Joey Maes Welcomes Second Child - Kind Of

katie yeager


While we can't confirm any real details about Joey's second child, we did break the news that he was expecting with a girl named Karrie back in February.

If you add the dates, then the baby that was dwelling in Karrie's uterus has been way overdue.

We've struggled with finding much information on this whole situation, but Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager took to Twitter to share some Tweets that confirm Joey's second, and potentially third, child.

This is a message shared from Katie's Twitter account earlier today:


Let me help you try to fill in some gaps here. Everyone has been pretty quiet about Joey's potential second kid on all social media profiles.

Joey's mother took to Twitter to share a tweet about becoming a grandma again, and after a little sleuthing, we found that Joey is the oldest of her children, and the only one that is close to baby making age.

This narrowed down who she was talking about pretty easily.


Anyway, fast forward several months, and Joey's second baby momma has her kid. We've been told that it's a boy, but haven't gotten any solid information on the whole thing.

Joey's second child is allegedly being raised by another man, and Joey's family doesn't seem to have much to do with this child.

Joey was not dating Karrie at the time their child was born, and from the looks of things, he's moved on and is dating, and potentially impregnating, a third girl.

Meet 23 year old Marissa Clintron. She is Joey's most recent public girlfriend, and she lives in California.

Rumor has it that she's somehow linked to Joey's old boss, and that the two ran off together a few months ago. Joey has deleted all forms of social media, but Marissa remains online.


While nothing is officially confirmed quite yet, we can assume from Katie's tweet that the third baby Joey has created will be birthed by this Marissa girl.

Marissa's public profiles don't mention anything about pregnancy, so it looks like we'll have to wait this one out and see.

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I don't even know how to handle this news...Way too much to process lol, Holy fuck. So Joey may actually beating out Adum for babymommas and kids. Thats quite the feat.

Yep, he's the Adam of Utah. Can you imagine if these two become friends?

He's really got it going in life...aim high Joey, aim high. haha pun intended ;)

I don't think he was as bad as adam. Didn't Katie somehow get full custody of Molli, so Joey couldn't see Molli? Well we don't know the full story but I'd like to believe Joey is not that bad. He got a full time job for Molli, which is something Adam has probably never had. The only thing in common he has with adam so far, is the super mighty tadpoles.

Yea I mean...Joey is a slut like Adam but Adam is a fucking criminal. I mean I think it's criminal what he's doing, but at least he's not driving on the roads drunk hitting old people and blaming it on them. He's just doing ONE of the shitty things that Adam ddoes. So I don't think he's as bad as Adam either but they are both still shitty people. UGH I'm so disappointed in Joey he had potential.

That pic of the two of them is awesome. I call it, “Me grabbing my slam piece and my D, YOLO”

LOL I thought the same thing. He looks like he's awkwardly scratching his balls. It's weird and distracting.

Off topic but did we ever find out what happened with the other girl who claimed to be pregnant by Adam, was it confirmed if she was

Wow, just wow. I will never understand people my age (20,21,22) who have one child and like if that wasn't hard enough KEEP having children. It's like, it happened to you once, why don't you make sure it doesn't happen again? Even if you are married/stable blah blah I feel like this isn't the appropiate age to raise someone else, I can't even make good decisions for myself and that says a lot!

...and your username is so appropriate for this article too bahaha

Lol he reminds me of a guy I know who is about 23 and has 4 kids. He said he wont stop until he has about 14 or 15 kids. They all have different moms too and very close in age. He cant take care of them financially of course but he is in their lives and does what he can for them. I havent spoken to this guy for about a year and a half so for all I know he may have another kid or two by now. I just dont understand guys like that.

Ghengis Kahn style

I dont understand why women would sleep with him/have more kids by him. Who was it that said "when someone shows you who they are, believe them"?

Because they are the type that thinks they can change him. The last girl that I know he dated used to brag and talk so much crap about his exes but at the same time he was still screwing his exes. This girl was kind of dumb too. Sometimes she would babysit his children because she thought he was at work. But in reality, he was out with his ex lololol. Sometimes she would give him money and he would hand that money to his exes for his kids. She was so excited when she found out she was pregnant by him, she bragged so much and thought he was going to marry her. As soon as she had her son, he broke up with her and moved on to the next. We used to tell her to leave him but she didnt listen so we stop caring. I dont feel bad for her. Im about to go see what they are both up to now days.

That's exactly what I never understand!

