Implants Are A Girl's Best Friend

mackenzie douthit

It seems Mackenzie wasn't just dropping her first track in sunny L.A. Ok Magazine reported that Mack got her desired boob job while in California and Mack tweeted a thank you to her surgeon.

A few weeks ago, TMZ reported Mackenzie was asking for donations to increase her cup size on a site called My Free Implants. The purpose of this site is hopeful women begging pervy men to finance their breast augmentation. In exchange the contributors "receive photos, videos, messages and everlasting gratitude in exchange." I am not kidding; that is direct quote from the site.

Super creepy, right? I can only imagine the types of guys donating and what sort of gratitude they are after. If I needed money for boobs, I would just start a lemonade stand.

Or, as Farrah says, if you can't afford them, you shouldn't be getting them. For once, Farrah actually makes sense! Has anyone seen any flying pigs lately? Mackenzie denied asking for donations and the account was soon deleted.

Mack isn't the only Teen Mom to join the silicone sisterhood. Farrah's surgery was featured on an episode of Teen Mom and she has since gone from "a C you can see" to a D. Jenelle Evans and Maci Bookout also increased the size of their breasts. This would make one girl from each franchise to go under the knife for cosmetic reasons.



Well, she's gotta keep Josh's attention somehow...

Next purchase: new swimsuits

She'd be better off buying herself some new shoes to replace the ugly assed heels she was wearing in previous photos.

Boobs may attract him but they won't make him stay.

....what implants? ? is it just me or do they not look like a C?

If you're gonna pay for them, at least make them visible.

I don't think she's had them done; or at least if she has, that ain't an "after" shot

my thoughts exactly, it does not look like an after shot. she was just wearing a push up bikini.

They are a 36B.

Meh. At least she didn't get enormous tits way too big for her body. As somebody who lives in LA I've seen some fucking TERRIBLE boob jobs.

As well as nose jobs. But I think that's mainly caused by people requesting (insert celebrity here)'s nose when it won't fit their face.

Woohoo! Another LA girl!

I live in LA too ;D

LA native, moved away. Can confirm boob jobs are very hot or miss there. Looks like Mack got a miss.

I'll start with being nice: they fit her frame and look good from what I can tell. Other than that, she's still a stupid, obsessive, immature little twit who should focus on actually managing her health and rising her kids. Nice titties, though! Wonder if she's hoping playboy calls.

Maybe she's hoping to make her own porno with James Deen when the financial panic sets in.

She looks very... thick in that second picture. God helps up if Save The Marriage Baby #3 is on its way.

Ok ... TMI alert ... but she must have JUST had that surgery, and therefore would have been extremely constipated and bloated from the anesthesia. Especially because as a diabetic, she would need even more to keep her under. If she still has a "bump" after she takes a giant shit, maybe we can start praising the Lord for another miracle baby, y'all.

Ugh, post op poops lol I'm convinced that's why pill poppers are so bitchy, you know they're backed up!

That makes a lot of sense, thanks!

I actually think she looks a lot better thicker like that. Her stomach looks more feminine and less Hulky.

They look bad. I mean, they're not disproportionate to her overall size (now, they'll look very different if she insists on forcing her body into this ridiculous mold), but they look... weird. They just look very far apart, placed strangely and just fake. She definitely didn't go for the natural look. Those are some obvious implants.

Maybe that's what it is. Something just looks off to me...

I think its because she's so muscular. Typically with breast implants, you have some of your own boob fat to kind of mask the implant and make the whole thing look more natural (at least depending on the placement). Mackenzie more or less worked herself to the point of having pecs, and then slapped in two bags of saline over her pectoral muscle (it looks to me). Im not a plastic surgeon, but ive been researching boob jobs for awhile now (BRCA positive and researching post masectomy looks), and thats what things look like to me. Her new boobs IMO will look even worse after the swelling goes down.

Off topic, but did your insurance cover the testing? Or did you have to pay out of pocket?

My mother died of breast cancer and I've always wanted genetic testing but have never been able to afford it.

