There was a Kristen right? Blonde? And Samantha. And a black chick named Addie AKA Adderal! Good times.

I LOVED those girls. My favorites were Felicity, Addie and Molly!!

Ah yes. Molly had the pigtails. But her real name wasn't Margaret, right? It was just Molly

Yupp - full name Molly Jean McIntyre. Thanks wikipedia!

I loved the American Dolls!!!! I got the magazines every month, I read the books, watched the movies and got a Samantha for my 8th birthday. I still have her but she's in rough shape now it's been well over 10 years since I got her. Molly was the one with glasses and her hair was in French braids. In the book I remember she wanted to be in a talent show or something and she curled her hair all pretty for it. They also had a Kirtsen, and Felecity. I don't remember all of them though.

" The Tweet, which claims that Joey doesn’t see his daughter and that he didn’t send a birthday gift, gave Katie a lot of social media attention that she might not have wanted."

Yeah, right. She knew exactly what she was doing when she tweeted that. Nobody tweets something so obvious if they didn't want attention. She wants sympathy from her "fans" and she wants others to bash Joey and to praise her new boy toy.

Exactly. Bitch loves attention. She wouldn't whore around in underwear on a stage if she didn't. Or post her hideous tattoos.

Oh she wants the attention alright!

I dont enjoy her eyebrow in this picture...thats about it. Who cares!

I don't enjoy her entire face. But yes her eyebrows are jacked. Almost as bad as Jenelle but not quite.

Haha my new thing is now going to be "I don't enjoy your face"

It has to be "I don't enjoy your entire face"

Filed away for future use.

How did she look at this and think, "yes...this is a good look. I look attractive here, and I will post it." The makeup, they eyebrows, the expression, everything is just bad.

Lol. What, you don't like how that olive green eye shadow contrasts hideously with that peach shirt? Whatever is wrong with you?!?

That green eye shadow just looks bad on her. People really needs to start matching colors. If you're going to wear eye shadow make sure the color of it goes with the color of your outfit..... I tend to wear pinks and browns because they're natural and light enough that they go with most of my outfits.

Damn, what the hell kind of selfishness? In what part of her brain did she think it to be a good idea to move her daughter farther away from her father to be with some bf. How long has she known the bf? Where is she getting her money to make these crazy far ass moves moves?

I think they have been dating for 6 months. She was dating one guy in December but I think this is a different guy.
She also tweeted how she was glad her boyfriend would be able to go to court with her or she wouldn't make it through without him.

Yes because the boyfriend belongs at court. He needs to stay out of it. There's no reason for her to bring him to a court meeting with Joey. Even Kail had the sense to leave her BF's out of her court meetings with Kail. Even after her and Javi were married she still left him at home. There's no reason for Katie's dick of the year to come to court with her. She's just trying to piss Joey off. Probably to be like haha I've replaced you in Molli's life with him for now. She's such a manipulative bitch!

Her boyfriend of SIX whole months shouldn't be involved in court with her. And yes, Katie we know you can't do anything for yourself, but you WOULD be able to make it without him, you're just too dumb to see you wouldn't be fighting in court if not for him. So technically you ARE there because of him... Co dependent freak! You HAVE to have a boyfriend, yet you bitch at them so much I bet he's already ready to run! And how irresponsible- I wouldn't move in with a new boyfriend if I had a little girl for awhile- how does Katie knows molli is safe with him?

Even if Molli is safe around him, that's not fair to let Molli get attached to him unless she's sure he's going to be around for the long haul.

Off topic but what is up with her trashy tweets.
She tweeted "@SryimColoRadYo single moms are the best booty calls. We don't have time for a commitment" and this "Sending naughty texts when you know he is at work #sluttygirlproblems @sluttygrlprobs" a day apart.

How did slutty girls (as she dubbed herself) ever survive without twitter? Because clearly half the fun of being a slut is alerting everyone you know that you are a slut.

Are these recent? Because I thought she was supposed to have a boyfriend, which would mean she isn't a booty call, right? Actually, nevermind, there is just no understanding these girls and I don't think I want to go down the Katie Yeager rabbit hole.

Ugh vomit. When you publicize your sex life that usually means you don't have one lol.

Then her fellow co-star Brianna must be a lonely, lonely girl.

Her and Brianna and Alex always seemed to get along really well because they're both attention seeking whores. Mackenzie never was as bad about posting her shit on twitter like them. I don't know if she's any less attention seeking as them but she didn't act like it on twitter. The other three girls all still talk on twitter and go on about how much they miss each other and she pretty much stays out of everything. She hasn't really called much attention to herself at all since the show. It's surprised me, I thought she would've been all over twitter.