Remember that gross girl on TM3 that he was living with? And she walked away from her crying baby...ignored her baby to hug Joey at that stupid mudding competition. He picks classy girls. He also seems to have a type brunette and yea not pretty. Although the third one is infinitely prettier than Katie and the thing he dated on TM3..could be the sunglasses.

Lol at "the thing." It reminded my of my sister who calls people "it" when they displease her.

She greatly displeased me. Mostly her ugly personality...but she was quite ratchet too if I remember correctly.

I went to HS with a guy like that! I ran into him like 2 years ago at a 711. Dude was covered in hickeys, I'm talking like a least a dozen hickeys on his neck (We were 27 at the time). He was very obviously making "I want to sex you" eyes at me, and I was trying to be polite while we waited in line. I asked him what he had been up to since high school, he threw out something about having 4 kids. I said "Oh, guess life must be extremely busy." and he said "Well I rarely see them, so they don't bother me too much". And proceeded to ask me what I was doing that night. I was speechless. I guess that had worked for him in the past? I don't know. I just grabbed my items and left.

Oh, to add--one of my good friends is the manager of that 711 and was working the register that night. He could hardly contain his laughter. He still makes fun of me for it.

My husband's niece's baby daddy is our age (27) and has 6 kids with 5 women. My grand niece is the third. He had 2 kids with baby mom #1 and didn't bother to tell my niece that bit of info when they got together, she found out after she got pregnant. He's in the military now and she had the hardest time tracking him down to get child support. It took months because he argued that he couldn't afford it with all the other kids he had support obligations for. Basically he's a piece of shit and will probably have 10 kids by the time he's 30, and he won't be supporting them either. She told me almost all of his check goes to child support because otherwise he could lose his job if he doesn't pay. It's one hot mess of a situation.

Oh wow. I would think that someone in the military would be a lot easier to get child support from and locate than any other occupation. Don't they take dead beat dads pretty seriously?

Well, once she tracked him down it wasn't too hard, just expensive. After they broke up they lost touch for a while and she didn't have any of his information to take to the court. She was able to find one of his sisters on facebook who told her where he was living. She had to hire a lawyer and everything. This was a few years ago now. My niece is almost 6 and he's been paying regularly since she was about 2.

@Rae, due to security concerns in the military unless you have specific information if you just call and ask about, say, "That asshole Jeff in security forces" ( totally made up example lol) you're going to get hung up on. Between legit threats and then just some crazy tag chasers it can be hard to get through. Plus you've got the issue of young kids not even being privy to give out info if they do have it. A clusterfuck, if you will. Not unlike most govt goings on. Side note, CSF, glad your niece was able to track down that asshole!

Dr. Acula: Who is this "Jeff" fellow and do you want us to beat him up for you? ;)

Thanks Dr Acula, so are we. It blows my mind how little this guy is interested in his children yet continues to make more. My grand niece is such a smart, adorable kid and we all love her so much. Interestingly enough, this dude was in my husbands HS graduating class, was in the same branch (Army) and is the same rank as him. Let's just say he wasn't too thrilled about everything that happened. This guy may be paying CS, but in my mind he's a total deadbeat.

CSF, it's his loss and my guess is he'll realize around the time he meets this awesome young woman who wants jack shit to do with him. Rae, I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT JEFF! ;-)

Not to mention with many many different people

I totally agree with you. I'm 22 and I was just telling my mom today that emotionally, I don't feel much older than 14. I have no idea how people my age can raise kids, but I can't decide what flavor milkshake I want.

I'm 26 and still feel like an adult child! If a child were thrown into my life, of course I could make the time to take care of them but what's the rush??

My life exactly, lol

I'm 26 and my first baby is now 3 months old. I will say this... Motherhood matures you IF you are mature enough to accept it in the first place. Giving birth is just a massive fuck off game changer in life. I'll never, ever be the same person I was before I gave birth. It's like the "mummy" switch flicked on and that will never be undone. But I still feel like I'm stuck at age 16 mentally.

I'm 34 with 3 kids and still feel like that! I sometimes get into bed at night and am like "whoa! Three kids, turning out ok. Still feel like I'm 18" It's weird.

Yes! I have 3 as well, and I'm definitely a "grown-up" but man, I don't feel like it sometimes.

Also, not always convinced mine are turning out ok. Lol. This jump from two to three kids has been ROUGH.

