EXCLUSIVE: Joey Maes Welcomes Third Child

In the comments section on the last post, some people brought up Joey Maes and his ability to impregnate girls. Yeah, I've been the only one that posts much about Joey, because he was on one season of Teen Mom 3, and the dads don't really get much notoriety.

We've seen so many of these dads go on to reproduce, and Joey is no exception to that rule.

We've frequently bashed Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind for procreating so much, but Joey has officially passed him on the offspring count.

Joey Maes and Katie Yeager did the horizontal tango and ended up creating their daughter, Molli. The couple struggled to make things work, and eventually called it quits.

Katie then moved out of Wyoming, and the two had a pretty crazy custody battle. Joey lost custody, but still has visitation because Katie doesn't keep Molli from Joey's parents.

Joey moved on and started dating pretty quickly. Joey's new woman friend was named Kerrie.

Kerrie and Joey ended up doing the deed and getting pregnant as well. Our sources claim that Joey and Kerrie had intended to keep things about their pregnancy very quiet, but Joey's mother spilled the beans on Twitter.


After the tweet, things cooled down and people seemed to have forgotten about Joey's newly pregnant girlfriend. It seems like Joey even forgot that he had a second child because he abandoned Kerrie and let another man raise his newborn son.

Our source claims that "The baby is doing well, and knows nothing of Joey or his family. It's best that way and creates less issues for the child. He has a strong male role model without Joey in the picture."

We were asked to keep pictures of Joey's son private, and are respecting those wishes, but we will share this picture of Joey and Kerrie when she was in the very early stages of her pregnancy.

You can't even really tell if she has a bump here.


Fast forward a few months...Joey begins dating a new girl from California named Marissa Cintron. Joey obviously abandons all of his responsibilities to move to California and pursue a new life free of babies and child support.

Sadly, he didn't learn his lesson the last two times, and ended up impregnating Marissa! Katie Yeager took to Twitter to voice her opinion on the whole situation.

You can tell she was pretty upset that her former love had ended up abandoning two of his children, but decided that making another baby was perfectly ok!


Marissa was pretty quiet about her pregnancy on social media, and some were even wondering if she was actually pregnant. Sadly, Katie's tweets were correct, and Marissa ended up sharing pictures of her very pregnant self on Instagram.


Joey and Marissa welcomed a daughter on May 10th. The couple named her Khloe Madisyn Maes, and it seems like Joey is actually choosing to parent this child, although there's no real sign of commitment to Marissa (i.e.

they're not engaged, and sources claim that Joey's been seen out and about with other girls since the birth of their daughter). Marissa has, however, shared several pictures of Joey and their daughter, who is now two months old.



Joey is the load of fury. Hey bro, pull out sometime, OK?


Me too! Add me as a friend so we can meet up!


holy crap! congrats ladies! will y'all provide us with juicy bits when it's over?

Whoops sorry I must have missed the part about the non-disclosure agreement, but I would love to hear a teaser or two. Leah isn't going to be there, is she?

Everyone involved in this story is a dildo.

I really thought Joey was a good dad to Molli on teen mom 3. He seemed like he tried. But Katie was impossible to deal with.

Had me fooled too. Sad to see shades of Adam in this one/:


At least he is increasing the gene pool in a positive way...


On that last picture he looks very cholo hahaha

I literally laughed out loud at Javi Jenner.

haha love it!

I remember when Megan posted about the birth of his 2nd child. That was less than a year ago. I distinctly remember reading the article while sitting in Panera Bread. Slow it down, Joe. Jeez!

He is good at procreating but to bad he isn't in all of his kids lives.and also Alex Gutierrez also has passed Adam for girls pregnant he has four kids with 3 women

I knew 3 kids/2 women, but there's another kid and mama out there? Keep it covered, man!

How do these guys keep finding women that are willing to date them? I'd drop them the second I found out they were a deadbeat dad. That's seriously the most unattractive thing on the planet.

But I'll chaaaaaange him! I'll prove everybody wrong!!!

They're not deadbeats! They just have crazy exes who won't let suh-seed at parenting! Evil people like Barbara who use children to manipulate and control! *seal clap*

This exactly....they don't tell people their deadbeats, it's always the ex's fault. My son's father did the same with baby mama #2, I was the bad one...unfortunately (or fortunately) for her a mere month or so after they had a baby they divorced and she realized I was not so crazy :P

I noticed women who do this have a history of choosing bad boys or the misunderstood types purposefully -- or until the boyfriend leaves for good to repeat the cycle with someone else. They are usually people who are far too into the drama or have a savior complex. Red flags don't apply to them.


