Is Joey Maes Having Another Baby?

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Joey Maes, the ex-fiance of Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager, is allegedly expecting a second child in the near future. Although details are a little sketchy, we'll share what we know so far.

About a month ago, Joey's mother, Cari Swenson, took to her Facebook page to release a statement saying that she was going to be a grandma again.

She also took a screenshot of her status, and posted it to her Twitter account to share the news even more.

While nobody really noticed this comment, and most people simply brushed it off, things have come to light that make it seem like Joey will be having another child.


There aren't a lot of details that are known about Joey's family, so we did a little bit of digging and found that Joey's mom, Cari, had Joey when she was young. She didn't marry his father, and instead, got remarried later to a guy named Michael.

Joey's mom and step-father have two children, a boy and a girl, who are quite a bit younger than Joey, and definitely don't look like they've reached the age that they could reproduce.

Cari also posted on Instagram that Joey is her oldest child, which would lead us to believe that he's the one that would be making her a grandma again.

The girl in the picture up above is named Karrie.

She is Joey's current girlfriend, and although we haven't been able to find her on social media, we will presume that she is the one who is carrying Joey's child.

Joey remains very quiet on social media accounts, and it's almost impossible to find many details on this guy.

Neither Joey nor Katie have said anything about the possibility of Joey having another child, and neither of Joey's parents have posted anything that is confirming the issue.

The rumor mill is definitely stirring on this one, but I guess we'll have to wait a little longer to see if any more information becomes public knowledge.


You should wait until after they take the photo to scratch your balls.


It makes it easier for him to spread his seed.

Let's hope he doesn't break her nose or destroy an apartment in front of this child.

...Sorry, I have little sympathy and zero second chances for abusive men or women. 95% of the time they won't change.

Him breaking her nose was never proven. Not saying it didn't happen, but it isn't a fact. Every article I read about it said that they got their information from a "source." I also heard that Katie sold that story to smear his name. But who knows.

Those were all allegations. They were both abusive to one another and if he did indeed break her nose why didn't she call the cops? I don't believe everything I read. On the show they were both terrible to each other.

The whole "He broke her nose" allegation is filmsy at best. The whole thing apparently went down in october 2012. She filmed the reunion for teen mom 3 in early november and she was still with Joey at that point. Also if you go back on Katie's instagram she has several photo in november/december 2012 and her nose looks fine. Also everybody know "Radar On Lies" aren't really preoccupied with finding the truth behind the story they run (Nikkole fake Stillborn story anyone ?)

No doubt he is abusive but I really doubt he broke her nose

That was allegations, not proven and honestly, whenever I watched it Katie bugged the hell outta me. She was always the victim, poor little me. Constant moaning to get what she wants but nothing ever good enough i.e. the appartment that joey worked his butt off to pay for but she still moaned.
I don't believe a word that comes out of that girls mouth.

But then again I could only stomach watching 2 episodes of TM3, couldn't stomach those girls, so fame hungry.

How hard is it to wrap your tool... I'm hoping that it's an oops baby and someone wouldn't purposely reproduce with him.

He constantly keeps it wrapped. He just doesn't understand that phrase doesn't mean "hold you crotch in photos."

GF looks skanky

The two things I noticed right away about this picture were Joey grabbing at his junk and how ridiculously large his girlfriend's rack is.

Wow someone "thumbs down" the anti-Joey comments pretty fast.

Hi, Karrie!!

Uhhh gross. What a downgrade.

I also want to point out that Joey's girlfriend's facebook is "Karrie Maes." I'm sorry, did they get married, are they related, or is she just one of those chicks who pretends to be married to their boyfriend for the sake of facebook bullshit?

She lists her relationship status on FB as single.

True. That's probably because Joey doesn't appear to have a facebook. I'm sure her last name isn't Maes by coincidence.

I read through the comments on one of the pictures and they totally have the same last name. Weird.

I hope they're not related.

WTF lol that's really bizarre.

I think they actually have the same last name. I snooped through her facebook and if you read the comments on one of her profile pictures they were talking about it and Karrie said that it was just a coincidence that they had the same last night and they went through their family trees to make sure they weren't related. lol

Wow, that's weird!

A lot of her friends last names are Maes too? Related?

Another scary story to prove being a teen mom is hard. You have to deal with the fact that once you break up chances are he's going to get someone else pregnant soon. Who would even want to touch this dirt bag? Literally a dirt bag.... he always had soot or dirt on his face and hands. Why wouldn't he was that off after work? Instead he drives all the way home like that them goes and sits on the couch where his baby plays. Dirty dirty!