Back door, I hear ya!
Not only that, but we had almost 7yrs between 2 and 3 so it was like starting again. Shock to the system. My oldest two are almost 15 and 12. They are pretty great kids. (Shitheads like normal kids) but mostly pretty great. Third one is 5 and thinks the world revolves around him because for most of his life it has! It's a balancing act, that's for sure!
And I'm sure your kids are doing perfectly. After all, mummy watches what NOT to do on TM/TM2 lol

I have 4 and feel the same way! The jump to 3 was hard but the jump to 4 was ridiculous. Neither of us really wanted THAT many kids but we had to try one last time for a boy and thank goodness we got him!

Dumb. Just because your sperm is functional doesn't mean you should use it.

Despite all the social media drama I always hoped that Joey was the kind of dad we saw at the beginning.. Worked hard all day and came home to spend time with his daughter..
This makes me sad.. There's nothing I hate more than parents who don't take responsibility for their children!
Part of me hopes that maybe the second kid turned out to not be his lol? That's why no mention of it after the birth date..
Katie.. For the millionth time it makes you looks worse to fight on social media!!

It looks even worse that she acknowledged what she does is wrong, but she does it anyway!

1. Katie is one of those rare specimens that can openly slam the father of their child, then act soo high and mighty that they don't. I really do think she believes her own lies.

2. I read #killerlogic as logic of killers and not as sarcasm, totally different context. Also, I should probably sleep.

3. I really wanted to keep thinking Joey was this competent Dad that was just hiding from social media, but this? Le sigh. Looks like Molli has two impulsive, bat-crap crazy parents. Sorry kiddo.

2) I read it the same way

3) I always tend to surgar coat one parent a little, just so I can feel better that the kid has at least one normal one. (Like Chelsea may be a brat, but Adam's a huge douche or Jo may have been an ass at times but Kail's a huge bitch and drove him to it)

It's only just occurred to me that she even might have meant #killerlogic in a sarcastic way and not as the logic of killers.... #needsleep

I'm just really glad at how mature Katie is being over this whole situation. She doesn't sound bitter at all!!

I am so fucking sorry but i do NOT think Joey ever beat her... I think that's a load of shit how she whines about being in an abusive relationshit. Does Joey just not see molly? If he does than uhhh he shouldn't be if he fucking hit Katie...ugh she's annoying and so is he.

I don't think he did either. The only one doing beating is Katie of Joey on social media. Grow up bitch.
I don't believe he would want to just give up on Molli either. He seemed to LOVE that little girl to no end. He was the BEST dad on TM3. He worked and tried with Katie and absolutely adored his kid. I reckon he got so beat down by Katie's bullshit and cuntiness that he just signed over rights to have some peace in his life. I can imagine Katie driving people to that point.

I really hope that isn't the case but I can see Katie driving someone that mad too.

I don't know if I would post it on social media, but I would be pissed if I was her. That has to be so confusing for Molly to have two siblings with two different moms. Joey put Katie in the awkward position of having to explain that to their child.

@Trap I think Joey signed away his rights to Molly

If that's true, then Joey's a huge fuck up. If he doesn't see either of his existing kids, that's a real shame. It doesn't bode well for #3 either when things fall apart with his mom.

What I don't understand is how the families of these guys who don't see their kids can just let it go and act like it's nothing! I have a relative, who has a daughters he didn't find out about until she was 4 or so. I have only met the girl once, when shr first "joined" the family (her dad's words). He did the absolute minimum as far as financial support goes, and even though they had visits, I don't think it would be called quality time. Meanwhile, he has two stepkids he supports well into their 20s and was always a model father to them (they're really close in age to his biological daughter). I think its great that he was a good father to them, but i feel like it hurt his daughter even more. And absolutely no one in the family ever questioned it.

My poor partner gets lectured by his family about how many nappies he's changed and what not when we see his family. His Mum always says to him "You can't just have all the fun times you know" and that SUCKS because the poor man works his arse off and tries his damned best to balance the work/daddy/partner plates as best he can. Sometimes he trips up, but he's freaking human and it's not like I haven't become "mummy" and forget to be a decent partner to him too from time to time. We're a team, our jobs are different. I'm at home raising our baby and he goes to work and provides our life. Neither role is any less or more important than the other

Also if this is his third why is his mom only acknowledging two kids...? Joeys a deadbeat to the one not mentioned so he is just forgotten about? Like I seriously fucking do this in the sims. I made a guy and had him fuck everythign and make like a million babies, and I thought it was funny cause it was a game but WTF to people who actually are heartless enough to let that happen. IT'S A SAD DAY as babs would say.