Yes @cate-and-tys-broken-promises-to-carly, but I have Tricare, so that might make a difference. I just told my PCP about my mom, her sisters, and her mom all having breast cancer, and my one aunt and grandma dying from it, and they referred me to a genetic counselor for screening, I had no extra cost.

Thanks. I don't think my current situation will pay for it, but after I'm married and have better insurance I'm going to try to get tested.

She definitely got a "refund gap."

I used to love Nik Richie when I was a teen.

Do you guys think she actually paid for them herself. Well maybe with her new song income...

She's officially the trainwreck famewhore of teen mom 3. I can not believe I used to kind of like her, she wasn't so famewhore back then, now a rap single and a boob job... what's next? cheerleader porn? She's on her way to becoming Candy Willows #2. Joawsh needs to divorce her ass and find peace with their children.

I may be in the minority here but I think that her over all physique looks weird and the fake baby feeders dont help.

They don't help at all.

EDIT: We can edit comments now. Cool.

How did she get a major surgery and record a rap single in the same week?

I love your avatar photo so much!

I don't have fakies (I would loooooove some though!) but if this is mere days after surgery, wouldn't she still be swollen? And have tender incisions? And yet she's in a bikini. And they will drop size when the swelling goes down. Making them smaller than the size small they already are?
Something seems off here.....

I was thinking that her bikini looks like this one from Victorias Secret (three straps on each shoulder, gold dangly thing in the middle) that's supposed to make your boobs look 2 cup sizes bigger?

Maybe its an old photo? Because if that is the same swimsuit, then her implants must have been tiny

I hope so. Because I would be disappointed to have paid for barely there boobs....

And I saw some pics of her and Grangie on the beach. Does Grangie have implants? Because in a bikini top she looks like it??

The only thing I can't believe about this is that Farrah is only a D.

Wait a minute. She recorded her hit single around the same time she got implants? I never got implants done, but I heard they're a bitch to recover from because they leave you swollen and in a lot of pain. I don't know if Mack would be all smiling right after getting shit shoved underneath her chest. Something's a little off haha.

And if those are her implants, she probably should have gone a little big bigger. You can barely tell she had anything done.

Remember Farrah crying after her implants because she suddenly realized surgery hurts?

And Jenelle was all smiles after her surgery. Maybe Mack has the same prescriptions as she did? Then she can get hooked on them and truly metamorphose into the complete white trash stereotype she's on her way to becoming.

Lol. Yeah, I remember Farrah post-surgery. I also remember Michael putting frozen bags of peas on her boobs and how she apparently still has her old implants in her closet. That family is the worst.

Of course Jenelle was all smiles after. Meds! Obtained legally so she can't get in trouble! And attention.

Yeah Jenelle had to have Gary take care of her after she got the implants, and they hurt very bad.

I read on twitter that another site(I think it was a magazine.) reported "Fans set up a crowd funder for the reality star, but she said no thank you and decided to raise the money herself"
Yeah, because that is exactly how it happened.

Lol. So she somehow raised the money herself after canceling her My Free Implants profile. Of course. Either the photo with Mackenzie's boobs is actually a before pic (which is why she doesn't look so muscular in her midsection), or her family members gave her the money to get them done so she would stop bitching about it. There's no way she used her own money.

She most now have got big implants but she is beautiful so she don't really need it

So I have a question. Nowadays you barely hear about the other girls from Teen Mom 3, except the occasional Brianna sex tape, but somehow Mack is in the tabloids every week. Now she's got a boob job and a single. What's the deal with this girl? Why is she so relevant beyond the teen mom universe?

Because she really wants to be.

Because she doesn't have a real job and this is her only way of making money?

So is everyone so desperate to give Farrah Ccredit for anything that they forget her Amazon wishlist where she asked for thousands of dollars worth of dresses and other things for herself and like 2 toys for Sophia? Because if Autumn is evil for raising money to get a heater in the winter then there's no reason to praise Farrah for being a hypocrite.