Yet another tweet to gain attention. Also wow, so being a slut is trendy now?!

Also - way to post that on your daughter's birthday. One - it shows you're spending too much time on your anger and not, idk, spending time with your child and Two - if he lives far enough away he has to mail a gift, have you never heard of post taking more than one day? Not that she would ever post the next day going jaykayy the present came #ioverreacted #strokefaceprobs

He uses drugs, never washed his freaking hands, and punched Katie in the face... And she's surprised that he's turning out to be a deadbeat dad.

He was a coal miner, hate to burst your bubble but their hands are always dirty along with mechanics, etc. even after showers and them washing their hands. At least he worked his ass off to get money for his family even if it meant a dirty and dangerous job.

There is also no evidence of him ever hitting her and it's obvious to mostly everyone that she is a drama queen who is out to make him look bad. And lets not even go there with the drugs. Weed is about to become legal in the US (and where they live is where weed is popular and not at all looked down upon) and whether or not you agree with it, it doesn't make him a bad person. He's not smoking in front of his child and he's not high around her. And if he does in fact have a temper, than maybe its a good thing he is calming himself.

i agree with everything u say, he works his ass off for a drama bitch, having a little bit of weed is not that bad, its not like he prioritized weed before his child, just like junelle

No he didn't bbreak her nose. Her face is just like that. ;)

I'm all for women's rights and blah blah but I would have totally punch Katie in the face if I were dating her too. Thumb me down all you'd like, she was the worst! And I'm pretty sure it was proven he didn't...it all seemed like a rumor.

Do you really think that cunt would have stayed so quiet about it? If that were true she'd be like this women's rights advocate just like she's part of the breast feeding or else brigade. She would have NEVER stopped talking about it, she would have milked that shit and wrote a book about it FFS. And if she DID get punched in the face she's a piece of shit mother for letting her daughter around someone who abuses women.

Guess it didn't bother you when she threw coffee at him though did it? If HE had thrown the coffee I'm sure every idiot little woman crying abuse like they are with the broken nose story would be shitting themselves. Take a seat.

Yeah, he didn't break her nose. When they gave the timeline of when it supposedly happened, it would have taken place a few days before the reunion. She looked fine to me there.

Thank you!!!!!!!! I really hated Katie. She pissed me off a lot. She always played the victim!!!!! I felt like Joey always tried to please her and it was never enough. He'd work is ass off at the mines then come home and still play with Molly and Katie would nag him all the time. She didn't like the place they lived in, she wanted another car, she wanted nicer things for Molly. Hey here's an idea leave Molly with one of her grandparents and get a job yourself! Does she work yet or is she still sitting around all day complaining about Joey? He provided for them and still helped with Molly and it was never good enough for her. Then she got mad that he wouldn't move with her to go to school. Yeah lets leave this city where Joey has a good job to go to a place where neither one of you will have a job so that Katie can live her dream of going to a university when there's probably at least a community college or something in the town they live in that she could at least get started at. She was such a selfish girl and she had to have everything her way always.

It's like no one told her that if she chose to have a baby at 18 or whatever she was that she would have to make effing sacrifices. Did she think Joey enjoyed working in the mines all night? She was such a child about that whole thing. It was like that time someone told Mackenzie she couldn't cheer for a living and she was dumbfounded, except Mackenzie was funny.

he punched Katie in the face like Janelle she doesn't do drugs. he worked his ass off and Katie was a stupid ungrateful bitch. If he lunched her why didn't he do jail time? We all know that whiny sack of shit would have posted a pic of the broken nose

Wasn't it pretty much determined that she was bullshitting the broken nose story? I read that at the time she claimed that he broke her nose she was filming the reunion. There was nothing notably wrong with her nose at that time. She was also flooding social media with selfies of a perfectly intact nose.

I wouldn't be surprised. I never heard about her broken nose and if it was true then I'm sure that it would've gotten lot more attention and she would've posted pictures via Jenelle style.

God it irks me when people talk about weed like it's a hard drug. He smoked a little pot, he's not doing heroin or meth. Not to mention, if I had to deal with Katie I'd probably smoke too. Doesn't she talk about wine rather often? Same/same. They're both mind altering substances that give you a buzz, one just happens to be legal so you think it's "okay" when really it is SO much worse for you. Yes, his hands were dirty because those tiny particles of coal have a nasty little habit of getting into every crevice, but I'm glad you're such an expert on his handwashing habits. He also probably didn't take the time to scrub them to your liking because when he got home late from a long day of work he wanted to spend at least some time with his child before she went to bed. And I'm pretty sure (read: positive) that the whole punchgate scandal has been completely debunked, and girl dug her own grave there a little bit because of her affinity for selfies.. Katie, you're not "hot", put the phone down and have a seat.