Haha I love the sims. I just started playing it again and my lady is in politics and has to raise campaign money. So I started sleeping with different people and then immediately asked for a campaign donation after they fucked. Basically that town has a prostitute for a governor.

I think Joey's mom in only acknowledging two because the newest baby isn't born yet. Her tweet was from back in January so that would have been baby #2, right? Or is my timeline all wonky?

Thats what i did ttp! But the babys would die. They would go live their mom because "I aint paying for that". I think it was some population control thing in the sims.

Electronical LOLLL I love that! My sims literally broke with how many kids i had in the household I think I had like 8. I should totally make Leah omg.

Booster ok that makes more sense! Something is so weird about this situation for sure.

I had to read the first part of your comment a few times because I thought you meant the Simms, as in Corey's family. I got all excited thinking there was more Leah drama I'd never heard of.

That's my vampire Sim. Hell I made SIMS just for him to impregnante. One woman has had 15 of his children (he has 60).

Yeah, but it's also not like Katie isn't going to pull a Kail as soon as she finds a boyfriend that doesn't break up with her when she closes in that distance and moves to wherever he is. She's going to get pregnant as soon as she thinks she should, everyone else, probably including the father, be damned. And then she's going to be really fucking sanctimonious about it.

Ugh he's like my Sim. I was rooting for him too. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU (insert Tyra Banks meme). While Katie is trashy I can't blame her for being pissed. Ew and Joey's mom is disgusting for supporting that shit. I can see why he thinks its ok because his parents think its ok. My parents would ring my neck if I was doing that shit. Again Joey's siblings were smarter than him. Hell, all of the siblings were smarter than the TM girls. Poor molli...yes he does sound like adam but hopefully he's not getting in to trouble with the lawrrr

Wow. That's an impressive amount of baby-making. I do feel like he should probably step back and be like, "Wow, all of this unprotected sex keeps having life-long consequences."

which is supposedly the point of 16P and TM and yet they all go on to have many more kids haha

I forget the statistic Dr. Douche said but basically it is most likely teen moms will have more kids right away. Closing your legses is hard guys!

It's 3679632%.

sounds about right

Did Katie and her new "man" or whatever really breakup? I find it odd that she has been pretty quiet about him until she is single again, if she is... Hmmm...
Also, this picture bugs me, looks like he is grabbing hold of his junk.

He also has a creepy smile and the gun on his shirt pointing to her heart makes the whole thing even worse.

And his hand near his junk... #likethenotebook

I'm NOT defending Joey, but didn't Katie have custody taken away from him, then try to move out of state with her boyfriend?! If so, why is she bitching about Joey not taking care of Molli? She can't have it both ways!

Not to defend Katie, because she is crazy and a bitch, but she was probably only able to take full custody because Joey wasn't really taking care of Molli even when he had partial custody. If he'd had any leg to stand on and fought the decision at all, he'd still have partial custody.

Now that all this has come out, it wouldn't surprise me.

I'm pretty disappointed at all this Joey news honestly.

Yup, Being granted sole custody is a BIG DEAL...usually they consider the best interests of the kid and courts tend to assume that it is not the best interest to deprive a kid of one of their parents..unless there are some issues there. so def something to think about. She can't just "be evil" and suddenly change the law to her liking. There are factors that are relevant and I do think that Joey cared more about fooling around than about his daughter (maybe not initially though).

I would think the (probably false) domestic violence charges Katie filed against Joey made a huge difference in their custody hearing

Maybe, (and not that I know whether she was really abused by him or not) but courts are hesitant to take a woman's word for it, there has to be substantial evidence, especially since it means depriving him of his child. Basically my point is courts know these are life changing decisions not just for the two people but for the kid so they are VERY wary to just take someone's word for abuse or domestic violence and I've read many precedents where they say a woman exaggerated or that physical / mental abuse isn't the same thing as violence so too bad, he gets to see his kid. Maybe she was able to substantiate the domestic violence, or maybe there was some other factor in her favour. I'm not sure if she has sole custody and he has visitation? But maybe part of the reason she has sole custody could be for other stuff such as stability or the fact that she has maybe taken care of the kid primarily on her own for x number of months. (I just wrote my family law exam yesterday :) lol ).

Also, don't they tend to award sole custody if the parents absolutely cannot get along? They award it to the parent who's most likely to cooperate with the other for visitations and stuff.