9 thumbs down? I respect everyone else's opinion and I'd like to know what I said that offended or angered the people who voted down. Just curious on why you disagree. Not trying to start a war! :)
Also in my above comment I wrote, "why wouldn't he was that" I meant, wash that!

Because it's over dramatic and rude. Please change your name, btw. I don't like your comments and don't want people thinking we are the same.

I was thinking the same thing.... I've been posting for a LONG time and all of a sudden someone started posting with the same name. (You) I'm embarrassed when I see YOUR posts with my name because I completely disagree with you. Funny that this is the ONLY comment I've written that actually got a bunch of thumbs down because I notice its always your comments that get the thumbs down. Btw I don't need to change my name... that's my name! You change your's if you have such a problem with it! Seems like you're the one with the "over dramatic and rude" comments! Thanks for proving my point in your comment above but I'll keep my name thank you.

I think it was the dirty comment. Aside from a having a temper, Joey did seem like he was a really hard worker. He probably paid for pretty much everything in the apartment. He always seemed overworked, under-slept, under-appreciated, and just over all exhausted. If he doesn't feel like a shower as soon as he walks in the door, he shouldn't. If he wants to sit down on his couch when he walks in, he should. Then you got Katie looking at him out of the side of his eye "walking on egg shells" but instigating the whole time. Ugh. Those two were just so terrible for each other

My boyfriend is a welder, he works 45 to 50 hours a week and is very dirty when he comes home, he doesn't always jump in the shower cause he's tired or cause I'm walking out the door to go to work as he's walking in and has to watch our 8 month old daughter, but he does scrub his hands and face and still sometimes can't get the black off, it's like it stains his skin.

What ever happened to getting married first? Crazy I know.

Maybe it's his way to testing to see if she turns out to be a "crazy bitch" like he thought Katie was after she had Molli.

LOL. And that other ratchet bitch that lasted for a month

I just have a guess here, that these guys have babies with other girls because the girls feel jealous that they have that "special thing" with another girl, and feel they want to match that, and maybe even surpass them in "Specialness." Does that make sense? I've mentioned it before on another article, about why I think the teen moms themselves rush into having kids with new guys. It's kind of like they want to take it to the level that they had before to kind of stamp out the old memory.

That's actually a really intelligent way of thinking.. you thinking that they are having more kids because their girls are jealous, not them having more kids I mean. I've never really thought about it that way but I bet that probably is the case in at least half of the cases..

My ex actually admitted the reason he had a second child and got married was because he and the girl wanted to one up me. Needless to say the marriage lasted a year and they are now divorced and he wants to get another girl pregnant.

and why be so excited that your sons having another baby with a different girl...

Am I the only one who thinks his girlfriend looks a lot like his mom?

That or a horse.


I'm kind of ashamed to admit this, but I just kinda stalked her FB. They do actually have the same last name (weird) but they're not related. I guess Joey hates being recognized from TM. That probably explains the lack of social media accounts.

I want to say she's really pretty, actually. But, I just can't. I think it's her teeth. They look really...mousey? Like buck teeth. She has really pretty eyes though, and a huge rack, like was posted above.

It looks like they've been together since at least Sept of last year, but idk.

Also, does she have other kids of her own? Two, perhaps? I can't tell if they're hers.

I wasn't really a fan of Katie on the show, so I'm not going to even go there..

It's totally the teeth! I disliked Katie as well. Definitely not as bad as some other ones but she was just NEVER happy! Then again her and Joey were bad for one another. Sucks Molly is probably going to have all these random half siblings. Calling it now Joey will knock up a different girl in a year or two.

I'm not denying that Joey was a hot head, but she really got under my skin. Like you said she's certainly not the worst of the teen moms (ugh Kail and the obvious Jenelle). She always acted like the
"poor me" victim. There was just NO pleasing her. I can NOT stand when people always act like a victim.

I could not stand Katie! I thought I was the only one because practically every one is all 'kaite, she's so smart and mature.' Katie is a winey little beyotch who thinks she better than everyone else. Period. And her whole mollis going to be smart because I breastfed her thing really get under my skin... like me kids are going to be dumb because I wasn't able to breastfeed? She's a snob and has gross little tiny baby hands that she just has to use to touch her cheek whenever she cries and it's ugly. I. Hate. Her.

I was shocked with how better-than-you Katie comes across because everyone was saying was how mature, smart, and funny she is. She does have her crap together better than some of the others.. Joey was pretty rough with her too. Some of those scenes were hard to watch.

Thank god other people think this! I have a similar comment somewhere on this section, she is always the victim, nothing is ever good enough and all the girls from TM3 seemed so fame hungry from the start.