Anyway, yeah, Joey has his faults but deadbeat he is not. And don't even get me started on Katie's faults.

Katie claimed he was addicted from meth from 2010 to 2012.

So when they dated? lol. And it's weed FFS, yea I wouldn't be ok with my BD doing that either but honestly she treated him like he was doing heroin. She's just a stupid cunt I'm sorry.

I mean, meth is one thing. All I know is that as of the show, all I've heard about is his weed use. He was working hard to support their family so if he wanted to light up a joint, more power to him as long as his child doesn't go without (without necessities, not weed, obvi). To me that's like having a beer after work, and I doubt anyone would blink if that's the route he chose to take. Well, I take that back. Katie would bitch, because that's who she is. "WHY DONT YOU LOOOOOOVEEEE MEEEEEE?!" Shut up Katie. Because you're an insufferable troll.

So she chose to stay with him while he was a meth addict? She didn't even have molli to use as an excuse for staying with him. That's pathetic! Meth IS a problem

Using weed is not comparable to having one drink after work. I agree if not smoked weed isn't as bad as getting drunk but you can have one drink because you like the taste and not feel anything. The whole point to doing weed is getting high. Not to mention having a drink doesn't cause secondhand smoke. Sooo yeah I wouldn't tolerate my SO being high either as a parent. You need to be in control of yourself at all times.

Thank you! It irks me too. Plus not to sound cliche but it does grown from the earth... It's not like heroin or cocaine that is derived from a plant. Hell marijuana is the whole shebang. Plus I personally think alcohol is worse than weed- heck it is probably THE worst drug since its everywhere and legal. Weed isn't going to make you drive at excessive speeds or get into large fights because of a misinterpreted statement... It may make you sit on the couch and polish off a tub of ice cream but that's about it. If anything he used it to tune her out and made it possible for him not to beat the living hell out of her like I wanted to!

I'm sorry but with all the real problems in the world being "addicted" (there has never been any evidence that proves you can be physically addicted) to weed is probably the least of the problems. As long as he didn't keep it in the house or smoke around the kid, there's no reason to get your panties in a twist over it Katie. I don't agree with domestic violence but damn, I think I would have hit her too. A d his hands are probably semi- permanently dirty. Have you ever seen someone's hands that is a coal
Miner? Even a mechanics are bad!

Woah! Make me feel like the old one! Their kids are three!!! My oldest is two and a half, three in November and I'm only 25! My second is three months, sometimes when I go to the grocery store with my kids and there's a woman there more than half my age with a child the same age as mine I feel crazy young. But when I see this shit damn I'm sailing! & I'm very happily married! Hahha shiiit makin me feel good about myself!

Haha! So true! Watching teen mom makes me happy that I have the relationship I do with my boyfriend. No drama, no teenage crazies, it is wonderful. We are getting married in 3 months too :) yay!

I worked with a girl who gave birth 2 weeks before me. I'm half her age too, it's so weird when I see her around haha

Aw congrats to you!

Thanks trap! These last couple months are going by so slow. Our wedding is in the Dominican too woo hoo! Vacation and a wedding at the same time. Just be November already haha

Omg that soudns so fun!!! If I ever get married again I'd totally do a small beach wedding. I've been to the Dominican it's gorgeous, you're going to have so much fun!

I knew a girl who wanted her wedding in the Dominican because that's where they got engaged. She said it was beautiful! I want a princess wedding with all the trimmings. It's a stupid little girl dreams but I want it anyways lol. If I were to ever have to get married a second time though (which I really hope won't be the case) I'd do a destination wedding one a beach too.

Trash same lmfao I'm hoping if I do get married it will just be super small. I had the big wedding and I swear I lost 10 years of my life with all the stress of planning it. It was beautiful and there were cheetah's (it was at the San Diego Wild Animal Park) but holy fuck so much drama! Easier to just keep it low key...my parents wanted this big production. NEVER again. I woudln't mind just getting married under a waterfall in Hawaii just the two of us.

As cliche and cheesy as that is

Yeah I'm pretty sure my mom is going to be a total momzilla when it comes time for me to be married I just know it. We have totally different ideas and in her head my wedding impacts her because of I choose something ugly all her friends are going to talk about her and how could she let her daughter choose such an ugly fill in the blank on her wedding day. It's a culture thing. The parents help you plan your wedding and invite all their friends and if you're lucky there's just enough room for a few of your own friends. But on the bright side they pay for it all so if I can convince them to do enough things my way it would be worth it I guess.....