Yeah they do that but it would have to be super evident that one parent is just terrible - like they would purposely keep the kid away from the other parent or other factors like they are unstable, risky etc. So it says something about Joey either way if she has sole custody. (I dont really follow these two much so I'm not sure what exactly Katie has).

Even without custody you are still supposed to pay child support

Not if you sign your rights over. My sisters dad signed his rights over ad my dad adopted her. Her real dad never paid child support.

Yeah you're right but signing your rights away is completely different than not being awarded custody..

A man can sign his rights over and still be obligated to pay child support. This has happened to my husband's friend. He didn't know that he was still supposed to pay, now like 5 years later he owes A LOT of money.

A lot of people use it as an incentive--at least in my area. My brother agreed to drop child support payments in exchange for his dead beat baby momma signing her rights away.

My understanding was (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) that the paperwork to terminate your parental rights was the same as the paper work you sign when you allow your child to be adopted. You relinquish any claim to or responsibility of the child in question. If that's the case than I don't think you owe child support from that time on. However you would still owe any back child support from before. Usually done only if One parent has no interest in a relationship with the child AND the custodial parent agrees (usually don't so their new splice and legally adopt the child)

Damn.. Usually so their new spouse can legally adopt the child

Hmm. You know, that might have been what my brother did. It's been 5 plus years so my memory is fuzzy. But the baby momma was 4 years in arrears when offered the deal.

^^As in, I think my brother may have just offered to drop the arrearage in exchange for signing her rights away.

Looks like Robbie and Adam have a run of their money on the "wonderpeen" title.

The way he's grabbing himself and grinning in that picture makes me believe he agrees with you.

At least I know how to wrap mine up! No multiple kidses for me (so far)

Yeah that you know about ;)

Man, I reallllly wanted Joey to do good and rub it in Katie's face. I loved the hard-working devoted dad he showed us he could be and the fact that he wasn't a social media attention whore like K. Damnit Joey!
OT: I'm folding laundry and re-watching Leah's 16&p episode. I haven't seen it since probably around the time it first aired. Good times. Poor Corey. I wish I could jump in the TV and say RUNNNNN!!! MIRANDA AWAITS YOU!

The future of Adam and Joey.

Jesus God, Paul! These broads are pathetic, actually fighting like hens over this guy. Another wunderpeen?
Also, the preview about the gal with twins who may have different dads, hellooooo Leah!

Why? Just why?

Not to defend Joey and his super sperm but why is it that Katie always has to air their dirty laundry on Twitter? It really pisses me off and she does it all the time. And it's never vague stuff, she actually says what is happening. The show ended; therefore so should the word knowing every little thing about your lives. Secondly, if Joey doesn't have social media and tbjs girl hasn't shared anything, maybe katie should respect their privacy instead of publicly bashing them. I understand her frustrations with him, but she has to handle it privately and not tell the whole world something that isn't her place to tell the world. Rant over.

Because she's a wanna be hipster attention whore whiner who is bitter about not being on TV anymore

exactly. i don't think he's a good father but I dont get why her biggest priority is to vent about it publicly instead know..focusing on her kid and her own life.

I think she's one of those people who likes to be the "barrier" of bad news. It makes her feel superior and in control. And, it also allows her to share big life events of other people and still make it about herself.

the girl in the first picture looks kind of like a Who. Thumb me down all you want.

yep, thats it!!

When I was Katie's age and my kid's dad was a piece of shit, I totally ranted about him on my facebook. I'm a grown up now and would never do that, but I understand where she's coming from. It's hard to sit back and watch the father of your child mess up over and over again, and if Joey is anything like my ex he starts dating these girls and tells them things that are completely untrue, such as he is all caught up on child support, he tries to see his kid but baby mama won't let him, etc etc. Super irritating to watch and super hard to keep your mouth shut, especially if you're still a child yourself.

Yeah but you also weren't on a reality show with 150k Twitter followers and articles written about you. When you're in the public eye you have to be conscious about what you post online for the world to see

True. But again, she's still a child and is going to act as such. Obviously very wrong and very stupid, but if you're going to make a TV show about children, you should expect them to act like idiots on social media.

I can see what you mean. Part of the problem is she is very easy to dislike lol

Even easier for me... she looks just like my brother's baby mama, who I can't standddd lol!