Hi there, I was one of those women. But instead of having a savior complex or being into drama I was just an abuse victim who had poor relationships modeled to me in childhood, the way most of those women have. I wasn't intentionally choosing bad people, I thought they were good people. You know how being abused or raped ends up raising your risk of being raped or abused again exponentially? That's because after you're abused or raped, usually you feel like shit about it, and abusers are really good at sniffing that kind of thing out and exploiting your past trauma to create a psychological web of control. After I was raped the first time, I felt like any person who gave me any type of attention was an opportunity I couldn't give up, because I felt broken and unwanted. That's how you fall into the cycle, and it takes an enormous amount of effort to get out of it. And that's how I ended up in bad relationships. I wasn't choosing some broken guy and going "oh, I can fix him." I was ending up with someone and going "well, this is better than that other guy." So it feels like improvement, until you get punched, and then it turns into the mindfuck of self-blame, because you can't help but feel like "this keeps happening to me, so it must be something I'm doing by wrong. I'm the common denominator, it must be my fault."

So yeah, I wasn't a drama llama or self-imposed martyr, just abused. Maybe that's why I tend to be more sympathetic toward a lot of these 16&P girls than others, because I know that sometimes things aren't so simple as "red flags don't apply." How do you identify red flags if red flags are considered your normal? How do you know that you're being treated badly when you're being treated better than before?

Baby Earrings And Other Forms Of Child Abuse - I am so sorry to hear your story. I hope everything is better for you. I was the opposite - When I was younger, I spent a lot of time just being single and watching all the Joeys, woman beaters, deadbeats, losers, players and other higher forms of life be with girls while I went to school, worked and otherwise nonviolently and respectfully bettered myself. It takes until people reach their thirties or so until this situation changes and all people see things a little differently. I still don't understand why things are this way.

Things are way better. I've worked a lot on myself and am in a happy relationship with someone who appreciates me. But it's an ongoing struggle, letting go of all that shit, sometimes it's harder than others. I'm in a really good place right now, at least.

Don't care, sharing my story is worth the inexplicable downvotes.

Wow. He sure fooled me. He seemed like a good dad to Molli and Katie was just crazy. He's fooled us all

I don't remember seeing him interact with Molli much. He was either working, fighting with Katie, or sitting on the couch looking stoned out of his mind. I feel so sorry for all of those kids. Glad Molli still sees his parents, from what I remember, his step dad seemed like a pretty reasonable guy.

What a disappointment. I mean Adumb was a shit dad from the get go. Joey seemed to actually give a shit and try to make things work and Katie was a right bitch! And now this! Wrap it up or snip it Joey. Geez!
I often wonder if the kids will ever meet up by accident and not know they are related. He's clearly hooking up with other girls too. And possibly ones who are hooking up with other guys. What if they fall pregnant, aren't 100% on who the baby daddy is, it turns out to be Joey, and this baby meets a brother or sister down the line that doesn't know they are brother or sister........THIS is why people should stop slutting.

Like Butch in the Teen Mom Confidential book writing about dating his sister as a teenager. That's how he found out his dad wasn't his dad! Crazy!!!!

So I also just stalked this chicks IG. And there are pics of her and Joey with Molli. She be obviously only plays dad with the baby girls hey? And just ignores his son? Nice.....

Somehow, I don't see Katie taking that well. Clenched fists and steam coming out her ears. And I don't blame her. Yeah, she's a dramatic whiner who never knew when to shut up and quit nagging, but she seemed like an okay mom at the beginning. I couldn't be friends with her because she's needy and, like I said, doesn't know when to shut up, but it's got to suck watching this guy you were planning on marrying ditch your daughter to go make other babies, ditch them, rinse and repeat.

And off topic, but check out Chelsea's latest a IG post! Girl is looking AH-MAZING. And has boobs????

Chelsea's always had boobs. She just doesn't shove them up to her chin like Jenelle.

I'm surprised there are recent pics of him with Molli. You'd think from Katie's reports he hasn't seen her in years.

Yeah they are from 5/6mths ago. But still. I had the impression he hadn't seen her in years also.

While I certainly don't think that he's parent of the year...Katie was painful for me to watch. Her episodes on TM3 drove me mad. She seems like the type to hype up everything and if Joey slips up even slightly, he was suddenly the world's biggest POS. I am a little perturbed about this being his third kid though. I feel like NO ONE, well, almost no one, learned a thing from this franchise and just keep breeding and claiming to be decent parents all the while replacement babies are littering the empty rooms of children they lost custody of. Cue Jenelle's LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOONE

MADISYN. Well, at least it's a middle name...

sounds like a potential name for the forth #AAAgirls : Adisyn Integrity Messer

If Leah goes on to have a fourth daughter (which we all know she will in good time), then I hope she makes the middle nae "Chastity". Or just plain old "Abstinence". It'll be a riot.

Not enough unnecessary letters for Leah. She'd probably spell it Addisynn.

[…] Teen Mom Junkies was the first to break the story, revealing that Joey Appleseed welcomed a daughter on May 10. But, we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s play a little catch up. […]

Is he holding his junk in the picture with Kerrie so his sperm don't jump out and knock up someone else??

How can you look at that class act standing there, Emineming his crotch with the last woman he knocked up and ditched and not immediately think: #forever. Good luck with that, Sloppy Triple.