I have a Jewish mom enough said. OMG yes everyone LOVES to have their own say about what they want and like. Even down to the cake. WELL I LIKE THIS FLAVOR. I'm not a person to keep my opinions to myself so it makes for a real mess when I say things like Why don't you blow it out your ass because when you have a wedding you can have orange frosting fruit barf cake on your day. And then I let the cunts (bridesmaids) choose their own dresses, and then they bitched about how ugly they were. I could not win.

Brianna is such trash, everyone go and check out her twitter! Seriously her mother has twitter and can see this stuff...

The entire cast of teen mom 3 is trashy. I couldn't get myself to like any of them. Mtv literally picked the 4 worst ones out of the bunch. First you have pregnant machine Mackenzie (how she got on a show about preventing teen pregnancy baffles me), Alex who needs serious anger management, Katie who is an ungrateful petty person, and then Briana is in her own category. I bet teen mom 3 could of had a chance, if mtv would of picked better teens

They were all trashy and looked like they belonged on the Jerry Springer show, seriously these girls are around my age (Katie and Alex are older) and they're sooo immature why would you act like that with a nation watching?!
I was referring to Brianna being trashy because she posted yet another porn pic. I think she's deleted but I have it screen shot (if Megan needs it ;-) ) hahaha anyway, it's a girl with her bum up and a man with a huuuuuge boner and she captioned it "imagine". I don't swear or blaspheme on my Facebook/twitter in fear of offending my mom/other older relatives. But she is so brazen about it and her mom has twitter and will be able to see this. This is the same mother who cried because she was going on a date, I can't see her being okay with her posting porn.
But yeah teen mom 3 was a dud from the off, no one was relatable or likeable enough, I don't hate Mackenzie but her stupidity/lies/immaturity infuriated me other than that I suppose she was okay. Tm3 would probably have been successful if the girls were nice.

Went on there couple hours ago a there was a tweet saying "while your busy actin hot your mans filling me up" and the second tweet "and I literally mean filling me up". That is disgusting! I went on there again real quick and of course their gone, I've never personally witnessed the teen mom 3 girls twitter or specifically this ones but she is disgusting. Clearly she was trying to act while mtv was there. Dirty bitch.


Totally off topic but I want to see if I can get some insight! I'm looking to go back to school soon. I've been trying to find something to pursue and I have a few options. I already have an associate in Arts degree. I'm looking into psychology (substance and mental health counselor or teacher), dietitics (dietitian or diabetes counselor) and nursing (endless possibilities). Anyone have any experience in any of these fields? Whether it schooling or on the job? I've already applied to two colleges.

I got my Bachelor's in Psych. Really you need a Master's to do anything in that field, it sucks. I would recommend the dietitian thing there is a lot of work in that. If you're looking to be a teacher then I would go the education route and get your teaching credentials. Right now with my Bachelor's in Psych I'm having a rough time finding a job. Usually you'll start out in behavioral health where you have to drive to people's houses which are usually in the ghetto...it is no fun. I'm trying to just find an office one or an educational setting. Everyone and their mom has a psych degree so it's rough. Again I reccommend the dietiatian thing because you can work at a hospital, weight loss clinic, non-profit, etc.

That's why I was unsure about psychology. I don't mind the extra schooling but it seems like a "go to" major and something I would have to have. I know with psychology I can start on my Bachelor's. With dietitics, I need to complete another associate. I don't have a lot of the science credits to begin a Bachelor's. But, at least I am aware of various options I have with dietitics. I'm even trying to get a job at WIC as a clerk. Unlikely but I'm still trying. Lol. Nursing..well...it good paying and very portable.

Yeah right now it's sucking balls to find a job. You need several different licenses depending on what you want to do. Yes nursing would ddeifnitely take you a long way!

And it all depends on the state too.

It does suck because I have a medical assistant diploma. Where I am there are no jobs. Where I am from there is a plethora of jobs. Oh, the joys of being a new army wife. But, I'm hoping schooling will keep me busy and provide me with tools to find a job. But, it does save me a $65 application fee if I don't pursue psychology. Finding a job aside, it's a very interesting subject!

If you're wanting to do therapy and help people, you can always look into counseling. I got my undergrad degree in psychology, now I'm qualified to work in a bank. Working on my Master's in school counseling now, but I wish I would have known about counseling as a major back when I was 18. I've heard (not sure, and it might be different in every state) that even with a Bachelor's in counseling you are able to get a job in that field.

Well, my financial aid fell through for the dietetics program. I can get it covered by some military benefits but would still have to purchase books. I can't afford the books at the moment. Oh, well. I guess that's a sign. Doing the science classes online made me really anxious. I think I will pursue psychology despite the cons. LOL.