Honestly I liked Joey, and Katie seems to punish Joey for not wanting her by taking Molli from him. Seems like Joey needs to pick his baby mommas more carefully!
And honestly, we are trusting Katie and her rants on twitter, i love the "i shall not trash my baby daddy on twitter" and then tweets insults as well as that comment .. wtf.. Did she take Molli away from all her family for the sake of a few month old relationship? :O
Who even does that?! Let me move far away, take her away from her friends, my family, her dad, his dads family all for the sake of me having my sex on tap close by.

Oh hi Joey's newest baby mama

Even though I think that Katie is a shrew, it seems like there's much more going on behind the scenes re: his parenting than we've ever known. Could he have gotten the "good guy" edit on TM3? Looking at the timeline, his mom was excited to be a Grandma again as of January 17th, but they had already broken up a month or so later. Now baby #3 is coming, possibly only a year or so after baby #2? AND he signed his rights away from Molli, and maybe the second one as well? The only nice thing I can say about this guy is that he has stayed off social media so that you can hardly track his penile exploits.

Exactly, no judge will terminate someone's parental rights without a sound reason there has to be more to it than what we saw in the very limited time he was on tm3. Katie is an epic cunt no doubt about that but it doesn't excuse Joeys behaviour and the only people in this situation that have my sympathy are the 2/3 children that have to grow up without a father

When did he sign his rights away??? I thought Katie was just awarded full custody?

I don't know how he got a "good guy edit"....also I think the good guy/girl edit is bullshit really. You can't edit someone to be better or worse lol. And Joey was pretty fucking bad honestly, not as bad as some. If he signed his rights that's pretty sad...

Producers can choose to include/exclude whatever they want. This news about Joey makes me think there is a big gaping hole in that story. Again, I'm not defending her, I just think that we didn't see it all.

Plus so many people know to play the cameras now. How many of the people have gone on to show who they really are once the cameras stop rolling?

Hmm true true. For some people though there is no possible way to make them look good or bad. Like Adam always looks bad Corey and Miranda always looks good.

Oh sure they can. Say they film for 6 months, and all they choose to include in the final package are the times you lost your temper or said something kind of bitchy, even though you're Mother Theresa 90% of the time. You'd have people calling you a cunt and a shrew on websites.

And the opposite, say you're a total jerk trainwreck 90% of the time, but they only choose to show the few and far between moments when you're being a relatively okay person. People will be defending you on websites saying anyone who doesn't appreciate you is a cunt and a shrew.

People are complex. The worst people are nice sometimes and the nicest people lose their shit sometimes. Editors can leave very important details out of stories to sway opinions in a certain way. TV edits aren't always, but can be very misleading. It's why I don't like or dislike or take sides based only on a TV edit.

Hmmm the thing with Joey was they didn't make him look like this great guy. I mean he was a good dad sure but he had his psycho moments. And I don't know why they'd CHOOSE to give someone a good or bad edit. I mean maci would be much more interesting if they actually showed her alcoholism. True they can choose good or bad moments, but with someone like Adumb who has ALL bad moments it's IMPOSSIBLE to give him a good edit. he's always in fucking jail! Not to mention he just makes himeslf look like an ass, nothing MTV can do about it unless this shit is scripted (which i know it can be).

Yeah. It's impossible to make Adam look good now, but I imagine he'd get a lot more sympathy if, for example, they never showed The Text Message from 16&Pregnant, or if they'd never mentioned him going to jail. Most viewers don't look into anything beyond the show like we do here. If they'd left those things out, they could probably make Adam look okay, just talking about how much he wants more visitation and highlighting the times he actually has Aubree. It'd be pretty easy.

Oh. Fuck. Just when I thought we'd seen enough of this horse faced trick. Here we go again....

Lucky! I've missed you. You need to pop in more often again :)

YES! We love you and you've forever glorified tacos for me.

"I personally dont' think the show will be good without me. I personally won't be watching." PERSONALLY PERSONALLY PERSONALLY.

There is nothing personal about Farrah, AT ALL. Everything about her has been everything BUT personal. Vag and asshole molds anyone? Personally, I don't think I could stand watching her on my tv for 15mins a week. I barely got through "Being Farrah" she is such a self absorbed, moronic cunt that I almost want to vomit all over my tv. I can't stand her.


So she's begging MTV to be on the show again, after she claimed to have moved on to better things. Yeah, I guess fucking old rich men and "designing" sex toys isn't as lucrative as she said. I soooo saw this coming!