This child is doomed in more ways than one. Not only is her father Joey "Multiple Babies" Maes, but her name is goddamn Khloe Madisyn. What is it about the misspelled names that come out of this franchise? What was it about Chloe Madison that wasn't good enough for them? Khloe looks like they named her after a fucking Kardashian, and Madisyn looks like they had no idea how to actually spell the name and winged it on the birth certificate. It's just...ugh.

"Khloe looks like they named her after a fucking Kardashian"

As twitchy as I get about abuse of the English language, this is really the most offensive thing about the name.

I hate to say this and isolate a specific group or age, but I'm in my young twenties, and thanks to facebook and other outlets, I notice (especially with parents within 5-7 years of my age, mostly under or bordering age 30) funky spellings being a common aspect of names. I hate it, totally. I have an "unique" name so to speak, but the spelling isn't weird or filled with extra letters. But the number of names I've seen for babies born to people around my age, they just get weirder and weirder with the spelling. I find it tacky, but adding a Y everywhere appears to be the norm. Or the double "EE" at the end of things, K's instead of C's, six extra unnecessary letters. When people start using phonetic spellings though...then I really lose it. No joke...I've seen a Jonathun in real life. CRINGE.

I think age/demographics is definitely part of it. I am (le sigh) an older mom- mid-30s- and almost no one I know has chosen one of these bizarro-spelling names. Most of my friends seem to be responsible for the explosion in old-fashioned (Isabelle, Sophie, Evelyn, Lily) and biblical names (Jacob, Lucas, Noah, etc).


i don't know why it's so funny to me that this lone period has two down votes.

Because none of the women who bang Joey have any of them for nine months after meeting him?!

"Khloe Madisyn"

Jesus H Christ, what do these people have against spelling?

Chloe Madison is such a pretty name, too, damn it. Whyyyyyy would they ruin it!?

This is off topic....but guess who has two thumbs and just got approved for tickets to the TM2 reunion!

Guess who has two thumbs and just got approved for tickets to the TM2 reunion!

Heck yeah! Me too! Add me as a friend(:

Just had to tell you guys that I got a ticket to Part 1 of the TM2 reunion! So excited! But I won't be able to bring my phone or camera. And I have to sign a nondisclosure agreement, so I can't reveal anything too juicy. But don't worry, I'll cook up something good

so they actually film it in two separate parts? i always assumed they filmed all four in one sitting but split it up for the $$. do you know which girls you get to see yet?

Nope. They do it the same day but two different segments, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We won't know which girls we're getting until that day. I'm praying we get Leah though, shit is sure to go down.

I believe they usually try and split it where each segment gets a drama filled person so both Part 1 and 2 get high ratings when the reunion airs. So one set of people get to see Leah and the other will get Jenelle, who they are paired with will remain a mystery though

Oh man how fucked would it be if one group got boring Kail and Chelsea and the other got Jenelle AND Leah? I feel like they wouldn't be that mean to us.

I feel like they wouldn't do that just due to ratings (they air the 2 segments separately, right? And Jenelle and Leah are clearly the biggest viewer draws/trainwrecks).

Kail might not be too bad depending on how this phone password thing to plays out. But yeah I'd definitely be praying to be part of the Leah segment if I was you!

Excuse me while I go stock up on popcorn and sarcasm. I'm pumped!

Duddeee fingers crossed you get Leah and Jenelle haha

I really hope I don't get Chelsea...although if I did I would just hope I get chosen to ask a question so I could ask her why she talks in that annoying baby voice all the time.

Although I'm pretty positive they feed questions to the audience members or at the very least screen them beforehand.

Will you be allowed to share details AFTER the show airs? I love hearing all the behind the scenes stuff they don't show and the stuff they leave out for whatever reason.

That's exactly what I had in mind ;) I'll be sure to find out

1) Joey seemed like a really committed and responsible father on Teen Mom 3. I hate to hear he went down the deadbeat loser path.
2) Do we really know if the second one is his? I mean, this girl got knocked up quick and then apparently had a new dude lined up once Joey bailed, so I'm just curious since we don't have a lot of information on this situation.
3) What's up with that mustacheless beard. It's weird...
4) Khloe Madisyn? Why would you choose to spell it like that?
5) I still can't stand Katie.

I'm not surprised by this. Not one bit. Anyone who doesn't have to "try" that hard to have a kid has nothing better to do with their time than procreate.

So what has the self-righteous, ambitious Katie Yaeger been up to lately? Has she earned her bachelor's degree and become a world-class writer like she dreamed? Her crying face annoyed me almost as much as Farrah's did.

I thought she was studying psychology and was planning on getting her Masters so that "people would call her Doctor Katie" (she obviously missed the memo that getting your masters doesn't give you the title of Doctor).

I mean it's not exactly funny because there are 3 kids who will have to grow up with him as a "father", but funny that I seemed to be the only one not surprised by this at all based on how he acted on TM3.