Samesies (bachelor in psych). Getting a masters in school counseling. Currently work at a residential home for kids with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Shitty job. Shitty hours. Work weekends & holidays. All of that. I DO like the kids - when they act right. But you really have to be prepared to go through hell if you're going to get a degree in psych & then find a job

Wow! Who knew there was someone on here with the same career path? Crazy! Are you wanting to do elementary, middle, or high school? How far along are you on your Master's? lol I'm all excited over this

I was looking at substance abuse or mental health or marriage and family. I would be willing to get my Master's. I'm just not 100% sure about the actual career.

I have a friend who is a dietitian, not sure what her schooling was. She has her own dietitian counseling company and is hired by nursing homes, a couple local school districts, and a huge grocery store chain in our area has hired her to teach a healthy eating class.

That's pretty cool. There was a girl I went to school with who worked at a weight loss place. I actually went there with a groupon. The dietitian who advised me was nice.

I guess I just think too much into it. I have days where I am confident about pursuing diettitics. Then, I have other days I am not so sure. If I didn't have to worry about money, I wouldn't worry as much.

Hello Girlses ;-) Since you asked...I am in Canada so I cannot comment on nursing in the USA. I have spent my career as a nurse for many years. I will say 3 things about it. 1) It HAS to be a passion because it is hard work. Physically, emotionally and intellectually you will be forever challenged. 2) Nurses who do not like what they do, do not belong in the field. There is not much worse than a nurse who is a bitch. 3) I absolutely love my job and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life (now go back and read #1)
It is notoriously difficult to find a job with a Psych degree, even with a Master's. Think of the many thousands who graduate with Psych degrees every semester vs. job openings.
My advice to any young person, including my own son, is this: You will spend a large percentage of your life at work. If you are unhappy at work, it WILL spill over into other areas of your life. You will have to do grunt work to finance an education but if that is what you want, then DO IT.
The same can be said about your choice of a significant other. Never settle for less than what truly makes you happy. Life is short and it is hard, so make your happiness YOUR responsibility. (now I really sound like an old lady!)

I just saw your update Girlses. Regarding textbooks, many post-secondary books are available at 2/3 of the price if you get them online. There are downloadable texts in many courses. My son is doing this for university and has saved a lot compared to the campus bookstore prices. Also if you go online to local ads, many students sell used texts. (He just sold 3 of his today that way). Campus bookstores usually have a % of books as used texts as well. Also check amazon dot com for new/used texts. Just a few suggestions. Good luck! :)

That's what I usually do for textbooks. Amazon has been a life saver especially when I have prime. There are some books that I would be required to by new. They have a CD or code or whatever. If it is $300, I am screwed. If it was only a few classes I needed to complete, I don't think it would be a problem. I have 10 classes I need to take. That's 35 credit hours at $143 a credit hour. I would actually go over what I receive in the scholarship by $1000. Not including cost of books, which generally I'm looking at $100-$200. I was still flip flopping if I wanted to pursue the degree anyway. Same with psychology. I've heard more cons than pros with it. Other things I would want to do require me going to class (ie nursing) and that's something I can't do at the moment. School, in general, might not be something I can do at this moment but I do want to try. Plus, it helps defer my current student loans until I can find a job as well as continue my education. I keep looking into health care of some sort as an option.

Guys, we need to decide Katie's species. This is the list of the species in the Teen Mom/16&P universe that I've collected from around the site. Please be sure to add to the list because I'm sure I forgot some!! Oh and more than one person can belong to the same species!!

Blobfish - Kail
Creepy Carrot - Nathan
Quagmire - Jenelle

Farrah = camel
Kailyn = harpie
Nathan = grape ape

No no Kailyn is decidedly a blobfish and or cowardly lion. Or Kailursula. That's all you get to pick from.

Wrong, Kailyn is Ursula from Little Mermaid. The fat mermaid witch who takes Ariel's voice.

Ursula is not a mermaid. My bad. She's a octopus.


Kailursula!!!!! Linebacker Kail also works.

She's always looked like a koala to me, except everyone likes koalas.

Yeah, I was going to say that, but I also love koalas.

The Montana Coffee Throwing Koala!

Noooo koalas are way too cute.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record:


I don't care how shit they are as a father, they well may deserve the shaming, but your child doesn't deserve to have to deal with your negative bullshit when they grow up.

As much as I do not condone drugs and poor behaviour of fathers, there is a place and a way to deal with that situation and twitter isn't it!

Does anyone else see this when they look at Katie?

Yes. Exactly Yes.

Oh yes. Catelyn too.