Apparently she isn't even raising Sophia, Michael and Debra are. How is she going to be on a show about Teen Mom's when she hardly has her daughter? There's a reason they don't want you back, Farrah!

Same way Jenelle, Tyler and Caitlyn have been. C'mon now.

^ Exactly! Jenelle has only decided to 'try' and be a mother this past season. She's done shit all before that and is still on the show.

I can't stand Farrah, but mtv is very hypocritical when it comes to who gets to be lucky enough to stay on the show. There has been plenty of illegal shit going on, and it's Farrah's 'legal' activities that get her kicked off. It has nothing to do with morals. It has everything to do with how MTV feels about you personally. (I don't condone ditching your child to be a slut by the way)

If we have to watch her sell sex toys or flirt with random creepy men, I will die. Gross

They'll kick Farrah off the show for sex but not Catelynn for pissing on the toilet. Or Jenelle and her doughy nudes.

MTV has standards guys. And Maci is a role model mother for "patyin her ass off" and letting Bintlay play around a keg and taking 50 years on her degree and she's the supposedly the good one that has progressed the most lolol. I love this fucking show.

Oh god can we have a Teen Babs animated series?!

"She called the producers non stop saying she'll change"
Really? Really? I don't think so! Calling non-stop is not a good indication of change!

This is off topic but anyways. The weirdness I've been displaying on this site is trickling into real life. My friend told me a riddle saying you're trapped in a room with no door and no windows. All you have is a bed, mirror, and calendar. I was supposed to answer how to escape. I told her you break the mirror, slash the palm of your hand, and create a pentagram out of the blood. Then you call to satan for help and grab a picture off the top part of the calendar that you like (such as the beach) and then Satan will teleport you there. She told me I was way off and my answer was wrong?

WTF? LOOOOVE how she says "Thou shalt not rage on Twitter. Thou shalt not trash thy baby daddy on Twitter." Uh, since when, Katie? Thou hast been trashing thou baby daddy on Twitter and any other forum thou can find, so, why must thou stop now? Thou is a dumb bitch, that is what thou is. Ick.

What's really pathetic is that this new baby mamma probably thinks of Joey as some sort of "celebrity" and loves the attention. These poor kids they are bringing into this world!

Katie thinks she's smarter and all around better than everyone else. So in her mind it is okay to sit there and say you shouldn't bash your child's father while doing it in her very next tweet.

Also she tweeted "You can't rush something you want to last forever" the other day. So again Katie logic. Because it isn't rushing things when in less than a full year she wanted to move Molly twice so Katie could be closer to her boyfriend.

Guys the ashley just reported that farrah is supposed to be returning to teen mom. She made a deal with the producers to try and change her image and supposedly they agreed to take her back.... I wonder of Lea will change her mind last minute too now.

Ya, I read she'll be back if there's a second season. I don't like Farrah, but I don't see why they wouldn't include her in the first place. Porn is LEGAL, unlike the drugs that Amber was doing or underage drinking that Maci was always flaunting around. Not defending Farrah, but just pointing that out.

I totally agree I said from the beginning how the hell do they let Jenelle go to jail 3000 times shoot up heroin and be high on tv stay on the show but they kick Farrah off for porn which is legal. Hell at least she made money to support sophia. Not that 9 like farrah nor would I do porn but still. I bet it was her obnoxious attitude and I still think the other girls tried to boot her out no matter what they said. She probably had to suck up to them to get back in.

I actually just read a thing Farrah retweeted on her Twitter saying she got paid $1.5 million for her porn. IDK if she actually got paid that much, but hey at least she wasn't blowing all of her money on drugs (that we know of) & is actually making money

We all know the real reason they didn't want Farrah back: She's a heinous bitch who's hard to work with and no one wanted to be assigned as crew to her segments. MTV just wanted to put a moral spin on it which is unfortunate because I can safely say that everyone except Michael, Farrah and (maybe) Debra would have been like, "'re right. She IS a cunty brat" and accepted it.

I would totally do porn lol

Yup I'm sure the money was all for Sophia... And apparently money is literally the only thing you need to have to be praised for supporting your kid. Forget actually seeing and raising them.

To be honest, I can't really see there being a second season of the reboot. I don't think it will garner enough ratings to be extended. I'm betting MTV is just rolling with it as a sort of extended catch-up unless for some reason the ratings end up being higher than anticipated.