I did some digging by going on Cari's Facebook and looking up people with the name 'Maes' and 'Karrie.' I found Karrie - she is listed as 'Karrie Maes.' There are also several pictures of her and Joey listed. She's listed as single, though. Also, they both happen to have the same last name.

Some of her likes? Being Mommy, Parenthood 101, diaper cakes.

Oops. Didn't read that some people above had already found her and details.

I didn't look at the "likes" though. Maybe that solidifies that those two little blonde children pictured are actually hers. Hmmm?

Well...that's nice. I don't feel like we got I know Katie or Joey very well on the show because they were in an unhappy relationship the whole time, so I can't judge whether or not hell be a good dad. Katie is kind of annoying on twitter, but she says joeys a good dad. Hopefully he is a good father to his next child as well. I don't care how many kids he has as long as he's taking care if them.

Btw TMJ writers - Adam crashes his car again, sent two elderly people to the hospital, and his car caught on fire. Now facing criminal charges...again lol.

Thanks! Looking into it and I'll write something up tomorrow. And thanks to everyone for posting that Karrie's last name is Maes. You're all such great sleuths.

Here's the story:

Twitter user @Flandeez has two pics of the crash.

Oh my God....someone needs to get him off the roads! That's awful hope Paisley wasn't in the car or Aubree

Yeah, good thing he hardly ever has Aubree. It's also weird to me his parents always seemed to be around if he had her, or they were the ones asking. Because if he asked, Chelsea usually told him no..? Not that I wouldn't be too keen on handing my child over to him. He's a horrible person IMO.

if I were Chelsea I would never let aubree in q car with him... Sucks for that elderly couple I heard he is uninsured

Wow. WOW. Uninsured and three fucking DUI's?? This guy should have to buy a permanent bus pass and say sayonara to his precious little cars. I feel terrible for the victims involved.

Not many companies are going to insure someone with 3 DUI's. Unless he can afford to pay a lot which I'm guessing he can't.

I think Joey and Cari found this article and are voting thumbs down on anything negative said about them! Lol Or do people really like this guy?

I wouldn't say I like him, yes he had a temper but so did Katie, only difference is Joey wasn't a moaning "victim" .. KAtie was constanly "poor me, poor me, he is always wrong" and she played her part well, but I saw her as a fake little girl trying to get sympathy and famous .. It has been claimed she lied about him breaking her nose i.e. it happened in oct 12 but she had photos from nov all over twitter and her nose was fine, plus they were still togther at that point.
I don't particularly like joey (only watch 2 eps so cant make much of a judgement) but from what i did watch I couldn't stand katie and i just felt bad for joey, the episode where he worked his arse off every day to pay for the expensive appartment katie wanted and yet she still asnt happy. She seemed like a brat to me but this will get downrated because everyone seems to love her :/

Really? Interesting because I felt bad for Katie and couldn't stand Joey! Lol Joey just seemed so moody and like he was a bomb about to explode over anything so Katie had to walk on egg shells around him. Then there's only so long that you can take it before, understandably, you'd snap back and let the person know how they are making you feel. Plus the way he wrote Katie a note saying he met someone else.... He got pure pleasure out of watching Katie read that and breaking her heart. He wanted to hurt her. I thought she handled herself very well for being in that situation. I mean she could have done a little better but I respect how she handled eveything. He had no personality except a tired, ungrateful downer with a sour attitude and hurtful mouth. I think Katie is 100x better than Joey even if she lied about him breaking her nose. He enjoyed emotionally hurting her every chance he got!

" I think Katie is 100x better than Joey even if she lied about him breaking her nose."

Please tell me you're joking.

Even if she lied about him breaking her nose? Domestic abuse is not something to lie about and this is why some people are not taken seriously when it happens to them, because of immature little girls like her making things up and false accusations.
However thank you for replying nicely rather than snapping lol, its nice to see on a forum. But I only watch like 2 episodes and saw snippets, read the summaries of the shows etc so I didn't see the whole shabbang, but the episodes i did see katie was "poor me, i deserve better" when joey was working long shifts, came home, played with his daughter and spent time with molli and then all you would hear from her is moan moan moan, i had to stop watching I did not like one of the girls on that season.
I think it is because before the season started they all had "fan pages" and were alreayd kinda advertising themselves i guess?
I do not think joey is completely innocent in it but KAtie isn't this saint that did nothing wrong, she was angry like he was, she made snide comments, nothing was good enough no matter what so technically she was also emotionally abusive. He responded angrily but she ruined her credibility when she started making bare faced lies. What kind of responsible parent makes up that their partner beats them? Thats not even sane she needs help!