I feel in my heart that Quasimodo Katie is the perfect name for her. Although Quasimodo is nicer and smarter.

Please. Someone. Change their name.

Yes someone change their name to "Katie's deformity"

She has nice eyes. The color is really pretty. And I like her hair color/cut. I know I'll get down voted for complimenting her.

I think its her makeup and crooked face that ruin it for me.

I think it's all that plus her shitty holier then thou attitude that ruins it for me.


Leah looks like a god damn Pioneer!!! Seriously she looks AWFUL!

I actually don't think she looks that bad. She's very, very thin and looks frail. It might just be from being stressed all the time. I think while her dress was designed to look blousy, it's too big for her, which makes it look baggy. I also know I'm in the minority, because I like her shorter hair. She has done so much to it, so unless she does like hair masks or deep conditioning or something, it's going to look fried until it grows out. Proceed to thumb me down, but I think she looks alright.

Nah, I actually agree. I think she looks quite nice in the dress. And her hair looks the best it's looked in a long time, now that it's not all teased up.

I agree. I think it's the best she's looked in a while. Her hair isn't fried and natty, her makeup isn't caked on that bad. It looks sort of natural I think she should go a shade lighter tho, then it might look more natural. I also like that she's not in something tight and cheetah print or something mismatched. I think the problem is she just looks tired and the bobcut makes her look older. If she leaves it alone and stops frying it, I think it will look pretty once she grows it out again.

I don't think she looks so bad either. She's looked worse.

Kailyn has such a psychotic expression, and Jenelle looks 40 and chunky as fuck (yes I realize she ahd a baby but I hate her). The only good looking one there is Chelsea. Leah definitely has looked worse...the pornstar look with the blonde and black extensions was wayyy worse than this.\


That smile on Leah's face is so fake. It definitely doesn't reach her eyes.

She has not looked happy for a long time. I still can't get over that Us Weekly shoot where she's with Ali and she looks straight up pissed off. Honestly I haven't seen a real smile on her since Trap Baby was born. I think there are some decisions she finally realizes (too late obviously) were not a good idea.

Same with Jermy. My God watch when he was first on TV he's so in love with her, and now it's so bad...he just looks dead in the eyes. Fuck marriage. Fuck everything.

The only time I'v seen her truly laugh, like she is having a ball and you don't see depression in her, was when she peed herself and her and Corey were laughing away. It's so sad, she seems to only want what she can't have, I think she must feel trapped (her own fault for having so many kids) .. like when she had kids with corey she wanted robbie, when with jeremy she wanted corey, when corey didn't want her back she wanted jeremy again and I think she must be jealous of miranda.. she tried to put holes in their relationship claiming corey wanted their family back..... uh realllly? That was your line when you were with Jeremy, remember? After you actively tried to get pregnant with his baby?

In her defense (somewhat) I kind of understand now why she's done the things she's done. Not that it's right by any means though.

I've been struggling with depression since I was 10 (going on year 14 now) and there are times I cannot make a decision to save my life. I want to move, but I don't want to move; I want to go to school, but I don't want to go back to school. Somedays I want the guy I was engaged to so bad I find myself almost calling him. We've been broken up for two years now, and the relationship was very bad and toxic. I was with other guys still considering trying to get him back. Although I tried being smart and knew my illness at times convinces me a child would solve all my problems so I went on long term birth control that I can't easily reverse or take out. It truly is the worst thing when your own brain rebels against you. And then you start feeling so good that you wonder if there was ever a problem or if it was something you just overthought and made a bigger deal than necessary about. You feel so good your brain gets this cocky attitude, God bless the poor souls who cross you wrong because you will crucify them however you deem fit at the time. And just like that the next day you're a worthless piece of waste who screws everything you touch up and you cannot fix a damn thing in your life even if you wanted to.

Leah and I tend to exhibit the same traits, the subtweeting/cryptic updates, destroying anyone who crosses you wrong to anyone who will listen, and letting anyone who will listen know you're "in love and happy" as well as publically expressing your love more than the occasional gushy post.

I pray she finds the strength to get real help. Doctors are quick to shove pills at you, but that does not fix the problem. For me the decision to check into counseling has been the hardest thing I've done.

As a side note, I called to check into therapy today. Got a voicemail of a nurse who manages the program and she said she'd call back as quickly as she could. That was nearly 4 hours ago and she hasn't called back. I'm glad we are on the ball with these things. -_-

The pee thign was the grossest and sweetest thing ever. She seemed really happy with Corey which is why I don't get why she had to fuck Robbie....