Did my comment about the satanic riddle get deleted?
Well considering you probably do steroids, your current baby mama is a former heroin addict, smokes pot, smoked pot while pregnant, and alcohol is considered a drug, I'd say you're pretty stupid yourself.

I also love how he is a devout Christiain and he has a baby with someone he knew for only less then two months and was technically married to someone else during half of the pregnancy. Nathan even has two kids out of wedlock( I am not sure if he was married to his first baby mama and got a divorce). If I remember correctly he even encouraged janelle to drink fireball to "calm her pregnancy hormones". That article is a pure joke.

He was married to emery's mom and i think he cheated on her with the girlfriend he had before Jenelle,i read that he also cheated on that girl with Jenelle but i don't know if that's true

Can't forget that nude photo scandal that involved a naked Nathan and a freshly used bong.

I tried to forget. Dang.

So I just tried to google this very secretively so my husband wouldn't think I'm a nut job... No luck. How did I miss this??

I came up empty-handed as well.

Apparently when Jenelle kinda went to gel, Nathan sent naked pics to some chick and right there in the left hand corner and her famous "vase" and a lighter.

Thanks (I think!)! Gross Nathan... I'm not sure how I missed this ordeal.

It's probably a subtweet to Courtland. Courtland has been angling for some of Jenelle's attention by mentioning roast beef and seeing Tori.

NATHAN! You have frosted tips and your nipples are constantly trying to escape your sliced up shirts. You don't get to call anyone stupid. Even drug addicts.

Reminds me of my ex(and so many other people.)
Ex has a child with me.
Moved on and got a girl pregnant within a month of being together. They break up. They are both shitty parents.
She leaves the child for days at a time and he doesn't see our child and rarely (once a month) sees the other.
Their mothers take care of the baby.
Anyway my ex is wanting another baby.
I don't get people who aren't in the life of their children yet are wanting another baby.

People like that make me so angry. There's this girl I know that has a two year old daughter. She still lives at home and relies on mommy and daddy, she goes out at least 4-5 days a week and gets hammered (and she literally just turned 21, this has been going on since her daughter was born), and she's constantly hopping on different dicks. She's the type of girl that sleeps with a guy day one and then gets heartbroken when he quits answering her calls 3 days later. Anyways, she posts about 50 drunk selfies for every one picture of her daughter and she's like "I want another baby so bad, I can't wait to have a boy."


oh i should also point out that she's so bad at taking care of her daughter, that at one point she actually bragged about her mom turning off her phone because she hadn't gone home in weeks.

Britney Jewell is on the other post, asking us to quit making fun of her sons name

*gets out popcorn* her friend chimed in but I could hardly decipher it. If you're going to date a dude that's been on TV be prepared to be talked about, or maybe don't be so public with your thirstyness?

God he's not even officially divorced yet, and filed like a week ago right? God forbid these idiots stay single for 2 seconds.

Also maybe don't put your sons name in a public place where everyone can see it. Fucking. Idiot.

I feel so violated, this was our place, now the stupid has reached us.....*sighs*

I do too but Jesus God it's entertaining

If Joey's gf/ex (whateveer) replies to my comment and says NO I DON'T LOOK LIKE A WHO I will die so happy.

Lmao off, yeah I guess your right... omg where did you post that? I don't know this girl I didn't see her story so I don't post much about the girls if I didn't see it.

Imagine what the others will say when they see it, ha ha that's going to be entertaining... there will be all kinds of dirty words being slung around!

Oh it's further up. Yea what's even better is all the ex's that have banged Joey and see this lol. How embarrassing.

OT since things are slow: Do any of you guys follow any of the young "instafamous" moms like Molly, Crystal, Brittany, etc.? Talk about constant obvious drama. It's entertaining but I've just about had it with all the Younique shilling. No I don't want to have tarantulas for eyelashes thanks. I actually bought some of that stuff when they first started selling it because I was sure it looked so hideous due to user error but no, it just looks like nasty, flaky shit. And you have to pay for the return postage so "risk free trial" is a lie.

Leah updated twitter preaching her love for god and again to say she is taking her princesses flowers after a long day! I'm guessing the court hearing was today? Anyone got any details?


There's some speculation on the last post, but no definitive answers. It's also been reported that Leah has started business and is also signing on for S6 of TM2 soooo yeah there's all of that!

oh thank all that is good! we'll get to see train wreck leah on season 6!

Oh boy... Maybe when TM1 is done I'll be able to stomach any of the TM2 girls again