I can't believe how disgusting some of these commenters are, saying he downgraded, who the hell are you to say she isn't as good as his ex? We are all equals, the way we act is what should be judged, not how we were born.

Hi Karrie ;)

I know that I come to gossip sites to be nice to people and I never expect to see any unfounded judgement... ever. (Read heavy sarcasm)

I know there have been a bunch of articles from different places on the 2nd/3rd pregnancy tallies of 16 & Pregnant girls, I'd be interested in reading an article on how many of the dads have had more children.

Same last name in such a small town..and Not related? ? YEAH RIGHT!! GROSS!

I kind of felt bad for Joey in the season of Teen Mom 3. For a young guy, he was working really hard and doing everything he could to give his girlfriend and his baby a nice life. When they moved into the bigger, upgraded apartment he clearly said, "I could have stayed in the small place and been happy, I'm doing this for you." I imagine it would be hard for a guy at any age to be nagged day in and day out, but for a teenage guy it must have been unbearable. That being said, his frustration isn't an excuse for his explosions and it wasn't an excuse for him to go and cheat. I also don't see a need for him to go out and have another kid so soon, especially with someone he is CLEARLY related to.

Yeah I agree with what you say.
I also remember someone saying "happy people dont cheat" and although I dont agree with cheating, I imagine he probably just felt unappreciated for everything he did/does for Katie and Molly (lets face it, she always bitched him out. ALWAYS) and maybe just went and found someone that did appreciate him.
Im sure I will get downthumbed for saying that, but he needs to not have to take all the blame I dont think.

Since i only watch 2 eps of tm3 because i thought the girls just wanted fame and money I decided now it is cancelled I could watch it knowing theywont profit from it by another season. I was watching the final and something alexs mom said made me think they knew there would be another season then. She said at the beach
"You will struggle more financially next year not having what you had this year"

I agree they were fame hungry. Something one of them tweeted (Briana, I believe) when the first commercial for Tm3 came out made me not want to watch it. She posted a link to the commercial then said "now give me my bye check!" (Twitter verification) The other girls all agreed. It just bugged me.

*blue check

It's kind of strange because even though I am a feminist (hence my user name), am in a very predominately male field and am also a huge supporter of women advancing in the workplace, I really do seem to sympathize more with a lot of the guys on teen mom (Corey, Joey, Tyler, even Ryan, Josh and Matt to a small extent) than I do with the girls. I think this is the girls on teen mom are the very girls that I feel are a threat to intelligent women who want to promote their rights, whether it is in the workplace, in politics, in healthcare, or just in general. They represent women as being crazy, emotionally volatile, immature, dependent, manipulative, lazy, and dumb as f*ck (evidenced by their decisions, school and work performance, and lack of knowledge of basic grammar and high school biology). They only care about boys, money, and makeup/clothes (as evidenced by Chelsea and Leah's abuse of tanning and pounds of eye products) rather than advancing their lives in a positive way. I mean Farrah of all these girls is the only one who has even gotten an associates degree! Maci, MTV's golden child, has taken over 5 years of classes and still hasn't graduated. It's not like she's doing engineering or nursing (which actually have very challenging and intensive coursework), it's a major in which without MTV's help would never land her a job. I know a lot of people at my school (where students typically get great jobs) and they still have to apply to like well over 30 positions if they want to get a position in any sort of media or communications related field.

Leah, Kailyn, Maci, Mackenzie, and Jenelle always need some sort of loser boyfriend to be happy. I have been single my whole life even though I have had many opportunities date. The difference is that I refuse to settle and don't need a man right now. I am focusing on school/my career, making friends, and building my own identity and am totally fine with that. When I eventually get involved in a relationship, I will be ready to settle down and deal with things in a mature matter. Most of these girls don't really have any of that and it doesn't seem like they want it.

Anyway, the point of this rant is that I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with these girls, including their boyfriends even though most of them are idiots.

I agree with most of this. Except there are TONS of douchey dads on teen mom. I think they are about even in terms of education levels, maturity, intelligence, etc. I don't think ANYONE on this show is a prize partner.

That's completely true, but the girls get to me more since I feel that the teen moms represent the type of girls who are incredibly self destructive for everything women have achieved in the past decades and much of what was a focus in the past election. I think the biggest problem threatening women from being treated equally is that some women give men the idea that women don't want to be equal and they enjoy being dependent.

She looks like Rose off of Catfish.

Wow. Joey has some bad taste in ladies as far as looks go. Including Katie. This chick is gross!