Jenelle is looking like murderer Diane Down's as usual. Jenelle hasn't been screening and filtering her photos lately. She posted a really creepy one on twitter earlier about them getting food.

I personally think Leah looks very aged, especially in that dress. She looks kind of like a receptionist. Her outfit would be great if she was going to work in an office, but it seems like an odd choice for a reunion episode, especially compared to what the other girls are wearing. Maybe it's the color or filter on the picture, but she just doesn't look like she's well. Her haircut is nice though, makes her look less icky.

LOL - a pioneer. I can see why you said that. I do not like that dress, it DOES look like some homemade Little House on the Prairie Holly Hobbie type dress. And her hair is stringy and uneven. And she is super thin. But her skin looks well, and she doesn't look too unhealthy, for a meth head.

Off topic. I'm sorry if I re-post this. I didn't read all the comments.

Sneak Peek. Nathan tells Barbara that she's an alcoholic. >.<


Thank you for posting this founder, it's always good to start your day with a laugh!

When Nathan was saying that he and Jenelle are "adults" and started with "and wr take care of our--" I was just like is he going to say kids?!?! But I guess it was "our shit," so I'd like to be the first to ask exactly what shit he takes care of?

Also, "Me, Kaiser...and Jace will be her family." And...Emery? That sounds like a man who loves his daughter and is excited to include her in his new, growing family.

Also, Jenelle just sat there and asked everyone to stop yelling. I guess this is a be careful what you wish for kind of thing, but I miss the old, screaming Jenelle. At least that Jenelle seemed to give a shit about what was happening. New sedated Jenelle is just downtrodden and sad to watch.

You know what? You KNOW these bitches read this shit that we say on here. Why, oh WHY have NONE of them taken our words of wisdom about keeping their mouths shut about personal shit on social media?!

Damnit you dumb bitches, we may not like you, and we may make fun of you and your dumbass choices, but we do know some shit and give good advice. It makes you look even more immature by doing that, so fucking stop! And, Katie, truth be told, we don't really even care about you. Hell, you weren't even interesting enough to keep TM3 alive. Go away. Now.

Sorry if someone else posted this, but all I care about from this situation was whether or not he had another kid with a chick with the same last name as him. Was this ever confirmed?

Why do people take these stupid car selfies? And make faces like they had no freakin clue their picture was being taken? And then still think it is just super cute they look so dang dumb so they post it for the world to see?

I don't get our culture.

I know...and then when you catch people doing it they look so incredibly stupid. I did it a few years ago and looked at it realized how idiotic I looked so I deleted it.

Also, I've kind of been wondering if Molli has a middle name or if it's just the letter J. Molli J Maes does sound cute, but I really want to know if there are letters after that J.

Plus, it reminds me of Holly J Sinclair from Degrassi.

My husband's ex just has the middle initial K. If she married someone whose last name began with K, her initials would be KKK.

I know it's not unheard of, and I think one of the presidents (Harry Truman?) only had a middle initial and not a middle name. It just seems odd to me, though. Like, why that letter? Is it a way of naming her after Joey? Then why not Molli Joanne or Molli Josephine or just Molli Jo? I'm definitely reading way too much into this.

Or if she was so determined so have it be Molli J, why not Molli Jae? I'm looking a lot into it too. I know it's not unheard of having just the initial, but it's not my cup of tea.

J is the initial letter of the father's name. It used to be something normal.

It's just "J." I think the period is part of her middle name too.

OH GOD and the stupid tweets continue from her:

Having a happy relationship after coming out of such an abusive one is a hard thing to do You always are waiting for the other shoe to drop

But I just have to keep reminding myself that I am a survivor and I'll be damned if I let what YOU did define who I am.


I don't think she's been letting her daughter around Joey. HOWEVER I also don't think that Joey was abusive. I think she's just a whiney bitch looking for attention. She's Jenelle in the sense that everytime she gets mad at a guy she cries abuse. Joey wasn't the only guy to abuse her apparently which is why I don't believe it. I always thought Joey was really good with Molly. He wanted to be part of her life. He even gave in and went to Utah with Molly and Katie just so that he could be with Molly on her birthday even though I'm sure he didn't want to be with Katie.

Because A) he doesn't actually abuse women, he's a decent guy who love his daughter, and B) because if she cut him off altogether, she wouldn't be getting money out of him. Every woman I've ever heard of that was abused by their husband or boyfriend fought tooth and nail to keep the kids far, far away from him and said to hell with child support if that gave him any rights to the kids. As far as I'm concerned if Joey really was abusive she would do anything to keep him away from Molli. Instead she whines that he isn't there.

I think original Teen Mom coming back has given her hope that maybe one day her crappy season can come back too. Hopefully she will be the Farrah that MTV dumps.

What a hot fucking mess. Babs I totally agree, she's doing it for attention since her dumb ass season didn't get renewed. EW I hate the TM3 girls. I don't mind Mack as much she's just a stoopid.

I agree. Mack was the only one I didn't hate. She was dumb as rocks but she wasn't as trashy and horrible as the rest. In fact I think she's my favorite of the TM3 girls (not that I really liked any of them) She's also the only one that hasn't really don't anything annoying since the show ended. She hasn't started drama, aired out her dirty laundry on twitter, or tweeted a bunch of slutty trashy things. Most of her posts are just normal posts that everyone does or something about her kids. She comes off as the least attention whore of the four which is surprising cause I really thought she'd be the most....

I didn't like how she stole that other chicks photos from Etsy for her stupid business, but that was probably more of a "I'm a derp face and didn't know you couldn't use other people's photos" more than an evil thing. (Sorry she's just not smart enough.) Yeah she's whiny but at least she doesn't go around bashing people. Then I wonder if Josh left her if she'd be the exact same way. I didn't agree with Grangie or her familyyyyyyyyyyyyy values but Mack seemed sweet. Stupid but sweet, and I admit she was absolutely gorgeous. She should have just modeled! I know she's tiny though but still, very pretty girl. That whole family was hot omg her brother <333333

She's infinitely better than Brianna who probably has an enormous vagina from all the Haitians that have been inside it, Quasimodo Katie who doesn't appreciate anything, and Alex who is also bashing Matt because he got a new gf lmao.

Sad confession time: I kinda miss Mack. Gosh, she was so dumb sometimes, and not the best at parenting but I enjoyed her and Concussion Boy stumbling through their relationship while Grangie tried to talk some sense into them. I would have liked to see how she adjusted to having two kids, and if she's trying to squeeze out another kid before the clock strikes midnight and her coach turns into a pumpkin.

DAMNIT. I do too a little bit. But not the other TM3 girls. Yes watching Mack date a mentally disabled guy was entertaining. And watching Grangie with her good but unrealistic views on life and praying in the car was also super entertaining. I wouldn't mind seeing Zeke's fine ass on my TV again either. I'm honestly thankful to Jesus, Buddha, whoever that Alex, Briana, and Kate are not on my TV anymore though. God I can't decide who was the most annoying. It's a tie for Alex and Katie for me. At least Brittany was funny and Roxy was entertaining throwing up gang signs and throwing vases and shit.

I really wish Jamie had gotten on TM 2. I was watching her 16p episode the other day and really enjoyed it. I also like Taylor and Lizzie. hope they do an update on them or something...I love the Where are they now?

I would love another Where Are They Now!! Come on MTV. Enable the junkies some more!

Lmao I can just see Katy waking up in the morning and turning on survivor by destiny's child as she gets ready for the day. Crying the entire time the song is playing of course. Katimodo is ridiculous


How many times has she even been with the dude in person? Not to be an asshole, but she met him over the internet and he lives nowhere near her. I'm sure he not as great as he seems. Like how does she know he isn't abusive? And considering she cries abuse with everyone, he's going to have to be Jesus. And she is definitely not as great as she probably sees to him. I can't wait to see how long this relationship lasts if she is able to move in with him.

I'm sorry but all I saw was Katie so immediately my head heard "bitch, bitch, bitch, whine, whine, whine". Katie was probably one of the LEAST liked by me. Never understood her little following. Her and jail should be BFF. They both do what they want without regard to baby daddy- both clearly still in love with baby daddy, yet throws a conniption fit if the baby daddies want to do anything. She also craves attention like jail- they both go out of their way to be different- so much that its annoying and to be honest it's become a trend to "be different" hence, it has become popular. Katie was never happy with anything. Yes, Joey smoked weed- BIG deal with all the other things he could've been doing. Get over it.

This thread is just sad. Katie had her faults but she did not deserve the emotional abuse she got from Joey. Just because you bring home the bacon it does not give you the right to treat someone the way he treated her. I remember specifics less and less as time goes on but he did not treat her with respect and yet everyone's treating him like a saint because he worked. Also I totally agree with her about the weed; I would not tolerate my SO getting high especially if we had a kid together. You have a kid, it's time to give up losing control of yourself. Having said that though she's not little miss perfect either. The coffee thing was way uncool and abuse in its own right; they were clearly toxic together. Also for someone who hates drugs wine is a drug, plain and simple, and she's always tweeting about either drinking or smoking hookah so how about being consistent... Then there's the issue of her moving to be with her boyfriend... So who's she trying to be like more, Maci or Kail 2.0?